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Night Blossom 3/4 
25th-Oct-2008 11:36 pm

 Title: Night Blossom
Rating: Strong T for vague sexual references
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy/Angel
Overall story pairings: Chloe/Angelus, Chloe/Angel, brief Chloe/Spike, implied Chloe/Clark...Buffy/Angel, Dru/Spike
Summary: 1st in Chlonnor series. chlangelus. Chloe thought that the killings were ritualistic--didn't think that vampires were behind it. When she's sired by Angelus though, thanks to her unknown meteor power something goes wrong...or was this preordained?
Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Angel
Warning: AU Buffy, Angel and Smallville
A/N: This the first story in a series that will eventually end up Chloe/Connor.


Everyone had been up to something, and Chloe didn’t like being left in the dark about things. But she was the youngest of the group, the Omega. It wasn’t her place to question the others or their plans, especially Angelus, their pack leader.

Chloe knew that Angelus had started his planning the night after he’d deemed her healthy enough to leave the room for the first time since she’d been bound to the bed, trying to heal from the injuries he’d inflicted on her because of what he’d deemed a betrayal on her part by telling Buffy anything. Her Sire had retreated slightly to himself, not much, but she’d noticed it, and later on so had Spike and Dru, who’d been just as curious as she.

What pissed her off was the fact that Dru and Spike now knew Angelus’ big plan, and no one was telling her anything. It also worried her because it meant that they were planning something they knew she wouldn’t like, and that caused her to worry about her family.

It hadn’t been long since she’d been broken in bed, hallucinating thanks to the horrible fever she’d had during most of her bedridden days. She knew that she’d mentioned her family and friends back home in Smallville often enough during her fever to piss Angelus off.

He’d especially wanted to know who Clark was.

Apparently she’d whispered Clark’s name more than anyone else’s, and she might have even mentioned something about the feelings she’d once had for her amazing best friend, because Angelus had seemed furious and yet hadn’t touched her because she was still injured badly from the last time he’d vented his fury on her.

Later Spike would tell her that when Angelus wasn’t by her bedside he was creating the bloodiest massacres he’d ever created. They weren’t his usually finesse work of art, they’d been brutal and aggressive, obviously a way of venting his own anger without having to take it out on her.

So, all of this taken into consideration, Chloe wasn’t really being paranoid for worrying about her friends and family in Smallville.

“I’ve missed being outside.” Chloe whispered as she walked through the darkness of the streets of Sunnydale next to Angelus, Spike and Dru a little behind them. Green eyes rose to look at the full moon in the sky shining peacefully down at them.

“Many many many moons in the same square.” Dru giggled as she twirled, grabbing the hems of her longs dress as she did so. “Bored of the square, missed the feel of the sky kissing her skin.”

Chloe looked back at Dru with a tender smile as Drusilla grabbed Spike’s hands and they twirled. “Yeah Dru, I was dying of boredom in that room.”

Spike laughed as he twirled with the love of his unlife. “Ha, you hear that ‘Gelus? Your bird says she was dying of boredom with only your company.”

“So I hear.” Their Alpha murmured, the arm around Chloe’s waist tightening in what could only be a reprimand.

Chloe winced slightly at the strength in his hold and gave him a regretful look, smiling slightly when he nodded his acceptance of her silent apology and loosened his hold on her. “Thank you for bringing me out, Angelus.”

He nodded once more, a slight smile on his face as he looked, interestingly enough, pleased that she was enjoying herself. “We have already feasted, where do you wish to go?”

Wondering why she was being given the reigns of the evening, Chloe decided to not waste the precious moments in suspicious thoughts and instead decided to go to the place Spike had told her so much about, The Bronze.

The nightclub was teeming with life, and Chloe found herself immersed into it, enjoying the loud music and the bodies that grinded against each other. She hadn’t been in a nightclub since the night she’d been sired so this was a fun adventure, one that she enjoyed with Angelus, who must have sensed her desire to dance and had taken her out to the dance floor himself.

With his hands on her hips, keeping her pressed against him, they swayed to the music and Chloe let go of all of her worries, enjoying the feel of Angelus and the caress of the music. She felt more alive than before she’d died, as Angelus manipulated her body on the dance floor to his liking, many times staking his territory with possessive, inappropriate touches as the male population watched them.

During the night the blonde changed partners between Spike and Dru as well, although no one else was allowed close to her. She’d noticed the way Angelus and Spike kept the others at bay with their intimidating glares and threatening stances whenever anther male tried make his way towards her, but she didn’t really care.

In fact, she was rather grateful.

She’d been with vampires for so long that she felt as if she wouldn’t know how to act around a human anymore, wouldn’t know what to say. So she just enjoyed the dancing and drinks, enjoyed the fact that it was harder to get drunk thanks to her heightened abilities, and enjoyed whenever Angelus reclaimed her from either Dru or Spike for a dance.

Yet soon she felt the weight of someone watching, and in the middle of a particularly naughty dance with Angelus she opened her eyes and searched the crowd, going stiff when she saw the Slayer with some friends. Buffy was glaring at her hatefully, as if she’d love to stake her right then and there.

“I’d hoped you wouldn’t sense her.” Angelus murmured in her ear, his Irish brogue tickling her softly. “You were enjoying yourself so well.”

Chloe tilted her head back and looked at him as he stood behind her, hands holding onto his hips, keeping her ass pressed against his hard on. “Maybe we should go back home.”

“No.” Angelus’ eyes hardened. “My night blossom wanted to be here, and we’re going to stay here. If the Slayer doesn’t like what she sees, she can leave.”

Chloe frowned slightly, confused. “But wont she attack?”

“Not if we’re not doing anything.” He reassured her, manipulating her body again and forcing her to begin dancing against, grinding back against his throbbing manhood. “A Slayer must keep her identity secret, it wouldn’t be good for her if she just went and exposed herself in front of everyone right here without me starting an attack first. There are other demons and vampires here other than us.”

Those rules were so confusing, but Chloe trusted Angelus despite everything and nodded, closing her eyes and losing herself to the music once more until the call of nature tugged at her.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” She whispered to Angelus, not surprised when he pulled Dru out of her dance with Spike and commanded the dark haired vampiress to go with her.

In the bathroom Chloe used to toilet and flushed, leaving the small cubicle to wash her hands, grinning when she saw Drusilla in the next stall, pulling out the toilet paper from its roll and giggling happily at this achievement.

Suddenly someone barreled into Chloe, and she looked up in time to see a pretty dark haired girl walk past her, but not before having placed a note in her hand.

Surprised and confused, Chloe watched the girl leave, sent a look in Dru’s attention to make sure she was busy with the toilet paper, before unfolding the note in her hand.

Out celebrating the last night before your lover destroys the world?

Her eyes widened in horror as she paled and staggered back.


It had to be a horrible, mean joke! The Slayer must have set the girl up to this! Angelus would never--!

And then Chloe paused as she thought about how odd Angelus had been acting, the secret plans she knew he’d been making. Her heart missed a beat as the note fluttered to the ground.


The vampiress looked up expectantly, the now empty roll in her hands, the paper all around her feet on the floor. “Yes sister?”

“We’re leaving.” Chloe whispered, grabbing her hand and pulling Dru out of the bathroom into the dancing crowd again, heading towards Angelus and Spike. The two male vampires were standing and talking to each other, eyeing the Slayer and her gang (which did include the dark haired girl who’d bumped into Chloe) untrustingly and somewhat tauntingly.

“What is it, blossom?” Angelus asked, eyes narrowing as they landed on her.

“Is it true?” She asked, looking him square in his eyes, knowing that she radiated hurt and anger and knew that she was being disrespectful, but tonight she didn’t fear his wrath. Tonight she needed the truth. “Are you planning on destroying the world tomorrow? Is that why you took me out tonight?”

His eyes hardened. “I see the Slayer somehow got into contact with you.” He turned his glare on Dru. “I told you to keep an eye on her!”

Dru looked down at her feet in shame. “I’m sorry daddy.”

“So it’s true.” Chloe knew that her horror and hurt must have shown on her face, she knew that she was showing weakness to a master who despised such emotion, but she didn’t care. The blonde, numb, let go of Dru’s hand and rushed through the crowd, needing to get away before she broke down crying. She needed to get away from Angelus, from her sire and from her betrayer.

She hadn’t made it far down the alley in the back of The Bronze when she was grabbed and thrown against the dirty wall, looking up into the angry, golden eyes of her sire.

“Do you dare try escape me?” He hissed, slamming her back against the wall once more.

Spike and Dru stood behind him, looking at each other in slight worry.

“You lied to me.” Chloe whispered, tears falling down her cheeks as she kept her eyes glued on his. “You promised me, Angelus, you promised!”

“Promised what?” He sneered in her face, tightening his hold on her, holding her by the front of her shirt and lifting her so that they were face to face, her feet not even touching the ground anymore.

“You said that if I forgot my friends--forgot my family--that you would leave them alone! You wouldn’t hurt them!” She accused, grabbing onto the hands he held her up with. “But you lied! You’re going to kill my family!”

“We ARE your family you ungrateful creature!” Angelus’ face shifted and he snarled, snapping his fangs at her. “I have killed childer for less than this!”

“Then kill me, Angelus!” Chloe screamed at him, tilting her head to the side. “Here you go, tear at the flesh, drink me dry and then snap my neck, stake me, through my body into the fire--anything you think might kill a freak like me! Do it!”

Surprise and anger mixed in those golden eyes as he stepped away and lowered her to the ground, letting go of his hold on her shirt. “I give you anything you ask for, and yet it isn’t enough for you. You cry out for them in your delirium!”

Chloe’s eyes widened as she heard the hatred, the resentment in his voice, causing his brogue to go deeper than usual. “You’re jealous.” She whispered. “You’re going to destroy the world, destroy every good thing in it, because you can’t stand the thought of not being the center of my universe.”

He snarled dangerously at her, reminding her that he could rip out her throat if she pushed him too far.

“Angelus,” she whispered, slowly going towards his and raising her hand, cupping his cheek and making him look at her. “You don’t have to do this. Don’t destroy the world. Please. I’ll behave—I’ll change.”

The vampire didn’t answer her. He just grabbed her hand and stormed away, pulling her along behind him, Spike and Dru following as well. None of the undead realized that their whole argument had been overheard by a hidden Watcher.

That night at the mansion Chloe allowed Angelus to throw her into their room and she met his lips with just as much fury and passion as he pushed her against the wall. If she could just show him that she’d make him her all maybe he would realize that he didn’t have to do something as stupid as destroying the world.

She moved with him, arched to his touch, whimpered against his lips. Her body welcomed his bite and she bit down on his shoulder, marking him in her own way as they drank from each other, bringing themselves to the land of bliss.

When she’d fallen asleep by his side she’d done so with hope, but when she’d awoken much later in a locked room not her own, she’d realized what a fool she’d been.

At first she’d believed that Angelus had locked her in some odd place to keep her from trying to interfere, but when the door opened and an older human entered she’d been frightened.

The man was incredibly serious, and British. He looked in his forties, and he sat down on the chair next to the bed, speaking to her as he would a frightened animal, explaining what’d happened during the time she’d been asleep.

Apparently Spike had made a deal with the Slayer to help stop Angelus--he’d known that it was a fool’s idea to destroy the world, and had decided for survival instead of loyalty. A part of the bargain had been Chloe’s liberation, so apparently the vampire had drugged her and sneaked her here while Angelus was busy.

The rest of the story was somewhat hazy because no one had been there except for Angelus, the Slayer, Spike and Dru—and while Dru and Spike had skipped town together, there was no sign of Angelus or the Slayer.

Rupert Giles, the elder human, told her of how the portal to the hell dimension had been closed and hadn’t sucked in the world--as had been Angelus’ plan all along. So that meant that somehow Spike and Buffy’s plan had worked, they’d stopped Angelus.

“I still can’t believe Angelus wanted to suck this world into a hell dimension--or that Spike would willingly work with a Slayer.” Chloe whispered, hugging her knees to her chest and looking up at the elder man, who kept looking at her pityingly. “And why would you want me here? Why make that deal? I’m the enemy.”

“You’re human, Miss Sullivan.” Rupert raised his hand to silence her when she would have denied that. “You were taken and victimized, turned against your own will and yet you still have your soul, a heartbeat. Somehow you managed to keep a hold of your humanity, even when he forced some demon within you. Someone who has fought that hard for her humanity, I think she deserves a second chance.”

“I didn’t ever try escaping them.” Chloe told him seriously, feeling he deserved to know that. “Not once.”

“I know.” He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “We have been watching you closely, Miss Sullivan, we know more than you would believe possible.” He paused for a moment. “All I am asking is the opportunity to help you.” Pain crossed those eyes. “Angelus took the person I loved the most from me, and now Buffy is gone. Let me help you.”

Chloe could sense the true desire to help her and tears came to her eyes. She was now alone in the world with no one to help her, how could she refuse this offer? “I’ll die without his blood.”

Giles nodded, leaning back in his chair. “Spike advised us of that and has left us with enough of his own blood to keep you until we have found a way to somehow wean you off of it entirely.”

Chloe blinked in surprise, looking up at him in hope. “You think that’s possible?”

For the first time since he’d entered, Giles smiled at her. “I live in a world of magic and Slayers, Miss Sullivan. You quickly come to realize that anything is possible.”


It hadn’t been easy sailing at first.

No one in the ‘Scooby Gang’ really trusted her, not even Giles himself, and some had out rightly despised her for being with Angelus, namely Xander Harris. But the months went on and Chloe slowly integrated herself into the team, helping Willow research the baddies as they came to Sunnydale, and with some training from Giles, she served as a good help in the field. The Slayer had yet to reappear since disappearing the day she confronted Angelus.

Slowly the group began to trust Chloe and let her into their inner circle. Soon she was talking fashion with Cordelia, computers with Willow, exchanging information with Giles, and debating in a friendly manner with Xander about which kind of demon was the nastiest to kill.

Soon Chloe had another family. She lived with Giles, passing as his niece in high school, and she slowly began enjoying her life again, although she missed Angelus terribly. He’d done his job well in making her dependent on him, and there wasn’t one day she didn’t think about him.

Unfortunately, Giles wasn’t making any headway in the investigation on how to wean her off of her necessity for her vampiric family’s blood. The only good thing was that she needed little of it and in small doses. She could go a whole month without a drop of the blood, a month and a half if she pushed it, but that made her weaker and more violent, so they’d come up with a system of small doses every month. Thanks to that the blood Spike had donated was lasting.

But it wouldn’t last forever, and Chloe began to get anxious.

With the thought of possible death looming in the future, Chloe’d given into the temptation and finally googled herself, not surprised to find her name as one of many missing people’s reports. What did surprised her was that her name had been marked out of the lists soon after they’d been entered and she’d been listed as having been found--dead.

Apparently the reason why she’d been naked when she’d awoken was because after killing her, Angelus had found another young blonde around her height, age and built, and had butchered her beyond recognition—but not before forcing her to put on Chloe’s clothes.

Sick at her stomach, Chloe continued reading the police report, and then found her obituary. She found a newspaper article from the Smallville Ledger saying how the poor teen, who’d been beloved in high school, had been found brutally murdered and her killer never found. Chloe had apparently been buried in the Smallville Cemetery and her father had left Luthorcorp and Smallville.

His whereabouts were unknown.

The Smallville Torch, the high school newspaper she’d ran and edited, had done a whole section honoring her memory. People she hadn’t even known had known she was alive had written something about her.

She read Lana’s, Pete’s, and even Whitney’s…but when she’d seen Clark’s she hadn’t been able to. She closed the link to the article and felt her body shaking in despair.

You really made sure that I couldn’t return to them, didn’t you, Angelus? She closed her eyes and cried, never noticing that she wasn’t alone until Xander awkwardly gathered her in his arms and hugged her.

Four months after her joining the Scooby Gang things changed again with Giles found the Slayer and brought her back. Tension reigned between the two blondes of the group, but Chloe could understand it. It wasn’t normal to be at ease with your ex-lover’s ex-lover, right?

My life is SO complicated!

Buffy resented Chloe for her place in Angelus’ life, until Chloe had suddenly realized something and confronted Buffy with it. The Slayer had been surprised and listened to the other blonde with interest as she explained that they hadn’t loved the same vampire.

Buffy had loved Angel, the soul.

Chloe had loved Angelus in her own way but she had no feelings for the soul she’d never met, she’d been with the demon.

With that they’d grown more comfortable with each other, until they were training together, Buffy teaching her with ease the moves of a Slayer--moves Chloe could do easier thanks to her vampiric abilities. And soon, soon the blondes were fighting together.

That was until a month later, when Angel returned from the hell dimension Buffy had sent him to when she’d closed the portal and saved the world.


1st-Jan-2010 10:48 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, nice chapter. Love it! I like that the Scoobies welcomed Chloe in and it's sad that her family believes she's dead. It was a good explanation for the nudity.
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