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Hallowed Ground 3/7 
9th-Jun-2012 12:30 am

Title: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchester, Chloe Sullivan, Sarah Austen, Preacher Hathaway, and others.
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural...and Hallowed Ground
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Lois just wanted to help her traumatized younger cousin forget about the attack that'd left her scarred, both mentally and physically. Dean just wanted to get away for a while and wrap his head around his little brother choosing a normal life and Stanford over their family. Neither of them expected what they were getting into when they arrived in Hope.
A/N: I felt the need to write a Smallville/Supernatural crossing and since I couldn't get inspiration for my others...I wrote this one instead. Forgive me. ( '.')
A/N2: The age of the characters in this story are: Lois Lane - 18, Chloe Sullivan - 14, and Dean Winchester - 22

Lois didn't know how long she'd been running, or how far, but she realized that she'd been running in circles when she stumbled upon the clearing of dead grass in the middle of the cornfield. The only difference was that now blood stained the yellow, sticky and abundant, and Lois' fear escalated inside of her rapidly beating heart. This couldn't be Chloe's blood. It couldn't. And yet she had to know, so she followed the trail with her gaze, forgetting why she'd been running minutes ago.

On the cross where the scarecrow had once been, Sarah Austen's body was placed in a crucified manner. There were nails in her body, keeping her pinned to the wood, and blood pooled down her body feeding the ground beneath her...where greenshoots were already starting to appear.

Gasping in horror, Lois took two steps back and ran into something.

Screaming, she twirled around, and found herself face to face with a beat-up Dean Wincester. "Stay back!" She raised her knife, taking a couple of hurried steps backwards. "Don't come a step closer!"

"You don't honestly think I did that." He snapped at her. "Who was I shooting at if I did?"

"It could have been the air! As a distraction! This could all be a game to you!" Lois screamed at him, the hand she held the knife with wavering slightly. "You could have changed into the suit and chased me! You could have taken it off now to get my guard down!"

"I didn't do any of that! I've been searching for you and Chloe this whole time!" He screamed back at her, taking steps towards her despite her blade. "I've shot that thing in the heart and in between its eyes and it kept coming towards me. It tossed me around as if I weighed nothing! Sliced at me with what seemed to be like claws under the gardeners gloves he wore! If he hadn't seemed so intent on getting to you two he probably would have made sure that I was actually dead when he left me and not just knocked out!" He unzipped his jacket to show the claw marks and blood on his t-shirt and stomach. "I am not the one you should be pointing that knife at!"

She wanted to believe him-she wanted to believe that she could trust him-but if she did then she'd also have to believe that he'd shot that thing in the heart and between its eyes and she wasn't ready to accept the implications.

"Where is Chloe?" Dean asked slowly, though there was obvious frustration in his every feature. "Did it get her? Is she dead?" He stepped closer. "Lois! Is she dead?"

"I don't know!" Lois tried to breathe, tried to keep from hyperventilating. "One minute I'm holding her hand and then the next she's gone and that thing has a pitchfork! Where did it get a pitchfork from? Why is it doing this?"

"When Chloe disappeared, was it still chasing after you?" Dean asked.

Lois nodded.

"Good, then it means it either isn't interested in her or it doesn't know where she is either. Both are very good circumstances, but we need to act fast. I have things in the trunk of my car that we're going to need if we want to be able to search for her and yet not be sitting ducks. Okay?" Dean slowly made his way towards her. "But we need to get out of the cornfield Lois. We need to do it now. Before it finds us again."

"I can't leave her here with it." Lois shook her head, tears falling down her face, wanting to tear her hair out in frustration. "I can't just leave her!"

"We're not leaving her. We're going to get help for her." Dean replied. "If we don't it's going to find us and kill us and then she's left here all alone with it for much longer than it would take for us to go to the car and back-and it will find her."

Lois looked around her, at Sarah's mutilated body, at the corn around them, and then back to Dean. "Goddammit! If this is really you I'll kill you!"

He nodded, motioning with his head. "Now let's go."


His father's number went straight to voicemail.

He'd tried both John's and Caleb's phones but both of them were off, so he'd then called Sammy, but the Stanford boy hadn't answered his phone.

Cursing, Dean turned his back on Lois and called his father's number once more, waiting for his father's voice telling him to leave a message to end so he could do just that. "Dad, its me Dean. I'm in some backwater town called Hope and I've come across a hunt with civilians involved. There's a local legend about a preacher Hathaway, some sort of nutjob who'd sacrifice the town's sinners so that his god would keep the crops good. Well, apparently he was killed on his property and hung up like a scarecrow as well before being burnt alive and now a scarecrow has seemingly come to life and has killed one civilian, and another-a kid-is unaccounted for. I need your help. This isn't a human. Normal bullets didn't do anything, and it isn't a ghost because the rocksalt bullets didn't phase it either. Gimme a call the moment you get this. A kid's in danger."

"Who the hell are you?" Lois' voice asked behind him, causing the young hunter to sigh as he turned towards her. "Ghosts? Rocksalt? Hunt?"

"Let me give you the quick and dirty version." He pushed passed her and went to the trunk, opening it and then revealing the false bottom to show his weapons and such. "My family and I hunt the supernatural. It exists. It's the reason I came on this trip because I wanted to be here in case something like this happened...but I only really thought we'd be dealing with a ghost. Since the rocksalt didn't phase it, I'm guessing this is much more than the average haunting."

"Average haunting?" She was pale, shaking, deep in denial. "Are you insane? That's a man in there! A sick, evil man!"

"You can't still believe that that's a normal human being! I shot it! On two different occasions!" Dean snapped, unable to understand why she was so reluctant to believe him.

"Yeah, according to you you shot it! I never actually saw you doing it!"

He let out a frustrated growl. "Whether you believe me or not, that's a supernatural creature, and its got your cousin trapped with it."

"Does Hope have any record of meteors falling?" She asked the oddest question he'd ever heard. "Maybe this is like Smallville. Maybe there are meteor freaks. Maybe-."

"Wait, what? Meteor freaks?" What was she talking about?

"Smallville, Kansas. Meteor capital of the world?" She was pacing, agitated. "The meteors falling mutated tons of the people who lived there, gave them powers, made them insane. That could be what's happening here. There could be meteor rocks all over that cornfield."

Meteor rocks that mutated people and gave them powers?

Was she for real?

And if so-how was it that he hadn't heard of this Smallville before?

"We need to call the police," she whipped out her phone, cursing. "There's no signal!"

"Of course there isn't." He muttered, going through his weapons. "There never is, and the police aren't going to be of any help. They'll just get in the way and give this thing more victims."

"How is this happening if this is supposed to be hallowed ground?" Lois wanted to know, changing the topic quickly. "I thought things like this weren't supposed to be on hallowed ground!"

"So you're believing me that it's supernatural now?" He pulled out a Panga machete and sliced the air with it, nodding in satisfaction at the feel of it in his hands.

"No. I'm just-," she stopped pacing and bent down to shove her closed switchblade into her combat boot before coming to his side and riffling through the trunk of weapons, pulling out a Kukri machete. "Why are we going for machetes instead of the shotguns and pistols and other firearms here?" She raised an eyebrow. "A crossbow? Really?"

"Because bullets don't work on whatever that thing is." Dean leaned in and grabbed a flask, flinging it to her and only mildly impressed when she caught it with her left hand, not even really having even looked at it. "Holy water."

"Holy water? Are you serious?" Lois finally looked at the flask, eyes wide. "Do you work for the church or something?"

He snorted. "The closest thing to being affiliated with any religious organization is when we work cases with Pastor Jim."

Stuffing the flask into her hoodie's pocket, Lois pulled out her phone once more and tried searching for service before freezing. "That can't be."

"What?" Dean frowned, reaching in for a container of salt.

"What time does your phone say it is?"

Reaching into his pocket, Dean stared at his phone's screen before freezing. "There has to be some sort of mistake." And yet as he raised his hand to shield his gaze as he looked up at the sky, the position of the sun said otherwise.

"We couldn't have been in there that long!" Lois hissed as she shoved her phone back into her pocket. "It can not be passed three in the evening! It was breakfast time not half an hour ago!"

"This is getting weirder." Dean ran his hand over his hair, dialing his father's number once more, cursing when it went straight to voicemail. "Where is he when I need him? Dammit!"

A female scream erupted from the cornfield.

Lois looked up, eyes wide, skin pale. "Chloe."

"Lois, don't-!" Dean growled as she took off, heading into the cornfield without a second's thought. "Goddammit."

And with that he slammed down his trunk and raced in after her.


"Chloe!" Lois yelled as she raced through the cornfield, the sound of crying and screaming seeming to be coming from all around her, slowly yet surely driving her insane. "CHLOE!" She tripped and nearly fell yet caught herself and continued on. "If you hurt her you fucker I'll kill you!" She pushed forwards, calling Chloe's name over and over again, shouting out threats to whoever or whatever was out there, and growing more and more terrified with each step. She also was growing more and more lost yet she didn't care, chasing one set of screams and cries before turning and following another set when the first would end in deadly silence.

It occurred to her that whoever was out there was screwing with her mind, playing her, and she was walking right into the trap laid out for her. But if her cousin was there, she'd go there willingly-and then she'd kick the shit outta whatever this was.

Be it human-or not.

She realized that she'd lost Dean some time ago, and while a part of her worried about being alone and lost in the middle of a cornfield, she had daylight on her side and...

...it was getting dark.

Lois stopped running, staring up at the sky in horror as she realized that the sun was setting.

Digging into her pocket, Lois pulled out her phone and the time displayed there was far from what it'd been half an hour ago when she'd raced back into the fields.

What the hell was happening?

It was only then that she realized that there was utter silence all around her.

No screams.

No cries.

No crows.


Tightening her grip on her machete, Lois gazed around her warily, trying to figure out what her next move should be. She couldn't even figure out which way was towards the cars anymore, and she could be going deeper into the cornfield while trying to get out. The girl was good and lost.

"No." She shook her head, refusing to believe this. "No!"

Suddenly her phone rang, causing her to jump and shriek in fear and shock, eyes widening in surprise.

The phone had signal?

It did!

Lois felt tears fill her eyes as a picture of Chloe grinning and showing a peace sign to the camera flashed on the screen with the name "Lil Cuz" blinking.

Answering the phone, relief racing through her, Lois cradled the device to her ear. "Chloe? Where are you? Are you okay?"

Static buzzed in her ear.

"Chloe?" Lois strained to hear something. "Chloe answer me! Are you okay?"

The call hung up.

Beginning to shiver, not understanding why she was so terrified, Lois jerked when the phone rang once more, but she answered it quickly.



"...Lo...isssssss..." the static was horrible, making it hard to make out the voice of her cousin.

"Oh thank the gods, you're alive." Lois let out a cry of relief. "Where are you Chloe? Are you hurt?"


"Hope sher tion?" Lois made a face, not getting it, until her eyes widened. "Do you mean Hope sheriff station?"


"How did you get there?" Lois ran her hand over her hair.


Lois could figure out what'd happened from those three words. She found it odd that Chloe had left her and gone with strangers, especially considering the circumstances...but Chloe was a traumatized kid and Lois shouldn't try to rationalize the decisions of a terrified kid. "Wait right there, I'm coming for you."

The phone went dead.

Hoping Chloe had understood her last message, considering the reception was so horrible, Lois dropped her machete to cup her hands to her mouth and yell out. "DEAN! CHLOE'S IN TOWN! DEAN! SHE'S SAFE!"

Somewhere, very far away from where she was, she could hear a faint yell back. "How can you know?"

"SHE CALLED ME!" Lois yelled back. "I NEED TO GO GET HER!"

There was a pause, and then: "Go! I have to finish this and make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else!"

"WHAT WAY IS BACK TO THE CARS?" Lois yelled back, annoyed that she was that lost.

"Follow the North Star!"

North Star?

What did he think it was? Night?

And then Lois realized just how dark it was around her, and her eyes widened as they rose to the sky...to see the stars appearing.

There was the North Star.

What the hell is going on?

Picking up her machete, Lois followed it, shaking her head, and pushing back the sick feeling in her stomach.


It was probably twenty minutes later when in the distance he heard Lois' car start up and drive away.

Dean let out a breath of relief, his flashlight shining around him, his other hand tightening around his machete as he continued his hunt. Now that there were no civilians involved he could concentrate on the hunt and not have to worry about others and their safety. He didn't have a hunting partner like he usually did, so the less things he had to worry about other than himself, the better in his mind. Plus, civilians had no place in a hunt.

But he had to admit, he admired Lois for the way she just ran straight into danger to protect her little cousin. It reminded him of how he was with Sammy, and it made him miss his stupid little brother more than he wanted to admit.

Sammy had left them, had chosen a different life over them.

Pushing back his sadness and resentment, Dean was glad he had a hunt, had something to take his frustration out on.

Taking a strong forwards step, ready to hunt down whatever this was and kill it once and for all, Dean's foot went through the ground and the next thing he knew, before he could get a good grip on anything, the portion of the floor under him gave way and he tumbled down...down...until hitting the earthy floor beneath.

"Goddammit!" He hissed, his head killing him.

At least there was soft soil beneath him to break his fall.

Reaching for his discarded flashlight, Dean shone his light above him at the wooden ceiling, eyes widening as he remembered Sarah's story about Hathaway having his people build a shelter underground. The soil and cornstalks and such had completely covered any trace of it from above, and he must have stepped on a piece of the ceiling which had rotten wood and that was why he'd fallen through.

"Great. Just great." Shaking his head, Dean shone his flashlight around the pitch black place, trying to see if there was a way out of there...and then he froze as his beam fell onto something unexpected. "Chloe?"

The kid was laying lifeless on the ground, her clothes dirty and torn, having apparently fallen through as well.

Blood was dried on her temple, proving she'd hit her head hard during the fall.

"Chloe!" Hurrying towards her, Dean knelt over the girl, checking for any injuries yet other than the hit to the head she seemed fine. "Chloe. Chloe wake up. Chloe!"

She groaned, finally showing some sign of life, her eyelashes fluttering softly before finally green eyes opened, staring up at him in disoriented confusion.

"Are you okay? Do you hurt anywhere?" Dean asked, shining his light over her.

"What-happened?" She groaned, placing a hand to her head as she sat up, wincing. "Where are we?"

"Look into the light, I want to make sure you don't have a concussion."

She made up her face at him before doing as told. "Are you some sort of paramedic or something?"

He chuckled, shaking his head. "No, I'm just used to dealing with a lot of concussions...which you don't seem to have, thankfully."

"Where am I?" She asked once again. "Why is it so dark?"

"I think we're in the underground shelter the deranged preacher had his people make so they could wait out the end of times." Dean replied drily, shining the light around. "I fell through that hole there..." he searched the ceiling before finding a smaller one a little to the right of where they were. "I'm figuring you fell through there."

Suddenly Chloe went still, her eyes widening. "The scarecrow came alive."

Apparently it was finally coming back to her.

"It was trying to kill us!" She turned to him, grabbing his jacket. "Where's Lois?"

And then Dean froze as he remembered. "She-she was went to town."

Chloe pulled away, eyes wide and hurt, voice breaking. "She left me here?"

"No!" Dean shook his head. "She was searching for you restlessly-crazily. But she got a call from you and you told her you were safe in Hope."

"What?" Chloe asked in confusion, searching the pocket of her hoodie and pulling out her phone...which was broken.

"What the hell is going on in this cornfield?" Dean snapped, running his hand over his hair. "First murderous scarecrows, then the time seems to literally fly by, and now phone calls that don't actually happen?"

"A trap." Chloe looked up at him, urgent. "She's walking into a trap."
9th-Jun-2012 10:24 am (UTC)
I'm at the edge of my seat waiting to know what happened, since when do baddys know how to manipulate technology, that is not right, it's not fair!

Damn smart monsters!
10th-Jun-2012 10:06 am (UTC)
You're so right! It's not fair! And do you notice they USUALLY have the best weapons as well in movies and stuff????????
9th-Jun-2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
I love how protective Lois is of Chloe but it looks like Chloe and Dean are going to have to help Lois, because I think she's about to get grabbed by the bad guys--pure speculation but my guess is the townspeople are going to try and sacrifice her to the Scarecrow-thingy.

Keep up the excellent work on this fic :)
10th-Jun-2012 10:07 am (UTC)
Ah yes, Lois is going to be in some hot water soon........and Chloe and Dean will definitely have to step in and help her........but I shant say more than what you've already guessed ;)
10th-Jun-2012 07:17 am (UTC)
and now?... i still don't know what happend to chloe some time ago... and is the creature after chloe or lois ...
it's so exciting... love the update, thank you :D
10th-Jun-2012 10:08 am (UTC)
You shall be in suspense for a while still as to what happened to Chloe! *cue evil laughter*
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