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Hallowed Ground 4/7 
11th-Jun-2012 05:28 am

Title: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchester, Chloe Sullivan, Sarah Austen, Preacher Hathaway, and others.
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural...and Hallowed Ground
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Lois just wanted to help her traumatized younger cousin forget about the attack that'd left her scarred, both mentally and physically. Dean just wanted to get away for a while and wrap his head around his little brother choosing a normal life and Stanford over their family. Neither of them expected what they were getting into when they arrived in Hope.
A/N: I felt the need to write a Smallville/Supernatural crossing and since I couldn't get inspiration for my others...I wrote this one instead. Forgive me. ( '.')
A/N2: The age of the characters in this story are: Lois Lane - 18, Chloe Sullivan - 14, and Dean Winchester - 22

"Where is she? Is she okay? What happened?" Lois rushed into the Hope sheriff station and looked around, finding only one man on duty. She hadn't even turned off her car, leaving the machete on the passenger's seat as she raced inside of the building, desperate to see that her cousin was fine.

The deputy stood immediately when he saw her. "Now calm down Miss Lane, have a seat. Would you like something to drink?"

The whole drive to the station Lois' mind had been torturing her and she did not like the fact that the man was obviously stalling. What was it that he didn't want to tell her? Was it Chloe? Had she been hurt more than she'd let on in the telephone call?

"We have some cake-."

"Where. Is. My. Cousin?" Lois slammed her hands down on his desk, causing him to jump.

"Calm d-down ma'am!" The man gulped, taking a step back. "She's with Doc."

Lois' strength left her and she collapsed into a seat in horror, staring up at the man. "She's hurt. Isn't she?"

"Well, she's had a rough night." The man announced, scratching the side of his face.

"What happened?" Lois leaned over the desk, taking in a deep breath, preparing herself for whatever he had to tell her.

"Well, from what we've managed to get out from her, the two of you got separated and she was then attacked by some young feller you were with." The man sat down once more.

Lois looked up at that, eyes narrowing. "What?"

"She said there was a handsome young man who went with ya'll to Pastor Hathaway's farm and that when she got separated from you he happened upon her." The deputy watched her intently as he spoke. "She said he pushed her to the ground and covered her mouth so she couldn't scream for help."

Cold fury worked its way through Lois' body as she could all-too easily imagine the scene. "That bastard." How could she have trusted Dean and his story about being a supernatural hunter? How could she have been so stupid? So blind? "Did he rape her?"

The deputy hesitated.

"Did that monster force himself onto my baby cousin?" Lois needed to know exactly how much pain she needed to deliver before finally driving Dean Winchester's own machete through his heart.

"It's hard to tell, she's real shook up-and was knocked about pretty bad." The man shrugged. "It's why she's with Doc. He's seeing the extent of the injuries."

"Where's his office?" Lois stood, her nerves and anxiety rolling in her stomach causing nausea to rise in her throat.

"It don't make no sense for you to be getting yourself over there now, it's a small place and you'd only get in Doc's way." The deputy stood as well, holding a hand out to stop her movement. "Just sit back down and let good ol' Doc do his job. The sooner he finishes the sooner yer lil cousin will be brought back here and you can see her."

She wanted to go anyway, wanted to explain how Chloe didn't like people touching her, didn't like touching people. She wanted to explain that the blonde had seen too many doctors lately and that she didn't trust them, didn't like them, it was why they kept on having to change psychiatrists every couple of sessions because she wouldn't open up, wouldn't submit to their therapy. There was just so much Lois wanted to say, but there was something in the deputy's eyes that said that he wasn't going to be telling her where Doc was and that he wouldn't listen to her anyway even if she did tell him all of that.

So, if she couldn't be with her cousin, she made sure that at least the person who'd hurt her, again, was apprehended.

"You got to get all your men and go back to the farm." Lois ordered, snarling as she sat in angered resignation. "He's still there. The guy who did that to her is still there. If you don't go he'll skip town and he'll never get caught!"

"He's still at the farm?" The deputy seemed shocked as he reached for his gun. "I want you to stay here. I'm going to go and apprehend him."

"You shouldn't go by yourself, he mightn't be alone." Lois fought the urge to tell him to give her his gun and that she'd deal with it herself. "There was someone in a scarecrow costume there, and I don't know whether it was him or not. So you shouldn't go alone."

"It's all going to be just fine." He assured her, gathering his ammo. "Just sit tight and Doc will bring you yer lil cousin when he's done looking her over."

Lois nodded, hating to have to wait yet knowing that sometimes she didn't have a say in it.

"Don't you worry your purty lil head now." The deputy headed towards the door. "It'll all be over soon."


They'd walked for a while before finding a ladder to a trap door above, and with his grip tightening on his machete, Dean pushed it open and looked around them. They seemed to be in one of the walkways, and while the scarecrow couldn't be seen it didn't mean that it wasn't around watching them, waiting for him to turn around so it could impale him with its pitchfork. But Dean had never been a coward, and he pulled himself out, fully exposing himself to the cornfields on either side as he put down his machete and reached down for Chloe. She hesitated a second, just staring at his hand before placing hers in his and letting him help pull her out of the hole, closing the lid with a kick of her foot once she was out.

Dean stood, machete in one hand and flashlight in the other. They'd already decided on their game plan from down below, realizing it was safer not to speak once they were aboveground in case their words were brought to the scarecrow on the wind.

Staring up at the sky, getting his bearings, Dean turned to Chloe and motioned with his head towards where they'd be running.

The blonde nodded, taking in a deep breath.

As one they took off in the direction of the cars, pushing cornstalks out of their way, and always keeping close to the other. The girl was a footstep behind him, his legs longer and giving him greater strides, but he made sure to keep her in his sideways view at all times. Hazel eyes were alert on all around them, ears listening intently, and while all they could hear was the wind through the cornfield and the song of nightbirds, he didn't let down his guard. The scarecrow could be anywhere now, and from his experience these sorts of things were more active at night, so they couldn't stop for a second.

Not even to catch their breath.

They were making good time, and if Dean's rough calculations were anywhere close to being right they just had a couple minutes run until they reached the farmhouse.

Suddenly Chloe disappeared from sight.

Skidding to a stop, Dean turned around and frowned darkly when saw the girl just standing there, staring at something in the darkness.

What the hell was she doing?

He stormed towards her, ready to grab her hand and pull the damn girl...when the corner of his eyes caught movement and he finally followed her gaze and it rested onto a scarecrow.

But unlike the one who'd been following them, this one was still up on the cross, hands and feet nailed to rough with horribly thick nails.

This scarecrow also had the body of a young, pregnant girl, her face covered by a burlap sack.

Soft cries could still be heard from the cross, weak, drained, dying.

"...deliver us from evil..."

It was the Lord's Prayer.

She was saying the Lord's Prayer.

Tears of horror were draining down a pale, mute Chloe as she brought her hands to her mouth.

Racing forwards, Dean hesitated at the foot of the cross, unable to decide how to go about helping this girl. The nails had her pinned to the cross, and they were so thick that she definitely wouldn't be able to use her hands, much less walk on her feet. And how would he get the nails out of her? Reaching her at the height the cross was raised at was a problem in itself, and she'd most definitely scream when he tried to remove those nails-would give away their location to that creature that was probably hunting them already.

But all that said, he couldn't just leave her here.

He couldn't!

And yet he not only had to protect himself...but Chloe and Lois as well.

A part of him argued that two civilians' lives were more important than just one...and yet another part of him refused to believe that leaving the girl on the cross was even an option.

"...hallowed be thy name..."

The girl was starting the prayer again, her voice sobs.

"We're here to help." Dean hissed softly. "Try not to make any noise."

The girl sobbed a high-pitched sound, the only acknowledgement that she'd heard him.

"They're still doing human sacrifices." Chloe whispered in horror as she stared at the pregnant girl nailed to the cross. "They're still crucifying their sinners."

Dean pushed back her words and the disgust that registered in him at the very thought of it being a possibility. Instead he concentrated on the task at him, but from the awkward angle of the girl's feet he realized that they'd been broken during the nailing and that was going to make this harder, and much more painful.

What to do?

What the hell was he supposed to do?

"Dean." Chloe whispered.

If his father had been here he'd know what to do!

"Dean!" Chloe grabbed at his arm, tightening her hold on him.

He finally turned to look at her.

Her face was made up in sadness, her ashen cheeks covered in tears. "She's gone, Dean."

Eyes widening, Dean turned to look up at the body, finding the girl on the cross completely still and silent now, covered head hanging lifelessly.



He couldn't have lost another civilian!

Not another one!

This nameless, faceless girl would join Sarah in the group of people who'd haunt his nights.

And if he didn't want the kid and her cousin to join that group, he'd have to get his shit together. "We need to press on."

She nodded silently, turning her back on the body on the cross, following him when he took off once more heading in the direction of his Impala.

Dean kept his gaze around them and his light in front of them, lighting the way...but as they reached the edge of the cornfield he turned it off and stopped, raising his hand in what he realized belatedly was a military gesture.

The girl seemed to understand it though and stopped immediately, looking around her, intent.

Two men were talking, and the flash of a sheriff car's lights could be seen, the car's headlights shining into the cornfield to their right. Any normal person would hurry out towards the keepers of the law and try to get help, and yet Dean trusted his instincts, and his instincts were telling him that Chloe was right...that there was no way that this could still be going on and the town's people not know.

Dean grabbed Chloe and pulled her off to the side, lowering them both to the ground, hidden behind a particularly thick patch of cornstalks as the men came closer.

"You think the Preacher got both the kid and the pretty boy?" The one in civilian attire asked, chewing tobacco.

"When I told him the girl was at the station he never said nothin' bout the other two." The one in deputy uniform questioned, shining a flashlight into the cornfields. "Then again, he don't have much of a mouth now, does he?"

"So what do we do iffen we find them in there somewhere and they're still breathing?" The civilian wanted to know, rubbing his beard. "That little blonde was perdier than a calf. So cute and tiny." He smirked, hand going down to scratch his crotch through the material of his pants. "Think he'll let me keep 'er?"

Disgust filled Dean and he tightened his hold on his machete, refusing to let the pervert touch the kid.

"You'll have to take it up with the Preacher." The deputy replied, motioning with his head towards the cornfield. "The guy though-I'm think he'd make a perdy scarecrow."

"He might attract the crows wiffin that face o' his!" The civilian snickered, pulling out a knife and testing the tip with an evil smile. "We might hafta cut it up a bit before stringing 'im up."

Dean turned towards Chloe to catch her attention and somehow tell her without words that he wasn't going to let her get hurt, but his words caught in his mouth as he saw that the girl was clutching her heart, frail body twisted in a very awkward position, seeming close to another panic attack. Her eyes were wide, her body shaking, her breathing erratic.

He couldn't deal with this now, not now. He needed her silent.

They needed to get passed these two maniacs.

He was not going to lose another civilian.

No way in hell.

Acting on instinct, Dean reached out and placed his hand on her lower back as he'd seen Lois do, rubbing in slow circles.

Chloe jerked, her terrified gaze finding his.

Dean breathed in deeply and then breathed out deeply, holding her gaze as he repeated the process over and over again.

The blonde slowly began to copy his breathing, slowing her own bit by bit, breathing in and out, in, out, slowing with each one.

He nodded, approving of her progress as her breaths grew softer, slower...her body losing much of its twisting tension.

The fear was still there, but the panic had subsided somewhat.

Dean gave her back an awkward pat.

She sent him an awkward smile.

The men approached the cornfield and pulled out their guns as they stepped within.


Where exactly was everyone?

Nervous energy had kept Lois from sitting for long, and she'd paced all over the police station, back and forth, back and forth, and now she found herself at the mirror staring out at Main Street. An empty Main Street. The shops were all closed. The roads deserted. Not even a pedestrian walking on the sidewalks could be spotted. The whole town seemed like a ghost town with no one alive within. The sight gave the brunette the chills and she hugged herself as she continued staring outside. In her stomach, that nervous unease grew, and she couldn't help but feel that "Doc" was sure taking his sweet time.

Honestly, if it hadn't been for the fact that it'd been Chloe's number that'd called her Lois would be questioning whether her cousin really was in the town at all. She found it hard to believe that after everything Chloe had been through that she'd be fine with being with this "Doc" alone, especially knowing that Lois was on the way. If anything, Lois could see Chloe refusing to be treated until Lois arrived.

And now that they were on the topic of how Chloe would act-Lois was still trying to swallow the thought of her leaving Lois in the cornfield.

That wasn't like Chloe.

Then again, there had been a killer scarecrow...

...and yet that unease continued to grow.

Suddenly the sound of something sharp being dragged against glass sounded in the window behind her, and Lois screamed, turning around to find nothing. But the sound echoed on the window next to it, and even though once again she turned to the window too late to see the perpetrator, Lois preempted the next move and was staring at the next window the moment before the scarecrow appeared, trailing the tips of his pitchfork against the glass.

"You've got to be kidding me." Racing towards the gun rack, Lois grabbed a pump-action shotgun and opened the drawer she'd seen the deputy take his ammo from, finding the right ones quickly. She filled the chamber with the ammo and pumped the shotgun, shoving a couple of fistfulls of ammo into her jacket before going to the window where she'd last seen the scarecrow...only then realizing that her car was missing.

Just fucking great.

Seeing a shadow Lois caught sight of the scarecrow and used the back of the shotgun to knock out the glass in the window and shot once, twice, three times, knowing she'd hit her target in at least two of her shots.

"Let's see how tough you are now." She hissed, going to the front door and opening it wide, taking the few steps down two at a time and heading towards what seemed like a severed appendage in the distance. The brunette hurried her pace, keeping her gaze alert as she hurried towards the arm and bent down...only for hazel eyes to widen in horror as she realized that the arm she'd shot off...was made of stuffed dry corn husks...with a modified garden hand cultivator stashed in the glove with bits of what look like Dean's shirt and blood on it. "That can't be." Sensing something behind her Lois spun and shot at the scarecrow right in its face, seeing bits of corn fly out of his mask as she made a hole at the very bottom. "Oh my god."

The thing came at her.

Her gun jammed...and considering that it obviously wasn't doing any good...Lois tossed it and ran.


Once the men were deep enough into the cornfield that Dean couldn't hear them anymore, he brought his hand to his mouth and motioned for Chloe to get up slowly and follow him. They walked as softly and quickly as they could, emerging from the cornfield. He urged her towards his car as he went to the police cruiser, slashing the tires and the radio before taking the keys out of the ignition. Immediately the headlights went out, signaling to the men that their prey were by the cars, and Dean could hear them yelling and stampeding as they hurried back. He pushed them out of his mind though, racing towards the 'Pala and closing the door behind him, starting the engine.

Chloe was already putting on her seatbelt.

Pressing down on the gas, Dean swerved, turning just as the men cleared the cornfield ahead of them and opened fire. "Get down!"

Chloe leaned down and wrapped her arms around her head protectively.

Gunshots pierced the windshield...thankfully these whackos were piss-poor shots.

Pressing down harder on the gas, Dean used his beloved baby as a weapon as he mowed down the deputy...the civilian managing to jump out of the way at the last second into the cornfield. The Impala jerked as jolted as it rolled over the policeman's body.

If the kid knew what exactly had happened, she never commented on it, just tightened her grip on her head.

Shots rang behind them, but within seconds they were out of range and safe...for now.


Lois' mind was in a frenzy.



The scarecrow was made of straw.

It wasn't a sick, evil human.

It was an evil...something.

She was going crazy with just the thought, with what it meant. Her mind kept flashing images before her of the scarecrow and of the first moment she'd seen Chloe after arriving in Smallville after hearing what had happened. Flash of Sarah's mutilated on the cross. Flash of Chloe seated on the hospital bed, chest all mangled, the bandage covering her heart seeping blood. Police standing guard outside of her room due to the second attack which had taken place in the hospital itself. Flash of the scarecrow chasing behind them in the cornfield, pitchfork raised. Flash of screams of the devil as multiple nurses had to restrain Chloe on her hospital bed as a couple of orderlies administered stronger sedatives since the first shots hadn't worked. Flash of the crosses in the cornfield. Flash of the intercepting scars over her heart which Chloe always kept well covered.

Up ahead of her, a cross loomed in the sky.

Eyes widening, Lois remembered Dean's comment about the land around a church being hallowed ground, and with that she raced towards it, banging on the doors. She didn't know if it was enough considering that the whole town was supposed to be built on hallowed ground, but she had to try.

The door opened and a pudgy, short pastor with glasses and wide eyes opened it. "What's wrong my daughter?"

"Someone's chasing me! I need sanctuary!" Lois pushed inside and closed the door behind her, sliding the deadbolt across the door.

"Who is chasing you?"

"Someone dressed as a scarecrow." She couldn't bring herself to tell the man anything else or he'd think her insane.

"Someone dressed as a scarecrow?" He frowned, placing his hand to the small of her back and leading her towards the pulpit and the room beyond it. "Maybe someone is playing a prank on you?"

"It killed a friend. This is no prank." Lois snapped, pushing away from him to look around the room behind the pulpit in which she found herself herded into. "Do you have a number for the town doctor? I don't know his name. The deputy never said anything other than Doc."

"We only have one doctor. Doc Grayson." He nodded. "I could give him a call, yes, but we should call the sheriff's."

"No, he's gone. I was right there." Lois shook her head. "My cousin is with Doc Grayson and I need to now that she's okay-I need to tell them that there's a murderous scarecrow out there. She isn't safe."

"Let me go get the phone for you my dear. Just sit down, everything will be fine now." He motioned for to take a seat as he exited the door, hurrying away.

Lois paced once, twice, then collapsed on the seat, leaning forwards and running her hands over her head, trying to digest everything that'd happened. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cellular, dialing Chloe's number...only to be informed that the number was no longer in service.

What the?

Standing, Lois wondered if maybe it was just a thing of signal...but she had two bars and there much worse reception in the cornfield...so if a call had come through there it was ridiculous that she was having problems now!

Dialing a new number, Lois cursed when the phonecall cut off, but she didn't give out. She dialed it again, and again, and then when her uncle picked up, Lois ran her hands through her hair. "I think the devil might exist."

"What? Lois?" Uncle Gabe asked in confusion and slight panic. "What are you talking about?"

"We're in this backwater's town called Hope and a straw-filled scarecrow is massacring people in cornfields! I shot at it Uncle Gabe! It's nothing but straw inside!" She began to pace. "If things like that exist, doesn't it make sense that the devil mightn't be such a stretched of the imagination?"

There was silence, and then Uncle Gabe's voice was grave. "Where's Chloe, Lois? Is she hurt?"

Lois closed her eyes tightly, biting her bottom lip. "She's with the Doc, she was attacked, but I don't know what the extent of the damages are."

"Goddamit Lois!" Uncle Gabe was never one to curse, so this was like a slap. "I only let her go because you promised me that you'd take care of her! That she was safe with you!"

"Well that was before either of us believed the devil had anything to do with what happened to her!" Lois snapped at him, kicking at the pastor's desk. "We both know that if she stayed there Chloe would have gone insane!"

"Get her, Lois, and leave there." Her uncle ordered. "Get somewhere safe and stay there. I'll come to you."

Lois nodded although she knew he couldn't see her. "Yes sir."

"And Lois, take care of her." Uncle Gabe's voice broke. "She's all I have."

"I promise." Lois whispered, ending the phone call as she ran her hand over her face. "Goddammit!" Kicking the desk once more, Lois tried to keep calm, but now that she thought about it-the preacher had been gone an awfully long time for just a trip to find a phone. "Preacher?" Narrowing her eyes, Lois went towards the door and peered out. "Is everything alright?" The silence was deafening.

Gulping, Lois emerged from the room, looking around her at the darkened, abandoned pulpit. She looked around her, worried at the silence, and yet the door in the far end of the room seemed locked and secured, just as she'd left it. The brunette whispered to herself over and over again that she was safe, that that thing hadn't been able to find her and phase through the oak doors.

Passing by the pulpit, Lois frowned as a large leather bible caught her attention. She found herself oddly drawn to it, and while bible-reading was the last thing on her mind she ran her hand down the front of the binding as she undid it, opening the pages, realizing that this was handwritten. Hazel eyes narrowed as she flipped through the pages, pictures capturing her attention. Instead of the drawings being of Adam and Eve, or Noah, or any other known biblical story or figure, the pictures within were of crows and cornfields.

Instead of the story of the creation of the world, there was the story of the creation of Hope, and how god spoke to Preacher Hathaway and told him to build the town of Hope so that there would be a place where his people could dwell. It spoke of how god told Preacher Hathaway how to sanctify Hope, to make the ground hallowed, and where exactly to build both his house and the church, which stood to this day.

Lois gasped as she backed away from the book, seeing the picture of the church she was now in drawn there as clear as day.

"I'm sure you have many questions you need answering," the pastor announced, causing Lois to look up, hazel eyes widening in horror when she saw that somehow half of the town were now in the congregation, watching her. "I don't know how much you know."

"That reporter told her most of it." The waitress from the diner that morning announced. "She just doesn't know the end."

"Well, you see," the pastor stepped forwards, smiling at her. "Preacher Hathaway had many visions, and one of them foretold of his death by the men of Liberty. He wrote down what was to happen, what we must do, and we followed it to the letter. We burnt his body, so that the fire destroyed his body and set his spirit free to reside in his cornfields until his prophecy was fulfilled." He stepped forwards. "We buried his ashes in the land to anchor him to the hallowed ground, to us, and we've been waiting so long for you Lois."

She took a step backwards. "How do you know my name?"

"Because you are foretold. Your name, and arrival, were foreseen centuries ago and written for us to know you when you came." The pastor took another step towards her. "You see, you are the channel of his rebirth."

"Excuse me?" She hissed, not liking the sound of this at all.

"Preacher Hathaway could inhabit any body, but he needs a pure body, a living body, flesh of his flesh." The pastor smiled serenely. "You are to be the mother of his rebirth, and it is through your scared womb that he will be reborn in new flesh."

Lois' eyes widened in horror as she realized what they were saying.

"Don't you worry now miss." One of the town's people announced in what was probably supposed to be a soothing way. "We'll take mighty fine care of you and the baby."

"You're all fucking insane!" Lois snapped, shaking her head. "I am not gonna have any demon baby!" Sensing something shift behind her, Lois twirled around and dodged the large man who lunged at her, using the momentum to push him forwards into the pulpit. "Stay the hell away from me!" Elbowing in the face the man who reached her next, Lois was grabbed from behind, and despite how much she screamed and kicked she was outnumbered as the men grabbed her arms and legs, beginning to drag her out of the church. "Let go of me! Let go! Don't you fucking touch me you freaks!"

Only now did she realize further behind on the pulpit had been a large crucifix...on which hung a scarecrow in preacher's attire.

"You're all fucked up!" Lois continued to struggle and scream as they flowed out of the church like a sea of crazies, a mob of fanatics. "Let go of me!"

"I knew it was her from the moment I laid eyes on her!" The waitress was telling the woman to her right.

"Are we gonna string her up in the fields too?" A young boy asked excitedly.

"Preacher Hathaway's return is near!" Yet another cheered.

"Fuck you bastards!" Lois struggled, wincing at the way their grip on her tightened painfully.

A shot rang in the air, causing everyone to turn to see a dirty and bruised yet otherwise fine Dean Winchester standing outside of his car, pumping his shotgun and readying to fire off another shot. "Let go of her now."

"Lois!" Chloe sat in the front passenger's seat, dirty and bruised as well, but seeming more worried about her than anything else.

"Chloe!" Lois struggled harder once more.

"Now calm down boy." The preacher announced in his sickly reasonable tone as he came forwards, raising the large crucifix he wore on his chest up over his head and in the air. "I know that you're not from around here, but if you just listen to what we have to say-."

Dean shot the crucifix into smithereens, and pumped the shotgun once more. "Next one's aimed for your head, preacher." His lips twitched. "There's two ways in which this can end, and the outcome depends on just how eager you are to meet your maker."

"There's no need to be violent, son." The preacher announced, motioning to the men behind him to finally let go of Lois. "We're just a god-fearing community."

"Asshole!" Lois punched the man closest to her before she pushed passed the mob and Dean, climbing into the back of the Impala and reaching forwards to hug her shivering cousin. "I was so worried about you! Where were you? What happened?"

"I fell through the ground to the shelter below, Dean did the same and found me." Chloe responded, hugging her tightly, voice wobbling. "Two men came to the fields to kill us. We ran over one of them."

Guilt and horror filled Lois as she realized that it was because of her that those men had gone to the field to hunt the others down. She could have gotten her baby cousin, and Dean, killed.

Dean entered the car and gunned it, speeding out of there, the townspeople watching them silently.

It seemed like in minutes they were out of the small town and onto the road towards civilization, surrounded on either side by towering fields of corn.

"What the hell was going on back there?" Dean finally asked, trying to avoid the many holes in the dirty road as he sped away. "Why did they want you?"

"Yeah." Chloe fastened her seatbelt. "Dean says that somehow you got a call from my phone when mine was actually broken. It seemed like for some reason the whole town specifically wanted you."

Lois leaned hard against the seat, running a shaky hand through her dark brown hair. "Apparently their preacher is inhabiting the scarecrow, and they want me to have sex with someone and get pregnant with him."

"Huh?" Dean turned to look at her, confusion and shock in his eyes.

"Yeah. My reaction exactly." She agreed, throwing her hands in the air.

"Why you exactly? Why not Sarah?" Chloe wanted to know from the front. "Why not the pregnant girl in the fields?"

Pregnant girl in the fields?

"According to them this preacher foretold our visit to this town and that I'd be his mama." Lois made a face, disgusted, deciding not to ask any questions for now. "We need to get the hell outta here and never go on a roadtrip ever again." She reached for her phone and then hissed when she realized it was gone. "Dammit! I must have lost my phone during the struggle with those freaks." She took in a deep breath. "I called Uncle Gabe and told him everything, he's going to freak out if we can't call him soon and let him know what's going on."

"You told him?" Chloe cried out in horror, twisting around in her seat to glare at Lois. "Why would you do that?"

"Chloe! We were being chased by a spirit-inhabited scarecrow. If something happened someone had to know where we were and what happened!" Lois threw her hands in the air, not wanting to admit the other part of the conversation she'd had with her uncle.

"Use my phone." Dean tried reaching into his jacket, his sleeve getting caught on something. "Goddammit!"

"Calm down." Chloe muttered, reaching towards him and detangling whatever had gotten caught, surprising Lois when she reached into Dean's pocket and pulled out the phone, casually throwing it to her.

After what'd happened to her Chloe hated people touching her and would go out of her way to keep from touching others, so the fact that she'd voluntarily touch Dean and act as if it was nothing...it proved just how much her cousin actually trusted this stranger. It was humbling and left Lois with a knot in her throat that made it hard to swallow. She'd been sure that this would send the young blonde a million steps backwards in her recuperation, and yet despite it all Chloe seemed rather put-together.

Lois smiled slightly, holding the phone to her chest.

Suddenly lights shone brightly right behind them, disorienting them.

"What the hell?" Dean hissed.

That was the only warning they had before they were rammed hard from behind, causing the Impala to swerve off of the road and then the world was askew as the vehicle tipped over, rolling into the cornfield to their right at a high speed. Chloe screamed in the front. Lois tried to keep herself from being thrown out of the car. Dean could be heard cursing about his "baby".

Windows shattered.

Doors dented in.

Lois hit her head so hard she must have blacked out for a couple of minutes, because the next thing she knew the car had come to a stop upside-down and she was being dragged out. "No! Let me go! No!"

"What do we do with them?" One of the men asked the preacher, bending down to stare at Chloe's and Dean's unconscious bodies in the front.

"Bring them, we might have need of them. Especially the girl." The preacher announced. "If anything...our holy mother seems to have a one track mind when it comes to her little cousin."

"Don't touch her!" Lois struggled despite her pain and disorientation, kicking, trying to get free, but the men were stronger than her and then she was being laid down on a...cross? "No! NO!" Rope wrapped around her arms and legs, tying her to the wood. "Stop it!"

A teenaged boy arrived with a hammer and huge nails, pressing a nail to her palm and raising the hammer with unholy glee.

The man she'd punched earlier removed the hammer from his hand and slapped up the boy. "Don't be an idiot! We're not stringing this one up! She's the holy mother!" He then turned to her apologetically, nail in hand. "You got to forgive him miss, you know young people, they're just so eager."

Movement to her right caused Lois to turn her head, eyes widening as she saw the scarecrow emerge from the cornstalks as one of the men threw Chloe's limb body over his shoulder, and two others dragged Dean's out of the wreck. "No."

Something hit her hard on the back of the head and everything went black.


Dean was in agony.

He was in the land of half-consciousness, head banged up and body in an even worse condition. He could feel broken ribs that made each breath a nightmare of agony, and his shoulder was out of place. The glass from his beloved 'Pala's windshield had sliced him up something bad, and he was very cold. Too cold. His eyes were only open a slit, the world blackening in the corners as he bled out.

The only things that were keeping him conscious were the hard floor of the cellar they'd been stashed in, and the tears falling on his face from the girl who's lap his head was resting on.

Dean hated girls crying.

It made him feel so impotent.

He was a playboy, yes, but one of the reasons why he never saw the same woman twice was because he knew that he would end up disappointing her and he couldn't stand that thought.

And yet he was disappointing this girl when she and her cousin needed him the most.

He couldn't even speak to feed her false promises.

Not that he figured she'd believe any reassurances-she seemed like a sharp cookie.

The fact that she didn't offer him any empty reassurances either proved it.

The world started going black.

Sounds were getting distorted.

It was harder to keep his eyes open.

He fought...dammit he fought!

The last thing he saw before everything went black were two male shoes as someone drew near.
11th-Jun-2012 06:44 pm (UTC)
gosh... this is freaking awesome... and addictive.. and would be a great horror movie..

thank you...
11th-Jun-2012 09:40 pm (UTC)
Yay! Glad you like! It is based on a movie, but with my additions mixed in it <3
11th-Jun-2012 08:10 pm (UTC)
This is great and currently creeping the crap out of me *grins* Can't wait to see what happens next.
11th-Jun-2012 09:41 pm (UTC)
Really??? Great! I always hope my horror genres are a little creepy! lol
11th-Jun-2012 09:08 pm (UTC)
Wow, this story is so fucking creepy!! I can’t wait to read more! lol! Plus I’ve never seen Hallowed Ground before so I have no clue what is going to happen next :-)

Seriously though, I love that you’re writing a Winchullivanlane fic again! I adore all your Smallville/Supernatural crossovers (all your stories, really) and this one is shaping up to be awesome, plus y'know terrifying! I love the Dean POV and you have got me very curious about what exactly happened to Chloe before. I also love your Chloe/Lois relationship/cousinship and how amazingly close they are... so much better than the stupid ass show :( I’m still a little bitter about that I guess... Hehe!

Anyway, thanks for writing, I really look forward to reading what happens next... unless they all die, cause then I really don’t want to know!!! :P
11th-Jun-2012 09:43 pm (UTC)
GOOD *evil smile*

I know right!? I MISSED writing Winchullivanlane and in the end the urge to write grew so strong that I just had to give in. I. Am. Weak. lmfao

12th-Jun-2012 01:42 am (UTC)
The creep factor is off the charts. I love all your writings but I have missed your Winchullivanlane stories. I can't wait to find out what happened to Chloe. But I have to ask, the phone call between Lois and Gabe

( "Goddamit Lois!" Uncle Gabe was never one to curse, so this was like a slap. "I only let her go because you promised me that you'd take care of her! That she was safe with you!"

"Well that was before either of us believed the devil had anything to do with what happened to her!" Lois snapped at him, kicking at the pastor's desk. )

Does this mean that whatever it is that happened to Chloe they now have some proof that it really did have something to do with the supernatural? Yellow eyes maybe? ( one can hope. )
12th-Jun-2012 02:37 am (UTC)
Thanks! I have been trying to convey the creepiness so I'm so stoked that it's getting through to y'all!

Well, Lois and Gabe didn't believe in the Supernatural existing, so any talks of the devil would be dismissed. But now that Lois realizes (with the help of a cornhusk filled scarecrow) that the supernatural actually does exist......it makes her realize that the devil might not be too far of a stretch afterall.
12th-Jun-2012 08:10 am (UTC)
Everyone in town is involved! What kind of twisted fanatics makes sacrifices in the civilized world?

I hope you'll kick their butts back to the dark ages!
12th-Jun-2012 08:15 am (UTC)
Yep! EVERYONE is involved here...no "sinner" is safe /:

Oh, they're going to get what's coming to them.
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