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See No Evil 3/17 
18th-Jul-2012 06:12 am
See No Evil

Title: See No Evil
Sequel to: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchesters, Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, Adam Knight, Wade Mahaney, Jacob Goodnight, and more
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural/See No Evil
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Hope. Lois just wanted to keep an eye on her supposedly healing little cousin. Dean just wanted to check up on the two girls he hasn't been able to put out of his mind. No one really knows what Chloe's really after. But when they're trapped in the decayed Luthor Castle with a murderous lunatic things like that don't really matter.

Lois had had a great night's sleep and felt rejuvenated the next morning. Things were seriously looking up lately, and every night without waking up to Chloe screaming in her bedroom was a good one. The blonde was obviously making progress and Lois couldn't be prouder of her cousin. She'd soon be back a hundred per cent, and Lois couldn't wait for the day when that happened.

It seemed closer and closer though, Chloe was acting more and more like her old self. Case in point, this morning the girl had gotten up early and made everyone breakfast, the smell of pancakes having been what'd awoken Lois in the first place. The brunette figured Dean mustn't be used to home cooking, because he'd been a little odd during breakfast, sending Chloe calculating looks, but he'd shrugged and started chowing down on Chloe's signature homemade banana pancakes and after his first bite all he could do was make sinful noises and ask for seconds.

Chloe and Lois had shared amused looks before Chloe'd placed their coffees in front of them and went to get Dean his seconds.

It was a novelty to have a man at their breakfast table, usually Uncle Gabe was gone on business trips or he was too busy to have breakfast with them. But as Lois watched Chloe she realized that this was exactly what the girl needed. She needed a strong male influence in her life, someone who she could count on and talk to and who would protect her. She needed a father figure, and a part of Lois felt guilty thinking that while Uncle Gabe was alive and well, but it was the truth. And Dean would be the perfect father figure for the girl.

He was strong, both mentally and physically, and he knew the particulars of her traumas-knew about the things that went bump in the night.

It was a pity that Dean was a rolling stone.

She'd felt him out last night during their talk, studied his body language, the tone of his voice when he talked about his family, about hunts. He loved his family, he was respectful of his father, missed his brother, and the hunt was his life. He enjoyed not having any tie to weigh him down, loved going from town to town, loved the adrenaline that rushed through his veins with each hunt.

The only thing that seemed off in his life was his brother's absence, and she could understand it because from what she could tell from what he'd said and from what he hadn't said, he and Sam were like her and Chloe...and Lois would miss her little cousin like hell if she wasn't in her life anymore.

"So is Pete getting his parents to drop him off at the Luthor place or is he coming with us?" Lois asked as she swallowed a bite of fluffy pancake.

"Neither, Mr. Luthor has rented a bus which will be taking us to and from the house, and he also has some retired cop in charge of keeping things in order while we're there." Chloe replied as she took a sip of her coffee. "Oh! And no phones are allowed either. He doesn't want people taking pictures of what's in there or telling others." She made a face. "I think he has hidden treasure or something there. That's the only reason I can think of for these sorts of restrictions."

"Does anyone else feel like they're going to prison?" Dean wanted to know, halfway through his second serving.

"Just don't bend over to pick up the soap and I'm sure you'll be fine." Chloe patted his arm with a snicker.

"Kiddo, you did not just go there!"

Lois snickered, enjoying Chloe annoying Dean, but the brunette figured she should be nice and save him from Chloe's twisted humor. "So how come Clark's not coming as well? He's usually the third musketeer."

Chloe's expressed soured as she pursed her lips. "Haven't you heard? Lana Lang's single since Whitney Fordman decided to display his hidden genius-level smarts and graduate early, dumping her in the process." The blonde sighed. "So Lana's finally showing some interest in Clark, and he's tripping over himself to be with her. I mean, a part of me wants to give them a couple of months and then brush my hands clean of the whole deal-but Clark's been in love with Lana for as long as he can remember so another part of me is seriously hoping this actually works." She was obviously reluctant to admit that. "I told him to use the time to man up and ask her out."

Lois' eyes widened in shock. "You've finally given him your blessing?"

This was big.

Before...everything...Chloe had been deeply in love with the oblivious Clark Kent, and hurting deeply since he didn't seem to realize that she was a girl. After the attack Chloe had been numb towards everyone, pushing Pete and Clark away despite their attempts to break through her shell...and after Hope Chloe had finally become their friend again. Lois had noticed the blonde's change in attitude towards Clark, her smile much friendlier and less shier, the blushes completely gone, as were the hopeful glances she'd send the boy.

And now it would seem that Chloe had completely gotten over any romantic feelings she'd had for him.

A part of Lois was glad because this way Chloe could find someone who liked her and not be hung up on someone who loved her only as a friend...yet another part of Lois bemoaned the death of Chloe's first love, no matter how unsuccessful it'd been.

"It's the least I could do. Lana's still pinning over Whitney despite the fact that he's been in Stanford for almost a year now." Chloe snorted. "Clark needs all the help and support he can get."

"Stanford?" Dean looked up at that in surprise. "He's going to the same school as Sammy? What's he studying?"

Chloe's gaze went to her dish and she speared her pancakes with her fork. "Pre-med."

A knock sounded at the door and Lois frowned, standing.

"You expecting someone?" Dean was standing as well.

"No." Lois shook her head.

Dean placed a hand on her shoulder, easing her back down onto her stool, as he went to the kitchen door and frowned at whoever was visible through the glass on the other side. He reached out and unlocked the door, opening it enough for him to lean into the doorframe and speak to the person without giving any entry. "Can I help you?"

There was a pause, and then someone cleared his throat. "I'm here to see Lois and Chloe?"

"You asking or telling?" Dean didn't move a bit.

Recognizing the voice, Lois stood once more and went to the door, laying a hand on Dean's back and easing him away from the door enough so she could peak out. "Adam!" She was surprised yet pleased to see him there, and although he smiled at her his blue eyes weren't pleased as they went from her to Dean. "Oh." Clearing her throat, Lois turned to Dean. "Dean Winchester, meet Adam Knight. Adam Knight, meet Dean Winchester."

Adam reached out his hand and Dean shook it, maybe putting a little too much force in the handshake if the slight flinch in Adam's face was anything to go by.

"Come on in." Lois was relieved when Dean finally left the doorway and returned to his plate, giving Adam a friendly smile as she ushered him into the kitchen, closing the door behind him.

"Hey Chloster." Adam came up towards the blonde, hands shucked in the pockets of his leather jacket. "How ya doing?"

"Nothing to complain about." Chloe flashed him a smile. "What about you? Got anything to complain about?"

"I've got a list of things to complain about." Adam collapsed onto the stool next to hers, grinning at the younger girl as he nudged her shoulder with his playfully. "But no one to listen to them."

"Happens." She assured him. "Want some pancakes? Dean might not have eaten them all."

Dean's expression was a mixture of annoyance and amusement, seeming very much the older brother having to deal with a mischievous younger sister.

"Sure, pancakes would be great." Adam nodded to the girl, turning his attention to Lois once Chloe jumped off of the stool to go and prepare some with the batter she still had left. "I was a little worried after you bailed on me last night. I know you said that a family friend stopped by unexpectedly, but from personal experience they only usually do that when shit is about to hit the fan so I thought I'd stop by and check in on the both of you."

That was...incredibly sweet and thoughtful of him.

He hadn't needed to do that, but Adam was seriously trying, doing his best, and Lois needed to start giving him credit for all that he did for both her and Chloe.

Dean might be ideal in some cases, but he led the life of a hunter and Lois couldn't see a way that she could get him to settle down for them. She had no right to do so, to try and change his life this way. She barely knew the man...

...but Adam...

With everything Adam did he proved he was not only ready for a place in their life, but wanted it.

He went the extra mile, bonded with Chloe, and was always there for Lois.

He was perfect.

Wasn't he?


He was.

He was even extremely handsome on top of being caring and sweet and understanding.

He was the total package.


So why couldn't she fall in love with him?

"So how do you know Chloe and Lois?" Adam had directed the question to Dean.

Lois and Chloe shared looks over the sitting men's heads.

Dean took a moment to chew and swallow, before answering. "We met during a roadtrip."

"Really? The roadtrip they took last year?" Adam smiled, having heard about the non-Hope related incidents. "Let me guess, you bumped into each other while touring the World's Biggest Ball of Yarn."

Dean's lips twitched. "It's not as big as you'd think."

"So Chloe assures me." Adam was obviously doing his best to make friends with Dean despite the guy's earlier surly behavior, and it was only winning him more points in Lois' books. "So how long are you in town for?"

"Just passing through." Dean shrugged, the king of vagueness at the moment. "So how do you know the girls?"

"Chloe and I have joint custody of Dr. Masters." Adam sent the blonde a smirk.

Confusion lit Dean's hazel gaze as he frowned and turned to Lois questioningly.

"She's Chloe's psychiatrist." The brunette explained, returning to her seat and sitting, cutting up the last section of pancake she had left. "Adam was in an accident and had to go to therapy the same time Chloe did. We all met each other in Dr. Masters' waiting room."

"You have to see a quack doc?" Dean asked Chloe in surprise.

Adam's face lost some of its smile.

Chloe on the other hand snorted in amusement. "No Dean, please, tell us how you really feel."

He flinched, belatedly realizing how insensitive he'd sounded.

Adam sent a look towards Lois before motioning with his head towards the other room.

Nodding, Lois stood, stuffing the last bit of pancake in her mouth and swallowing. "We'll be back in a minute." Heading towards the living room, Lois considered the distance between here and the kitchen and turned on the television so that the others couldn't hear what they were saying, because obviously Adam wanted to talk to her in private. "Shoot. What's up?"

"How well do you know this guy?" Adam went straight to the point, sending a frown towards the kitchen area before returning his attention to her.

"We know him well enough." She realized that Dean might have come off as insensitive with his earlier comment, and needed to put Adam at ease. "He's a good guy and he didn't mean for that comment about Dr. Masters to be offensive. He's the first person other than me and Uncle Gabe that Chloe actually touched willingly after the attack, that in itself should tell you something about him."

Adam ran lean fingers through his hair. "He's not ugly, Chloe's not blind...or a kid...no matter how much you like to think she is."

"You think she's crushing on him?" Lois' eyes widened at that, never having considered the possibility. She thought about their interactions and just couldn't see any sort of attraction on Chloe's part at all.

"I'm saying that an attraction could have to do with her willingness to be around him, not the fact that he's a good person to have near." Adam was adamant as he spoke. "You met on a road trip a year ago and now he's staying in your house? How much do you even know about this guy? He could be a rapist." He lowered his voice. "He could be a pedophile."

"Adam, slow down and back up." She placed her hands on his shoulders, facing him. "You're just going to have to believe me when I say that Dean is trustworthy."

He sighed, shaking his head. "Just...be careful, okay? I don't want you two getting hurt."

"I promise." Lois smiled at him. "And once this Luthor thing is over I'll buy you coffee to make up for bailing on you, okay?"

He frowned, sighing as he peered at her in all seriousness, not at all swayed by her smile and reassurances. "Lois...Chloe's been through a lot in her life...I'm just trying to look out for the both of you."

"I know." And she did. "And to prove that I'll buy you dinner instead of coffee-how about that?"

Adam stared down at her before finally smiling slightly at her. "It's a date." His smile grew lopsided as he reached in to press a kiss to her lips.

Lois turned her face at the last second so that his lips would touch her cheek as she reached forwards and hugged him, feeling so guilty for this. He liked her. He really liked her. And while she thought he was hot and sweet and just near perfect...she didn't get...tingles...with him. She was sure that guy from Tough Love would scold her by saying that she was stringing Adam along, but was she really if she'd told him from the beginning that she wasn't interested in having a relationship for right now?

Adam's arms went around her and held her tight. "Is he coming with you to the Luthor cleanup?"

Lois frowned as she pulled away enough to stare into his face. "How did you know that we were doing that?"

"Chloe texted, asking if I owned a battery operated lantern. Said hers was broken and she didn't want to be without light in there if the electricity wasn't up and running." Adam replied with a raised eyebrow. "It's in my car if you doubt-."

"No! I'm not-sorry." Lois sighed, lowering her head and hugging him as well. "I'm really sorry."

"Would you like me to come along?" Adam asked softly. "I haven't signed up and it isn't my idea of a good time, and I don't need the money, but if you're this worked up-."

"No, don't worry, we'll be fine. It's just a few toilets." Lois shook her head as she pulled away. "Lets go and have breakfast."


Dean didn't know what he thought about Adam Knight.

The guy seemed to be nice and normal and friendly, if not a little wary of Dean.

But then again not everyone were what they seemed to be, were they?

Honestly, if the hunter thought about it, this was none of his business. He shouldn't even be here. He should be out in the road, hunting monsters, killing things before they hurt innocents. He should be doing the family business...and yet he wasn't. Instead Dean was in Smallville Kansas, eating breakfast with two girls who were basically strangers to him and mentally sizing up the guy who appeared to be the one who checked up on the girls and made sure that they were okay. They needed someone like this, a male presence in their lives considering that despite everything the two girls had been through neither of their fathers had done what Dean would have thought the only course of action-never allow them out of their sight.

And that was what made Dean weary.

He knew that his father hadn't been the best of dads, but John Winchester had always made sure that his sons were protected. He was there for them, and when he wasn't there were other hunters (especially Bobby) looking out for them. The few times in which he'd leave Sammy and Dean alone it was always when he knew that his boys were safe, and that they'd be able to protect themselves.

And while Lois and Chloe proved that they weren't fools and both tough girls, they couldn't take care of themselves, not really.

He could see this immediately, and he knew that Adam could as well, which was why he was weary of the other guy because an unscrupulous person would take advantage of situations like this.

But what made Dean even more uneasy was the fact that both Lois and Chloe's fathers had basically left them to fend for themselves. He knew from his conversation with Lois the night before that the men made sure that the girls had enough money to pay the bills and have some fun as well, but other than that "the General" (as Lois called him) was stationed in Alaska doing some training there and Gabe Sullivan was never home. The man was always at some business conference or the other, and Dean had been able to tell from the accumulation of dust in the man's bedroom that he hadn't been inside of that room in at least a month.

He couldn't understand it.

Chloe had been attacked, twice, by her psycho mother, and while the woman was locked up in a maximum security psyche ward the woman hadmanaged to escape the first time and elude capture for days after the second attack, hadn't she? And then Chloe and Lois had nearly been raped and killed by utter psychos in Hope.

How was it that Gabe Sullivan wasn't hiring armed guards to stand watch outside his home while he stayed inside with an ice pick keeping a protective eye on the girls?

How was it that the man could just shrug it all off and leave them vulnerable like this?

It pissed Dean off more than he would have guessed.

Despite being nineteen Lois was still too young to be having to shoulder motherhood like this, and all the responsibilities she bore. It wasn't fair to her, especially since Chloe wasn't her sister. Sure, she was her cousin, but there was a difference between cousin and sister in Dean's books. Then again, he'd never known any of his cousins so he couldn't really comment on that.

All he knew was that Lois didn't have a duty to stay here and raise Chloe.

Gabe Sullivan did.

Dean was getting more and more pissed for the brunette.

And god, he pitied the kid.

With all the shit that'd happened to her Chloe was one messed up girl, and while he wanted to hope for the best like Lois, Dean had a feeling that the blonde was never going to be the girl the brunette remembered and prayed for. Lois saw Chloe's abundance of attitude and cheeky sarcasm as a huge step forwards, Dean though, he saw it for what it really was, a front. She wanted Lois to think she was better, wanted Lois to stop worrying her, wanted Lois to have a life of her own and have a boyfriend, friends, fun. So Chloe pretended, she laughed, she was loud, she was outrageous and outgoing and flirtatious and witty...

...but those eyes were still haunted.

"I never took you for a guy who did the dishes." Lois placed the rest of the dirty dishes in the sink in front of him, smile on her lips.

Tearing his gaze from the view from the window of Chloe and Adam talking by his car outside (the view from this window the only reason he'd started the dishes in the first place), Dean grinned at Lois, unable to keep his inner flirt in check. "The mystery's a part of my innate charm."

Lois hesitated a second before smiling cheekier, biting down on her bottom lip as she shook her head. "Do you have many hidden talents, Mr. Winchester?"

He'd wondered if there was anything romantic between Lois and Adam, and he couldn't deny the fact that this obvious flirtation on her part flattered him deeply. "I don't kiss and tell. So you'll have to figure it out on your own."

Her gaze was a darker hazel than his, and it lowered down at him before raising to meet his eyes as she smirked and sauntered away, hips swaying as she left the kitchen.

Dean watched her go, shaking his head with a chuckle as he returned his gaze outside in time to see Adam pass Chloe a bag. The blonde looked inside and pulled out a full bottle of Grey Goose, checking the merchandise before passing him money.

So, Dean had found Chloe's supplier, and apparently the blonde was stocking up for the nights she'd be staying at the Luthor placed locked in, although Dean couldn't figure out how she planned on hiding her nightmares and mild alcoholism from her cousin in such close quarters.

"We should probably swing by the supermarket and get some stuff before going to where the bus will be waiting for us." Lois returned, in a very good mood, not at all aware of the fact that her cousin was illegally purchasing alcohol just a couple of steps outside of the kitchen door. "Are you a Doritos or a Cheetos guy?"

Dean hesitated a second before turning her with a smirk. "Why choose?"

"I'm liking you more and more." Lois grinned. "As soon as Chloe gets the battery operated lantern from Adam we should get going. Is it okay with you if we take my car and leave yours here? The locals know my car and wont tow it away as quickly."

For a moment Dean wondered if he should tell Lois about Chloe, but then he decided that it was none of his business. "As long as my baby's safe I'm game."

18th-Jul-2012 04:41 pm (UTC)
So we finally meet Adam, and get a lot more of Dean's insight of Chloe and Lois's situation ...he would make a great therapist if it wasn't for the fact he didnt like "chick flick moments"
18th-Jul-2012 09:55 pm (UTC)
Yep! Enter Adam stage right! Yeah, but no doubt Dean probably would shoot himself (or the patients) if he had to do that all day, every single day!
18th-Jul-2012 09:58 pm (UTC)
Is it wrong to laugh at that mental image
18th-Jul-2012 05:56 pm (UTC)
It's so weird seeing Dean being a father figure to Chloe... They're my favorite paring!!!
18th-Jul-2012 09:54 pm (UTC)
Well, it's more like a big-brother figure to her, but yeah, I can see why it'd be weird :P
19th-Jul-2012 12:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah I find it weird too... Chloe/Dean is all I see lol... not that I don't still love the story :D And I can't remember Adam from Smallville - did he end up turning psycho? Must have, given (I'm assuming) he was only around for one episode.
18th-Jul-2012 07:32 pm (UTC)
ahh...where to start.... love adam (poor guy, had to fall for lois) and i'm a little creeped out by lois and deans flirting..they just way too similar (serious lois,he would be the perfect father-figure ?!), still hoping for chlean here.;).... but this story is one of few i have absolute no plan what could happen next.... *beeing giddy*..
thanks for the update..
18th-Jul-2012 09:54 pm (UTC)
Haha! It's the chleaner in you that's creeped by the Lean isn't it? :P
19th-Jul-2012 03:06 am (UTC)
Wow Lois really is in mommy-bear mode. Dean as a father figure is very creepy, though I could see him say '' Give daddy some sugar baby''. Anyway Adam is Chloe's supplier. I wonder if he is anything like he was in the show? you know pretty much the walking dead. And if so is he working for anybody? And Dr. Masters wouldn't happen to have a sister or daughter named Meg now would he? And for Chloe and her recovery I can't help but to feel that Lois is a bit selfish for wanting Chloe to be who she was before the attack. Chloe can never be who she was before, the only thing that she can do is move forward. But then again Lois is only a teenager in this story herself so it's understandable that she would feel the way she does.

PS I love your banner:)
19th-Jul-2012 04:02 am (UTC)
Yes, Lois is being a bit overbearing but as you said, she's basically a kid herself who has no idea what she's doing, so all things considered she's doing her best.
Dr. Masters........ *shhhhhh* We'll see ;p
And thanks!!!!

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