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See No Evil 6/17 
29th-Jul-2012 06:55 pm
See No Evil

Title: See No Evil
Sequel to: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchesters, Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, Adam Knight, Wade Mahaney, Jacob Goodnight, and more
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural/See No Evil
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Hope. Lois just wanted to keep an eye on her supposedly healing little cousin. Dean just wanted to check up on the two girls he hasn't been able to put out of his mind. No one really knows what Chloe's really after. But when they're trapped in the decayed Luthor Castle with a murderous lunatic things like that don't really matter.

When Lois opened the door to Dean's room she found him sitting on his bed cleaning one of his guns, his other weapons sprawled all over the bed around him. He seemed so in his element surrounded by those things, so at peace…totally oblivious to the fact that she was peering at him. It made the brunette hesitate a bit because she wasn't used to that sort of reaction from men. Usually they noticed her immediately, and she wondered if it was because of Dean's different reactions to her that she was fascinated by him. Then again, he was really, really hot. But so was Adam. And honestly, between the two of them, Lois couldn't figure out which she thought was physically hotter. God (if he existed) had been either very cruel or very kind to have created two men so masculine yet beautiful.

Adam's comment about maybe Chloe having a crush on Dean echoed through her mind right now of all times, and the brunette leaned in the doorway with a frown as she thought about that. Was the guy just drawing at straws or was he seeing something that Lois wasn't? Because from what Lois could see, Chloe was trying to line her up with Dean, which wasn't something someone who liked the same person would do.

But then again Chloe was different.

But also Chloe's was so young.

Too young.

Shaking her head, refusing to fall into one of her many mental arguments with herself, Lois slipped into the room and locking the door behind her. "If you plan on being all Guns and Ammo like this you should probably lock your door." She warned as she came closer, just eyeing some of the weapons on display. "You don't really think you're going to need any of this, do you?"

"Not really." Dean admitted, pointing with his chin towards a walkman on the table next to him. "That thing hasn't lit up once since we've been here. Zero spirit activity."


Eyes widening, Lois dropped the bottle of whiskey she'd been hiding behind her back into his lap and went to the side table, picking up the device. "Is this an EMF detector?"

"First of all-ouch." Dean put down his gun and picked up the bottle. "Second of all…I made that myself."

"Really?" Lois' eyes widened in admiration, wondering how difficult it'd been and if she could pull off something like that on her own. Or have Chloe do it. Either way. "That's so neat."

His grin was proud as he eyed his device before placing some of the weapons he'd already cleaned into the duffle bag. "So how come you're leaving Nancy Drew all alone?"

"She's got a Hardy Boy with her." Lois continued to turn the EMF around as she examined it. "I figure, knowing her MO, tonight's mere recon. Nothing serious. She'll want to get a feel of the place and whatever she has planned. And if things get too hairy she'll let me know." The brunette finally put down the EMF and turned towards him. "Does this place creep you out like it does me or are you just used to old, freaky buildings?"

He seemed to consider that question as she threw herself down on the part of the bed that he'd cleaned off for her. "I think I'm never a hundred per cent at ease, but I'm not jumpy either. Like you said, I've been in one too many haunted places for every single one to give me the creeps. And I seriously doubt this one is haunted. There hasn't even been any flickering lights or the run of the mill ghostly whispers. No cold spots. Nothing."

"Wow, you've been checking all this out while you were cleaning, weren't you?" Lois couldn't help but feel impressed.

"I'm a professional." Dean sent her a smirk as he finished cleaning a knife.

Lois eyed him before reaching into the bag and pulling out another cleaning material, reaching for a gun.

"Do you know what you're doing?"

She rolled her eyes at him as she expertly began taking it apart. "When I was younger my father's idea of father-daughter bonding time was teaching me to fight, and how to handle and clean weapons. This is second nature to me. Quite calming, actually."

He eyed her curiously before his smirk turned into more of a smile. "I agree."

She smiled back at him before returning her gaze to the weapon in her hands. "I can't believe that they didn't check our bags when we got here. Considering Phelan's a retired detective you'd think searching through other people's belongings would be second nature to him."

"Like I'd let him close to my stuff." Dean snorted.

"You know how he walks with that limp?" Lois pulled a dark strand behind her ear. "Chloe says he was a part of something called the Goodnight Murders some years ago, and that he got injured there."

Dean froze, eyes widening. "Phelan was the detective that survived the Jacob Goodnight massacres?"

Lois looked at him in surprise. "You've heard about these murders?"

"Dad thought that there might be something supernatural about them. Jacob Goodnight left too many religious paraphernalia and the strength and brutality in his murders were just more than what was normal for a human being." Dean explained, hands working on his weapon almost subconsciously as he gazed at her. "This was one sick motherfucker. He was huge, and you should have seen the pictures of his corpse. Fugly. Pale as fuck, like he'd never had a bit of sunlight on him."

"Are we thinking vampire?"

Dean made a face. "So far I'm not even sure if vampires really exist anymore. There's evidence that they used to exist way back in the day, but they're considered extinct now. And anyway, vamps can only be killed by decapitation, so I'm voting no on the vampire question."

Lois just stared at him, fascination growing with every word that escaped his lips. "So what, hunters hunted them out?"

"That's the general idea…and if there's any still out there they're keeping a low profile." Dean shrugged, going back to the topic at hand. "But this Goodnight, the way the bodies were found, the way their bones were broken-that was some serious strength. I remember dad beginning to gather information to hunt him, sure he was some sort of supernatural creature, but then the news coverage of his death hit." Dean snorted. "Dad was disappointed he was just human."

Lois shook her head, never having been able to take to John Winchester, and the more she heard the less she liked him.

"Sammy made that exact same face." Dean shook his head, reassembling his gun. "Then again, Sammy made that face a lot when it came to dad."

Lois could feel tension coiling in Dean, could understand it. From the little she knew Dean's brother and father just hadn't gotten along, ever, and Dean had always been caught in the middle. Despite his bravado and carefree ways it was obvious that family meant a lot to Dean and that this split, this rupture, was affecting him greatly.

"How do you guys know Wade and his crew?" Dean suddenly veered from the topic drastically, not looking up from what he was doing. "From the way you interact with each other I realize this isn't the first time you've had to deal with them."

"This is Smallville, you basically know everyone." Lois shrugged, gaze going to the pieces she was cleaning as well. "Adam knew them from when he'd broken his foot while playing some years back. It was during that time that Wade and the bunch got hurt, so they did their physiotherapy at the same time. Chloe and I were having coffee with him one day in the Beanery when they arrived and decided to hang out. Needless to say I could understand why Adam doesn't hang around with them anymore."

"People seem to meet all sorts in physiotherapy." Dean snorted.

Lois looked up at that, intrigued. "That's funny, he said something similar but about road trips."

"I'm sure he did." Dean sneered.

Lois opened her mouth to ask him if this was a clash of Alpha Males, when suddenly flies buzzed loudly, seeming to appear out of nowhere. There were at least five of them, large ones, and quite fearless as they came towards the humans, flying all around them.

"The hell?" Dean whacked at the flies as they tried to land on him. "Where the hell did they come from?"

She didn't answer out of the fear of the disgusting things flying into her mouth should she open it. She grabbed Dean's pillow and used it in front of her like a swatter, trying to keep the flies from landing on her.

Then, all of a sudden, the flies flew away and were gone.

Lois slowly lowered the pillow, eyes wide, looking all around her. "What the hell was that?"

"Not normal." Dean stood and went to his EMF device, which remained unresponsive. "This didn't pick up any spirit activity."

"Is that a good thing?" Lois asked, not sure she water to know the answer.

"It could be nothing, I mean there's enough things in this place for there to be flies everywhere." Dean slapped the machine a couple of times, and yet nothing. "If there was even a hint of ghostly activity this would have picked up on it."

"There's probably dead rats all over this place." Lois was a little nervous, but told herself to stop with the need to overprotect her cousin. They'd just been flies. Nothing big. And Dean's EMF device hadn't picked up anything. It was nothing.

Dean moved around the room, EMF device held out in front of him, obviously not giving up. He paused in front of the mirror and frowned as he stared at his own reflection.

"What is it?" Lois asked from the bed, slowly standing.

"I don't know…there's just something about this mirror that bothers me." He muttered to himself, going towards the glass and resting his hand on it, his EMF device as good as dead. "I'm probably just reaching though."

Biting on her bottom lip, Lois gazed down and picked up the bottle she'd brought with her, giving it a little shake. "Want a drink?"

He looked up from the device, hesitated for a ver long moment, before slowly nodding as he put the device down. Sending one last look over his shoulder at his reflection, Dean shook his head and joined her side.


"This is such a bad idea." Pete mumbled for what seemed like the hundredth time as they took the stairs up towards the higher levels, a camera with night-vision in his hand, a flashlight in hers.

Earlier on the blonde had played around and tried to take his camera away from him to film him as well but he'd been surprisingly enough adamant that he didn't want to be on the video tape, turning his back the second she'd pointed the lens on him, announcing that if it was just his voice he'd have a chance to plead innocence (and that he wasn't there) should they get in trouble for any reason. She'd wanted to point out that he was the only African American on this trip so there really wouldn't be anyway he could cast doubt as to the identity of who'd helped her break the law, but the blonde decided to just back down from this one since he was helping her. So she'd passed him back the camera and let herself be the main star of his filming.

"All we need to do is find out the location of the secret room where all the best parties was held, take a couple of pictures to study, and then we can go back." Chloe promised, not looking up from the blueprints she was studying, shining the light on it. "No one is going to find us."

"What makes you think that the room wasn't destroyed in the fire?" Pete wanted to know, filming around them at the decay and destruction. "This place is seriously disgusting."

"The fire started in the Master Bedroom, which is the whole top floor." Chloe shone the flashlight up at their heads for emphasis. "According to news clippings and some old time black and white videos I managed to get my hands on, the secret party room was located on either the floor beneath it…or the next floor. And that would be at least another floor above us."

"I just want you to know that if we get violently killed before this is all over-that I blame you." Pete declared pointblank as they continued making their way up the stairway.

"Duly noted." Chloe nodded as they ascended, the beam of her flashlight showing them the way ahead.

"Shouldn't those blueprints show you exactly where the secret room is?" Pete called as he hurried behind her, nearly tripping in his hurry.

"Pete, if you wanted to build a secret room, would you really put it in the blueprints?" Chloe rolled her eyes as she took the steps two at a time, sending him an incredulous look over her shoulder before returning her attention in front of her.

"Uhm, yeah! How else can you build it?" Pete countered, steadily keeping a step behind her.

"Well, obviously they were in the first blueprints…but I'm thinking those were destroyed and replaced with this one." Chloe declared with surety before suddenly stopping and shining her light up ahead of her.

"What is it?" Pete frowned, reaching her side, following her gaze with the camera lens.

"There's a door up there. There isn't a door in these blueprints." Chloe gazed down at the blueprints with a frown. "I don't have keys."

Pete groaned, turning the focus from the large door to her face, zooming in. "Are you telling me that this was all for nothing?"

Hurrying up the last steps, Chloe tried the knob while shoving at the door with her shoulder, the door opening with a loud and menacing grunt. She whooped excitedly, thrusting a fist into the air before jumping around to face him, grinning brightly. "Come on! It's unlocked!"

"Lucky us." Pete mumbled as he followed after.


Jenna and Sean were going at it again.


Lois and Dean snickered to each other as they listened to Jenna assuring Sean he was a "god" for about the hundredth time. They both visibly doubted that Sean was any sort of patron deity of sex, and felt a little bad for Jenna. The girl was so horribly and obviously desperate to please Sean and stroked his ego too much.

The older duo were laying on Dean's now cleared bed, bottle of whisky between them, as they listened to the teenagers making some godawful sounds that the young adults feverishly hoped they themselves didn't make while in the throes of passion.

"First time."

Lois threw her head back and laughed, cheeks flushing. "Tommy Garrett in my bedroom. He was one of the soldiers the General was training."

"In your bedroom?" Dean appeared awfully impressed at this feat. "How'd you manage that without your father finding out?"

"That would imply he actually spent time in the house." Lois snickered, shaking her head as she grabbed the bottle and took a gulp of the liquid, hissing at the strong yet familiar taste as it slid down her throat. "You. Same question."

"I can't believe I'm playing this." Dean grumbled without any heat, seeming much more entertained than annoyed. "Mrs. Macy, my English teacher, on her desk during after-school detention."

"You're lying!" Lois burst out into scandalized laughter. "That's the plot of almost every school-oriented porno ever made!"

"I swear! All true!" Dean snickered, stealing the bottle form her and taking a very long gulp. "She had huge tits and kept wearing these low-cut shirts and bending over all the time! I honestly couldn't be blamed for giving in."

"I still don't believe that." Lois chuckled, darkly amused with the story, and reluctant to admit that she could actually see a teacher preying on a young Dean Winchester. He must have been a seriously attractive teenager. "How old?"

"A couple of weeks away from turning fourteen."

"Damn." The brunette shook her head. "I was sixteen."

Dean nodded, leaning hard against the bed's backrest, eyes narrowing slightly on the bottle between them. He seemed to have something on his mind that bothered him, all the fun and cheeky amusement they'd managed to build seeming to completely disappear as his hazel gaze met hers. "Chloe asked me this, you know, about losing my virginity. I didn't answer her because, well, she's a kid…but I thought it was a really weird question for her to be asking a guy."

Lois frowned as she hugged one of Dean's pillow, letting out a sigh as her gaze shifted to the faded pattern on the sheets. "I think she might have lost her virginity while she was gone for that week."

"She's a kid." Dean frowned, eyes flashing darkly.

"She was close to the age you were when you lost yours." But, yes, that did make Lois feel somewhat sad as well. "She hasn't said anything, but just look at her body. That's a woman's body…not a kid's. If she didn't lose her virginity I can't think of any other thing that'd make her body mature so much so quickly."

Dean was still, his voice low. "You think some sicko-?"

"No!" Lois shook her head, quite sure of this. "Ever since Hope-I think she might have gone looking to lose it."

"Look," Dean ran his long, lean fingers through his sandy blonde hair. "I know this is none of my business, it's not my family or anything, but your uncle needs to step up. That kid needs him."

"She has me." Lois felt a little defensive at the insinuation that Chloe was lacking something.

Dean gave a little grunt of annoyance. "That kid needs her father to put down the law and give her some sort of pecking order. Boundaries. Restrictions. Something."

"Uncle Gabe would be useless." Lois hadn't meant to sound so resentful as she spat that out. "I think I've told you before that he's not the type of person to put his foot down." She reached for the bottle. "And for the record, I put down the law. You think you can do better? Then stick around in Smallville and see just how easy it is to tell Chloe what she can or can't do."

Any good mood was completely gone replaced by prickly defensiveness.

Suddenly Jenna and Sean could be heard yelling at each other, obviously things having progressed in a very unhappy direction since the last "oh my god you're so great!" that Lois and Dean had been treated to.

A door slammed.

"YOU JERK!" Jenna screamed as she could be heard storming away.

Apparently Lois and Dean weren't the only ones who's good mood had evaporated into nothingness.


"I can't believe we actually found it." Pete whispered as they stepped into the dark and deserted hidden room, his night vision taking everything in.

"Doubting Thomas." Chloe grinned as she looked around her, feeling incredibly proud for having found the place despite Pete's little comments in the background which so weren't as quiet as he'd thought they were. "The place seems untouched by the fire, even the ceiling looks pretty intact."

Pete turned the camera towards a section in the back. "Look at all those doors. I wonder where they go?"

"Probably to the many secret passages in this place." Chloe grinned, excitement growing in her. "This is so awesome!"

"I wish we could find a light switch, I'd love to be able to see this place without the night vision on." Pete mumbled as he continued to film, turning in slow circles, trying to get in everything all around them. "Do you think the electricity still works here?"

"It should." She shone her light on the smooth, circular walls, finding nothing that even remotely resembled a light switch of any kind. "They had to have had some sort of switch but it seems they were being creative about it. No switches anywhere."

"Rich people." Pete grumbled, continuing to slowly circle, zooming in and out to get different sections and views.

Chloe chuckled in amusement. "Indeed."

"So tell me, Miss Sullivan," Pete turned the focus back on her, trying out a horrible British accent. "How does it feel to have found, against all odds, the hidden Luthor shindig room?"

"One, it's the ballroom." Chloe rose a finger, counting off her issues with what was going. "Two, the whole fake entrance through the extremely large grandfather clock was genius and that was why it was obvious. Three, please never try faking a British accent ever again…" her grin was utter mischievous. "And Four, it feels fricken amazing!"

Pete chuckled in amusement as he filmed her.

Posing for the camera, holding the flashlight up as the Statue of Liberty did her torch, Chloe batted at a lone fly which flew around her face.

Pete did the same as a couple more flew passed the lens of his camera, obscuring the view slightly. "I hate these things."

"I wonder where they've come from all of a sudden." Chloe turned to look behind her in the darkness before suddenly a cloud of flies descended on them furiously, swarming over them in vast quantities and fierce determination. The blonde covered her mouth to keep her scream quiet as she dropped to her knees and pulled her shirt up and cover her head, holding the opening closed tightly, keeping them from landing on her face.

Pete yelled and could be heard stumbling. "Get off! Get off! Get-fuck! I swallowed-!" The floor moved as he threw himself to the ground. "Go away!"

Chloe dropped the rest of the way to the ground and curled up into a fetal position, the flies seeming to be everywhere around her, so loud and overwhelming that she couldn't even hear Pete anymore. All she could hear was that incessant buzzing, all she could feel were the harsh caresses of the bugs, so rough, so heavy, at times they felt like a hand brushing against her. Panic rose in her throat but she bit back the need to scream, closing her eyes tightly, wishing the sound would go away.

Suddenly the noise diminished, the feelings, the brushes, softening.

They were leaving.

She remained that way until the buzzes melted into silence, and the brushes disappeared.

There was silence.

Deafening silence.

And yet for some reason she didn't trust to pull out of her defensive position.

A hand came down hard on her shoulder.

She let out a cry.

"It's just me! They're gone." Pete hurriedly pulled his hand off. "Are you okay?"

Chloe slowly unfurled from her position and sat up, letting go of her shirt and letting it fall to her shoulders once more, head free and breathing in air. Hey eyes weren't accustomed to the darkness and it took a while to realize that her flashlight was missing, and that Pete was seeing her through the night vision of her camera. "My flashlight must have broken when it fell. Can you see it?"

He scanned the room. "No, but it's no surprise, there's tons of junk in this place." He returned the focus on her. "What do you think the invasion of the flies was all about?"

"Maybe we accidentally disturbed them while they were on some dead rats or something?" Chloe accepted the hand he offered her, helping her stand as she brushed her clothes off and looked around her. "I don't know."

The sound of the camera zooming in on her face could be heard. "You always get me into the weirdest situations. I swallowed a fly you know."

That accusation made her lips twitch in amusement as she gazed into the lens. "Your life would be boring with me."

He scoffed. "My life's been more interesting than you even know."

That intrigued her, the blonde's smile growing, all her fear from before melting away as she grinned. "Right back atcha."

Pete chuckled.

"Is the camera alright?" She questioned. "Did it get bet broken or-?"

"No, everything seems fine. It's recording without a problem and the night vision is spot on." He declared. "I accidentally dropped it earlier on but it seemed to have filmed through the Attack of the Flies."

"We'll transfer what you recorded onto my laptop's hard drive tomorrow and I'll go over the footage." She gazed around her and hugged herself, rubbing her arms.

"Good, so on that note I vote we get out of here. Place creeps the crap out of me."

"I second that vote. This is enough for tonight." Chloe looped her arm around his. "Let's go back before someone get's brutally murdered."

Pete snickered, shaking his head as he lead her away, closing the door behind them.


"Damn asshole!" Jenna growled as she stormed away towards her room, unable to believe that Sean could call her by her sister's name while cumming! And then for him to say that it wasn't bad for him to fantasize as long as he didn't touch? Her sister! SISTER! Why would he even fantasize about her? Had that bitch shown Sean interest? She'd always wanted everything that Jenna had! But she couldn't have Sean! Not Sean! Never!

Fuming, unable to believe that she now had to deal with Laura of all people, Jenna turned the corner and cried out as she seemed to run smack into a group of huge flies.

She wanted to scream but the terror left her mute as she flung her hands out trying to whack the things away, and yet they were determined, not leaving her.

Disgust and dear filled her stomach while rising up her throat, and yet her mouth was clamped tightly.

One of the flies tried to fly up her nose.

Crying out in horror, Jenna breathed out hard and the thing shot out, bringing her hands to cover her nose.

She closed her eyes tightly, scared that the flies would try and brush up against them.

That was why she didn't see the looming figure behind her until a large hand clamped over her mouth and she was yanked into the starving darkness behind her.

30th-Jul-2012 12:16 am (UTC)
I'm so happy you updated yeah and I kinda offended like Lois, I mean I know he means well but unless his offering to help ....yeah gosh I miss Chloe and Pete banter theybrought a big smile to my face
30th-Jul-2012 01:12 am (UTC)
Yep, which was basically what Lois told him. Don't talk about anything unless you plan on doing something about it. The problem with Lois and Dean is the same thing that makes them close, they are too much alike. Had some "outsider" said the same thing to Dean while he was raising Sammy he would have reacted the same way...although if it'd been another guy Dean would have probably punched him. Those two have the ability to delude themselves that things are great even when things are very wrong with Chloe and Sam, just because they love them, they're family, and they want to believe things are fine...and that they have control of the situation.
30th-Jul-2012 01:28 am (UTC)
Sigh it really makes you sad considering the fact thar they're so young
30th-Jul-2012 05:02 am (UTC)
Yaay an update! I've been hanging out on LJ waiting for the next installment - thanks muchly. The plot thickens. This may sound nutty but I found it really unnatural to hear Lois not liking John Winchester - I've always loved your pairing of those two so much that I now find it very weird to think of her with any other Winchester, let alone not liking the guy!
30th-Jul-2012 08:09 pm (UTC)
I understand what you mean! It's odd for me not to write John/Lois! Especially to write that Lois doesn't like him!
30th-Jul-2012 02:33 pm (UTC)
I so love this installement (like other of yours), but PLEASEEEE don't put Lois and Dean together! They seems much more like sibling, they're too much alike, plus in canon Lois got Superman over Chloe, you can't do that to her in AU! And add the fact that Dean is hesitant about his role in Chloe's life (Brother, friend, more). I think when he described what Chloe needs in her life in order to flourish (someone to tell her what she can't do), he was really describing himself and not what her father should do! I wonder what those flies are? Can't wait to see what Chloe will discover on the movie, plus what will happen to Pete since he swallowed a fly!
23rd-Aug-2012 08:37 pm (UTC)
and the dumb girl dies first.... ;)
23rd-Aug-2012 08:57 pm (UTC)
Well...maybe not dumb...but highly insecure and with TONS of issues. lol
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