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The Miracle Child 1/3 
28th-Oct-2008 07:28 am
chlark----chasing chloe

 Title: The Miracle Child
Series: 2nd in Chlonnor series
Pairing: some chlark, working its way to future chlonnor
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville nor Angel.
Summary:Connor's born and things in the Hyperion are chaotic. Not only is Angel in love with being a daddy, and Holtz still out there, but Chloe suddenly meets up with a friend who thought she died years ago in Smallville.


When Darla had been resurrected by Wolfram and Hart to try and tempt Angel back to the dark side, Chloe’d been intrigued and a bit disturbed. It wasn’t that she was jealous, no, that wasn’t it at all. Enough time had passed for her to get over the feelings she’d had for her sire and move on with her life, even dating a few demons and humans on the side. What disturbed her was the thought that a law firm had so much power, and that Darla, even in human form, still had so much power over Angel.

She’d never met her sire’s sire, and when Darla had come back as a human Angel had kept Chloe as far away from her as possible. Then Darla’d been killed and sired by her once grandchilde Dru, and Angel had sent Chloe to Sunnydale to help Willow with a certain problem they were having, being completely obvious with his desire to keep Chloe from running into his sire.

But when Darla appeared in the Hyperion, big and pregnant for Angel, well, Chloe had finally gotten her introduction. She’d been drawn to the vampiress, finding her fascinating. The only vampiress Chloe had ever known had been Dru, but the dark-haired woman had been insane and not exactly the right one to explain the ways of a female vampire to Chloe.

Darla, on the other hand, was very sane---if not irritated thanks to her pregnancy. She stayed in Angel’s room---the male vampire spending time in another---and since no one trusted Darla unsupervised, Chloe had volunteered for the job. Angel hadn’t been happy about it, but Chloe would be the safest with Darla, and Angel really needed to go out and try find out what was going on and if Wolfram and Hart had anything to do with it, so he’d consented.

From the moment Angel had closed the door Darla had turned her tired gaze on Chloe and looked her over clinically.

“I’ve heard about you.” Darla whispered, voice strained as she laid in bed, one hand resting over her impossibly large stomach. “While I was still at Wolfram and Hart, Lindsay and the others spoke a lot about you. They want to take you apart and see what’s inside, understand how you can be alive and yet not.”

Chloe refrained from gulping. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Like it or not, you are my grandchilde and thus my responsibility to take care of.” Darla replied truthfully. “I might hate your soul, and to be truthful I find it just as repulsive as Angel’s, but you have other redeeming qualities that let me overlook that birth defect.”

The young Omega of the Family of Aurealias didn’t know how to respond to that, so she remained silent, observing Darla intently.

Also, for some reason this thing inside of me seems to like you.” Darla sneered in disgust. “It hasn’t moved or caused me any discomfort since you walked into the room, and I’m grateful for any respite from this thing.”

Chloe wanted to snap at Darla at how it was a baby within her, not a thing, but she kept silent on the matter. Instead she sat there in silence, not muttering a word until she realized that the expression Darla kept trying to hide was pain. “Are you okay?”

No.” Darla closed her eyes, voice sounding suspiciously choked. “I need blood, real blood, not that disgusting filth Angel wants me to drink.” She closed her eyes tighter, a muscle in her cheek throbbing viciously. “Ever since this thing has grown in me I’ve been hungry—I never stop being hungry.” Now a slight note of hysteria entered her tone. “No matter how much I feed I’m never full and it hurts.”

She didn’t even realize that she’d gotten up from her seat and sat down on the bed next to Darla until the vampiress turned to look at her, half surprised and half wary. Chloe looked upon the mother of Angel’s child, his true child, and she bit her bottom lip.

Everyone was so afraid that the baby was the person of whom the prophecy Wesley had discovered spoke of. A person of great evil, and yet Chloe knew that it couldn’t be. No child of Angel’s could ever be evil, and she somehow felt a pull towards it despite it’s mother.

Making up her mind, Chloe took in a deep breath, acting once more on her loyalty for Angel. She reached out her arm and pressed the throbbing of the pulse of her inner wrist before Darla’s mouth.

“Have some of my blood,” Chloe ordered. “But if you try to take too much I’ll stake you myself.”

Darla’s eyes widened as she looked at Chloe as if in a new way. “Why are you doing this? You have no reason to trust me or help me.” Her eyes went to the door and then to Chloe once more, their depth displaying desperation. “I know Angel didn’t ask you to do this, you are his Favored. I made the mistake of threatening you when I was newly risen and he burnt me alive for it—I barely made it out with my unlife.”

Chloe paused, confused and not knowing what Darla was talking about. Angel had never told her about this. “Darla, that baby in you is Angel’s, and if you’re hungry it’s because you’re sustaining a life in you. It means to be able to have a healthy child you need blood, and since Angel won’t give you human blood and I will not have you giving into bloodlust and hurting my friends or other innocents I’m offering you some of mine.”

Darla looked at her as if having seen her for the first time before awkwardly grabbing Chloe’s wrist and her face shifted as she buried her fangs into Chloe’s skin, taking in an experimental sip of the blood. A surprised and contented expression crossed golden eyes as Darla scared the heck out of Chloe by purring as she continued to drink leisurely.

The blonde vampiress stopped long before Chloe would have guessed, leaning back against the pillow and licking the train of blood on her lips, looking surprised. “I’m not hungry.”

Chloe smiled softly. “That’s a good sign. Might mean you’re outgrowing that phase of the pregnancy.”

“No.” Darla shook her head. “It’s your blood. I know it. I---I’ve never tasted anything like it before.”

Chloe tilted her head slightly, remembering how Angelus had once told her something similar. What was it about her blood that was so special? Did it have anything to do with that odd rush of power she’d felt when she’d been sired? Could it be the explanation for the white light that Angel told her had erupted from her body and burnt his when he was killing her?

“I’m not hungry.” Darla whispered to herself once more, closing her eyes and falling into a restful sleep.

Chloe got a book and returned to her seat, and when Angel returned to check up on them she didn’t tell him about feeding Darla.

For the next couple of days the same thing happened over and over again, Angel grew confident with leaving Chloe with Darla as he tried to figure out what was going on, if his son was that bringer of darkness from the prophecy, and who was behind everything. Wesley, Cordelia, Gunn and Fred poured themselves over the prophesies or the work they got at Angel Investigations. And Chloe spent her time with Darla, keeping an eye over her, feeding her once a day in secret, and surprisingly enough they developed an understanding of sorts.

With each feeding Darla seemed to feel better, and she opened up a little more to Chloe, whom she obviously saw as a rival for Angel despite the fact that Angel and Chloe knew that they’d never be what they’d once been ever again.

Darla’d trusted Chloe to help her escape when they’d both sensed someone intruding in the Hyperion while the others were out on a lead, and had barely gotten out and away before the Hyperion was taken over by operatives from Wolfram & Hart.

She’d taken Darla to the only safe place she could think of, she’d taken her to Caritas, and while Lorne hadn’t exactly welcomed them with open arms he’d let Chloe take the pregnant vampiress to his bedroom and had called Angel and the others to let them know about what’d happened.

Angel had returned to the Mansion with Gunn and Wesley to fight the operatives and to get the scrolls in which the prophesies were written, Cordelia and Fred had gone to Caritas to help Chloe any way they could, and had ended up trying to help Lorne finish installing the anti-violence security system in the karaoke nightclub.

Angel, Gunn and Wesley were really late in returning, causing everyone to worry about them.

And then, to top everything off, Darla went into labor. From right off the bat Darla could sense that there was something wrong, she was bleeding, and while Chloe tried to feed her more of the blood to try and help her nothing was working.

Angel and the others returned broken and beaten, replying how not only hadn’t they been able to get the scrolls, but that there was a new player. Holtz---a vampire hunter who by all rights should be dead considering that he had hunted Darla and Angelus over a hundred years ago.

“Something’s not right, Angel.” Darla whimpered as Angel knelt by her side, holding her hand as the smell of her blood filled the air. “I can feel that there’s something wrong with our baby. He’s dying.”

“No, don’t say that.” Angel shook his head, voice thick with denial and pain. “Everything’s going to be alright. Wesley’s looking into everything and he’s going to find a way to save our baby. He has to.”

“Do you want more blood?” Chloe offered from Darla’s other side, and it only attested to Angel’s mental state that he didn’t pick up on that, or if he did, that he didn’t comment on it.

“No,” Darla shook her head, closing her eyes tightly. “I’m in so much pain I can’t even conjure a bit of hunger.” She cried out and tightened her grip on Angel’s hand. “It hurts. It hurts. Make it stop!”

“But you like pain.” Angel sounded so desperate.

“Not this kind of pain!” Darla began to cry. “Something’s wrong! Angel! You have to save our baby!”

“I will.” Angel swore to her, kissing her hand in a rare show of tenderness for the mother of his child.

“We’ve done so many horrible things together, Angel.” Darla whimpered as she turned to look at him, eyes wide and filled with tears. “We’ve killed and tortured and done things worse than death---and we’ve enjoyed it.”

Angel winced at the mention of his past but he remained silent, letting Darla say what she needed to say.

“But this---he…” Darla placed her free hand over her stomach. “He’s the only good thing that we have ever done together. Ever.”

“I know.” Angel whispered through the thickness of his voice.

“Don’t let that be in vain, Angel!” Darla cried out in pain, her body arching with the intensity of it. “Promise me it Angel!”

Angel closed his eyes tightly. “I promise, Darla, that I’ll save our son.”

Chloe’d left the bedroom so that Angel and a now hysteric Darla could have some time together and she’d gone to Wesley. If there was anyone who knew what could be done to help Darla it would be him, but when the glass-wearing British former-watcher whispered that Darla’s vampiric body was not a life-giving vessel and that since there were certain powers that were keeping anything from hurting the baby a c-section was impossible.

In other words---the baby would die.

“Maybe that’s a good thing.” Gunn announced, ignoring the looks that gave him. “Especially since we found out that it has a cult of vampires worshipping it who say they have prophesies about it, whose to say that it isn’t this ‘scourge of mankind’ in our prophesies? That it isn’t the new evil that’ll destroy the world?”

“Because it’s human!” Chloe snapped at him, wincing when she saw everyone turn to her in surprise at that. “She---she went to all the shamans and magic workers and before coming to us she went to a normal doctor and found out that the baby is human.”

“My god.” Cordelia whispered, bringing her hand to her mouth.

Fred’s eyes widened. “It’s human?”

“Why didn’t you tell us this sooner?” Wesley narrowed his eyes at her.

“I only found out this evening.” Chloe admitted softly, collapsing on a stool and sending a grateful smile to Lorne when he passed her one of his famous Sea Breezes. “When we realized she was going into labor she began to panic, saying something was wrong, that her baby was in danger, that it wasn’t only human and was weak.”

“She sounds like she was worried about it.” Gunn announced in surprise. “But all this time she’s always acted like she hates it.”

“She’s a vampire, Gunn.” Chloe didn’t look up from her drink. “She’s not supposed to care. But now she’s a mother, and a mother’s priority is their child’s wellbeing---so she’d torn. She has the right to be so.”

“God,” Cordelia made a face. “Just when you think it’s okay to hate her.”

Wesley sat next to Chloe. “This complicates things. I doubt that this child, if he is truly human, is the scourge of the earth.”

“Maybe it’s Holtz.” Fred declared in her whispery voice from where she stood next to Gunn. “He must have made some deal with some demon if he’s still alive after all this time. And now that Darla’s pregnant he returns to try and kill them?”

“The girl’s got a point.” Gunn backed up the thin and pretty girl.

They’d all been so deep in their thoughts that they hadn’t given much attention to the short man in the trench coat who’d come into Caritas moments later. It was only thanks to the fact that he was humming when he left that Lorne was able to read him and warn them in time for them to flee before a flaming barrel was thrown in from outside and exploded, causing Caritas to go up in flames.

Apparently that anti-violence security system didn’t work when something threw things inside.

Hopefully that security system was refundable or Lorne would have just been swindled out of his money---not that most were thinking about that as they fled to Lorne’s room to warn Angel of the situation.

With Angel’s help they managed to break through the wall behind Lorne’s bed and escaped into the alley, in the middle of the rain, broken wood everywhere on the ground as Darla was laid down, crying in pain.

“Get the car!” Angel ordered the others who ran to do as told.

Chloe waited with him, keeping an eye around them for any Grappler demons or for Holtz, knowing that if they didn’t get out there soon they’d get caught and be surrounded.

Darla was whispering something to Angel, looking weak, so Chloe turned her back on them and kept her eyes on the darkness around, trying to give the two vampires the privacy and security they needed.

She only heard Angel’s “Darla!” before the sound of a baby crying filled the air.

The blonde turned around on her heel rapidly and saw that where Darla had been lying only seconds ago, now a baby boy cried on the ground, being soaked by the rain.

“She---,” Angel whispered, in shock. “She repented for her past acts and killed herself to save him.”

Realizing that Angel was in shock, Chloe swooped up the baby from the ground and pulled her wet jacket around him, trying to shield him from the pouring rain. “Angel, we have to---.”

And that was when she saw the short man step out from the hole in which they’d just emerged, holding a crossbow aimed at Angel, who was still kneeling on the floor, looking at the place where Darla had sacrificed her life for that of their son’s.

The child wept bitterly in Chloe’s arms from the shock of entering this world before she felt him turn in her arms, nose pressing against the skin of her chest. He whimpered slightly before stopping his cries and clutching his hands to her blouse, as if the smell of her skin had comforted him.

Angel!” Chloe tried to get Angel to react, and when he finally did it was to late. Not only was Holtz there pointing a weapon at them, but they were surrounded by the huge Grappler demons as well.

“Who are you?” Holtz asked Chloe, eyeing her oddly. “You are not a vampire but you are not human nor demon either. What are you?”

“That’s the question of the year.” She somehow found it in her to snark at the guy holding a crossbow in her direction.

Angel finally stood, taking a protective stance in front of Chloe and his child.

The vampire and the vampire hunter stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity, before Holtz surprised them by lowering his crossbow and ordering the Grappler demons to let them pass.

Chloe didn’t know what merciful power had touched Holtz into letting them leave, but she didn’t think it’d last long so she hurried with the baby and Angel to the car and they’d gone home---or to the disaster that was home after the fight Wes, Gunn and Angel had had with not only the people from Wolfram and Hart---but with Holtz and his demons as well.

Lorne settled into one of the furnished rooms for the night, mumbling about redecorating it soon. Since he’d lost his own place because of them Angel had offered Lorne the chance to live at the Hyperion, and the Pylean demon had accepted the offer.

And for reasons of their own, Cordelia, Gunn and Wesley slept in the Hyperion that night as well, Cordelia bunking with Fred in her room while the boys shared the only other livable room.

“I can’t believe it.” Angel whispered as he sat on Chloe’s bed later that night, holding his sleeping son in his arms in reverence. “I’m a father.”

From where she was curled under the sheets, Chloe smiled at her sire. “Yes you are, Angel. We’ll forever be grateful to Darla for the gift she gave us all.”

Angel smiled tenderly at his son, looking so in love with the baby it was heartbreaking. “I love you, son. I—I can’t wait till you grow up so I can teach you everything I know.”

“Except for the brooding.” She teased.

Angel sent her a mock-glare.

Chloe gave him a cheeky grin before hugging her pillow to her body, eyes returning to the child. “He’s so silent for a baby. I thought they made noise.”

The vampire grinned at her. “You should have heard him before I brought him here. He’s got some strong lungs and he’s not afraid to use them!” And damn if he didn’t sound so proud!

“Glad to know he knows to behave while around me.” Chloe whispered, yawning and closing her eyes, preparing to sleep. “Cordelia said that she’ll go out first thing tomorrow and buy formula for him. She and Fred are all crazy over the thought of having a baby around to mother incessantly.”

“You’re not?”

She peeked open an eye. “Don’t get me wrong, Angel, I love your son. He’s a part of you and that makes him one of the most important people in my life---but I’m just not the mothering type. Doesn’t mean I love him less.” The blonde closed her eyes again, settling in for the night. “And anyway, between you and Cordy and Fred? The kid’ll be suffocated.”

Angel laughed softly at that. “Yeah, he probably will. Won’t you my little man?”

Chloe chuckled. “Angel? Go to bed. I’m trying to sleep here.”

“See how she’s kicking us out?” Angel asked his son, tsking as he got up from the bed and headed towards the door, opening it before flipping off the room light. “She’s a mean woman, isn’t she? A meanie.”

“She’s a sleepy woman, there’s a difference.” Chloe murmured sleepily. “And Angel?”

“Hmm?” He asked outside of her room, about to close the door.

“What’re you going to name the kid?”

There was a pause before he finally answered. “Connor.”

“That’s a nice name.” She whispered before drifting off to sleep, a smile touching her lips.



1st-Jan-2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
That was awesome if a bit sad. Of course Chloe's blood was just what Connor needed.
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