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See No Evil 8a/17 
2nd-Aug-2012 04:47 pm
See No Evil

Title: See No Evil
Sequel to: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchesters, Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, Adam Knight, Wade Mahaney, Jacob Goodnight, and more
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural/See No Evil
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Hope. Lois just wanted to keep an eye on her supposedly healing little cousin. Dean just wanted to check up on the two girls he hasn't been able to put out of his mind. No one really knows what Chloe's really after. But when they're trapped in the decayed Luthor Castle with a murderous lunatic things like that don't really matter
Due to Chapter 8 being too long to post, it will be split in two sections.

Her body shook in dry heaves, her stomach empty and nothing but froth making it passed her lips. The grip on the bars was so tight her knuckles were nearly transparent, the air a nauseating mixture of putridness and strong metallic. A part of her felt guilty for her relief that Jenna's lifeless body had been dragged out of the room by her foot, trailing blood all over the floor, and that Chloe didn't have to gaze at those eyeless sockets anymore. The guilt was worsened by the relief humming through her body at the fact that it hadn't been her.

The only thing that kept her sane were the millions of questions racing through her head. Like, how could Jacob Goodnight be alive? He'd been killed by Phelan, had been shot in his head. There'd been a private funeral but she was sure that the morgue would have commented if his body had suddenly disappeared or something. Of course there was always the whole "ghost" theory but this guy wasn't a ghost. No. He was horrifyingly real. Somehow he was still alive and here in Smallville.

Another part of her wondered why in the world would he leave Metropolis and hole up in the dark recesses of Luthor Castle of all places.

And that's when she remembered the unsolved murder of the butler, who's eyes hadn't been in his skull when they'd found his body.

What if Jacob Goodnight had some sort of past connection with Luthor Castle?

What if that butler had been his first kill?

Why wait to show himself now of all times? Why now? Was it just because Phelan was here? Had that triggered his psychosis?

Or was it something else entirely, with Phelan's presence a mere coincidence?

Did Lionel Luthor know more than he was letting on?

Was this all a trap of some sort?

And if so…for who?

The girl was close to hyperventilating, wishing more than anything that she wasn't trapped in this cage, close to tears yet refusing to let them fall.

Taking in a deep breath, trying to calm herself, Chloe closed her eyes as she breathed. She needed to find a way out of this cage, and she needed to warn Lois and the others before someone else got hurt.


Maybe it was because from the first second something about these girls made Dean care-maybe it was that they seemed to find themselves in the most confusing and inexplicable situations and dangers-but Dean had never felt more over his head and incompetent than whenever he was with Lois and Chloe. He'd thought that this time he would be ready for everything, had even been preparing for shit to go down before Lois had arrived with curves, rum and attitude, and yet when Dean hurried into his bedroom he found his weapons and the duffel bag he kept them in completely gone. There was no a trace of them, the only thing having been left was his EMF reader. The only reason Dean had his rocksalt gun and some ammo was because he'd grabbed them before running out when he'd heard Chloe's scream.

First whoever this was took Chloe, then killed Phelan right under Dean's nose, and now had taken the hunter's tools as well.

Dean was taking this all as a personal affront.

Whoever was doing this, whether it was Jacob Goodnight's ghost or Wade and his minions, this was an obvious taunt.

A challenge.

"We need to get the hell out of here." Beels announced, way too shaky and nervous to be in on whatever was going on.

"We can't just leave Chloe here." Pete argued, gaining respect in Dean's books for his unflinching loyalty to the blonde. It was a man like this one that Dean knew he could trust and rely on…which was good considering that other than Lois none of the people in the corridor seemed useful in this sort of situation.

"Look, they're dead and gone man." Sean was way too willing to dismiss his girlfriend as dead, which meant he was either in on this, or was too much of a coward to really care either way.

"Chloe is not dead." Pete glared at the other boy for that.

"Look, even if she managed to get away from whoever is doing this shit-she'd get lost in an instance." Beels was nearly shaking, seeming very close to shitting himself.

"You underestimate my cousin's ability to survive whatever situation she's in." Lois was remarkably calm, although Dean could sense the nervousness in the way her eyes kept darting around.

"What exactly are we thinking this is?" Margaret tightened her shawl around her bony shoulders, tendrils of white hair falling in loose curls in her face. "A ghost? Or those nice young men? Or something else? I'm quite frazzled and confused."

"Lady, who gives a flying fuck what is causing this? People have died!" Beels threw his hands in the air. "We need to get the fuck out of here and call the cops down on this joint. Let them deal with whatever's going on!"

Dean's gaze found Lois', not even needing to speak to her to know what was going through her mind. "Margaret, take the others out to safety and go find help. Lois and I will stay behind and search for the missing."

"I'm staying too." Pete surged forwards.

"No." Lois shook her head. "I won't put you in danger like this."

"Look, I'm not asking, I'm telling you." Pete narrowed his eyes, determination in his every feature.

"Kid, it's admirable that you want to help-." Dean began.

"Don't patronize me." Pete snapped with surprising viciousness, interrupting. "I'm coming and that's final. Anyway, you bothneed me." He folded his hands over his chest. "I have the almost accurate blueprints of this place."

"What?" Margaret gasped. "How could you possibly-Mr. Luthor-!"

"-has nothing on Chloe's hacking and other talents." Pete finished, a hint of pride in his dark eyes. "She wanted to write a story about the hidden ballroom. It's the only reason she came here."

"No one's ever found-." Margaret began.

"She did. We did." Pete raised his chin.

They didn't have the time to be debating all of this.

Dean placed his hand on Pete's shoulder. "We need to see the blueprints." He turned to the others. "Go and get the sheriff."

Beels was already racing away, Sean on his tail.

"Good luck." Trevor whispered before hurrying after his friend.

Margaret eyed those remaining in worry before nodding and turning to follow after the men.

Lois turned to Pete. "Show us those blueprints."


No guts, no glory.

Chloe'd cut her arms up pretty bad while reaching for the discarded wired that'd been just out of her reach, but a deep cut later she had the hanger in her hands and was furiously straightening out the metal before feeling for the padlock and inserting it. Her eyes were on the main entrance and exit to the room, the one she'd seen Goodnight leave in, the flies disappearing with him. It was like they followed him everywhere. That was good. It was something that she could use in the future to make sure that he didn't catch her when she escaped…if she escaped. So far the padlock was being a bitch and her arms were killing her.

The cage was cold to her bare legs, causing the girl to shiver, hating the way her nipples hardened in the cold in this thin-ass camisole. This was not the way she wanted some psychopath to find her, especially since her track records with psychos weren't good at all. With the exception of her mother, they all wanted to rape her. It seemed as if her virginity was some sort of a curse, and should she make it out of this one alive she was going to lose it immediately-even if it was to Wade.


Chloe's eyes widened.

Wade and the guys were supposed to be close by searching for the vault!

Should she risk screaming for help?

Then again…Jenna had and Chloe didn't want to run the risk of that happening to her.

Clearing her throat, the blonde sighed and continued working on the padlock.


"Why was Chloe interested in this ballroom?" Lois asked, going through the video footage in the camera that Pete had filmed earlier, while Dean and Pete went over the blueprints.

"Said something about a story." Pete shrugged. "I've learnt to just follow orders, take pictures, and let Chloe handle the rest. I'll have a massive headache otherwise."

The brunette nodded her agreement to that statement, deciding that the ballroom had to be where the butler had been found dead.

"These blueprints mightn't be a hundred per cent accurate, but they're our best lead." Dean announced, going through the flashlights in Pete's bag.

Lois was about to turn off the camera when she came across footage of Chloe and Pete being besieged by a swarm of flies similar to, but much larger than, the ones that'd attacked Dean and herself in his room. The brunette watched as the two teenagers swatted the air with their hands before Chloe pulled her shirt over her face as a sort of shield and went to the ground. Soon after Pete dropped the camera and followed it to the ground as well, the lens having incredibly enough fallen in an angle which left it still filming the two teenagers. Pete was trying to follow Chloe's example, pulling his shirt over his face.

But Chloe…


Lois's breathing accelerated as behind the blonde two pairs of long, muscular legs clad in dirty and worn pants came closer and closer.

There was someone there with the teenagers.

The man seemed to ignore Pete, standing with his legs on either side of Chloe's curled up body before he bent down right over her and finally came into view of the camera lens.

The brunette brought a hand to her mouth in a gasp, drawing Pete and Dean's attention on her as the males shared looks before coming to stare over her shoulder on either side of her.

This man in the camera footage was a mountain of a man, deadly pale as if he'd never seen the light of day, and his eyes seemed just pure white. He pressed his hands down Chloe's body roughly, and the girl jerked, but seemed to not realize it was a human. His touch went exactly to where her scar would be, almost as if he already knew it was there.

A vicious growl caused Lois to shiver…and it was only when it grew darker that she realized that it wasn't coming from the footage by from Dean.

The young hunter was growling as he glared. "I'm going to kill him."

"Take a number." Pete frowned darkly. "But I don't understand how we didn't realize he was there."

"The both of you had your eyes covered." Lois whispered, her voice choked.

"And if he's a spirit, sometimes they can't be seen by the naked eye, but can be captured on film." Dean's voice was still low with a hint of gravel.

"Spirit?" Pete's voice wavered before he frowned.

"That's Jacob Goodnight." Dean replied, watching as the man finally withdrew from Chloe, the swarm of flies diminishing as the distance between them grew. "I'd recognize that fucked up face anywhere. And those eyes, they're so blue they look just pure white."

"But if he's the one who's doing all this-why didn't he just kill us then and there?" Pete asked a good question, taking the situation a lot better than Lois thought he would.

"Maybe he's only taking people when they're alone." Lois mumbled. "You and Chloe were together, and Dean and I were together when the flies were around…but Jenna and Chloe were most probably alone when they got taken. We know he got to Phelan the second he split from the group."

"But if he's fast and strong enough to do what he did to Phelan so quickly…why would he care if there's more than one person?" Pete kept asking great questions. "He could most probably have taken both Chloe and I out with extreme ease."

"Was there any connection between the Luthors and Jacob Goodnight?" Dean asked, beginning to pace the room, slapping at a fly which flew into his face. "Were any of his belongings or anything at all related to him shipped here maybe?"

"I don't know." Pete frowned. "I think Chloe brought her laptop with her, but there mightn't be any internet connection here, and even if there was I'm not really the hacker she is. I don't even know where to begin looking for that kind of information."

"I'm not much into computers either." Lois admitted, having also relied on Chloe for anything she might need technologically speaking.

"Dammit." Dean growled, his bad mood seeming to darken. "Sammy's usually my technological geek." He stopped pacing and took in a deep breath, obviously calming himself. "We need to make a visit to the kitchen for a container of salt, and then we should probably check out this ballroom. There were other doors in the footage that have to lead to the many different hidden passage ways in this house. It's a start."

"Salt?" Pete frowned in confusion, asking the question Lois had been about to. "Why would we need that?"

"If this is a spirit, it might be our only protection." Dean replied, heading towards the door, reaching into the back of his pants and pulling out a gun. "The only salt rock ammo I have is in here. I'll make every shot count, but if Lois and Chloe stick to their pattern, then this is not going to work for some reason."

"Don't blame us." Lois snapped, more annoyed by that comment then she should have been.

"I'm not." Dean sighed, running his hand over his hair.

"Look, I don't know what issues you two obviously have," Pete looked between them. "But whatever Jacob Goodnight is, he's out there and has Chloe." His eyes narrowed. "We need more action and less talk."

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