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See No Evil 8b/17 
2nd-Aug-2012 04:49 pm
See No Evil

Title: See No Evil
Sequel to: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchesters, Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, Adam Knight, Wade Mahaney, Jacob Goodnight, and more
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural/See No Evil
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Hope. Lois just wanted to keep an eye on her supposedly healing little cousin. Dean just wanted to check up on the two girls he hasn't been able to put out of his mind. No one really knows what Chloe's really after. But when they're trapped in the decayed Luthor Castle with a murderous lunatic things like that don't really matter
Due to Chapter 8 being too long to post, it will be split in two sections.

The click was the most beautiful sound she'd ever heard.

Fighting tears of relief, Chloe fumbled the padlock free and pushed the door to her cage open, slipping out with trepidation. She was cold and shoeless, cut up and in great danger of peeing herself from fear. Her gaze spanned the huge room filled with this and that, seeming very much like a hoarder's house. There were mountains of different things, and yet nothing seemed like anything she could use as a weapon. Nothing against Goodnight at least.

Shaking, Chloe looked at one door at one side of the room and then turned to look at the other on the other end, not sure which way to go. Goodnight had gone out the left one and hadn't come back so obviously there was a way out there, but did she really want to go the direction he'd gone in? The other option seemed much better, but what if it just led her to a dead end and made her have lost value time and ground?

On an impulse she took the right, racing as fast as she could before trying the handle and opening it with a shove of her shoulder against the thick oak wood, keeping up the momentum and propelling herself into the dark corridor once it swung open. There were a myriad of hallways and corridors all around her, nevermore had she wished she had those blueprints with her, but she didn't waste time bemoaning her luck. Instead she pushed on, running as fast as she could with bare feet in a darkly lit hallway with multiple objects littering the floor.

Finding a window the blonde tried opening it but it was stuck shut from years of disuse.

Below movement in the darkness caught her attention.

Pulling up the hem of her camisole, Chloe used it to wipe the grime fogging up the glass, eyes widening in relief when she saw Mr. Beels below stumbling towards the house. "Mr. Beels!" She screamed, pounding the window, trying to catch his attention. "Mr. Beels! Up here!"

He didn't hear her.

One step, two step, and then Mr. Beels collapsed face-first onto the ground, a knife protruding out of the back of his head.

Chloe brought her hands to her mouth to silence her scream of horror as she began to take slow steps backwards and away from the window.


"Which one do we take?" Lois wanted to know as she shone her flashlight on the many different doors the secret ball room had to offer. She hated this place, it gave her the chills. Oh, she could see that this could have been a snazzy get together for the rich and snooty, but right now it was a ghost town of memories and decay that she didn't care for. She'd seen those blueprints, and they'd hinted to the fact that there were mazes of hidden passageway and tunnels in this godforsaken house. And that was that they couldn't truly trust the blueprints either. They were screwed. Good and simple. It pissed her off, and she had to admit deep down inside that that was good because if she wasn't pissed she'd be panicking and worrying and she couldn't be of any use to anyone if she partook in any of those emotions.

"If I were an evil spirit, where would I go?" Pete was taking to the whole supernatural thing surprisingly well, then again, he was used to the meteor freakiness of Smallville, and the supernatural was only a small step away from that, wasn't it?

"If I was my father I'd say that the best way to do this would be to split up." Dean seemed to be talking mostly to himself. "But then again my father would only have come here for a job, would have had backup, and wouldn't have lost so many civilians already."

"John Winchester isn't god." Lois actually didn't like the man all too much, but she figured this wasn't the time to admit that. "You're here…and I wouldn't trust anyone else with Chloe's safety other than you."

That seemed to shock him out of whatever dark place he'd been in his mind, and Dean turned to look at her in silence, millions of confusing things racing over his face before he cleared his throat and looked away. "That one." He shone his flashlight on one of the doors. "We go through that one."

"Why that one?" Pete wanted to know, holding the table leg Dean had broken off for him as a weapon.

"Because given Goodnight's trajectory in the video, that door is the one he most likely came from." Dean shocked Lois and impressed her beyond words by this reasoning. "So it's our best bet."

"I hope the others get help for us soon." Pete whispered as he tightened his hold on the makeshift weapon.

Honestly, a part of Lois hoped that the army would bust through those doors but she knew that that would probably not happen and even if it did it wouldn't happen any time soon, so she kept quiet and tightened her grip on the other table leg Dean had broken and passed onto her. She still had her knife in her boots as in Hope, but she preferred the table leg for now because it would keep whoever at a distance-unless it really was a ghost and then she was screwed. Then again, Hathaway had been a ghost (right?) and he'd gotten his nose broken…or his host had…if this was a ghost was he in his old body using it as a host? Could a ghost do that?

There were just too many questions and not enough answers!

After Hope Chloe and her had tried to become more knowledgeable in the occult, but there was nothing they could find that didn't sound like utter baloney. The internet was a no brainer, there were just too much stupidity posted there, and then in the many different books they'd ordered there'd been too many contradictions that they couldn't figure out which was right and which author had been writing down whatever came to mind.

Dean tried the handle and it turned with a loud creak, the door swinging open with loud complaint. "So much for a silent entry."


She was running again, stumbling a couple of times in the dim light, yet never staying down for long. Adrenaline and fear mixed in her veins, reminding her far too much of the time in those cornfields in Hope. Each unlocked room was searched, both for a weapon or another way out, each window fought with despite their refusal to open. The bottom of her feet were hurting her, her body was covered in goosebumps both from cold and fear, and that desire to pee kept growing more and more. She didn't want to use one of the dirty bathrooms up here (if she could find one), and she didn't enjoy the thought of peeing in one of the rooms, but the thought of peeing herself wasn't very appealing either.

Also, if for some reason her lucked was damnable enough for her to come up against Goodnight again, she didn't want to do so with a full bladder.

Finally, the call of nature was too much for her to take and she pushed into the first unlocked room she could find, leaving the door ajar so that some light could filter in. There was a light switch, and from the light in the cage room she knew that upstairs had electricity, but she didn't want to give away her presence so she just scooted closer into the darkness and lowered her underwear, keeping a good hold of it so that it wouldn't touch the disgusting ground as she added to the filth. A part of her was horrified at stooping to these levels, feeling a little less human, but another part of her couldn't really care less for how unacceptable it was to just pee on the floor of what was probably another bedroom.

When she was finished she rose slightly, shook her hips, and then raised her underwear back in place.

"Where the hell am I now?"

Eyes wide as she recognized that voice, Chloe hurried to the door and gazed out in time to see Scott Bowman pass her, scratching his spiky hair. "Scott?"

He jumped, twirling around. "FUCKING HELL!"

"Shhhhh!" She emerged from the room, finger to her lips. "Keep it down!"

"What?" He snorted. "Scared Phelan and the others are going to realize that you're out of bed and…in your underwear." He paused, raising an eyebrow as he took in her appearance. "Why are you in your underwear?" He then smirked. "Wade's the man!"

"This has nothing to do with Wade." Chloe snapped, feeling heat rise up her neck.

"Is it Derek then?" Scott wanted to know curiously. "Because I always wondered if you didn't have a crush on him instead."

Chloe looked both ways before going closer to the older man, keeping her voice down. "There's a murderer here. He's already killed Jenna and Mr. Beels."

Only then did Scott seem to notice the cuts and blood in her arms. "Jesus!"

"Do you know the way back?" Chloe hugged her arms over her chest, rubbing them to try and return some heat to her body.

"No. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and I ended up here." Scott gazed around them before gazing down at his tattoo. "Goddammit…I'm running out of juice."

Chloe could see the tattoos much more faded now than they had been earlier on in the evening, eyes narrowing. "How much have you been using them?"

Scott sent her a wary look. "I still don't like you knowing this, and if it wasn't for the fact that one day I wanna bang your cousin-."

"Save the threats for when someone much bigger and much scarier than you isn't going around murdering people." Chloe snapped, not at all impressed. "And if I haven't told anyone what Wade told me while he was drunk up till now, don't you think I'd keep it a secret?"

"I don't know." Scott responded, somewhat hostilely. "We still don't know what happened between the two of you when Wade took you to California with him some months ago. He says he scored…but given your attitude he didn't-or he did and he wasvery bad."

"God!" Chloe couldn't believe this. "We're lost in a place with a psychopath who gets his rocks off by removing eyes and you want to sit down and gossip?"

"I don't know that you're not making all this shit up." Scott declared with a scoff, backing up. "You know what? I'm out of here!"

"No! Don't leave me!" Chloe made for him.

With a one finger salut, Scott disappeared through a wall leaving her all alone in the darkness of the room.

"Goddamit Scott!" Chloe pounded at the wall in frustration. "I hope you get stuck in the fucking wall!"

Only after her scream echoed down the hallways did she remember that she was supposed to be hiding.


There were double-sided mirrors.

"This just keeps getting creepier and creepier." Pete grumbled as he stuck close to them.

"This guy's been watching us all." Lois pressed her hand up against the glass, staring inside at a dark bedroom. "We've never had a moment of privacy."

"You mean you think every mirror is a double-sided one?" Pete gasped. "Even the one in the bathroom?"

Lois hugged herself, shivering. "I hadn't thought about that one actually."

Dean brought his hand up to silence them, trying to figure out what that sound was. It was faint. It was distant. But it was there.

As the others fell into silence Dean narrowed his eyes, tilting his head towards the sound, trying to discern what it was. It sounded almost sounded like music, and yet it wasn't.

"The hell?" Pete whispered, drawing their attention.

"What is he doing in here?" Lois hissed.

Dean turned to see the room now lit, and Sean leaning up against the closed door, shaking and crying in horror. What was he doing back at the house? Where were Trevor, Margaret and Beels? What had happened?

Sean was far from the overconfident jock he'd been before, now shivering and wiping at the splatter of blood decorating his face. He leaned with his back against the door and looked up at the ceiling, tears falling down his face as he crossed himself over and over again.

"Whose blood is that?" Pete choked.

"Sean!" Lois called, banging on the mirror. "Sean! What happened?"

The blonde jock didn't react to the sound.

The corridors were soundproof.


Just great.

The mirrors were probably doubly enforced and near unbreakable.

On the other side Sean began batting at the flies that were flying around his face.

Dean's eyes widened, realizing what was going to happen.

Suddenly the door behind Sean was visibly pounded into, the blow nearly sending it flying open and Sean hurtling to the ground. But Sean cried out and pushed harder against the door. One didn't have to read lips to know that he was screaming for help and repeating god's name over and over again as the door continued to be rammed harder and harder from the other side.

"Sean!" Lois began pounding on the mirror. "Find something else to block the door off with!"

"Dude! Turn the lock on the door at least!" Pete was there with her, banging just as hard.

Sean couldn't hear them, didn't know they were there, tears making their way down his cheeks before suddenly the door was rammed so hard that it did fly open, and he was pushed to the ground with the force as there, in the doorway, stood the monster of a man that was Jacob Goodnight.

"Out of the way!" Dean snapped at Lois and Pete, and the second they'd done so he fired, the rocksalt bullets doing nothing more than cracking the glass slightly. "Goddammit!" He fired over and over again and yet the glass was either too strong or his bullets not strong enough.

Sean crawled back on his elbows, pleading, crying, begging.

Jacob Goodnight let the meathook attached to the chains he'd held behind him appear.

Sean began screaming.

"HEY!" Dean slammed the butt of his gun into the cracks in the glass over and over again, trying to break through or at least give some distraction so the kid could escape. "OVER HERE YOU FREAK!" He was banging into that mirror so hard that there must have been some betrayal of it on the other side because Jacob Goodnight looked up at it for a second before throwing the meathook like a fisherman might, the hook imbedding itself in the meat and muscle of Sean's shoulder, causing the blonde teen to howl in agony.

Assured of his catch, Goodnight walked passed him to the mirror and placed his hand on it, narrowed his inhumanly blue eyes.

"He knows…" Pete whispered as he backed away.

Lois gulped, standing her ground.

Dean remained where he was, glaring into the beast's eyes. "I'm here motherfucker! Leave the kid alone and come fight me like a man!"

If Goodnight heard his challenge or not was unclear as the large man turned and walked out of the room, tightening his hold on the chain and dragging a screaming Sean behind him.

"Dean, we have to go." Lois placed her hand on his shoulder. "He knows we're here, we're sitting ducks. We have to keep moving."

He wanted to stay right here, wanted to battle it out with that beast, but there were more lives at stake here than his own. His gaze finally tore from the mirror to rest on Lois' hand on his as he nodded and slowly turned away. "Let's go."

2nd-Aug-2012 10:36 pm (UTC)
Urrg you had to use the one movie I can't actually watch *shivers but that's okay cause your so good at portraying emotions evening adding a funny movie or two.....sigh, why can't you have been the writer for smallville and supernatural
3rd-Aug-2012 11:30 pm (UTC)
suuuper freaky!! Is Wade going to come back into the fold at some point? Or Azazel - would he bail her out if she is working for him? I hope Chloe finds what she is supposed to find so her debt can be settled! Great update - I will be hanging out for the next installment :D
4th-Aug-2012 05:27 am (UTC)
You are seriously freaking me out. Now I have to search the web for a happy ficlet before bed. Yeesh. :D Great job. :D
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