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See No Evil 10/17 
8th-Aug-2012 09:04 pm
See No Evil

Title: See No Evil
Sequel to: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchesters, Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, Adam Knight, Wade Mahaney, Jacob Goodnight, and more
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural/See No Evil
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Hope. Lois just wanted to keep an eye on her supposedly healing little cousin. Dean just wanted to check up on the two girls he hasn't been able to put out of his mind. No one really knows what Chloe's really after. But when they're trapped in the decayed Luthor Castle with a murderous lunatic things like that don't really matter

There was a lot of stuff all around her, but none of them were useful when the task was removing a douchebag from a wall. He was lucky though, the tattoos weren't completely faded, only existed enough to keep the wall from completely reforming and killing him. But those tats weren't eternal, and they would fade away to nothing. Things would be much better for Scott if he was outside of the wall when that happened unless he wanted to lose a limb...or his life.

She continued searching, if only to give her something to do.

Suddenly a nearly inhuman roar echoed throughout the halls, the sound furious and from higher above them on a different floor level.

The blonde froze, gazing up at the ceiling above her, the sounds of things breaking and crashing audible, the force of whatever was going on managing to shake the ceiling slightly.

"The hell?" Wade stopped trying to chip the wall away with a piece of piping he'd yanked out of the bathroom of one of the rooms.

"What?" Scott squeaked. "What is it?"

Chloe stood, hugging herself tightly as she did so. "I think he just realized I escaped."


"The hell was that?" Lois squeaked, holding tighter onto her flashlight, shining it all around her.

"It was him." Pete took in a deep breath, shining the light behind them, almost as if expecting Goodnight to be behind them despite the fact that the sound had come from above.

Dean was beginning to really get annoyed. His EMF detector remained dead, and that made him wonder if maybe this wasn't spirit activity. Maybe, somehow, Jacob Goodnight wasn't a ghost. But if that was so then what exactly was he? Had his father been right when he'd contemplated the fact that Jacob Goodnight was some sort of supernatural creature? If that was true…the salt they were lugging around wouldn't do any good, and they were as good as sitting ducks if he attacked them. Specific supernatural entities had specific ways they could be killed, and once again Dean felt impotent and useless. He hardly ever felt this way, but these girls seem to get him into situations that tested him and made him feel like he was failing horribly.

His father would be ashamed of him right now.

"Why is he making that noise all of a sudden?" Lois wanted to know a very good question, obviously getting more and more nervous. "He sounds pissed off!"

"Obviously something angered him, a lot." Pete made a face. "It's probably Chloe."

Lois sent the younger boy a glare.

He ignored her. "Means she's still alive…or she was until two seconds ago."

Dean turned towards the guy. "Enough, okay? The kid's fine. She might look frail, but that girl is tougher than all of us combined."

Lois seemed to take comfort in that, nodding her agreement.

Pete pursed his lips. "If she was drinking then she wouldn't have her wits sharp enough to think straight and might do something stupid."

Dean paused. So Pete knew about Chloe's little drinking problem.

"Drinking?" Lois made a face. "What are you talking about? Why would you think she'd be drinking?"

Pete looked away, obviously realizing he'd just betrayed Chloe's trust and feeling horrible about it.

Before Lois could storm over to the boy, as was obviously her intention, another roar echoed, this time closer.

Dean turned around to shine the light ahead of them, unable to determine what direction it'd come from. "We need to keep moving."


"We need to keep moving." Chloe looked down both sides of the hallway, unable to determine what direction the second roar had come from. "It was closer. He is closer."

"Who is closer?" Scott's voice was tinged with fear. "You know who that is?"

"I told you right before you abandoned me up there you asshole." Chloe snapped at him, fear making her bitchier. "There's a psychopath running around murdering people."

"Oh fuck." The little bit of Scott's face that was visible paled. "Get me out of here!"

Wade continued to pound the piping into the wall, chipping it little by little, but Chloe knew that it wouldn't be enough. All he was doing was making too much noise. He was signaling a lunch bell to that raving lunatic, letting him know exactly where they were.

The petite blonde looked around her, feeling the fear growing inside of her all-consuming. Images of Jenna's eyes being gouged out of her face, the blood spurting up into the air like geysers…it filled her mind, causing her heart to accelerate and her breathing to grow more rapid. The walls seemed to be closing in on their every side, and it was all teh blonde could do to not have a full freak-out as she reminded herself of what Dr. Masters had told her. This was her fear tricking her mind. This was all her mind. She needed to calm down. Needed to think. Needed to see things as they were and not from her terror's perspective.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe closed her eyes and counted backwards from five to one, breathing with each count, until she reached one and opened her eyes once more to find the walls back where they should be, and Wade making some progress on the wall, having found a section of it which was apparently weak. A sense of pride and accomplishment speared throughout her body at having had the power to overcome that panic attack in the making, and if she made it out of this alive she was going to have to share the victory with Dr. Masters.

A fly flew passed her face.

Chloe batted at it, making a face, lowering her gaze to the ground and returning to her search.

Another fly buzzed around her, getting caught in her hair.

Giving a little growl she messed up her hair, finally freeing the creature, which continued to buzz over her head.

The blonde was about to grab something to whack at it when she froze, horror and understanding beginning to dawn on her as she turned to Wade. "We have to go. Now."

"Hold on." He wasn't even looking at her, gripping a piece of the wall, foot against it as he pulled, yanking out bits of stone slowly, revealing a little more of the trapped Scott.

"No, we need to go now." She insisted, taking a step back, biting back a cry when another fly appeared, beginning to circle around Wade. "He's coming. He's almost here."

"I'm not just leaving him here!" Wade threw away the latest bit of wall he'd managed to pull out, which freed Scott's left arm all the way to his shoulder. "He's an asshole but he's my friend."

Scott was using his free hand to claw at the wall around his chest while Wade picked up his pipe and went to the man's side and began ramming it into the wall, trying to find another weak spot.

Another fly appeared.


Three landed on Scott's face.

Chloe's eyes widened as she began to back up, eyes wide and on the direction in which the flies seemed to be coming from.

Wade's next hit found another weak patch and went through, creating another hole he was able to enlarge enough to stick his hands through and use to begin tearing out bits of the wall.

Suddenly the darkness shifted at the end of the hallway behind the men, a large, looming, horrifyingly familiar figure standing there, hulking, hands at his side.

"Wade." Chloe's voice was a broken whisper, her eyes wide.

The thief seemed to hear her, looking up quickly before turning and following her gaze.

"Don't leave me man!" Scott begged, frantically clawing at the wall around him. "Don't leave me!"

Wade took in deep breaths, rapid, before tightening his grip on the pipe. "Chloe, run."

"Wade." She couldn't stop the cry in her voice.

"Run!" He yelled at her, not taking his eyes off of the large man.

The teenager took one step backwards, Goodnight mimicking it with a step forwards. She took another backwards, and once again he followed suit.

The huge man feigned a lunge forwards and Chloe lost her nerve, turning on her heels and beginning to race away as fast as she could, the sound of heavy footsteps behind her causing adrenaline to race within and give her an extra jolt of speed.

"Go to hell you asshole!" Wade yelled before the sound of a scuffle could be heard.

Chloe pressed on despite her desire to look behind, instead forcing herself faster away from the scene. Her heart raced and seemed about to beat out of her chest, the sound of her blood rushing in her ears soon overpowering the other sounds around her. Maybe that was good.

And then she ran into a dead end.

Her eyes widened as she turned the corner and nearly ran into the wall there. She must have missed a stairs or something! There had to be another way out of here!

Maybe one of the rooms?

But being in the rooms was like being stuck in the cage again, and she'd be trapped should Goodnight come for her.


She needed to find another way out.

There was always another way out.

This place was filled with secret passages.

There had to be another one close by!

Giving a little cry of despair, Chloe began knocking on the walls, fingers tracing every groove for a trap door. She kicked away any sort of furniture or decoration leaning against the walls, trying to find any sort of lever, or a hole behind, yet each and every one were just decorations and of no purpose to her. A cry rolled in her throat as Scott's scream echoed throughout the corridor, along with the sound of heavy footsteps heavily pounding towards her.

No no no no no no!

Yanking a portrait off of the wall, she froze when she saw a clear outline of a hatch-door above her. Surging forwards she ran her fingers along the line before managing to open it, finding what appeared to be a dumbwaiter of some sort. Things like this were used to carry dishes or clothes from one level of the house to another and mightn't be able to carry her weight, and yet as the loud thudding grew closer she was willing to risk it. It took her two times to manage to climb up enough to reach into the dumbwaiter and slowly slide her body inside. It was shaky once she was in, but the blonde didn't have enough time to fear the steadiness of the machine as Goodnight appeared around the corner, his face splattered with blood.

"No!" She reached outside and slammed down on the button that controlled the dumbwaiter, barely managing to pull her hand inside before the dumbwaiter started a mind-stopping free fall.


Dean stopped immediately, frowning, narrowing his eyes at the sound. It was faint yet most definitely there.

"What's that?" Lois asked softly, having heard it as well.

"I don't know." He frowned, heading towards it, passing Pete the EMF detector. "But I'm going to check it out. Make a circle around you two and don't leave it no matter what."

"But-." Lois began, holding onto the container of salt tightly in her hands.

"Do it." He ordered, surprising himself at how much he sounded like his father right then.

Lois frowned, narrowing her eyes, before beginning to do what she'd been told, her movement tense.

Sighing at how things between them seemed to be getting tenser and tenser, and not in the good way, Dean shook his head as he went forwards towards the sound. He pushed the thoughts of Lois out of his head and continued following that elusive sound, trying to figure out what it was. He turned a couple of bends, stopping every couple of seconds to make sure he was going in the right direction, before pausing in front of a locked door. The sound, it was coming from the other side of the room.

There was a loud pounding. "Help me!"

Hazel eyes widened. "Chloe?" Instincts kicked in as Dean kicked the door in, sweeping inside as it swung open, looking around him in confusion as he was met with an empty room. "Chloe?"

There was a pause, and then the pounding became desperate. "Dean! DEAN!"

Dean hurried to the portrait and tore it off of the wall to reveal an opening of some kind behind it. "Chloe?"

"Dean." She sounded like she was crying. "Get me out! Please! Hurry!"

Cursing as he struggled to find the latch to open the door, Dean finally found it and yanked the door open to reveal a dumbwaiter, and a tear stained, crouched down Chloe Sullivan.

Suddenly the dumbwaiter shook, the sound of electrical whirring the only warning as it began to rise once more.

Terror filled those green eyes as Chloe looked upwards. "No!"

Dean didn't think about the risk to himself. He reached in quickly and wrapped his arms around her, somehow managing to slide her out before the dumbwaiter could take her away…and cut him in half.

Chloe collided into him with the momentum, the both of them tumbling hard to the ground, her arms around him as she cried, holding onto him as if to life itself as she shook violently.

Dean was awkward, not used to this and not sure how to react.

But the girl seemed far from releasing him, and his arms found their way around her awkwardly giving her back some pats, Sammy's voice in his head mocking him for his emotional retardedness.

"Wade…" she whimpered.

Dean felt himself tense, his grip on her tightening as white fury entered him. "Did he hurt you? Is he involved in this?"

"What?" She pulled away from him in confusion, somehow ending up straddling his hips as she wiped at her eyes. "No. He saved my life. Twice." She turned her neck towards the dumbwaiter shaft, lips trembling. "He might be dead." She turned her glistening greens on him, pale and obviously terrified. "Jacob Goodnight's alive."

"Alive?" Dean frowned, eyes narrowed as he stared up at her. "He's definitely not a ghost?"

"Not a ghost." She shook her head, thinking about that man…that thing. "I don't know how he's still alive after getting shot in the head and buried…but he is." She closed her eyes tightly. "He killed Jenna…took her eyes out right in front of me." She closed her eyes tightly. "He killed Mr. Beels, there was a knife protruding from the back of his head, and the last I saw of Sean Goodnight was dragging him off to his lair. Sean was screaming and begging for mercy."

Oh god.

This girl…why did shit like this have to keep happening to her? Was the universe having fun fucking her up more and more?

Suddenly Dean realized something, taking in her completely, his eyes widening. "Why the hell are you half naked?"

For a moment she seemed confused and then she gaze down at herself and gave a little cry as she threw herself off of him, stumbling to her feet, lifting her tight camisole higher up on her chest, obviously trying to hide the scar over her heart yet unable to since the moment she let go of the material it slid back down into place.

The sound of the dumbwaiter returning below drew their attention as it came to a stop at their level once more, something in there now that wasn't large enough to be Goodnight, yet obviously a message from him.

Chloe didn't hesitate, hurrying towards it before reaching in before Dean could stand and tell her not.

The blonde stopped, turning around and vomiting what seemed more like water than actual food. Then again, considering the vomit in the bag at the scene of her abduction, she probably didn't have anything in her system anymore.

Dean rose to his feet, going towards the dumbwaiter, keeping his composure as he pulled the shirt completely off of the thing underneath, not needing to do that to know that a severed head was beneath.

The identity was a surprise though.

It didn't belong to Wade as he'd believed.

Instead it belonged to Scott Bowman.

"That's Wade's shirt." Chloe whispered, running the back of her hand over her mouth as she reached for it, holding it in her hands as she stared at it, realization dawning on her. "He's still alive."

"You don't know that." Dean turned towards her.

"Why else do this? He wants me back." Chloe's breathing was growing more erratic. "He's showing me the shirt, the unharmed shirt. He wants me to go back to the cage room."

"Cage room?" Dean hissed, only then noticing the cuts and dried up blood on her arms and hands. "Jesus!"

"If I don't go back he's going to kill Wade." Chloe seemed to be talking to herself, closing her eyes as she shivered. "Oh god. He's going to kill Wade."

"He's probably already killed him." Dean pulled off his jacket and handed it to her to cover herself with. Not only must she be cold with the draftiness of these halls, but no way in hell was he going to have her running around like that.

The blonde stared at the jacket in silence for a second, almost as if not understanding why she held it, before her gaze rose to his. "Thank you." In an instance she'd slipped into it, the thing comically large on her. "We need to go back. We need to save Wade."

"We need a plan." Dean corrected. "Goodnight's not a ghost-and he has all of my weapons."

"I don't care." Chloe angered him by snapping. "Wade wasted what could have been his last phase to save me. I am not going to abandon him again! I-."

"You're not going anywhere." Dean ordered.

Her green eyes were twin flames as she glared up at him. "If you're not going to help me then I'll go by myself."

"Lois and Pete both risked their necks to come looking for you and you're just going to throw it all in their faces by going back into the lion's den like some stupid sacrificial lamb?" Dean snapped at her, annoyed as hell.

She flinched. "I have to do this."

"What are you, some super hero with a savior complex?" He growled, unable to hold onto his frustration. "The little girl gonna save the big muscled bad boy? With what?" He was in her personal space and he was bullying her, he was being too much like his father now, it slightly worried him and yet he didn't show it as he scowled at her. "You're a kid. You're not thinking clearly. And you're not going into what is obviously a trap!"

"You're not my boss." She positively growled at him.

It shocked him stiff, unable to equate this with the terrified girl she'd been seconds ago, or the timid girl he'd met in Hope.

"Just take Lois and Pete and get them out of here. Get help." She had the gall to order him about as she turned to head back towards the dumbwaiter.

Dean grabbed her arm and swung her around violently to face him. "The hell I am."

"Let go of me!" She struggled in his grasp, proving how utterly weak she was, how vulnerable. She had the spirit, had the fire, but didn't have the knowledge or power to do anything else but struggle.

"Enough!" Dean snarled, yanking her to him and wrapping his arm around her, trying to prove to her how little a chance she had with Goodnight if she couldn't even win against him. "Calm down and stop being so damned stubborn!"

"Get off!" Chloe struggled, trying to knee him.

Dean anticipated the move and twirled her around, pinning her face-first into the wall, though making sure that it wasn't enough force to hurt her, only keep her prisoner. She struggled viciously and he was forced to keep her pinned there by pressing his body into hers. "Stop trying to be a hero, kid. You can't save him."

"I saved you didn't I?!" She snarled before suddenly going very still, very tense.

"What?" Dean frowned, confused. "What are you talking about?"

She was silent, almost afraid.

Something dark and surprisingly enough terrified filled his stomach, and Dean pulled away only enough so he could turn her around so as to see her face. It was pale, her eyes wide. "When did you save me?"

She continued to look away, gulping.

"Chloe." His voice was sharp.

Her green orbs finally turned on him. "In Hope."

He went still. "How did you save me?"

She stared into his eyes before looking away, almost as if unable to look at him. "When that man came into the cellar when we were down there, his first plan was to kill you. I…distracted him."

Dean let go of Chloe as if burnt, pulling away, remembering the near rape which had occurred while he was unconscious.

That'd been his fault.

She'd been trying to protect him.

He felt sick to his stomach.

"Dean." She whispered, her voice breaking. "Wade saved my life. Twice. I have to do this."

Dean stared down into her scared yet determined face knowing she'd hate him for taking her out of here, for leaving Wade to die if he was by some miracle still alive, and yet the hunter realized that he was very much willing to carry that hatred on his shoulders.

Suddenly a yell for help could be heard, causing them both to look towards the door.

Chloe's eyes widened. "Trevor."

9th-Aug-2012 01:41 pm (UTC)
Oooh - okay, now she was going to blurt out to Dean that she had made a deal for him back in Hope, but then instead told him the thing about "distracting" the guy as a cover - right? Trying to make sure I've got it all straight...

Side note: I've got to admit - I kind of want Wade to live! He's turned out to be kind of a good guy really. But I'm rather unsure how they're going to get out of this one alive though - as per usual, can't wait for the next update!
9th-Aug-2012 03:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah. Chloe almost blurted out the fact that she'd made a deal to save Dean, but realized there was no way she could tell him that, and instead went with the made up story she gave him to try and cover up her slip.

We shall see :)
10th-Aug-2012 02:17 am (UTC)
I completely forgot about Trevor. Where has he been?
10th-Aug-2012 05:14 am (UTC)
Poor Trevor has been forgotten by basically everyone until that very moment. Lol
23rd-Aug-2012 09:55 pm (UTC)
sorry, but who cares about trevor.... that chlean moment made my chleaner heart raise right now..... ;D
fierce chloe is just great...

23rd-Aug-2012 10:13 pm (UTC)
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