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See No Evil 11/17 
11th-Aug-2012 05:21 pm
See No Evil

Title: See No Evil
Sequel to: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchesters, Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, Adam Knight, Wade Mahaney, Jacob Goodnight, and more
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural/See No Evil
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Hope. Lois just wanted to keep an eye on her supposedly healing little cousin. Dean just wanted to check up on the two girls he hasn't been able to put out of his mind. No one really knows what Chloe's really after. But when they're trapped in the decayed Luthor Castle with a murderous lunatic things like that don't really matter.


Looking up at the sound of the boy's cry for help Lois remembered Dean's orders for her to stay still no matter what, but she couldn't. She just couldn't. The brunette turned to Pete. "Stay here."

"Dean told us to-." He began.

"Screw what Dean told us to do!" Lois snapped, her frustration with everything springing forth. "I'm not letting that monster take Trevor like he did Sean, Jenna, and Chloe!" With that she broke out of the circle, holding the flashlight in one hand and the container of salt in another.

Pete cursed before taking off after her.

"I told you to stay there!" Lois yelled behind her.

"Pot, Kettle!" He yelled back, catching up with her.

Shaking her head in dark amusement, Lois pushed on further despite the fact that Trevor's cries had faded into nothing. She pressed forwards, not caring that she'd gone in the opposite direction that Dean had to follow the sound he'd heard, even when her mind screamed about going in opposite directions not being the smartest thing. She felt like she was losing control, like maybe she'd never had the control no matter how much she'd managed to delude herself into thinking otherwise, and she was desperate to get some back. The brunette ran with all her might, only stopping once she reached a fork in the corridor, two hallways branching off in different directions. She looked left and right, adrenaline pumping in her veins, and it was only a whisper of a sound that led her down towards the left, Pete hot on her heels.

They continued running passed double-sided mirrors, not bothering to look within, and Lois missed it, she would have gone right passed it if it hadn't been for Pete.

"Hey! Slow down!" He called from behind her.

Stumbling to a stop, Lois backed up towards where Pete was against one of the double-sided glasses, staring into the darkened room.

The first thing she noticed was the wardrobe blocking the door.

The second thing she noticed was Trevor sitting against it in the dark, eyes closed, blood splattered on his face, breathing in and out deeply as he quite visibly tried to calm himself down and keep from freaking out.

To be honest, he was being much smarter about the whole situation than Sean had.

"There has to be a way into that room." Pete pressed his hand against the mirror, eyes narrowed. "Why have a window into it if there isn't a way inside to whoever you're watching?"

"Creepy…but true." Lois made a face as she stared in at the boy, who raised his hands to cover his face. "We can't leave him there alone. Not after what happened to Sean."

"Something bad went down." Pete pointed out the obvious. "Whose blood is that? Are Miss Margaret and Beels still alive, or are they dead somewhere?" He ran a hand over his shortly cropped hair. "Someone has to be dead for them to have had blood on them."

Lois slammed her fist sideways into the mirror, not surprised that Trevor didn't react to the sound. "We're all trapped in a maze like rats."

"Makes you wonder why this place was constructed the way it was." Pete mumbled. "My dad doesn't like Mr. Luthor, knew him before this place burnt down, called him some real colorful names." He folded his arms over his chest and leaned with his shoulder into the window, staring within at Trevor. "According to dad, Mrs. Luthor wasn't that bad, but Mr. Luthor was a real character. He bought up a lot of Smallville, forced some of the people to sell him their land, and he lived a life of decadence here. Dad says he himself was never invited, but he'd heard so many stories about the place that he couldn't look at the people who attended them in the same light. He and Clark's dad had a falling out during that time."

"Mr. Kent used to go to Luthor's parties?" Lois' eyes were wide in shock at that one.

"I don't know about that part, but dad said that Mr. Luthor, and Mrs. and Mr. Kent were friends somehow, and dad couldn't be friends with them while they were friends with him."

"Why did your father not like Mr. Luthor so much?"

"Because we were one of the people he forced to sell their family lands." Pete replied with a shrug. "He's still somewhat sore about it till this very day…almost didn't let me come here."

"Bet you're wishing he hadn't." Lois snorted, leaning her back against the wall on the side of the mirror, tapping her head against it.

"Yeah, well…" Pete suddenly went still. "Lois…do that again."

"Huh?" She looked up in confusion.

Pete wasn't looking at her, instead gazing inside of the room. "Knock on the stone, not the mirror."

Confused as to why he wanted this, Lois turned around and pounded her fist on the stone.

"Hello?" Trevor's voice from inside could be heard.

Lois' eyes widened as she went to the mirror to see that Trevor now stood and was slowly making his way towards them, his voice low in a wary whisper. "How can he hear that but not the mirror?"

Pete kicked the stone wall next to him.


Trevor sighed and turned his back on them.

Lois reached out and pounded another stone block…nothing…and then she pounded on the block that'd been behind her head.

Trevor turned on his heel immediately. "Is someone there?"

"It's this stone block in particular." She whispered, going towards the block and examining it with her flashlight. "Something's special about this block."

Pete joined her side immediately, shining his light on it as well, frowning slightly. "This stone has a slightly different color than the others."

"And texture." Lois agreed with a frown, running her palm over it before her eyes widened. "Meteor rock. It's meteor rock." She turned towards Pete. "Chloe said that this place was totaled during the meteor shower and that it was supposedly rebuilt with some of the meteors that'd destroyed it the first time!"

"How does this help us?" Pete wanted to know.

"I don't know." She admitted, her excitement dimming slightly. "But the fact that he can hear it when I pound on it has to mean something."


"I told them not to leave the damned circle!" Dean snapped, running his hands over his hair as he gazed at the empty salt circle angrily.

"There's no blood, and no signs of a struggle, so that's good." Chloe tried to be optimistic despite the way her stomach rolled in nausea. "Can you tell in what direction they went?"

"LOIS!" Dean cupped his hands to his mouth, yelling down the hallway. "PETE!"

Chloe reacted on instinct, grabbing him by his shirt and slamming him against the wall, stepping up on her tiptoes and placing her hand hard against his mouth. "Don't. Yell."

In the silence they heard something, almost musical.

Dean narrowed his eyes and slowly removed her hand from his lips as he tilted his eyes, listening. "I heard that sound before but I couldn't make it out."

Chloe pulled away from him, eyes narrowed as well as she took a couple of steps towards the sound. "It sounds like…music…almost."

Dean's eyes widened. "A ringtone." He turned to her. "It's a ringtone."

"A phone." Chloe breathed the word out like a prayer. "Lois and Pete must have heard it too and gone after it!"

"There's a chance." Dean nodded. "We need to find that phone before it stops ringing."

Chloe was already ahead of him, racing into the darkness, unknowingly in the opposite direction her cousin and friend had taken.


"Get your men to the Luthor Castle, immediately."

Sheriff Ethan Miller gazed up at the man who strode into his office, for a moment not recognizing him, and then he did, standing immediately at attention. "Sir?"

"You need to get every deputy you've got and head to the Luthor Castle, something is going on there. Something unplanned." Azazel snarled, his eyes flashing gold in his frustration. "My kind can't get in due to the damned anti-demon wards all over the place except for the mistress' room, otherwise I wouldn't have just left this for you and yours."

It irked the Sheriff of Smallville a bit to know that he and his men were being questioned for their competence, but he pushed that back and eyed the demon. He didn't really have the right to speak back, not after everything Azazel had done for them.

"Is the girl in danger?" He was already reaching for his gun and ammo. "The Luthor Castle was supposed to be a harmless excursion...just a way to keep her occupied and unsuspecting."

"I believe someone is working against us, knows somehow about her presence there and is using this opportunity away from me to test her." Azazel snarled, obviously agitated, a state the other man only ever saw him in if the girl was involved. "Blood has been shed and more death is occurring." His eyes narrowed. "From the mistress' room I watched Goodnight dragging Phelan's and Beels' bodies away."

"Goodnight?" Sheriff Miller frowned in confusion before his eyes widened. "We put that dog down."

"Or we thought we did." Azazel's voice was pure steel. "Someone helped him feign his own death, has been hiding him all this while, and now my asset is locked up in a place where I can do nothing but watch."

Reaching for the intercom, Sheriff Miller pressed the button while reaching for a remote and activating the hidden screen on which every part of the Smallville Sheriff's Department could be seen, able to see each and every deputy. "Men, we have a Code Gold. I repeat. We have a Code Gold."

The men all looked up at the cameras they knew were there, eyes widening and appearing like laser beams, betraying them for what they truly were. In a second they'd put down everything they'd been in the middle of doing and hurried to suit up.

It was only thanks to Azazel that they'd been given lives, identities...a purpose.

And the purpose had always been very clear.

"Don't worry sir," Sheriff Ethan Miller, or the creature who'd stolen both his form and life, turned to the demon. "We'll put down the threat, make sure he's really dead this time, but before that we'll make him tell us who he's working with."

Grabbing his jacket, Sheriff Miller stormed out of the office, knowing that this girl was the only reason why he and his men had been given the lives they now lived, and were able to integrate themselves into a community and have families the way they did. They were protected from hunters, all upstanding members of the town, and considering they made up the Sheriff Department they had power.

Should a hunter come through Smallville they'd know and be able to fend for themselves and their kind.

All of this...this nirvana was theirs as long as they followed Azazel's orders and complied with his one Golden Rule.

That was why there was no way in hell that Sheriff Miller, or any of his men, would allow anything to happen to the girl...and would put down any threat to her with extreme prejudice.


The ringing had stopped and they were lost.

Apparently Lois and Pete had the blueprints so Chloe and Dean didn't even have that to rely on, not that it was exactly very reliable to begin with but at least it'd been something.

"What do we do?" Chloe asked, leaning against the wall, warm in Dean's jacket. "Hope whoever called was a needy girlfriend and that she'll try again?"

Dean leaned against the opposite wall, eyes narrowed, obviously deep in thought. "What do you know about Jacob Goodnight that you haven't told me?"

She paused, confused by this question. "Excuse me?"

"What connection do you have to all of this that you haven't told me about?" His voice was low.

"Why would I have a connection at all?" What in the world was he going on about?

"Maybe because according to you he's killed Beels and Jenna, and I know he killed Phelan and Scott, and Sean and Wade are probably dead as well." Those light hazel eyes were on her. "Everyone who he's been in contact with have been hurt. Except for you. Why?"

"How I am supposed to know?" She didn't understand the attack, or maybe it was because she had a secret to hide that she felt more defensive. "I was in a cage, Dean. He left me in there locked up! Obviously he thought I was secure so he could go around, kill the others, and I'd still always be there for him to get around to later!"

Dean just watched her, half covered in shadows.

The blonde sighed and turned her head. "It could be my scars."

"Your scars?" He raised an eyebrow.

A flash of rebellion streaked through her as she yanked open his jacket and pulled down her camisole despite the fact that the scars were already visible as they were. "It's a cross, Dean. If you know enough to know it's Jacob Goodnight we're dealing with, you'll remember his fascination with religious symbols. The only girl he didn't kill had crosses and Jesus and other religious paraphernalia tattooed on her body. Maybe that was why I was in the cage and not handcuffed outside getting my eyes gouged out!" She pushed away from the wall, her anger and frustration and fear and guilt forming something ugly as she stormed towards him angrily. "But you know what? I don't care what the fuck reason why! Because I'm here and Jenna's not and even if it makes me a bitch I'm happy that I'm alive and not her!"

Dean never reacted to her fury, her aggressiveness.

"None of this is my fault!" She yelled at him.

"I never said it was." He just continued to stare at her.

"Stop it!" She couldn't take his stare, she just couldn't. "Do you really think that I would have brought Pete and Lois or even you here if I'd known there was a raving psychopath hiding in the recesses of this filthy place? I didn't know! It's not my fault!"

He didn't comment.

It was killing her.

This silence was worse than any sort of accusation.

"You know what? Screw. You. I don't need this." She knew she was being unreasonable, knew that her fear and guilt were making her be a huge bitch, knew that Dean's questions were all reasonable and smart, but she just couldn't take this. She couldn't. If Lois, Pete and Dean died Chloe would be the one who was responsible, and she just couldn't handle that thought. It was driving her insane.

The blonde didn't know where she was going, but she just started storming in that direction in blind fury.

It was stupid.

So stupid!

But she couldn't stop herself, storming as far away from Dean as she could, knowing without a doubt that he was silently keeping up with her.

It was infuriating.

She ignored his presence for a good couple of minutes, wondering why he wasn't reminding her of how lost she was getting them. Why wasn't he forcing the issue? Why wasn't he telling her what to do? Blaming her? Why wasn't he speaking?

Why was he only following?

Finally, Chloe stopped storming and leaned against the wall, slipping to the ground, feet out and hurting her, throbbing. She wouldn't look in Dean's direction, staring at her feet instead, wondering how much longer she'd be able to be on them. They were swollen, cut, and if she didn't get them tended to soon those cuts would soon get infected...which was the last thing she needed right now.

"Got it all off your chest yet?" Dean asked coolly, leaning against the same wall, arms folded over his chest.

Her head hung lower in shame.

Dean sighed, leaning the back of his head hard against the wall, tilting it backwards more so he could look up at the ceiling. "How are your feet?"

She closed her eyes tightly, ignoring the pain. "Fine."

"They don't look fine."

He was looking up at the ceiling, how would he know how her feet looked?

Biting back that smart aleck remark, Chloe took in a deep breath, sending him a raised eyebrow as she glanced in his direction. "They're not going to fall off, that's what's important now."

"Why would you leave your room without shoes on?" He seemed to be asking the ceiling.

Her annoyance returned somewhat. "I didn't leave without shoes on. I was wearing slippers, but they must have fallen off after my head was bashed in and I was thrown over that guy's shoulder like a sack of potatoes."

Dean didn't comment for a moment before giving a little groan and sliding down the wall, apparently quite annoyed since with a less than gentle movement he cupped the back of her neck and pushed her down forwards, obviously examining the back of her head. He used his fingers to examine the wound.

It stung and she hissed, slapping at his hands.

He slapped hers away, continuing his examining. "It's not going to need stitches...and has already stopped bleeding. You should be fine."

"I knew that before you poked at my injury." She was being a brat again. "And I didn't have a splitting headache back then either."

Instead of getting annoyed with her as she'd expected, since she'd deserve it, Dean's lips curved in amusement as he shook his head. "You're a real pain, you know that?"

"Who's poking whose injury?" She countered, turning slightly to glare at him.

Dean snorted. "You're more of a girl than Sammy."

That brought a reluctant twitch to her lips as she chuckled, shaking her head. "I know I don't have Lois' breasts, but you must have realized by now that I'm a girl."

The hunter shook his head, chuckling with dark amusement.

Chloe leaned harder against the wall, letting out a deep breath as she took a page out of his book and gazed up at the ceiling, careful with her wound. "I'm sorry I got you into this."

His gaze joined hers above. "This isn't your fault."

Emotion lodged deep in her throat and Chloe fought the urge to cry as she hugged her knees to her chest, ignoring the throbbing in her feet as they pressed against the ground.

Dean continued to gaze above them.

A sniffle escaped her lips, and she leaned against him, resting her head against his shoulder.

He was obviously very uncomfortable with this touchy-feely moment, tensing up, refusing to look away from the ceiling.

The blonde hissed in pain, reorganizing herself so that she was off her feet once more, staring at the dirt and cuts, dried blood as she wriggled her toes.

"We need to keep going." Dean finally spoke, his voice tinged with awkwardness. "We need to find the others." With a fluid movement he was on his feet, and then a sigh escaped his lips as he turned to her and reached down his hand.

She accepted the help to her feet, flinching at the pain, before noticing Dean's odd posture and tilting her head to the side. "Is your back hurting you?"

He rolled his eyes at her as if she was some sort of idiot. "Just jump on. You're going to slow us down and we'll need those feet rested if we come across Goodnight. I'll need you to do your own running then."

Her pride flared, horrified and mortified, but the pain in her feet was stronger, and she nodded softly before cleared her throat and jumping onto his back piggy-back style, wrapping her arms around his neck as he got a better grip on her thighs and straightened.

"Thanks." She whispered softly.

He didn't answer, just started walking.


A fly landed on her nose.

Lois batted at it with a cry of disgust before she froze, reaching out to place a hand on Pete's arm, bringing the other to her mouth to motion for silence. Pete understood, and together they remained silent, listening intently as a couple more flies appeared.

The sound of a chain dragging on the ground could be faintly heard approaching.

Dark brown eyes met dark hazel before Lois and Pete took off in the opposite direction as fast and silently as they could.

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