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See No Evil 14/17 
21st-Aug-2012 01:50 am
See No Evil

Title: See No Evil
Sequel to: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchesters, Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, Adam Knight, Wade Mahaney, Jacob Goodnight, and more
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural/See No Evil
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Hope. Lois just wanted to keep an eye on her supposedly healing little cousin. Dean just wanted to check up on the two girls he hasn't been able to put out of his mind. No one really knows what Chloe's really after. But when they're trapped in the decayed Luthor Castle with a murderous lunatic things like that don't really matter.

They'd gained enough distance on Goodnight that when they turned the corner they were out of sight. Dean found an open door and pushed Chloe inside before racing in as well and locking the door. It was dark inside of the room but neither of them searched for a light switch, leaving the darkness inside as their eyes slowly adjusted and their breaths lowered. Chloe backed away from the door slowly while Dean glared around them, trying to see something.

They could hear the sound of Goodnight's footsteps coming closer and closer.

Dean's fingers closed around Chloe's arm and led her towards a wardrobe, easing the door open and helping her inside as he slid silently within as well, closing the door as he moved the damp-smelling clothes in front of them as some sort of protection.

Dean leaned hard against the back wall of the wardrobe, Chloe huddled next to him, both gazing at the closed door, silent as death as they listened to the sound of Goodnight breaking in doors and searching the rooms. It mightn't have been smart to stop running and instead hole themselves in a room, but Dean had felt Chloe slowing, had known that with her feet the way they were they wouldn't be able to get much farther, and he'd made the decision that might kill them both.

But what other choice was there?

Leaving her behind?

No way in hell!

The door to the room they were hiding in was kicked in.

Chloe's hand found his in the dark, causing the young hunter to jerk in surprise and narrow his gaze at their joined hands before raising his frown to her face. But the kid wasn't paying him any attention, her worried gaze on the wardrobe's door.

Dean really wasn't comfortable with touchy-feely-ness, and yet he fought the urge to remove his hand and instead joined his gaze with hers, listening as he could hear Goodnight tearing up the room before pausing in front of the wardrobe.

Chloe began to tremble viciously.

Dean refused to look away from the door but he shifted his hand slightly and squeezed her hand.

The action drew Chloe's terrified gaze away from the door towards him.

Suddenly they could hear the sound of a lock being turned, and with a grunt, the wardrobe was moved.

Chloe gave a little cry as the jerking movement sent her nearly head-butting into Dean.

They were being moved...wheeled.

Dean's hands went to the door and found he could open it. "Let us out of here!"

There was no answer as they were wheeled out of the room.

"No!" Chloe began pounding on the walls of the wardrobe.

Dean began kicking at the doors as they were turned, bumping as they went over the threshold and wheeled into the hallway. "Let us out you motherfucker!"

Chloe joined him, her feet cut and no doubt hurting her, but adrenaline must have been high because she put as much force and determination in her kicks. The wood was thick but the lock mustn't have been as strong as it'd once been, because Dean could hear the sound of something breaking, and then the door flew open.

Too bad that was exactly the same moment when the wardrobe was tossed down a flight of stairs.


"You dare summon me?"

Azazel rolled his eyes, not at all intimidated by the annoyed male in the Sheriff's office. "Look at this."

The man in the suit narrowed his eyes before turning to the monitors in time to see the Shapeshifter force breaching through the front doors of Luthor Castle. "Tell me you didn't call me here to watch your pet dogs training."

"Convince me you knew nothing about Jacob Goodnight being alive." He stood, knowing that he didn't usually let out his demonic aura, and yet his anger and frustration was letting bits of it leak out of his host in visible dark purple mist.

"Goodnight was put down." Dark eyes narrowed. "What game are you playing?"

Azazel wasn't sure he believed the other creature. "Goodnight is alive and in that house with the Asset."

Those eyes widened in fury. "How could you be so careless?" His own infuriated aura began to seep out as outside lightning and thunder warred. "You swore you'd be more careful with this Asset. I should have known after your failure with Mary Campbell that we couldn't trust another Asset with you! Do you know how rare it is for another to rise so soon after the death of a former? Usually a hundred or so years take place in between the death and births of Assets!"

Azazel didn't rise to the bait, didn't let his anger fuel him, instead studied the one before him and came to a conclusion. "You don't have a hand in Goodnight's return."

That anger grew. "Of COURSE I don't! I have as much invested in this as you do."

"Then who else could know about this? About her?" Azazel's eyes flashed gold. "This wasn't part of the plan. This wasn't supposed to happen."

"This is exactly like what happened with Mary Campbell." The other male declared, anger simmering down to frustration. "Her family was supposed to be removed from her life sooner than they were...you let your weakness for her ruin the whole plan and I refuse to let your weakness for this Asset ruin all we have planned."

"Fondness. Not weakness." The demon corrected, sitting back down. "And just try take this operation over. My people are all over this town. Don't assume I've made the same mistakes I did with Mary. My son's personally wearing Gabriel Sullivan as a meatsuit and keeping him as far from this place and her as possible. General Lane's similarly occupied. Moira..." his eyes widened. "Moira."

"What about the thieving bitch?"

"She tried to kill the Asset once before, who isn't to say that whoever is behind this isn't involved with her somehow?"

Dark eyes narrowed. "I'll handle that investigation. We can't afford to lose this Asset." He sat down, crossing his legs. "Either have one of your people take over the cousin, or have her done away with. I won't tolerate any more deviation from the Path. Her presence is no longer acceptable. It compromises everything."

"The Asset will realize something is wrong if the cousin is taken over, and she's much too mentally unstable to handle the cousin's death." Azazel scoffed at just how little the other knew. "It is another reason why I have called you." He leaned forwards. "I have need of your unique little skill."


Dean groaned as he slowly came too, his vision blurry and his head hurting him. He found himself sitting on the ground and chained to the wall with the shackles raising his hands up above his head. The light in the room was dim, provided by a legion of candles, and it was the smell that warned Dean before his gaze rested on the first body.

Eyeless, Jenna's body was twisted at an awkward ankle, bones obviously broken, her mouth frozen in a horrified cry...her death had been a horrible one. Other bodies were there, carved and eyeless as was she. Phelan, Beels, Sean...Scott's headless body...

Tugging on his chains, Dean refused to look at the arranged bodies of the dead and instead gazed around the room, at the symbols painted on the four walls in what looked like human blood.

And then there, in the far right next to what was an altar, was the pedestal upon which a book rested...but Dean didn't notice it...no, instead his gaze rested on the ground right before it where a symbol had been drawn on the ground with blood. Within the symbol Chloe lay, unmoving, candles burning brightly around her.

Symbols had been drawn on her body with what also seemed like blood, but thankfully unlike the other corpses these were drawn on and not carved into.

"Chloe?" He called, voice low as to not attract too much attention, and yet loud enough.

She didn't answer, the blood at her forehead proved that she'd gotten a good lick like he had during the tumble down the stairs, and was probably out cold like he had been until recently.

Or, at least he prayed to any deity listening that that was what this was.

Hearing the sound of grunting, Dean closed his eyes and pretended to still be unconscious as he peered through narrow slits.

"You're getting sloppy." A familiar voice shocked the hell out of him and nearly made him open his eyes wide as Margaret came into view, pulling her shawl around her tighter. "I had to get my hands dirty with this one. We can't let one of these little shits make it out of here alive. You know that."

Jacob Goodnight appeared, dragging Derek by the leg, a rusty iron pipe sticking out of the man's throat.

"There's still that little blonde boy who's still unaccounted for. You need to find him and kill him. You also need to remember where you left that black boy's body and bring it here. We need them all. Only once you're done with that can you finish off Big Boobs and the Convict." Margaret reached into a pocket and pulled out a knife. "I'll prepare this body in the meantime and keep an eye on these two."

Goodnight let go of Derek's leg once his corpse was positioned as desired in relevance to the other corpses. He stared at Derek for a second before his gaze slid to where Chloe was.

"Don't." Margaret snapped, pointing the knife at him. "Don't think I don't know the evils that are going through your mind right now. The filth that sluts like these tempt you with by flashing their breasts and their flirty attitudes. Don't make me have to cleanse you again."

Goodnight took a step back before storming out of the room.

Jacob Goodnight was the submissive in this relationship.

Jesus, that was fucked up.


The shapeshifters made their way into the Luthor Castle, guns at the ready as they made their way through the first level, clearing it, coming across a room which was blocked off.

Sheriff Miller motioned for his men to knock it down.

The deputies rammed the door over and over again, the force behind it heavy and resisting, but in the end they managed to break it down and storm the room, finding a crying blonde human begging for his life.

Sheriff Miller stormed up towards the first survivor they'd encountered. "Where are the others?"

"I don't know." The boy was trying to be brave. "But I heard sounds on the other side of this wall."

Narrowing his eyes, Sheriff Miller walked towards the mirror in the dark room and grabbed a flashlight, shining it at the mirror as he stared closely...seeing vague shapes on the other side.

"It's double sided." He moved to the boy. "Go to the cars and lock yourself in. Do you got that?"

The boy nodded before racing out.

Sheriff Miller turned to his men before lifting his weapon and firing at the glass, their shots joining his as the glass shattered revealing a dark hallway behind the mirror.

"Remember boys and girls, the humans are to be protected, the Asset retrieved, and the target detained and interrogated before being put down with extreme prejudice."

"Yes sir!" His people chorus before one by one making their way into the secret passage.


"What was that?" Lois hissed, stopping as she listened intently.

"It's coming from a couple of floors down." Wade stopped as well, tilting his head to the side. "It also sounds like...gunshots."

Lois' eyes widened. "Dean must have found his weapons!"

"That sounds like more guns than one guy can fire on his own." Wade mumbled, tightening his grip on the bar of Lois' cage which he'd picked up for a weapon before they'd escaped the cage room. He made to continue walking when he suddenly paused and turned to frown at the brunette. "He brought weapons? Who the hell is this guy?"

"Someone you want on your side when shit goes down." Lois replied, passing him as she continued walking, holding her own bar.

"And you thought I was a bad influence?" Wade snorted behind her in disgust. "Want to explain this?"

"Not really, no." She opened her mouth before turning around and placing her hand on Wade's mouth.

He narrowed his eyes but then he heard it too.

Someone was coming their way.


"I know you're awake, you know." Margaret's voice was mocking as she carved into Derek's face. "Your breathing isn't like one who's asleep...or unconscious."

Realizing that there was no reason to continue pretending, Dean opened his light hazel eyes and narrowed them on the woman. "I have to say, that harmless old grandmother thing you had going was quite convincing."

She smiled. "You'd be surprised to know that generally I'm a pleasant person to know."

"You're right." He sneered. "I AM surprised."

Margaret tsked, turning towards Dean, bloody knife finally being removed from Derek's skin. "It's a pity you were here. It was a pity you were in Hope. It was a pity you were born of taint and filth."

"Don't you fucking talk about my parents like that!"

She stood and came towards him, slamming the handle of the knife against his head, cutting him slightly. "Don't curse. It's ungodly."

"And killing is?" He snapped, not going to back down.

"Yes. When sin is so thick on them it reeks we're doing a service to the Lord and humanity by doing away with the whores and alcoholics and thieves!" Margaret snapped, tightening her grip on her knife. "Everyone in this place has sin so thick it makes me nauseas!"

"What could those kids have ever done to deserve what you did to them?" He shot back, trying to ignore Jenna and Sean's dead faces.

"They defiled their body with the lust of the flesh. Their sins were loud and continuous. They were unashamed of their transgressions!"

"What about Chloe then?" He tugged at his chains viciously. "That girl's a virgin."

"She's the worse of them all. She's the reason they had to die. We were here to end her evil existence." Margaret turned towards the blonde before turning towards him. "I guess your presence here is understandable. She tainted herself for you  the same way in which your mother tainted herself for your father."

Dean went still, horror and confusion mixing inside of him. "What?"

"And like your mother, she must be stopped before it is too late."

White fury simmered under his skin. "You killed my mother."

"Not me personally. No. Not even my son had a hand in her death. But it had to be done. She needed to die...just like this child needs to die as well." Margaret replied, turning towards Chloe. "I just find it amusing that both your mother's death, and that which I will give this child, will be able to be traced back to Winchester men. Father and son nonetheless. You both had a hand in the reason they had to die."

He was still with undeniable horror.

What the hell was this bitch saying?

"At least you don't love this child like your father did your mother." The old woman went towards the unconscious blonde. "It should make this easier...not that you will last much longer after I finish what Moira failed to do."

21st-Aug-2012 10:54 am (UTC)
Woah!! Okay surely now Dean is going to figure it out, that she made a deal for him. He'd be able to work it out. And big revelation re her dad being a meat suit! Too much is up in the air - I know I said this last time but pleeeease update again soon! As always, love your work :)
22nd-Aug-2012 01:54 pm (UTC)
Well, he knows for sure that there are secrets that are being kept from him, but at the moment he's more interested in getting them out alive. Once they're safe and sound he's going to have the time to really start going over what he's learnt <3
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