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See No Evil 15/17 
22nd-Aug-2012 06:57 am
See No Evil

Title: See No Evil
Sequel to: Hallowed Ground
Characters: Lois Lane, Dean Winchesters, Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, Adam Knight, Wade Mahaney, Jacob Goodnight, and more
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural/See No Evil
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Hope. Lois just wanted to keep an eye on her supposedly healing little cousin. Dean just wanted to check up on the two girls he hasn't been able to put out of his mind. No one really knows what Chloe's really after. But when they're trapped in the decayed Luthor Castle with a murderous lunatic things like that don't really matter.

Chloe's head hurt like hell.

Groaning, the blonde brought her hand to her head and slowly sat up, eyes closed.

"Chloe look out!"

Hearing Dean's voice, Chloe's eyes flew open and she managed to roll out of the way in time to avoid the slash of the knife. She pushed up on her feet and stumbled slightly, backing into something hard, turning her head in time to catch the item that'd fallen down with the blow. Her hand came in contact with a leather book with a cage etched in the cover.

It was the book she was supposed to be looking for!

The blonde didn't have time to cry out in happiness though because the knife came at her once again and she used the book to slam the hand away. Only now was she able to concentrate on whom was holding the knife, surprise and confusion spearing through her to see the grandmotherly Margaret.

"What the hell is going on?" Twirling off to the side, the knife slicing the air where her head had been only seconds ago, Chloe nearly tripped on a candle in her haste.

Dean struggled with his chains and the ring that connected them to the wall above him. "Don't you fucking touch her you psycho bitch!"

Bending down, Chloe grabbed one of the candles and threw the hot wax onto Margaret's face. Unfortunately it didn't slow the woman down, only seemed to add to her fervor as she sliced the air around Chloe over and over again, the blonde having to use the book as a shield time and time again.

Crying out as a swipe of the knife came away with some of her blood, her arm stinging from the cut, Chloe stumbled backwards and went tumbling down when the back of her heel hit something. Whatever she landed on wasn't soft in the least bit, and her hand came away bloody.

Margaret took the opportunity to slice at her, once again drawing blood.

Bodies...she was on bodies!

Crying out in horror, Chloe tried to detangle herself from the limbs of the dead, which seemed to wrap themselves around her and want to keep her there with them.

She dropped the book in horror, terror, desperation.

Flashes of her own reflection in the broken bathroom mirror as she bled out, slowly dying, raced before her eyes. They were quickly followed by flashes of Sarah's dead, mutilated body hanging on a cross, and then followed by Melanie's lifeless eyes as she was pinned to the wall with nails.

Her heart agonized with its ghost pain and Chloe clutched at her chest, dropping with the pain, unknowingly thus missing the swipe with the knife that would have opened her throat. She screamed as she held at her heart, which was reliving being stabbed twice, both times the knife dragging through her skin to create the cross that marred her chest.

A kick landed her on her back, and then Margaret was straddling her hips, raising the knife over her head, readying to dive it into her heart.

Chloe stared up at the older woman, her image interchanging with her mother's, the similarities fucking with her already unstable mind.

For horrifying seconds Moira was the one straddling her, giving her that eager and downright evil smile as the knife came downwards harshly. Chloe was back to that day...staring into those blue eyes as she had before, unable to believe that her mother-.

Suddenly, right before the knife could pierce her skin the image-the trance-was broken as Dean appeared out of apparently nowhere and wrapped the chains around Margaret's neck, yanking her back and off of Chloe. There was a brief struggle as Margaret clawed at the tight chains around her neck, and then there was a sharp movement, a loud cracking, and Margaret's body went lax.

Dean loosened his hold on the elderly woman, letting her dead body tumble to the ground before suddenly he was there, kneeling over the blonde. "Chloe?"

She whimpered, clutching at her heart and closing her eyes as she rode out the pain.

He rested his hand on her head and left it there. He didn't rub her hair, didn't whisper anything soothing, just placed his cool hand over the heated throb on her forehead.

Slowly but surely the agony melted into pain then into discomfort until fading into mere soreness.

Finally her green eyes fluttered open and she gazed up into Dean's face, a little shocked at the stark emotion in his eyes as he stared down at her. His features were all blank, his eyebrows nearly drawn together in concentration, the emotions in his eyes vast and all competing. It was obvious that he was deep in thought, and deeply disturbed by whatever he was contemplating.

"I'm in the middle of corpses." She whispered to him, although she knew he already knew this.

Dean continued to look at her, those eyes growing more disturbed.

"Can we stand now?"

The hunter took in a deep breath before standing, pulling her up with him at the same time.

What had happened while she was unconscious?

Why had Margaret tried killing her in the same way her mother had?

Why was Dean so severe-looking?

His silence was unnerving as hell as well.

Hugging herself, chilled to the bone, the blonde looked around herself realizing that they were in the shrine. Her gaze lowered to the bodies arranged on the floor, giving a little shiver as she remembered lying amongst them. She felt unclean and seriously in need of a bath.

Suddenly blinking as she remembered something, Chloe turned towards Dean, eyes wide as her gaze went from his shackled wrists to the wall and back. "How did you-?"

She realized that the ring that the chains went through and which had once connected them to the wall was now just dangling on the chains.

Oh wow.

He'd pulled it out of the wall!

She was highly impressed.

"Are you okay?" She forgot about all else, eyeing his bruised and bloody wrists, still very shackled. "Thank you..."

He made a noncommittal sound.

"We need to go. Derek might have gotten to Wade and Lois and-."

Dean cleared his throat. "He didn't."

"How would you-?" Her eyes widened and she turned away from him to stare at the bodies, her stomach going horrible as she gazed upon Derek's freshly cut into body. "No." She turned to Dean and grabbed the hem of his shirt in her urgency. "They're still in the cage room. We have to go get them!"

He hesitated before taking in a deep breath. "We need to first make sure there isn't something here that can help us."

A part of her wanted to tell him to go to hell, but another understood the rationale behind the decision. It was why they'd come here after all, wasn't it? And anyway, how would they help the others if they got caught by Goodnight and killed because they couldn't find a way of how to kill him if he proved not to be human?

Dean was already checking the items in the room, going towards the altar straightaway, staring at the different symbols and idols and such that were there. "What's in the book you used?"

She gulped, not really wanting to set his attention on Azazel's little book, but she'd make him suspicious if she refused to answer, wouldn't she? So with that reasoning the blonde picked up the book and took in a deep breath before opening it, flicking through the pages...blinking.

"What's in the book?" Dean turned towards her, his annoyance growing.

"Nothing." She got to the last page, honestly shocked to her core. "The pages are blank."

"The hell?" Dean stalked towards her and gazed over her shoulder as she flipped through the pages once more, proving her point. "That makes no sense."

"Like any of this has." And yet she was thinking the same thing.

Why the hell did Azazel want a blank book?

Dean left her side, continuing to search.

Chloe knew she should be helping, but she couldn't put the book down, couldn't help but search the blank pages over and over for something she must have missed. There wasn't any conceivable reason why the demon had sent her here specifically to look for a book with nothing in it. And it wouldn't have been placed on a pedestal either if it was just...nothing.

Snapping the book closed, Chloe shook her head as she skimmed the leather cover and binding, surprised to find no mark from the many slashes it'd received from Margaret's knife.

Dean was now staring at the bodies on the floor, almost as if memorizing the pattern they were placed in, as he'd been doing with everything else in the room.

Shaking her head, Chloe finally tore her gaze from the book and looked around the room, avoiding looking at the bodies.

Dean now stood over Margaret's going through her pockets and such, searching for something. He found a set of old looking keys, trying them on his shackles before finally finding the one which unlocked them and set his wrists free.

Chloe turned her back on him and gazed at the door, noticing something behind it. The blonde stepped towards the door and closed it, staring at the sigil in the door. It was the anti-demon one Azazel had told her was all over the castle...and below it was another sigil she didn't recognize...but it was obviously meant to ward some other sort of being from being able to enter as well.

Why ward this room if it held a blank book?

It only made her surer that despite its appearance, this book was important somehow.

"There's nothing useful here." Finally Dean was at her side, staring at the sigils with narrowed eyes before finally opening the door. "Let's go."

Chloe nodded, following after him as fast as her bare and sore feet would allow.

She still had no idea why in the world Margaret had tried killing her, but the blonde decided that for now that wasn't important.


They hid inside one of the rooms, peering out through a slit in the door at the figure as it walked in front of the door.

Lois' eyes widened in disbelief as she threw the door open and rushed out. "Pete!"

He jumped in shock, turning around. "Gees! You scared me!"

The brunette hugged the younger guy tightly as Wade emerged from the room. "I thought you were dead!"

"Thankfully, so did Goodnight." Pete chuckled as he patted her back. "I'm also fortunate to have a hardhead, though I think I'm gonna need six Tylenol to even begin dealing with the headache I have now." He seemed to finally notice Wade and raised an eyebrow. "Why are you shirtless?"

Wade ignored the question. "Have you seen anyone else?"

Pete shook his head as Lois pulled away. "You two are the first people I've come across since I came too."

"We heard sounds of guns being shot." Lois announced.

"Me too." He agreed. "It's the only thing that saved me, actually."

"What do you mean?" Wade narrowed his eyes.

"I was hiding in this dead end with Goodnight way too close for comfort, but when he heard the gunshots he turned and went the other way and never saw me." Pete replied, frowning. "I don't know who or where the people with the guns are, but they're in for hell if Goodnight's gone in their direction."

"The asshole might be a force to reckon with, but I doubt even he can go up against a bullet and survive." Wade made a face.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that." Pete made a face, hugging himself.

"What do you mean?" Lois frowned.

"It's just that while I was hiding from him in the dead end I got a good look at him, especially when he turned away to head in the direction of the shots." Pete shivered slightly. "Those flies? There's a reason they're always around whenever he is. They're coming from his head. Or, er, a hole in the back of his head."

"The hell?" Wade took a step back.

"He didn't fake his own death then?" Lois whispered, feeling cold in fear.

"No," Pete shook his head. "I'm pretty sure that shot should have killed him. It isn't even sewed up or anything. I mean it's this huge hole and there's some torn skin and flies keep flying out of it."

"He's...rotting." Lois felt a wave of nausea wash over her.

"Fucking hell." Wade growled, running his hand over his face.


There were gunshots like crazy.

Dean held his hand up to stop her advancing figure, eyes narrowed as he tried to locate the sounds but for the life of him he couldn't decipher which hallways the sounds were echoing from. It unnerved him that there were apparently other players in this mix that he knew nothing about, but he had to convince himself that whoever they were they were on their team. Why else pack heat like this when they had something like Goodnight on their side?

Chloe was silent and obedient behind him, hugging herself against the cold, his jacket having been left behind during her fight with Goodnight.

It bothered him to have her running around in her underwear, especially considering the look he'd seen Goodnight give her unconscious figure.

That protectiveness that'd always seemed to roar was a million times worse now, fueled by paranoia at Margaret's words. Sure, she was a raving psychotic bitch, but he didn't think she'd been lying to him. It explained why so much shit was happening to this kid. For some reason she had a target on her back...just like his mother had...and it was somehow Dean's fault.

But how?

And why?

Dean hadn't done anything to this kid!

He'd saved her, yes, but he doubted that that was what was behind it all.

And then there was that whole part about Chloe tainting herself for him the same way in which his mother had for his father. Anyone listening to that would have immediately thought that he'd taken the girl's virginity...and that SO hadn't happened! And yet...and yet it was obvious that there was something he didn't know going on. It was frustrating as hell...especially since it hinted the fact that his father was keeping something about his mother a secret.

Now that Dean thought about it, hadn't his father been weird around Chloe in Hope? Hadn't he just stood there and watched her in fascinated horror? Hadn't Dean caught the older man sending looks in the girl's direction? Hadn't he asked all sorts of questions about the girls when it was all over? Hadn't those questions been more concerning Chloe than Lois?

His father knew something.

He KNEW something.

And he hadn't told Dean.

It fucking pissed him off!

"Dean." Chloe whispered, her cold fingers making contact with the skin of his arm and causing goose bumps to race up his arm.

He jerked away from her on instinct before cursing softly, running a hand over his hair as he gazed down at the girl who was still clutching the book she'd used as a shield against Margaret. Chloe was cold. It was obvious in the goose bumps on her skin, the way she held herself, and the way her...

The hunter looked away immediately and cursed, yanking his t-shirt over his head nearly frantically as he threw it on her head. "Put that on."

She pulled it from her head and gave him a little confused frown. "This isn't going to warm me up much."

"Put. It. On." He refused to look at her until she did.

The blonde eyed him in confusion, looking down at her own body in enquiry. For a moment she just looked at herself thoughtfully, and then gave a little laugh and looked up at him in amusement. "Really?"

He would have glared at her if he was looking at her.

"Wow." She was chuckling softly to herself as she placed the book between her thighs and deigned to finally cover herself up. "If it had been Wade..."

Dean grunted, not appreciating the comparison.

There was silence.

Taking in a deep breath, Dean turned towards her, confused to find her staring at his bare chest with fascination. "What?" His voice was gruff, annoyed and harsh.

She didn't seem to notice, her lips twitching. "Now your nipples are hard with the cold."


Clearing his throat, Dean folded his arms over his chest and then felt stupid for doing so.

"Who would have guessed you're such a prude." Chloe snorted, cheeky and mischievous like some sort of imp as she shook her head. "Don't worry, you haven't taken my naked-male-chest virginity. I've seen my fair share of them already."

Rolling her eyes, the blonde reached for the book again and walked passed him, shaking her head.

Dean watched her go, eyes narrowed, before his long legs helped him overtake the girl with ease and he took the lead once more.

There was just too much junk cluttering his mind right now. He needed to find Lois and get the girls out of here.

Once they were all safe he'd let himself think about all he'd learnt here tonight.


"Will you stop firing?" Sheriff Miller snapped, annoyed beyond belief at this moment. "It was a fucking rat!"

His men were all bashful at their trigger-happiness. Some mumbled to themselves about shadows while the others sneered in disgust at those who'd filled that rat with bullets.

He hoped against hope that Azazel hadn't been watching during that part. The gods knew that the demon didn't exactly have the greatest confidence in them to begin with and that display of nerves on some of his younger deputies' part wasn't going to win their unit any sort of respect at all.

Shaking his head, the head Shapeshifter pushed onwards, following the scent of death.


They didn't see it coming.

A door they were passing opened and the next thing Chloe knew Dean had been yanked into the room and the door shut against her. She screamed, banging on the door, trying to get in but it was locked, the sounds of fighting and grunts of pain echoing from inside.

The walls were being banged on, furniture was broken, and curses could be heard inside.

There was then a sharp sound of wood breaking, loud and piercing...and then all was silent.

Chloe stopped banging against the door, keeping her hand to the door though, terror filling her. "Dean?"

The lock was undone, the sound loud and ominous, as suddenly the door swung open to reveal Jacob Goodnight in the doorway.

Her every instinct told her to run, and yet the blonde was frozen in her spot, seeing Dean lying on the floor.


He couldn't be dead!


The blonde made to run passed Goodnight but he grabbed her easily and slammed her back into the wall. He held her there easily with one hand to her neck while the other pressed against her chest, making inhuman sounds of displeasure.

"Stop it!" She clawed at his hand, trying to kick at him yet unable to. "I'm sick of you! Don't touch me!"

With a yank he tore open Dean's shirt, baring her scar to him.

A couple of flies flew out of apparently nowhere from behind him.

Chloe stared at their flight in confusion for a second before being brought back to the present by his grip lowering to her underwear. "No! NO!"

He heaved like some sort of animal in heat.

Another couple of flies emerged...from his head?

He leaned against her, bringing his mouth to her chest, running his tongue over her scars.

Screaming, Chloe tried to push his head away...her finger slipping into some sort of hole and ending inside...the blonde cried and yanked her hand out, smelling something horribly putrid on her bloody fingertips.

He didn't at all seem concerned that her fingers had been inside of his head, instead concentrating on lowering his pants with his free hand.

Suddenly something swung out from the doorway and hit Goodnight hard on the back of his head, causing him to fall forwards into Chloe and the wall. He let go of her and was in the process of turning around when Dean yelled as he emerged from the doorway, brandishing what looked like a silver candlestick holder as he bashed Goodnight in the hole in his head.

"You're" Dean slammed the candlestick harder. "Fucking" Another hard blow. "Annoying" Another. "Me!" With the last blow the candlestick holder broke through the skin around the hole and went through Goodnight's head, one section emerging through an eyesocket, popping his eye out in the process.

Goodnight reared up, roaring, trying to yank the candlestick holder out of his head before finally collapsing to his knees.

Dean sneered before giving a vicious kick to the candlestick holder, wedging it in deeper into the skull, another section of it emerging through Goodnight's other eye socket.

Goodnight swayed once, twice, and then fell backwards, the candlestick lodging itself completely in his skull and destroying his head.

Chloe didn't realize she was bent over vomiting watery bile until Dean's hands were on her thighs, raising her underwear back up to cover her. She cried, horror and shame and all sorts of emotions wedged deep inside of her.

Oh god.

Could she be more pathetic than she was now?

She closed her eyes tightly against the nausea and disgust before finally sitting and looking at the bruised and injured man. "I thought you were dead."

He snorted. "Takes more than...whatever he was...to kill Dean Winchester."

A car accident had though.

Just remembering that made her nauseas once more, but she forced a smile on her face as she let him help her up, and then noticed the way he flinched and touched his ribs. Obviously some were broken.

Silently, Chloe grabbed Dean's arm and placed it around her shoulders, silently supporting him as they two began to limp away.

23rd-Aug-2012 11:09 pm (UTC)
ahh...so gross, poor chloe
23rd-Aug-2012 11:15 pm (UTC)
Yep...poor girl :(
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