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Spring-Heeled Jack 1/14 
5th-Sep-2012 11:17 pm

Title: Spring-Heeled Jack
Sequel to: See No Evil
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Dean Winchester, Lex Luthor, John Winchester...
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own the fandoms
Summary: Two months have passed and Dean is in Smallville with Chloe taking care of her while secretly investigating Lois' disappearance, disbelieving that she left of her own free will. To make things worse, when the young hunter takes Chloe with him to confront John about Margaret's words concerning his mother's death, John's current case spirals out of control.
Written for my LJ 150 Paranormal Prompt Table. Prompt used #118: Spring-heeled Jack.
This is a Chloe/Dean friendship!fic and in this story their ages are: Chloe - 15 & Dean - 23

"Just how old is this movie?"

"Old enough. I think it was filmed around 1985."

"Jesus fuck! Why are we watching something that old?"

"Because it's good."

"It's old. How can you like something old?"

"You're old and I still like you."

Reaching for the remote, Dean Winchester paused the movie in the middle of the long ass opening credits, turning to look at his companion in mock insult. "Kiddo, I am not old."

"I'm not a 'kiddo'." Chloe shot back, hogging the large container of white cheddar popcorn. "Really Dean, you have to give this a chance. It isn't bad. It's actually funny. And it has really good actors in it!"

"Right." He snorted.

"It does! It has the old guy from the Back to the Future franchise! And Tim Curry!" She grinned brightly. "And if it has Tim Curry in it then it has to be great!"

Dean just stared at her, wondering what exactly she was talking about. He really hadn't had the whole movie experience as a kid growing up, and he supposed he must have probably maybe seen Back to the Future since it sounded somehow familiar, but he had no idea who'd acted in it. He especially had no idea who this Tim Curry was.

Chloe must have read that on his face because she made up hers, thinking for a moment, before her eyes flashed. "Remember those episodes of Criminal Minds we saw the other night? The ones you said "kinda rocked"?"

That easily brought the episodes to mind. "Yeah."

"Tim Curry was the bad guy." She grinned, obviously quite proud of herself and her accomplishments.

"Oh." Dean leaned harder against the sofa, stealing some of the popcorn she guarded so vigorously, plopping them into his mouth. "I liked him."

"See?" Chloe stole the remote and pressed play. "Now watch and stop doubting my ability to pick good movies."

It wasn't that he doubted her ability, and it wasn't that he didn't like old stuff, but Dean really didn't know if he considered himself a TV type of guy. He'd rarely had any time to sleep much less do anything else while growing up, but ever since he'd started his apparently indefinite stay at the Sullivan Residence two months ago he'd found his nights filled with DVDs and television shows and TV movies. He'd probably been bombarded with more actors and actresses and bad story plots than his mind could reconcile.

And then there were the horror movies.

Dear god, the horror movies!

Half of the people, if not all, deserved to die!

They made stupid mistakes and were just asking to be axed!

"See? Slutty maid with big boobs and ridiculously short skirt." Chloe nudged him in the shoulder with hers, motioning to the screen, where a younger Tim Curry was talking to a very slutty looking maid. "I've got your back."

"What is it with you and boobs?" Although, if Dean was to be honest, he was quite enjoying this part of the movie.

"What? Are you more of a butt guy?" Chloe asked in that ever blunt way of hers.

"Jesus kiddo." He grumbled, shaking his head, stealing more popcorn as his gaze went to the television screen once more. "What sort of name is Colonel Mustard?"

"It's an alias. If you were paying attention you would have picked up on that." She rolled her eyes, getting more comfortable.

"Tell me "Wadsworth" is an alias."

"I don't remember." She made a face. "It could be real though. He is British."

Dean snorted in amusement as he got comfortable as well, feet up on the coffee table as he watched the players in this movie get to the castle. They were some seriously strange people with interesting aliases, and everyone seemed connected somehow…and fascinated with the maid's big, propped up boobs. Not that he blamed them. They were some seriously impressive boobs. "Wait, how short is that maid uniform?"

"Short enough and yet not enough."

He sent her a look.

"Just saying what you were thinking." Her lips twitched in amusement as she continued to watch the screen.

Rolling his eyes, still not sure what to think of this girl, Dean's gaze went to the screen once more as he watched in silence, annoyed to admit that she was right. Mr. Body (that didn't sound ominous did it?) was freaking out about being locked up in the manor. Dean could kinda get that, all things considering. But Mr. Body didn't have a raving lunatic taking out eyes to make him go frantic. Just the thought that he was locked inside had set him off.

Dean immersed himself in the movie, smirking at the twists, raising an eyebrow at the gifts, and generally trying to figure out what the frig was going on.

"Three…two…one…lights out." Chloe whispered before the lights were turned off and there were a series of sounds and grunts and screams and even a gunshot.

"The hell?" Dean blinked as the lights came back on to reveal the surprise(?) death.

Another scream.

From the maid.

"She's obviously just in this for her boobs. Her accent's horrible." Chloe muttered to herself, chewing.

Dean snickered as he watched the rest of the movie, snickering at parts, rolling his eyes at others, and deciding he actually might kinda not hate it. He wasn't going to admit it to Chloe though, the kid wouldn't let him live it down.

Shaking his head, hazel eyes slid sideways towards the girl and he wondered if this was how she and Lois used to spend their saturday mornings. He was still unable to believe that the brunette had left her cousin the way she had, a part of him just told him that that couldn't be real. He knew Lois enough to know that the brunette loved the blonde as much as he loved Sammy, and he'd never be able to leave Sammy behind, no matter what shit was going on. But there was nothing to indicate that things hadn't gone down the way they seemed to have…except for the feeling in his gut.

Chloe seemed to have accepted it, and while she pretended that she wasn't bothered Dean would catch her gazing at pictures of Lois with deep sadness.

When the end credits rolled, Dean shook his head. "That was insane."

"I know." Chloe smiled, finally letting go of the now empty container, putting it on the sofa between them as she stood and stretched. "I could eat some burgers, how about you?"

A part of him wanted to say no, that he would prefer to laze around, but then another part of him registered "burgers" and if there was one thing Smallville did right, it was hamburgers. "Burgers?"

She grinned, nodding. "We can get some pie too while we're at it."

Goddamn it. It seemed as if this girl had discovered his every weakness by the end of the second week of his stay.

This was bad.

The phone rang, and Chloe stood quickly, going to answer it. "Hello?" There was expectancy in her voice, in her eyes, and she cleared her throat when she heard whoever was on the other line. "Yes you have to do this." Pause. "Because he deserves to know, that's why!" She narrowed her eyes. "If you don't tell him I will!" She raised an eyebrow before handing the phone over to Dean. "I'm going to get the food…and the only thing I'm going to say is that he made me promise, that's the only reason I haven't told you. I swear."

Dean watched her grab her keys and wallet in confusion, holding the phone in his hands warily as he watched her leave the house, before finally bringing the phone to his ear. "Who the hell is this?"

There was silence, and then someone cleared his throat. "Uhm, hi, Dean."

Dean was floored. Had he been standing up he'd have fallen onto the couch. "Sammy?"

"Yeah." Sammy sighed, sounding like he was in the process of sitting down as well. "How are you doing?"

"How am I doing?" Dean shook his head, unable to believe that he was talking to his brother after all these months incommunicado. "What the hell are you doing calling here? How did you get this number? How do you know Chloe?"

There was another sighed. "Uh, she said she told you she'd visited California, right?"

A sinking sensation made itself at home in his gut. "She went to Stanford?"

"Well, she knows my friend Brady, that's how I met her." Sam sounded like he was trying to get comfortable. "She stayed over at our dorm house and things went to shit when some stupid idiots decided to conjure up a ghost. They didn't know at the time that the ghost belonged to a pedophile who had a thing for young girls, virgins in particular."

A sick feeling made his mouth taste terrible.

"In the end she, Brady, Jess, her friend Wade and I were the only ones who made it out." Sam revealed. "When she heard my last name she immediately asked me if I was related to you, and when she found out she was psyched. Said something about Winchesters being her lucky charms so she knew she'd get out of the situation fine. She, uh, told me all about Hope."

"I can't believe she wouldn't tell me this." And he felt deceived, dammit!

"I asked her not to tell you. Begged her to, actually, and even though she really wanted to tell you she agreed to silence." Sam revealed. "She told me you'd actually returned and I was floored. I couldn't understand why you'd go search up civilians after the hunt was finished, you know? But I asked her not to tell you, made her promise."

"Why?" Dean ran his fingers through his hair.

"Well…" Sam sounded ashamed. "I was worried that if you or dad found out that I'd done something hunt-related that you'd think I wanted back into the family business and would come here for me to try and convince me to leave."

Dean sat there in silence, trying to digest the summarized version of what had happened. He couldn't believe that Chloe knew his brother-because just how much of a coincidence was that?

"Dean?" Sam cleared his throat. "You still there?"

"Who's Jess?" Dean found himself ask, unwilling to touch the other subject for right now.

"Oh." Sammy was smiling, that was obvious in his voice. "My girlfriend."

The pipsqueak had a girlfriend.

"Is she hot?"

Sam squeaked. "Really? Dean? I tell you all of this and all you have to ask about is the sexiness level of my girlfriend?"

"SHE'S HOT!" A female voice yelled in the background.

"Jess." Sam sounded embarrassed.

"She is." Jess, the aforementioned girlfriend, declared.

"Dean?" Sammy finally spoke to him again.

Dean palmed his face, chuckling in disbelief at how weird this day had gone. "It's a lot to digest, Sammy. I think I'm still in the shocked stage of this."

"I get that." He mumbled. "Is Chloe around?"

"No, she skipped out of the house the second she gave me the phone." His accusing glance went towards the door. "She and I are going to have a serious conversation when she gets back though."

"Don't take this out on her Dean." Sam was suddenly protective. "She was just respecting my wishes. She's a kid, okay? She's not-."

"Dude. Chill. You sound as if you think I'm going to go all Kardashian on her ass." And he resented that deeply because who was the one here taking care of her ass in the first place? Him or Sammy?

There was a pause. "You know who the Kardashians are?"

"Screw you Sammy."

Sam had the audacity to snort. "What exactly is she making you watch?"

"E!News." He grumbled, resentful. "It's the only reason I know what a Kardashian is."


"Don't make me go to Cali to kick your ass in front of your girlfriend dude!"

"I bet you watch Dr. Sexy M.D. too."

Dean opened his mouth and closed it a couple of times, sputtering in his denial.


She chewed on her thumbnail in nerves as she drove down the road.

To be honest the blonde really wasn't thinking about the road, there wasn't anyone else driving anyway. Her thoughts were on Dean and Sam and the conversation she knew they must be having right now. It'd always left her uneasy to not tell Dean the fact that she knew Sam, especially considering everything else she kept from him, and the fact that he was sticking around until her father decided he cared enough to show his face in Smallville…well…Chloe had needed to come clean in at least this. Dean might hate her for this. He might have left by the time she got back home. But she needed to do it, had called Sam and told him to talk to his brother or she would. She…she…

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe ran her hand through her hair as she tried to calm herself down. The last thing she needed was to go into a panic attack while driving.

Speaking about her father, other than that one voicemail message she hadn't heard a peep from him in the last two months. He was busy with his "important" meetings. She was used to him not being around anymore but this time he was staying away longer than usual. It made her wonder if he was worried about being in the house without Lois as a buffer. Was he wondering if he could deal with his crazy daughter? Was that why he was staying as far away from here as possible and not even trying to get into contact with her to see how she was doing? He didn't know Dean was staying with her. For all he knew she'd been by herself this whole time.

Gulping back hurt, Chloe pressed down on the accelerator as she neared Loeb Bridge.

How exactly was her father supposed to manage the Luthorcorp plant in Smallville if he was never actually in Smallville?

How did that make any sense?

She'd wondered it a couple of times, but never really vocalized the question.

Turning the volume on the radio up, Chloe registered movement and gazed up right before a silvery blue Porsche 911 slammed into her. The impact sent her car tumbling into the guardrail-through it-and then the scream in her throat was cut short during the freefall as her head hit the steering wheel. She must have blacked out. It was the only explanation she could come up with for one minute hitting water, and the next waking up to find herself fully submerged underwater, water filling the car slowly yet surely, reaching her to her chin.

Close by she could see the same Porsche also resting on the bottom of Elbow River as well. There was someone inside it, a male, and he seemed unconscious.


Just great.

She looked outside, up above, at how much higher the surface was. If she made the swim up she didn't think she'd have enough lung-power to make it back down. But could she get to the guy and get him up as well without drowning herself?

And who the hell was he?

No one in Smallville had a Porsche.

Unhooking her seatbelt, Chloe tried her door, and on the third attempt got it open, taking in her last breath as water flooded inside. The blonde pushed the seat to push herself off of, swimming towards the Porsche, making it quick than she'd expected and yet her lungs were still burning her from lack of oxygen. Luckily for her, but not for the stranger, he'd had his window rolled down so it was easy for her to reach in at him. He had a wound on his head, like the one she probably had, but considering his window was rolled all the way down he was half drowned if not completely dead by now.

His eyes fluttered open for a second, staring at her before shutting.

Swimming inside, pulling herself in by his steering wheel, Chloe fought with his seatbelt before finally it was free. She pushed herself out and fought with his body, a couple of bubbles escaping her lips as she yanked him out through the window. Her head was getting dizzy, but the blonde fought to keep awake as she swam desperately to the surface-which seemed so impossibly far away. The teenager felt herself slipping once or twice, but she pushed on, egged by the burning in her chest, until finally she surfaced, breathing in desperate gulps of air as she did so. She shifted onto her back, keeping the stranger's head above water, as she slowly back-paddled towards the shore.

It seemed like an eternity before finally the water was shallow enough for her to find footing, but Chloe was so tired she couldn't even think to do anything but drag the still man to the bank. Her legs were wobbly and her mind screamed for her to lay down next to the man and rest, but Chloe fought that as she searched for a pulse, not finding any.

"Dammit!" Pulling herself up to her knees, Chloe brought her lips to his, pinching his nose as she breathed in, before beginning CPR.

Above she could hear a car screeching to a stop and someone yelling down below if they were okay, but she ignored the voice, continuing to breathe into the man's mouth and pump his chest.

"Come on, come on!"

Suddenly he jerked, spewing out water.

"That's it!" She encouraged, helping him roll to his side so as to purge easier.

His eyes slowly fluttered open and he stared at her in confusion, bringing a hand to his head. "What happened?"

"You ran into me." She made a face, finally allowing herself to collapse next to him on the pebbled shore. "Then we went swimming."

He was still before shooting up into a sitting position, staring at the deceptively still waters of Elbow River. "You…you pulled me out of my car."

She refused to answer because it was obvious, and she was tired.


The question caught her off-guard, and she turned on her side to stare at him in confusion. "Why not?"

He frowned at her in utter confusion, as if he couldn't get why someone would help him like that.

Turning to lay on her back once more, Chloe brought her arm to rest over her eyes to shield them from the glare, in deep mourning. "I didn't get the pie."


He was gonna kill her.

Closing 'Pala's door behind him, Dean barely even gave the deputies cordoning off the area a second glance as he hurried down the path on the side of Loeb Bridge. When he'd finished talking to Sammy he'd been a little concerned to realize the time and the fact that Chloe had yet to return, but he'd brushed it off as her doing her best to avoid the conversation she knew she was in for when she got back. And then Sheriff Miller had called and told him about the accident and Dean had barely gotten the directions from the man before he'd hung up and was on his way, cursing the girl's inability to keep out of mortal danger.

He was beginning to understand Lois' plight a bit more during these last two months of almost every night waking up to Chloe's screams and nightmares. He'd never been much of a sleeper himself, but it'd gotten worse as he found himself subconsciously half asleep waiting for the sound of the screaming to begin. He'd then make the now familiar trip towards her bedroom to shake the girl up and end whatever horror was besieging her. They'd both need the alcohol by then, neither wanting to talk about it, instead just sharing a bottle and sitting on the edge of her bed in the darkness until the tipsiness finally took over and she conked out again.

And that was only during the night.

The girl had panic attacks that rendered her useless. She'd start trembling like a kitten in a downpour, and many times wasn't able to hold her food down. And then there were the ghost pains that most of the times ended with her crying on the floor.

He'd met her Quack Doc, some blonde woman with a pixie-cut and a smirk. According to Doc Masters this was all inflicted on Chloe by her own subconscious, and the hunter couldn't help but think that was the biggest pile of shit that he'd ever heard. There was no way that that kid hated herself so much as to subconsciously be doing this to herself.

"How many times do I have to say that I'm fine?" Chloe's annoyed voice wanted to know as the blonde slapped away the hands of a paramedic.

Oh yeah.

There was the fact that she seemed to have some sort of aversion to being touched.

Of course there were exceptions, such as Clark, Pete and himself, but otherwise Chloe got bitchy if people came too close to her.

She must have caught his movement out of the corner of her eye, because she looked up at him and her eyes widened like a child caught with a hand in the cookie jar. She stood and threw off the blanket, revealing her soaking wet clothes as she took a couple of wobbly steps towards him. "It wasn't my fault."

Taking in a deep breath, realizing that if she was trying to pass on the blame she was fine, Dean shook his head as he went towards her. "This was your attempt to get out of our talk once you got home, wasn't it?"

For a second she seemed confused, and then she smiled. "You got me. I'm transparent."

Dean smirked, shaking his head as he came to stand in front of her, gaze taking her in and categorizing each bruise and cut.

Considering the fall she was relatively unharmed.

"You okay?"

She smiled brighter and nodded.

"It was my fault." Another voice announced, drawing Dean's attention towards a male around his age with a bald head and a blanket wrapped around him as well. "I wasn't paying attention and I ran into her. She-she saved my life."

Who exactly was this?

Dean hadn't seen him before in town.

"I'm Lex, Lex Luthor." He held out his hand. "You must be Chloe's brother."

Chloe's mouth fell open comically.

Dean made a face, somewhat unnerved by the assumption. "Not her brother." He shook the hand nonetheless, putting enough force behind it to let the other guy know he wasn't happy with him in the least bit for his careless actions. "Come on Chloe, we're going home."

"Did you say Lex Luthor?" Chloe squeaked.

"Chloe." Dean motioned with his head towards the trail.

"Coming!" She nodded, finally tearing her wide-eyed gaze from Luthor before hurrying after Dean, catching up with him easily given the fact that he'd slowed his pace for her. "That was rude."

"He's a Luthor. I want nothing to do with anything related to that damn house." Dean grumbled.

"None of that was his fault you know." She pointed out all sensibly.

"You've nearly died twice in incidents that had to do with Luthors." He raised an eyebrow at her. "Don't forget that."

She hugged herself, shivering slightly.

He sighed, pulling off his windbeater and passing it to her. "Won't do to have you freeze to death before we have our little chat about you keeping your knowing Sammy a secret from me all this time."

The blonde flinched as she pulled it on. "It wasn't my fault?"

Shaking his head, Dean flung an arm around her shoulders, feeling how cold she was through the material.

He could feel Luthor's gaze on their backs.

The hunter tightened his grip on the blonde's shoulders, fighting the feeling of unease steadily growing in the pit of his stomach.

6th-Sep-2012 06:18 pm (UTC)
oh, I'm on this like a hellhound
6th-Sep-2012 09:39 pm (UTC)
LOVE that one! :D
6th-Sep-2012 08:42 pm (UTC)
very cool ♥
6th-Sep-2012 09:40 pm (UTC)
Love the icon! And thanks!
7th-Sep-2012 01:33 pm (UTC)
YES, sequel! Squeee!
8th-Sep-2012 02:56 am (UTC)
*grins brightly*
8th-Sep-2012 02:42 am (UTC)
I love Clue! It's one of my all time favorite movies! I'm so stoked you included it in a fic! Great job bringing Lex into this. I can't wait to see what part he plays in the big picture.
8th-Sep-2012 02:56 am (UTC)
Thanks! I adore that movie too and just HAD to work it in here!
8th-Sep-2012 03:38 am (UTC)
Awesome! A sequel to your other awesome story See No Evil. I'm in love with your work all over again. MORE PLEASE!

Edited at 2012-09-08 03:42 am (UTC)
8th-Sep-2012 12:04 pm (UTC)
Thanks! That means a lot!
11th-Sep-2012 08:10 pm (UTC)
*grin*... i know she's just 15 but all i can think of, is an obsessed lex as rival for dean....

love the start...
11th-Sep-2012 10:26 pm (UTC)
That would be a thought, wouldn't it? lol
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loved the banner
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