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The Miracle Child 3/3 
8th-Nov-2008 12:45 pm
chlark----chasing chloe

Title: The Miracle Child
Series: 2nd in Chlonnor series
Pairing: some chlark, mentioned chlangelus, working its way to future chlonnor
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville nor Angel.
Summary:Connor's born and things in the Hyperion are chaotic. Not only is Angel in love with being a daddy, and Holtz still out there, but Chloe suddenly meets up with a friend who thought she died years ago in Smallville.


Cordelia’s being part demon was of course great because the visions weren’t killing her anymore, but those consequences sure were getting more and more interesting. First she’d levitated off the ground, then the next time she’d been really irritated and the vase Fred had just bought to liven up the lobby of the Hyperion exploded, and then during this last vision—warning them that something bad was going to happen (in other words, it wasn’t telling them anything they already didn’t know) Cordelia had become invisible for the better half of the day.

She still took over Connor’s care though, and it was very amusing to see Connor being handled by an invisible person. It looked like a ghost was tending to him, and Chloe couldn’t help but laugh when Lorne had made some crack about it.

Of course, he’d suffered for it by having a bottle of milk being thrown at him, but the Pylean demon had managed to duck in time, causing the bottle to burst on the table---over some ancient scrolls that Wesley had gone to great trouble to ‘acquire’.

So everyone had hurriedly left the lobby and hid out in Chloe’s room out of fear of what Wesley would do when he came back and found his ancient, ‘magnificently rare’ scrolls dripping with milk.

“Wesley’s going to kill us.” Fred announced with a nervous glance at door, as if expecting the handsome Brit to come charging through with a swords a-blazing to slice their heads off.

“Talking about Wes,” Chloe frowned as she took a sip of her hot chocolate. “Has anyone else noticed something strange about him?”

“With English?” Gunn asked in surprise where he sat on the ground next to Fred, sharing a bag of chips with his girlfriend. “He’s British, they’re strange to us. That’s just how things are.”

Fred slapped his shoulder playfully. “Behave. Wes isn’t weird.” She paused. “By our standards anyway.”

“Which really isn’t saying much.” Cordelia shook her head before smiling, finally becoming visible once more. “Anyway, what I’m really interested in talking about is this romantic weekend getaway Chloe and Mr. Abs of Steel are having.” The brunette turned a cheeky grin on her blonde friend. “So? Where is he taking you to ravish you into a bumbling pile of desire?”

A) It’s not a romantic weekend getaway.” Chloe rolled her eyes at Cordelia. “B) There will be no ravishing. Honestly, this is Clark we’re talking about. There are no such intentions in his invitation.”

“I don’t know honeybuns.” Lorne grinned from where he was wiggling a giggling Connor’s nose. “Remember, I’m an empathy demon, and when he sang She Could’ve Been Mine on his second appearance, well, let’s just say that that alien wasn’t talking about the Hyperion.”

Chloe blushed scarlet and ignored the grins sent to her by her friends. Now that they’d been assured that Clark was good, they were all quite happy with him hanging around the way he’d been doing of late. All except Angel of course, he never really did warm up to the alien, but Chloe really blamed it on the Angelus within.

“Guys, really, nothing’s going on between Clark and I.” The blonde suddenly found her nails interesting, a small frown touching her lips causing her fiends to share a concerned look. “It’s, it’s confusing really. I mean, when I was in Smallville I’d kill for Clark Kent to notice me, and now, I don’t know. Somehow—somehow it kinda feels wrong whenever we’re together and looking at each other and---he’s tried to kiss me, you know.”

Really?!?” Cordelia squealed. “When? Tell me all about it! I want details!”

Gunn shook his head and turned to Fred. “You guys weren’t like this when you ‘n me started going out, right?”

Fred blushed and ducked her gaze, wisely not saying a word.

Chloe ignored those seated on the ground, looking at her hands. “Well, he’s tried kissing me three times now. The first two times I was able to pretend that I didn’t get what he was doing, but the third I had to tell him that I didn’t think I was ready.” She sighed. “I don’t think Clark’s my future.”

“Chloe, it’s just a kiss.” Cordelia leaned forwards and grabbed her friend’s hands, squeezing them reassuringly. “I know that the only real, stable ‘boyfriend’ you ever had was Angelus---and I can understand how that could scar someone for life when it comes to guys---but you’ve got to live a little! Have some fun! You’re young, blonde and beautiful!”

Chloe blushed slightly. “Thanks Cor.”

“It’s the truth.” Cordelia grinned, squeezing some more. “Now I want you to go with Clark and enjoy yourself. I want you to stop worrying about things, about pasts and futures and just live! Have fun! And don’t forget to bring me back a souvenir!”

Fred and Gunn exchanged amused chuckles.

Lorne smiled tenderly at Chloe. “She’s right, sugerplumb, you’re too young and pretty to be safe when it comes to love and all that jazz. Believe me, if any of us singles here had someone like Clark after us, we wouldn’t care about anything else and we’d dive into it headlong.”

“And probably end up pregnant with some demon spawn,” Cordelia chipped, remembering that time in her life with a wince before brightening once more. “But, hey, look at the bright side. You don’t have to worry about that because Clark’s an alien and not a demon!”

Gunn shook his head. “Who would have thought that I’d live to see the day that my friends would talk so normally about their demon and alien boyfriends?”

Hey, never knock a demon until you’ve tried one.” Lorne retorted impishly, causing Fred and Cordelia to laugh while Gunn made a face.

“I’m very happy with my girl here.” Gunn announced, slinging his arm around Fred’s shoulders and pulling her closing, planting a kiss on the side of her face.

Fred giggled and blushed, leaning into his touch.

Cordelia’s grip on Chloe’s hands loosened as she watched those two lovebirds, the smile slipping slightly from her face.

Chloe noticed this and narrowed her eyes in confusion, turning to look at Lorne, but the green demon only shrugged at her silent question.

Taking in a deep breath, Cordelia looked away from Gunn and Fred and the smile was back on her face, though not half as bright as it’d been seconds before. “I think someone should go downstairs and see if loverboy has arrived to pick you up, and if he is, that Angel isn’t giving him the whole ‘father-grilling-daughter’s-first-date’ thing.” With that she shot up from the bed and hurried out of the room.

Fred and Gunn were so into each other, grinning and sighing happily that they didn’t notice anything going around them.

Chloe sent Lorne another look. One that said by the time I come back you better know what’s going on and tell me.

Lorne, being the amazingly perceptive demon that he was, gave her a discreet nod before passing Connor to her as he got up and stretched, mumbling about getting himself a Sea Breeze as he left the room.

Chloe shook her head at him before looking down at Connor, who was peacefully asleep, at peace in a once haunted hotel filled with demons and other oddities.

A phone rang and Gunn reached for his cell, bringing it to his ear. “Gunn.” He smiled. “Nah Angel, everything’s fine. We’re just chillin’ with Chlo in her room. Yeah. She’s still here, wanna talk to her? Okay, sure. Yeah. I’ll give him ‘the talk’ for you the minute he comes for her.”

Chloe sent Gunn a look that clearly said traitor!

He just grinned at her and continued to talk to Angel on the cell. “Yeah, yeah, no problem. Wes still with you? Hhhmph. Where is English then?”

Chloe didn’t hear the rest of the conversation because she heard Cordelia screaming her name from downstairs. “CHLOE! CLARK’S HERE!

Chloe and Fred exchanged a look before the blonde carefully got to her feet, passing Connor to Fred. The baby woke up the moment he changed arms and began to cry.

“Yep, you’re right Angel.” Gunn shook his head, watching his girlfriend trying in vain to calm down the baby. “Connor doesn’t like him much either. Hmm? Yeah, now that you mention it, they do say something about kids having sixth sense when it comes to people.”

“Stop egging him on.” Chloe groaned at the mischievously grinning Gunn as she left the room and hurried down the stairs to find Cordelia and Clark laughing at something Lorne was saying between sips of his Sea Breeze.

Clark looked up the moment he saw the blonde and smiled. “Chloe.”

“Hey Clark.” She smiled, realizing that he was standing next to her suitcase. “You ready to go?”

“Sure.” He nodded, picking up her suitcase and saying goodbye to Lorne and Cordelia.

Contented as she watched Clark talk to her friends as openly as if they’d known each other for years, Chloe began to hum a tune she’d heard Darla singing to Connor while he was still within her during those rare moments in which she’d act like a mother.

Chloe hugged Cordelia, and then did the same with Gunn and Fred when they hurried down to say goodbye---all the while humming and in a good mood. Cordy and Lorne were right. Why think about a future and who was hers if she might die tomorrow and not have a future at all?

And if she did…who was to say that it wasn’t Clark?

She didn’t notice the way that Lorne had jerked his head in her direction the moment she’d begun humming, or the wide-eyed way he was staring at her. She didn’t even notice it when she hugged the green demon.

Lorne hugged Chloe back strongly and whispered in her ear. “I get why you don’t want to kiss him now, sweetiepie, you know he isn’t your future. You’ve seen him, haven’t you?”

“Huh?” Chloe pulled away, looking at the green demon in confusion. What was he talking about?

Lorne just gave her a lopsided grin and squeezed her arm. “Behave yourself.”

First he tells me to live and then he tells me to behave? Chloe shook her head at the Pylean demon before turning to Clark. “Ready to take me to this big surprise of yours?”

Clark smiled, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. “Close your eyes.” And with a blink and a rush of wind, they were gone.


“Clark?” Chloe asked as she looked around her in confusion once they’d stopped seconds later. “Where exactly are we?”

“New Orleans.” Clark admitted softly. “There’s someone here I think you’ll want to see.”

To say that Chloe was intrigued was putting it lightly. She allowed Clark to take her into the inn and was shocked at how relieved she was when she found out that the room he’d booked came with two beds.

Apparently she was going to be ‘behaving’ after all.

They checked into the room, got their things, and then Chloe let Clark lead her out. She asked him many questions, like where they were going, who he knew who lived in New Orleans, and why he thought she needed to see this person. But Clark just remained silent until they reached a café and he pointed within through the glass.

Making a face at him, Chloe shook her head at the whole mystery and peeked inside. Yet the moment her eyes landed on the person inside, she froze, eyes widening as she saw her father sitting by a table, reading a newspaper.


“I asked my friend Oliver to pull in a few favors and see if he could locate your father.” Clark announced with a shy expression. “I thought, I don’t know, you’d want to see him and know that he was okay.”

Clark…” Chloe whispered, but her sentence died when she noticed a pretty redheaded woman holding a baby in her arms return from the bathroom and kiss her father in the mouth. “He---he has another family.”

Clark blinked in surprise as he noticed the fact that the baby looked identical to Gabe Sullivan. “Chloe, I—I didn’t know this. I---if I did I would have warned you—I would have---.”

Chloe raised her hand and silenced him, watching her father as he put down his newspaper and pressed a kiss to the woman’s lips, taking the baby boy from her arms. Happiness and satisfaction colored Gabe Sullivan’s face as he made faces at his son, rubbing their noses together and laughing out loud when the boy giggled and waved his chubby arms around happily and extremely enthusiastically.

The blonde laughed softly as she watched the energetic baby, a sad and yet satisfied smile touched her face as she tilted her head to the side.

Ever since reading about her father’s disappearance after her supposed murder she’d always feared that something bad had happened to him. And yet now here she was, seeing him happier than she’d ever seen him in her life. He was laughing and happy with a woman and child. He’d moved on, made his own family.

Just like Chloe had.

She smiled as she looked at him. “I love you dad. Be happy.” Turning to Clark, the blonde smiled, tears in her eyes, and wrapped herself around his arm. “Let’s get out of here.”

Clark looked down at her in concern but nodded, and they began to walk back to the inn. “I really didn’t know about this, Chloe. I—I’m sorry.”

“Why?” Chloe asked as she looked up at him, enjoying the sun on her face. “He’s happy, Clark. That’s what I’ve been hoping for, ever since all of this happened. It’s better this way. He’s gotten past the mourning and he’s got a family, a new one---just like I do.”

Clark watched her oddly as they passed shops on the street. “Family, huh?”

“Yeah.” Chloe nodded with a grin, wiping at a tear that made its way down her cheek. “We’ve got daddy Angel, mommy Cordelia, uncle Lorne, big brothers Wes and Gunn, big sis Fred, and we even got a baby of our own, Connor.”

“The miracle child.” Clark nodded before looking to where they were going. “You—you made an interesting family for yourself, Chloe. And you guys love each other more than I’ve seen real families do.”

“I know.” She whispered, realizing just how true that was. “I love them so much—as if they were my own flesh and blood. I can’t really be angry at Angelus for what he did all those years ago, because if he hadn’t sired me in that alley in Metropolis I wouldn’t be here now with this family I love so much.”

Clark didn’t answer, he sighed and looked up at the sky. “So, since you don’t want to tell your father the truth—what do you want to do? I doubt Angel’s gonna let you leave again any time soon—and I…” he paused, looking at her finally. “I have to leave soon.”

Leave?” Chloe asked, eyes wide as she turned to look at him. “Where are you going?”

“To train with my real father.” And Clark told her about the promise he’d made his true father to go to train with him so that he could one day make the House of EL proud of him.

“And so you’re going to go become a warrior.” Chloe smiled tenderly at him. “A hero…a superhero.”

“Well, I’m going to train.” Clark blushed. “And I’m going after this weekend is up.” His blush darkened. “I wanted to spend the time with you.”

Chloe blushed too. “You’re too sweet, Clark.”

They spent the weekend traveling all over the place ‘spying’ on old friends. Pete was still in Wichita, enjoying his time with his mother and playing hoops with his cousins. Whitney was currently serving in the army, ready to be shipped off to Afghanistan. And Lana was living in France with the boyfriend she’d made there, a handsome guy named Jason Teague.

Chloe enjoyed the time immensely, and although they never revealed their presence to their friends Chloe felt as if that gap she’d left open and empty in her past was now filled and closed. She now knew that all the people she’d cared about the most in the past were all happy and settled into new, exciting lives.

And when the weekend was over, she was sad to see it go, but excited to go back home and see how everyone was doing. She’d gotten everyone souvenirs from France---the most exotic of all the places she and Clark had visited---and knew that Cordelia was going to love the portrait she’d gotten an artist under the Eiffle Tower to draw of the brunette from a picture she’d had in her wallet.

On their last night they spent the time in Metropolis, and Chloe couldn’t help but find it ironic that they ended up in the nightclub that she’d been in when she’d first seen Angel, Drusilla and Spike.

God, that seemed like lifetimes ago.

They decided to spend an extra day just so they could roam Metropolis like they had in their teenaged years, and while Chloe was a little worried because no one was picking up the phone at the Hyperion she guessed that they were on a case and were busy, so she didn’t think too much of it.

She enjoyed her last day with Clark and when he left her at the front door of the Hyperion she’d kissed him. It’d hadn’t blown her world, it hadn’t even given it a little nudge, but at least she’d gotten that question out of her system.

She loved Clark Kent dearly—but he was not her future.

Waving goodbye, she waited until Clark superspeeded away before bursting into the old hotel with bright eyes and large smile---before suddenly noticing the look on everyone’s face.

Her happiness died a tragic death as she dropped everything when she realized there was a large red pentagram in the middle of the lobby, and she could smell human blood.

What happened?”

She’d stood in horror as Fred, Cordelia, Gunn and Lorne told her about how only hours after she’d left, Wesley had kidnapped Connor. Chloe couldn’t believe them—Wesley would never do something like that!

And then Fred told her about the Nyasian scrolls that’d foretold The Father Will Kill The Son---obviously referring to Angel and Connor. It’d been a set up orchestrated by the demon who’d brought Holtz to this time, but of course Wesley hadn’t known that at the time.

Chloe’d been frozen, listening to how demons had attacked the place, Wolfram and Hart had attacked, and how Holtz and his Slayer-wannabee of a sidekick Justine had nearly killed Wesley before taking Connor.

It’d all ended up in one climatic showdown in which Angel, Wolfram and Hart, Holtz and Justine, and also the demon Sahjhan had made an appearance. The demon had ripped open into the reality of a Hell Dimension called Quor’toth and threatened to suck the whole world into it if someone didn’t kill Connor. Holtz had escaped into this dimension through the rip in reality with baby Connor right before Sahjhan closed the rip once more before Angel could jump in after…

And then Sahjhan had just disappeared.

“I can’t---,” Chloe felt dizzy, unable to believe that all of this had happened during her short time away. “How--?”

“And that ain’t even the whole of it.” Gunn sighed as he took over telling her the rest.

He told how Angel had gone off the deep end by kidnapping Wolfram and Hart’s Special Projects Director Linwood, and had tortured him and kept him at the Hyperion for his part in what had happened and also to get him to help Angel get Connor back—or at least open another rip to the Hell Dimension the child had been taken to.

He’d also wanted to get to Sahjahn, to force him to rip another portal, but to hurt the immaterial demon he’d had to make him material…and that was why there were marks of black, dangerous magic in the hotel. Why there was a large pentagram and blood and other things that just shouldn’t be there.

Angel, with help from Wolfram and Hart of all people, had cast a very dark spell in the Hyperion, and while it’d made Sahjahn tangible it had all been in vain. According to Sahjahn he couldn’t rip the reality again or the whole world would be destroyed---and he didn’t want Connor back anyway---because it was prophesied that Angel’s son would one day kill him.

The demon had been trapped in an urn, and Chloe really didn’t care about the rest. She’d rushed to where she knew Angel was and as soon as she entered Connor’s empty nursery she threw herself into her sire’s arms.

And suddenly they were crying. Angel held her close to him, in a painful hug, as he cried and wept and swore he was going to kill everyone who’d had a part in this.

She’d waited until he’d cried himself asleep before getting up and going to the hospital to see Wesley. She knew that Angel had tried to suffocate him with a pillow, she knew that the vampire would kill her friend if he saw him, and she knew that everyone blamed Wesley for his part in all of this.

But Wesley was her friend too, and she understood what he’d done. She didn’t agree with it, didn’t condone it, but she understood why he’d done it.

And she’d told him so.

Once again she was left comforting a broken, beaten, and lost man.

When visiting hours were over she went back to the Hyperion and went to her room. How could so many things have happened in such a short span of time?

The blonde went to bed and fell asleep to the horrible images that went through her head of hell, and of a baby crying for his father.

Oh Connor. She closed her eyes tightly, crying softly. We’ll get you back somehowI promise.

When, a little later she heard her room door open and sensed her sire, Chloe looked up at the broken vampire before her. She lifted the sheets, and for the first time since they’d moved out of Angel’s apartment they shared a bed.

Chloe held her sire close as he cried for his son, and he held onto her as if she was his last line to sanity.

“The Powers are punishing me.” Angel whispered, heartbrokenly. “A monster took you from your father, and a monster has taken my son from me.”

“Angel, don’t say that.” Chloe whispered, running her hands through his hair as he clung to her. “You’re their champion, The Powers That Be are not at fault here.”

Neither slept that night.

“I miss him, Chloe.” Angel whispered as the morning began to dawn its rays. “I usually spend the nights just watching him sleep. What—what if he’s hungry? Or feeling sick? What if Holtz doesn’t take care of him?”

“He’s fine, Angel.” Chloe promised. “I know it. Don’t ask me how. But I do. And we’re going to find him and bring him back. You hear me?”

He nodded, and a little later, out of obvious exhaustion, he fell asleep.

Chloe ran her fingers through Angel’s hair tenderly with a sigh before glaring up at the ceiling. “Now you listen to me you frickin’ powers,” she kept her voice a low hiss as to not awaken her sire. “I don’t give a crap that you’re Higher Beings and that you watch and don’t do anything to help because its against your little rules. Angel’s done everything you’ve ever asked him to do, and now I’m demanding you do something for him!

There was no answer, no hint that a High Being, a High Power was paying attention to her or her demands.

And Chloe didn’t care. “I don’t know how you do it and I don’t care. But you bring Connor back to us, you get it? Otherwise Angel will be destroyed and you won’t have your champion anymore. So even if it’s for your own selfish reasons, you bring Connor back!

Still, nothing.

And yet for some reason, Chloe felt peace. She closed her eyes and snuggled closer to Angel. Somehow she drifted off into sleep, and she dreamt of baby Connor.


As Chloe dreamt of her family happy and all together once more, she didn’t know that the demands she’d made of The Powers That Be were going to be granted sooner than she’d thought---and in ways she’d never dreamt of.



8th-Nov-2008 06:36 pm (UTC)
Awweee poor Angel! Poor Chloe!!!! Seriously can't wait for more!!!

I always wondered where her father went off to, lmao.
8th-Nov-2008 07:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I wanted to let everyone know that Gabe was fine and having his own life now. And this way Chloe wouldn't feel so guilty about letting him continue thinking that she's dead.

1st-Jan-2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
Jeeze, talk about a distraught family. Someone needs to hug Angel. At least Connor will be back.
2nd-Jan-2010 12:55 am (UTC)
this part in the series always made me want to both hug and slap angel....
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