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Midas Touch 5/5 
27th-Sep-2012 02:44 pm
Midas Touch

Title: Midas Touch
Sequel to: Spring-Heeled Jack
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Bobby, Sam/Jess
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville/Supernatural, or Wonderland by Natalia Kills
Summary: Chloe is trying to figure out the new dynamics to the relationship she has with Dean and exploring her boundaries. Dean is trying to understand the way she sees him while being annoyed by his own reactions to the shift in their relationship. Sam is determined to figure out what exactly is going on. And Bobby? Bobby just wants to stop turning everything into gold. Is that really asking so much?
Written for my LJ 150 Paranormal Prompt Table. Prompt used #98: Alchemy.
This will be a short story...working slowly towards a tiny bit of romance.
Chloe - 16 & Dean - 23

Chloe's eyes fluttered open for a second before closing as she yawned, snuggling up closer against the source of heat. Her sleep-addled mind wasn't exactly sure why this was the first night she'd gone through without horrifying nightmares waking her up screaming, but she didn't care, already falling back into sleep. She would have drifted off completely had a grip she hadn't realized was around her tightened, and someone murmured sleepily into her hair.

Eyes flying open, Chloe froze as she came face to chest with Dean Winchester. He was sleeping on her bed, facing towards her, his arm looped around her waist while his leg was looped between hers, keeping her anchored and quite trapped against him.

This whole situation shocked her, it did, but what shocked Chloe was her lack of fear. When someone else kept her from being able to move, especially away, she usually had a panic attack. But not now. Not at all. If anything, the blonde wanted to curl closer and go back to sleep.

She tipped her head backwards to get a view of his sleeping face and stared at it in a near trance, unable to keep the soft smile from her own.

He was just too damn special.

The blonde gulped as she reached out and ran her fingers down the side of his face, careful to make her movements soft enough not to wake him up, surprised at how much she liked his sleeping face. Her fingers brushed against his lips and she breathed in deeply at the rate her heart spiked at the mere touch.

Guilt filled her as she let her hand rest around his waist.

This guy liked Lois...and Lois liked him.

Chloe closed her eyes tightly and told herself to just go to sleep and stop being so stupid.

Her phone vibrated behind her on the side table, and green opened as she somehow managed to twist her upper body in his tight hold and reach around with a wince, hands finally finding the thing and bringing it to her vision without waking Dean.

The only reason she checked it out was because a part of her hoped that it might be Lois calling to wish her a Happy Birthday...and yet it wasn't her cousin at all.

The caller I.D. read "WADE".

Chloe gulped back her stark disappointment, wondering why she was so surprised to see that Wade was calling her.

Hadn't he been doing a countdown?

Wasn't the time up?

She should answer him.

She should pull away from Dean, somehow ease out of his arms, and go talk to Wade in the bathroom so the older man could sleep.

Wade was a good guy.

He'd saved her life.

Even Dr. Masters thought she should give him a try.

She should.

Chloe licked her lips, thumb hovering over the answer button.

Dean groaned in his sleep, probably bothered by the vibrating sound, holding onto her tighter and burying his face in her hair.

Something in Chloe's heart burned.

It almost hurt.

It was as if there was something inside of her that really wanted her to answer Wade's call, to pull away from Dean and talk to the tattooed man instead...and the fact that she wasn't doing that hurt.

But Chloe was no stranger to pain, and when Dean sighed happily into her hair, falling deeper into sleep, her thumb moved over the phone's screen and turned the thing off. That pain inside of her hurt more but she threw the phone behind her, the device making noise as it hit the ground, but she didn't care, already snuggling closer to Dean.

He mumbled, tightening his hold on her waist, his thigh curling more securely between hers.

The pain intensified.

She ignored it, slowly tilting her face up towards the one he had dipped towards her. Her arm returned to rest around his waist as well, her gaze fascinated with his sleeping expression, before resting on his lips and she found herself gulping as she stared.

Slowly, through her haze, she remembered the events that'd led to her waking up in bed with him, and she could feel a blush darkening her body at the realization that she'd been in that lingerie set in front of Dean...and had then fallen asleep on top of him with his hardon pressed firmly against the V of her thighs.

The blonde gulped, her throat incredibly dry, her heart racing fiercely in her chest. Her body felt hot, her heart raced, and she could feel heat tingle at the V of her thighs in remembrance, which shocked the hell out of her and caused green eyes to widen.

She-was she-was this-?

The blonde gulped, a blush making its way down her chest as her gaze returned to the hunter's face.

The pain within her was growing and yet somehow she managed to ignore it, entranced by this situation and revelation.

She needed to know for sure, to prove that she could be aroused and not terrified. This was a scientific experiment and nothing else. It was all in the name of science and her peace of mind...and hope for a possible quasi-normal future sex life.

That was her excuse.

And if that one wasn't enough, the blonde had another one she was all-too willing to use:

Dean hadn't given her a birthday gift.

Closing her eyes, the blonde stretched slightly, bringing her lips to his in a soft kiss...the pain within her exploding with intensity, almost as if something had cracked...and then was completely gone, leaving only pleasure behind. Her lips moved softly against Dean's, warmth and pleasure and something near ticklish traveling down her body at the contact, completely unlike anything else she'd ever felt before.

It took her breath away.

Finally pulling away, Chloe tilted her head downwards and rested her burning face against his chest as she tightened her grip on him subconsciously. Breaths a pant, green eyes widened in shock, her body tingling as he murmured something in his sleep and rubbed his cheek against the crown of her head and sleepily brushed the small of her back, his hand on the skin under the shirt.

Fear was no where to be seen...and when his hand stopped its movement and he started snoring softly the only thing she felt was...disappointment.

The blonde's lips parted before burying her completely crimson face in the sleeping hunter's chest.

Oh dear god...

...she might have a very serious problem!

With her heart racing the way it was she didn't fall back to sleep immediately...but when she finally did it was to another incredibly wonderful, nightmare-less rest.


"What do you mean?" Uriel looked up at Castiel, relieved that he didn't have to disguise his horror. "That's impossible!"

"It seems that it is not." Castiel declared in his monotone way, facial expressions to a minimum. "Just minutes ago the sigils on her heart cracked."

"But-how?" Uriel ran his hand over his head in confusion, in horror, in agitation. "No one has ever done this before! Why her? Why now?"

"We cannot understand this either." Castiel replied, raising an eyebrow in thought. "We've used this method on all past Assets to direct their romantic attentions towards a suitable male human with whom she was capable of conceiving the True Vessels...and even though once or twice the Asset has been happily married to someone else and with children already none of them have ever fought the soulmate sigils before. It's-."


"Fascinating." Castiel tilted his head to the side. "The sigils haven't disappeared completely, they're still there and will have some influence...but their total control has been destroyed...and we still have not been about to discover what exactly happened to crack and so damage them and their hold on her."

Uriel clenched his fists at his sides. "This can ruin the whole operation. The destined Battle could be postponed for only Father knows how long!"

"True." Castiel nodded before walking off.

Uriel glared at his superior's back before disappearing with a clap of lightning and thunder, heading towards where that damned demon was to give him the news.


Bobby couldn't be happier to be back and able to touch things without them going all gold and girly. His house and all he owned were truly back to normal, not so annoyingly shiny and yellow.

Shivering at the mere memory, Bobby patted his trucker hat against his knee before putting it on, going to stare out of the window at his beloved junkyard.

Earlier on he'd gone out and sent the information to Frank, including the picture Dean had brought him, and although Bobby had never been halfhearted in his attempt to help the younger hunter find out the truth about whatever had happened to this Lois Lane girl, his resolve and determination had grown tenfold since actually meeting her young cousin. The girl was a little annoying with her constant rambling and her bossiness, but that was what reminded him of Karen.

Karen would have done the exact same thing Chloe had if she'd been in her situation, and would have uttered that "don't make me use baby-talk" line too...she'd actually done it once when Bobby had been really sick and really stubborn.

Smiling softly at the memory of his wife, for once able to think of her without that crushing guilt, Bobby went to make some coffee.

Today was a new day, and it seemed like it was going to be a good one.


Sam was awake.

Didn't mean he was moving from bed though, not with Jessica sleeping half on top of him.

He smiled tenderly, pressing a kiss to her forehead before returning his gaze to the ceiling once more as his thoughts centered on his brother. The man had changed a lot since Sam had last seen him, and the younger Winchester felt some guilt as he realized just how much he'd cut Dean out so he could live the 'normal' life. He felt sad to realize just how much Dean had changed for the better-and how little of it Sam had seen actually happening-there was no way he could claim credit for any of it either.

It was all Chloe.

Lois probably had some to do with it too because even though Sam had never met the brunette he knew enough about her from Chloe and knew that if she was anything like her cousin she was endearing and brought out the protectiveness and good in people. So he wasn't downplaying the other girl at all, but he didn't know her, and to be truthful Chloe was the one Dean had been with these last months, so Sam was going to just blame Chloe.

Sam had witnessed the way those two were with each other, and while his protective older brother feelings towards Chloe made Sam want to seriously have a conversation with Dean about age differences...the little brother in him that just wanted his older brother to be happy was stronger, and so Sam decided he was going to listen to Jess and butt out.

It was none of his business.

Smiling at this decision, Sam sighed and closed his eyes, deciding to spend the rest of this mini vacation getting reacquainted with his brother.

He fell back to sleep with a grin.


She had a rare day without classes and had used it to finish up the manuscript and edit it a couple of times. The dreams had been driving her insane, and yesterday had felt so incredibly lonely for some reason. She'd been depressed, feeling like she was forgetting something important, like she should be somewhere else with someone else. The brunette had been near tears without even knowing why.

It was probably what'd driven her to finish the manuscript based on the first chunk of dreams she'd written down, fleshing out a story and developing the characters, feeling like somehow she was discovering something about herself as she did.

The brunette really didn't think that she'd really make much money off of this, especially since it'd just basically taken her a couple of days to write and arrange into a legible document, but she felt the need to share this. It was why she'd signed up on Amazon Kindle and had published her ebook on its free site.

'Hallowed Ground' didn't have a Hollywood quality cover, but she figured the tagline "All ye who enter here...abandon all Hope" was enticing enough...though she though the drawing of a sandy-blonde haired male, a brunette woman, and a younger blonde girl entering a haunted looking town would attract attention.

The woman gazed at the summary, feeling a little silly for writing herself into the story, though considering she was writing under a pseudonym no one else would know.

'Lois just wanted to help her traumatized younger cousin forget about the attack that'd left her scarred, both mentally and physically. Dean just wanted to get away for a while and wrap his head around his little brother choosing a normal life and Stanford over their family. Neither of them expected what they were getting into when they arrived in Hope.'

Not understanding why she felt so sad, so alone, so lost, Lois shook her head and sighed, closing the page.

That was that.

Now she needed to finish her homework.


"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Uriel snapped at Azazel, even more annoyed since the demon was as calm as always. "YOU let the Michael's Sword stay! YOU let the human she was paired with go! OBVIOUSLY this is tied in somehow!"

The demon raised an eyebrow. "She's resisted the soulmate sigils enough to crack them." He steepled his hands over the desk. "That's fascinating."


Uriel growled and disappeared before he did something he couldn't take back.


Dean hadn't slept this amazingly in a while and wasn't sure why. It was only when he started to really wake up did he realize something was off, and that was only because one of his arms had gone to sleep and was completely numb.

Lights hazels opened and then widened as they landed on a messy mop of golden hair that belonged to the head resting on his numb arm. He couldn't see the girl's face due to it being tucked into his chest, but he knew without a doubt that it was Chloe. She snored softly against him, her arm around his waist and her thigh between his, curled around his.

This was that he was similarly positioned, with his free arm around her, and his leg curled as well, anchoring her close. Up until that moment he'd apparently been sleeping with his chin resting against the crown of her head.

The hunter gulped as he remembered exactly how he'd managed to fall asleep in the same bed as the girl, self-conscious as hell.

What the hell was happening here?

This was just damn inappropriate!

The girl was going to have a freak out when she woke up and found herself in bed with him! Dean wasn't even too sure if she'd remember why exactly that had happened, and to be truthful the hunter wasn't sure if he wanted her to remember...because damn...he'd poked her with his erection most of the night!

That wasn't something he was proud of!

Sure, their relationship was getting more touchy-feely of late, but that was a little overdoing it, wasn't it?

Near hyperventilation, Dean breathed in and out, trying to calm himself, annoyed with his extreme reactions to this as he tried slipping out from her grip and disappear before she woke up and freaked out.

Maybe, if he played his cards right, she'd think that it was all some weird dream.

It was a good plan, it was, but he hadn't counted on the girl grumbling in complaint in her sleep and burying her face harder against his chest, tightening her grip on him.

Dean went still, not wanting to wake her, not wanting to freak her.

Damn it!

He did not want her starting to get weird about touching him or being touched by him because of this!


Closing his eyes, licking his lips as he sighed, Dean tried to move again.

"Dean." Chloe grumbled sleepily into his chest, the vibrations in her voice seeming to seep into his skin and body. "It's cold outside." She tightened her grip on him. "So unless you really need to pee...be a good hot water bottle and stop moving so much."

The hunter went still, eyes flying open as he gazed down at the golden head in shock.

She knew?

Since when?

"Um, uh, about last night-."

"Yeah...thanks about that." She mumbled sleepily, nestling closer.


Dean gulped and cleared his throat. "I, uh, should probably, uh, Sam will skin me if he, uh, gets the wrong idea about what, uh, happened here, last night, between us."

Chloe moved her thigh between his slightly as she stretched, her body pressing and moving against his with the movement as she yawned loudly into his chest.

Dean found himself reflexively tightening his grip on her at the feeling of a warm body moving so intimately against his.

Oh dear god.

Chloe didn't seem to notice his growing problem as she slowly extricated her limbs from his and laid on her back, stretching again as she mewled in sleep.

Dean had never had the urge to run as much as he did then as he stared down at her as her stretch had her back arching off of the bed as she whimpered.

Gulping, the hunter was on his feet quicker than he'd realized he could. "I promised Bobby I'd help him with something so I should go and take a shower. Now. You, uh, go back to sleep." He hurried to the door, yanking it open, disappearing through it but before he could close the door her voice reached him.


He flinched, contemplating just closing the door, before scolding himself on cowardice and peeking his head back in, making sure his bottom half was on the other side of the door and thus hidden. "Yep?"

"Are we okay?" She asked softly, sitting up in the bed, eyeing him with sleepy worry. "You're not going to get all weird about things between us now, will you?"

Despite his hardening problem, Dean found himself smiling at her, relieved to hear his own worries from her lips. "Nah."

Relief speared through her face as she smiled brightly at him while biting down on her bottom lip. "Good."

For the first Dean found someone beautiful.

The hunter gulped at the realization that he was never going to be able to see her as a kid anymore, and it had nothing to do with having lived through everything she had. "Go back to sleep, okay?" He cleared his throat and tried for another smile. "Just because I have to go do this thing for Bobby doesn't mean you shouldn't rest."

"Okay." She nodded, lying back down with a little groan of appreciation, yawning as well. "So I guess you finally spent the night in here with a girl without Bobby finding out, huh?"

Dean let out a choked laugh before pulling the door closed behind him, standing in the hallway, feeling heat raising up his neck to his face as he hurried towards the room was he staying in. It was only once he was there safely behind closed doors that he allowed himself to digest what the hell was happening in his pajama pants.

"Fuck." He groaned, leaning hard against the door as he ran a hand down his face. "This can't be happening." He took in a deep breath, and another, trying to calm his growing panic. "This is a normal morning reaction from a healthy male in his sexual prime. It has nothing to do with her. Nothing. I just haven't gotten some in a while and my body went haywire with her pressed up against mine and moving and whimpering and..." He flinched as the problem got worse. "Goddamn it!"

He needed a very cold shower.

No way could he even begin to tackle this problem while still sporting a painful hardon.

"It's not her." He whispered to himself fiercely as he yanked off his shirt, storming towards the bathroom. "It's not."

It was only much later, when the cold water had failed to do its job and he'd had to take matters into his own hand, that Dean leaned with his forehead against the cold tile and realized that he might have a very serious problem.

27th-Sep-2012 10:17 pm (UTC)
YES!!! I come back and not only was the previous story finished but there's a brand new completed story as well! So happy that I'm doing the happy dance right now (to the tune of Sesame Street since that' what my son is watching right now. lol)

Absolutely thrilled about the latest developement between Dean and Chloe! It felt like I was waiting for this to happen for so long that when it finally is starting I just can't help but scream! Now the big question is... When is Dean going to give Chloe her "birthday gift"? Or will Chloe take matters into her own hands, again, but this time with Dean fullu concious and lucid? Please tell me it will be in the next installment! Please, please, please...

Girl, I don't know how you can weave all these other charaters in and manage to surprise everyone. With Bobby, Meg, and Castiel in it now I'm sure it's just gonna get more interesting and I'd have a million more questions you can't answer. You like torturing us don't you? :)

Why do I have the feeling that Azazel has a hidden agenda about Dean and Chloe that he's totally keeping from Uriel?

Needless to say, can't wait for the next story! :)
28th-Sep-2012 04:28 am (UTC)
Welcome back then! :)

It HAS been a couple of stories into the series, huh? Even though I was VERY secretive about the true pairing, especially in the first two installments of the series. But yes, they are finally starting to get moving in that direction for them.


28th-Sep-2012 12:27 am (UTC)
Ok, I'm loving the Chloe/Dean build and not just because I love them together! Once again a fabulous installment now get to getting on the next!!! Ummm, I mean please of course... :-)
28th-Sep-2012 04:30 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! These two are just kinda perfect for each other in this series and I am enjoying writing them.
28th-Sep-2012 02:15 am (UTC)
This just keeps getting better and better!!!!

LOVE that Chloe keeps messing with the plans. And now she broke her sigils!!!! Found it hilarious that both Azzael and Castiel were all "fascinating" and Uriel is all bent out of shape!!!
28th-Sep-2012 04:31 am (UTC)
Awwwwwwww! Thanks!

She does! Even though she has no idea that she's doing it :)
(Deleted comment)
28th-Sep-2012 04:32 am (UTC)
Thanks! It's great to hear that! I tru ;)
Yep, I'm suuuuuuch a Sam/Chloe shipper that it's odd to write her in a scene with Sam in which there is NO romantic chemistry AT ALL, but somehow it's perfectly right for this series. They love each other, just not like that at all.
28th-Sep-2012 04:41 am (UTC)
poor bb uriel, darling just stop you are not going to get what you want, just enjoy the ride, like cas
29th-Sep-2012 05:02 am (UTC)
Yes he really does need to calm down lol
28th-Sep-2012 07:23 pm (UTC)
Loved how things are going with Chloe and Dean, and how even without knowing are still making life difficult for the apocalypse pushers.
29th-Sep-2012 05:03 am (UTC)
Imagine how screwed the 'higher powers' would be if those two actually knew everything!

Edited at 2012-09-29 05:03 am (UTC)
2nd-Oct-2012 04:23 am (UTC)
Absolutely adored this part of the series and I can't wait for the next installment. ♥ I love Dean freaking out... it is so him.
12th-Dec-2012 10:28 pm (UTC) - Lighter Storyline
After the complex storylines of the Asset and Chloe’s torture, it’s nice to have something slightly more humorous, and the idea of everything Bobby touches turning to gold certainly fits that description, to say nothing of Chloe and Jess’s reaction to the god (Even if you included some interesting hints as to the Asset plot; I take it that Chloe was ‘meant’ to be with Wade until things were thrown off by her rejection of his call?)
13th-Dec-2012 12:29 am (UTC) - Re: Lighter Storyline
Yep. Wade would have been the John Winchester of the equation, help pop out another generation in case things go south in this generation Sword/Blade.
5th-Mar-2013 03:41 pm (UTC)
Wow, between Bobby's golden touch, Chloe's God worship, and Dean's sexual frustration, this was great. I really love how their relationship is progressing. So how long will it take for Dean to stop freaking out and actually do something about it? Thanks for this, after all of the difficulties Chloe has had it was nice to see her let loose and enjoy things. Wonderful as always, thanks.
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