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Realizations 2/7 
15th-Oct-2012 08:15 pm


Title: Realizations
Sequel to: Midas Touch
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Lois/Adam, Clark, Pete, Trevor, Azazel, Uriel, Castiel & more...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Dean's realizing that his relationship with Chloe is becoming less than innocent in nature. Lois' realizing that her relationship with Adam, and her memories, mightn't be what they seem to be. The Powers That Be are quickly realizing that they've lost control. And two separate meetings of Chloe and Lois with John's old hunting buddies can change everything.
A/N: Slowly continuing towards romance. And the ages of the main characters in this segment are: Chloe – 16, Dean – 23, Lois – 20 & Adam – 24

Dean had to admit that while he was glad that Coach Arnold wasn't terrorizing the boys anymore, he felt a little bad for the players now that the older man was gone. The hunter hadn't been joking or being mean when he'd said that the new coach was inept. The man tried to cover with it with his enthusiasm and moral support for the team's every blunder. His cheeriness just seemed to be rubbing the boys wrong (and they were starting to lose games now, their position as champions steadily slipping) and Dean wondered just how much longer the man could call that job his own.

The hunter (who liked to think he was taking an awesome vacation) usually didn't have time to watch the boys running their drills, but Chloe was having a meeting with the other kids she bossed around in the Torch, so he'd decided to watch Clark, Pete and Trevor during practice. He'd heard them mumbling more than once during their visits to the house, and he was really beginning to see why. Even the cheerleaders who were practicing close by were frowning with worry as they watched the players with their overly enthusiastic coach.

Dean wished that he could be half as enthusiastic about his own job as this cheery man. The hunter hadn't liked the thought of living off his young hostess and had gone out and actually gotten himself a job at a local garage. Considering how much he enjoyed tinkering with the 'Pala he'd figured that it would be a job he was not only good at, but would enjoy. He'd been wrong. Not the part where he was good at it, because he was, but seeing the condition most of those poor cars came in-it was giving him an ulcer. It was all he could do from taking their owners aside and giving them a harsh talking to.

"That's okay! It's okay! Don't be down about dropping the ball!" The coach yelled out, cupping his hands to his mouth. "What matters is that you tried! That gives you an A for effort!"

Dean palmed his face.

The Smallville Crows were doomed.

"What's wrong?" The coach asked in confusion as his disgruntled players began to pile out of the field. "Oh, you wanna all take a break? That's okay! You've all tried very hard! You deserve a break!"

The players looked less than pleased.

Dean looked up as Clark, Pete and Trevor made a beeline towards him, their faces displaying their discontent. "That was, uh, um…" the hunter shook his head and shrugged. "You guys sucked."

"We know." Pete complained, plopping down next to him on the bleachers. "We have never been this bad!"

"I kinda miss Coach Arnold right about now." Trevor agreed with a groan as he sat down on the row in front of Dean's. "Explosive fire tantrums and all."

"I don't." Clark clarified, sitting on Dean's other side, sighing as he leaned forwards, resting his elbows on his knees. "That guy locked me in that sauna with whatever was making me sick when I confronted him half-time about how he was treating us. If Dean hadn't been around during the game and heard me breaking the window, and got me out of the sauna...I don't even want to think what would have happened." He sent Dean a little nod.

Dean nodded back.

"I agree, the guy was a psycho! Believe me, I know." Trevor quickly agreed with that, pulling up his sleeve to display the angry handprint burnt into his skin, proving he hadn't escaped the harsh treatment either. "But I miss real coaching. This guy's nice, but he's no coach. He doesn't even know our drills! Or a drill. Period."

"Exactly. No way is he really a coach." Pete agreed, running his hand in the back of his head. "I just think they found some motivational speaker, told him he was a coach, and just stuck us with him."

"If Coach Arnold wasn't, uh, dead, I'd hope he'd be rehabilitated and returned to us." Trevor grumbled. "I heard he used to be an excellent coach before he got all...fiery."

"No way in hell man." Dean was quick to cut down that very thought. "If you all feel that being abused by him and his powers was worth it if you won the games then that is your issue, but that asshole nearly burnt Chloe to death. If he hadn't ended up burning himself up, I would have iced him for that."

The boys were silent at that harsh declaration.

"Dude," Pete reached out and slugged him with a dark little chortle. "If mom ends up taking me with her to Wichita like she's been threatening these last couple of months, I will leave secure in the knowledge that Chloe is going to be well taken care of by you. Only an idiot would dare mess with your girl."

"Seriously." Trevor mumbled, although his lips were twitching in amusement.

Clark, on the other hand, had to sigh. "Normally I'd say that there is never an excuse for killing someone-but if he'd done that to Lana I would have lost it too and I couldn't say that I wouldn't have gone after him...so I can reluctantly get where you're coming from."

Almost as if having known he was talking about her, Lana looked up from where she was going through another routine with the cheerleaders, blowing a quick kiss up to her boyfriend.

Clark smiled besottedly at her, going through the motions of catching the kiss and bringing it to his lips.

Dean snorted in amusement. "Jesus, you're so whipped."

"Look who's talking!" Pete barked out in laughter.

"The hell?" Dean turned towards him in confusion.

"Please, some people might think it's weird cuz you're old, but you don't have to pretend around us man." Trevor reached out and patted Dean's knee. "We got your back. And we approve."

"Yeah." Clark nodded in agreement, grinning brightly. "We definitely approve."

"What the hell are you three talking about?" The hunter looked at them in confusion.

The three teenagers rolled their eyes and snickered amongst themselves.

Dean opened his mouth to tell them they better clarify exactly what people were thinking he was too old for.

"Hey guys!" Chloe called, coming up the bleachers, a bounce in her step as she finally made it to where they were. "How was practice?"

The three footballers gave her ugly looks.

She laughed at their misfortune before turning to Dean. "Sorry about making you wait, but I had to tell off a couple of the newer people. They were making such sloppy mistakes! I mean, if they think that text-spelling was going to cut it for their articles they have another thing coming!"

Dean smiled crookedly at how passionate she was about the damn school newspaper.

Pete, Trevor and Clark snickered amongst themselves.

He ignored them, standing. "So we can go home now?"

"Yep." The blonde nodded, giving a little wave to the others. "Try behave you guys!" And with that she grabbed Dean's arm and dragged him after her until they were on the steps, heading down the bleachers, and there she looped her arm around his. "So, I was thinking that we could just make something quick and simple tonight. Like pizza. I have all the ingredients at home and they can be thrown together quickly."

Dean stepped off the bleachers first and helped her down, raising an eyebrow in intrigue, not noticing the highly attractive brunette behind him fixing her outfit and hair quickly before heading in their direction. "You sure you just don't want to order pizza? Would be quicker and we could relax and wait for it. You wouldn't have to do anything."

Chloe's gaze darted behind him, annoyance flashing in her greens before she turned to him and bit her bottom lip as she un-looped her arm from his and instead played with the lapels of his brown leather jacket, much closer to him than before, forcing him to look straight downwards to gaze down into her face. "I don't mind."

It always fascinated him how the girl who had such a violent need for personal space was constantly invading his own...and he didn't mind it in the least bit.

On instinct he brought his hands up to her arms and rubbed them.

She smiled up at him.

Suddenly someone was there, clearing her throat.

Annoyance flashed through Chloe's greens once more as she tightened her hold on Dean's jacket, turning towards the beautiful brunette. "Yes ma'am?"

Dean recognized the woman, having seen her the last couple of times he'd come to watch the games. She'd apparently taken over from the last cheerleader coach, who definitely hadn't been this young, attractive, or feminine.

"I've been trying to introduce myself to the students' guardians and parents since I'm new here." The brunette smiled temptingly at him, her breasts propped up and very much on display as she reached out her perfectly manicured hand between him and Chloe. "I'm Desiree Atkins. I teach biology and also coach the cheerleaders."

Dean took a moment to really look at this woman.

Desiree Atkins was gorgeous in a nymphomaniac way. Everything about her screamed promises of sex men rarely found outside hardcore porn. Her eyes also betrayed the fact that she was more than willing to fulfill each and every one of Dean's deepest, darkest sexual fantasies.

In short, this was the woman that once upon a time would have been Dean's perfect woman.

She smiled up temptingly at him. "I didn't think I'd have to go to so much trouble to finally meet you."

On reflex, so used to this, Dean grinned back his trademark panty dropping smirk. "Well, if I had known you were looking to meet I would have introduced myself sooner."

Chloe's grip on his' jacket loosened to the point where her hands dropped to her sides, her head lowering as she made to move away from him.

Dean didn't want that, and it was a matter of instinct when his grip on her arms tightened, keeping the girl fixed to him before letting go long enough to slide an anchoring arm around her shoulders, drawing her to him, turning them to face the woman.

Chloe tensed against his hold before melting, resting her head against him, her voice smugly pleased. "Ms. Atkins, this is Dean Winchester. We live together."

Something strange passed over the older woman's features, it was almost like a mixture of confusion and annoyance, before the seductive smile was back and her gaze solely on him. "I'd like to get together to, uh, talk about Chloe."

Dean nodded. "We're home most evenings so you can schedule something with Chloe."

The woman's smile slipped in near outrage before she was all seduction once more. "I was thinking of something a little more...private."

Chloe went stiff.

Dean caressed her arm with his thumb without even realizing what he was doing until she started relaxing once more. It startled him how in tune he was getting with the blonde and how to affect her like this. "We have a library at home. We can talk there."

Desiree Atkins looked utterly flummoxed. "Uh, um, okay."

"It was nice meeting you." Dean gave Chloe a little squeeze as he turned them around and started walking towards the parking lot.

"See you tomorrow Ms. Atkins!" Chloe called cheerfully, giving a little wave before slipping an arm around Dean's waist and grinning brightly up at him. "I thought you were going to fall into her clutches like everyone else."

"Fall into her clutches?" Dean asked in amusement, staring down at her beaming face.

"It's like she has some sort of pheromone or something that men find irresistible." Chloe responded, making up her face in distaste. "I walked into her and Principal Kwan...on his desk..." the blonde gave a little shiver of distaste. "And then the next day I walked in on her with his son in the janitor's closet."

"What were you doing in the janitor's closet?" Dean wanted to know.

Her eyes widened. "I just told you that I caught that woman with both father and son within a 24 hour radius-and all you react to in confusion is what I was doing in the janitor's closet?"

He smirked, enjoying her obvious shock. "What were you doing in the janitor's closet?"

She made up her face at him, lips pursed, amusement clear in her eyes as she shook her head up at him. "I might have some contraband hidden in there."

"Contraband." Dean raised an eyebrow. "Should I be expecting a call from Principal Kwan about you any time soon?"

"After I caught him with Ms. Atkins?" Chloe snorted derisively. "I doubt he's going to do anything to provoke me into writing an editorial about the morale of the school's authorities."

"It'd be a case of he said she said if you did that." Dean warned her, eyes narrowed in concern. "He could have you expelled for defamation of character without reasonable evidence and-."

"Oh my god, you've been helping Sam study for his exams during your skyping sessions!" Chloe exclaimed in shocked glee, pointing a finger accusingly at him. "You're learning the legal terminology!"

He laughed, shaking his head. "Damn. Guilty as charged."

"And anyway, it wouldn't be a case of he said she said." The blonde fished for her phone and pressed a couple of buttons before showing him a very clear picture of Ms. Atkins straddling Principal Kwan on his desk, her skirt bunched around her hips and his hands on her ass. "They were going at it so hot and heavy they didn't realize I was there for a while despite the fact that I was called into the office." Chloe continued to shuffle through more and more pictures she'd taken. "I also got a couple of video files of it I'm keeping...for insurance in case I ever need something for the Torch and he gets cheap."

Dean just stared down at the girl, lips parted in a halfway smile. "That's blackmail."

"Potential blackmail." She corrected chirpily. "I haven't actually used any of this yet. And I might never...but just in case..."

He laughed, squeezing her once more as they drew closer to the 'Pala. "Remind me never to piss you off."

"Nah, I have other ways to punish you." She assured him with a wicked little wink, pulling away from the hunter as she went to her door.

Dean just watched her for a second before clearing his throat and going to the driver's side.


"Why would you want to change your major?" Adam asked in surprise as they had dinner at their favorite little restaurant later that night. They went there almost every day considering it was cheap and neither of them could cook to save their lives.

"I don't want to change my major." Lois Lake corrected as she twirled her fork in the spaghetti. "I still am aiming for my Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies, but I also want to try for a BA in Creative Writing, specifically Fiction Writing."

"Why?" Adam just seemed perplexed as he tilted his head to the side. "You've never shown any interest in writing before other than your Dr. Sexy M.D. fanfiction, but you've always said that was just to pass the time. Why all of a sudden would you-?"

"I just do." It annoyed her somewhat that he didn't support her in this, but given the fact that she hadn't told him about "Hallowed Ground" she really couldn't blame him for his surprise, could she? "I think it'll be fun, and it's something I want to do."

Adam just kept an eyebrow raised before shaking his head, returning his gaze to his food as he speared it with his fork. "I just wish you would have talked to me about this before making the decision all on your own."

"Why would I need to talk to you about something I was planning on doing that wouldn't affect you in any way?" The brunette wanted to know, tightening her grip on her utensil, dark hazels narrowing on him.

"Because we're a couple." Adam replied, his blue eyes raising to meet hers. "And couples talk about things, they make plans together, and they share everything."

"I think just because we're a couple doesn't mean we're not allowed some independence." Lois tried to keep her tone neutral, not in the mood for another fight. They were having far too many arguments lately and it bothered her because in all the years that they'd known each other they'd never fought this way before. And yet things were getting horribly tense between them now.

Adam felt she was trying to exclude him.

Lois felt trapped, and knew that it was beginning to show.

She didn't want to hurt him, she didn't, but she was beginning to feel less and less inclined to go out of her way to make sure he was happy.

Sometimes-sometimes Lois felt like the person she remembered herself being growing up in the orphanage with Adam-and the person she was now-were two completely different people.

Shaking her head, Lois looked down at her phone when it registered an incoming mail, the brunette ignoring Adam's grumble as she checked it, realizing that it was a review from the fanfiction site. A smile tilted her lips as she realized it was from one of her favorite reviewers, a girl who called herself Torchery.

Sorry for the late review, I've been really busy with school and home life and haven't been able to review immediately after reading like I usually do, but now it seems that I was worrying and stressing in vain. So not cool...then again I'm glad that things didn't go down like I thought they would-and I've probably just confused you with that whole vagueness. Sorry.

Anyway, back to the review: I LOVED this chapter! I always love how you seem to connect with Dr. Lannister and her feelings of isolation and confusion and unhappiness despite supposedly being in the perfect relationship. You are incredibly good at writing her ignorance of the truth of what's happening, and yet showing how somehow, deep down inside, she realizes that something is wrong and she's missing an important part of her life-Cory.

And Dr. Fine and Kara! I know that they are very minor characters in this story, but I love them too...let's just say I have a soft spot for them since they, well, never mind.

So, all in all, great chapter and I can't wait to read more from you. I don't mean this creepily at all, so please don't take it the wrong way, but for some reason every time I see one of your fics updated it makes me feel happy and a little less lonely. So thank you. It means a lot.

Lois smiled softly at the review.

Adam complained to himself, still obviously huffy and annoyed with her.

The girl ignored him.

16th-Oct-2012 04:31 am (UTC)
Taking my homework break and look what has been updated!!!! XDDDD

Love how the guys are teasing Dean about being whipped. But oh how I loved Chloe and Dean's small touches when they were talking to Desiree.

More please!!
18th-Oct-2012 01:02 am (UTC)
Yeah, Chloe was definitely claiming her territory, and Dean was subconsciously agreeing ;)
16th-Oct-2012 05:21 am (UTC)
YES! A new story! If I haven't told you before I'm really loving this universe because it has not only kept me guessing most of the time (close to hair-pulling proportions I got to say) but also because of Dean's macho protective and yet so sexually aware attitude towards Chloe. And of course Chloe is totally oblivious about what's happening between them and Dean totally denying he's falling for Chloe by hiding behind the facade of guardian yet both of them getting territorial is such a delight to read.

At first I'm wondering why people are all okay with Dean dating Chloe since she's a minor but then I remember that, in Kansas, Chloe's legal now! Woohoo! :)

Now can you tell me what happens next? Please? I'll send you virtual cookies... :)
18th-Oct-2012 01:03 am (UTC)
I'm so happy to hear that! Though, I have to admit, Chloe isn't as oblivious as she seems... and yes, the BOTH are very territorial of the other!

Yep, I had to wait for her to be legal. lol
16th-Oct-2012 05:54 pm (UTC)
hihihi... lois and her fanifictions make me smile... love the idea, guess the comment came from chloe, right?!
... gosh, thank god Desiree can't affect dean...
and last, seems there will be a open spott as couch soon...

thanks for the cute chapter...
18th-Oct-2012 01:05 am (UTC)
Hey :)
I can't comment (cries)
16th-Oct-2012 11:36 pm (UTC)
fantastic can't wait to see where u r going with this. Its very meta when u incorporate the fanfiction.
18th-Oct-2012 01:06 am (UTC)
I just felt that fanfiction was something Lois Lake would do ;) :D
18th-Oct-2012 02:43 pm (UTC)
"Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies" really!? Seriously!? When Lois finds out she is going to kick some angel butt.
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