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Realizations 3/7 
16th-Oct-2012 08:13 pm

Title: Realizations
Sequel to: Midas Touch
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Lois/Adam, Clark, Pete, Trevor, Azazel, Uriel, Castiel & more...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Dean's realizing that his relationship with Chloe is becoming less than innocent in nature. Lois' realizing that her relationship with Adam, and her memories, mightn't be what they seem to be. The Powers That Be are quickly realizing that they've lost control. And two separate meetings of Chloe and Lois with John's old hunting buddies can change everything.
A/N: Slowly continuing towards romance. And the ages of the main characters in this segment are: Chloe – 16, Dean – 23, Lois – 20 & Adam – 24

Dean watched her out in the balcony, the French doors closed between them making her words inaudible. He chewed his piece of pizza with little interest, wondering why he'd never thought to learn how to read lips. Not that he really needed to do so to read her body language as she spoke to Wade Mahaney, the guy having called her out of the blue and disrupting their good time.

Chloe grinned, a soft blush on her cheeks as she pulled a strand of blonde hair out of her face. She leaned against the railing, completely entranced with whatever he was saying, and her laughter was genuine and somewhat cheeky. There was definite flirtation in the way she held her body, the flash in her eyes, and in the tilt of her lips.

Dean threw the rest of his pizza on the plate and pushed it away, suddenly not hungry anymore.

The hunter didn't like the criminal with the tattoos. It wasn't that he thought Wade was a bad person per se, but he didn't like the idea of him still having contact with Chloe. Not now that he knew that not only was there some attraction between them, but that they'd nearly had sex. It made him uneasy.

It wasn't just Wade either. Chloe's communications with Lex Luthor made Dean hella uncomfortable and annoyed. He didn't see why either guy had to keep butting in and refused to disappear despite the fact that they were in different cities leading different lives.

Maybe it was none of Dean's business, but he couldn't help but feel it was very much so.

On the other side of the glass Chloe blushed darker, lowering her gaze and curling a blonde strand around her finger.

Dean clenched his jaw, leaning hard against the sofa as his light hazels fixed on her.

Chloe's gaze rose to meet his through the glass, and shock filtered through her features as she stared at him, before slowly her lips curled in a surprised yet pleased expression.

Dean cleared his throat and tried to get more comfortable in his seat.

The French doors opened and closed, Chloe slipping in as she put down her phone and headed towards the couch slowly, her hips swaying with every movement.

The hunter kept his gaze firmly on the television show he wasn't watching. "What? Wade finally remembered this is a school night and he shouldn't be bothering you this late?"

"It's not late." Chloe's voice was soft and amused and a little deeper as she hesitated a second before moving between him and the television, hands on her hips. "I know you don't really like Wade, but he's a nice guy. You'd realize that if you gave him a chance."

"You're friendly enough for the both of us." Dean recognized the resentment in his voice and nearly flinched at how thick it was as he slouched into the sofa.

"Awww." Chloe's voice was soft as she bent on her knees in front of him, resting her forearms on his thighs as she leaned forwards into him, smiling up into his face.

"Awww what?" He raised an eyebrow at her, refusing to acknowledge the fact that she was basically between his thighs and pressing closer to parts of him than she should.

"You're jealous." Chloe grinned up into his face, seeming quite happy with this revelation.

"I'm not jealous." Dean denied quickly and vehemently. "I do not do jealousy."

"You do. And you are." She countered with quite the assurance as she leaned even closer, forcing the hunter to lean harder back against the sofa as she did so. "Every time I talk to Lex or Wade you get jealous and resentful. You also get possessive." She nibbled her bottom lip before smiling a little crookedly. "Admit it Dean, you don't like the idea of sharing me."

Dean cleared his throat, sitting up straighter. "You're one to talk about getting jealous and possessive." He snorted, turning his light hazels on her, trying to pull off dark amusement and not the urgent restlessness he felt. "What about today with your hot teacher? The second she came close you grabbed hold of me and your body language basically told her to back off." He smirked, waiting for her to feel just as awkward and uncomfortable and out of her depth as he did. "You don't like the idea of sharing me...especially not with another woman."

"Another woman..." Chloe seemed to pause over that for a second before tilting her head to the side as she stared up into his face curiously. "Why would I like the idea of sharing you with...another woman? Especially now that I'm so used to having you all to myself?"

"So I was right." Dean grinned, before freezing as he suddenly realized what she'd said, his voice squeaking as his eyes widened on her. "I was right?"

"Of course." The blonde girl laughed as she shook her head and pushed up to her feet, bending over once more to press a kiss to his cheek yet it was much closer to his lips than her usual signs of affection. "I gave you the chance to run away...you didn't." She pressed another, slower kiss closer to his jaw line before speaking, her lips brushing against his skin as she whispered. "In my book that makes you mine now."

Dean gulped, the room suddenly burning hot.

Chloe pulled away, all smiles and innocence once more as she threw herself onto the loveseat next to the sofa, plopping her feet onto the coffee table as she stole the remote from his armrest, checking through the guide to see what was on.

Dean found himself unable to look away from her.

Chloe made a face as she eyed the guide. "I will not watch that with you again. There's only so much of these pawn shows a girl can take." Her eyes then widened as she gave a little squeak. "Swamp People's on! I can't believe I forgot about it!"

Dean's gaze went to the television, where the alligator hunting show played, one of the participants talking about his experiences hunting alligators in the bayou as a child with his dad. "For a girl who cries every time Bambi's mom get's shot, you sure like this show."

"That's Bambi." She rolled her eyes at him. "These are alligators. Bambi's mom can't kill or seriously maim you. These guys though? Come on." The blonde put up the volume as she threw the remote back to him (which he caught in midair) and went to grab another slice of pizza before returning to sit on the loveseat.

Dean opened his mouth to remind her that hunting was hunting, period, but his cellular rang and he picked it up from the side table, bringing it to his ear. "Yeah?"

"Don't you dare tell Sam."

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Jess?"

Chloe sent a look in his direction at the girl's name. "She okay?"

"Chloe wants to know if you're okay." Dean passed on the message.

"Let her know I'm fine." Jess said and waited for him to relay the message to Chloe before speaking once more. "But back to the reason why I called you. Don't you dare tell Sam...but I met your dad."

"What?" Dean sat up straighter at that. "What the hell was dad doing there?"

"John was in Stanford?" Chloe turned off the television in seconds.

"Jess, I'm going to put you on speakerphone so Chloe can hear otherwise she's going to make me repeat everything you say and I am not going to do that." Dean switched it onto speakerphone, placing the phone on the coffee table between them. "Okay, you're on speakerphone."

"Hey Chlo." Jess greeted. "You're right by the way, John's seriously intimidating."

"What was dad doing in Stanford and why don't you want Sammy knowing?" Dean frowned as he leaned further towards the table.

"He said he checks up on you guys sometimes, and he preferred it if you two didn't know." Jess mumbled. "It looked like he's been observing you when you don't know he's around so he can get a good idea of how you act in your 'civilian life' and stuff."

"He's been in Smallville?" Chloe pulled a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

"How I understood it, he was going to go there next, but not directly. Said he had a couple of hunts to check out before. I think he knew I'd at least cave and tell you guys about meeting him, and he didn't want you expecting him." Jess replied. "I wouldn't have even known about him being in Stanford if I hadn't returned to our apartment unexpectedly and found him there! I was so scared I thought he was someone stealing from us! I nearly called the police on him!"

"He was inside your apartment?" Chloe leaned forwards, her face visibly disturbed by this.

"Yeah." Jess sighed. "I'm looking into getting some sort of security alarm installed in this place. I don't think John would hurt us, but the fact that he was able to get in so easily-it has me paranoid."

"I can imagine." Chloe gulped, gaze going towards the front door.

Dean caught her gaze. "Chlo, there's no way anyone can get in here. Not even my father."

She stood, rubbing her arms as she went towards the French doors, staring out through the glass.

He frowned as he watched her before sighing and returning his attention to the phone. "My father's intense, but he's a good guy. And the fact that he's actually checking up on Sammy is a good thing. It proves that no matter what he says, he cares."

"True..." Jess mumbled.

Chloe's phone beeped and she went towards it, frowning as she pressed some buttons, before suddenly paling as her eyes widened. The blonde looked up at Dean before rushing towards her room.

Dean frowned darkly. "Jess, tell Sam about dad being there, he should know. Anyway, I've got to go, something's up with Chloe."

"Is she okay?" Jess asked worriedly.

"I don't know. I'm going to go check on her."

"Sure, sure, and if there's anything wrong call me back and let me know." Jess hung up.

Dean left the phone where it was and strode towards Chloe's bedroom door, hearing the television on inside the room.

Frowning in confusion, the hunter opened the door and slipped in, watching the television in the room on the news channel. Chloe sat on the floor in front of it, pale, seeming to have collapsed there, her wide green gaze on the news footage.

"What is it?" Dean frowned, closing the door behind him as he stepped further inside of the room. "Who just messaged you?"

She didn't answer, just stared in front of her at the video of a man walking out of some building or the other, a twisted smile on his face, not seeming at all to mind the paparazzi taking millions of pictures of him, or the angry mob screaming on each side of his police escort towards an awaiting court.

Dean didn't know who the guy was, but he looked vaguely familiar somehow. "Who is that?"

"Viktor Dalakis." The girl's lips parted, seeming so lost as she finally turned her head so she could look up at the hunter. "My father."


"Today, the story broke that rocked the nation." The female news anchor announced, expression grim as she relayed this information. "Due to new evidence that has arisen, Viktor Dalakis, convicted on more than sixteen counts of kidnapping, rape and torture, has been released from his imprisonment in the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane in Gotham this morning. This new evidence, while being under wraps by officials at the moment, seems to indicate that Viktor Dalakis did not commit the crimes that he has been imprisoned for."

Lois leaned forwards, chewing on a carrot stick as she wrapped up in a sheet, unable to believe her eyes as she stared at the man sending a smirk to the closest camera on him before ducking into the awaiting car that drove him away.

How in the world could this have happened?

Lois knew about this case, a friend of hers who was studying criminal psychology was basically obsessed with the Viktor Dalakis case and thus the brunette knew all about the psycho and his rampage. He'd done a horrible number on the women he'd abducted and hurt, most if not all of them had been too terrified to ever accuse him, even when he was caught it was only DNA evidence and the detectives connecting the circumstances and similarities in each case that'd helped them convict him for the multiple crimes against women he'd committed.

"The only one of his supposed victims who came out and testified against him at his trials, Moria Sullivan, was an integral part of his conviction." A picture of a young, beautiful yet obviously traumatized woman with black hair and blue eyes appeared on the television.

Lois froze, her eyes widening in horror.

She recognized this woman!

It was an older version of the Moira Sullivan-Chloe's mother-from her dreams!

The brunette breathed in and out, trying to tell herself not to freak out, that her friend must have shown her this picture and told her about the woman. That was why she'd appeared in her dreams! That had to be it!

"But the defense has used Sullivan's later conviction and internship into an undisclosed mental asylum for the criminally insane, and her consequent escape and attempted murder of her own child, to prove that the attack she received left her unhinged." The news anchor continued speaking. "They criticize the prosecution's use of her as a major witness in the case against Dalakis given her obvious mental instability."

Lois brought her hands to her head, a headache blooming terribly at her temples as she continued to stare at the television, ignoring the voice in her head telling her to turn it off and forget all she'd just found out.

The brunette forced herself to continue watching.


Castiel sighed, leaning back from the brunette, realizing that she was fighting his whispers into her mind. She kept her hands on her hurting head and stared in front of her at the television screen as more and more of what she shouldn't know was presented before her.

The invisible angel sighed and reached out his hand towards the television, causing the thing to malfunction and go blank.

Lois Lane whimpered, lying down sideways on the sofa, her head close to his lap as she held on tightly, the pain of fighting the memories of Lois Lake they'd transplanted into her consciousness making her cry.

She shouldn't have the moments of clarity that she did, and she definitely shouldn't be having her subconscious memories asserting themselves as dreams.

Just like her cousin, she was fighting them and their influences, unlike anyone had.

It fascinated Castiel to no small degree.

The angel gazed down at the girl curled up next to him, crying in agony.

He didn't understand why he did it, but the angel reached out and placed his hand on her head, taking away her pain, easing her into a peaceful sleep.

Beneath his touch the brunette's body immediately lost its horrible tension as her eyes fluttered closed as she drifted into blissful sleep from which she'd wake up happy and rested.

Castiel tilted his head to the side as he gazed down at this human girl.

Movement in the doorways betrayed Adam's presence as the man leaned against the wall and folded his arms over his chest. "She's remembering."

"Obviously." Castiel responded, eyeing the agent with a nod.

"How is this even possible?" Adam wanted to know, pushing away from the wall, agitation in his every muscle. "She's had her memories of her previous life replaced with those of the fictitious Lois Lake. There shouldn't be anything there to remember."

Castiel didn't answer because that was obvious.

"Are the people upstairs losing their touch or something?" Adam grumbled, obviously close to his limit. "First Lois keeps getting harder and harder to handle, and then Chloe cracks the matchmaking soulmate symbols on her heart? How are two human girls overriding heaven's work?"

That was something Castiel wanted to know as well.

If Father really wanted this battle to happen, it should be impossible to go against His will, especially if the ones doing so were humans who didn't even realize what they were doing.

It was fascinating...yet also worrisome...and made him start asking questions he really didn't want to.

Maybe...maybe it was time to ask Father himself directly instead of relying on his higher ups to relay Father's will to him.

With this, Castiel sighed as he teleported away back to heaven.

17th-Oct-2012 03:28 am (UTC)
LOL!!! Love Chloe making fun of Dean for being jealous!!!

Holy crap Chloe's dad is free!!!

I knew it!! Adam is in the know!! And yay to two humans girls overriding heaven's work!!!
18th-Oct-2012 12:57 am (UTC)
Yep, she just can't help herself! lol

Yep. He is!

17th-Oct-2012 08:10 am (UTC)
whoo. what a twist... pur chloe.... and adam, really... i tought he just was a bystander..
18th-Oct-2012 12:58 am (UTC)
Yep, poor her.
I've been WAITING to show Adam's not as innocent as he plays!
18th-Oct-2012 02:46 pm (UTC)
So Adam is a baddy, damm he is cute. And Castiel, I do like confused!Castiel.

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