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Realizations 4/7 
17th-Oct-2012 07:59 pm

Title: Realizations
Sequel to: Midas Touch
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Lois/Adam, Clark, Pete, Trevor, Azazel, Uriel, Castiel & more...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Dean's realizing that his relationship with Chloe is becoming less than innocent in nature. Lois' realizing that her relationship with Adam, and her memories, mightn't be what they seem to be. The Powers That Be are quickly realizing that they've lost control. And two separate meetings of Chloe and Lois with John's old hunting buddies can change everything.
A/N: Slowly continuing towards romance. And the ages of the main characters in this segment are: Chloe – 16, Dean – 23, Lois – 20 & Adam – 24

He couldn't speak to Father, the higher ups were making it near impossible to see Him, so in lieu of that Castiel visited the other girl giving heaven trouble. These two girls were fascinating to him unlike other humans before, although he had to admit that the Winchester brothers had always been fascinating to him as well due to their True Vessels status...and was it a coincidence that the girls were connected to them as well?

Chloe Sullivan lay in bed, crying softly, obviously trying not to disturb Dean Winchester, whom she didn't realize was leaning outside her bedroom door staring at the ceiling in utter impotence.

Castiel found their connection utterly flummoxing.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Then again, the Asset had never been anyone other than the Vessels' mother before.

It was all very simple actually.

The Asset would give birth to the True Vessels and would die at the hands of her firstborn, the Michael's Sword. She'd understand her position, her purpose, and so would the Michael's Sword.

For the apocalypse to begin the Michael's Sword had to draw the Asset's blood at the appointed time in the appointed location...and then the Michael's Sword and Lucifer's Blade would offer themselves to the heavenly brothers so the battle could finally take place. Family ties would make it hard for all to accept at first, but the Asset and her children would understand that for heaven to win the battle with hell, and for the whole world to be in the idyllic peace they'd always meant to live in, that sacrifices would have to be made.

And yet...that wasn't how this was happening.

Chloe Sullivan shouldn't have been born anyway, it was far too soon after the last Asset's death, but hell had been impatient and had made circumstances so that two mortals who could conceive an Asset did...or that was what heaven was assuming...because they hadn't even been aware that two such mortals existed at the time. It made the angel wary that hell could know such important details when heaven didn't...even if hell was denying any responsibility in the birth of the Asset.

And now Dean Winchester had made himself unfit to be the Michael's Sword. Somehow, his feelings for the Asset had grown to the point where heaven couldn't project a circumstance in which Dean would shed her blood. And apparently it wasn't only his feelings that had grown, because their Plan B by matching the Asset with the mortal man who could help her conceive a spare Michael's Sword...well...it wasn't going the way they'd envisioned it either.

It should have happened already.

She should have laid with the one who bore matching symbols to hers and conceived the spare Michael's Sword...and yet the Asset didn't seem much interested in following the path set in front of her.

Castiel's superiors were growing increasingly annoyed, confused, and wary.

Castiel himself couldn't help but be fascinated.

The angel, invisible to human eyes, went towards the blonde and sat on the edge of her bed as he gazed down at her. Curiously he reached out his hand and placed it on her head, eyes widening as the images in her head rushed into him.

Everything inside was an overwhelming mixture, chaotic and dark.

But the emotions that were the strongest at the moment were fear, guilt, sadness and an all-consuming missing...all aimed towards her cousin. Castiel had watched the girl, and hadn't truly thought that she missed her cousin all that much with the way she acted, but now that he probed her mental planes he realized that the girl was a very good actress who'd been hiding all her feelings incredibly well.

She missed her cousin terribly, felt horrible for putting the older girl through everything she had, and was terrified that the reason why Lois hadn't gotten into contact with her was because she hated her.

Castiel sighed as he gazed down at the softly crying girl.

That was far from the case; Lois loved and missed her cousin so much that she was nearly driving herself crazy.

He felt an odd feeling in his chest; it was an emotion he hadn't felt before. But it made him feel a little sick and unable to look at the girl in her face, pulling his hand from her head and leaving her innermost thoughts to her once more.

The angel stood, feeling very awkward and confused, wondering why he felt-was it guilty?

Confusion steadily growing, the angel quickly teleported away.


Meg had never expected that she'd have so much fun playing a psychologist as much as she was. When her father had first given her this gig so that she could help him keep a close eye on the little Asset she'd been annoyed and a little resentful, but it was amazing how hearing how fucked up people were actually made her day. Now she went to work every single day with a large smile on her face, enjoying being able to supply people with medications they didn't need and just listen to them bitch about how bad their lives were-not realizing that by just telling her this they were making things worse for themselves.

She knew demons who liked to target people with their problems, and she always passed on information to her friends on mortals she figured they'd enjoy.

The only mortal she guarded and kept all for herself was the one sitting on her sofa early this morning.

"I feel, I don't know..." Chloe sighed as she hugged a cushion to her chest. "Things are just so screwed up in my parent department. First my mom's a psychotic bitch, then the man I love as a father seems to have lost all interest or love for me-and now my biological father, yet another psycho, is a free man."

Meg tilted her head, having been shocked at that turn of events as well. She didn't know who had been behind Viktor Dalakis' release, but it definitely hadn't been her side. "How does that make you feel?"

"Paranoid?" Chloe offered before letting out a little self-depreciating laugh as she ran her fingers through her hair. "First I find out that Dean's father will probably be dropping by Smallville unannounced any time in the future-."

Meg's eyes widened at that, quickly making a note on her notepad to warn everyone and for their ever-growing agents in the town to be on the lookout for Papa Winchester.

"-and then Viktor's released from his triple-life sentence in Arkham Asylum." The blonde hugged the cushion to her chest tighter. "I don't know who I'm more nervous about seeing again."

"So you think your biological father might try looking you up now that he's been released?" Meg made a note to warn her father's men of that as well, especially the sheriff's department.

"Maybe? I don't know." The teenager made a face. "He probably doesn't even remember me, he was incredibly drugged when I met him that I wouldn't be surprised if he thought I was some hallucination or something...but the possibility of him coming here is still somewhat scary."

"Have you mentioned any of these thoughts or worries to Dean?" The demon wanted to know, curious.

The girl made a face. "No. But I know he already knows." Her lips curled in a sad little smile. "He always seems to just know."

Meg raised an eyebrow, wondering when this girl was going to realize she was in love with the guy-or when Deanie Boy would figure out his identical feelings for Chloe. The demon wondered when heaven would realize that that was what was screwing with their plans; wondered what would happen, what they'd do, once everyone finally discovered what she'd known all along.

"When I stop mindlessly worrying, and just sit down and think about it, I realize that Viktor doesn't even know where I live, so even if he wanted for some reason to meet with me, he wouldn't be able to do so." The blonde seemed more tranquil as she said that. "But with my past luck I just tend to assume the worse and have panic attacks and-."

"Have you had any panic attacks since the news of his release broke?" Meg was genuinely curious, as she always was with this girl. "How about your nightmares? Have they gotten worse? Because you've told me that they've been getting better recently since you returned from your little trip with Dean to visit his father."

"I had a couple of minor panic attacks, but they weren't the heart-pain ones, mostly just the ones where I find it hard to breathe." Chloe made a face at the memory. "But my nightmares...I just kept dreaming about the time I went to visit Viktor in Arkham and, well, all my dreams revolved around that." She palmed her face with a groan. "I'm obviously over-thinking and being paranoid and it's bleeding into my dreams as well. It's the same with mom and the other nightmares. It's because I'm unable to let go of the fear and paranoia that they continue to torment me like that."

Meg nodded silently, letting the girl continue, since she obviously had more to say.

"I've forgotten to respond to Wade." Chloe groaned, apparently just remembering this. "He's the one who texted me once the news broke. They'd mentioned mom's name and what she did, and he made the connection." She made a face. "He doesn't know that Dalakis is my biological father...but he said that Viktor Dalakis might want to get revenge on my mother for testifying against him...and so he was warning me and wanted me to come spend some time with him in Star City since it'd make me harder to find."

Meg eyed the girl. "And yet, despite the fact that you're having a little nervous breakdown, you haven't really considered taking him up on his offer, have you?"

"What? To go stay with him in Star City?" Chloe chuckled softly, shaking her head. "One, I didn't even really take the offer seriously. He was just being a nice guy."

A nice guy.

That criminal?

Meg barely kept from snorting in ridicule.

"And two, Dean's here." Chloe responded, as if this should be obvious. "As long as he's around, I really don't have anything to fear." She grinned brightly. "And anyway, even if I did go to Star City Dean would just go right behind me and drag me back, all insulted that I would dare think Wade could be a better protector than him."

Meg watched the way the girl's eyes twinkled, realizing that the girl was so much more normal now than she had ever been since the demon had known her. It shocked the demon to realize how that made her smile, genuinely.

The demon leaned hard against her chair in realization that she had a little bit of a soft spot for the girl.

Well, damn.

When had that happened?


Uriel was being forced to spend more time in this smelly plane than he'd ever thought he'd have to, and it made him a very unhappy camper. He didn't get why Azazel liked to hang around. The demons and the shape shifters and such the angel could get, because they were dirty, halfbreed creatures. But Azazel? The head demon was one of the fallen brethren, he'd once been an angel as well before so many years in hell had turned him into his current form. Still, all things considered, he should have a little more class.

Grumpy, Uriel sipped a milkshake and watched as the Unfit One and the Asset had breakfast at one of the local diners. They'd just come from a session with the demon Azazel cared fatherly towards, the one called Meg, who had been placed as the Asset's mental health assessor. Apparently the Asset was slowly becoming more mentally stable, which was always a great thing, but it was the only good news they'd had concerning her in a while.

All in all, she was proving to be bothersome and uncooperative.

He couldn't understand why Azazel was so obviously soft on the human...then again, the demon had always shown preference for the Assets in the past, despite the fact that the few that had ever survived to be of age had all failed in their tasks.

The angel frowned, wondering whether Azazel had ulterior motives Uriel knew nothing about and that was why he was so calm during such a horrible crisis.

"I will not..." The Unfit One grumbled as he closed his mouth to the fork of pancake and something else the Asset held up before his face.

"Come on...you need to try something different instead of always having the same thing here every time we have breakfast at this place!" The Asset grinned, leaning further over the table, not about to back down. "You're going to like this, I swear."

The Unfit One narrowed his eyes at her, obviously disbelieving as he shook his head firmly.

"Pleeeeeaaaaassseeee?" The Asset tried, giving him what was probably supposed to be a cute expression. "You'll make me late for school if you don't."

"How would-?" The Unfit One opened his mouth.

The Asset took advantage and shoved the fork in.

The Unfit One had no choice but to give in as she slipped the fork back out, the man chewing resentfully before his eyes widened and he swallowed. "That was actually really good."

"See?" She grinned. "Just think of all the great things you're missing out on because you won't just give them a chance?"

There was something in the way in which those two were staring at each other that made Uriel wary and alert, although he couldn't understand why. He'd never really paid attention to humans before, or given a crap about why they acted or reacted the way they did, and now he was annoyed that he had to and felt so ignorant.

There was something important passing between the Asset and the Unfit One now, something almost charged with electricity, but Uriel couldn't figure it out.

The Unfit One cleared his throat and finally broke their visual connection, spearing his own breakfast roughly as he began talking about something else.

The Asset sighed as she frowned, spearing her own food, mumbling her response to whatever he'd said.

The angel in the business suit watching them just didn't get what had happened.

His annoyance obviously grew as he finished his milkshake with a growl.

Damn humans and their damn complex mud-monkey-ness!

Teleporting away from Smallville, the angel appeared in the back of a car, invisible to the brunette staring silently out of the window, but from the glance in the mirror he could tell that their agent could see him and knew that he was there.

A muscle jumped in their agent's cheek before he cleared his throat, gaze going back to the road ahead of them as he reached over and placed his hand on the cousin's knee. "You feeling better now?"

She nodded, turning to give him a little smile before returning her attention out of the window.

The agent took in another breath before shaking his head and forcing his smile brighter. "So what do you want to do once we get to Vegas?"

"Doesn't matter to me." The cousin finally spoke, gaze still on the scenery outside the window. "You could go do whatever you want while I just walk around."

"You wouldn't be bored?" The agent was obviously trying to keep the dying conversation alive. "I wanted us to come here so that we could both have a good time."

The cousin sighed before forcing a larger smile on her face and turning to face him once more, placing her hand on his on her knee, giving it a little squeeze. "I'll be fine. I just have a bad headache. Once we arrive and check into the hotel I'll just take some aspirin and breathe in the Las Vegas air for a while. Don't worry about me. Just go and win us a fortune."

The agent's smile was a little more genuine as he chuckled. "You know I will."

"Just make sure they don't realize you can count cards." The cousin murmured as her gaze returned out of the window.

The agent's eyes widened in shock. "How did you know that I count cards?"

"We caught you, remember?" She pressed a hand to her forehead, as if she was getting a headache.

"We?" The agent tensed. "We who?"

The angel tensed as well.

As her new identity of Lois Lake the cousin had never played poker with the agent before...but as Lois Lane she had...along with the Asset.

"I...I don't remember." The cousin shook her head, pressing her hand harder against her forehead, obviously in pain. "I really need an aspirin. This headache is killing me."

The agent pressed down harder on the accelerator, his gaze going to the rearview mirror and connecting meaningfully with Uriel's before returning his attention to the road before him.

"She is beginning to remember." A voice next to the angel declared. "Even during her waking hours."

Uriel nearly jumped, finding Castiel sitting next to him in the backseat of the car. "How is this possible?"

"I am not sure as it should not be possible." His superior declared, gaze on the human female contemplatively. "But, if I were to make a guess, I would say it is because the connection and...love...between her and her cousin are too strong to break...even for us."

"That's ridiculous." Uriel sputtered.

"Humans are stronger than we give them credit for, especially when it comes to matters of the heart and emotions." Castiel murmured, seeming a bit uneasy yet very intrigued. "We cannot understand their emotions; it is why we cannot be certain of our ability to manipulate them."

"They are inferior in every way." Uriel grumbled. "We've been able to manipulate them easily before."

"It would seem, at least concerning these two girls, that that is no longer the case. We should prepare for the inevitable." Castiel's gaze went to him before teleporting away.

Uriel pursed his lips, annoyed, before teleporting away as well.


Azazel stood by the windows of his office, fingers parting the blinds far enough to watch as Deanie Boy dropped Chloe off to school in time for the bell to ring. The demon observed intently as the girl grabbed her bag and closed the door, hurrying over to the driver's side open window to continue whatever it was that they'd been talking about when he'd pulled up.

The girl leaned down to be able to talk to him face to face, their grins infectious as they conversed. She looked behind her at the students heading into the school building, and made a face before straightening up and turning, hurrying away with a wave over her shoulder.

Dean's smile melted from his face, obviously bothered by something.

Suddenly Chloe stopped, turning around and quickly returning to the car to stick the top half of her body in through the window and press a kiss to Dean's cheek before pulling back out and hurrying away.

Dean's smile slowly returned as he watched her go before clearing his throat and shaking his head, pulling out of the parking space.

Azazel watched this with a sly grin on his face.

Things were getting more and more interesting.

He loved his job.

There was a knock on the door and he turned towards it. "Come in."

His secretary stuck her head in. "Principal Kwan? Ms. Atkins is here to see you. She said you're expecting her?"

His grin grew slyer.

Damn, he really loved his job!

18th-Oct-2012 05:24 am (UTC)
Love this chapter!!! Just love seeing Chloe, Dean and Lois through the eyes of the angels and demons that surround them. Also that Meg and Azzael have figured out what's going on with Chloe and Dean but Uriel just has no clue.

Can't wait for more!!
18th-Oct-2012 03:03 pm (UTC)
"The demon leaned hard against her chair in realization that she had a little bit of a soft spot for the girl." Yep thats Chloe alright!

Now Atkins and Azazel? Her powers should not work on him, so he is doing it for the fun?!
19th-Oct-2012 01:11 am (UTC)
Yay! Next installment! Loving this one as always.
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