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Realizations 5/7 
19th-Oct-2012 11:30 pm

Title: Realizations
Sequel to: Midas Touch
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Lois/Adam, Clark, Pete, Trevor, Azazel, Uriel, Castiel & more...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Dean's realizing that his relationship with Chloe is becoming less than innocent in nature. Lois' realizing that her relationship with Adam, and her memories, mightn't be what they seem to be. The Powers That Be are quickly realizing that they've lost control. And two separate meetings of Chloe and Lois with John's old hunting buddies can change everything.
A/N: Slowly continuing towards romance. And the ages of the main characters in this segment are: Chloe – 16, Dean – 23, Lois – 20 & Adam – 24

The first half of the morning had passed without much happening, Dean immersing himself in his job at the garage. He hadn't been working for very long in his books, but already he'd gotten a faithful clientele who trusted only him to work on their cars. They were customers who valued their vehicles as much as he did his, and it made him happy to know that there were others out there that didn't just take their modes of transport for granted.

Gave him some hope for humanity.

So yes, the first half of the day had been a normal, civilian's working day.

It was on his break when Bobby called him that things took a different turn.

"What's up?" Dean asked, leaning against the car he was currently working on. "You don't usually call me working hours; is something wrong? Have you found something on Lois?"

"No. Hold on," Bobby mumbled before passing the phone to someone else.

"How are you doing, Dean?" A familiar voice asked.

Dean straightened in surprise. "Pastor Jim?"

"Bobby told me that you've asked him to look into the Dalakis family, and his enquiries reached my ear so I came here to see him and find out more." Pastor Jim, one of John's few regular hunting partners, announced in his calm way. "I have to warn you, it's a very dangerous thing, digging into the Dalakis's skeleton-filled closet."

"So you know about them." Dean frowned, moving out of the garage itself out into the parking lot, ignoring those around him. "Tell me everything you do."

"The Dalakis are too dangerous for you to take on, especially if word is correct and you've given up hunting to live the civilian life." The pastor declared.

Dean bit back a retort and took in a deep breath. "I'm not planning on going on the offensive against them, but I'll be damned if I don't know all I can so I can at least have an acceptable defensive."

There was a pause. "You believe the Dalakis family will target you?"

"Not me personally." But he was damned if he said anything else about it, especially not to a buddy of his father's.

Pastor Jim seemed to get that, and he sighed. "Dean, if the Dalakis family is after someone you know, then I'm afraid to tell you that there is very little you or anyone else could do to stop them."

"I doubt that." Dean sneered.

"You shouldn't." Pastor Jim replied evenly. "The Dalakis family date back to Babylonian times, their surname has changed every couple of centuries but they're a very powerful family who has a long history of rubbing elbows with the darker powers out there."

"Witches." Dean growled, his suspicions confirmed.

"Very powerful ones." Pastor Jim declared. "Most hunters don't even know about them, and those very few that do are smart enough not to mess with that family-having learnt from the example of those who weren't smart enough."

"Let's just say I'm not smart enough and you stop beating around the bush." The younger hunter snarled.

Pastor Jim sighed. "You're just as hardheaded as your father."

"No disrespect, sir, but I'm nothing like my father." And it surprised Dean more than anyone else for those words to not only escape his lips, but for him to mean it and like it.

His father had allowed the hunt to consume him, and had pushed away his family and those who loved him, a shell filled with nothing but resentment, anger and hatred. John Winchester had made a saint out of Dean's mom, and a heaven of their marriage, despite the many times Dean could remember John having moved out on them during his marriage with Mary.

Then again...whenever Dean thought about someone or something hurting Chloe...and he realized just how similar he was to his father after all...because just the thought of that blonde being hurt caused a dark fury to burst in his chest.

"Where are you now?" Pastor Jim sighed, resigned. "There are things that need to be said in person."

Dean didn't like the sound of that. "Metropolis." He had yet to decide whether he wanted to tell Chloe about his investigation into the paternal side of her family. "How soon can you get here?"

"I'll check the airlines and call you back." Pastor Jim sighed before hanging up.

Dean frowned, tapping the cell against his chin as he stared unseeingly in front of him.

Unbeknownst to the young and very troubled hunter, the angel Castiel watched from a distance with a frown of confusion and wariness on his face before teleporting away.


If angels could have aneurisms, Uriel was due one any day now.

Castiel was getting far too interested for the good of this mission...and the sake of Uriel's secret two-sided dealings.

His superior was actually visiting Smallville, and Uriel knew that if this kept up the angel would realize that demons had taken over a large amount of the populace, with other halfbreed creatures such as the shapeshifter army of Azazel's taking over vital positions in the community. Once Castiel figured this out things would quickly head downhill fast, as if that wasn't happening already.

Sure, in this one issue heaven and hell were in accordance, the Asset had to die at the appointed time and place, and at the hands of the Michael's Sword, but Uriel doubted that heaven would much appreciate the fact that hell was basically surrounding the Asset.

Just look at the damned school!

Uriel ignored the looks he was getting from the human students, instead paying attention to the many possessed ones he could see milling around. Those were wary of him, giving him a wide birth, even a few of the teachers had demons inside of them.

Obviously Azazel had enjoyed slowly taking over this town.

He'd infiltrated every aspect of the Asset's life, even her inner circle.


When Ruby had been assigned the body of the girl whose claim to fame was her parents' death and a very bad childhood picture of her bawling on a magazine cover, well, the demon hadn't been all too happy. When she found out that her first real job since escaping hell was to secretly watch from afar and give info on some teenaged chick, well, that happiness had plummeted even further. It wasn't until Ruby realized that this was an Asset that she figured she hadn't been given the shittiest job ever-even if she did have to go to high school.

At first it hadn't been so bad because she'd had Brady in the jock's body to mock the humans with, but then he'd been shipped off to keep an eye on Sam Winchester and she'd been left alone in the wave of humans. It was only when she realized that the hulking giant, yet utterly awkward and clumsy, friend of Chloe's was interested in her host that Ruby found a way of not only making life more interesting, but wiggling her way into the Asset's inner circle.

"Shut up." Chloe laughed, shaking her head at the teasing statement Pete had made. "We are not married...if we were you'd remember because you'd be the one walking me down the aisle."

Pete's eyes widened in shock and then he grinned brightly, reaching out to hug the girl. "My daughter!"

"Oh shut up!" Chloe laughed, though she didn't fight out of his embrace, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

"I feel left out." Clark rested his cheek against Ruby's arm, his arms around her waist tightening as she sat on his lap. "Why wasn't I even considered for the whole giving away the bride part?"

"You can be her Maid of Honor." Ruby teased her boyfriend, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. It was ridiculous how easy it was getting for her to show affection to this boy, but for now she pushed away those worries and doubts as she just blamed it all on her being a good actress and awesome spy.

"Burn!" Trevor burst out laughing.

"Lana!" Clark whined, although there was amusement in his voice as the others laughed at him. He hid his face in her back. "Those three are always ganging up on me...you're supposed to be on my side!"

"My poor baby." Ruby laughed, turning on his lap so that she could hug him close.

Clark, face basically in her host's bosom, blushed scarlet.

Ruby turned to the other two and winked.

Chloe's, Trevor's and Pete's eyes widened before they shared a look and burst out laughing.

"Getting back to the original conversation!" Clark flailed desperately to get the attention off of him once more, gaze going to Chloe as his grip tightened around Ruby. "When are you two going to stop pretending that there's nothing going on between you and come clean? At least to us?"

"Yeah." Trevor, who was just as newly added to the group as Ruby, leaned forwards. "I mean, the whole town basically realizes what's going on. So why not just come out already? You're of age anyway so what can people say other than: 'Scandalous!' ?"

Chloe hugged herself. "Why won't you guys believe me when I say that nothing has happened between us? We're platonic roommates. The closest thing to a kiss between us is when I kiss him on his cheek. And I'm the only one who does that, he's not the type to openly display any sort of emotion...even if he were attracted to me...which he's not." She hugged herself. "It's not like I'm Lois or someone like her who attracts guys like crazy."

Pete eyed her before sighing, resting his arm around her shoulders and giving her a shoulder a squeeze. "Sorry Chloster, we didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

She gave a little sad smile before subtly slipping out from Pete's touch with the excuse that she needed to stretch, her back hurting her from having been sitting in that position for a while.

Ruby had noticed the blonde's need for space, and even though she did her best to tolerate the boys' touches Chloe always pulled away after a little while. The guys seemed to notice yet didn't mind, understanding her many little quirks and not taking any of her actions personally.

Clark sighed, leaning the side of his head against Ruby's arm, obviously uncomfortable now that it was obvious that Chloe felt uneasy with the conversation.

Trevor rubbed his arm, waiting for one of her two best friends to make the situation right.

Pete, as always, seemed to know how to deal with Chloe and her moods the best. He just patted down next to him on the table top once more.

Chloe's lips twitched as she sat down next to him once more.

Trevor seemed much less uneasy now as he finally spoke. "So, am I really going to be the bravest one? Seriously? No one else has to guts to approach her about this?"

Clark groaned, hiding his face in Ruby's arm.

Pete rolled his eyes. "You are so impatient."

"What are you guys talking about?" Ruby asked curiously, sharing a look with the blonde.

"Yeah..." Chloe nodded, eyebrow raised. "Why do I feel like the girls are being left out of something important?"

Trevor looked at both Pete and Clark before rolling his eyes and letting out a little growl before turning to Chloe and standing before bowing at his waist.

Chloe's eyes widened.

Pete palmed his face.

Clark groaned.

Ruby grinned brightly, amused.

If Trevor was begging, then this would be good!

"The whole football team are begging for you to use your devious and dark powers to get Coach Worms sacked." Trevor kept himself bent over, back rigid. "We can't stand him or his incompetence anymore. So Clark, Pete and I have been begged to approach you and plead with you to do this for the team."

"Why should she?" Ruby quite liked playing the devil's advocate. "What would she get out of it?"

"Other than the happiness of her best friends?" Clark wanted to know.

"Darling, I love you, and Chloe does, I'm sure," Ruby caressed his cheek. "But if the girl's going to basically blackmail the principal into sacking a faculty member, she's got to be getting more out of this deal than your happiness."

Chloe eyed her in surprise before smiling brightly at her.

Ruby froze for a moment, never having received such an accepting smile from the other girl before, having felt that she was merely being tolerated because of Clark's love for her host.

The blonde continued smiling at Ruby before turning her greens on the guys. "Has the team ever considered manning up and mounting a formal complaint to Principal Kwan?"

The boys groaned.

Chloe rolled her eyes and laughed. "I'll write up an official letter of complaint if you like, then the whole team can sign it, along with the cheerleader team and maybe other students. If we get enough complaints then I can take it to the principal and he'll have to look it over."

"It'd be so much easier if we just blackmailed him." Trevor complained with a whine as he sat down.

Chloe turned her gaze to Ruby as she rolled her eyes. "Men; they're always after the quick and easy."

Smiling slowly, the demon nodded her agreement. "Damn straight."


"You've got a new customer who's asking for you personally." One of his co-workers announced, giving him an envious look.

Raising an eyebrow at that, Dean grabbed a towel to wipe the oil off of his hands as he headed in the direction indicated, pausing for a moment when he emerged to find Desiree Atkins leaning provocatively against a sleek convertible. He shook his head before smirking at her as he approached. "Car trouble?"

She grinned right back, her expression tempting as she nibbled on the leg of her shades. "I need help getting my engine revved."

"I doubt that, lady." He flirted instinctively, used to dealing with women like this and just automatically acting this way. "Why don't you drive it over there and let me have a look under the hood?"

"Any time you want." She purred, slipping into her car.

Dean cleared his throat, going towards the checkpoint, waiting for her to arrive and park to begin the inspection. He ignored her as he opened up the hood and checked everything within, unable to find anything wrong with this car. In fact, everything seemed brand new, as if she'd driven it from the car dealer's place to here.

Shaking his head, Dean straightened and put down the hood, turning to find the woman standing there. "I don't-."

Desiree Atkins flung herself at him, pressing her mouth to his closed one as she kissed the shocked mechanic, her lips moving against his.

The hunter froze in surprise before reaching for her arms, ready to tear her off of him, before suddenly he seemed to inhale something that left him groggy and confused, and wanting more.

Pulling the woman closer instead of pushing her away, Dean deepened the kiss.


Lois walked aimlessly around the city of sin, feeling very much in a daze as she moved amongst the crowds. People handed out flyers to some entertainment or the other, and others brushed passed, laughing, enjoying their time. Everyone seemed to know where they were going or what they were going to do and were hurrying to get there. The brunette was probably the only one in the multitude just walking aimlessly, unsure of what she was doing or where she was going.

Her head was killing her and she felt as if she was walking through a fog in the middle of a marshland, in which one misstep would send her spiraling to perdition.

The flashes of lights from cameras helped in her disorientation and Lois found herself gravitating away from the bright lights and into the darker streets. She didn't think about safety or any such thing, all she wanted to do was find a way out of this fog, away from this pain in her head.

Was she going insane?

Was that what was happening to her?

More and more often she was finding herself unable to distinguish between what was a memory and what was a dream or nightmare. Adam was already beginning to suspect something was up with her, and she knew it was only time before their friends discovered the same.

What was she going to do?

Should she see about getting some professional help?

"Goddamn it!"

The curse caught her off-guard and Lois turned towards the dark alleyway, seeing two figures fighting each other. Dark hazels narrowed as she found herself hurrying deeper into the alleyway, towards the fighting instead of away, as would have been the smart thing to do in this sort of circumstance.

It was only when she was close enough that she saw that the one overpowering the other was deformed, its mouth elongated to the point where its jaw had to be dislocated, and its teeth pointy like some sort of monster's.


The two males turned to look towards her.

The brunette round-kicked the monster off of the man, sending it flying into the other wall of the alleyway.

In a flash the man picked up a discarded object and raced at the creature, stabbing it through its neck, causing it to screech an unholy sound.

And then, the thing disintegrated in front of Lois' very eyes.

The brunette stood there, eyes wide, unable to believe what she'd just seen.

"Thanks for that." The man grunted, leaning with his hands on his knees as he panted for breath. "I didn't realize it was a couple hunting and not just a solitary one—great kick by the way." He straightened up and grinned at her. "Long time no see. How's the kid doing?"

The brunette turned towards him in confusion, wondering why he seemed so familiar. "Huh?"

"You are Lois, right?" The guy asked, and when she slowly nodded he grinned, assured once more. "You probably don't remember me, but we met after the whole Hope incident. I was hunting with John when he got the call from Dean about everything that was going on there in Hope. I'm Caleb." He held out his hand.

Lois' eyes widened, images of the hunter flooding her mind.

It must have been an overload for Lois' already agonized head, because her eyes rolled in the back of her head, and everything went black.

20th-Oct-2012 05:08 am (UTC)
Woot! And bad Dean! Don't you dare do more than kiss that demon! :(

Can't wait for the next chapter!
20th-Oct-2012 03:39 pm (UTC)
Hahaha too true!
20th-Oct-2012 08:11 am (UTC)
Well, well Ruby being in Lana's body just gives the Lana/Whitney ship a whole new twist!!!

Stupid Desiree get your stupid meteorite pheromones away from Dean.
20th-Oct-2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
Doesn't it? I thought it'd be interesting.

20th-Oct-2012 02:42 pm (UTC)
More please!
20th-Oct-2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
Shall try!
21st-Oct-2012 12:00 am (UTC)
Wonderful! So I have to confess, I've been behind, but I have a great excuse. I just had my baby! On the other hand I love getting to read multiple chapters at once!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE where you are going with this. Every time I read a chapter, you throw me something new and fantastic. Great job hon.

I hope school is treating you well and you get to take some time for yourself.

21st-Oct-2012 08:38 pm (UTC)
Oh wow!!!!! Congratulations on the baby! You must be so proud and happy right now!!!! <3
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