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Chloe's Supernatural - Season One 8/? 
8th-Nov-2008 12:51 pm

Title: Chloe's Supernatural
Season: 1
Rating: T-M
Pairing: Chloe/Dean, Chloe/Sam, Dean/Chloe/Sam
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Warning: Spoilers Supernatural Season 1, AU Smallville
Summary: When Chloe helps Pete and his children move into their new home in Lawrence, Kansas, she never expected it to be haunted, or to meet the Winchester brothers...OR the adventure that they'd embark on together afterwards.


Gavin?” Kat called out from slightly behind Sam as they searched their section of the asylum. Sam kept his flashlight trained all around them, ready to pull out the rocksalt gun should any spirit attack. He knew that he’d sided with Chloe on letting the teenager stay with them, but he still wished that she wasn’t there.

But if it had been him and Jess had disappeared in a place like this he’d be doing the same thing Kat was right now--still, that didn’t make him feel less annoyed. They had serious work to be doing and very little time to do so. They needed to find bodies that policemen had looked for for weeks and couldn’t find--and they needed to salt and burn the bodies and defend themselves from the spirits--and all in one night.

And on top of it they were looking for a lost teenaged boy who’d probably thought the scary asylum would help him get touchy-closer to his girlfriend. Hell, it worked while watching a scare movie in the cinema, right?

Still, Sam sighed in slight annoyance.

Gavin?” Kat continued to call out faithfully, seeming less afraid now that she was with Sam and more determined to find her boyfriend.

A muscle ticked in Sam’s cheek.

This was also Chloe’s first hunting trip, and he wanted to be there for her. She was obviously terrified, and he doubted that Dean was the calming influence she’d need. It reminded him too much of his first hunting trip with their father--John Winchester just wasn’t the emotional type to handle the justified fears of a young boy.

And Dean with his ‘no chic-flick moments’ policy wasn’t the best person for Chloe to be having to experience her first time with either. If she got terrified he’d probably laugh it off or something.

Then again, Dean had proven himself to act differently when around Chloe in the past--so maybe he’d redeem himself somewhat during this hunt.

Still, Sam really wanted to be there for her and he couldn’t.

Gavin where are you?”

“Hey I got a question for you.” Sam turned to face the girl, causing her to stop in mid-step and look at him in surprise. “You’ve seen a lot of horror movies with ghosts and demons and monsters, right?”

She hugged herself tightly as if she’d forgotten what could be out there. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Do yourselves a favor.” Sam knew that he was being a little short-fused with the girl, but for some reason he felt a little resentful of her, and he knew he was being unfair by being irritated by her, and that just irritated him further. “Next time you see a horror movie, pay attention. When someone says a place in haunted—don’t go in.”

Kat looked down and didn’t answer.

Sam sighed and turned back to the mission on hand, leading them through the dark pathway before entering a room and pausing when he found the body of a young man laying deathly still on the floor.

Gavin.” Kat whispered before hurrying to his side, throwing herself on her knees and shaking him, voice choked. “Gavin—wake up! Wake up!”

Sam frowned in worry as he knelt down on the other side of the still boy, worried that maybe they’d gotten there too late.

Ga-vin!” Kat growled and surprise Sam by slapping the still boy’s face as hard as she could.

That seemed to do it, and the boy gasped in air, shooting up into a sitting position, eyes wide in terror.

“Hey--,” Sam quickly placed his arm on Gavin’s shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re safe now.”

Gavin!” Kat cried as she threw herself against him, hugging him tightly. “What happened to you? I was so worried!”

Kat.” Gavin whispered in relief, hugging her back just as strongly. “God, I was so worried it had gotten you too.”

“What got you?” Sam asked, frowning. “What happened to you?”

Gavin suddenly pulled away from his girlfriend and frowned at Sam. “Who are you?”

Sam could have laughed when he saw the jealousy and insecurity in the teenaged boy’s eyes when he looked at him. “My name is Sam and my friends and I are here to help.”

Gavin frowned darker and opened his mouth to say something else.

Kat rolled her eyes at him and slapped him on his chest. “Gavin. Shut up, he’s so into his girlfriend it’s both romantic and annoying.” She grinned. “It’s to the point that he’s been pissed at me the whole time because when we split up she went with his brother.”

Sam cleared his throat and looked away, glad for the darkness, that way the teens wouldn’t see that he was blushing in horror. What was that girl talking about? Chloe was not his girlfriend—what would make Kat think that?

“Oh, okay.” Gavin blinked, and seemed to relax as Kat helped him stand. He shivered as he looked around him. “I—I remembered I was running, I think I fell and hit my head.” He placed his hand to his forehead.

“What were you running from?” Sam asked, standing as well, looking around them in case the thing was still out there.

“There was—there was this girl,” Gavin began, missing the death-glare his girlfriend gave him at that. “Her face--it was--it was horrible.”

That seemed to calm Kat a little.

“Okay, this girl.” Sam tried to calm the suddenly nervous boy. “Did she try to hurt you?”

Gavin hesitated for a moment, gulping and taking a sideways glance at his girlfriend before shaking his head. “N-no. She—uh—she--,” he closed his eyes tightly. “She kinda kissed me.”

WHAT?!” Kat cried out, slapping Gavin hard in the back of his head.

“Ouch baby! Stop!” Gavin ducked and thus avoided the next slap she’d sent towards him. “At first I thought it was you—I swear! Her face was covered in darkness and she had your beautiful hair!”

Kat paused in mid-strike, muscle jerking in her cheek, before taking in a deep breath and lowering her hand. “Okay, I won’t kill you—for now.”

Gavin gulped.

Sam was amused by their antics, but he needed to understand what exactly these ghosts were up to. So far there’d been two ‘encounters’ and in each neither of the ghosts had tried to hurt them--so what were they up to? “So she didn’t hurt you—physically?”

Dude, she kissed me!” Gavin exclaimed. “I’m scarred for life!”

Sam snorted. “Trust me, it could have been worse. Do you remember anything else?”

Gavin shook his head before pausing. “She—uh—actually she tried to whisper something in my ear.”

Sam’s eyes widened. “What?”

“I don’t know,” Gavin admitted sheepishly. “I ran like hell.”

That muscle in Kat’s cheek was jumping erratically. “That ghost was freakin’ trying to seduce you! The slut.”

Gavin shuddered at the thought.

Sam rolled his eyes. “Look, now that we found you we should head back to the rendezvous point and meet up with Chloe and Dean.” With that he turned and led the way.

“See?” Kat whispered to Gavin as they hurried behind Sam. “What did I tell you? The guy’s whipped.”

Sam closed his eyes in annoyance before opening them again and continuing to lead the way in silence.


“Gavin?” Chloe called out as she walked close to Dean, camera on and still shooting despite everything. “Gavin! We’re friends of Kat! Where are you?”

“Damn stupid teenagers.” Dean muttered from her right, flashlight aimed around them.

“Dean, behave.” Chloe admonished as she continued to look through the screen of the video camera.

“No, Chlo really.” Dean let out an annoyed huff of air. “What sort of stupid idiot goes into a haunted place without at least a rocksalt gun? No, better yet, what sort of stupid idiot goes into a haunted place period?”

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip to keep from laughing.

Dean paused and turned to her. “Other than to hunt, of course.”

The blonde smiled in amusement at him before continuing her recording. “Well, they’re just teenagers, Dean, and it’s not like they knew that these things really exist.”

He snorted, growling when his flashlight began to flicker before dying. “Sonofabitch.” The sandy-blonde cursed, shaking the flashlight yet not getting the light to come on.

Chloe gulped, feeling a cold breeze trail down her spine. “Dean?” She whispered, turning her back to him and looking behind her at an empty hallway.

“Don’t worry, I got my lighter.”

The atmosphere grew colder around her as Chloe felt him grab her arm, most probably trying to keep her safe in his own way. Still, she remembered that the last time she’d felt this cold a ghost had appeared, so she ignored the man holding her arm and kept her wide-eyed gaze behind them.

And then Dean squeezed her arm.

“Stop it.” She snapped, trying to jerk her arm out of his hold, refusing to look at him if he wanted to act like such a juvenile. “You’re hurting my arm!”

“What are you talking about?” Dean’s voice asked from some feet behind her.

Chloe’s heart froze as she realized that he couldn’t be the one holding her. She breathed in and out, trying to calm her terrified, racing heart, before turning slowly, sure enough seeing Dean a little ahead of her, looking at her in concern.

She could still feel the grip on her arm.

“You okay, gorgeous?” Dean asked, taking a step towards her.

Green eyes, wide in fright, tore away from his worried hazel orbs and went slowly to her arm, Dean’s gaze lowering at the same time, and a scream escaped her lips as she saw the scarred hand grabbing onto her arm.

Suddenly she was jerked out of the hallway by that bodiless hand and into one of the dark rooms, the door slamming shut after her as she was thrown across the room into the wall, the blow to her head causing her to slump to the ground, dizzy as images flashed before her eyes and sounds merged one with the other in a jumbled mess.

CHLOE!” Dean screamed from outside, his voice strained as he obviously tried to pull open the door and yet couldn’t. “HANG ON! I’M GOING TO GET YOU OUT!”

The sound of something hard hitting against the door repeatedly just added to the jumbled mess in her brain and hurt her.

She screamed, placing her hands to her ears. Images of patients strapped to surgical tables and getting experimented on alive and awake filled her eyes. She screamed as she heard their screams, screamed as she felt the cold enter her and begin to freeze her slowly.

CHLOE?” Dean’s voice was unlike anything she’d ever heard it. “LET HER GO YOU GODDAMNED BASTARD! DON’T YOU TOUCH HER!”

Images of tortured faces rushed through her mind so quickly she thankfully didn’t see any of them, didn’t get to see what years of torture and pain had disfigured them into.


NO!” She screamed, digging her fingers into her own hair and pulling with all of her might, watching as one of the girls, young and pretty and blonde, cried out and begged for mercy as she was brutally raped by a couple of the male staff in her room. “STOP IT!

CHLOE?” Sam’s voice was now added with Dean’s as the banging increased on the door. “CHLOE! WHAT’S HAPPENING?”


An old man, scarred by having lived life too long in that hellhole, screamed into the material they’d placed into his mouth as the doctor carved into his head with a surgical weapon.


PLEASE!” Chloe cried, covering her face with her hands, trying to hide herself from the horrible visions and yet helpless, just like the patients here had once been.

CHLOE!” Sam screamed.

DAMMIT!” Dean cursed.


A woman screaming as she was ducked into a tub of freezing cold water--filled with ice cubes. The water was so cold it burnt at her skin, was like millions of needles being stuck into her whole body brutally, and she tried to get out, tried to end the pain, but she was pushed back down by gloved hands as someone in the background ordered more ice be added to the water.


“Stop it,” Chloe pleaded, crying into her hands as image after image was forced into her brain, raping her in a way so intimate she feared she’d go insane. “Please!”


Feeling something sticky in her hands, Chloe pulled them away from her face and screamed when she saw that they were covered in blood.

Her tears fell to the dirty floor thick and red.

She was crying tears of blood.

A vein must have popped in my eyes due to the stress… Chloe tried to rationalize while all the while she kept screaming and screaming.


And then that voice whispering in her ear went silent, the images that’d haunted her eyes disappeared, and the cold that’d resided in her body raced out.

The last thing Chloe saw before everything went black was the door flying open and Sam and Dean rushing towards her.


Somehow Sam reached Chloe’s still body before Dean, and he collapsed to his knees next to her, dropping the rocksalt gun and the flashlight, forgetting that there was danger out there that would hurt him the same way it had Chloe. Sam forgot about everything as he pulled Chloe’s limp, cold body into his arms—into his lap—tears forming in his eyes as she laid motionless.

Chloe?” Dean’s voice was small and frightened, unlike Sam had ever heard him, as he knelt on the other side of Sam, reaching over and hesitating only a second before gently pulling Chloe’s hair out of her face, revealing the thick trails of blood that ran down her cheeks from her eyes.

Sam heard a growl, and it took a while to realize that it was him. When Dean pulled away Chloe’s hair from her face, not only had they discovered the trails of blood coming from her eyes, but they saw the numbers that’d been written on her cheek in her own blood.


“It’s a room number.” Dean said emotionlessly as he pressed two fingers to the side of Chloe’s neck and suddenly breathed out a relieved breath of air. “She has a pulse. It’s weak, but it’s there. Whatever that mofo did to her, it didn’t kill her.”

“Is she okay?” Gavin asked as he and Kat hurried into the room, obviously frightened to be left outside alone.

“What happened to her?” Kat gasped.

With a swift movement Sam stood, pulling Chloe’s limp body up with him. The brunette’s eyes were hard as he looked down on her, shifting her slightly in his arms for more comfort, watching her chest as it rose and fell with each shallow breath she took.

That motherfucker hadn’t wanted to kill her, it’d wanted to leave a message for them. All the ghosts here, none of them wanted to kill anyone, but they were desperate enough to go to these extremes to point them towards something else.

Usually Sam wouldn’t mind any help while on a case, but right now he didn’t really give a shit about the case anymore. Chloe had almost died and he hadn’t been able to do anything. She’d been tortured--whatever the ghost had done to her it’d been strong enough to cause her eyes to bleed.

What if it damages her eyes? What if she can’t see after this?

Sam held her closer to him protectively, admitting to himself for the first time that he liked Chloe. He liked the feel of her against him, he liked the smell of her hair, he liked the green of her eyes and that cheeky smile of hers.

God, he’d do anything for her to wake up and smile at him.

Dean was hovering around them, looking as distracted as Sam, eyes only on Chloe as he reached forwards and ran his palm over the numbers written in her blood that marred her cheek. “Whatever that bastard is that did this to you, it’s dead. I don’t care if it didn’t kill you, it’s dead because it touched you.”

Sam nodded his agreement although he glared at Dean. Why hadn’t the shorter man kept a better eye on Chloe? It was his fault this had happened!

They’d almost lost Chloe like they’d lost their mother and Sam had los Jess…

“Sam, take Chloe and the others outside, they should be safe there.” Dean ordered, picking up his gun and flashlight, looking grim and determined. “I’m going to find room 137.”

With that, Dean marched away, body stiff, obviously ready to kill something.

Sam was torn, because while he wanted to take Chloe out here as fast as possible, he wanted to be there to hurt whatever it was that’d touched Chloe.

“Come on.” He growled to the others, as he shifted Chloe’s weight in his arms and began to lead the way out, Kat shinning the light next to him.

“Is she going to be okay?” Kat whispered, sending a sideways glance at Chloe.

“Yes.” Sam nodded, eyes on the shadows around them. “And Dean and I will be better once we get the sonofabitch that dared touch her.”

Silence descended on them for a couple of minutes.

“How do you guys know about all of this stuff anyway?” Gavin asked from slightly behind them, holding Sam’s rocksalt gun awkwardly.

“It’s kind of our job.” Sam wasn’t in the mood for talking.

“Why would anyone want a job like that?” Kat wanted to know.

Sam remained silent.

“And Dean…” Kat tried once more. “Is he your boss?”

Sam snorted. “No.”

The rest of the journey was made in silence until they finally made it to the doors that would lead them out of the South Wing, but when Gavin and Kat went to open them they found them locked shut.

“Um, I think we have a small problem.” Kat announced, looking back at Sam for answers.

“Let’s break it down.” Gavin frowned at his girlfriend as he gave the suggestion, obviously not pleased that she’d turned to another guy for answers.

Sam’s dark gaze studied the door and remembered how it hadn’t even budged when the teens had tried to open it. “It’s not going to work.”

“We’ll break the windows then.” Gavin was quick to offer another solution.

“Gavin, have you not seen the bars on the windows?” Kat wanted to know.

Gavin looked at the windows and took in a deep breath when he saw said bars. “How are we supposed to get out?”

“That’s the point. We’re not.” Sam shifted Chloe’s weight in his arms again. “There’s something in here, and it doesn’t want us to leave.”

“Those patients…” Kat whispered.

“No.” Sam shook his head. “There’s something else in here.”

“Like what?” Gavin squeaked, looking around him in horror.

“I don’t know.” Sam admitted, leaning against the wall, Chloe’s head resting against his chest, against his heart. “But whatever it is, it has the ghosts terrified enough to do this to Chloe to help us get rid of it.”

His cellular rung.

Kat reached into Sam’s backpocket--much to Gavin’s obvious dislike--and pulled it out, flipping open the lid and placing the phone to Sam’s ear.

He smiled thankfully at her. “Dean?”

Sammy…” Dean’s voice was cracked up with static. “I see it. It’s after me. I need your help.”

His eyes widened with worry. “Where are you?”

“The basement--hurry!” And the line cut off.

Sam quickly looked around them, and after making a quick decision he carefully lowered Chloe to the ground and pulled off his jacket, rolling it into a bundle and placing it under her head as a pillow before turning to the others. “Look, Dean’s found whatever it is in the basement and he needs my help. Do any of you know how to use a gun?”

“Are you kidding me?” Gavin snorted in horror.

“I do.” Kat surprised her boyfriend by admitting.

“Good.” Sam passed her his gun. “It’s loaded with rocksalt. It mightn’t kill a ghost—but it’ll force it to dispel.”

She nodded.

Gavin looked incredulous.

Sam sent a glance in Chloe’s direction, “Take good care of her.”, before turning and hurrying back the way they’d come, in search of Dean.


Dean Winchester was one angry puppy.

He’d searched the whole place, and while he now was certain he knew who they were up against, he still hadn’t come across any ghost to shoot at and try to vent his frustration.

He’d let Chloe get hurt--on his watch.

That girl was probably the only truly honest and caring person left on God’s green earth, she’d trusted him explicitly to take care of her while on this hunt and he’d let her get hurt. He’d let some ghost play around with her head, let it hurt her. She’d bled while under his watch.

And he couldn’t forgive himself.

While Dean would hate himself for anyone getting hurt while under his care, he knew that this was different--that Chloe was different.

Hell, he’d realized that from that first moment she’d opened the door in Lawrence Kansas and smiled at them. She’d been the one light to brighten the darkness of the house they’d once called their home, and ever since she’d joined him and Sammy things between him and his brother had gotten better.

Sure, they still fought all the time, but they also tried to keep a check on themselves because she was there and because they didn’t want to upset her.

She trusted you and you let her down, Dean. A little voice inside of his head taunted.

Rounding the bend, Dean only managed to duck back around it when he heard the sound of a gun firing, and in seconds rocksalt imbedded themselves in the wall where his head would have been had he not have such quick reflexes.

Dammit!” He cursed. “Don’t shootIt’s me!”

“Sorry!” Kat could be heard calling.

Dean?” Another female voice asked.

Dean turned the corner rapidly, freezing as he saw Chloe awake, sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, wearing Sam’s jacket. “Chloe.” He didn’t remember moving but the next thing he remembered he’d pulled her to her feet and hugged her tightly. “You okay, gorgeous?”

“Yeah.” She whispered against his chest as he held her close. “I feel a little dizzy and weak, but other than that I’m great all things considered.”

Dean breathed in the scent of her hair to try and calm the beating of his heart. She was fine. She was fine.

“It’s Ellicott.” Chloe whispered against his shirt. “The one face I saw during all the images, the one who was doing all the hurting, the one everyone feared. It was DoctorEllicott.”

What?” Kat gasped.

Dean pulled away slightly and looked at Chloe’s pale face. Images? Had the ghosts shown her their memories? Was that why her eyes had bled? “I know. I found his logbook. He was experimenting on his patients—awful stuff—makes lobotomies look like a couple of aspirin.”

“I don’t get it.” Gavin announced slowly, edging towards his girlfriend as if for protection.

“That’s why they rioted.” Chloe nodded her head in agreement, voice soft with fatigue. “They were rioting against him—against what he was doing to them.”

Dean saw her shiver, and grew worried. Was she looking paler?

“What else did you find out in the logbook?” Chloe whispered.

“Well, uh, Doctor ‘Feel-Good’ was working on some sort of extreme rage-therapy.” Dean continued. “He thought if his patients could just vent their anger then they’d be cured, but he only made them worse and worse and angrier and angrier.”

“His spirit’s doing the same thing.” Chloe whispered the conclusion Dean had come up with as well. “He’s making everyone so angry they become homicidal.”

“Exactly, Nancy Drew.” Dean was proud of her. “We have to find his bones and torch them. The logbook said he had some sort of hidden procedure room down in the basement where he’d work on his patients. If I was a patient during the riot I’d have dragged his ass back down there to do a little work on him myself before offing the bastard.”

“So you and Sammy are going to look for the secret room.” Chloe deduced, before pulling away slightly and looking behind Dean with a confused frown. “Where’s Sammy?”

“What do you mean? He was with you guys.” Dean frowned, suddenly realizing that his brother wasn’t with the others. “And why aren’t you guys out of here anyway?”

“What do you mean, he was with us?” Gavin exclaimed. “He went to the basement. You told him to go to the basement when you called him on his cellular.”

And Dean froze. “I didn’t call him.”

That caused everyone’s eyes to widen in horror.

“Dammit, it was a trap!” Dean turned and hurried away, gun drawn praying that it wouldn’t be too late and someone else that he loved wouldn’t get hurt that night.


Chloe shivered as she sat on the floor, recuperating her strength, as Gavin and Kat stood guard. She hated feeling so useless and helpless like this. She wished her first hunt hadn’t gone so spectacularly bad. After this Dean and Sam would definitely rethink letting her hunt with them again.

The blonde sighed, tuning out the conversation between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Get up…

Chloe’s eyes widened as she looked around for that voice.


Need help…

“Do you two hear that?” Chloe whispered.

Kat and Gavin froze as they looked all around them, silent as death.

Green eyes widened when she saw behind the teenagers the glowing body of the young girl whom she’d seen raped by the countless staff members, Dr. Ellicott in attendance as well.

You have to help them.

Suddenly a gunshot rang through the silence of the asylum.

Chloe shot to her feet. “You two stay here.”

“But--!” Kat began.

Chloe rushed out, knowing that she was vulnerable without a weapon and not caring. She also knew that she was following the shimmer of a ghost, knew that ghosts had killed many an innocent person before, and yet the ghost of this young girl made her feel…trusting…and the blonde just went on instincts as she followed the faint shimmer of light down down down to the basement, through doors and darkness, until she froze as she entered the secret procedure room and came upon a sight she would never have expected.

Sam was standing over a fallen Dean, blood dripping down his nose, aiming a gun at his elder brother.

Sam Winchester!” She cried out in horror, unable to understand what was going on. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Both Winchesters turned to look at her in surprise.

“Chloe, get out!” Dean groaned in pain from where he was on the ground. “Ellicott did something to him!”

Sam turned his attention to Dean and narrowed his eyes, kicking his brother brutally in his ribs. “Enough with the ordering! You think you’re our boss! Sam do this, Chloe do that! You think you’re so great, you’re the better son because you stayed, you’re the better hunter because you stayed. Well guess what, better hunter? You almost got Chloe killed!”

Dean flinched at that as if Sam had kicked him again.

“Another person I care about almost died tonight because of you and your incompetence!” Sam cocked the gun.

Sam!” Chloe cried out, terrified and yet relieved when he turned to look at her. “Sam, this isn’t you, this is Ellicott. You have to fight his influence, Sam, you’re stronger than this.”

Emotions raced through Sam’s eyes, and his nose began to bleed again, his hand wavering.

He was fighting it. He’d probably been fighting it all along and they hadn’t even realized it.

“That’s it, Sam.” Chloe eased herself towards them. “You can do it--you can fight him.” She walked over Dean and carefully placed herself between him and the gun.

The blood dripping from Sam’s nose continued to drip faster and faster, and Chloe slowly eased her fingers down his arm to his hand and took the gun away from his shaky grip, throwing it to the farthest corner of the room, keeping Sam’s agonized dark gaze locked with hers. “Dean, find that body. Its hurting Sam to fight the influence.”

Dean muttered something as he picked himself up and hurried to do as said.

Chloe kept her gaze on Sam’s, rubbing his cold arms, trying to be there for him. “That’s it Sam, you can do it.” She raised her hand and wiped away at the blood flowing from his nose. “Dean’ll soon find the body and everything will be alright.”

Sam nodded jerkily.

“I found it!” Dean called after a couple of minutes of frantic searching. “This sucker is gonna burn!”

“See?” Chloe whispered to Sam, whose eyes were darker and trained on hers.

Suddenly there was a crash from behind them, and Chloe turned around at Dean’s cry of pain, eyes wide in horror when she saw him flat on his back, the ghost of Dr. Ellicott straddling him, his fingers digging into Dean’s head and crackling with electricity.

Don’t be afraid…” The doctor cooed as Dean cried and withered under his electric touch. “I’m going to help you--I’m going to make you all better.

“Get the fuck off of him!” Picking up the discarded rocksalt gun that Sam had dropped by his feet in favor of the real gun in which he was going to shoot his brother, Chloe aimed and fired, the rocksalt hitting the doctor in the head.

The ghost cried as it was forced to dissipate for at least a couple of seconds.

And that was all Dean needed. He quickly reached for his lighter, lit it and threw it at the body of the doctor where it’d been crammed inside of one of his cabinets.

The body caught on fire just in time for Dr. Ellicott to materialize once more. The ghost advanced on Dean until he suddenly froze and looked at his hands as they seemed to light on fire. The ghost suddenly seemed to realize what was happening, because he turned to his body and screamed as he suddenly went up in flames and disappeared.

Sam gasped and nearly collapsed, but Chloe’d turned and grabbed him just in time, holding him up despite how much heavier than she he was. “Sam?”

“God, my head hurts.” He whispered.

“Sam? Chloe?” Dean asked as he got up and limped towards them, ignoring Dr. Ellicott’s burning body. “Are you two okay?”

Chloe smiled and when Dean had limped into arm’s reach, she surprised both of them by her pulling them into a threeway hug, which was more than a little awkward from the brothers but she didn’t care.

They were safe and they were together, for now, for Chloe that was all that mattered.


After Dr. Ellicott’s spirit was vanquished, they’d been able to leave the asylum, and hadn’t seen any spirits on their way out. Hopefully, now that Dr. Ellicott could no longer haunt the halls, the spirits of those whose lives he’d destroyed could finally find some peace.

The trio had said goodbye to Kat and Gavin, and journeyed to their motel, where Chloe had gotten into her bed and fallen fast asleep, exhausted from the night’s ordeal.

The brothers though, well, the tension that they’d been having for the last couple of days had escalated as they remembered the things that’d been said while alone in Dr. Ellicott’s secret proceeding room.

“Dean…” Sam finally sighed. “I’m sorry man, I said some awful things back there.”

Dean paused for a moment before pulling off his shirt, readying to sleep on the bed. “So you remember all that.”

“Yeah.” Sam nodded. “It’s like I couldn’t control it--but I didn’t mean it. Any of it.”

“You didn’t, huh?” Dean didn’t sound so sure as he pulled off his boots and unbuckled his pants.

“No.” Sam was surprised. “Of course not.”

Dean nodded before pulling back the sheets and getting in.

Sam looked up from his spot on the floor, having seen the expression on his brother’s face. “Do we need to talk about this?”

Dean snorted softly, shaking his head as he pulled the sheets up over himself. “No. I’m not really in the sharing-caring kinda mood. I just want to get some sleep.”

And so Sam laid down on his makeshift bed on the ground and stayed quiet, finally falling asleep as well to the sound of his brother’s snores.

He didn’t know how long he’d been asleep, but Sam awoke to the sound of a cellular ringing. Dean’s cellular. It was sitting on the table between Dean’s and Chloe’s beds, ringing loudly.

Dean.” Sam tried to hiss to his brother without any luck. “It’s gonna wake up Chloe.”

Dean’s only answer was to snore louder and turn away from Sam, still deep in sleep.

Sighing, realizing that his brother was dead to the world, Sam got up and answered the phone sleepily. “Hello?” Suddenly all sleep left his in seconds as he heard the voice on the other end of the line. “Dad?”



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