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Realizations 7/7 
22nd-Oct-2012 08:29 am

Title: Realizations
Sequel to: Midas Touch
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Lois/Adam, Clark, Pete, Trevor, Azazel, Uriel, Castiel & more...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Dean's realizing that his relationship with Chloe is becoming less than innocent in nature. Lois' realizing that her relationship with Adam, and her memories, mightn't be what they seem to be. The Powers That Be are quickly realizing that they've lost control. And two separate meetings of Chloe and Lois with John's old hunting buddies can change everything.
A/N: Slowly continuing towards romance. And the ages of the main characters in this segment are: Chloe – 16, Dean – 23, Lois – 20 & Adam – 24

Chloe wasn't answering her phone.

Dean was going to have a mini heart attack any second now.

It was against his policy to hit women, especially if they weren't demons or some sort of monster, and despite it all Desiree Atkins was just a human with super pheromones who was used to getting whoever she wanted. He really couldn't do more than what he had-which was tie her up somewhere with something stuffed in her mouth while he tried to figure out what to do with her. He couldn't just let her go, could he? She'd proven that she was all too happy to use her abilities against others, and the hunter in him couldn't just let her loose on the world.

And while he should be worrying more about what to do with her, Dean found himself more preoccupied with finding out where the hell Chloe was. He'd called Clark, Pete and Trevor, wondering if any of them knew where she was, but the boys couldn't give any account for her whereabouts after school ended some hours ago. And Dean had gone back home as well but hadn't found her there. There hadn't been any note left for him explaining her disappearance either-or a text.

And as stated before, Chloe wasn't answering her phone.

All in all, Dean was about to have a nervous breakdown.

He'd even called Sammy for fuck's sake! But all he'd done was get his little brother and his girlfriend just as worried as him. He'd promised to call them if anything, and continued his search.

Having gone to where he'd left the 'Pala when Desiree had bewitched him with her powers of slutdom, Dean drove all around Smallville, stopping to ask the people he knew if they'd seen the girl. They hadn't, and the fact that he was searching for her made them all worried, every single person he'd talked to promising to call him if they saw her or if they found out anything.

This was the first time Dean had realized the benefits of being a part of a community, and he couldn't help but feel utterly grateful for the extra help.

Talking about extra help, he'd finally given in and checked the messages left by Pastor Jim earlier. The man had arrived in Metropolis and was waiting for him, had put down the address of his motel. If this was something supernatural that had used Desiree as a distraction so it could snatch Chloe away from Dean, the young hunter was going to need all the help he could get.

Pressing down on the accelerator, Dean narrowed his eyes and drove like hell towards Metropolis.


Licking her lips, Chloe kept her back to a wall at all times, refusing to be even more vulnerable as she stared up at Viktor Dalakis.

If she hadn't realized who he was, hadn't known the evil that hid behind those eyes of his-had the girl just seen a picture of him-she would have found him incredibly handsome. His face betrayed great genes and impeccable attention to personal grooming, his hair was cheek-length dark silk contrasting against his pale skin. He looked nothing like the man she'd met so long ago, who'd been so filled with meds, so un-kept, so unthreatening.

"You look so much like her," Viktor whispered, reaching up to caress her cheek with the back of his hand in near awe. "I must admit that when I first saw you that day I thought it was a hallucination brought on by the intense sedatives and other cocktails of drugs they had me on. But yet here I am, completely clean, and here you are, her mirror image." His lips formed a sneer as he grabbed her chin and raised it higher. "Except your eyes...those are someone else's entirely." His grip on her chin tightened in disapproval. "Light colored eyes must be from her side of the family."

"I'm assuming this "she" I supposedly look like is the same person Hannah was talking about when I met her." Chloe kept her gaze on his, clenching her trembling fists at her sides. "Maddie."

His grip on her loosened at the name. "Yes. Madelyn." He caressed her chin softly. "The resemblance is uncanny-then again, she was the other half of me and you are my only offspring."

"Your other half?" Chloe frowned in confusion, wanting to jerk out of his touch but unsure if that would set him off into one of his torture-y psychotic episodes.

"Madelyn Dalakis, the only person I was ever able to truly love, my twin sister." He tilted his head as he continued to eye her thoughtfully. "You have her lips. They are exactly the same. The arch, the color, the texture..." he rubbed his thumb over her lips.

On instinct Chloe pulled away, backing up, freaked out beyond belief as she began to wonder exactly in what way he'd loved his sister.

He chuckled softly, amused with her. "She looked like that too, when deeply disturbed."

"Did you disturb her deeply too?" Chloe figured that probably wasn't the smartest thing to say, but it'd come out before she could bite it back down.

His eyes flashed with fury but he managed to suppress it and smile.

The smile scared her more than his anger would have.

"I have heard from my mother that you refuse to leave the Unfit One and join us at our side as you should as a Dalakis." He eyed her curiously. "When I also discovered that this same Unfit One was searching for information on our family, I grew curious to meet him as well and see why my mother would let him live and not just skewer him and take you to your rightful place."

Chloe gulped, fighting the urge to back away. "Unfit One?" She made a face. "There's nothing unfit about Dean."

Viktor's eyebrow raised. "On the contrary, he has made himself unfit to kill you."

Chloe's eyes widened in shock. "He has?"

"It's...curious." Viktor replied with a nod. "During the few other incarnations of Assets that have graced this earth, never has the plan been ruined because of the Sword rendering himself unable to do what he'd been born to do. Usually it's the Asset's untimely death that ruins everything."

"The Sword?" Chloe frowned as she came closer to him on instinct, needing to know more. "That's Dean's title?"

"Amongst others." He nodded. "He is the weapon who is to shed the Asset's blood."

"Why?" Chloe came closer even in her need to know more about why all this was happening to her. "Why is he supposed to kill me? It doesn't make sense!" She pulled a strand of blonde hair out of her face and behind her ear. "If the last Asset was his mother-did that mean that he was supposed to kill his own mother? Or was the Sword someone else? And if so, why was Dean suddenly chosen to be the Sword?"

"Dean Winchester has always been the Sword, just like his brother is the Blade."

Chloe froze in horror. "Sam? SAM is mixed up in this as well?"

"There is much you do not know." Viktor declared seriously, gaze on her. "There are forces at work beyond your understanding." He reached out and ran the back of his fingers down the curve of her neck. "They will not stop until your blood has been shed, and the Sword and the Blade clash in a bloody battle until a sole victor is finally named once and for all in their petty little war."

All color drained from her face as Chloe finally realized what the hell the endgame was.

For some reason Dean was supposed to kill her, and then he and Sam would engage in some sort of death match in which only one would come out alive.

But why?


What (and who) would gain from something like this?

And if Dean had made himself 'unfit' to be the Sword...who had been chosen as the new weapon of choice in this disturbing game?

"I see the severity of the situation is dawning on you." Viktor rubbed his thumb against the rapidly beating pulse in her neck. "Maybe now that you realize yours is not the only life at peril-you will understand the need for you to leave the Winchesters and enter the embrace of the Dalakis." His eyes bore into hers. "Their plans have been ruined before, and if you obey me you can spare the lives of those you love. I can ruin you as Asset, and they will have no choice but wait for the next to be born to play their game once more and try for victory."

Chloe gulped as she stared up into his face, trembling in fear, both of him, and of the picture he'd painted.

"Enter into the embrace of your blood." His voice was almost a spell that weaved around her, making her confused and susceptible.

Chloe's lips parted.

Suddenly a series of loud bangs echoed against the door. "Jim! It's me Dean! Open up!"

Whatever spell had been weaving around her broke, and Chloe gasped, turning her head towards the door, even more terrified now than before.

"Is that the Unfit One?" Viktor mused, raising an eyebrow as he made a step towards the door. "It's time I...met...him I suppose."

A growl escaped Chloe's lips as she moved in front of him, blocking his path to Dean. "Don't you touch him."

"I see." Viktor murmured as he eyed her. "You are in love with the non-blood."

Chloe's eyes widened slightly but she didn't move from between Dean and Viktor. "If you were any sort of father, you'd let me out of that door, would let me leave with him."

"If I were any sort of Dalakis, I would kill him without blinking, and take you back to where you belong." He countered.

She raised her chin in defiance.

He smirked. "You do have some of me in you."

Her eyes narrowed in confusion.

"A day." He took a step backwards. "I'll give you and the boy a day, before I begin a chase."

"A day's not much." And yet she was already backing towards the door.

"That's more than any other Dalakis would give you." He replied, giving her a little wave. "See you later."

Turning around, Chloe raced to the door, which Pastor Jim yanked open for her in time for the blonde to come face to face with a shocked Dean.

"Chloe?" Dean's eyes widened in shock.

The blonde grabbed his arm and yanked him before her as she raced towards where she could see the 'Pala. "We need to get as far away from here as possible! NOW!"


"What do you mean you've lost the cousin?" Uriel snapped, his wings flashing behind him in his fury.

"She's just disappeared!" The agent exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. "She said that she was going to go for a walk to help with her head ache, and then she just disappeared! I got back to our room and it looks like she hasn't gotten back!"

"How could you be so stupid? So careless?" Uriel snarled at the human. "We didn't raise you from the dead so you could have fun and gamble! We brought you back so that you could do the job we had designed for you! Or do you want to go back to the pit to be tortured endlessly by Alastair and his minions?"

"No." The agent shook his head, desperation reeking from his pores. "Please! Just give me another chance. I'll find her. I'll fix this."

"You better." Uriel growled his warning before teleporting away, his good mood destroyed.


Azazel stood, eyeing the tied up, gagged woman with much amusement.

She saw it, and glared darkly at him, struggling harder against her binds.

Azazel's eyes flashed gold as he freed the woman. "A new kink you haven't shared with me?"

"I'd tell you to go to hell, but you've already been there." She snapped, standing up and shrugging off her binds viciously. "He fought off my pheromones! No one has ever been able to do that! How the hell did he do that?"

"What a surprising turn of events." The demon grinned as he went to the window.

Desiree's eyes widened as her mouth fell open. "Bullshit!" She stormed towards him, her high heels clicking loudly against the floor. "You knew this would happen! You asshole!"

"I didn't know anything would happen." He clasped his hands behind his back, still gazing out of the window.

"But you suspected it would." The brunette placed her hands on her hips, glaring at him. "You sent me in to seduce him because you thought he would resist me!"

"I thought he might." The demon corrected, finally turning to look at her.

"How?" She was more confused than pissed by now. "And why?"

The demon just smiled and gazed out of the window once more. "In your car you'll find more than enough money to start up somewhere else suitably comfortably."

She narrowed her eyes at him, pursing her lips at him thoughtfully. "You weren't trying to drive those two apart, were you?"

"Drive safely." The demon turned towards her. "If I have further need of your...talents...I'll call for you."

He then teleported away.

"That fox." Desiree Atkins whispered, shaking her head, before grinning as she hurried towards the door, her car, and the money that was waiting for her.


"I'm not leaving you!" Jess snapped as she glared at her frantic boyfriend.

"Did you not listen to that phone call?" Sam snapped right back at her, throwing her things into one of her bags. "There's something in the works involving dark powers who want to use me! That means I'm a danger to you! If they think that you're holding me back from doing whatever they want me to do, they wouldn't think twice in killing you!"

"I don't care!" Jess cried as she gripped at the front of his shirt, looking up into his face, pleading. "I love you Sam!"

"I love you too." Sam whispered, voice breaking as he cupped her face, staring deeply into her beloved face. "And that's why I have to make sure that you're okay."

"Sam..." Jess' voice broke with a sob.

"If anything happened to you I wouldn't give a damn what they did to me or if I lived or died." Sam's voice was strained as he tried to make her understand what her life meant to him. "If you want to protect me, if you love me, you have to make sure you are safe."

"I want to be with you." Jess cried, tears falling down her cheeks. "I want to stand by your side and be your strength. I don't want to run and hide when the going gets tough!"

He kissed her because, goddamn it, he didn't deserve this woman.

Jess must have sensed something in his kiss, because she broke down and kissed him hard while crying desperately.

Sam kissed her deeper, trying to remember her taste and the feel of her in his arms, because he didn't know when it'd be safe to see her again. He needed to meet with Chloe and Dean and they needed to figure out what was going on and how to stop it without involving her psychotic family—because there was no way that Sam or Dean would let Chloe go to them.

"You'll be safe." He whispered against Jess' lips. "Brady's waiting outside. He'll drive you to your parents'."

"I love you." Jess whispered brokenheartedly against his lips.

"And I you." Sam bit back a sob. "So much."


They drove in utter silence.

Dean hadn't gotten much out of the girl, only that Jim Murphy had set him up to walk into a trap for Viktor Dalakis, and everything that her biological father had told her about the Asset and his and his brother's involvement in this gladiator-esque battle they were supposed to fight in. He had a feeling she was keeping more from him, and it annoyed him to realize that there were secrets between them again.


It didn't annoy him.

It fucking pissed him off!

He'd thought they'd gotten passed this shit!

Chloe leaned her forehead against the window, staring outside at the night-bathed landscape as they drove in silence.

"How about you let out whatever's got you so quiet?" Dean couldn't take the silence anymore, too used to her endless chatter.

She didn't seem to even hear him, her gaze steadily on the darkness in front of her.

A muscle jumped in his cheek, the hunter reaching out to place his hand on her shoulder.

She jumped, eyes widening as she turned to look at him, fear in her greens for a split second before she cleared her throat. "Sorry, were you saying something?"

He tightened his grip on her shoulder. "Why did you go to see Jim without telling me anything?"

"You were busy." Her expression fell and her gaze slid away once more. "And anyway, he had information on my family. Why shouldn't I have gone to see him?"

"Busy?" Dean asked in confusion before his eyes widened as suddenly he realized what she meant. "You saw us."

The girl leaned harder into her chair, gaze lowering to her hands.

Dean closed his eyes and let out a little growl, annoyed beyond understanding with Desiree Atkins and Chloe Sullivan. "She's a meteor freak."

"What?" Chloe's eyes widened as she turned to look at him in shock.

"Turns out Desiree Atkins really does have some sort of pheromone that she can use against anyone she wishes." Dean removed his hand from her, returning it to the steering wheel as he gazed at the road in front of them. "Apparently with most guys she can just stare them into obeying her, but with the more difficult ones she needs to kiss them to infect them."

Chloe's eyes were wider than he'd ever seen them as she stared at him. "Oh."

"Oh?" He gripped the steering wheel tighter. "That's all you've got to say?"

"What do you expect me to say?" She cleared her throat, gaze going ahead of her as she licked her lips. "She's gorgeous, you're gorgeous...it really wasn't a stretch to believe that you two would hook up. It's not my place to get in the middle of any booty calls or relationships that you might develop."

She was right.

Everything she'd said was one hundred per cent correct.

It still pissed him off though.

"Why would I keep it a secret from you?"

She shrugged. "You're entitled to your privacy."

"Bullshit!" He snapped at her, refusing for her to do this, to start pulling away like she was so well known to do. "Since when have you not asserted yourself and your position in my life? Just like night you told me I belonged to you! And now all of a sudden you're going on with this bullshit?" He sneered at her. "Stop pretending to be so damn meek because it doesn't suit you."

"What do you want me to say, Dean?" She snapped right back at him, and he had to admit that he was glad because at least now she was starting to communicate instead of holding everything inside of her like she instinctively did when she felt threatened. "You can screw whoever you want to!"

"I sincerely doubt that darling." He sneered, tightening his grip on the steering wheel, accelerating.

"Oh yeah baby?" She threw back at him. "What's stopping you?"

He gazed quickly up at the rearview mirror, ascertaining that they were on a deserted highway, before stepping on the breaks, sending them to a screeching stop.

"The hell?" Chloe snapped, grabbing hold around her.

"Why do we always fucking fight on road trips?" Dean hissed, shaking his head.

"How the hell should I know?" She grumbled, still holding onto the dashboard. "It just always works out that way."

Growling, Dean undid his seatbelt and slipped out of the seat and onto the road, slamming the door closed behind him in his frustration. He looked up at the starry sky, annoyed and frustrated, and not just with Chloe anymore. There was more than a healthy dose of his frustration aimed at himself.

The passenger's side door opened and slammed shut as the blonde spitfire stormed around the front of the car to continue with their argument. "You have no right to be pissed off at me about this!"

"Oh yeah?" He sneered at her, leaning hard against the 'Pala. "And how do you figure that?"

"I did nothing wrong." She glared up at him, standing on her tiptoes to try and even their vision somewhat, failing drastically. "I gave you space, I let you enjoy what I thought was a booty call, and I dealt with your shit." She poked him in the chest as she listed off. "If there's anyone out of the two of us who has a right to be pissed it's me!"

"Oh, that's a good one." He laughed darkly, glaring at her. "What could you possibly have to be pissed about?"

"You went researching my family without telling me anything about what you were doing!" Chloe snapped, foregoing poking his chest to slap it. "And it nearly got you killed!"

"How was I supposed to know that Jim would set me up?" Dean snapped at her.

"That's not my point!" She growled at him. "Because of you snooping when you had no right, not only did you nearly get yourself killed, but my father now knows where I live!" Her voice shrieked with her fear. "And he seems just as hell-bent as my grandmother for me to 'join the embrace of my blood', AND SIX TIMES AS SCARY AND PSYCHOTIC AS HER!"

"You think I don't fucking know that?" He hissed at her.

"Why did you do it?" She flung her hands out in frustration. "Why would you go behind my back like that and-?"

"Go behind your-?" He barked out harsh laughter. "What did you expect me to do? I had no other choice!"

"No other-?" Chloe's mouth fell open. "Bullshit!"

"The hell it is!" He leaned into her personal space, hissing and glaring and pointing down at her this time. "Not only has your insane grandmother tried to take you away already, but now your psycho father is free and has confirmed my suspicions that his agenda is the same when it comes to you!" He narrowed his light hazels at her. "Not only does the Dalakis family seem to be plagued with insanity, but they also have a shitload of power to back up their fucked up desires!"

"You think I don't know that?" Chloe snapped at him. "Believe me, bub, I know, and it terrifies me."

"Yeah? Well guess what, you're not the only one it fucking frightens!" Dean flung his hands out in fury as he was forced to finally admit that. "They're psychotic and all-mighty and intent on both messing with you, and taking you away with them to god knows where to do god knows what to!" He clenched his fists tightly at the millions of different horror scenarios his mind had concocted. "I don't know what you expected me to do, but if it was to sit on my ass and not do all in my power to have the knowledge I need to not only be prepared but able to keep them from taking you away from me..." Dean looked away, letting that sentence fade away. "I won't let them take you away from me."

Chloe looked up at him, eyes wide.

The hunter closed his eyes, tightening his clenched hands as he let out a little snarl before opening his eyes and narrowing them on the finally silent young woman in front of him. "I'm not fucking apologizing to you because it won't be the last time I do something you don't like or approve of if it means keeping you safe...and with me." His hands clenched to the degree that his nails dug into his palms painfully. "So if you've got a problem with that, then tough luck. Also? Screw. You."

Chloe stared up at him, tears sparkling and unshed in her eyes as her lips twitched in a little smile, obviously remembering a similar conversation not so long ago in which she'd told him something similar.

He felt uncomfortable in his own skin yet refused to pull away like his instincts to run away from any emotion screamed for. His light hazels fixed on her face, his lips pulled back in a grim line as he bit the inside of his cheek in nerves.

The petite blonde stared up at him in silence, so much emotion in her eyes, confliction obvious in her every feature. She licked her lips, gaze sliding away before returning to him as her lips parted as she drew in a jagged breath.

He ignored the pain in his palms, waiting for her response, be whatever it was.

Chloe closed her eyes, a tear making its way silently down the side of her face.

Hissing, Dean turned and made to return to the car.

Chloe's eyes flew open and her hand reached for his, fingers closing around his wrist and keeping him in place.

Once again, the memory of similar events flashed through Dean's mind as he hesitated only a second before turning to face her once more.

Chloe stared up into his face, into his eyes, almost seeming desperate to find something specific there.

Dean didn't know what she was searching for, but he stared back into her greens, hoping to god she found it.

The blonde slowly smiled at him as she stepped once, twice, and then was in his embrace, arms encircling his waist tightly and cheek rubbing caressingly against his chest.

Dean's eyes slid closed as his arms found their way around her and held her close, pressing a kiss to the top of her golden head.

She froze in his embrace and pulled away enough to tilt her head and look up at him, shock on her face as another silent tear made its way down her cheek.

He gulped, bringing his hand to cup her cheek, his thumb chasing away the tear.

Chloe loosened her grip on him and trailed her hands around him to his chest, clenching her hands in his shirt for a second before trailing those hands up his chest. She stepped up on her tiptoes as she reached upwards, encircling her arms around his neck as she pulled in closer, resting her cheek against his heart.

Dean leaned into her, tightening his embrace on her, keeping her anchored to him, feeling her heartbeat racing against his chest.

Her fingertips brushed his hair as she turned her head up to stare at him.

The hunter lowered his head to stare into her eyes.

Chloe's gaze lowered to his lips for a second before she eased him slowly downwards towards her.

Dean's eyes widened, realizing what was happening and unable to hide his shock, yet he didn't resist her, his eyes watching as hers fluttered closed seconds before their lips touched. The hunter had kissed before, but they'd been messy, lust-filled, sloppy movements that'd just been a means to an end. This...this was nothing like that.

Light hazels slid closed as their lips moved together slowly, deeply, the hunter's grip on the girl tightening as he tasted her for the first time. Something exploded in the back of his mind at the first taste, and Dean tilted his head to an angle which allowed him to kiss her deeper, although the speed never increased.

It was slow, it was tentative...it was unlike anything...

Approaching headlights hit them as someone honked before driving around the pair and speeding off, yelling curses behind at them.

Chloe slowly pulled away and leaned her cheek against Dean's rapidly beating heart, hers racing just as insanely fast against his chest as her arms encircled his waist once more.

Dean stared ahead of him into the dark, mind-blown and eyes wide, as suddenly a bone-shattering realization hit him.

22nd-Oct-2012 04:25 pm (UTC)
*incomprehensible squeals of delight*

You had me twisted in knots near the end. But they kissed! They really, finally did!
22nd-Oct-2012 11:36 pm (UTC)
Yep! I don't know if you follow me on facebook and voted on the polls I have there...but THIS was what the IMPALA vote winning meant. That they got to finally kiss...in the vecinity of the Impala. :)
22nd-Oct-2012 05:08 pm (UTC)
How could you end it there, you cruel, mean woman?!? How can you torture your readers like this? What if something happens to me today and I could not read the next installment of this series? I swear I will come back and haunt you! :)
22nd-Oct-2012 11:36 pm (UTC)
I can end it there BECAUSE I'm a cruel, mean woman! :P ;)

Awwww! Don't say that! lol
22nd-Oct-2012 06:43 pm (UTC)

finally a kiss..... gosh i got goosebumps from you story..... so freaking great
thank you
22nd-Oct-2012 11:37 pm (UTC)
Yayayayayayayayay! Goosebumps I LIKE! ;)
22nd-Oct-2012 06:54 pm (UTC)
SQUEEE! They kissed!!!!
But than I'm sad for Sam and he is trusting Brady with Jess! Never understood how he never caught the demon.
And what happened to Lois?
Sequel? *puppy eyes* Soon?...
22nd-Oct-2012 11:38 pm (UTC)
Yep they did!
And yes...San trusts Brady a lot, especially after the Stanford incident they survived with Chloe and Jess. :(
Lois is still sleeping as Castiel tries strengthening the crumbling wall holding her memories in place.
22nd-Oct-2012 07:41 pm (UTC)
Love this chapter!!!! And yes they do end up fighting when they go on road trips!!! YAY!!! They kissed!!! But damn you why did it have to end there?????
22nd-Oct-2012 11:39 pm (UTC)
They really DO act like an old married couple already, huh?
22nd-Oct-2012 10:36 pm (UTC)
thank you, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, thank you!!!
they FINALLY did it!! I've been rooting for them from the begining, and FINALLY they kissed!! there is a GOD!!!
bye-bye Lois, Chlobug is in da place!!!!!!

can't wait for the next instalment, to see what will happen now that Lois is remembering (she so can't come in between Chloe and DEan now, nah!)n and with Sam and Jess! but most importantly, for the relationship between Chloe and Dean to deepen and get more touchy-freely (please, please, please!!!)

And OH MY GOD is Dean possessive of Chloe, I counted at least 4 times of him saying that he didn't Chloe to be away from him!!! *fan myself*
22nd-Oct-2012 11:40 pm (UTC)
You're very very very very very VERY welcome hon!

Yes! He is EXTREMELY possessive of Chloe, even more than the both of them realize at the moment...but it's okay because Chloe's just as possessive of him as well. ;)
23rd-Oct-2012 12:34 am (UTC)
oh man, you can't tease like that, I'm so getting excited for the next instalment!! god a jealous and possessive as hell Dean... yeah I'm going to take a cold shower right now!! ;)
22nd-Oct-2012 11:22 pm (UTC)
heheh! ♥ Gah, i can't wait for the next in the series!
22nd-Oct-2012 11:40 pm (UTC)
Good Good Good! *dances around*
22nd-Oct-2012 11:30 pm (UTC)
Excellent chapters! Great read dear. I can't wait to find out what else you have in store for our dynamic duo!

22nd-Oct-2012 11:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much hon :)
23rd-Oct-2012 12:17 am (UTC)
Gah! You and these cliff hangers! I love that you're weaving Sam, Jess and Lois back in. I'll be stalking... ah, I mean checking your page for the next installment!
13th-Dec-2012 07:52 pm (UTC) - Jerks VS Free Will
Now THIS is what I was waiting for; confirmation that Adam’s still the jerk he was in the series- I get that he was dying, but he could have tried to ask for help rather than just blindly go along with what Lionel wanted-, and- more importantly- Castiel is starting to question the planned apocalypse and incline towards ‘Team Free Will’.

Still, interesting touch with the reference to Azazel having once been an angel- I read one ‘Supernatural’ novel featuring an angel who deliberately became human to become a demon, so that’s certainly possible-, and the implications of Azazel and Ruby being active in other hosts in Smallville was such a shocking twist I’m amazed I didn’t think about it earlier (We might know that demons possess, but we’re so used to seeing particular demons in certain bodies that we forget that they can change).

Admittedly, I’m surprised that nobody was paying more attention to Clark- surely his powers would have made him an interesting asset for one side or the other?-, but maybe demons just can’t possess him because he isn’t ‘wired’ properly despite his vulnerability to magic (As in they can possess humans by ‘remembering’ how their bodies worked when they were alive, but Clark’s Kryptonian physiology ‘confuses’ any demon who tries to possess him and angels can’t do anything to affect free will to that extent).

All in all, another interesting story- particularly now that the Winchesters have some idea of their ‘destinies’ and Lois is out and about (Is it too much to hope that Castiel decided to give his brothers the old middle-digit-up and take her away himself?)-, but there’s just one point I’d like to clarify; if it’s part of Dean’s ‘destiny’ to kill the Asset, how can that be reconciled with the fact that Mary was killed by Azazel when Dean was four? Is he responsible in some indirect manner- because of Dean’s trip back through time where he didn’t kill Azazel, he’s responsible for Mary’s death, or something like that?-, did that part of the plan just get thrown out because of Mary’s death (Based on Dalakis’s comments about the ‘untimely death of the Asset’), or is it something else I’m missing?
13th-Mar-2013 06:03 am (UTC) -
Wow, this was great!!! So much going on in this, where to start? Ok, so excited that they finally kissed, and I hope to see more of this soon! Also can't wait to see what will happen will Chloe, Dean, and Sam running from Viktor, and I hope Jess will be safe with Brody. I think my favorite part of this fic (aside from the kiss) was that Ruby finally showed up, and in Lana no less. I always loved Ruby in the show, and I hated when they changed her (I didn't care for the brunette at all!!!). I hope you keep her in future fics! Can't wait to read the next one in this series!!! Wonderful as always, Thanks!!
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