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Through The Looking Glass 2/10 
29th-Nov-2012 01:13 am
chlean---Oh-Boy Looks
Through the looking glass

Title: Through The Looking Glass
Sequel to: Realizations
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Sam, Cas, Lois, Lex, and others...
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary: After the kiss they shared on the side of the road things are horribly awkward between Dean and Chloe, especially now that Bobby and Sam have joined them. And then, when a stranger intervenes in a very drastic way, Chloe wakes up to time loss, apparent memory loss, war, people she should know but doesn't, Lois, and a very touchy-feelly Dean Winchester.

Dean had been silent during the stitching up of her arm, and Chloe felt as if the doctor in torn civvies had been silent throughout the whole procedure because of nerves. She didn't understand what was happening, and no matter how hard she tried to wrack her brain she couldn't remember anything after the accident. Obviously something wasn't right, especially since no one seemed to know what accident she was talking about, and the blonde couldn't help but feel sick to her stomach. She'd insisted on walking once they'd left what was obviously supposed to be the infirmary. There was nothing wrong with her legs and being carried around by Dean would just keep her from being able to concentrate on the things going on around her. She needed the physical separation almost as much as he seemed to need touch, and she could tell that it was hard for him to walk with his hands at his side.

There was silence as he led her through a series of twisting and turning corridors and stairs before finally stopping in front of a room, hesitating only a second before opening the door.

Realizing he was holding the door open for her, Chloe's lips parted in shock. "Since when are you a gentleman?"

He flinched.

She could have kicked herself for that, but the girl was getting more and more freaked as she hugged herself and gave him a small smile to let him know it'd been a joke before moving passed him into what was obviously a well-used bedroom that'd seen better days. Like the rest of the facility the room was in desperate need of a new coat of paint, and there weren't any windows at all. The lights above weren't half as bright as they should be, but given the disarray she figured it was best for some things not to be seen in the bright light.

Stepping further into the room, the blonde cast a glance around the room, eyes skimming over the bed with the faded sheets, a little sound that was almost amusement escaping her lips as she hugged herself tighter. "I like the sheets. They're-."

"Epically green." He finished, almost as if repeating something he'd heard quite a many times.

The blonde sent him a little wary look at that as she nodded. "Took the words right out of my mouth."

Dean opened his mouth before closing it with a sigh, running his hand over the back of his head as he stood in the doorway. "So I guess it makes no sense to ask if you remember this room."

"Remember this room?" She snorted as she gave it another quick look over. "Why? What happened here?" She made her face at a stain on the darkest corner of the room. "Someone didn't die in here, did they?"

"What?" He sounded completely confused.

"That dark stain over there." She made a little face at it, pointing. "That's not blood-splatter or something, is it?"

The hunter just stared at her, disappointment on his every feature, before he shook his head. "No."

"Oh." Now almost sure that no sort of homicide had taken place in this room, Chloe ventured towards the bed and gazed at it, bending over and surprised to realize that while the sheets were very worn and somewhat faded, that they were very much clean. "So, why should I remember this room?" She turned towards Dean, caught off-guard by the look in his eyes.

The hunter tore his gaze from her, staring down at the ground to the right, head tilted away from her.

Chloe gulped, gaze going around the room to keep from looking at the increasingly uncomfortable looking guy. Her green narrowed on something in another corner and she found herself pulled towards one of the two trunks. "Is that-?" It was. It'd been the trunk at the foot of her bed at home. What-? "Why is this-?" Chloe bent to her knees and unlatched the lid, pushing it open and just staring down at her little treasures.

There was silence in the room.

Closing her eyes, Chloe took in a deep breath as she stood, lowering the lid on the trunk once more before turning to Dean. "This is my room, isn't it?"

Something odd passed his eyes, but he merely nodded.

Chloe collapsed onto her trunk, staring up at him in confusion. "What the hell is going on?"

"You really don't remember anything?" Dean asked softly.

"I remember things!" She protested, leaning forwards and hiding her face in her hands. "I just don't remember this place or these people or this Cas guy and his Jedi Mind Tricks!" She flung her hands out in her frustration. "How can he do that? Where's Bobby? And why aren't there any windows in this damned place? That can't be healthy! People need fresh air!"

Dean hesitated a second before entering the room and closing the door behind him, leaning against it. "Tell me up to what part you remember, and we'll try finding the missing pieces together."

He was being incredibly nice about this.

"Okay, I'm game." Chloe licked her lips, staring at him, leaning forwards with her elbows on her knees. "The last thing I remember was apologizing to you and then getting into the accident with Sam because there was a man just standing there in the middle of the road staring at us."

Dean was in the middle of scratching his forehead when he froze. "A man?"

Chloe froze as well, eyes wide in horror at him. "What is that?"

In seconds he'd reacted and pulled out a gun she hadn't even known he'd had on him, training it on the dark corner behind him. "What is it? What do you see?"

She was taken back by the severity of his reaction, pressing hard against the wall as her eyes widened. "Nothing to be pointing a gun to! Put it away!"

He turned to face her, confusion in his light hazels as he slowly lowered the gun. "If you didn't-what were you talking about?"

"Your hand." Chloe gulped, her throat dry, finding it terribly hard to swallow all of a sudden. "Since when do you wear a wedding band?"

Dean's gaze, which had lowered to his hand in confusion when she'd first started, widened in horror as she finished her question.

"You were not married this morning!" She felt like she was going to have a nervous breakdown. "This isn't real." Her eyes widened. "This. Isn't. Real." A little dark laughter escaped her lips as suddenly everything made sense. "This whole thing isn't real. You're not real." She laughed harder, turning and kicking the trunk. "Very FUNNY Viktor!" She yelled at the ceiling, pissed off beyond belief. "You really had me going for a little bit there but then you had this conjured up or shapeshifter Dean married?" She sneered up at the ceiling, arms flung out on her either side in fury. "Well guess what? I know Dean Winchester! And he is not the marrying type!" She gave the trunk another kick. "So before you do something like this you should know your subject better! YOU ASSHOLE!"

Throughout this whole thing fake!Dean was deadly silent.

Chloe turned to confront him, mouth wide, when she saw the horror in his pallid face as he stared at her.

There was pain unlike anything she'd ever seen in his eyes and features as he seemed unable to look at her, closing his hand tightly before slamming his fist sideways into the wall.

The blonde gulped, because damn, this guy really looked like Dean and it was hard to see him going through such obvious pain and not do something about it.

She just needed to remember that this wasn't Dean!

He wasn't!

"I want Dean." She cleared her throat, hating the way her voice wavered. "Take me to Dean."

He let out a little dark chuckle, gaze on the floor. "I'm Dean."

"No, you're not." She countered, refusing to be suckered in by this deceit again, no matter how convincing the actor was. "I don't know who or what you are, but you're not Dean."

"I am." He whispered, raising his light hazels to her finally.

"You aren't." Chloe gulped, hating how hard she was finding it to see the deception. "I don't know if you're a shapeshifter or a ghoul or a dream or a hallucination conjured up by a Dalakis, but you're not Dean. This is not my room. I've never met that Cas guy. And my Dean isn't married. He's never been married and probably never will." She butched up, anchoring herself to those monumental truths, to facts. "Half an hour ago I was traveling with Sam and talking about the motel room he and I would be sharing tonight. THAT is real. THIS is not."

Dean, who'd been shaking his head and lowering it, shot up and narrowed his eyes darkly at that. "What?"

"You heard me Mr. Imposter!" If this was a dream, maybe a confrontation would work to dispel it and help her wake up. The last time a Dalakis had put her under in a dream spell Dean had told her that she'd gotten out of it by confronting her fear for her mother by not just hiding and cowering away, but by wishing to get out of the dream. "You're not my Dean and that Sam is not my Sam!"

"Why were you going to share a room with Sam?" Dean snapped.

"That's none of your business, Imposter!" She snapped right back at him.

"The hell it isn't!"

The blonde closed her eyes tightly and stuffed her fingers into her ears as she began to scream at the top of her lungs. "I WANT TO WAKE UP! I WANT TO WAKE UP! I WANT TO WAKE UP! I WANT TO WAKE UP!" She kept screaming until her throat was hoarse, and finally the girl opened her eyes, finding her still in the room.

This time she was alone though, the fake!Dean gone, having locked the door shut behind him.

The blonde cried as she collapsed on the trunk, crying into her hands. "I want to go home."


Dean leaned on the other side of the door, able to hear her sobs. He closed his eyes tightly as his hand rose to clasp the ring hanging on the chain around his neck, hidden under his shirt.

"I just want to go home…" her voice begged softly in between hiccups. "Please just let me go home!"

"You are home." He whispered, tightening his grip around the ring.

Every night since her death whenever he'd close his eyes he'd see her greens staring into his, filled with tears, right before she was killed. There'd been nothing he could do, and the impotence had nearly driven him insane. He knew for a fact that he wasn't the same person he'd been before (not that any of them were). His anger and fury and hatred had been the only things keeping him alive these past years. They were the only reason why he still fought, why he didn't give into the overwhelming, constant temptation to put a gun to his temple and pull the trigger. That…that and the ring that rested against his heart.

When the scouts had come across the unconscious woman and brought her back, news had quickly reached Dean, and no one had wanted to believe that she was really her. They'd put her under every single test that they could think of, sure that she had to be some sort of spy, some sort of supernatural creature placed there to gain their trust, and yet Cas had actually been able to tap into whatever angelic powers he'd had left and confirmed that it was her.

"Tell me it's true!" Lois' voice caused Dean to open his eyes as he saw the brunette rushing towards him, face betraying her hope. "TELL me that it's her and she's here and that she'salive!"

Dean nodded.

Lois reached him and hugged him tightly before pulling away, tears in her eyes. "Where is she?"

Something was thrown against the door and broke. "LET ME GO YOU ASSHOLE!"

Lois' eyes widened. "What-?"

"She doesn't seem to remember things the way they happened." Sam's voice heralded his approach as he turned the corner, face somber as he stared at them. "Cas wasn't able to get much from when he touched her, except that someone with great power is at fault. She had enough residual power within her that he was able to tap in and use it when he touched her." Sam frowned darkly. "Left him drained though, he had to go to bed."

"Are we thinking Michael then?" Lois frowned darkly.

"Power-wise he's the most likely candidate, but why would he resurrect her after having her killed? And if he did bring her back, why has he been keeping her and how could she have possibly gotten free?" Sam frowned. "And I don't understand what Cas meant when he said that she was Chloe and yet not exactly. Is he referring to the fact that she's been resurrected…or something else? What if we're not really dealing with Chloe?"

"That's her." Dean snapped, refusing to let Sam put her through more of his damn tests to prove what Dean knew by just looking into her eyes.

"I understand that you don't like the thought of her going through more tests, but for everyone's peace of mind and safety-." Sam began.

"Don't start dammit!" Dean hissed at his little brother, barely keeping from punching him. "That's my wife you're talking about! Not some high school science experiment!"

Sam sighed, lowering his gaze. "I loved her too, Dean. Don't think this is easy for me."

"It seems you're enjoying prodding and probing her!" Dean snapped back.

"This is not the time you two." Lois got in between them, pulling them away from the door and walking them towards a deserted hallway. "If Cas said that it's her, and if Dean says it's her, then guess what Sam? Those two would know. It's. Her." She then turned to Dean. "But she should be dead and we all know it." She raised her hand to quiet Dean when he spoke. "Adam killed her in front of our eyes…" Lois' voice trembled for a second before clearing it and continuing. "Even if we didn't actually see the death, which we did, the Apocalypse began. That could only happen if the Sword killed the Asset, we all know that-and that there was a fair amount of cheating that went on to make sure that could happen and heaven didn't have to wait so long."

Dean's gaze lowered.

"So how is she in that room? Alive?" Lois wanted to know. "She's Chloe. And yet she's alive although she should be dead. How? Did someone work some serious mojo to bring her back? If so, why? What do they get out of it? And is the fact that she mysteriously resurrected the reason why her memories are whack? Those are the questions we should be asking ourselves."

Sam ran his fingers through his silky hair. "I'll talk to Cas about this when he wakes up. Maybe there'll still be enough residual power in her for him to find out something else."

"We really shouldn't push Cas." Lois frowned in worry. "It's a wonder he was able to do as much as he's done already. You know he was cut off because he sided with us over them."

There was silence as the three considered what their next move should be.

"We need to see him." Dean finally declared what he knew Sam was already thinking.

Lois' eyes widened. "You can't be serious!"

Sam flinched. "He might be the only one with some insider knowledge."

"No." Lois shook her head, having never gotten over her grudge. "No."

Dean steeled himself. "He might be the only person who can help us understand what is going on, and I'm not about to be too proud to get help for Chloe."

That might have been a little below the belt, but Lois flinched and went silent, sighing, gazing going towards the door. "I don't trust him."

"None of us do." Sam reminded her, making apace of his own. "But with how things are, we might have no other choice."

"Great." Dean nodded. "Let's go."

"Now?" Lois made a face.

Inside the bedroom, Chloe broke something else. "DEAN, SAM, AND BOBBY ARE GOING TO KICK YOUR ASSES! YOU FREAKS!"

Sam sighed. "No time like the present."


Her tantrum was getting her nowhere.

Finally collapsing on the bed with a growl, Chloe stared up at the ceiling and clenched her hands in the sheets, annoyed and worried. What was going on? Who had her? And where were Dean, Sam and Bobby? Were they okay? Were they alive? Were they searching for her? Did they even know where to begin searching? Maybe that man had taken her from the wreck and they'd had to continue on towards John in case he knew more? Maybe they were traveling in the Pala towards the town John had told them he was in on a hunt?

Was Dean a little relieved since now he didn't have to deal with the awkwardness he felt towards her and her stupid kiss?

Groaning, Chloe covered her face and fought the desire to cry again.

Crying would get her nowhere.

She needed to do something.

Getting up, she went to her trunk and opened it, shuffling through her many treasures. She smirked as she came across what she was looking for, pulling it out before noticing something else beneath it, frowning as she pulled out the picture frame she didn't recognize. The picture within was of Clark and some woman she didn't recognize getting married, with Pete acting as best man and Chloe as maid of honor. The weird part of this picture was that Dean was the one marrying the two. And it wasn't a very marriage-y setting, the bride and groom were definitely not in the normal tuxedo and white gown, but Chloe somehow knew that this was a wedding.

Confused, Chloe forgot her mission for a minute, just staring at the picture.

What was this?

Shaking her head, refusing to be sidetracked by what had to be some sort of game by the Dalakis (or whoever had her), Chloe grabbed what she'd come here for and went to the door. She pressed her ear to it and listened for any sounds, finding none. When she was almost sure that there was no one on the other side, she pulled out the two picks and stuffed their leather case in her back pocket before beginning to go to work on the lock. When she'd begun getting the hang of the self-defense lessons Dean had been putting her through the last couple of months he'd slowly graduated onto teaching her other tricks of his trade, and picking a lock had always been an interest of hers, so she'd mastered that incredibly fast.

Hearing the click as the door unlocked, Chloe put the two picks with the others in the case and returned them to her back pocket before slowly opening the door and peeking outside, finding an empty corridor. There were two ways and Chloe went on instinct, racing in one. She felt like every time she reached a fork in the road she somehow knew which way to go, when to hide, her instincts not like she remembered them as she hid when people crossed and then raced upwards different stairs. The lack of windows made her suspicious that they were below the surface in some sort of underground lair, and that just made her whole "trapped by something evil" theory so much more credible.

Finally, when she found a floor that had boarded up windows her heart rejoiced, yet she didn't let her guard down, didn't stop running until she came to a door with symbols and traps and all sorts of guards.

Gulping, Chloe somehow knew this was the way out, and for some reason a part of her didn't want to go.

Shaking her head, telling herself off for hesitating since she'd miraculously made it this far, Chloe unlocked the door and pulled it open, racing out…into a disaster zone. The blonde only made it a couple of feet away from the building before the state of the buildings and everything else around her registered in her mind, and the blonde stumbled to a stop as she stared around her in confusion. Where the hell was she? It looked like they'd been in some sort of war. Buildings were crumbling, cars were burnt and abandoned all around, and nature was slowly starting to reclaim everything.

Where was she?


A little terrified at the thought of maybe being in a foreign county, Chloe took off as fast as she could, trying to find something familiar…and yet there was only more and more destruction that met her as she went.

29th-Nov-2012 02:00 pm (UTC)
Huh! How long has their Chloe been dead? Which Adam killed her? As in Winchester junior Adam?
29th-Nov-2012 11:54 pm (UTC)
The only answer I can give is Adam Milligan...or Winchester Junior.
29th-Nov-2012 03:06 pm (UTC)
Guess what are the first words out of my mouth? Yup, "WTF?" Gawd woman! You like torturing poor readers like me don't you? I'm thinking you take such glee in our agony... showing us snippets of Chlean but totally skipping the good parts. You cruel, cruel woman! So, in the next chapter, are we gonna find out how many years had passed since the "accident?" Are we gonna find out what the heck happened? I know Chloe's gonna be in danger again so I'm not even gonna ask that but can that please happen AFTER some of our questions have been answered? Throw us a bone here.

ARGH!!! I'm gonna be pulling my hair in anticipation of the next chapter... coz you know Dean's gonna flip when he finds out Chloe escaped.

YES! They're married!!!!! I demand the HONEYMOON chapter!!! Give us that much, damnit! :)
29th-Nov-2012 11:55 pm (UTC)
Good! :P
Yes, I do. Totally. It's my reason for living! *mwahahahahahaha*
Oh, and you know Chloe would be ooc if she wasn't in danger! ;)
29th-Nov-2012 09:31 pm (UTC)
YES... i'm so so happy you updated.... and for the serie too..
i'm just going to sit back and enjoy every last word... *happy sigh*
29th-Nov-2012 11:55 pm (UTC)
Cool :)
Will be uploading the next chapter VERY soon! So sit tight!
9th-Jan-2013 06:17 am (UTC)
Ohhhh they're married!!! But of course she doesn't know because she hasn't lived through it!!! I hope we get more glimpses of chlean.
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