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Through The Looking Glass 4/10 
30th-Nov-2012 12:50 pm
chlean---Oh-Boy Looks
Through the looking glass

Title: Through The Looking Glass
Sequel to: Realizations
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Sam, Cas, Lois, Lex, and others...
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary: After the kiss they shared on the side of the road things are horribly awkward between Dean and Chloe, especially now that Bobby and Sam have joined them. And then, when a stranger intervenes in a very drastic way, Chloe wakes up to time loss, apparent memory loss, war, people she should know but doesn't, Lois, and a very touchy-feelly Dean Winchester.

She awoke in another strange room she didn't recognize. Like the one she'd awoken in last time there were no windows, symbols drawn on the wall in what looked like blood, and dim flickering lights the only source of light available. Unlike the other room this one wasn't a holding cell, instead a bedroom, and she'd awoken upon the surprisingly comfortable bed.

The blonde groaned, sitting up and bringing her hand to her head, which was killing her. People needed to stop putting their hands on her and trying to do that whole Vulcan Mind Meld shit.

"Hey." Dean's voice surprised her into turning and seeing him, the man sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, watching her.

Silently, the blonde swung her legs over the side of the bed as she leaned forwards, hands on the mattress on each side of her hips as she stared at him. Just a couple of hours ago she'd been sure that he was evil and/or working for her demented family, and yet now she wasn't too sure. He'd put himself in danger to protect her, and she'd known that his worry was genuine. There was no way someone could fake the look that'd been in his eyes as he'd checked her pulse and lifted her into his arms.

He genuinely cared about her.

And that totally blew her evil!shapeshifter theory to bits.

Also...Lois had been there...Lois.

"You saved my life."

He eyed her oddly. "It isn't the first time."

Okay, that sounded a lot like her Dean.

"You're not a hallucination, are you?" She asked softly, worrying her bottom lip.

He shook his head.

The blonde let out a breath as she licked her lips, closing her eyes, trying to let the weight of this sink in before those greens opened once more. "You're not a shape shifter or ghoul either, are you?"

He shook his head once more.

"Was Lois really there or was I hallucinating her?" Chloe asked softly, hoping to god that it hadn't been a hallucination, that Lois was actually there.

"Why wouldn't she be there?" Dean's eyes narrowed in confusion.

"Because she left to live with Adam Knight and never spoke to me ever again?" Chloe asked softly, her voice croaking. "Because she probably hates me and has every right to?"

Dean's eyes narrowed further. "Chloe, Adam Knight...hasn't been around for years. Lois has been a part of this for a very long time. Before you-" he cleared his throat. "She's never hated you."

Chloe took in a deep breath, trying to keep the tears from coming. "Why is Metropolis in ruins?" Her gaze rose to his disturbed hazels. "Were those really angels? And if so, why are you fighting them? Aren't they the good guys?"

"You really don't remember." He whispered.

Chloe gulped.

The door opened and the last person she would have ever expected entered. "You're awake, that's good. You had us worried."

"Lex?" Chloe asked in surprise, eyes wide. "You're in Metropolis?"

"Where else would I be?" He asked oddly, head tilted.

"Well, the last time I talked to you, you were in New York, busy taking over your father's business." Chloe whispered, feeling so confused and out of her depth.

Lex tilted his head to the side, eyeing her thoughtfully, before turning to Dean. "Leave us."

"The hell I will." He snapped, standing.

Chloe frowned, looking between the two of them in confusion.

What was going on?

"You're too smothering." Lex's eyes flashed gold as he swung his hand towards the door, Dean's body being yanked out of the room, the door slamming shut and locking behind him.

Chloe's eyes widened. "Azazel."

"So you don't remember the angel, but you remember me." The demon's lips twitched in amusement. "I feel special."

"What angel? The one who attacked me?" Chloe asked in confusion. "I don't understand what's going on. The last thing I remember was the accident with Sam-but no one seems to know what I'm talking about and then angels attack me and the world has gone to hell!" She ran fingers through her hair as she stared up at the demon. "I don't understand anything that's going on."

"Chloe," Azazel sat down on the edge of her bed. "Look into my eyes."

A part of her wanted to question why, but so far Azazel was the only one who wanted to touch her in some way, and, well, she felt she could trust the demon. He'd always kept his word. That counted in the long run.

Clearing her throat, the blonde sat up straighter and stared into the demon's eyes.

Azazel leaned towards her, eyes narrowed as he stared into her orbs, his own flashing a deeper gold before she felt the tug she had before with the Cas guy and the angel guy, but unlike with the angel guy, there wasn't any blinding white explosion of light. No, Azazel's experience was much closer to Cas', the demon collapsing on the bed the same time Chloe did, nausea and disorientation returning yet not as strong as it had the first two times.

"People need to stop doing that!" Chloe whimpered, pressing a hand hard to her head as her temples throbbed.

The door opened and Dean stormed back in, flanked by Lois, Sam, Brady, the woman in the photo and Clark.

The woman and Brady hurried to Azazel and helped him back up.

Dean rushed to her side. "The hell did he do to you?"

The others stayed where they were, obviously not sure what to do.

"Do you know what she is?" Sam asked Azazel.

"What I am?" Chloe groaned, gaze sliding over to him, kinda hurt at the question.

"Hey Chlo." Clark whispered, keeping away from her, pale, wearing a similarly pained expression to see her as Dean had when she'd first seen him.

"What's going on Clark?" Chloe asked in confusion. "How do you guys know Azazel?"

"How can she know you and yet not Cas? Or anything else?" Dean snapped at the demon, turning towards him once he'd realized that she was fine.

Azazel waved both the woman and Brady away from him as he finally stood, straightening one of the suits Lex had always been known to favor. "It's as I thought."

"What is?" Lois snapped. "Get to the point!"

He didn't seem to acknowledge her, turning his gaze on Chloe, the blonde still unable to reconcile Lex's face with having those golden orbs. "She is our Chloe, and yet not."

"You said that already." Sam interrupted, obviously growing frustrated. "Explain it to us!"

"Whoever is responsible did not resurrect the Chloe we knew," Azazel's words shocked her to the bone. "He or she brought forwards a version of Chloe from the past. It's why she still smells of such innocence." His orbs narrowed on her. "How old are you?"

"Sixteen." She whispered, numb from the word 'resurrect'.

Suddenly, everyone's reactions to her, Dean's reactions-the tests-they all made sense!

They'd thought she was some sort of shapeshifter because she was supposed to be dead!

If this was the future-she'd died in it.

She was dead.

Nausea and hysteria bubbled in her throat and it was all she could do to keep a lid on it and keep from having a little meltdown.

This was the future.

This-this disaster-was the future.

Her future.

Everyone's future.

"Chloe?" Dean's voice, and the feel of his hand cupping her cheek, brought her back from the cold shock, her wide greens resting on his concerned face. "Are you okay?"

"How did I die?" She didn't recognize her own voice, it was high and squeaky, fearful.

Dean's eyes narrowed as he pulled his hand away. "You shouldn't-."

"How. Do. I Die?" She snapped at him, grabbing his shirt and drawing him closer nearly violently. "HOW THE HELL DO I DIE?!"

His eyes widened before he tilted his head away, stubbornly silent. "It doesn't matter. You're here now."

"You are killed by Michael's Potential Vessel." Sam's voice was severe.

Chloe let go of Dean, who glared daggers at Sam, the blonde hugging herself. "As in Michael the Archangel? As in the leader of those other angels you all fought?"

"You remember Michael?" Lois stepped forwards.

"No, but the angels were talking about him." Chloe frowned. "The angel in charge of that group, he knew me."

"Of course he did." Sam sneered. "Balthazar used to be somewhat of an ally before he turned tail and rejoined the angel ranks when it was obvious who'd win the war."

"You saw Balthazar?" Clark's eyes widened. "This isn't good. He's going to go and tell Michael that Chloe's back."

"Why should he care?" Dean wanted to know with a snap. "He already got the Michael's Sword to kill her and started his little war between Heaven and Hell! He won! So why should he care if she's alive now?"

"Dean's got a point." Lois interjected. "Michael didn't do anything when Azazel brought back Sam after he and Lucifer lost to Adam and Michael."

Sam had been killed?

He'd been fighting on Lucifer's side?

Lucifer...as in...Satan?

Chloe tried to digest the information just being thrown around so carelessly.

Why was heaven the enemy?

Shouldn't hell be the enemy?

The blonde blinked, suddenly remembering something she'd just heard.


"Adam Knight became Michael's Vessel?" Chloe gasped.

"What?" Lois whispered, shaking her head. "No. Adam Milligan."

"Adam Milligan?" Chloe made up her face in confusion. "Who's that?"

Clark and Sam exchanged looks.

Dean growled. "Sam's and my half brother."

Chloe's eyes widened.

They had a half brother?

Oh wow!

Where had he been in her time?

Why had he become the next Sword?

And why hadn't she been resurrected by Azazel when he'd brought back Sam?

"I couldn't." The demon murmured, almost as if reading her mind. "Michael destroyed your body and soul when he killed you. There was nothing I could bring back."

The blonde gulped, staring into those golden orbs.

"Why is everyone concentrating on these less important questions while ignoring the bigger picture?" The unknown woman wanted to know, hands on her hips.

"And what issue would that be, Ruby?" Lois narrowed her eyes on the demon. "What could be more important than what we're discussing right now?"

"How about, who brought Chloe into the future, and why?" The woman's eyes went black in her annoyance. "Both your side and ours registered the power that brought her here, which means that this is either a new player in the game, or a very powerful one whose been here all along and hasn't shown his or her presence until now." Those black eyes narrowed on Chloe. "Until her." The demon took in a deep breath. "Someone took a big risk to bring her here. And I want to know who. And why."

"I hate to say this, but Black Eyes is right." Lois murmured, running her hand through her hair. "Whoever did this had to be powerful. And we have no idea what he or she could have in mind by bringing a younger Chloe into the future."

Sam turned his gaze on the blonde. "Can you remember anything, anything at all, that might be of any use?"

The blonde, feeling so numb and confused and so in shock from all she'd learnt in so little time, hugged herself. "There was a man in the middle of the road."

"Right." Sam's eyes widened. "This accident you said happened before you awoke in our time."

Dean frowned as he sat down next to her once more on the bed. "Why were you traveling with Sam? Where were you going? It could all be relevant somehow."

Chloe's gaze went to all those in the room, feeling somewhat suffocated, before returning her green gaze to Dean. "My father's just gotten out of prison and wants me to join my family, his family. He let some of this slip, the whole I was an Asset, and Dean was the Sword, and he's supposed to kill me." The blonde pulled a blonde strand behind her ear. "He also told us that Sam was the Blade, and that once Dean killed me that he and Sam were supposed to fight to the death for some reason or the other-which I'm guessing is how this whole apocalypse happened." She sighed. "The four of us were traveling-Sam, Dean, Bobby and I-to meet up with John and see if he knew anything about this weird prophecy."

"Where was I?" Lois asked softly.

"With Adam Knight somewhere?" Chloe shrugged. "I haven't seen you since you left after the Goodnight Massacres in Luthor Castle."

Confusion colored Lois' face.

"Since when did Gabe know about what was going on?" Sam asked Dean, who shrugged. "Or went to prison?"

"Her memories were seriously fried by whatever brought her here." Ruby mumbled to Clark.

Chloe frowned as she gazed at them in confusion.

"What else?" Azazel asked, interrupting her when she would have asked them why the hell they were playing dumb.

"Bobby drove with Dean up ahead," Chloe relived what had seemed like just yesterday. "And I was in the car with Sam. We were talking when I noticed a man in the middle of the road. He was just standing there, watching us. We swerved to avoid him and the car tipped over….and I woke up in that place being tested."

Dean flinched.

Sam lowered his gaze.

Lois nibbled her bottom lip.

"You said we were driving behind Dean and Bobby?" Sam's eyes narrowed as he looked up at the blonde. "And he was in the road between us?"

Chloe nodded.

"Sounds like teleportation." Ruby mumbled.

"Means it could be an angel or a demon." Brady let out a little breath, folding his arms over his chest. "Which is what we've already guessed."

She wanted to ask what Brady was doing in the middle of this, and where Jess was, but realized this wasn't the time.

"I think its safe to assume that whoever that was, he's the one behind this." Clark muttered.

"Look, it's getting dark outside." This Ruby woman declared. "You should spend the night here. You're more at a disadvantage in the dark. Anyway, they'll be looking for you more vigorously after losing some of their men. It'll do good to lay low for a while."

"Thank you." Sam nodded. "We'll accept the offer."

Lois was obviously displeased but refused to say anything.

Azazel stood. "She needs her rest. This can be your room. Clark, Ruby and Brady will show the rest of you to yours." He motioned for his people to follow him out. "Food will be brought for you later. Now, rest."

Chloe nodded, watching the demon and his brood slipping out through the door.

"I'll come talk to you later." Clark promised over his shoulder before falling the others out, his clasped around Ruby's, pulling her out with him.

Lois seemed hesitant, yet a raised eyebrow from Sam had her rolling her eyes and following him out, closing the door behind her.

Chloe found herself sitting on the bed, alone, with Dean Winchester.

Awkwardness began filtering in immediately.

She couldn't figure why he hadn't left (and why no one had seemed surprised that he'd stayed) when it was obvious that she was being left to sleep or something. Then again, Dean had been there when she'd awoken, so that meant that he'd watched over her while she was sleeping. The blonde opened her mouth to let out an Edward Cullen crack before closing it, not sure how this Dean would react to it.

It really was messing with her, all these realizations.

She was in the future.

The future was fucked up.

Apparently she'd died and thus jump-started things going to hell.

And Dean was married.

Chloe's eyes widened at the memory, her head turning to him as she turned her body, seeming to surprise him with the sudden movement. "Is it Lois?"

The hunter raised an eyebrow, confused intrigue lighting his features. "Is what Lois?"

"Your wife." Chloe leaned forwards, eyes wide, so very able to see him and Lois married.

Hadn't she always thought they were perfect for each other? Even now, their post-apocalyptic, sword-wielding selves just seemed made for each other. It made her a little bitter to realize just how perfect they would always be for the other.

Dean's gaze widened before going to his ring and something shut off in those hazels as he shook his head. "Why would you think I married her?"

"Well, because you two never made it a secret that the mutual attraction was there, and I've always thought you two were so much alike and..." She cleared her throat, fighting the spark of resentment coming to life within her. "So, it would make sense that it'd be her, especially if Adam Knight is apparently not around anymore."

She wanted to ask how he'd died…but figured this was more important, and she could ask more information later.

Dean smiled, and it was an ugly sight as he shook his head, fingers caressing the ring on his finger. "It's not Lois. It's never been Lois."

"Oh." The blonde made a face, wondering if she felt relieved that it was Lois or not. She'd always known that she could accept Dean finding someone and settling down if it was Lois because the blonde knew she could love her wholeheartedly…but she'd always had a sneaking suspicion that should it be anyone else Chloe would resent the other woman's every breath. "Did it happen before or after the apocalypse?"

"Before." Dean whispered, his gaze going nostalgic as his smile turned less ugly. "Hell of a story."

She tilted her head to the side. "You'll have to tell me about it sometime before I leave."

"Leave?" His eyes narrowed, any hint of a smile gone as he turned his light hazels on her. "Where do you think you're going?"

His strong emotional reaction to her words surprised her. "Back home."

"This is home." He whispered. "Maybe not this room, but in the bunker-."

"Dean," she couldn't understand why this was so hard for him to get. "This is not my home. It's not even my time." The blonde made a face. "I need to get back to my time."

"And do what exactly?" Dean snapped, pushing up and away from the bed as if burnt. "Die all over again?"

"Maybe that's the reason why I've been brought here!" Chloe threw her hands in the air. "Maybe someone wanted me to see this future so that I can find a way to make sure that it doesn't happen!"

"That's not how it works." Dean snapped at her. "If you'd already come to the future in the past, then it would have already happened and things should have been different. But they don't change-because they haven't-because they wont!"

"That's really confusing." The girl brought her hand to her forehead.

"The point is that if your being in the future could change anything, it should have started happening already." Dean replied.

"Maybe it can't start happening until I go back." She argued.

"I'm not willing to take that chance." He glared at her.

"It's not your choice to make!" She snapped at the man.

"I am not losing you a second time!" He shouted, banging his fist sideways into the wall.

Chloe's eyes widened as she just stared at him, not sure what to say.

Dean closed his eyes, obviously trying to calm himself, but his chest expanded and contracted with each breath erratically, proving his battle as his light hazels finally opened on her.

Chloe gulped, staring into those eyes.

"You were killed right in front of my eyes. He made sure I could see it happening and know that I couldn't do anything to stop him." Dean's voice was low and ragged, pained, horribly vulnerable. "And then he didn't even have the decency to leave me with a body to bury. He destroyed it before me, rendered you to nothing but ashes…and I had to watch as the wind took everything away."

Chloe's stomach wanted to revolt with that imagery.

The hunter walked to her on unsteady feet before collapsing to his knees before her as he stared into her greens. "What are we? In your time?"

The question confused her further as she stared into his intense orbs. "I don't understand the question."

Dean stared up into her eyes as he raised his hand to cup her cheek, caressing her skin with his thumb.

Chloe gulped, her heart beginning to race as her bones melted at the intensity in his stare.

The hunter reached out to clasped her hand in his, bringing it to rest over his heart, willingly betraying his own racing beats.

It completely blew her away, how he was letting her see his vulnerability.


Dean pushed up and Chloe understood what he must have felt back in her time when she'd kissed him, because the progress was slow enough for her mind to explode in shock and realization of what was going to happen before Dean's lips were on hers and moving.

He'd kissed her before, after the testing session, but she'd just been shocked and confused and sure it was nothing but impulse or relief or something like that.

Now though, this was deliberate, slow, completely controlled.

His hand kept hers against his racing heart as he tilted his head slightly so as to take the kiss deeper.

Chloe felt her body shivering, shaking as she slowly returned the kiss.

He seemed to know instinctively that her senses were quickly being overloaded and pulled away, resting his forehead against hers.

"Dean?" Her voice was whispery.

"Yes?" He whispered back.

"Are we married?" The hand she held over his heart clasped around his shirt into a quivering fist.

He didn't answer, merely wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, holding onto her as if to life itself.

Chin resting on his shoulder, eyes wide and filled with unshed tears, Chloe held on as realization hit hard.

This was the future.

The future had gone to hell.

The Archangel Michael was inhibiting the half brother Sam and Dean hadn't known they'd had.

Lois was around and didn't hate her.

And most importantly of all...

…Chloe Sullivan was married to Dean Winchester.

1st-Dec-2012 02:45 am (UTC)
Yay! Super awesome! I love that Lex is Azazel! So many question marks! :D
1st-Dec-2012 03:05 am (UTC)
I think, of the Smallville Universe, Lex is the only one worthy of being Azazel. :D
1st-Dec-2012 01:44 pm (UTC)
Well we still don't know who send her to this future 'verse and I'm thinking this is also a future from a parallel reality.
3rd-Dec-2012 03:12 am (UTC)
You shall find out soon!
2nd-Dec-2012 10:08 pm (UTC)
OMG OMG OMG OMG I was right!!! It's like in the show when Dean is sent to a possible future!!
I just sure it's God the very powerful player! I just have to keep on reading this F*** as AWESOME story!
OMG OMG OMG he KISSED her!!!! I just love how she is jealous of herself without knowing its her she is jealous of!! ;)
3rd-Dec-2012 03:13 am (UTC)
I'm so glad that this is inspiring such emotion! Keeps me excited to keep posting!
9th-Jan-2013 06:43 am (UTC)
Holy fuck!! Lex is Azazel!!!!
And Chloe figures out that she is married to Dean!!!
*running to the next chapter!!!!*
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