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Through The Looking Glass 5/10 
1st-Dec-2012 11:52 am
chlean---Oh-Boy Looks
Through the looking glass

Title: Through The Looking Glass
Sequel to: Realizations
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Sam, Cas, Lois, Lex, and others...
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own anything
Summary: After the kiss they shared on the side of the road things are horribly awkward between Dean and Chloe, especially now that Bobby and Sam have joined them. And then, when a stranger intervenes in a very drastic way, Chloe wakes up to time loss, apparent memory loss, war, people she should know but doesn't, Lois, and a very touchy-feelly Dean Winchester.

There was a lot to take in.

She'd been killed by Dean's replacement as the Michael Sword (or Michael's True Vessel), who had ended up being a half brother they hadn't even realized they'd had.

With her death, the Archangel Michael and Lucifer could possess their True Vessels (Adam and Sam respectively) and had had a battle to the death (Sam's), which meant that heaven had finally won their never-ending battle with hell. One would have thought that that would have been a good thing, but then when the angels decided that humanity had unknowingly sided with hell by being so full of sin, the winged ones had then decided to start what was known as the Purification.

In other words, they wanted to destroy humanity and start all over again.

The wanted to create creatures who were pure and closer to their Father's image.

Humanity, and the little amount of demons who'd escaped the destruction of their kind after Lucifer's demise, had banded together in a very uneasy yet necessary truce to try and find a way to survive the angelic, all-powerful rule.

This was where the swords came in.

They were angel blades…as in…swords that belonged to angels.

As in…the only thing out there that could kill an angel.

In the beginning of the war a few of the angels had sided with humanity, Cas, Balthazar and a female named Anna being some of them, and it was with their help that they'd gotten their first swords and the training of how to wield them. But then the few angels on their side had either been killed in battle (Anna), defected back to heaven (Balthazar), or had had their powers removed from them slowly as a result of siding against heaven (Cas). It was then that the humans had joined the fight more physically.

And to top everything else…

…Chloe was married to Dean Winchester.

Neither of them had broached the subject since the revelation in Azazel's bunker, and Chloe was relieved that Dean seemed in tune enough with her to realize that it was too much for her to handle at once. Not only did she have to digest the whole apocalypse thing, but people were now surrounding her daily, people who she didn't know but knew her. They'd been afraid to approach her before, obviously thinking her some sort of evil supernatural spy, but now that it'd been cleared who and what she was, there wasn't a moment of the day in which there wasn't someone coming up to her. It was awkward as hell because they'd hug her, or others would tell her how happy they were to be back, while others swore that they were keeping whatever oath she'd made them promise to before her demise at Adam's hands. She'd had to fumble through those situations, not sure how to react, not sure what to say or do.

Thankfully there were other things to keep her busy and away from the people, such as sword-training, something she'd never thought she'd ever have to learn. She wasn't good at it either, something that seemed to shock the others because apparently her Futuristic Self had been Xena the Warrior Princess when it came to the use of Angel Blades. It was weird, being compared to a version of herself that hadn't hadn't existed yet and yet had. Being out of time was so confusing.

Especially the changes.

"I'm fine." She sighed, knowing better than to try and stop him from worrying. The last couple of days had proven that this Dean Winchester was incredibly…uh…overprotective. "It doesn't really even hurt."

"I can't believe he was so hard on you, I told him to go easy!" Dean wasn't listening to her, holding a wet rag to the side of her face. "I'm going to beat the shit outta him!"

"I asked Sam to take off the training wheels." Chloe rolled her eyes, making a face yet stopping when it hurt. "I already knew what he was teaching me. You and Lois had taught me that much already in my time. I wanted to learn something new."

"And you figured getting kicked in the face would be a great new experience?" Dean snapped at her. "Goddamn it, the whole side of your face is bruised!"

"I hesitated. Okay?" The blonde frowned, defensive. "He told me what to do to defend myself from that sort of attack and I was the one who blanked at the last second. Don't blame Sam."

"You know what you need right now? A large piece of cold meat."

Chloe blinked, annoyance melting into confusion. "Does that actually work?"

"You're telling me the…uh…past version of me you knew never used it?" Dean cleared his throat.

"Not really." Chloe shook her head, trying to remember the times whenever Dean was injured. "He favored ice inside of a towel." She grinned. "He was such a big a baby about it too. I ended up being the one having to press it against his face so he could have his hands free so he could use them as he ranted and raved about how he should have done this or that differently and-." She paused, clearing her throat, realizing she was talking to Dean as if she was referring to someone else…when in fact she was telling him things he already knew about himself. "It really doesn't hurt as badly as it looks." She gave him a brave smile. "Good thing I've never been vain though because this bruising is not pretty."

"Not the issue." Dean sighed, staring at her growing bruise. "You don't need to learn all of this at the speed of light. You have time. Take that time and learn this properly without getting yourself beat up."

Chloe sighed, leaning forwards. "I don't know how long I have here Dean, I have to learn all I can so that when I go back it can make a difference."

His gaze slid away as he leaned back and away from her.

Chloe knew this was a hard topic for him, but she couldn't stay here. There was no way that she could stay here. Not only was she out of her time, but things were so different in this time.

Jessica was dead.

If Chloe went back she could stop that.

Adam Knight had been killed (though she was still hazy on the details).

Going back to the past could change that.

Chloe herself had been murdered by Sam and Dean's half brother, Adam Milligan.

Returning to the past would definitely change that.

Chloe could see that, it was obvious.

And yet Dean didn't seem to see it at all.

He hadn't spent a night in what was supposed to be their room since her arrival, and she could easily see the times in which he'd held himself back from touching her or saying something. Also, there were so many times in which she'd caught him just watching her…

A shiver ran down her spine.

Not because it'd creeped her out…but because she'd liked it.

Chloe liked Dean's obsession with her safety, his gaze being unable to leave her for more than a couple of minutes, his need to touch her and make sure she was really there.

It made her feel guilty because she knew that this Dean was this way because he'd been married to her and seen her die.

She shouldn't be enjoying his pain.

It made her feel ugly inside.

It was probably one of the reasons why she pushed herself so hard to be the Chloe everyone in the bunker remembered, especially Dean.

The Chloe these people knew, the Chloe they spoke of, the Chloe they seemed to expect her to be-she was kinda awesome.

The Chloe from the future was an expert with an Angel Blade, had been itching for an Archangel Blade and had been very close to one when she'd been killed. Future her was almost fluent the Enochian language, which she'd been learning from Castiel, and she'd helped teach everyone the many different anti-angel sigils and such which had helped keep them hidden from their oppressors. The Chloe from the future could shoot, fight hand to hand, and had basically been the complete opposite of what Chloe was now.

If that Chloe was dead…had been killed…how could she survive?

Maybe that was what Dean was thinking.

Maybe that was why he didn't want her going back to her time.

"Cas says you're picking up the sigils quickly." Dean changed the subject.

"Well, I've always excelled in the intellectual." The blonde grinned with a little pride. "It's the whole physical part of it that I have a problem keeping up with."

"You're doing fine." Dean lied. "Just stop ordering Sam to kick you in the face and you'll do better."

She chuckled, then cried out when it made the side of her face hurt.

"I'm seriously going to beat the shit out of him for this." Dean mumbled darkly to himself. "You're going to have to keep from making too many facial expressions until this heals up or its gonna hurt like a bitch."

"I'm fine." Chloe glared at him, trying to ignore the pain that shot through her face at that action. "Ruby should be here soon. I should-."

Dean pushed her back down when she tried to stand. "She's already here and having a conference with Sam. She'll come find you when she's finished."

"Oh." Clearing her throat, Chloe still tried to get used to the thought of Clark having married a demon.

It was hard to believe that all that time that Lana Lang had become Chloe's friend, it'd actually been a demon wearing her skin, a demon who'd in time fallen in love with her meatsuit's boyfriend-and the feeling had obviously been mutual considering that when the demon had finally come clean he'd asked her to leave Lana's body, to find someone who's body was "vacant". He hadn't even managed to finish the sentence before Ruby had evicted herself from Lana's body, and a week later she'd reappeared wearing the body of a brain dead girl whose parents had been about to pull the plug on.

According to Clark there'd been many ups and downs to their relationship after that part, but for better or worse they'd been together ever since.

"So tell me something," Chloe cleared her throat, her gaze on Dean. "How old was I when we got married?"

Dean dropped the towel he'd been holding to her bruised face, clearing his throat as he bent down to get it. "Old enough."

His reaction surprised her. "Dean?"

"What does it matter? We got married. Legally." He went to the sink and threw the dirty towel into it, starting the sink. "It's not like you were a kid and I took advantage of you." He turned to face her, resting his hands backwards against the sink. "In fact, you were the one who told me that we should just get married."

Chloe sputtered in shock and embarrassment. "I did not!"

She couldn't have!

"Sweetheart," Dean's smirk was nostalgic and a little twisted. "You ordered me to marry you."

Chloe could feel her lips parting as a flush of embarrassment rode up her chest. "You're lying!"

"Nope." Dean shook his head, smirk growing more twisted.

Thing is, he might be obviously enjoying her embarrassment, but something told her that he wasn't lying.

She'd ordered Dean Winchester to marry her.

And he had.


"Are you going to explain or are you just going to leave me hanging like that?" The blonde wanted to know, hands on her hips as she slid off of the examination table.

"You really want to know?" Dean asked softly.

"I never thought you'd never get married, I was quite sure you weren't the type." She reminded. "So why exactly would you marry me just because I ordered you to?"

Dean eyed her silently. "In your time…have you kissed me yet?"

Her eyes widened and her blush grew darker.

"So you have," he grinned slightly, shaking his head. "Am I still so confused and embarrassed by what I'm feeling that I can't look you in the eyes?"

Green orbs widened. "What?" She pushed away from the bed. "You mean the reason why you won't spend two seconds in my company is because…?"

Dean pushed away from the sink and came towards her, his movement like a sleek animal stalking its prey as he cornered her against the examination table. "You're sixteen."

Her heart raced as she tilted her head back to stare into his face. "But I'm legal, and so obviously willing, so what does that have to do with-?"

He leaned down, cupping the uninjured side of Chloe's face as his lips touched hers and the hunter kissed her softly, mindful of the blonde's injuries.

Her hands went to his shirt, clasping tightly as she arched into him, ignoring the pain in her face as she kissed him deeper.

Dean gripped her by her hips, raising her back up onto the examination table, wrapping himself in her as he kissed her intensely, with an all-consuming hunger.

She gasped into his kiss, trembling softly as she felt his reactions to her, his eagerness and pleasure to have her like this.

A knock sounded on the door.

Dean ignored it as his grip on her hips tightened, yanking her tighter to him.

Chloe whimpered, yet when he was about to pull away she tightened her grip on him, trailing her hands up to wrap around his neck as she wrapped her thighs around him.

Dean groaned, tightening his grip on her so much it was painful.

The door creaked open.

Chloe ignored the pain in the side of her face as she opened her mouth further to his invasion.

Dean cupped the back of her head, holding her captive.

The door closed shut.

She should be scared.

She knew that.

Any other time a man had touched her she'd felt terrified and nauseas, her mind forcing her to remember every single male who'd tried to force himself onto her. She'd remember the terror, the feeling of being trapped, of disgust. It would always flicker into any touch from a male, even if purely platonic.

But not with Dean.


Instead of fear and disgust she felt hunger and pleasure, both emotions driving her to be sure that she would burn up from the inside out if she didn't have more of him.

If there was anything that frightened her, it was the intensity of what she was feeling.

The door opened once more and someone cleared his throat loudly.

Dean removed one hand from her only to show the finger to whoever had entered the room. He then wrapped it around her again.

Someone cleared his throat again.

Groaning, Dean pulled away enough to separate their lips before turning his head enough to catch sight of whoever was behind. "Fuck off."

Chloe peered around Dean to see Ruby and Sam standing there, one wearing a shiteater grin and the other a concerned scowl. "Hey Ruby."

"Chloe." The demon raised an eyebrow, still grinning like a loon. "You ready?"

"Uhm…yes." Chloe, blushing, unable to look Dean in the face, gave him a little push so she could slide to the ground and slip around him, heading towards where the others were waiting.

"What happened to your face?" Ruby made a face, noticing the darkening bruise.

Sam flinched, his scowl going darker. "That looks worse than I thought it would."

"You and I are seriously gonna have a talk." Dean grumbled at his brother.

Sam gulped.

Looking between them, Ruby raised an eyebrow and chuckled before motioning for Chloe to follow her.


"Dude, what is wrong with you?" Dean growled as soon as the girls were gone.

"I did not mean to kick her, Dean." Sam sighed. "She was supposed to-."

"Oh, I'm not talking about that-but we will get to that later." Dean promised, shaking a finger at him. "But more importantly-you do not interrupt when I finally have my wife in my arms again! And she's comfortable enough to kiss me!"

Sam cleared his throat. "About that…"

"What?" Dean snapped.

"She's not your wife, Dean, she's the girl who will become your wife." Sam pointed out. "You need to remember that even if the emotions are there, that she's still…innocent…and you know all she's had to suffer. You need to go easy on her, especially when it comes to-."

"You do not get to tell me about how my wife shies away from male touch or how to be with her, sexually or not." Dean narrowed his eyes in annoyance at his little brother. "Chloe has had it hard, yes, I know that, but she has never had a problem with my touch. Not then…and not now…not anymore at least."

"I know you think I'm sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, but I'm trying to help the both of you." Sam assured him. "You've got an unfair advantage on her, Dean."

"How do you see that?"

"Well, you remember all your history, your marriage, everything, she's just a girl with a crush on a smoother, older guy who is reciprocating her feelings." Sam was ever the protective older brother to the girl. "You need to go slow with her…especially when it comes to that."

"If you're going to tell me to not sleep with my wife if the opportunity arises-." Dean growled.

"When you and Chloe slept together in the past she was a virgin, Dean." Sam snapped, losing his patience. "She has to go back in that same, mint condition."

"Go back?" Dean narrowed his eyes on his brother. "The hell are you talking about Sammy? She's not going anywhere."

Sam sighed. "You know she has to go back to her right time."

"The hell she does." Dean snarled at him. "Are you the one putting those damned thoughts in her mind? 'Cause if you are, you better stop!"

"She can't stay here, Dean. She has to go back to her time. If she never goes back to her past then you two will have never even gotten married!" Sam threw his hands in the air.

"I'll marry her again. Here. Now." Dean was ever defiant.

"You can't-."

"What if it was Jess?" Dean snapped, causing Sam to go still. "What if Jess returned to you, and you had her in your arms again, and knew without a doubt that it was her? Could you send her back knowing she was going to die and there was nothing you could do to stop it?"

Sam opened his mouth before closing it, looking away.

"Exactly." Dean hissed. "Stop being such a damned hypocrite."

And with that he stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.


Taking in a deep breath, Chloe sat with her legs crossed, staring into Ruby's midnight eyes. They'd been trying to get the girl into a trance for a while now, hoping that Ruby would tap into her subconscious and get a peek of the mystery guy who'd been the cause of her car accident, and see if the demon recognized the man. But so far all attempts to get Chloe into a hypnotic state had failed, though it wasn't for a lack of trying. Cas and Ruby had alternated in their attempts to get Chloe under hypnosis, and while they always managed to somehow subdue her into the first stages of a trance, it was never enough to slip into her mind and get a good view of who or what was behind everything.

"You know what I miss?" Ruby asked randomly.

"No." Chloe responded, still not sure how to act with the demon.

"French fries." Ruby groaned, eyes going human as she threw herself back, laying on the ground and staring at the ceiling. "With lots and lots of ketchup."

Chloe stared at her in intrigue, finding her lips twitching in amusement. "I was a cheese-fries girl myself."

Ruby made a face, sitting up once more. "Don't get me wrong, that's okay, but nothing beats the original classic!"

Chloe shook her head, smiling, flinching when it hurt the side of her face to do so.

Ruby pursed her lips. "Dean's so going to kick Boy Prince's ass for that. Not to mention Lois. She's going to go berserk!"

Chloe eyed the demon curiously. "She really doesn't like demons."

"Can you blame her?" Ruby snickered. "I mean, after you guys barely made it out of Mount Pleasant she's had it out for demons and angels considering they were both behind that."

"Mount Pleasant?" Chloe made a face.

"Yeah." Ruby raised an eyebrow. "The ogre incident of your ninth birthday?"

"Ogre incident?" Chloe whispered, confused. "What are you talking about?"

Ruby's eyes narrowed. "You don't remember that either?"

"Remember-Ruby-I didn't even know ogres existed." Chloe whispered, confused, wondering if she was going insane. "I have never seen an ogre. My ninth birthday did not involve ogres of any kind…and I've never even heard of Mount Pleasant, much less been there."

Ruby's eyes narrowed. "Curious and curiouser." She stood. "I think that's enough for today. It's the ex angel's turn next." She headed towards the door. "Let me know if, uh, you have any success with him." And with that she was gone.

Chloe remained sitting on the ground, staring at the door, confused.

She could understand not knowing the future events people referred to, but this ninth birthday ogre story? The hell?

What was going on?

This wasn't a dream or hallucination…she was more than sure about that thanks to the intense throbbing in the side of her face.

This was the future…these people…these situations…they were real.

She'd seen them interacting with salt and silver and other elements to know that they were not shape shifters or ghouls or anything of the like.

A dark suspicion rolled in the pit of her stomach, but she pushed it away, unwilling to contemplate it for now, her reasons for doing so purely selfish in nature.

Taking in a breath, pushing that suspicion to the back of her head, Chloe stood and decided to look for Lois.

3rd-Dec-2012 01:02 am (UTC)
annnnd cue fainting!!! Holy SHizzle!! just wait a minute for me to be able to breathe again after this pretty hot scene between Dean and Chloe.... OMG did you just pave the road for a maybe, -perhaps, I hope so much- smexy times between Dean and his -luuuucky- wife?? if yes, then PLEASE put warnings before (NSFW) so I don't embarass myself!!
oh la la, I can't wait to see what happen next!!
3rd-Dec-2012 03:15 am (UTC)
Don't faint! *tries to catch you*
*innocent expression* what paving? I don't know what you could be referring to!
9th-Jan-2013 07:01 am (UTC)
Oh wow!! Yay for Chlean smoochies!!!!

Ogre's??? This happened in Chloe's ninth b-day??? WHAT????
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