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Chloe's Supernatural - Season One 10/? 
8th-Nov-2008 01:00 pm

Title: Chloe's Supernatural
Season: 1
Rating: T-M
Pairing: Chloe/Dean, Chloe/Sam, Dean/Chloe/Sam
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Warning: Spoilers Supernatural Season 1, AU Smallville
Summary: When Chloe helps Pete and his children move into their new home in Lawrence, Kansas, she never expected it to be haunted, or to meet the Winchester brothers...OR the adventure that they'd embark on together afterwards.

They walked into Jorgeson General Store all grins, trying to capture that ‘newly wed’ air that people always talked about. Dean’s arm was possessively around her waist, hand resting on her hip, grabbing her by one of the buckles of her khakis. Chloe made sure to lean towards her ‘husband’ as they looked around, her arm around him, her hand shoved into the back pocket of his jeans.

She hoped that her flush of embarrassment of having her hand in such a private and personal place as his ass was mistaken for a flush of happiness as Dean pressed a kiss to the side of her face and squeezed her slightly.

Baby, behave.” She chuckled softly, pretending not to notice the way the owner of the shop, an elderly gentleman, and his wife smiled at them.

“Honeymooners?” The woman behind the counter finally asked, smiling.

“Is it that obvious?” Dean exclaimed with a smile, pulling Chloe closer to him.

“Sure is.” The man announced, looking at his wife fondly. “I remember when my Stacie and I were just married--couldn’t keep our hands off of each other either.”

“So, what brings you two to Burkitsville?” Stacie asked, leaning forwards on the counter.

“We’re road-tripping for our honeymoon.” Chloe explained, placing her free hand on Dean’s chest, over his heart, looking up at him with a smile. “We met on the road--my car broke down and Dean here stopped to help when he saw me on the side of the road trying to fix it.”

“I knew she was special from the moment she looked up at me and smiled.” Dean announced, grinning sheepishly before turning to look at her and press a quick kiss to the tip of her nose. “Isn’t that true, sweetums?”

“Of course shnookie-ookums.” Chloe rubbed her nose against his affectionately, enjoying this game a little too much.

Stacie and her husband shared a smile.

“So…” Dean finally turned to the elder couple. “Since we met on the road we decided we wanted to commemorate it by spending our honeymoon on a road trip, making love in motels all across America.”

Chloe gasped and elbowed him as hard as she could. “Dean!”

The couple laughed.

Chloe then sighed, making her face fall in sadness. “Well, there’s also another reason we decided to road trip.” She sighed again, looking away from the owners of the general store and gas pump, trying to look disheartened. “A year ago two friends of ours were doing a road trip as well and they disappeared.”

Honey…” Dean played the part of the worried spouse as he sighed and hugged her closer, turning to look at the suddenly stiff couple as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the two missing posters, one of Vince Parker and the other of his wife Helen. “I know it’s a long shot, but do remember seeing these people by any chance?”

Chloe sniffled, turning her back on them, wiping at her eyes and pretending to be barely keeping tears at bay.

“No.” Stacie spoke first. “Harley and I have never seen these people before. I’m sorry.”

“Are you sure they didn’t stop for gas or something?” Dean pressed. “Helen was like a sister for Chloe, and we’re trying to find out what happened to them--we--we--all we’re really asking for is some answers into their disappearance. We need closure.”

Oh Winchester, you are so good!

“I’m so sorry for your loss.” Harley replied, sounding genuine in that sentiment. “But I don’t remember seeing them before. When did you say that they disappeared?”

“A year ago this week.” Chloe whispered, turning back to them, giving them what she hoped looked like a wavering smile. “Dean and I held off the wedding for a whole year--hoping against hope that Vince and Helen would reappear and they’d be our witnesses, we wanted them to have a p-p-part.”

Honeyplease.” Dean passed Harley the papers and went to hug Chloe, pulling her tightly against her, his heat enveloping her, pressing a kiss to her head much like Sam had done the night before. “Remember your promise? We’d do this only if you were strong, if you didn’t let it drag you back into a depression.”

Chloe hugged him tightly. “I know baby, I’m sorry.”

“What’s going on here? Is she okay?” A new voice spoke, and they turned to see a young redhead appearing with a box in her hand.

“Yes Emily, she is fine.” Stacie nodded. “This nice couple was just telling us about some friends of theirs who passed this way a year ago and disappeared. Sad story.”

“And more tragic that we can’t help.” Harley passed Dean back the posters.

“Wait, did the guy have a tattoo?” The young woman wanted to know.

Chloe’s eyes darted to the posters in Dean’s hands and she nodded, seeing the large tattoo running up the expanse of Vince’s arm. “Yes, Vince did.”

Dean handed the redhead the poster of Vince after she put the box on the counter next to Stacie.

Emily looked at the photo of Vince Parker before turning to Harley. “Don’t you remember him and his wife? They were just married.” She passed the poster back to Harley. “I remember because we don’t get a lot of out-of-towners.”

The older man frowned at the poster for a while before bringing his fist to his mouth. “I think you might be right. They stopped for gas, didn’t they?”

Emily nodded with a smile. “They weren’t here for more than 20 minutes, but I specifically remember that guy’s tat and liking it.”

“This is amazing,” Chloe whispered, eyes wide, playing her part as best as she could. “Do you hear that baby? They saw Helen and Vince!”

“Do you remember anything else?” Dean asked Harley.

The older man looked up from the poster. “I told them how to get to the Interstate. They left town.”

“Could you point us in that same direction?” Dean wanted to know before sharing a look with Chloe.

“Sure.” Harley nodded and began to give them the same directions he’d given to the Parkers a year ago.


“You were great.” Dean laughed in amusement as they followed the route Harley had given them.

“Me? Please.” Chloe snorted before imitating Dean’s voice. “ ‘We need closure.’” She giggled. “Winchester, that was brilliant.”

“Yes, well, we outdid ourselves gorgeous, and we now know that if we ever truly need a day job, acting in day-time drama could be a viable source of income.”

Chloe laughed and would have said something but the sound of something making noise in the backseat caught her attention. “Is that the EMF meter?”

Dammit. I must have forgotten to turn it off in the asylum.” Dean growled, obviously annoyed with himself for that mistake. “I’m going to have to charge it once we get back to the motel. It’s probably dying or something.”

“But it sounds like it’s picking up something.” Taking off her seatbelt, Chloe turned and looked in the backseat while Dean continued driving, going through Dean’s duffle bag before finding the EMF meter, gasping when she saw the lights blinking red furiously. “Stop.”

“What are you--?” Dean asked and then stopped in mid-sentence.

Chloe frowned and turned slightly to look at him, wondering why he’d stopped speaking. Her green eyes narrowed when she realized that he’d turned to look back at her and had realized that the position she was in while she tried to check the backseat gave him a great view of her jeans covered ass…

A view he was apparently enjoying if the expression on his face was anything to go by.

“Dean Winchester, just stop the car.”

“Uh? Oh, yeah.” He blinked, shaking his head as if trying to get out of a trance, and stopped the car on the side of the road.

Chloe rolled her eyes and turned around, sitting back on the seat, the EMF meter in her hand, all the lights furiously red.

Dean frowned as he looked at it. “That’s some serious reading there.”

“I know.” Chloe got out of the parked car and looked around. There really wasn’t much except for open-grazing fields and an orchard a little further down the road.

The blonde turned towards the orchard and narrowed her eyes, beginning to walk towards it on instinct.

“Hey! What are you doing?” A car door slammed shut and Dean jogged to catch up with her. He looked at the EMF reader, watching as the blinking grew crazier as they got closer to the entrance of the orchard, and he made a face as he looked within the large expanse of land. “Spooky place.”

“I know.” Chloe nodded, eyeing the thin fog coming up from the ground. Then again, it’d been raining all night so maybe it was just the water evaporating from the earth, but there was a sensation about the place that didn’t sit right with her. “Whatever happened to those couples, it happened here.”

Dean frowned and turned to look at her. “How do you know that?”

She tore her gaze from the countless apple trees to him. “I don’t know.” Without waiting for his reaction, Chloe tossed him the EMF meter and stepped into the apple grove, eyes vigilant around her as she felt an odd zing race through her body as her feet touched the soil of the orchard.

What is going ON with me?

Sensing Dean walking besides her gave Chloe courage as she continued to let her instincts guide her, feeling that zing she’d experienced when she’d first touched the soil seem to tug at her towards a certain direction. The blonde gulped slightly as she felt dizzy and a little sick at her stomach, not understanding the odd, hyper feeling she had just beneath the surface of her skin.

“Where are we going?” Dean asked softly beside her, EMF in hand, watching as the lights grew more furious with each step they took.

“I don’t know.” She then stopped when she felt her stomach churn, and she placed a hand to her stomach and looked up, breath catching in her throat at what her footsteps had brought her to.

Dean noticed her stop and turned to look at her in worry before turning to see what she was looking at and made a face. “What the hell?”

Sharing a look, they walked together towards the human-sized scarecrow situated in what Chloe could only suppose was the middle of the orchard.

It was unlike any scarecrow Chloe had ever seen. Not only was it life-sized, but it had a leathered face with gaping holes for eyes and a sewed up mouth. It wore old ‘drifters’ clothing, had terrifyingly human-like looking hair and a worn out hat on its head. In its hand it held a sharp yet old and worn sickle, and to top things off it was suspended in the air in a way that made it look as if it’d been crucified.

Chloe hugged herself to fend off the sudden cold she felt as she and Dean stopped right in front of the scarecrow and looked up into the two black holes that should have had eyes.

Dude,” Dean made a face at the thing, lifting the EMF towards the scarecrow and watching as all the lights stayed completely red, not even blinking anymore from how strong the reading it was picking up. “You’re fugly.”

Chloe nodded her agreement.

“What’s that?”

She turned to her partner. “What’s what?”

“His right arm.” Dean frowned, turning off the EMF meter and putting it away in his pocket before looking around and grabbing a ladder from where it rested against a tree close by. Taking the ladder to the post that held the scarecrow in the air, Dean climbed up, eyeing the thing warily.

“What are you doing?” Chloe shivered, not liking Dean so close and personal with that thing.

“His arm.” Dean gently pulled up part of the tattered sleeve covering the arm that held the sickle. “It’s got a tat.”

Chloe’s eyes widened and she took a couple of steps backwards. “Dean? Come down, now.”

“Hold on a second, I have to be sure.” Dean reached into his pocket and pulled out the poster of Vince Parker. Unfolding the paper he looked at Vince’s tattoo and then at the tattoo on the same arm of the scarecrow. “It’s the same one.”

“Oh God.”

Climbing down the ladder and returning it to the tree it’d been resting on, Dean turned to her and grabbed her arm. “Let’s get the hell outta here.”

She nodded and let him lead her back to the car, her stomach in knots. “What’s going on Dean? What is that thing? What did it do to Vince Parker? Why does it have his tat?”

“I know as much about that thing as I do about how you knew it was there.” Dean’s voice was tight. “First Sammy and now you? Chloe, what the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know.” She whispered as they stepped onto the highway once more, the orchard to their back. They headed towards where the Impala waited on them. “Dean, honest to God that I’m just as confused as you are.”

Dean went and rested against the Impala, looking up at the sky with a deep sigh before turning to look at her. “It’s got to be somehow connected to the demon.”

“What?” Chloe asked, confused.

“Chloe, too many things are just ‘happening’ now for it to be a coincidence.” He announced, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets. “First dad disappears, then Jess gets killed in the same way and by the same thing that killed mom, then all of a suddenly Sammy starts having visions of things that are going to happen before they do.” He paused. “Well, he’s only had two dreams, one was of Jess dying and the other was of you.” He frowned. “I wonder if there’ a connection in that somehow.”

“Dean, I don’t get what you’re trying to tell me.” Chloe hated feeling so stupid.

“Let me finish Chloe.” Dean announced before continuing. “As I said, Sammy starts getting these freakzoid visions about things that are going to happen before they do, dad says that he’s found mom’s killer—a demon, and you suddenly are getting all ESP-y on me? Not only that, but dad said that he knows for certain that you’re somehow connected to all of this, and we know that when you were eight your mom was possessed by a demon that was intent on taking you to some mystery person.”

Chloe didn’t like her life being analyzed so coldly, and yet she understood the necessity and kept quiet.

“My guess is that the demon possessing your mother was going to take you to a demon of a higher rank.” His hazel eyes bored into her green ones. “And dad finds out that some demon killed mom? Chloe, what if the demon that started this whole thing isn’t somehow connected to what happened to you when you where eight?”

“Why? Dean, it makes no sense, I’m nothing special. No demon would want me this badly.” Chloe didn’t like where Dean was getting to with his reasoning. She didn’t like it at all. “We wouldn’t even have found the orchard if you hadn’t accidentally left the EMF on. We would have driven right by it to the Interstate.”

“Chloe, what if the demon looking for you is the one possessing your mom?” Dean asked softly, not looking her in the face any more. “What if she’s still alive and is the host of this thing and it’s looking for you out of some twisted motherly thing?”

“Impossible.” Chloe whispered. “Your mother said that what was after me was a he. The demon in my mom was a female--or the demon equivalent of a female.”

Dean seemed to consider this and sighed in frustration, shaking his head. “I need you to tell me exactly what led you to that freaky scarecrow, okay? Did you dream about that orchard before?”

“No, Dean, I’m not a psychic or anything like that. I’m not like Sammy, I don’t see things before they happen, believe me, if I did those ghosts would have never gotten me alone in that room in Roosevelt.” Chloe tried to get him to understand, but it was hard when even she couldn’t understand it at all. “I kinda—I kinda felt connectedwhen I touched the soil.”

Dean frowned darkly. “Define connected.”

“I don’t know,” Chloe growled, running fingers through her hair in frustration. “Connected, like I do with Sam and you.”

Both adults froze as those words left her mouth.

Oh God, that was so awkward of me to say!

Dean finally broke the silence, taking in a deep breath. “Connected, huh?”

“Yeah.” She nodded, looking at the tires of the Impala. “Connected.”

“Well, I think we should head back to the town and do some serious digging. I’ll talk to the townspeople and I want you safely in the motel checking to see if you can find any information on that tatted freak in the orchard, okay?” He frowned. “Connected with Sam and I? No problem. Connected with something like that? Uh-uh. We’re figuring this out and then we’re calling dad and he’s going to have to give us some more answers than he’s been doing so far.”


“So, nothing yet on our little friend?” Dean asked later on the phone.

Chloe was on the bed, eyes hurting her from all the reading she’d been doing. “No, nothing. I’ve gotten a lot of crap information on things like this--example A--alien scouts.”

“Alien scouts?” Dean snorted. “Are you joking me?”

“No, someone called IFreakWithHotAlienBabes says that scarecrows are actually alien devices meant to silently scout areas for the perfect time to nab people to experiment with and all of that.” Chloe rolled her eyes. “He also has written a very long pornographic account about his many sexual adventures with aliens of every kind, so I really wouldn’t take his advice to heart.”


“What about you? Any luck with the locals?”

“Well, I talked to that chick Emily from the gas station and she said that the scarecrow has always been in the orchard—that it freaks her out—and that she doesn’t know who it belongs to. She also said that this place seems blessed.”

“Blessed?” Chloe sat up in bed. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” Dean sighed. “She started going on and on about how the towns all around are losing their crops and suffering from other stuff but Burkitsville is like some frickin’ paradise.”

“Hmmm.” Chloe frowned, something about that was nagging at her, as if she should remember something but couldn’t.

“Oh, and guess what? A couple are here. They’re supposedly having car troubles, but check this out, they didn’t even know they had it until someone kindly pointed it out to them.” He snorted. “Apparently the ‘reparations’ won’t be finished until sundown, but I know a thing or two about cars and the problem the mechanic says the car has? It’s fixed easily in a little over an hour tops.”

Dean sounded very annoyed. “You should have seen how that miserable old dude from the diner was treating them. Like they were royalty. Gave them all this large amount of food—and pie—on the house and just kept asking them if they wanted more.”

“They’re fattening them up like anyone would a sacrificial lamb.” Chloe whispered.

“My thoughts exactly.”

“Dean, you’ve got to warn those people!”

“I tried, gorgeous, but they thought I was a nut job and the guy at the diner kicked me out—without even giving me my pie!” He sighed. “He even sicked the sheriff on me, and I got off with only a warning and not getting escorted out of town because of you.”

“Me?” Chloe blinked.

“Apparently word flies like wild fire in this place, everyone feels so sorry for the nice young woman who’s so heartbroken over the loss of her best friend.” Dean sounded mocking. “Look, how I see it is that that couple’s car is going to break down by the orchard tonight and we’re going to have to be around to stop it from happening, okay?”

“Okay.” She nodded, clearing her throat nervously. This would be her second hunt, her first without Sam, and this scarecrow scared her tons more than the ghosts at Roosevelt, but she was going to be brave because she was all that Dean had. “No problem. I’ll pack up our stuff and be ready by the time you come ‘round for me.”

“That’s my girl.” Dean sounded proud before hanging up.

Chloe paused, looking at the phone in surprise, before shaking her head and hurrying to get everything ready. They had a couple to save.


Hours later found them back in the motel room, sleeping tiredly on the bed they shared. Dean was dead to the world since it’d been two nights since he’d slept, and Chloe was surprised at how comfortable she was sleeping in a bed with him. It’d been as comfortable as it had been to sleep with Sam that one night, and the blonde didn’t understand it.

She wasn’t this sort of girl.

If it’d been any other guy—even Clark—Chloe would have felt a bit self-conscious sleeping in the same bed with, and yet with Sam and Dean it seemed natural.

She’d slept curled in his embrace, waking up with her head resting over his heart, her leg entwined with his, and his arm around her as he continued to sleep peacefully. Chloe’d smiled softly, listening to the steady rhythm of his heart before losing herself to thought.

This comfort she felt with Dean and Sam, this thing, it was the result of that connection she’d let slip to the elder Winchester before. She felt safe, trusting, comforted and completely at ease with the boys--something that was hard for her. And the boys obviously felt the same way around her.

And Sam and Dean weren’t people to trust others easily either.

And yet they seemed to fit perfectly in this little puzzle box, not one piece missing or extra.

Just as it should be.

Dean murmured something in his sleep about pie—honestly, the guy was obsessed with pies and M&Ms!—and pulled her closer, breathing a contented breath in his sleep.

Chloe snuggled closer, closing her eyes, and would have drifted off to sleep again if it hadn’t been for her cellular ringing.

Dean needs his rest; he hasn’t slept for two nights.

Groaning, Chloe turned slightly and reached for the phone, flipping the lid and placing it to her ear without looking at the caller I.D. “Chloe Sullivan.” She whispered, trying not to wake Dean up but unable to move since he had a death grip on her, even in sleep.

“Hey Chlo.” Sam said, sounding tired. “I’m still at the bus station, the first bus to California doesn’t leave until today at 5 in the evening.”

“No wonder you sound tired.” She whispered. “You spent the whole evening and night at the bus station, huh?”

“Not an experience I ever want to repeat.” Sam admitted with a sigh. “So how’s everything going with the hunt?”

“Oh, it’s going.” Chloe continued to whisper.

“Why are you whispering?” The younger Winchester asked, sounding amused.

“Don’t want to wake up Dean.” Chloe admitted, turning in Dean’s arm so that her back was pressed against him. “He hasn’t been sleeping well, and after last night we’re both pooped--and that’s that we’re far from finishing with this.”

“Last night?” Sam sounded worried. “What happened? Did something go wrong with the hunt? What exactly are you hunting?”

So Chloe filled him in on everything that’d happened since the last time they’d spoken.

“The scarecrow came down from his cross?” Sam finally asked in surprise when she finished telling him of what’d happened the night before.

“He was scary just hanging there, Sam, but seeing him come after us with that sickle in his hand--it was terrifying.” Chloe admitted, feeling like a wimp but needing to tellsomeone how she’d felt. “Thankfully we got the couple out on time without one scratch on them--though I think they’ll probably need counseling after what happened.”

“Something must be animating it—the scarecrow I mean.” Sam announced after a couple minutes thought. “A spirit maybe.”

“No, it’s more than a spirit.” Chloe shook her head. “It’s a god—a pagan god any way.”

“Pagan god?” Sam sounded surprised. “Why would you say that?”

“Well, the whole thing always bothered me from day one.” Chloe admitted, trying to sit up but Dean’s grip on her was tight. “Something kept nagging at me until I was there last night and saw it alive for the first time and then for some reason everything just clicked in my head.”

“Ok…” Sam prompted. “What clicked?”

“The yearly cycle of its killings and the fact that the victims are always a couple—a man and a woman—it’s like some sort of fertility rite.” She scratched her head, still slightly sleepy. “And according to Dean, the locals were treating the couple like a king and queen, fattening them like a Christmas turkey.”

“The last meal.” Sam announced as it all finally made sense. “It was a tradition to give it to all of the sacrificial victims before their deaths.”

“Exactly.” She nodded, yawning. “I think this ritual sacrifice is done to appease some pagan god.”

“So the god posses the scarecrow--.”

“--and the scarecrow takes the victims.” Chloe finished the sentence, yawning once more. She was really tired. “It would explain why Burkistville is so freakily prosperous when all the towns around it are falling apart. They give the god a sacrifice each year and in turn he gives them another year of good harvest and no sicknesses.”

“Do you know which god you’re dealing with?” He sounded worried.

“No, not yet.”

“If you figure out which one it is you’ll find a way to kill it.”

“I figured that out on my own, Einstein.” She laughed softly as to not wake up a snoring Dean. “I’m going to hit the computer again and try my searches now that I know we’re dealing with a god. Dean wanted to hit the local college to talk with a professor there, but I told him it was a bad idea. We don’t know which townspeople are a part of this or not, and us fishing for clues on some pagan god might alert the wrong people of what we’re doing.”

“That’s a smart--.”

But Sam couldn’t finish this sentence because Dean’s sleepy murmur grabbed both of their attention.

“Gorgeous, you’re a sheet hog.” He announced as he groaned and stretched, yawning deeply as he slowly awakened.

“I am so not a sheet hog you pillow hog.” Chloe laughed at him.

“You weren’t using that pillow.” Dean murmured, continuing to yawn as he detangled himself from her and sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes.

“Of course I wasn’t—you were using it!” She snorted.

Dean opened his mouth to say something before he realized that she was on the phone. “Is it Sammy?”

She nodded and handed the brother the phone before getting out of bed to go and use the bathroom. By the time she got back Dean had ended the call and placed her phone back on the nightstand.

“You two made your peaces?” She asked, picking up her laptop and turning it on, ready to begin her searching again now that Dean was awake.

“We’re not the next contestants for Jerry Springer if that’s what you’re asking.” Dean rose from the bed in all of his muscle-shirt, boxer glory.

Chloe shook her head at him, plopping down on the bed. “I’m glad.”

Dean paused on his way to the bathroom. “Me too.” And with that he entered the small unit and closed the door behind him.





29th-Dec-2009 06:13 am (UTC)
Very interesting that she seems tied to them, though I don't think Sammy will be happy that Chloe and Dean slept in the same bed. Though the same incident happened with Sam and Chloe. I like that Dean and Sam made their peace... Hopefully.
29th-Dec-2009 06:21 am (UTC)
Yep. and neither brother was quite happy with the other when it happened...
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