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The Battle for Helm's Deep 7a/8  
18th-Feb-2013 04:59 pm
chlaragorn---chloe & aragorn
The Battle for Helm's Deep3

Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville/Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
Sequel to - The Metahuman, The Ranger, and the One Ring
Pairing: Chloe/Aragorn
Fandom: Smallville/LOTR: The Two Towers
Rating: T+/M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The broken up Fellowship are still trying to complete their respective missions, the League are still trying to find Zatanna, Chloe and Aragorn still have a couple of roadblocks to pass before they can actually have a relationship, and Lois is *still* trying to get into the book. Cue battles, jealousy, and some sexiness.

"Where is your kinswoman?"

Chloe looked up from where she'd been toying with the idea of chain mail in the armory, yet had discarded the very idea once she'd actually tried to pick one of the shirts up. They were horribly heavy, and would not only slow her down, but her muscles would be sore long before the night was over. It was why she merely wore her Ranger clothes with the only addition to her wardrobe two of Lois' guns. Clark hadn't wanted anything to do with those guns, and Oliver had preferred his bow and arrows, so Chloe had taken two while leaving the rest for Lois, who'd need them more than the rest. Not only was Lois the best shot, but she was also the only one who had no training with any other weapon.

To be truthful, Chloe didn't plan on using the guns, and already planned on staying close to her cousin keeping an eye on her so she could give her those two and their clips when Lois ultimately ran out of her own bullets.

"I think Lo's asking Legolas what he uses to make his hair so pretty." The blonde smiled, turning towards Aragorn and placing her hand on his chest when his arms went around her.

His gaze consumed her face as his grip on her tightened. "The act you performed on me before…"

For a moment the blonde didn't know what he was talking about, and then she did, a sly smile tilted her lips as her gaze met his. "If that's you're way of asking for a repeat performance, you'll have to wait until after the massacre because there's no way we have the sort of luck where we could do something like that in the armory and not get caught."

There wasn't a smile on his face. "Who taught you such an act?"

Chloe's smile slipped slightly from her face. "Television?"

"And television had used this act upon men herself?"

Chloe's eyes widened, sure she'd explained television to Aragorn before-or had she just said tv?

Aragorn's face grew cloudier. "Have you performed this act upon other this other man?"

Realizing that this was definitely not going to be a sexy moment but an increasingly uncomfortable one, Chloe sighed as she pulled away, staring up into his face as she leaned back against the table. "Aragorn, I thought you understood that I'd been with another person…and what that entailed."

"I thought I had as well." The Ranger admitted, shaking his head. "But I am quickly realizing that I grow sick in my being at the thought of imagining you on your knees in front of this faceless man, your mouth pleasuring his…his filthy-!"

"Aragorn!" Chloe surged forwards and placed her hand against his mouth, embarrassed, looking around almost as if to make sure that no one was by the door listening in to this conversation. "Let's not get descriptive here." She pulled away with a sigh, leaning with her hands back behind her on the table once more, seeing the displeasure on his face. "There's a time and place for this sort of conversation-and believe me, this isn't it."

"You think I do not know this?" He frowned at her. "You think that I do not realize how powerless I am to these emotions that I cannot fully concentrate on the devastating war that's about to befall us all? You think that I do not see how consumed I am by this that I cannot bring my mind frame into that of war?" He leaned down over her, his hands on her either side as his gaze stared deeply and accusingly into hers. "You have bewitched my every sense, enflaming and ensnaring me. Never has the idea of war had to compete with anything else in my mind, much less any past lover a dalliance might have had."

"Ha!" Chloe raised a hand and pointed it at his face. "There! You've had sex with women before!"

"Your point being?" He frowned down at her.

"That you're a hypocrite! That's my point!" The blonde poked his chest with frustration. "If you were some pure virgin I'd give you some credit. But you're not. You've had women before, and you don't see me worrying about everything you did to or with them!" Her frustration and anger surged through, the blonde shoving the surprised Ranger away from her. "You have no right to know who he is, and what I did to him." She raised her chin. "If I tied him down, or if I rode him, or if he took me from behind or standing against a wall or atree-it's not your business." The blonde continued poking the terribly silent Ranger's chest. "And if you can't separate what he and I did, with what you and I do, then you and I won't be doing much." And with that she stormed around him and tore out of the room like a pissed off bat out of hell.


"Oh my god!" Dinah burst out laughing, clapping. "I think she might have just melted his brain!" She bent over in her laughter. "Good girl!"

"He had it coming, really." Zatanna snorted, more annoyed with Aragorn than amused by Chloe. "They'd already had this conversation, and most guys would just be glad the girl's willing to give head, and not complain about who she's done it to in the past."

"Plus she swallowed." Dinah pointed out. "I don't do that shit. He should have felt privileged."

"Damn straight." Zatanna mumbled. "Girls don't do that for just anyone. I mean, have they tasted their junk before? Not that appetizing."

"Exactly!" Dinah made a face. "Just thinking about it…" she stood and headed towards the bathroom. "Does Chlo has mouthwash?"

Zatanna chuckled, shaking her head. "In the medicine cabinet."

"Thanks!" Dinah disappeared into the bathroom.

"Mind over matters." Zatanna rolled her eyes, returning her gaze to the book as writing continued to burn into the page. "It's back to Pippin and Merry and the Ents by the way."

Dinah appeared at the doorway, measuring out some of the mouthwash in its cap. "And?"

Zatanna read the passages before summarizing it, eyebrow raised. "Apparently, after a very long conference, Treebeard informs the waiting hobbits that the Ents have decided that Merry and Pippin are definitely not Orcs."

"They're real sharp ones, those Ents." Dinah sniggered, shaking her head as she tilted it back and sipped in the mouthwash, beginning to work it around inside of her mouth.

"Pippin's apparently relieved to not be considered an Orc by them but Merry is increasingly impatient, asking about Saruman and if the Ents plan on doing something about him." Zatanna's gaze returned to the book. "Treebeard announces that the hobbit is beeing hasty, that those sorts of talks take a longer time but Merry….awww….I am seriously like the hobbits more and more. Especially Sam and Merry."

Dinah continued to move the liquid in her mouth before gargling it and going to the sink to spit it out, washing her mouth out with water as she returned. "What did Merry say that has you all maternal?"

"He said, and I quote: Hasty? Our friends are out there. They need our help. They cannot fight this war on their own!"

"Awww." Dinah sat down on the edge of the bed. "So cute."

"Treebeard isn't as touched as we are." Zatanna made a face. "Apparently it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish, and he's not about to rush it."

"Ents." Dinah rolled her eyes, throwing herself back on the bed.

"Tell me about it." Zatanna huffed, joining her.


The Men and Elves (and Alien and Dwarf) stood ready and watchful on the Battlement's of Helm's Deep, every space of the wall overlooking the sides was covered. Legolas and Clark had both spotted the approaching army some moments back, and while they were yet to be visible to human eyes, they knew the battle was about to begin, and all waited. Not all were watching the horizon though, Lois and Chloe off to the corner, sitting on the window frame of one of the large guard towers, the brunette sitting on one side of the frame while the blonde sat on the other. It wasn't that they weren't ready for this battle, it was just that they were cousins, best friends, and had things to bitch about. Also, the army wasn't even in sight yet, so technically the Lane girls figured the battle really wasn't started yet and they had time.

"No." Lois gasped in horror.

"Yes." Chloe groaned, trailing her hands over her face. "That was probably the worse way ever to have things between us right before a massive battle like this one."

"Talk about a Foot Sandwich!" Lois leaned hard against the frame, voice low so as not to disturb any of the solemn blonde men all around them staring out into the horizon at the sunset, hoping to catch the first mortal view of the monstrous army coming at them. "But he so had that coming! I mean please! I thought you guys had talked this over!"

"Not in detail…" Chloe conceded, pulling her hands from her face. "But I thought that sort of thing was over. You know? I told him I've slept with someone before. That should be it! He shouldn't question anything I do to him in regards to what happened with me and anyone else!"

"Don't get me wrong, but Aragorn just needs to see "his competition" to realize that he is no sort of competition! I mean, damn, Gorny's fine!" Lois shook her head.

"Even if it was with someone who looked like Gandalf Aragorn still wouldn't feel any better." The blonde sighed, leaning hard against the frame. "It's just that he cannot accept the fact that someone else has slept with me." She pursed her lips. "I kinda think it's a…uh…territorial thing."

Lois snickered. "Doggie doesn't like the idea of someone else peeing on his tree?"

"Lois." Chloe groaned, hands returning to her face.

"Right. Bad memories. Sorry." Lois snickered eviler, shaking her head. "Though seriously, who wouldn't thought that timid looking guy had that sorta kink?"

"Don't remind me." Chloe growled. "I never showered with him again!"

Lois' grin was downright savage in its amusement. "Golden shower or shower shower?"

"Woman. This conversation is over. Over." Chloe yanked her hands from her face to glare at her wickedly amused cousin. "Let's go back to the part where my relationship with Aragorn is hitting roadblock after roadblock and it hasn't even really been a relationship. We just realized that we want each other, and that's only been admitted to the other for more than a day at most."

"As someone with a lot of experience at breaking up with guys, let me say, you're on the right track." Lois raised an eyebrow.

Chloe frowned at her. "I'm not even in a relationship, so it's not like I'm 'breaking up' with him." She made up her nose. "Those words seem wrong in this time setting." Her greens narrowed in thought. "Legolas would probably call it something like: a severance of our emotional ties."

Lois paused before sighing. "They speak prettier here."

"They do." Chloe bemoaned.

"Talking about the Elf-how unfair is it that the people here have better hair than us?" Lois wanted to know.

"No chemicals." Chloe assured her cousin. "They don't color or straighten or blow dry their hair. So it's healthier."

Lois pursed her lips. "Guys shouldn't have prettier hair than me. It's just not right." She leaned forwards. "You know I checked and Legolas doesn't have one split end?"

Chloe choked on air. "You checked his hair for split ends?"

"Of course I did." Lois looked at her as if that was a silly question. "It's also interesting that while everyone else is somewhat grungy and their clothes stained from all the adventuring-his are immaculate."

Chloe hadn't noticed that before, but now that Lois mentioned it…

"It's some sort of Elven beauty secret." Lois whispered like a conspirator to some dastardly plan. "I just know it."

Chloe stared at her cousin before reaching out and hugging her tightly. "I've missed you so much."

Lois hugged her back just as tight. "I missed you too Baby Cuz."

And that was when they felt the world trembling beneath them, the cousins pulling away and turning to look out towards the horizon. Across the plains before Helm's Deep an enormous army, lit by torches, approached the heavily manned battlements.

The girls pulled themselves off of the window frames and into the guard tower, eyes widening at how much the scenery had changed since they'd last cared to look. Before the once empty plains an enormous army, lit by torches, approached.

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled, the lightning illuminating the night to reveal the sheer size of the sea of approaching Uruk-Hai.

Lois' eyes widened as she reached down to grab her first choice of weapon, a sniper rifle. "This is gonna get hairy."

Chloe, never removing her gaze from the steady approach of the creatures, reached out and slipped her hand into her cousin's.

Lois tightened her grip as lightning peeled across the sky, accompanied by more thunder as above the skies let loose and rain began to pour down on those below.

The sea of spears grew closer as an Orc commander stood upon a rock, urging the countless army onward closer and closer to the wall of Helm's Deep.

Down below, Aragorn moved through the ranks of the Elven Archers, speaking a mixture of English and Elven. "A Eruchîn, ú-dano i faelas a hyn ... an uben tanatha le faelas! Show them no mercy ... for you shall receive none!"

Chloe gazed down at him.

His gaze rose to hers.

Despite their less than spectacular parting, Chloe's lips moved silently, whispering for him to be safe.

He nodded before returning his attention to the battlefield when an Uruk-Hai commander roared at his troops, who stopped their march.

The two armies stood still opposite each other, staring at their opponents, each waiting for the other. Each of them were impatient, anxious, tightening their grips on their weapons, eager for the fighting to begin, the wait almost painful.

The Uruk-Hai commander roared once more and the entire army began pounding their spears on the ground.

The Men and Elves drew their swords and readied their arrows.

Suddenly an arrow sailed from the battlement to the front line of the Uruk-Hai and hit its mark.

"What was that?" Lois gasped in shock, trying to figure out where the arrow had come from. "We were supposed to wait and let them make the first move!"

As an Uruk-Hai collapsed below, dead, the Commander roared and thrust his sword forwards, the army roaring in response and running towards the battlements.

Chloe licked her lips as she pulled an arrow out an readied it on her bow. "This is it."

Lois knelt, using the window frame as a support as she rested the sniper rifle against it, readying it as she stared out of the sniperscope. "May the force be with you."

"May the odds be ever in your favor." Chloe quipped back a little shakily as the army raced towards them.

The cousins chuckled and shared one last little smile and look before their gazes returned to the Orcs and Uruk-Hai.

"Tangado haled!" Aragorn shouted order to the Archers below. "Prepare to fire!"

As one, the Archers nocked their arrows and stood ready to fire.

Lois, gaze on the sniperscope, spoke without looking away. "Their armor is weak at the neck…and underneath the arms."

Chloe turned to the Archers above with her. "You heard her. Aim for the neck and under the arms."

The men were obviously unused to taking orders from a woman, and yet nodded, fixing their aim.

Below, Aragorn brought down his arm. "Leithio i philinn! Release the Arrows!"

"FIRE!" Chloe yelled for those above with her.

As one the Archers on the battlement released their arrows and found their marks, yet for every Uruk-Hai or Orc that fell two others seemed to replace them.

The sound of Lois' gunshots seemed to spook a couple of the men at first, but soon they ignored it, the Archers firing and the soldiers gaze on the army below.

"FIRE!" Gamiling could be heard from his section of the battlements, more arrows flying and more enemy falling, and yet the advance continued steadily on.


"Damn. No one told me there'd be a reading assignment." Bart mumbled as he gazed unhappily at the size of the first book.

"No one asked you to come." Dinah pointed out rather testily. "What are you guys doing here anyway?"

"What? You thought you two were the only ones interested in knowing how Sidekick, Arrow, BoyScout and Lane are doing?" Victor wanted to know as he entered the room, AC closely behind.

"Yo." AC nodded, smiling at the women.

"At least he's wearing a shirt this time." Dinah mumbled to herself, going back to lying on the bed next to Zatanna, who was basically ignoring everyone. "You three start on that book, and no reading out loud! You'll disturb us."

"Anyone else hungry?" Bart didn't wait for an answer, passing the book to Victor before disappearing.

"He better remember to get me something vegetarian." AC mumbled to himself as he got comfortable on the sofa the boys had managed to bring in from the living room into the bedroom.

"He'll probably get you fish and chips like last time." Victor snorted.

"That's not funny!" AC grumbled.

"Shh!" Dinah hissed at them, before turning to Zatanna after realizing that she was a couple of pages ahead. "What did I miss?"

The magician looked up, sombre. "The Ents won't help."

"Damn." Dinah whispered, settling in next to her.

"What's an Ent?" AC wanted to know.

Dinah snapped her fingers and pointed to the first book. "Read!"

AC and Victor shared rolled eyes.

Bart returned with a huge bag of food, placed it on the bed, disappeared, and returned with two more bags of food for the boys before collapsing next to AC and Victor on the sofa. "Okay. I'm ready!"


Volley after volley of arrows were launched into the fray felling the front line over and over, but the advance couldn't be halted.

The Uruk-Hai launched arrow after arrow at the alliance, both Men and Elves falling to their doom from the battlements as the Uruk-Hai and Orcs produced ladders, mounting them against the wall.

Aragorn's eyes widened as he stared down at this new peril. "Pendraid! Ladders!"

Gimli jumped with glee, the Dwarf having been itching to get into the fight since the first arrow flew and found its target. "Good!"

Aragorn shook his head at the Master Dwarf as ladders with Uruk-Hai riders were raised against the wall. "Swords! Swords!"

The Elves drew their swords and prepared for close combat.

Gimli tightened his grip on his axe, grin visible, and as the first Uruk-Hai came over the wall the Dwarf was there to meet him, signaling the true beginning of the battle as everywhere Uruk-Hai and Elves or Men clashed.


Never before in all of their adventures and misadventures did Clark wish that he had all of his powers restored. He wasn't knocking his swordplay because it would be an insult to the Elf who'd taken the pains to teach him, but the Alien knew that if all his powers were there and strong he'd be much more useful than what he was at this moment. His blade was never lonely, his gaze ever alert as more and more Uruk-Hai and Orcs climbed over the walls like insects. He dodged and swung, his speed somewhat faster than the average human or even Orc, so that helped him somewhat. The laser eyes weren't back full force either, but they were back enough to burn the face of the Uruk-Hai whose blade was clashing with his own.

As the creature reared back and clawed at its face, Clark swung, his blade slicing open the throat, felling the beast.

It gave him two seconds to look around, his gaze landing on Gimli, who'd just felled an Orc and was holding two fingers up at Legolas, who was nearby.

"Legolas!" Gimli called out with all the excitement of a child at christmas who'd gotten the gift he'd been pining for the whole year. "Two already!"

"I'm on seventeen!" Legolas called back, firing an arrow at an Uruk-Hai that was racing after one of the young boys who had no place on the battlefield.

Gimli's happiness disappeared in outrage. "I'll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!" With that proclamation Gimli quickly turned and fell another Uruk-Hai climbing over the wall.

Legolas' gaze found Clark's at the moment, the two sharing a small smile before returning their attention to the battle raging around them.


The first explosion caught everyone by surprise, and yet by the second Oliver was looking up at the guard tower in time to see Chloe leaning out one side and Lois the other. The cousins were throwing grenades that the brunette had obviously brought with her in that monstrously large bag of hers, the explosions disorienting and injuring the monsters beneath.

"What sort of magic is that?" Eomer hissed, shock visible on his face as he stared up at Lois as she taunted the denizens below before throwing another grenade.

"It's a little complicated to explain right now." He declared as Eomer's gaze finally lowered to him.

Suddenly the two of them acted at once, Oliver firing an arrow at Eomer, and Eomer reaching for a dagger and throwing it at Oliver.

The arrow and dagger flew close by the men, passing them and embedding into the Orcs who'd been behind them.

As the sound of the monsters' heavy bodies hit, both men turned to see the dead creatures before returning and smirking at each other.


The battle raged on with more and more siege ladders being raised against the outer walls of Helm's Deep, leading rise to more and more Uruk-Hai and Orcs storming . And there wasn't an end in sight to their numbers as more and more advanced on the fortress. The grenades that Lois had brought with her had helped cull the numbers a little, and had sure as hell been a surprise to those below, but they'd soon run out of them and Lois was already down most of her guns and their ammo. She was basically down to two handguns, which thankfully had quite a bit of magazines to change for whenever she ran dry.

Below, a large team of Uruk-Hai shielded themselves like a turtle as they made their way up the causeway to the main gate, every arrow sent their way bouncing harmlessly off the shields.

"Damn it!" Chloe hissed, leaning out of the window frame and calling down to Aragorn, whom she'd been keeping a protective eye out for. "Aragorn!"

He looked up immediately, following her pointed hand before his eyes widened and he ran through the Archers, shouting orders. "Na fennas! Causeway!"

The Elvish Archers turned and fired at the Uruk-Hai on the causeway, and while the creatures on the sides of the turtle formation fell the turtle itself kept advancing.

On the walkway below their tower, Theoden observed the battle, hands on the edge. "Is this is? It this all you can conjure, Saruman?"

Lois' eyes widened and her mouth fell open. "He did not just jinx us!"

Chloe didn't answer, her own lips parted as she stared below at two Uruk-Hai carrying a spiked ball towards the Sluice Gate of Helm's Deep. They placed it within and two more followed and placed a second spiked ball within, the creatures making a clear path for another Uruk-Hai (carrying a sparkling torch) to make a clear run for the Sluice Gate. "No no no no no!"

"He did jinx us!" Lois hissed, seeing what her cousin did, aiming her gun at the huge Uruk-Hai, but before she could fire a bullet Chloe's arrows were already flying.

Several of Chloe's arrows stuck out of the Uruk-Hai but he continued running, even when Lois' bullets caused blood to fly and for him to stumble once or twice. It was then that other Uruks and Orcs began flanking the larger creature on all sides, taking the bullets and arrows meant for that beast.

The Uruk-Hai reached the spiked balls and collapsed with its torch onto them.

"Jesus!" Lois reached for Chloe and threw them both down, shielding her cousin's body with her own as suddenly an explosion rocked the battlements, destroying an entire section of the wall, throwing Men, Elves, Uruks, Orcs, and rocks everywhere. "He fucking jinxed us! That arrogant bastard!"

A huge boulder, propelled by the explosion, took out the side of their tower, the cousins lifting their heads in shock to see that wall completely gone.

Chloe crawled to the edge, staring down below, trying to find her friends, worry filling her soul as Lois joined her at the edge.

"Good news?" Lois mumbled. "Massive chunks of the wall just flattened a portion of the Uruk army down there." She made a face. "Of course there's still like a gazillion to take their place."

Chloe wasn't really looking, her gaze skimming over the water falling out of the breach and the Uruk-Hai rushing in. She tried desperately to find her friends.

"BRACE THE GATE!" Theoden could be heard yelling from somewhere in the chaos.

"Oh Christ." Lois hissed. "The turtle's made it to the gate and they have a fucking battering ram!"

Even with that declaration Chloe ignored everything, finding Gimli, Clark and Legolas battling…and then Eomer pulling a piece of wall off of Oliver, who looked hurt yet still well enough to mouth off something that had the Rohan warrior shaking his head…and finally…finally! Aragorn. Aragorn was safe. He was okay.

Only then did Chloe let out a little breath of relief, hanging her head.

"This isn't good." Lois whispered.

Finally Chloe paid attention to her cousin, gaze following hers to the gate, eyes widening as she saw Men force themselves against the gate, trying to hold it as the Uruk-Hai pounded the ram into it from the other side. The Uruk-Hai pounded the ram into the gate with such force that it threw the Men back away, but they quick recovered and pressed up against it once more, desperate to make sure it stood.

Above the gate, soldiers threw down stones and spears in an attempt to disrupt the ramming while the Uruk-Hai rushed through the destroyed section of the Deeping Well…towards Aragorn.

Chloe's eyes widened, gaze going to the man she loved as he slowly came to his feet, in the midst of the stampede of monsters.

Gimli, still atop the wall, noticed his peril. "Aragorn!"

And with that the faithful, ever stalwart Dwarf, leapt off of the wall and landed in the sea of Uruk-Hai.

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Awesome rant Chloe, you tell him!
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Ohh no Gimli!!!

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