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The New Circle 9/? 
6th-Mar-2013 07:54 pm
The New Circle

Title: The New Circle
Fandoms: Smallville/Secret Circle
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Lana Lang, Whitney Fordman, Greg Arkin, Nell Potter, John Blackwell, Gabe Sullivan, Lex Luthor, Davis Bloome, Jason Teague, Tess Mercer, Oliver Queen, Patricia Swan...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe Sullivan had a normal-ish life before the circle and John Blackwell turned her life upside down and gave new meaning to the unexplained weirdness that goes on in Smallville. Now life's a witch, she's a part of a circle she's not too sure she wants to be bound to, and not only do they have to worry about Witch-Hunters, but unknowingly to them another circle is on the hunt too.
A/N: Timeline-wise it is side-by-side with events in Secret Circle. It is around Season One of Smallville...with alterations of course. And Lex Luthor has not arrived in Smallville up until this point in the story.

Considering that her laptop had committed suicide the other night, Chloe was forced to go into school to use the computers at the Torch. She uploaded the video from her camera, hesitating before uploading the file with the "B" word in it. She downloaded the files onto a dvd, sending the one with the wolf to John before deleting the data off of the computer. The blonde stared at the dvd in her hand before slipping it into a cover and into her bag, staring around her, wondering exactly what she was going to do now. She couldn't write up an article about last night, not even a draft, not while they still had so many questions. And even if she had answers Chloe didn't know if she'd be able to get her head in the right frame of mind to write them.


What the hell was a Balcoin?

Freaky cloak-covered dudes whispered about it in the middle of the night while in the forest.

Her computer preferred Seppuku rather than to give her any information on it.

And John Blackwell, a seemingly put together guy with all sorts of knowledge, was completely frazzled by it.

So what was a Balcoin?

And could she wait for John to finish whatever mystery mission he was on and come back to explain things to her?

Her curiosity was killing her as it was!

Worrying her bottom lip, Chloe grabbed her bag and searched for her keys, heading towards the door as she cast her gaze behind her to make sure she hadn't left anything. Once she was sure of that she locked the Torch's office door behind her and made her way down the empty halls towards the front doors. She'd been given a pair of keys because she'd hassled the teachers and cut into their own time by staying late to tend to the Torch, and they'd all decided that for the sake of their own free time and sanity that she could be trusted with these keys.

Stopping by her locker, Chloe frowned as she noticed the piece of paper sticking out.

Had it been here when she'd walked by before?

If so, she hadn't noticed it before.

Going towards the locker, Chloe yanked the envelope out and opened it, revealing the paper inside.

There were no points for originality...because this wasn't the first insulting or threatening letter she'd ever recieved...and it definitely wasn't the first that'd had words cut out and pasted on the paper.

The only thing was that whoever had sent this to her was...a weirdo.

"I kNoW wHo YoU aRe" the note read.

"So does everyone else in this school. And town." She snorted, far from impressed as she scrunched the note into a ball and threw it into her bag, heading back towards the doors.

It reminded her though that she had yet to open what Justin had sent via Van, and the girl stopped and began rummaging through her bag before finding the manila envelope. She opened it and slipped out the paper, grinning mischievously at the drawings inside. A year ago, after discovering that the quiet kid who sat next to her in History was a drawing genius, she'd asked him to contribute any of his funnier doodles sometimes to the Torch, and Justin started the Torch's very own comic strip named: The Ville High. The characters were obviously based on real people at the school, and it made it a very popular piece considering he tended to parody current happenings.

The blonde turned and made her way right back to the Torch office and unlocked the door, stepping in and freezing.

The papers slipped from her fingers and cascaded to her feet.

The Torch was a mess.


HOW could this have happened?

She'd been gone for no more than five minutes!

How could all of this have happened during that little amount of time?

Suddenly the door was slammed shut behind her and the person who'd been hiding behind it grabbed her by her hair, yanking her back into the door.

Giving a little cry, dazed by the unexpected blow, Chloe's vision was slightly hazy as she tried fighting off the masked man. His hands were at her throat, squeezing tightly, cutting off her air supply and reminding her far too much of Nell's little punishment.

He leaned in, whispering into her ear. "Scream if you want…no one will hear you."

Using his nearness to her advantage, Chloe brought her knee up as hard as she could between his legs. "No thank you…but back at you!"

Cursing, the man dropped to the ground, letting go of his hold on her already abused throat. "Bitch!"

Chloe turned to the door to try and open it, but he grabbed her legs and gave a hard tug, causing her to lose balance and fall hard to the floor.

He straddled her, pinning her beneath him as his hands went to her neck once more.

As before with Nell, Chloe could feel something building inside of her. It felt different than when she did magic, felt truer somehow, but she didn't have time to question it as that something erupted from her, causing her blood to burn and her skin to ripple with the power...and she could feel somehow that this wasn't even the full strength of it. Her attacker cried out in shock as he was pulled down flush over her, he tried to move, tried to push away, but he didn't seem able to move, the guy cursing loudly.

The blonde didn't even know what she was doing, almost like a spectator in her own body as she reached up and pulled off the bottom half of his ski mask before pressing her lips to his. He froze completely above her, Chloe's mind a whirlwind of questions as she could feel something slithering within her, almost as if some sort of animal was within her chest, making its way upwards, ticking her throat as it continued its journey.

He cried into her lips, trying to struggle, and on instinct Chloe reached out and clutched the back of his head, her fingers clenching his hair viciously, keeping him still and trapped as she kissed her harder, that tickling feeling continuing its upwards journey before her lips tingled, and he stopped fighting her.

When he began to kiss back, Chloe was jolted out of her near trance and yanked away, greens widening in shock as she witnessed some sort of pink mist escaping her mouth and entering him.

The man threw himself off of her as if hit, clawing at his own mouth and neck, a cry escaping his lips. His actions finally stilled, an odd quiet around him as he sat straddling her on the ground before he gulped, moving as if to kiss her, but when she pulled away he cursed and hurried to his feet before...throwing himself out of the window...glass shattering everywhere as he made off sprinting.

Chloe laid on the floor, hand to her terribly painful throat, almost afraid to stand up.

Exactly what had she just done?

Who was that?

Why had he tried to kill her?

And why trash the Torch?

What was going on?

Was this because she was a witch?

Her eyes widened.

Had that guy been a Witch-Hunter?

Finally sitting up, shaking, Chloe looked around her at the Torch, feeling so horrible violated. This place had always been a sanctuary for her, a refuge, and now it'd been desecrated.

Raising a shaky hand to her face, Chloe reached for her bag and ruffled inside, finding her phone and quickly sent a group text before calling the police.


"You need to give me the medallion, Cassie." John was getting a little tired of saying the same thing over and over again, but he could see the distrust in this girl's eyes. It annoyed him, truly, just how similar and yet opposite this daughter was from his other. If only he'd gotten to her before she'd been indoctrinated by the Circle and her damnable grandmother, then maybe she'd be reaching out to him like Chloe and not putting up such a strong wall between them.

"I don't trust you." Cassie replied just like she had all the time. "You just abandoned my mother and I, you left us to fend for ourselves, all the while knowing that I'd have your Dark Magic and would need you!" Tears and anger were visible in her green eyes. "My mother died. If you hadn't left us she could be still alive!"

"How many times do I have to tell you that had the Witch-Hunters known I was alive they would have come after us all? I was protecting both you and Amelia by staying away."

He could see she wanted to believe him, yet couldn't, not so easily.

Sighing, John placed a hand on her shoulder, staring into her eyes. "I only came here to protect you once I realized you'd found the medallion and had activated it. It's dangerous Cassie." He sighed once more. "I left to keep you safe, and I'm back to keep you safe."

Chloe worried her bottom lip, obviously fighting her desire to believe, the medallion around her neck and resting heavily on her chest.

Suddenly a whiplash of power hit them both, reminding him too much of what'd happened when he'd been with Chloe, and he could feel his firstborn...feel the Dark Magic inside of her activating.

John pulled away from Cassie, severing the connection, hoping that like Chloe, she'd be confused and not sure of what had just happened.

"Who was that?" Cassie, unlike Chloe, was bound to an active circle and knew much more when it came to magic.

He cleared his throat, looking away. "The medallion belongs to our bloodline, it reacted to our touch."

"That wasn't just us." Cassie stepped forwards, defiant. "It's just like when I activated the medallion! I sensed you and I sensed...who is that?"

He moved towards the door. "I have a call I need to make."

"Who are you calling?" Cassie followed after him, determined. "Who is that presence I keep feeling?"

He was shocked at that, at the fact that Cassie could sense Chloe, but then again they were sisters. "Once you start trusting me, I'll start trusting you."

And with that he left Jane's house and walked away swiftly dialing Gabe's number.


She was getting her key-privileges revoked on the basis that it wasn't safe for anyone to be at the school out of school hours.

Sitting in the back of the ambulance, letting the EMT look her over despite her promising that other than a sore throat she was fine, Chloe was in mourning. Not only had her beloved Torch been ransacked, but she was basically just another student with no more privileges. It sucked. How did they expect her to get the newspaper up and running again if they were restricting the amount of time she could spend preparing?

"Are you sure you didn't get a good look at your attacker?" The deputy asked.

"I'm sure." She groaned, hand on her throat. "I told you all already. He had a ski mask on. I didn't see what he looked like."

"If you remember anything, just give me a call at the sheriff station." The deputy passed her a card before walking away.

Chloe threw it into her bag, annoyed.

When her father heard about this he was going to flip.

He might even expect her to quit the Torch!

The blonde sighed, looking up at the ceiling of the ambulance, mourning the situation even more now.

Her phone rang.

She flinched, not even needing to see the caller ID to know who it was, bringing it to her ear. "Dad, I can explain-."

"Are you hurt? Were you injured? Are you in the hospital?" Gabe Sullivan was desperate.

She flinched. "I'm fine dad. Whatever Principal Kwan told you was probably way exaggerated."

"Come to Luthorcorp. I have a teleconference I can not get out of but I need to see with my own eyes that you're fine."

"Sure." She sighed, throat killing her. "I'll be there as soon as they let me go." She hung up, eyeing the EMT. "Frantic dad. Can I go now?"

"Sure." He nodded. "Just keep taking those pills I gave you, and the losenges. They'll help with the pain and inflamation in your throat."

"Thanks again." She gave him a little smile before fleeing the ambulance and heading to her car.

Paranoia set in and she checked the back seat to make sure no one was hiding there before slipping into the driver's seat and getting out of there. Considering that there was no traffic on the road she made the trip to the Luthorcorp facility relatively quickly, the guard signalling her in as he opened the gates for her, the girl waving to certain employees. Her father had been the manager of the Smallville Luthorcorp fertilizer plant since she was eleven, and she'd grown up around these people so they knew her very well.

That was why, when she was walking passed the conference room and heard a series of curses from Nadine, who never cursed, she stopped and stuck her head in. "Is everything alright?"

"Chloe!" Nadine, her father's secretary, look frazzled. "How are you honey?"

"You sound worse than I do, really." Chloe slipped into the room, seeing the older woman bent over the computer that controlled the large television used for the teleconferences. "What's wrong?"

"We need new computers and such, just because we're one of the smaller of their facilities doesn't mean we should be given their hand me downs." Nadine looked close to tears. "The Teleconference is in a couple of minutes and the darned thing wont work-pardon my french."

"Want me to take a look at it?" Chloe offered.

"Would you?" Nadine sighed. "Thanks doll." She fanned herself. "Is it hot in here or am I menopausing?"

Chloe dropped her bag to the ground as she sat in front of the computer, chuckling. "It's a bit warm."

"Larry keeps turning down the temperature. I keep telling him if he gets cold, bring in a jacket!" Nadine turned and stormed away, probably off to go tell off poor Larry.

Chloe cracked her knuckles and got to work, trying to find out what was wrong with the connection. She sat at the head of the table, sending the large black screen on the opposite wall and wondered why exactly she wasn't even getting static. The blonde got up and went to make sure that the television was actually turned on before ascertaining that it was and returning back to the computer and continuing to troubleshoot.

She was about to give up when suddenly static could be heard, as well as the words "give up" from the television.

Chloe looked up, seeing that the screen wasn't black anymore, instead static filled. "Hello?"

There was a pause, and then a very strained. "Hello?"

She grinned. "Okay, so obviously we're doing something right." The blonde continued running through the different programs and trying to find what settings might have changed. "Are all your cables attached correctly on your end?"

"Yes." The voice answered. "I've been checking online while we were in the black out, and I've been reading a lot of bugs were reported on this software."

"I see." She pursed her lips, having wondered if this wasn't software related. "Do you have skype on your end? If push comes to shove we can always rely on that."

There was a pause. "I doubt Mister Luthor even knows what skype is."

"Neither does Mister Sullivan...so I guess we'll just have to work around what we have now and only use Skype if ultimately necessary." She chuckled, continuing to type rapidly on the keyboard before finally finding something. "Ahuh!" The blonde then looked up as the screen came to life, showing a handsome young man with dark hair and dark eyes.

He paused what he was doing, staring back at her. "Hi."

"Hey." She sat up straighter, feeling a little blush tint her cheeks. "So, uh, situation fixed."

"Yes, it is." He smiled, revealing two deep dimples. "I'll have to tell Mr Luthor that no matter how hard I tried, his IT specialists on the other end were the ones that pulled through."

She was about to admit that the Smallville Facility didn't have IT specialists, when her father opened the door and stepped in, frowning immediately. "I need to speak to you outside. Now."

She gulped, sending the guy a last look before grabbing her bag and hurrying outside, the door closing behind her. "Before you say anything I wasn't just talking with them for the heck of it, I'd fixed the-."

And then her father pulled her into a tight hug and pressed a kiss to her forehead, not letting go.

Feeling him trembling, Chloe dropped her bag and held the shaking man tighter, realizing he was the one who needed the comforting more than she did. "Daddy I'm fine. I really am."

"I'll kill whoever did that to you." He promised her. "If he comes after you again-."

She hugged him tighter. "I doubt whoever that is would be foolish enough to return."

"I'm getting you a tazer." He declared.

She didn't have the heart to tell him she'd had one since she was fourteen, and that the only reason why she hadn't used it was because it was in her bag and she'd lost it during the struggle so she hadn't been able to get at it.

"Is everything alright?" Nadine wanted to know, eyes wide as she came around the corner and saw them.

Gabe pulled away from Chloe, wiping his eyes before clearing his throat. "Yes. Of course."

Chloe turned to Nadine with a little smile. "It's working."

"You are a little magician!" Nadine gave a little coo as she clasped her hands together. "The way you get those darned computers to work is just like magic."

Chloe could only give her an awkward smile. "I can promise you, no magic was used."

Chuckling, obviously finding the girl all too amusing, Nadine turned to Gabe. "It's time sir."

"Yes, of course." Gabe cleared his throat and straightened his clothes before messing Chloe's hair fatherly as he went into the room.

Chloe watched him enter the room and close the door behind him, before turning to Nadine. "Got anything else you want me to check out while I'm here?"

"Well..." Nadine placed her arm around Chloe's shoulders, leading the girl away. "Well, now that you mention it, my computer is giving me some trouble..."


"My father has no right using you as an IT guy. He has tons of them." Lex Luthor declared as he sat on the balcony, Patricia Swann seated on his lap, feeding him a grape.

"It's fine." Davis Bloome shrugged, gaze on his family's book. "He's also using the conference in his home and it's not like he has IT guys here."

"He could call them though." Oliver Queen pointed out, not looking up from the cards in his hand as he played against his girlfriend. "Right Mercy?"

"Why are you asking me?" Tess Mercer raised an eyebrow, looking up from her cards. "Do I look like I know the ins and outs of this place?"

"Well, you are His Baldness' half sister." Oliver pointed out, never having grown out of teasing Lex. "You should know something."

"Talking about IT people, if your father needs one to install in the house permanently, I say he should take the one from the Smallville facility." Jason smirked as he winked at Lex. "You know it's near impossible to catch Davis' interest, but that technician had this one all flustered. I didn't see her myself since I wasn't facing the screen, but I could see this guyand he lit up when he saw her."

"Shut up." Davis frowned at him.

Jason snickered. "Someone's touchy."

"Will you stop teasing him?" Patricia, ever the mother of the group, raised an eyebrow at Jason. "And anyway, this is hardly the time to be concentrating on cute girls."

"Not even if they're you?" Lex asked his girlfriend of so many years.

She sent him a crooked smile. "Of course not. I'm beautiful."

Tess rolled her eyes as she put her cards down on the table. "Patty's right. If the rumors are right and John Balcoin is still alive then this isn't the time to be playing games or gossiping."

Oliver sighed, putting down his own cards now that the game had been ruined. "It's not like that Witch-Hunter was a real trustworthy source."

"It doesn't matter what he said under duress." Tess narrowed her eyes at her boyfriend. "It's the fact that we've been noticing the Witch-Hunters rallying up and preparing for something. When was the last time they were recorded to be this active?"

Jason leaned back hard on his chair. "During Balcoin's little campaign for power."

"But he died." Oliver frowned. "And with him the Balcoin bloodline."

"That would be exactly what he'd like us to think, wouldn't it?" Tess steepled her fingers thoughtfully. "You would have thought that if the Witch-Hunters had truly killed him that they would taken everyone else out immediately after-not hide in the shadows for all these years as if waiting for something."

"I called this meeting for this exact reason." Lex eyed them. "I have heard whispers that there is a confirmed child of John Blackwell's. A girl. Her mother was a leading member in her circle before she left. A Blake."

"A daughter." Jason leaned forwards immediately. "John Blackwell had a daughter."

"This changes things." Davis mumbled, closing his book. "The Blakes were a part of the Chance Harbor circle, right?"

Lex nodded. "Amelia Blake was the leader."

"It would make sense that he'd father a child with the leader of the circle." Patricia declared. "And if she's his only child she'd definitely be the Firstborn."

"I call dibbs." Oliver raised his hand.

Tess smacked him on the side of his head.

"I was joking Mercy!" Oliver flinched, rubbing the side of his head.

Jason and Davis exchanged amused smirks.

Tess continued eyeing Oliver angrily.

Suddenly he jumped, cursing, bringing his hand to his butt. "Jesus! I was serious when I said I was only joking! Stop goddamn burning my ass!"

Tess just looked away, eyebrow raised.

"We're going to have to check this out." Patricia declared. "We need to send someone to scout Chance Harbor."

"Don't look at me." Oliver grumbled, sitting back down. "After what just happened here Mercy would probably slit my throat if I got near to the Balcoin girl."

"Probably?" Tess sneered at him.

Oliver gulped.

"I'm sending you in." Lex eyed Davis. "I want you to be in and out. Be a shadow. Remember that after the Witch-Hunters massacred the old circle there the whole town's suspicious of everyone. Find out discreetly if the rumors are real and if the girl, Cassie Blackwell, is a Balcoin."

"And if she is?" Davis wanted to know.

Lex sat in silence before he finally answered.

7th-Mar-2013 02:49 am (UTC)
Kinda bummed that Oliver and Lex have partners already. But hey they could get offed by some witch-hunters. Was that mean? I feel like that was mean. I'm little bit greedy for Chloe. No not this Cassie chick you nitwits. So much I need to know whats with the wolf thingy. What was the misty kiss thing? Who was Mr. Ski-Mask and why did he go after Chloe? And what's going to happen next? An for the love of chocolate why are your stories so addicting?
8th-Mar-2013 03:43 am (UTC)
Haha, I just love how you're like: "oh well,they could always die!" lmfao
Ah yes, so many question...which will slowly be answered.
I don't know....but I'm honored you feel so about them!!!!
7th-Mar-2013 06:04 am (UTC)
Holy crap!!! So much happened!!!! Who's the dude that attacked her?? At first I thought it was the older circle!! But nope it wasn't!! And YAY it was Chlavis meeting first!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!! Loves it!!!! Anyways is the dude that attacked her the same one that left her the creepy letter and does it have anything to do with the creepy meeting in the woods??? I'm agreeing with falllovessummer that I'm greedy for Chloe and the sooner that Lex and Oliver break up with their girlfriends the better. WUTTTTT??? I'm greedy!!!

More!!! Please!!! I NEEDS MORE!!!!!
8th-Mar-2013 03:44 am (UTC)
Yep, out of the Older circle Chlavis had the first meeting (since Jason didn't even get to see her).
All I can say is the attacker and the note giver ARE NOT the same people.
(Deleted comment)
8th-Mar-2013 03:45 am (UTC)
I just got out of a bad virus myself, so I can sympathize :(
Yep, it got cancelled after the first season and ended on a cliffhanger but I wont say more because the series finale actually works into this story...so I wont say anymore!
7th-Mar-2013 01:08 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, not sure how I feel about this development... Mostly 'cause I'm a Chlollie shipper and dislike him with Tess. Also, I hate Bloome. Otherwise, the attack part of the chapter was very interesting!

Edit: I was wondering how far into this story/verse you've written or planned? 'Cause I sorta had some thoughts... (mostly Cassie & Chloe thoughts)

Edited at 2013-03-07 01:27 pm (UTC)
8th-Mar-2013 03:47 am (UTC)
I don't think there'll be much (if any) Chlollie in this story...but not sure if Tess will be sticking around either. It's a touch and go so far.

Well, I've gotten to my equivalent of the "mid-season hiatus" section...and that's still a good amount of chapters ahead...and there's more to come.

What sorts of thoughts?
8th-Mar-2013 01:30 pm (UTC)
Cassie & Chloe thoughts. How they interact once they're part of the Balcoin Circle. Because Cassie's not the follow-the-leader type and yet Chloe's not either. So, based off what you wrote (the assumption that Cassie's the oldest), I had this idea where Chloe is (obviously) the leader (since she's Firstborn) with Cassie as sort of her second. But they don't act like it. Cassie is sort of bossy and Chloe relies on her smarts so Chloe allows Cassie to take the lead in most things, but when its important, that’s when Chloe takes the reigns. Cassie likes to charge in and get things done, but Chloe prefers to wait and watch and plan first. The Balcoin Circle listens to Cassie in the beginning because Chloe listens to Cassie and allows her to lead, but then they come to respect Cassie too. But they still argue or bicker with Cassie when she gives orders, but when Chloe wants something done, it's done because they know that she only takes command when its important. Chloe likes to make decisions with Cassie (well, the whole Circle really; she likes making group decisions) but isn’t afraid to go over their head if she thinks they are wrong.

I also sort of had this scene in mind to illustrate:
No one knows the truth about who the Firstborn Balcoin is and Chloe and Cassie use that to their advantage. The(Luthor’s? Who's Firstborn?) Circle meets the Balcoin Circle and continues to assume that Cassie is the leader (until this scene). Chloe watches as her Circle squabbles with the other Circle. Finally, Chloe has reached her limit.

“Enough,” Chloe called out strongly, stopping her siblings immediately, mid-sentence. “We don’t have time for this,” she scowled, taking pride in the way her family winced. She was a patient person but even she had her limits and they had just reached it. “If you children are done, we have a fight to win.”

She didn’t bother waiting for a response. Instead, she turned on her heel and began walking away, knowing they would follow her. Sure enough, in seconds, she felt Cassie at her left, just a half step behind her. Chloe was tempted to reach out and grip her sister’s hand, but knew better than to show that kind of weakness in front of another Circle. Her other siblings quickly flanked them, but at a slightly further distance than Cassie. Chloe and Cassie were the strongest, the leaders, and they knew that.

*I also had this thought about Lex trying to pursue Cassie in the beginning because he thought she was the Firstborn and more powerful (but he grows to like her personality) and Oliver genuinely liking Chloe (because she's insightful and snarky and doesn't put up with his crap) and then they find out the truth. You already know I prefer Chlollie (I just love how they complement each other). And I also kinda like the idea of Cassie/Lex 'cause they're both forceful and powerful and pushy. They'd be one of those fight-until-they-fuck explosive couples, I think. But you said there would be no Chlollie, so I dunno who you're planning to pair up... (Is the Luthor(?) Circle evil? Then again, is the Balcoin?)

Also, why did you use Davis Bloome and whoever? I kinda expected Bruce Wayne or something, which is sorta canon but not exactly...

Edited at 2013-03-08 01:39 pm (UTC)
8th-Mar-2013 07:25 pm (UTC)
These are very interesting, and you're right, Chloe and Cassie will probably have some clashing issues, as will all of the Balcoins since that blood in kinda testy and explosive. While Cassie does have her part in this, for now at least she won't be the other Balcoin sibling who will feature more in this story.

I loved the scene you wrote with Chloe and the Balcoins stormings off...could totally imagine it.

Yep, no Chlollie will happen.

Because (a) I wanted this to be strictly Smallville/Secret Circle peeps :) and (b) Davis and Jason have the characteristics I need for members of the other Circle. Every single one of them can both be good...yet inherently evil at the very same time if the need comes for it...which is something I loved about their characters on the show. They didn't have a defined Light/Dark in their personalities and were always more gray than anything else (although Patricia was probably the "nicest" of them I suppose).
8th-Mar-2013 09:23 pm (UTC)
Hmm, will the other Balcoins be OCs or will you take characters from the show and make them Balcoin?

That's what I envisioned once I finished reading the chapter. I'm not sure if I thought of the scene first or worked through the Cassie/Chloe interplay first.

I'm sad about the lack of Chlollie, but I'm curious as to who you'll pair her with. As long as its not Davis, I'm (probably) good since I REALLY hate him.

Well, Chloe did mention having found Bruce Wayne/Batman in S9, so it is sort of canon, but I getcha. Also, I love Jason so I don't really care about that. It was mostly Patricia Swan who I don't even really recall, Davis Bloome who had nothing to do with Veritas, that I was confused about. And Tess 'cause I hate her, but that's a personal thing and had nothing to do with my confusion... Although, if you include Mercy, what about Lucas? I loved Lucas Luthor so much... and this has nothing to do with my intense love for Stefan Salvatore. NOTHING.

I also wonder who's firstborn. According to google, Lex was born in '80 and Oliver in '79. I have no idea when Jason was born. Tess in '81. Davis in '87. And no idea on Patricia Swan. So ignoring the ones where I don't know their age, Oliver is first. Of course, this assumes you're sticking with canon birthdays.

I think I'm reading way too much into this.
9th-Mar-2013 02:11 am (UTC)
I'm going to be using pure Smallville people when it comes to making Balcoins.

Oooh. That's interesting. And I'm *seriously* impressed you tracked down their birth dates O.O I don't know why I always envisioned Lex older than Oliver.
9th-Mar-2013 12:10 pm (UTC)
Hmm... Interesting.... Now I want hints, lol! Gosh, I'm dying to know which Smallville people; this is gonna drive me crazy! :)

Nothing to be impressed by. Just good google skills. You can google them yourselves, although for Oliver you have to image search a picture of his grave stone to read it. (not sure why no one just lists it for his birthday).

You probably imagined reverse because of Lex's personality in general. But for me, when I see scenes with the two of them, I always envisioned Lex younger. Because Oliver used to bully him in school and that's sort of am older-kid-to-younger-kind thing and also because even though Lex hates him, its always been sort of him looking up and Oliver looking down (at least for me) and that's what Lex was always trying to change. Like he was trying to make Oliver look up to him or at him or something. So finding out Oliver's birthday only confirmed it for me.

Edited at 2013-03-09 12:14 pm (UTC)
7th-Mar-2013 10:08 pm (UTC)
loved this.. seriously you should write professionally
8th-Mar-2013 03:48 am (UTC)
Aw! You flatter me hon!!
25th-Jan-2014 06:34 pm (UTC) - Second Spin 9
Wait, so the attackers Weren't Luthor-Circle related? I always thought that the attacks started when Lex began poking around Smallville trying to see if there was a Balcoin in Smallville. Hunh.

Interesting intro to the Luthor Circle. Great dribs and drabs of characterization with each of them and interesting in light of what we learn later about salamanders and dragons and experiments, oh my.

Gabe, oh Gabe! My heart breaks all over again seeing what a great father he was to a secretive, spunky, smart girl like Chloe. lol Nadine!

And Adam's first effect! Not an introduction, exactly, but his first connection to Chloe. I don't remember if John spelled him to put pressure on Chloe with the notes or if it was a side effect of the magic he'd been exposed to.

And the Enthrallment was such a scary, huge pain at the time. Later it seems inconsequential, but I like the way you built up the weirdness and intensity of Chloe's powers and problems.
25th-Jan-2014 09:42 pm (UTC) - Re: Second Spin 9
John definitely didn't have anything to do with Adam's doings. That was all Adam's doing.

Ah yes, the Enthrallment. It might *seem* like it's inconsequential at the present, but with all that's happened you'll see that, even if subconsciously, it could still be causing issues for Chloe. Just not in the way one might've thought.
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