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The New Circle 14/? 
14th-Mar-2013 01:26 am
The New Circle

Title: The New Circle
Fandoms: Smallville/Secret Circle
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Lana Lang, Whitney Fordman, Greg Arkin, Nell Potter, John Blackwell, Gabe Sullivan, Lex Luthor, Davis Bloome, Jason Teague, Tess Mercer, Oliver Queen, Patricia Swan...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe Sullivan had a normal-ish life before the circle and John Blackwell turned her life upside down and gave new meaning to the unexplained weirdness that goes on in Smallville. Now life's a witch, she's a part of a circle she's not too sure she wants to be bound to, and not only do they have to worry about Witch-Hunters, but unknowingly to them another circle is on the hunt too.
A/N: Timeline-wise it is side-by-side with events in Secret Circle. It is around Season One of Smallville...with alterations of course. And Lex Luthor has not arrived in Smallville up until this point in the story.

She didn't know exactly what it was that woke her up, because she'd been in a deep sleep dreaming about the night she'd witnessed those hooded people through her camera's nightvision, remembering only snippets of the conversation, although three screamed at her: "Firstborn", "Balcoin" & "Here". In her dream as she strained her ears to hear, Chloe wondered for the first time about the "Firstborn" comment that had the hooded people nervous, and then the "here" that had them gasping in shock. Were they looking for a specific witch? John had told her that she was a Firstborn of her family, so maybe...maybe Balcoin wasn't a word...maybe it was a name.

The necklace that rested against her chest burnt...shinning brightly...and it was in the middle of this that Chloe awoke, gasping for breath, hand going to her cooled necklace.

She didn't have time to digest what had come to her in her dreams, because there, standing above her on the bed was that wolf creature. It's white fur was barely visible in the darkness, its eyes glowing as it snarled at her, showing its teeth, far too close.

Gaze going to the window, finding it open when she'd closed it, Chloe returned her gaze to the wolf, who snapped its saliva-dripping fangs at her face.

Crying out, Chloe pressed harder into the pillow, turning her head away from the creature in a sign of canine submission.

Its saliva dribbled onto her cheek, trailing down her neck.

As fear rose in her chest, the blonde tightening her grip on the pendant around her neck, something else churned in her stomach. It was that other side of her magic, the one that felt so real, so natural, so right. She didn't have to think when it came to this magic as when she tried to do circle magic, and the blonde didn't understand why sometimes it felt as if there were completely different sources and magics inside of her.

But this wasn't the time to wonder, because as the growling creature bit deep into her shoulder, Chloe screamed...and something erupted out of her like a wave of power...the lights in the street posts surrounding her house all exploding simultaneously.

The creature was thrown off of her with that explosion, hitting the opposite wall hard enough to leave an indent, letting out a yelp of pain as it fell to the ground.

Chloe sat up, bringing her hand to her wounded shoulder as her other moved towards the wolf.

It saw this and quickly stood, racing towards the window and jumping out.

She was on the second story.

Chloe hurried to her bedroom window and gazed outside, finding no evidence of the creature anymore. The blonde locked the window and turned, trailing down the wall, whimpering at the throbbing pain in her shoulder.

What the hell had just happened?


Inside the house Cassie and Adam consummated their love for the very first time.

Outside the house, ravens flew in the hundreds before beginning to drop dead in a perfect circle around the house.

It might seem like a bit of an overkill, but as John stood in the shadows he knew that if this was going to work he was truly going to have to convince Cassie and Adam about the curse. And what said "horrible, bloodline curse" then hundreds of dead birds?

He needed to hurry, to get things ready.

Time was drawing nigh.

He knew that the children were still wary of him, but he was the only one who they could turn to, and turn to him they were.

Cassie might have destroyed the medallion but that was okay. Better destroyed than in someone else's hands.

Soon he'd have the crystals…and with them the crystal skull…and then the time of hiding would be long over.

The Balcoins would return to their rightful place in the world, and they'd flourish.

He smirked as he walked away, hands in his pockets, already imagining the new world he'd forge with the help of his children.

So into his thoughts, John never noticed the man leaning in the shadows of a nearby house, hood over his head, dark eyes watching.


"I can't believe it climbed into your room and attacked you!" Clark snapped, pacing back and forth in the Talon as Whitney tended to Chloe's wounds, pressing a poultice of herbs into the bite marks after having cleaned the wounds with witch hazel and some other herbal waters.

"It has to know you're onto it. Whatever it is." Whitney mumbled, applying the poultice carefully.

"I can't believe how lucky you are that your father wasn't around." Greg pointed out from where he was smoking. "I mean, if he'd have been there not only would the wolf probably have attacked him-but your secret would be out in the open."

"Where is your father?" Lana asked softly, bringing some pain killers and a glass of water.

"I'm guessing he's still at work." Chloe shrugged as she downed them desperately. "Sometimes he spends all-nighters."

"It's strange though." Pete, who'd snuck out and ditched his grounding once he'd heard about the attack, leaned against the wall. "I mean, he knows you were attacked-and yet he leaves you alone."

"I didn't get attacked at home." She pointed out, defensive. "Plus he doesn't know the half about what's really going on. We really can't blame him."

"Chloe's dad's not the issue." Clark, as always, came to her rescue. "The point is that that thing tried to kill her."

"I wouldn't say that." Whitney disagreed.

"You're patching up her wounds! How can you say that?" Clark snapped at him, proving how much this had affected him.

"It's because I'm patching her up that I can say it." Whitney replied quite levelly, gazing up at Clark. "Chloe ran us through the situation and if it had wanted to kill her it would have. All it had to do was bite down on her neck. Instead it diverted and chomped down on her shoulder. Why?"

"It's warning her off." Lana whispered, pulling a dark strand behind her ear.

"Exactly." Whitney nodded, beginning to bandage her shoulder with gauze. "The point of that mission was to let her know that it knew she was investigating it, and to tell her to stop."

"So you stop." Clark declared.

"The hell I will!" Chloe scoffed in discord. "That thing could have killed me tonight!"

"Exactly!" Clark snapped.

"I am not going to stop investigating it." She narrowed her gaze at Clark, refusing to back down. "Just because of a little attack-."

"Witch-Hunters." Clark interrupted. "Some mysterious person who's testing us…are those not enough? Do you have to add a psycho wolf to that too?"

"To be fair, she was investigating the wolf before the other stuff." Greg, as always, was the Devil's Advocate.

"Thank you!" Chloe declared.

"You're very welcome." He grinned a smoky grin.

"You are not helping." Clark pointed his finger at the boy in leather.

"You." Greg pointed right back, a little mockingly. "I'm helping her just fine."

Clark gave a little growl.

"We need to tell Aunt Nell." Lana finally spoke, sighing as she rose her hazels to Chloe's greens. "I know you didn't want to, but things have obviously escalated. It's attacking you and she might be able to help at least figure out what it is!"

"At least we can rule out Spirit Animal/Astral Projection." Whitney mumbled as he secured the bandages.

"How so?" Chloe turned her head towards his in surprise.

"When you went to the kitchen and answered your dad's call, I hid a blessed pouch at the center of your house. I figured if it was astral projection this might happen, and the pouch was designed to keep anything like that from being able to come inside." Whitney mumbled, clearly uncomfortable with having to reveal this. "There isn't exactly a specific stone or ritual that I've found to protect someone from astral projection per se, but I used kyanite (projection during astral projection), fire agate (aura protection), moqui marbles (psychic protection) and Halit (protection for homes and other buildings)." He sighed, making a face. "The combination should have worked if we were dealing with astral projection…so it's definitely not that."

There was silence in the room.

Whitney looked up, narrowing his eyes at them. "What?"

"Nothing." Clark cleared his throat, looking away, although his lips were twitching.

"I just think everyone's shocked to realize just how much of a nerd you are, Fordman." Greg snorted in amusement.

Whitney flipped him the bird.

Chloe leaned over and pressed a kiss to the Quarterback's cheek. "Thank you."

Whitney went still, eyes wide, before turning towards her and clearing his throat as he looked away. "How many times do I have to tell you not to let these things go to your head?"

Chloe smiled at him.

Lana smiled at them, tilting her head to the side and resting it against Pete's thigh, the witch sitting on the sofa's armrest.

Pete went red, clearing his throat. "I, uh, should be going back before they find out I'm gone…again."

Lana sighed, looking up at him. "Hopefully your parents will unground you soon and let you come back to the Talon. We miss you Pete."

He went redder, nodding wordlessly as he scrambled off of the sofa. "They'll come around."

"Unless they ship him off to Wichita first." Greg declared.

"What?" Clark turned to Pete in shock. "Wichita?"

He flinched, sitting back down again, a bit deflated. "It's being talked about."

"But they can't take you!" Lana gasped in horror. "You're a part of our circle!"

"We haven't bound it yet." Pete shrugged, obviously somewhat depressed. "You could always replace me with someone else after I'm gone."

"You're not replaceable Pete." Lana frowned, resting her hand on his knee.

Once again, Pete gulped, loudly, his Adam's Apple bobbing with the movement.

Suddenly Chloe stood, eyes wide as she pulled on her jacket, flinching as it brushed against her bandages. "I have to go."

"What's wrong?" Lana asked, standing as well.

"Van." Chloe was already walking towards the door. "If that thing knew that I was investigating it, it's going to know that Van was as well, and he doesn't have any magic to protect him!"

"You can't think-." Clark began.

Greg stood, stretching. "I'll take her. Both of them are on my way home anyway." His dark gaze turned to Clark. "Drop Pete off for me?"

Clark looked between them before nodding.

"Why don't you just call him?" Pete called after Chloe.

"He turns off his cell at night!" She called back, hurrying out the front door.

Greg saluted the rest of the circle before hurrying out after the blonde.


"Come back, immediately." Lex snapped into his cellular.

"You don't get to boss me around." Patricia declared easily, not at all intimidated by his ire.

"This isn't a game, Pat." He growled, running his hand over his bald head. "This is John Balcoin."

"Exactly." She agreed. "John Balcoin. The man we've been studying since prepubescence. You're telling me he's alive, in Chance Harbor-and didn't expect me to pack my stuff the second we ended our phone call?"

He cursed. "Don't blow this for us. Davis-."

"Won't mind me as backup. He can't even do magic as long as someone else from our circle isn't around-how fair is that on him? Especially with this being Balcoin we're dealing with. Plus, it'll help give him a reason for being there-a cute college couple on a little vacation." She was, of course, not listening to any sort of reason, the pigheaded woman.

"Come back." Lex ordered.

"No." She refused. "I'm going to Chance Harbor if it's the last thing I do. And there's nothing you can do to stop me."

Lex opened his mouth to challenge that.

And that was when he heard it.


Patricia screaming.

Metal crunching.

And then silence.

"Patricia?" Lex whispered, hold on the phone tightening. "Pat?"

And then he felt it, the most horrifying, painful feeling a circle member could ever experience.

The circle…broke.

Dropping the phone, Lex staggered to his chair and collapsed on it, staring ahead of him in shock.

A lone, silent tear made its way down his pale cheek.


The light turned on and the sound of feet padding against the floor heralded Van's appearance at the window, the shirtless guy rubbing his eyes as he unlocked his window and opened it. "What the hell?"

"You're okay." Chloe whispered, relieved. "I was so worried!"

Leaning against the window frame, Van yawned. "Why? What's up?" Only then did he notice her bandages. "What happened?"

"Get in get in get in!" Greg hissed, arriving behind her. "I just saw the damned thing!"

"What?" Chloe looked behind her in fear.

Greg glared at Van. "Help us in!"

"What is going on?" Van blinked, reaching out and pulling Chloe inside before making way so Greg could slide in, the brunet closing the window and locking it, staring outside.

Chloe and Greg joined him on each side, three zeroing on the white wolf as it sat next to Greg's motorcycle, just staring at them.

"The fuck?" Van hissed, eyes wide.

"It attacked me." She whispered, hand going to her bandages. "I figured it might go after you next so I came to warn you."

"Thanks for the heads up." Van mumbled, staring outside, eyes wide. "But uh," his gaze slid to Greg. "What were you doing with Arkin? It's like, four in the morning."

"You mean she hasn't told you about us?" Greg raised an eyebrow. "I thought you two were closer than that."

Chloe sent him a look.

"Told me about what?" Van made a face, confused.

"We're deeply in love." Greg moved around him to wrap an arm around Chloe, pulling her to him. "It's a destiny written in the stars. Sonnets will be written about us, just give it time."

The blonde barely kept herself from raising an eyebrow at him.

He winked at her, obviously highly amused with himself.

"Really?" Van up his face as he eyed them before snorting. "Justin's gonna get his heart ripped out when he finds this out."

"Justin? Which Justin?" Greg wanted to know in intrigue. "Justin Calvin?" At Van's head shake Greg's eyes widened and he sniggered. "Justin Gaines? Seriously?" He turned his head to laugh at Chloe. "Justin Gaines is in love with you?"

"He's not in love with me." She grumbled, only letting Greg's little farce slide because it was the easiest way to explain why she was with him at this moment. "He's just a really sweet guy."

Van snorted. "That guy's got a fair bit of darkness in him. He just hides it from you."

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Justin wouldn't hurt a fly."

"Right." Van shook his head, gaze going back outside. "Not to change the subject or anything, but what's the game plan wolfie-wise?"

"Well, I'm not going back out there, if that's what you're asking." Greg snorted, staring over Chloe's head at the creature. "It better not mess with my ride, that's all I'm saying."

"Dawn's in a couple of hours. It's never shown itself in broad daylight." Chloe reasoned. "Once the sun's up Greg and I'll get out of your hair."

"I meant what we're going to do since this thing's obviously smart." Van corrected.

"Oh." Chloe cleared her throat. "I think we need to cool off on the investigation for now. It obviously doesn't want us to keep investigating it…and it attacked me in my bedroom to prove it."

"But your bedroom's on the second floor." Van made a face.

"How does he know that?" Greg wanted to know.

She ignored Greg, eyes on Van. "Exactly."

"Fuck." Van gave the beast outside a look, deep in thought. "We could always shoot it."

"Excuse me?" Greg chuckled. "You got a cache of guns and ammo stacked in here that we don't know of?"

"Yeah." Van nodded, surprising the hell out of them, and looking annoyed at their obvious shock. "My dad's in the army. I've known how to shoot since I was old enough to hold a gun." He took in a deep breath. "I say we hunt the bitch."

Chloe and Greg shared looks, before the blonde turned to her photographer, realizing she wasn't the only one with secrets. "If this thing is as intelligent as we think it is, it could target Dawn if we push it too far."

And that was when she saw the crack in Van's face, the fear. "Jesus."

She nodded. "I say we back off. You lose some, you win some."

He was obviously not happy, but didn't say anything as he sat down on his bed. "Fine."

Greg sauntered to the beanie bag and threw himself onto it. "Might as well get comfortable." He patted his lap. "Come here sweetie pie."

Fighting the urge to roll her eyes at him, Chloe turned towards the window. "Someone should keep an eye on that thing. It did somehow open my bedroom window."

Van threw himself back against the bed, pulling a pillow over his face and groaning. "This can't be happening."

Feeling guilty for getting him into this situation, Chloe sighed before returning her gaze outside to that beast, taking the first watch.


Jason leaned against the wall, arms folded over his body as he stared at Lex, who just stared at his blank computer. They'd all felt it the moment that Patricia had died, the circle instantaneously breaking and dissolving, leaving them feeling shattered and somewhat uneven. They'd always promised themselves as children that if one of them died they'd never bind their circle with anyone else, and with Patricia gone it meant that they would never truly be a circle anymore.

Considering he'd never truly felt like family in his own family, well, this was devastating to Jason.

Then again, none of the members of their circle had ever had a real family.

It was why they'd molded together dysfunctionally the way they had.

"What do we do now?" He finally asked their leader.

"Patricia's death changes nothing." Lex was very good at hiding his emotions, and yet despite his even voice and calm demeanor Jason could see the emotions raw in his blue eyes. "I'm sending Tess and Oliver to Chance Harbor. Patricia was right. He needs backup now that we know for a fact that Balcoin is alive and there."

Jason nodded. "What about me?"

Lex stared up at him. "You and I will be going on a special little mission."


A blonde and brunet locked in carnal pleasure. A house outlined by darkness. Dead birds circling the house.

Gasping, Chloe awoke, taking in a deep breath as she looked around her, a little disoriented and confused, not exactly sure where she was. It took her a couple of minutes for everything to return, and to be honest it only did when she realized she was sleeping against Greg on the ground and that Van was snoring shirtless on the bed. Both she and her fellow witch were sharing a pillow and a blanket, her body stiff from sleeping on the floor.

Yawning, the blonde stood and flinched as she stretched before heading towards the window, staring out at the dawn-covered earth.

The wolf was gone.

She turned to the brunet. "Greg."

He ignored her.

"Greg!" Making a face when he didn't react, Chloe crept to the brunet and shook him. "Greg, the wolf's gone."

"Five more minutes." He mumbled, before beginning to snore again.

She shook her head, before slowly lowering herself to the ground and reaching for the blanket, pulling it over her body, figuring she could do with five minutes as well.

The blonde closed her eyes, and sleep overtook.

14th-Mar-2013 03:48 pm (UTC)
oh... there's a spot free for chloe now... right?
and so many guys..ahh the possibilities....*smirk*
15th-Mar-2013 02:32 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! Poor Patricia! Hardly anyone feels bad about her death! lol
(Deleted comment)
15th-Mar-2013 02:33 pm (UTC)
Yes, that's as close to true love as he's ever gotten, the poor soul. But he's a Luthor, and if he suffers he'll (mostly) keep it extremely private.
15th-Mar-2013 01:34 am (UTC)
I did say you could just off them didn't I? One down one to go.

Now did the wolf head to Van for him, or did it just follow Chloe?
15th-Mar-2013 02:34 pm (UTC)
Yes you did!
Good question :)
15th-Mar-2013 01:50 am (UTC)
YAY!! A new chapter!!!

Who is the wolf?? And is it after Chloe because she's investigating or because she is a witch???

LOL!! I'm seriously loving Greg!!! He is just hilarious!!!

Ohh poor Patricia!! Didn't want her dead just broken up with Lex!!! So Jason and Lex are heading to Smallville!!!! Ehhhhhh
15th-Mar-2013 02:34 pm (UTC)
The wolf...can't say anything yet since it's important later on.

He's fund to write :)

Not exactly...
31st-Jan-2014 06:24 pm (UTC) - Second Spin 14
And what said "horrible, bloodline curse" then hundreds of dead birds?

Is Davis the one watching John? Now that we know that there's another player behind all the scenes, I wondered.

I loved the unbound Circle's reaction to Chloe being attacked. I felt it epitomized their individual personalities. Lana isn't a leader but quietly, practically helpful and later supportive of Pete. Clark is sturm und drang but more upset on s/one else's behalf than his own. Whitney heals/cares for Chloe and points out what should be but isn't obvious. Greg is still the Advocate for all possible Devils just because he can be and then volunteers for a dangerous job he doesn't necessarily need to do. Pete has a good, thinky point: Gabe is devoted and nurturing yet consistently absentee; and then gets distracted by Lana's unintentional seduction. Chloe thinks of other potential victims almost as soon as she's patched up and rushes off to rescue her cameraman.
It's very *them*.

They'll be damn glad for the McNulty stockpile later on. Funny that Van's so aware of Chloe's potential sex life now that he knows she hasn't had one yet. And I liked Van's reaction - he immediately wanted to strike back but capitulated at the thought of Dawn being hurt. That struck me as very true to him in this story.

I felt really bad for Lex's circle initially, mostly because of that Jason snippet. I even felt bad for Lex personally when he was confronted by the bracelet. But now that I know Patricia's role behind the scenes, it's more that she fits their circle and its scheming better than I ever thought she did.
1st-Feb-2014 04:34 am (UTC) - Re: Second Spin 14
Davis was the one in Chance Harbor watching John and the others there, under Lex's orders.

Van definitely is a perfect mixture of a fighter AND a lover. Though in many senses he's more of a lover, because he'll back down from a fight if it'll put his love in danger.

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