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The New Circle 15/? 
15th-Mar-2013 03:55 pm
The New Circle

Title: The New Circle
Fandoms: Smallville/Secret Circle
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Lana Lang, Whitney Fordman, Greg Arkin, Nell Potter, John Blackwell, Gabe Sullivan, Lex Luthor, Davis Bloome, Jason Teague, Tess Mercer, Oliver Queen, Patricia Swan...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe Sullivan had a normal-ish life before the circle and John Blackwell turned her life upside down and gave new meaning to the unexplained weirdness that goes on in Smallville. Now life's a witch, she's a part of a circle she's not too sure she wants to be bound to, and not only do they have to worry about Witch-Hunters, but unknowingly to them another circle is on the hunt too.
A/N: Timeline-wise it is side-by-side with events in Secret Circle. It is around Season One of Smallville...with alterations of course. And Lex Luthor has not arrived in Smallville up until this point in the story.

"These are great. " Chloe gave a little chuckle as she gazed at this week's The Ville. "I have to say, I'm partial to Austin Aimes at this moment for tracking down the guy who trashed The Latern and bringing him to justice."

Justin grinned. "I thought you might like that."

"Also, Cory Sullen getting to choose his punish gave me a sense of vindication." She flashed him a bright smile. "Your work keeps getting better and better." She leaned forwards on her desk, thankfully most of the things in the Torch had been salvageable. "You should really think about making all of these into a real comic book and getting it published somewhere. They're really good."

He blushed slightly, grin growing. "You really think so?"

"Are you kidding?" She shook her head in shock. "You're incredibly talented. I'm already practicing my 'I went to high school with him' speech."

Justin chuckled, blushing deeper as he cleared his throat and lowered his gaze. "I'm not all that."

"I think you are."

He looked up at that, eyes wide, face crimson.

Suddenly the door was flung open, and Greg strode into the room, barely giving Justin a look before slamming his hands flat down on her desk, eyeing her gravely. "You drooled on my jacket last night while you were sleeping."

The blonde's lips parted in indignation. "I did not!"

"You did too." He motioned to some invisible spot on his jacket. "You drooled, you harpy! Do you know how expensive it is to clean leather?"

Chloe reached out and grabbed his jacket, yanking him down closer towards her as she glared up at him. "Call me harpy one more time and they'll be cleaning blood out of it."

He blinked before smirking putting his still scarred hands up in a submissive gesture. "You're just so violent."

Rolling her eyes at him, Chloe let go, watching him straightening up. "Is that all or can I get back to what I was doing before you bursted in here like you owned the joint and butted into our conversation?"

"Just wanted to remind you about tonight." He shrugged.

"I wouldn't forget that." She sighed.

Greg pulled out a cigarette and lighter from his pocket. "Yes, well, I was asked to remind you since the others are all busy doing their own little things and I'm the only one who was smart enough not to join a club of some sort."

"No smoking in the Torch." She stood and grabbed the cigarette from his lips, stealing it away. "Or in the school for that matter."

"What are you? Principle Kwan?"

She gave him a look, throwing the cigarette into her drawer. "As you were, Mister Arkin."

He gave a little shiver. "It's so accurate it's freaky." And with that he walked out, shaking his head to himself.

Smiling at his back, Chloe shook her head before returning her greens on a much more subdued Justin. "Sorry about that. He's a real philistine sometimes."

Justin nodded, holding his bag to his chest. "I got to go."

"Sure." Chloe watched him in confusion as he left, shaking her head, wondering what had happened.


Davis leaned against the door, arms folded over his chest, eyes narrowed as he went over what they'd just found out.

"What does Blackwell get out of breaking up his daughter's relationship with the Conant boy?" Oliver wanted to know, sitting on the bed next to Tess, who was unusually quiet, had been ever since Pat-.

"There's a prophecy that the Blakes and Conants are destined for each other." Tess muttered, lying down, hugging a pillow to her chest. "No one knows exactly what's supposed to happen should they get together, but so far things have always happened and while they're drawn to each other a Blake female has never gotten with a Conant male."

"And after that spell for them to stop loving each other..." Davis shook his head. "It's been averted for at least one more generation."

"Balcoin's really ruthless." Oliver snorted. "To do that to his own kid-and then nearly kill the her other circle mate just to convince them that the curse was real-."

"Like we haven't done ruthless things." Davis snorted, raising an eyebrow at the blonde.

"Not to our family." Oliver countered.

"He's obviously readying for something big." Tess sat up, Indian Style, eyeing Davis. "And while the circle here is wary of him, they're still turning to him."

"We have nothing concrete though." Oliver reminded. "We still don't know what his end game is."

"How could we?" Davis wanted to know. "We're just staying in the background, safe. If we're going to find anything out we're going to have to be more present, but we're going to risk being found out."

Oliver swallowed, nodding. "And His Baldness has ordered we stay in the background, unseen."

"Should we even be taking orders from him right now?" Tess wanted to know. "With Pat-he's not himself right now."

"He's still the leader of our circle." Davis declared, ever faithful.

"What circle?" Tess countered. "Our circle's broken, gone."

"But we're not." Oliver placed his hand on her shoulder. "We're here, and we're still a family, a circle. Even if there's only five of us now."

She didn't answer, but brought her hand to the one he had on her shoulder.

Resentful, as always, that he didn't have that...a person with whom he could find comfort from with just a touch...Davis' dark eyes slid away from them.


"We've got most of the crystals." John declared to Gabe as he looked out at the group. He could see that Cassie was suffering, the spell not having worked on her due to the strength of her dark magic. It was as he'd planned, because now that she loved Adam, she could see how easily his emotions had been to sway while hers had stayed true. She'd be hurt for a while, as she was now, but she'd grow to resent him and how easily he'd forgotten his love for her. And that was what John was aiming for. He'd wanted Cassie to not only fall out of love with Adam, but to resent and detest him. John wanted to crush any sort of chance of them ever getting back together should for some reason the spell wear off of Adam.

"Most?" Gabe asked.

"The kids think they've found the location of the last crystal, at the school." John replied. "We'll be getting it tonight at the dance."

"And then..."

"Yes." John nodded. "I got word from Samuel, one of the Witch-Hunters. Eben has the demons I tried bringing up sixteen years ago and has allowed them to possess him. He will use them to try and end us-me-once and for all. This needs to end now."

"I can't believe he'd be fool enough to let them possess him!" Gabe hissed, obviously agitated.

"Diana found out that she's my daughter as well."

Gabe paused. "What?"

"Diana's my daughter." John replied, as if this wasn't some huge revelation.

"You have three daughters." Gabe whispered.

"And three sons." John declared, pride in his voice.

"I realized you had the six...but I hadn't realized they were...equal numbered." Gabe mumbled.

"I couldn't have planned it better myself." John admitted, before clearing his throat. "How is she?"

"Something happened a couple of nights ago, but I'm not sure what because I was out doing that thing for you." Gabe declared uneasily. "I believe she was attacked in her bedroom."

There was silence.

"There's a huge dent in the wall opposite her bed, and there's a trail of blood she's tried to scrub out of the wall below the window." He cleared his throat. "She's also wearing high necked shirts and winces, sometimes rubbing her shoulder. I've also found a bloody gauze in the trash when I was dumping it."

There was more silence until John finally spoke. "Don't worry Gabe. Soon I will have the crystal skull and this will be all over. She'll be safe."

Gabe sighed. "What about until that happens? What do you want me to do?"

"What do you want to do?" John asked curiously.

"I want to go hunting." Gabe responded without a second's thought.

There was a pause, and then the witch answered. "Happy Hunting."

The next thing he heard was the dial tone.


Lex gazed at the necklace of the special, extremely rare green meteor rock. He could feel it weakening him, his veins on fire, his muscles inflamed as he held it with no protection on, the meteor known for its ability to weaken natural born witches. It had less of an affect on Dabblers-or witches who didn't get their magic through their bloodline but those who got it from other, unnatural means. It was why Lex had chosen to have his people use this on the circle while also using Colocasia root powder to block their powers completely. Only Colocasia powder was also used to block dark magic, but considering that that was what the Witch-Hunters had used when they'd tried killing John Blackwell all those years ago and had failed-well, obviously the Balcoin blood was strong enough to somehow negate the powers of the root.

The first circle Lex had used this on had managed to dull the effects so they could still use magic and kick butt even with them on, so obviously there was someone there with strong magic involved who'd done most of the dulling...but Lex couldn't figure out who...even while his gut was leading him to pinpoint two of the dark haired boys as the ones who'd channeled the magic.

And in the second, only three of the Smallville Circle had been in the Colocasia powder, wearing the green meteor necklaces. None of them had gotten free until the other three had come to save them.

And save them they had.

There'd been so much magic interference the video footage he'd managed to collect was blurry and not that focused, but it was more than enough to show that the wrath of god had been unleashed in that field.

Lex leaned forwards, watching the five members of the circle pressing against the barrier, trying to break it, nearly managing it and yet not enough.

Another girl, one who hadn't been visible throughout the whole video until now, limped towards the barrier, looking about ready to collapse. With the little amount of energy she had left, she pressed up against the barrier and seemed to try to hold onto consciousness as her lips moved wordlessly.

Then the boy next to her reached over and placed his hand on hers...and the barrier exploded.

That was when the footage abruptly ended, the screen fiery white.

Lex leaned back, bringing his hands to his mouth, deep in thought.

The sounds of honks, screams, crunching metal and then silence haunted the recesses of his mind.

He shook his head, closing his eyes against the haunting as he pushed it to the back of his mind, and forced himself to concentrate on what must be done.



Chloe stared at the piece of paper that'd been left in the Torch's letter box in an envelop addressed to her.

With everything that'd happened, and the few days of peace she'd experienced since the wolf attack, Chloe had managed to forget about the note that'd been stashed in her locker the day of her attack at the Torch. But now here was another one of them, done exactly as the first had, and while the first note hadn't really grabbed her attention this one did. Maybe it was because of everything that'd been happening to her recently, but Chloe was annoyed and unnerved with this note.

"I know who you are." She whispered to herself, not paying attention at all in class as she should be, instead rereading the note.

If the note had said "I know what you are" it would be easy to deduce that it was talking about her witchiness...but the "who" was totally throwing her off because how could this be construed as a threat or something similar?

She knew who she was.

Everyone knew it.

So what was the big deal?

What was whoever this was trying to prove?

"Ms Sullivan." Her teacher snapped, proving it wasn't the first time she'd spoken to her. "If you would kindly answer the question?"

Chloe jumped, looking around her in confusion, hazing zoned out and not too sure as to what the question had been.

"Shakespeare's a Midnight Summer's Dream." Clark cleared his throat as he answered.

"Correct." Mrs Harmon raised an eyebrow at Chloe before turning her back on the girl and walking towards the blackboard. "At least someone is paying attention."

Chloe sunk lower into her seat, mouthing 'thank you' to Clark.

He smiled and mouthed back 'you're welcome' before turning to face the teacher once more.

Chloe's gaze lowered to the piece of paper once more.


Greens narrowed on the words.

She knew who she was...



Whitney believed in the team. He believed in loyalty. He believed in following his coach to the letter of the word.

But as he reached for the vial in his bag and applied it to the freshly burnt skin on his arm from where Coach had grabbed him for getting in the middle of him and Trevor, well, he began to wonder whether there was a fine line between team loyalty and masochistic subservience. Considering the fact that he'd gotten used to packing this vial with burn elixir made him stop and think for a moment. Thankfully Coach never burnt them to the point where it'd leave scars...most of the time...but still. This wasn't discipline.

This was abuse.

"Thanks man." A voice declared from in front of him. "You didn't have to try and defend me like that."

Whitney looked up to see Trevor. "It's no problem."

The other team members were silent, changing back into clothes, yet were obviously listening to the exchange.

"H-how can the Coach do what he does?" Trevor stammered, unable to look at Whitney. "H-how is any of it possible?"

"How is any of the weird shit that goes around here possible?" Bradley spoke up, pulling on his shirt. "He's a witch." He turned and glared at someone who snorted. "My grandmother told me all about it. We used to have witches here in Smallville. And they were all evil."

Whitney bit back his defense at that.

"That's not true." Surprisingly enough, it was Dan who came to the defense. "It wasn't the natural born witches that were the trouble. It was the Dabblers."


Who the hell were they?

"How would you know that?" Bradley made a face.

Dan snorted. "You're not the only one with a grandparent."

"So what, we're thinking the Coach is a Dabbler?" Trevor asked in confusion.

"You guys can't seriously think Coach is an evil witch." Nathan snorted.

"Then how else do you explain what he can do?" Bradley wanted to know.

"Easy. Human evolution." Nathan replied. "We evolved from the Cavemen, and we'll keep evolving." He nodded all sagely. "One day, we'll have gills and shit."

The boys grumbled amongst themselves, everyone having some different sort of thought as to what the Coach was and how he could do what he did.

"What do you mean 'what about Chloe'?" Someone asked the other.

Whitney looked up immediately.

"I'm just saying." Hank shrugged.

"You wanna sic her on Coach?" Caleb blinked in near horror.

"No, I-." Hank cleared his throat. "All I'm saying is that he wouldn't be the first…whatever…that she would have exposed." He looked around at the others watching him. "How much longer until one of us gets a burn we can't cover up and our parents find out? Or how much longer until Coach just deep fries us."

There was silence as the guys shared looks.

Nathan cleared his throat. "I read the Torch, and believe me, she's going to go for the human evolution theory. She's hinted at it before in other articles." He made a face. "If you decide to go to her, go with that story. She'll probably just laugh you off if you go with the whole stupid witch story."

"I never said I was gonna do it." Hank mumbled, head lowered.

Silence returned to the changing room, none of the boys meeting each others' eyes.

Whitney frowned as he watched them all, digesting what he'd learnt, and fighting the unease he felt burning in his stomach.


Nell stood in the middle of what remained of Miller's Field, ash and charred earth a reminder of exactly what had happened not too ago. She hugged her coat around her harder, the breeze unusually cool for this time of the year, her eyes narrowed on the little bit of opened earth. This place had been charred with an intense amount of magic, and while she was horrified at the destruction Nell couldn't help but feel proud that her circle was this powerful. This was advanced magic. This was strong magic. This-these kids shouldn't be able to perform at this high of a level yet.

Staying far away from the open mouth, Nell continued her walkthrough, opening her senses. She wasn't a Withridge, the Sight wasn't her family gift, but she was a Thoreaux and they had a special connection with the earth.

Pulling her hands from around herself, Nell kept them at her sides, raising them palms up, whispering her enchantment. "Ash of the earth, tell your tale."

Slowly the ash began to move at her feet, dancing listlessly in the win before beginning to form into indistinguishable bodies.

Nell stepped back, eyes narrowed as she saw six crosses, three upon which were tied three bodies, one smaller and thinner, somewhat feminine. There were cloaked bodies standing behind, speaking to each other, and another standing behind them all, just watching.

Suddenly ash began to rain down hard against the ground in the shape of lightning.

Nell's eyes widened as she backed away even further, making sure she was out of the range of the action.

A male figure reached out and grabbed one of the hooded ones, pulling him back and punching him a couple of times, knocking him out. He stood and went towards the field when the other rose behind him, a dagger in hand to deliver a killing blow, a lightning bolt shooting through him before he could reach the boy.

Another figure was trying to release those on the crosses but encountered the barrier.

Having already heard this part from the others, Nell's gaze went to the hooded leader.

His gaze was turned, raised.

Nell followed the man's gaze and her eyes widened at what she'd somehow managed to overlook in the middle of the chaos.

There was another figure further away from the others, small and feminine like the one on the cross.

This one had to be Chloe, since they'd said they'd left her with the distraction while the boys took a more physical approach to rescuing the others.

Nell took a step towards Chloe's ash-figure, shocked.

The blonde wasn't calling down lightning...she was the lightning rod. Her feet planted on the ground, and her hands raised up high helped her body act as a conductor for the electric energy. The lightning was shooting out of her.

Nell brought a hand to her mouth.

What-? How-?

The hooded man seemed like he could sense something in Chloe direction, but considering the cornstalks that had once been here Nell doubted he could actually see the girl. And also, every time he tried coming close in the girl's direction lightning would rain down in front of him like some sort of wall/shield.

In full view, the others were combining their powers, working against the visible barrier between them.

A hooded man went at Greg but was brought down by another lightning bolt. And while the accuracy of what should be a frenzied attack was fascinating, the Chloe ash-figure proved it all the more mindblowing because that head was tilted up and the girl seemed completely blind to all around her.

Nell watched as the leader of the hooded ones, the only one still alive, escaped into the woods.

Only then did the lightning stop, and Chloe dropped to her knees, obviously exhausted, her body jerking in what seemed like electric aftershocks as she forced herself to her feet. The ash-figure stumbled, falling to the ground a couple of times, each fall causing a little explosion against the ground, something which Nell was beginning to realize might have been what'd weakened it even further.

The ash-figure finally reached the others and nearly collapsed against the barrier, obviously about tocollapse, contributing barely any magic to the spell.

The male ash-figure to her right, Nell wasn't sure exactly who it was, reached out and placed his hand on hers.

At that second an explosion rocked the scene, causing all of the ash-figures to explode and fall back to the ground as the spell entered, the ash having told its tale.

Nell raised her chin, hugging herself tighter as she digested what she'd just seen.

And then there was what Lana had told her in confidence, about the wolf-creature that had attacked Chloe in her bedroom.

The brunette closed her eyes as a dark doubt began creeping into her soul.

It couldn't be…

…could it?


"You kissed him." Pete blinked, sitting on the desk of the Torch during lunch break, eyeing his favorite female friend in shock. He honestly didn't know what to say about this. When he'd asked Chloe to tell him everything about the guy who'd kidnapped her and her interactions with him during both attacks, trying to figure out why she'd been about to be taken somewhere else, he hadn't expected this at all.

"I didn't mean to." Chloe mumbled, obviously self conscious about this as she kept her gaze on the article she was proof reading for tomorrow's edition of the Torch.

A while back Pete would have been hella jealous to hear this, and to be honest he still had a fair bit of annoyance in him at this news. He'd never liked or approved of anyone who'd ever been interested in Chloe or she'd been interested in, and he had to admit that sometimes he acted like a jealous older step brother , but it was just how things were between them and always had. Since joining the circle other priorities had taken over and Pete's crush on Chloe had died down to a tender friendship, but there was still that territorial possessiveness that filled him when it came to the blonde. He felt brotherly over-protective, a feeling he knew he shared with Clark, but at least it wasn't tinged with intense longing anymore.

"It just happened." Chloe continued to ramble, obviously nervous.

"Chlo, it's just the two of us here." He leaned over and placed a hand on her knee. "You don't have to be so nervous. I'm never going to judge you."

She looked up at him, eyes showing her worry as she sighed, finally turning to fully look at him. "I don't know why I did it Pete…but…" she licked her lips. "I need you to keep a secret for me."

He nodded, sensing the importance of this moment. "Of course."

"When I did-when I kissed him-something came out of me and went into him." Chloe cleared her throat, nerves growing.

Pete blinked. "Like what?"

She made a face at him. "It looked like pink mist."

He blinked, taking this all in before leaning back against his seat. "And after you kissed him he ran out, right?"

She nodded silently, playing with her hands.

"What if you did it again?" Pete ran his hand over his shortly cropped head. "What if, in the middle of a dangerous situation, you instinctively did wordless magic? Like when Nell tried choking you?"

Chloe blinked, leaning forwards. "I hadn't thought about that."

Pete nodded, starting to like this idea. "Yeah-that sounds like what happened. You're obviously very talented when it comes to the arts-I mean, you were the last to awaken but you're definitely picking up the pace and have gotten stronger the quickest-to Nell's chagrin." Pete leaned forwards. "What if that's the Hibbins gift? Instinctive magic?"

She eyed him thoughtfully. "Instinctive magic."

"It's a possibility." Quite proud of himself, Pete grinned. "It would mean another of our group has found their thing. Greg has the Sight, Lana's very much an earthy-power girl, and Whitney's a genius when it comes to herbs and their various uses." He sent Chloe a sideways glance. "You could be an instinctive caster…maybe in time you won't even need to remember spells."

"That would be…incredible." She whispered, though she still didn't seem too sure.

"Clark-I have no idea what his could be. But me? I'm thinking I have an affinity with ice." Pete admitted, making a face. "My power manifested by freezing over Crater Lake when I awoke, and for some reason any sort of ice variations seem to be my go-to spells. It's nothing grand but I figure I should go with what I've got."

"Greg thinks you're one of the strongest of us." Chloe shocked him by admitting.

"Huh?" Pete blinked, knowing that Greg had said this once before to him, but shocked that the guy had actually said it to someone else as well. "He said this?"

"In a round about way, and it took me a couple of days to figure out who he was talking about, but it was definitely you." Chloe admitted. "And if Greg Arkin pays you a compliment, you know it's not out of the kindness of his heart."

Pete was shocked, not sure what to say. During his conversation with Greg back then he'd really just thought Greg was only being exceptionally nice for some reason, most probably pity.

Chloe cleared her throat before reaching into her pocket and passing him a piece of paper. "This is the second one I've gotten."

Eyes narrowed, he reached out and unwrinkled the paper, reading it. "I know who you are?"

"Yeah." She nodded. "I got the first one the day of the attack in here." She pursed her lips. "I forgot about it with everything that happened, but I got another one today."

That protective instinct within him when it came to her roared up once more, the boy closing his fist over the paper. "Someone's threatening you."

"I don't know." The blonde pulled a strand behind her ear. "I'm honestly not sure what it means. It doesn't say "what" you are. It says "who". The "what" I would get-witch." She sighed, greens confused. "But the "who"?"

Pete frowned, gaze lowering to his clenched fist. "Who else knows about this?"

"Only you." She admitted. "And I'd like it to stay that way please."

His gaze rose to her, knowing how much it meant to have her confide only in her. "I'm going to find out who this is, and I'm going to stop him from bothering you."

Chloe didn't answer for a couple of minutes, reaching up her hand and caressing the side of his face tenderly. "I missed you, Pete." Her eyes watered and her voice wavered as her greens found his dark orbs. "I missed you so much."

Humbled, Pete gulped as he reached out, the blonde meeting him halfway in a hug as they held each other tightly. "I missed you too."

"Never stop being my friend again." She whispered in his ear, holding on tightly.

Blinking away his emotions, Pete held on tighter.

15th-Mar-2013 10:11 pm (UTC)
Nice update, but have you considered a beta. I caught quite a few simple grammar/spelling mistakes.
16th-Mar-2013 07:02 pm (UTC)
I have, but I'm impatient when it comes to waiting for someone else, and when I write I wanna update immediately! lol
16th-Mar-2013 01:09 am (UTC)
Oh goodness!! This chapter is just filled with so much revelations!!!

Sneaky Greg interrupted Chloe with Justin and made it seem like they were dating. Wait until Chloe realizes it!!!

Loved that were are getting little more tidbits from the older circle!! Why did Lex send the witch hunters after the circles???

At first I thought it was Gabe that was the wolf. And why is he asking John permission to kill it???

I feel bad for the Whitney and the guys!! Love that they were trying to figure out what the coach was.

Has Nell finally figured out Chloe's power???

It's good to see that Chloe and Pete are getting their friendship back and that she is at least telling someone about the note!!!!

Can't wait for more!!!!!
16th-Mar-2013 07:04 pm (UTC)
It *did* look like they were dating, and doing moire than just that. Poor Justin, just when he thought...lol

You'll be seeing more and more of the older circle from now own :)

Gabe and John and their relationship will be explained later on.

I do too! I always wondered about how the boys in the football team could handle Coach Arnold for so long.

Nell is definitely getting there.
16th-Mar-2013 11:18 am (UTC)
Finally caught up again, so many questions going round in my head that I want to know the answer to, but I know I'll get the answers eventually lol. Really enjoying this and look forward to your updates. I hope Chloe gets paired with someone from the other circle though ;-)
16th-Mar-2013 07:05 pm (UTC)
Well, she'll come into contact with the Older Circle soon so......
16th-Mar-2013 04:43 pm (UTC)
How is it that you are able to anwser questions without actually answering questions?

Just so much happened here.

For one thing. Ha! Eat that Nell!

Pete knows about freaky kiss and creepy note.

The football team is thinking of useing Chloe to help them.

I no idea about what Lex is up to.

Davis wants a snuggle bunny of his own.

Greg was Greg.

Gabe is going hunting.

And John must have plans to have all his children form their own circle. Or a least that's my guess.
16th-Mar-2013 07:06 pm (UTC)
Pure evilness, I assure you ;)

Nell's gonna have more to eat soon, I don't even think the *older circle* know what Lex is up to, Davis definitely is having a strong case of envy, Greg will always be Greg :p and John....well.... :)
31st-Jan-2014 07:39 pm (UTC) - Second Spin 15
Oh, Chloe. So oblivious to Justin's attraction. At least she's not gaga over Clark again.

John's schemes are always interesting for one who doesn't know TNS. I wonder what would happen if a Blake and Conant got together? Was it ever specified on the show?

Poor Davis. I like his loyalty, but I'm not sure Lex deserved it. Well, he didn't Not deserve it at this point, but... Lex did send Davis into a dangerous assignment without his magic to protect him. What if they weren't the only ones interested in Chance Harbor? Lex is too smart not to think of this ahead of time, so I wonder that he sent just one of them at first.

"What do you mean 'what about Chloe'?" Someone asked the other.

Whitney looked up immediately.

"I'm just saying." Hank shrugged.

"You wanna sic her on Coach?" Caleb blinked in near horror.

I love that Chloe's their weapon of choice long before her powers get out-of-control impressive.

Nell, Nell, Nell. So confident yet so clueless. So, she thinks that Moira attacked Chloe. Interesting effect with the ash.

You said that Adam was doing the notes all on his own. What did he hope to accomplish at that point? Did he know Chloe was a Balcoin because he was tied to John?

Touching scene (with a hint of squick in hindsight) between Chloe and Pete. This is another reason she insists on reminding the others that Pete is their brother long after he opts out of John's plan.

Speaking of John's plan, which kid did he think he would kick out of his Circle? If 6 witches make a circle, John plus six kids is seven people. Was he going to have tryouts? Or did he know about Byron's alter ego and count him out?
1st-Feb-2014 04:38 am (UTC) - Re: Second Spin 15
True. Justin practically drew her a picture, literally, and she still didn't get it. lol

They never specified, just that it was supposed to be something big. But obviously something that could be avoided, considering that generations and generations of Conants and Blakes had avoided it.

True, they have always been close (other than the Nell-imposed months of separation) and Chloe knows that Pete had her back.
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