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The New Circle 20A/? 
29th-Mar-2013 09:36 pm
The New Circle

Title: The New Circle
Fandoms: Smallville/Secret Circle
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Lana Lang, Whitney Fordman, Greg Arkin, Nell Potter, John Blackwell, Gabe Sullivan, Lex Luthor, Davis Bloome, Jason Teague, Tess Mercer, Oliver Queen, Patricia Swan...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe Sullivan had a normal-ish life before the circle and John Blackwell turned her life upside down and gave new meaning to the unexplained weirdness that goes on in Smallville. Now life's a witch, she's a part of a circle she's not too sure she wants to be bound to, and not only do they have to worry about Witch-Hunters, but unknowingly to them another circle is on the hunt too.
Wanna thank tenshinrtaiga for betaing!
SPOILERS for Secret Circle Series Finale. Don't say you haven't been warned.

"Trevor." Chloe blinked, looking up at one of Whitney's football buddies as he entered the Torch. The boy closed the door behind him, acting sketchy and obviously very uncomfortable with being there. "How can I help you?"

Trevor cleared his throat. He was clutching at his backpack as if it were his life, his gaze lowered. "Before I say anything you have to swear on your life that my name stays out of this."

Whatever "this" was, it was obviously important. Chloe turned towards the blinds and closed them as she eyed him. "As far as I'm concerned you were never here." She went to the computer and started up iTunes, letting the music play soft enough for them not to have to strain to hear each other, but loud enough to run interference with anyone who might be trying to listen in. (She had clearly done this before.) "Lock the door behind you."

Doing so, Trevor hurried over towards where she stood by the windows, looking around the Torch curiously. "I've never been inside before."

Her lips twitched in amusement as she eyed him. "It's not much but it's home."

His gaze landed on the Wall of Weird, where she collected the articles written in the Smallville Ledger and even the Enquirer on the many odd things that happened in Smallville. Those articles had been what started her own journalistic curiosity towards the weird things that happened in her hometown, the blonde having uncovered many strange things and yet had never really understood the reason whySmallville had such… things. Only now did the girl wonder if it was all tied to witchcraft somehow. Whitney had mentioned something about Dabblers, as had Nell, and Chloe wondered if the reason some of the people were off wasn't because of natural mutation (as she'd previously suspected) but instead were the consequence of Dabbling gone wrong.

But this wasn't the time to get lost in her thoughts, not when Trevor was there and so nervous he seemed like he was in a police station about to rat out some mob boss and make himself a prime candidate for witness protection.

Chloe eyed him when it seemed that the other boy was hesitating. "What can I help you with, Trevor?"

Nodding, Trevor took in a deep breath. "It's about the Coach…"

Her eyes widened, realizing what Trevor was coming to her for and shocked by it. She'd thought there was some submissive, masochistic bond the players had towards the Coach, but to have one come to her for help-she was torn. She wanted to help him, absolutely, but Whitney…

"He's-he's not normal," Trevor continued, obviously uncomfortable yet pressing on. "He can-he can create fire."

Chloe nodded, watching him closely. "So he's pyrokinetic."

"Whatever." Trevor was getting fidgety. "Thing is, I'm getting scared of going to practice. And so are the other guys, no matter what they say about it."

Chloe leaned against the wall. "What do you want me to do about it?"

"I don't know!" He ran his hand over his hair, nerves clearly getting the better of him. "Get it on tape, expose him like you have others; just make him stop hurting us."

The blonde stared up at the fidgety jock and nodded, unable to say no even if Whitney got mad at her for it. "Okay. Just leave it all in my hands. Just – for your own good – don't come around here again. I'll get in contact with you. It's best no one knows you're my mole."

He nodded eagerly, backing away already. "Thank you."

And with that, he was gone, leaving Chloe leaning against the desk, wondering exactly how she was going to do this. There was no way she was going to drop this lead, but she worried that Whitney would think she'd taken advantage of what he'd told her in confidence. And yet, she couldn't betray Trevor either by revealing her source. This whole thing could end up either driving a wedge in her and Whitney's budding friendship or driving a wedge in his established friendship with Trevor. It was a tricky situation if there ever was one. And maybe, just maybe, she would have to go about this in an unorthodox manner.

The door opened and someone paused. "Are you trying to seduce me with the dim light and sex-me music?" Van raised an eyebrow. "Because I'm saying it now and here: You're cute, but I have a girlfriend."

The blonde rolled her eyes, turning off the music and opening the blinds once more. "Don't be ridiculous. You weren't even supposed to check in until after lunch."

"Ahhhh." Van grinned, entering then closing the door. "Did I just walk into some sort of sexy rendezvous you had planned with Arkin?"

For a moment she had no idea what in the world he was talking about, but then she remembered the lie and groaned, bringing her hand to her face. This was going to cause her all sorts of grief, wouldn't it?

Van, thankfully, took her reaction for something else and hooted his laughter. "You go Chlo! Get your man!"

She glared at him through her fingers. "Shut up." Shaking her head, the blonde cleared her throat and finally yanked her hand from her face. "So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your early visit?"

"You know how I haven't ever asked you why you're hanging out with Pete, Clark, and the others now, after those two completely ditched you for no good reason some months back?" Van's question had her on the alert, which he seemed to notice immediately. "And that's cool, okay? It's a part of your personal life that I don't care about." He reached into his jacket and pulled out an envelope. "But I really think you should rethink hanging out with Lang and Co."

Eyes narrowing, Chloe opened the envelope warily to find pictures. She looked up at Van in confusion before looking down once more and recognizing the area. It was close enough to Jenkins' Farm and yet was more in the… Oh my god. "Van!" Chloe looked up in horror after noticing a shot with something other than scenery. "I told you not to investigate that wolf anymore! Jesus! You could have been killed! And I wouldn't have even-!"

Van's hands came down on her shoulders. "Just keep looking."

Chloe frowned at him before lowering her gaze once more to the pictures, sifting through them until a human emerged from behind a tree; a human she recognized. "Nell Potter?"

"Keep looking," Van prompted.

Stomach clenching, Chloe continued going through the pictures as Nell and the wolf drew closer… And then the fur seemed to peel off of the animal's body as it twisted and turned to reveal a naked woman. This naked woman stood, picked up the discarded fur and placed it over her body as she and Nell spent the next several photographs talking until Nell left and the woman twisted and turned and became the wolf once more, leaving in the opposite direction.

By the time she'd returned to the first picture, Chloe was shaking.

"I know." Van tightened his grip on her shoulder. "Lang's psycho aunt is in league with that… werewolf." He was apparently sticking to that theory even though she'd assured him the lunar cycle didn't match. "You need to stay away from that group of yours. Obviously, you're in danger."

As the photos slipped through her fingers, Chloe reached out and grabbed onto Van.

Van was obviously shocked, his hands up in the air like he didn't know what to do with them, before awkwardly patting her back. "I mean, sure its shocking, but I didn't think it'd affect you this-."

"Van…" Chloe whispered into his chest, unable to keep her mouth shut or her body from shaking; both were uncontrollable. "That's my mother."

He tensed even more, if that were possible. "What?"

"The woman in the photo." Chloe held on tighter, clutching at him. "She's my mother."

"The – She – The one who abandoned you when you were a kid?" Van's voice cracked, his hold on her growing less awkward, his instincts kicking in. "Are you sure?"

She nodded wordlessly, a frog lodged in her throat, tears blinding her as she closed those greens tightly.

"She attacked you," he hissed in confusion, holding tighter. "Jesus, that's fucked up!"

Her mother was back… was the wolf thing Chloe had been trying to investigate… and Nell knew.

"What are you going to do?" Van asked into her hair.

She didn't know; couldn't answer. So she just buried her face in his shirt and held on.


They'd thrown the re-spelled, previously on fire, crystals into the lake and were now waiting, the blonde feeling the power just swirling around them. Cassie could sense her every nerve like it was almost on fire; an awareness unlike anything she ever experienced before sparked inside of her.

"It's coming," she whispered, feeling drawn like moth to a fire as she stepped towards the water.

"Cassie, what are you doing?" Diana unfolded her arms, eyeing her with concern.

"I can feel it." Cassie waded into the freezing water, ignoring the sting of the cold as she stared down below in awe.

In front of her, the water began bubbling viciously, almost as if it was boiling, and yet everything was still horribly cold. As she drew near, the bubbling intensified almost desperately, and then the skull – the crystal skull of power they were going to use to destroy the Witch-Hunters once and for all – surfaced, the water bubbling furiously all around it.

"Hurry!" John yelled from the sandy beach next to Diana. "Pick it up while it's still forming! Pick it up!"

The urgency in his voice urged her on. Cassie reached out and yanked the thing, which truly didn't look like a crystal skull. At the moment it seemed more like a gigantic crystal jellyfish. The power within it jolted through her, giving her a sort of hellish high and leaving her breathless as it formed itself in her hands.

"Its power is amazing," Cassie couldn't keep herself from saying as she turned back and trudged through the water onto the shore, John's face urgent and Diana's wary. She collapsed on her knees in front of them, breathing heavily.

"Diana, now you." John reached for his dark haired daughter and motioned her in front of Cassie.

"It's okay." Cassie smiled up at the hesitant witch. "In fact, it's awesome."

Diana didn't answer, didn't even look at the other girl as she knelt opposite the thing. She took in a deep breath before reaching out and putting her hands on it, a gasp escaping her lips as brown eyes widened in shock, obviously feeling the rush of power as well.

"Whatever happens," John was knelt a little distance from them, observing everything intensely, "do not move your hands."

Finally the sisters' eyes met as the large thing began molding into a definitive shape, diminishing in size before becoming the skull they so desperately needed.

"It's done," he declared.

Diana let go of the skull immediately and stood while Cassie raised it in her hands, eyeing it in awe.

Their Circle had needed to be unbound for this to happen and she knew that the others must be freaking out because they thought only death could unbind it, but it didn't matter now. They had the crystal skull and Eben was going to be surprised when they didn't hand it over and instead killed him and every last Witch-Hunter with it.

Diana cleared her throat. "Let's go, the others are going to worry about us, and it's best not to keep Eben waiting, not when he has Faye and demons crawling under his flesh."

Cassie nodded, slowly standing, crystal skull in hand, still high off of the power coursing through her body.

It was her excuse for why she wasn't prepared for the spell that hit her hard, turning her knees into mush and darkening her lights.


The news was the only thing that kept her sane. She'd asked Van not to tell anyone what he knew, and considering that Van was becoming one of the most decent guys she knew, he agreed. He did warn her again about hanging out with anyone associated with Nell Potter and Chloe's "crazy ass" mother though. Chloe had somehow gotten through the rest of the morning until lunch without being too much of a zoned out weirdo, but she'd gotten quite a bit of stares from other students and the teachers alike.

But now, with this news, she was able to push back her own troubling thoughts, at least until after school was over.

Lex Luthor had apparently pissed his father off so much that he was being sent to "oversee" the Smallville Fertilizer Plant. The gossip was that the guy wanted to start getting the feel of the business so that one day, whenever he took over from his father, he could step into his shoes without that much of an adjustment period. He seemed to have most of the town bought with that one, if the comments could be believed, but Chloe knew a punishment when she saw one.

Their facility was in the boondocks, one of the only, and it was the only one that never got visits or checkups or anything. It was probably only her father's quarterly meetings with Mr. Luthor that made the man remember that this place even existed.

So no. Definitely no. This was a punishment.

"They're renovating the Luthor Manor. They said they'll be looking for workers up there soon," Bradley Mitchell whispered to Wilmer Gieger.

"I saw him pull up in his silver jaguar. Apparently he's thinking about helping donate to the school so that it can be renovated. Principle Kwan is giving him and the friend he came with a tour of the school right this instant," Tiffany Spain (not her real last name but hell if anyone could remember what it actually was. Everyone just took to calling her that because she hadn't shut up about her trip to Spain during her first year of high school) gushed to Nellie Hemp. "They're both so hot."

"We should go audition for maids or something!" Nellie exclaimed, all eager.

"It's not a play." Tiffany rolled her eyes in amusement. "You don't audition."

Both girls melted into giggles.

Chloe might be on the trail of a sadistic, pyrokinetic football coach, her psycho wolf-shifting mother might be in town and Chloe still had to DHL whatever the hell was so urgent for John…but Chloe added another thing onto her list anyway.

She was going to wait until Lex Luthor was shown the Torch and then she would not only convince him it needed renovating after the attack, but she'd also wrangle an interview with him for the newspaper if it was the last thing she did.

It would be great to have one normal story to write about.


They'd awoken in their Circle's sanctuary, trapped within an invisible yet electric barrier as John circled around the crystal skull where it rested on a table. At first the girls had tried to escape once they'd awoken, but the barrier had painfully repelled them and betrayed the fact that they were awake to their utterly psychotic father.

"Did you ever plan on killing Eben?" Cassie asked, because it was no use being quiet, shaking her head at the expression on his face. "You didn't, did you? You just needed Eben to scare us into finding the crystals."

"The Witch-Hunters have always been the best to galvanize witches," he admitted, resting his hands on the table upon which stood the crystal.

"You did it before, sixteen years ago," Cassie whispered. "You led our parents to the same very boat to fight the Witch-Hunters. You left them to die."

"Why manipulate them into having children and then send them to be killed?" Diana wanted to know.

And then it hit Cassie, hard. "So we'd become orphans? A circle of broken, vulnerable, easy to control witches who were desperate for a leader to help us battle our enemies." Disgust rolled in her stomach. "But my mother figured it out. She tried to get the others not to go. She and Ethan tried to kill you."

"Yeah." He sighed wistfully. "That was disappointing." He pushed away from the table, coming towards them. "But it gave me a good opportunity to disappear and wait for you to be ready, which you are." He then turned back towards the crystal skull, muttering words in Latin Cassie didn't know. His spell began to create shadows within the crystal which bled out and slowly corrupted it, turning it from crystal white to completely black.

That could not be good.

Below the table, the symbol of Balcoin burned into the floor.

"If you're not using the skull to kill Witch-Hunters, what is it for?" Cassie tried to stall him, to bring his attention back to her and to finally get some answers.

He straightened up from where he was bent over observing the skull. "To kill witches." He raised his hand, to where the Balcoin symbol was burnt into his palm. "Every single one without Balcoin blood."

Diana stepped forwards at that, horrified.

Cassie was stunned, unable to believe what she was hearing.

He turned to look towards the crystal, a smile tugging on his lips. "It's already begun."


30th-Mar-2013 05:04 am (UTC)
I've been reading from the beginning and your work is a spectacular as ever. All the twists & turns you've added to Smallville and Secret Circle have had me bitting my lips and dinner mails for the next chapter. I check back every few hours just to see if you've updated each day.... This story is one of your great ones. Can't wait to know what's next....

And as a side question have you had any inspiration for: The Number Series, Cave Series, Superslayerville Series, Lost Princess Series, Chloe & Brothers Series, and The Toxic Girl Series... I know that's alot of different stories to ask about but .. These are all favorites of mine, and I've been wondering if any will get a update in the coming weeks as you work on your xover of Smallville/Secret Circle.... No pressure and I do mean that it's no pressure. Just wanted to know what's up with those series.....

Once again as always your a wonderful writer and keep the Awesome fanfiction coming for your fans reading pleasure :)

Edited at 2013-03-30 05:07 am (UTC)
30th-Mar-2013 04:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I've been trying to make it true to Secret Circle yet still not to bore anyone who saw the series. That is so awesome to say! Thanks!

Of all those series, I can tell you in confidence that the next to be updated would definitely be the Superslayer Series *sly smile*
1st-Apr-2013 12:23 am (UTC)
Poor Chloe finding out that her mom was back!!
Ehhhhhh I can't wait for Chloe meeting Lex.
Well John turned out to be a crazy fuck!!!
17th-Feb-2014 10:58 pm (UTC) - Second Spin 20a
I'm ba-ack! My niece is a lovely little snotbucket, so I spend a weekend adoring her and a week on antibiotics and serious cold medicine, recovering. :-(

Okay, so, I remember this as one of Chloe's first stress overloads, or at least the point at which a normal person would run screaming for the hills. You said it really well above:
Chloe might be on the trail of a sadistic, pyrokinetic football coach, her psycho wolf-shifting mother might be in town and Chloe still had to DHL whatever the hell was so urgent for John…but Chloe added another thing onto her list anyway.

I never saw TSC, but you intercut the scenes really well - TSC villain wreaking havoc then paralleled by Svl villain entering stage left.

And how much do I love Van? TTTTHHHHHHIIIIISSSSS much! He's so cool and funny and hot man-about-school yet supportive to someone who gave him a chance to break out of his normal role. I hope to see more of him as the story proceeds from 120+. I love that he didn't quite know what to do to comfort Chloe but gave it the old college try. I also loved that he went out investigating on his own - Chloe's horror was so in character - and then brought back not just rumor but Proof that Lana's Drones are bad news... and still didn't try and strongarm Chloe into avoiding them.
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