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Chloe's Supernatural - Season One 14/? 
8th-Nov-2008 01:11 pm

Title: Chloe's Supernatural
Season: 1
Rating: T-M
Pairing: Chloe/Dean, Chloe/Sam, Dean/Chloe/Sam
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Warning: Spoilers Supernatural Season 1, AU Smallville
Summary: When Chloe helps Pete and his children move into their new home in Lawrence, Kansas, she never expected it to be haunted, or to meet the Winchester brothers...OR the adventure that they'd embark on together afterwards

Chloe and Lois returned from Mal’s funeral, both dressed in black and both exhausted. They found the boys where they’d left them that morning--on the sofa--but the many files that they’d had around them were gone, and only one was placed neatly on the coffee table in front of them.

Lucy hadn’t come back to the house, so Lois had asked Chloe, Sam and Dean to stay with her in the large house. They’d left the motel happily and made themselves at home as the four of them searched the countless archives, trying to find out who their Bloody Mary really was.

“How are you guys?” Sam asked as he looked up from his laptop’s screen when they came in and sat down.

“Tired.” Lois whispered, still wearing her large, dark shades, obviously refusing to let the boys see how red and puffy her eyes were from how much she’d cried.

“That was one long-ass service.” Dean muttered to himself as he looked at his watch.

“Malcolm was captain of the football team, captain of the debate team, volunteered for a lot of charity projects, and worked at the old-people’s homes most Wednesdays and Fridays. He was loved by everyone.” Lois choked, clearing her throat and looking away, glad for the shades that hid the tears welling up in her eyes once more. “I just don’t understand how someone who did so much good could have run over a five year old and kept going.”

She also couldn’t understand how her father could have had something to do with her mother’s death--but no one mentioned that.

Chloe looked at Sam and Dean and frowned when she realized that they were dressed differently than they had when the girls had left. “Did you guys go out somewhere?”

There was a moment’s pause.

After Ollie’s visit things had become somewhat tense between the three of them. Dean and Sam wanted to know who Chloe’s ‘friends’ were and why they were always just ‘showing up’ at the most suspicious of times, and the blonde understood them, she did, but she wasn’t going to betray the trust of her JL friends. So that left the trio in a tense standoff.

“We found Mary.” Sam finally spoke, causing both girls to look at him in surprise as he reached over and passed Lois the file on the coffee table. “Her name was Mary Matheson, and she was an aspiring actress.”

Chloe leaned closer to Lois as she looked over the information they’d gathered on Mary Matheson, wincing when they saw the crime-scene pictures.

“She was found brutally murdered in front of her family’s mirror, her eyes taken out while she was alive, and get this.” Dean went to them and pointed to the mirror behind the dead body of Mary Matheson. “See the letters ‘Tr’ written in blood and her bloody handprint on the mirror next to her body?”

“She was trying to write out the name of her killer.” Chloe whispered, feeling a surge of pity for the girl who had once been so very pretty.

“That’s what the retired cop we went to talk to thought as well.” Sam nodded and he leaned forwards in his seat. “He said that there was this cosmetic surgeon in Mary’s circles, a man named Trevor Walters, who was friends with her. And in Mary’s diary she said she was seeing a married man she only referred to by the initials T.W.”

“Trevor Walters.” Lois concluded with disgust as she pulled the picture of a party in which Mary and Trevor were attending, laughing with some friends, the woman young and beautiful, the man older and with a calculating look in his eyes.

“That’s what the cop believed.” Dean sighed, running fingers through his hair in frustration. “Apparently she was going to tell T.W.’s wife about the affaire—but was killed that night.”

“The thing is,” Sam broke in, getting up and joining the others. “The cop said that they never really got evidence to even put Trevor Walters on trial, but he said that Mary’s eyes had been removed too cleanly—too professionally.”

“The bastard.” Lois whispered, looking away from the picture. “What happened to this Walters guy?”

“Died of a heart attack some months after Mary’s death.” Dean answered.

“Do you think Mary did it?” Chloe asked, looking up from the picture.

“We don’t know, his eyes weren’t taken.” Sam admitted with slight frustration. “We also found out that Mary was cremated.”

Great.” Chloe growled, leaning back in the sea.

“What?” Lois asked, looking from her cousin to the boys and back. “Why is her being cremated a bad thing?”

“No bones to salt and burn.” Chloe explained patiently to her cousin. “That’s what we usually do in these sort of cases, but if there’s no body to tie the spirit to earth then there’s something else keeping her here and we have to find out what it is and destroy it before someone else decides they want to say her name in a mirror for ‘fun’.”

“Oh.” Lois whispered, sounding interested. “What about the mirror?”

“Huh?” Dean asked.

“The mirror.” Lois pointed a fingernail to the mirror behind Mary’s corpse in the crime scene picture. “Could that be her anchor here? She is supposed to come at people when they say her name in front of a mirror.”

“You know, she might be right.” Sam whispered, eyes wide. “In some legends they say that mirrors had the power to trap souls. That was why in the olden times, when someone died in a house the residents would cover all the mirrors and glasses to keep that from happening.”

“But Mary isn’t coming out through that mirror.” Dean frowned. “Unless she’s using it as a conductor in which she can travel through any mirror.” He paused. “We need to find that mirror and destroy it before someone else calls her.”

“Not everyone who calls her gets killed.” Chloe reminded him, sending a look in Lois’ direction. “Only someone with a secret in which someone got killed.”

“What are we waiting on?” Lois asked, standing up and not looking at anyone, her body stiff. “Let’s find out where that damned mirror is and lets send the bitch to hell.”

Dean, Chloe and Sam shared a look before nodding.


They’d found out that Mary’s family had sold the mirror to someone who sold antique mirrors, and Dean had gone to purchase it with one of the many credits cards with many different names he possessed, and brought it back to the Lane Residence, resting it in the living room, where everyone else was waiting and anxious…everyone but Chloe, who’d gotten a phone call before Dean’d arrived, and was in the kitchen.

“So…” Lois hugged herself, looking chilled despite the fact that it was a warm night. “What do we do now?”

“We have to get her to appear.” Sam answered, eyes set warily on the mirror propped on the sofa.

“Okay, two questions.” Lois turned to look at him. “How do we get her to come--and what do we do once she does?”

“You? Nothing.” Dean interrupted as he readied his gun. “You are going to go up to your room and not come out until we tell you it’s safe.”

“Excuse me?” Lois glared at the elder Winchester brother. “This is personal for me and it’s my house. This bitch took my dad and boyfriend, and I’m going to be here.”

Dean opened his mouth.

“Leave her alone, Dean.” Sam interrupted, face serious.

“Excuse me?” Dean turned to his brother. “Why the--?”

“Look, I can understand her, okay?” Sam was a little short in temper as he looked away. “If I was this close to killing what killed Jessica I wouldn’t let anyone stop me.”

Silence descended on the brothers.

Lois raised her eyebrow. Obviously this was a touchy subject for them.

“Ok then.” Dean grudgingly accepted defeat. “You can stay, but if things go south I want you to get your ass out of here, okay?”

Lois nodded rapidly before mouthing a thank you to Sam, who nodded back with a grim expression and returned his attention to the mirror.

“Where’s gorgeous?” Dean finally asked, realizing that she wasn’t there.

Sam stiffened. “She got a call from the Oliver guy and went to the kitchen for privacy.”

Lois watched the guys with amusement, wondering if they even realized that they liked Chloe. It was obvious to any outsider—uncle Gabe had even noticed it for crying out loud!—but maybe as Chloe was in denial so the hunks were.

“I’m going to go and see if she--.”

“Needs someone to spy on her private conversations?” Lois called to Dean’s retreating figure, stopping him as planned. “I don’t think my cousin would appreciate that.”

“Do you know who this Oliver is?” Sam turned to Lois. “Do you know who he is to Chloe?”

“Other than the fact that they were real close for real long and she said he was one of the most important people in her life?” Lois asked innocently, watching the boys fidget in discomfort as she said that. “No. I don’t. But maybe he’s some boyfriend or potential boyfriend or something. All I know is that he’s hot--and probably rich if that motorcycle had anything to say about his financial status.”

“If he’s so important to her, why keep him a secret?” Dean sneered.

“Well, she’s kept almost everything about you and Sam a secret as well.” Lois pointed out, not feeling like indulging in their games of self-denial. “Your secrets aren’t the only ones she keeps, you know. Chloe had this whole life before you guys met. She was this up-and-coming investigative reporter in the Daily Planet, she had friends and family that doted on her, and she’s put that all on hold to travel with you guys and be with you.”

Sam looked uncomfortable and a little ashamed.

Dean just looked plain uncomfortable.

“You two keep acting like she’s yours by right of ownership.” Lois had noticed that from the moment they’d arrived, and had been looking for the best time to pick that bone with them. “She doesn’t. She stays with you guys because she trusts you more than anyone else to take care of her, and because she cares about both of you a lot. I know, she’s told me. Just don’t make her feel like she’s trapped with you guys, unable to breathe. She had friends before you--most male--and she’s going to continue having them no matter how possessive and jealous you two get.”

Sam made a choked sound, face going red immediately.

Jealous?” Dean scoffed, not meeting Lois’ eyes. “What a load of bull.”

Right.” Lois snorted in amusement, folding her arms over her chest. “Look, my cousin might be oblivious to it, but I’m not. I see the way you both look at her, and the fact that both of you want her, maybe even love her.” She raised her hand and stopped their sputtered attempts at denial. “Please don’t try to deny it, it’s so obvious its pathetic--even her father realized you two had the hotts for her.”

Dean’s eyes went bug-wide.

Sam’s face was so red it looked painful.

Neither was looking at each other.

Lois rolled her eyes at them. “Look, I have no problem with it, actually, I kinda find it hot.” She grinned slightly. “But what I’m saying is that you guys can’t be acting like jealous boyfriends with Chloe, she’s always been an independent spirit and she won’t take it much longer, okay? Plus, you’re not even her boyfriends, not even one of you is, so you don’t really get the privilege to act like one.”

She opened her mouth and continued berating the two men who were taking everything pretty humbly like kids getting scolded by their mother--none of the three noticing the reflection of the ghostly woman in the mirror propped on the sofa.


Chloe smiled and she flipped closed the lid of her cellular, relief filling her. Oliver’s phone call had been a gift from god. Not only had the blonde billionaire apologized for not only his behavior but he’d apologized for doubting her ability to choose her protectors. He’d explained how worried he was about her, how irritated he was with having to sit back during the missions, and how everything had just exploded when he’d met Sam.

Chloe’d eagerly accepted his apology and then tackled the difficult issue at hand. It’d taken a little time to talk through, since Oliver had decided that this wasn’t a decision only he could make, so they’d gotten everyone else on the phone as well and had had a little conference like they used to.

It was wonderful talking to her superboys, and Chloe missed them more than ever, but she knew that this was where she had to be for now, and she was glad that most of them understood—even if they didn’t totally agree.

When they found out how much trouble it was giving her, they’d unanimously decided to grudgingly trust the Winchesters with their secret—not because they trusted the brothers, but because they trusted Chloe--and that almost made her cry with gratitude as she thanked them.

The phone rang again, and Chloe answered it, wondering who was calling since she didn’t recognize the caller I.D. “Sullivan.”

“Hey Chloe.” Said a soft voice that Chloe hadn’t expected to hear. “How are you?”

“Lana?” Chloe blinked in surprise. “Wow, I—I’m fine. How about you?”

“Great.” Lana sounded cheery. “I had a little time on my hands and decided to call and see if we could try talking to each other like this--like we used to.”

“That was thoughtful.” And Chloe meant it, touched at the effort Lana was putting into restoring their friendship. “So, what’s been going on over there?”

“Not much, really.” Lana sounded like she was smiling. “River Grove is pretty much like Smallville minus the meteor freaks.”

“In other words--boring.”

Lana laughed. “Yes, but I’ve decided that I enjoy not getting stalked, kidnapped, and having my life threatened every other week.”

Leaning against the kitchen counter, Chloe shook her head in amusement. “And here I thought you reveled in all the attention.”

“You’re mean, Chloe Sullivan.” Lana giggled. “So, what’s going on with you? Something is always happening to you.”

You have no idea. “Well, I’m at my cousin’s house in Metropolis. Her father just died so I came to attend the funeral.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah,” Chloe nodded her head, going to the fridge and pulling out the glass jug of drink, failing to notice the reflection of a woman in the glass as she reached for a cup and poured herself something to drink. “She’s taking it pretty well, though…then again, Lois is one of the strongest people I know.”

“I’m glad for her.” Lana whispered softly. “I know how hard it is to lose a parent.”

Throwing her head back and finishing the juice, Chloe put the jug back in the fridge and took the glass to the sink, running the water as she washed it. “Yeah, me too.”

“You know, that offer for you to come and spend the weekend or holiday or something still stands.”

Chloe smiled as she put the cup on the dish drainer. “I’d like that. I wouldn’t be able to do it right now, but I’d definitely like to see this boring little town and catch up with you.” The smile on Chloe’s face disappeared and she went pale when her gaze raised to the window above the sink and she saw the reflection of a dark haired woman standing behind her, eye-sockets empty and black like midnight. “L-Lana? I gotta call you back.”

Hanging up the call, Chloe turned to look behind her, didn’t see anyone, and turned back to the window, seeing that the person was right behind her shoulder, empty sockets locked on with her green gaze.

“I didn’t say your name.” She whispered to Mary. “I didn’t kill anyone.”

Instantly Mary’s image disappeared, replaced by her own image—which was glaring at her angrily. “No, you didn’t kill her, but you didn’t help her either, did you?

“What?” Chloe asked, shaking her head, confused.

Her image narrowed her eyes at her. “You knew something was wrong a long time before that day, didn’t you?”

“I—I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Chloe whimpered, trying to tear her gaze from her own hate-filled eyes yet unable to look away.

“Yes you do.” The Chloe in the window sneered in disgust. “You knew there was something wrong with your mother--knew she needed help--but you didn’t say anything. You just left her to battle it alone. You didn’t even try to help.”

“I didn’t know.” Chloe shook her head violently, fingers digging into her hair hard. “I didn’t--!”

“Yes you did!” Came the hiss.

And then Chloe remembered…


Five-year-old Chloe giggled as she ran through the house, trying to find her mother to show her the drawing she’d done of them. Her father was out to work, but mommy always stayed at home with Chloe, teaching her, spending time with her, and admiring her drawings.

Hearing voices, the blonde child grinned and hurried towards her mother’s door, which was slightly ajar, and would have ran inside as she usually did without knocking, but something stopped her. It was a feeling Chloe hadn’t felt before, but it seemed to tell her to be quiet, to stay hidden, and she did, peeking through the slit of the open door, seeing her mother sitting by her vanity table, looking at herself in the large mirror.

Chloe frowned slightly when her mother grunted and closed her eyes tightly, head bending as pained sounds escaped her mouth and her body seemed to jerk violently on its own, her fingers digging into the wood of her vanity so hard that there were finger dents in the oak wood…dents filled with blood.

Placing a hand over her mouth to keep her gasp silent, Chloe’s eyes widened in horror as she realized that her mother’s fingers were bleeding terribly.

“Why are you fighting it so hard now?” Her mother’s voice sounded so curious and tranquil despite the fact that her body was jerking so erratically. “You’ve never bothered fighting this much during this whole time, so why all the struggling now?”

Chloe was confused, not seeing anyone else in the room. Who was her mother talking to?

Moira Sullivan raised her head, looking at her reflection in the mirror dead in the eyes…eyes that were flickering from her normal brilliant blues, to midnight black, to a light so bright it pained to look at it directly.

Chloe pressed her hand harder against her mouth, frightened and confused.

“My…daughter…” Moira’s voice was suddenly gravelly and forced, eyes brilliant blue.

Chloe wondered if she’d seen her.

Moira’s eyes went black once more. “Shhhhhh. Stop struggling, you’re never going to be free, you know that—you’ve known that for a long time now. Give up already.”

Blue eyes. “I won’t…let you…have her…”

Black eyes, taunting sneer. “Don’t worry Moira. We mightn’t be able to breed as humans do, but we do have ‘families’ born out of loyalty and certain feelings so I understand your protectiveness. And, really, why fear me? The one Chloe’s known as her mommy dearest has always been me.” She grinned smugly, admiring herself in the mirror. “You’ve got to admit it, I haven’t been doing such a bad job raising your daughter.”

Blue, pained eyes. “He…won’t…have her…Megara.”

Black eyes, blank expression. “You gave away the right to fight me a long time ago, Moira. Don’t forget that.”


Chloe was crying and confused as she came up from that memory. “I—I didn’t know—I.”

You ran and forgot.” Her image accused. “You chose to forget!

“No.” Chloe whispered, shaking her head rocking back and forth, hands digging in her hair, the pain in her scalp the only thing keeping her grounded. “No.”

She suffered, so much.” Her image whispered. “You could have stopped it. You could have helped her. But you didn’t. You didn’t do anything. You didn’t even tell anyone what you’d seen—what you’d heard.

“I didn’t—I--.”

The window exploded into little pieces as a high-heeled shoe went sailing through the glass, and Chloe watched in slight trauma as her own image shattered before her very eyes.

“Close your eyes!” And suddenly Dean was behind her, his arms going around her, his hands covering her eyes protectively. “It’s okay, it’s okay gorgeous, I’ve got you. I won’t let her hurt you, I swear it.””

“Cuz?” Lois’s voice was to her right.

“Why was she attacking you?” Sam’s voice was to her left as Dean slowly turned her around, and never taking his hands from her eyes, slowly guided the shaking woman out of the living room. “Did you invoke her?”

No.” Chloe choked. “I—I didn’t know--I didn’t know!”

“What’s she rambling about?” Dean wanted to know.

“She’s still under Mary's influence.” Sam whispered, worried.

“Well, do something about it!” Lois hissed the order and stomped her foot.

Sam suddenly grunted in pain.

“Sam?” Dean and Lois asked at the same time.

Chloe’s head was fogged up; she was unable to think of anything, felt as if she were about to slip into some sort of dream.

There was a cry of pain and then a loud thud somewhere behind Chloe.


“Get up!” Lois sounded just as frantic as Dean. “What are you looking at? What--? Dean! His eyes are bleeding!”

Dammit.” Dean was tense, trying to hold Chloe up but her legs were giving up on her.

What do we do?” Lois asked.

“Is Mary in her--?” Dean to look towards the sofa and then suddenly went still, his hold around Chloe loosened immediately and she plummeted to the ground, barely feeling the pain as she collapsed onto the carpeted floor.

“That’s my cousin, Winchester!” Lois sounded outraged, but there was no answer. “Dean?” Lois asked, sounding less sure of herself. “Dean?”

Chloe opened her eyes slowly, watching as Dean collapsed to his knees, eyes connected with the mirror, and bleeding blood, looking agonized as he cried out in pain.

She groaned as she turned slightly and saw Sam crumpled on the floor, in a worse condition than Dean, eyes also on the mirror.

You didn’t save them…” a mix of voices accused demonically. “You let so many die! You didn’t save them! They died screaming for help!

“Oh my god,” Lois gasped as she looked at the mirror as well. “I see her. I—I see her!”

Chloe looked away, refusing to look at the mirror now that her connection had been shattered. “Lois…the mirror.”

Lois took off her other heel and held the stiletto in her hand like a machete, taking in a deep breath. “Here comes fourteen years of bad luck.” With that said she rushed to the mirror and brought her shoe against it as hard as she could over and over again, the sound of an outraged, otherworldly shriek echoing out of the mirror as the glass shattered into a million pieces.

Immediately Dean and Sam stopped crying out in pain, and the fog began to dissipate from Chloe’s brain.

Didn’t save them…” That voice brought shivers up Chloe’s spine as she looked up in time to see the broken and battered body of Mary Matheson escaping the mirror’s frame and slowly making her way towards them. “Killers, the lot of you!”

“HEY!” Lois’ voice caused Mary to turn her head towards her. The brunette took in a deep breath. “I’ll show you the real killer here!” Picking up a large shard of glass, she gripped it tightly, the glass cutting into her palm, causing her to bleed, but she didn’t react as she watched Mary staring at her own reflection in slight fear. “Do you see that? That is a real killer!”

N--no.” The thing that’d once been Mary Matheson shook its head and yet couldn’t keep from looking in the mirror, voice trembling. “He h-hurt me! He killed me! He deserved to be killed! They all do! I’m keeping people safe!”

“No!” Lois took a step closer to the thing. “You’re not keeping anyone safe. You’re just killing because you can--you’re just like him!”

No.” Mary whimpered as to the surprise of everyone tears of blood began to run down her cheeks in thick, unending trails. “That’s not true!”

“You’re just like Trevor, Mary.” Lois pressed dangerously. “He took you from your family, and you took my father from his—my boyfriend from his!”

“They hurt people!” Mary argued. “They deserved to be punished!”

“Not by you!” Lois growled. “You’re a bad person Mary, you’re not even a person. You’re just evil.”

No!” Mary screamed as she collapsed to her knees.

Suddenly two gunshots sounded in the house, and Mary gasped, blood-filled eyes wide before she melted away into nothing, a bullet wound in her forehead and the other in her heart.

Only when there was nothing left of Mary did Lois drop the shard of glass in her hand and collapse on the ground next to her cousin.

Sam and Dean sighed from where they were pointing their guns at where Mary had once knelt.

“Chloe?” Lois whispered. “Chloe, are you alright?”

Rolling painfully on her back, Chloe looked up at her cousin and smiled pitifully, pained by her memories yet amazed by her cousin. “I’m so proud of you.”

Lois smiled shakily. “It’s over now, right?” When her cousin nodded, the brunette broke out into tears and threw herself at the younger woman, hugging her tightly.


Hours later found the Lane house boarded up and Lois’ things packed. She’d decided to go and spend some time with Gabe in Smallville, and while the older Lane had wanted her younger sister to go with her, Lucy had preferred to stay with her friends and their family.

Chloe, Sam and Dean were going to drive Lois and her things to Smallville before taking off towards their next job, which they’d gotten a couple of minutes ago via a phone call to Dean.

“So,” Sam looked up at his brother as they loaded Lois’ things into the trunk of the Impala. “What’s in Missouri?”

“An old friend’s father died in an apparently supernatural way,” Dean said hesitantly, shooting Chloe a look before clearing his throat and looking away uncomfortably. “We’re going to go there and figure out what happened.”

“What’s the friend’s name?” Chloe asked as they all got into the car, the boys up front and the girls sitting behind.

Dean waited until he’d started the engine before answering with a sigh. “Cassie.”



29th-Dec-2009 07:06 am (UTC)
Okay completely awesome. Lois just went up on the bad assery meter. I have to wonder what secrets Sam is holding on to. Oh and Meg having raised Chloe, totally inspired.
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