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Connor 2/? 
8th-Nov-2008 11:33 pm

Title: Connor - Part One
Series: 3rd in Chlonnor series
Pairing: chlonnor, mentioned chlangelus, some fred/gunn, implied chlark
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville nor Angel.
Summary:When Connor returns, now grown up, things become even more chaotic in Chloe's life. As if Wolfram and Hart weren't bad enough. NOW she has to deal with an attraction for her sire's son?

Connor sat on the bed of the motel he’d moved to after Angel and Chloe had left. He’d sensed his father in this dimension and as soon as the vampire and blonde had gone Connor’d hurried out to find Holtz, finally finding him waiting for him in a back alley.

Together they’d gone to a motel and checked into a room with two beds and gone to sleep, Holtz promising that they would talk later in the morning after they’d had a good night’s rest.

Well, Holtz might have rested, but Connor had found himself awkwardly unable to slumber despite how tired he was. His body was taunt and wired, ready, expectant, and his mind replaying the face of the gorgeous blonde female he’d met that day.


His lips still tingled from her touch, he could still taste her on him, and her smell—the smell that’d drawn him to her in the first place, it invaded his nostrils and left them flaring in excitement. He didn’t understand his reactions to her, or to her scent, but he knew that he liked it. He liked everything about this female.

He especially liked the feel of her in his arms.

Clearing his throat in slight embarrassment, the brunet looked down at his feet while his father used the bathroom.

Holtz had taught him to become a warrior—he’d taught him everything he needed to know to survive and be a feared name in Quor’toth. He’d never taught him more than the basics about female and male human interaction. So Connor had been embarrassingly unprepared for Chloe’s actions the night before.

He remembered confusion and shock when she’d leaned forwards and pressed her lips to his, and then it’d elicited a feeling he didn’t know, had never felt, and it’d frightened him slightly…and yet he’d missed the feeling when she’d pulled away and he’d pressed his lips to hers and there it was again: divine agony and bliss. His body reacted in ways he didn’t know it could, and he’d responded to her on instinct, drawing her closer and deepening whatever it was they were doing.

Something within him had awakened at her scent, and it became alive and feral at her taste. He’d wanted to touch, to lick, to taste, to smell. There was something about Chloe’s scent that left him feeling completely dizzy. It was alluring and called to him in ways he couldn’t understand.

It was a little frightening for the usually fearless warrior.

And he knew it was something peculiar about Chloe. It was everything about her and her scent. He knew it wasn’t just because she was a female of his species---or as close to his species as he’d seen since growing up in the Hell Dimension. No. He’d been in a room with two females in Angel’s dwelling place—and when he’d escaped and joined the sea of people and their metallic monsters he’d been amongst many females.

And yet it was her scent that’d hit him hard, causing him to track her down and try find the female that emitted that alluring aroma. He’d ignored all around him, forgotten that he’d just shamed himself by losing a battle with Angel, and instead concentrated on finding the female.

And find her he had.

She’d been surrounded by demons and yet she was defiant to the end, struggling and hissing and fighting, a warrior in spirit.

And it’d called to him.

Something in him had ordered him to protect and he had. He’d destroyed the threats to her, and when she’d taken him with her he’d gone trustingly without question. The young man who’d been taught to trust no one had done so with the small female, letting her buy apparel for him, acquire a room for them—had eaten from her hand without even thinking to make sure that the food wasn’t poisoned or drugged.

And he’d enjoyed himself in her company.

Connor tilted his head to the side, remembering her reaction to seeing him without his animal skins. She’d seemed shocked, so apparently in this dimension nakedness wasn’t as common a thing as it was in Quor’toth. But her surprise and slight embarrassment hadn’t truly been what’d caught his attention.

It’d been the spike in her scent. It’d grown headier, muskier, and he hadn’t understood why her scent had changed, but he knew that he liked it…and that his body was reacting to it.

So while he found it embarrassing for some reason, when Holtz came out of the bathroom Connor asked him about human female/male interaction. When his father asked in surprise why he wanted to know about it, Connor had felt his cheeks heat up as he told him about everything that’d happened the day before with Chloe.

Holtz sat on his bed, listening to his son in surprise.

“Why did she do that?” Connor asked finally as he finished the tale. “Press her lips to mine? What does it mean?”

“It---it’s called a kiss.” Holtz explained after a moment’s silence. “Humans---we---do that with people we believe are compatible with us. It’s a way of expressing interest or curiosity about, uh, compatibility.”

Connor was confused for a moment before he suddenly understood what his father was trying to say. “As in compatibility to mate with?”

“Yes.” Holtz seemed relieved that Connor had realized this on his own without further explanation.

Connor’s eyes widened as he sat back and let that information sink in. Chloe had wondered if he was a compatible candidate to be her mate?

A small smile curled the side of his lip.

“I see that that information agrees with you.” Holtz sounded amused.

Connor looked up a little embarrassed. “I like her scent.”

Holtz laughed, amused. “I think matehood has more to it than just liking the smell of the mate, Steven.”

“But I don’t react like this to any other female’s scent.” Connor admitted, a little perturbed by this. “When I entered this dimension and was in the dwelling place of Angel her scent was everywhere. I couldn’t concentrate, it was all in my nostrils, distracting me, making me hungry—for what I don’t know.”

All laughter erased itself from Holtz’ face as he leaned forwards, listening to Connor intently.

“I couldn’t concentrate on the fight, and when I escaped Angel’s dwelling I raced out and followed the trail of her scent. It was like a string in the air only I could see.” Connor growled in frustration and confusion, running fingers through his messy brown hair. “When I found those demons attacking her something inside of me growled to defend her, to protect her, to kill all that dared threaten her.”

Holts leaned closer, eyes narrowing. He’d only been this intent when he’d found out earlier by reading something called a newspaper that while it’d been years for them inQuor’toth it’d only been days for those who lived in this dimension.

“And then she took me away, and she pressed her---she kissed me…and that same thing wanted more. I wanted to kiss her, touch her, smell her, lick her…” Connor looked up at his father in confusion. “Why is that father? What is it that reacted to her? Is it normal?”

“Having instinct dictate your actions so strongly? No, for humans it is not so strong or common.” Holtz finally answered, slowly, obviously deep in thought. “But you are special, son, as is Chloe.”

Connor looked up at that. “She told me about how Angel killed her, tried to force her soul out and a demon within her body.” His dark scowl lightened a little as he continued. “But her soul won the battle, and she’s alive.” The scowl darkened once more. “But she’s dependant on his blood. She’ll die without it.”

“Obviously a way of his to make sure that he can control her.” Holtz announced, causing Connor to look up at him in horror. “Obviously Angelus realized that he couldn’t control her as a normal vampire can control their childer---her soul was pure, it was strong, it fought darkness and won. Son, that is unheard of.”

It was Connor’s turn to lean forwards and listen intently.

“She was probably destined to do great things for the light and Angelis realized this and decided to taint her so that she would be a weapon of evil at his hands.” Holtz continued, face darkening. “And yet the power of god saved her, her soul won---and Angelus couldn’t have an even more powerful version of her out there working against him so he made her dependant on his tainted blood---made it so that she would have to serve him because her life depended on it. He’s made her his own slave for eternity.”

Connor’s eyes darkened, angered even more at the creature who’d fathered him. Angel had done so many evil things to the world and to those around him---and yet he had the nerve to say that Holtz was the evil one?

“I will kill him for all that he has done.” Connor vowed, clenching his fists.

“Then you do not care that she will perish when you do.”

The young man froze, frowning, remembering that detail. “She did no evil. She doesn’t deserve to die.”

“She—she reminds me of my dear daughter Sarah before Angelus and Darla tainted her and made her one of them.” He closed his eyes for a second, pain crossing his old, withered face. “There might be a way to save her yet—a way to cure her of the unholy addiction and undo the brainwashing he has placed her under.”

Connor nodded. “We will find it, and I will kill him. After all, it is the reason why I came here, to destroy the monster who killed your first family.”

Holtz chuckled and opened his eyes, looking at his son. “Steven, you and I both know that you didn’t follow the Sluks through the rip to kill Angel in cold-blood. You do not have it in you, my son.”

“I’ve killed many times before.” Connor glared.

“Out of necessity.” Holtz said fondly. “You didn’t come here to kill Angel, you came here because you wanted to meet him.”

No.” Connor stood rapidly. “I--.”

“It’s okay, son.” Holtz stood as well, his presence and tone of voice calming. “I understand. He is your true father---I always knew this day would come. I am not upset, I understand.”

The young man wouldn’t look his father in the eye.

“And I’m glad that you did it.” Holtz spoke again. “Because now you will see the truth about your father and know that all I told you about him weren’t stories of a bitter, delusional old man.”

“I never thought---.”

“I know, son.” Holtz placed a hand on Connor’s shoulder. “And I need you to do something for me. I need you to go back to Angelus.”

What?” The brunette narrowed his eyes in confusion. “Why would I--?”

“He has so much he can teach you that I cannot.” Holtz announced. “You need to learn everything he has to teach you, get to know him, and then you will know the true Angelus and if you wish to at the time, you may confront him or join his side as his son.”

“I would never--!”

“And you might find a way to cure the girl.”

Connor froze.

Holtz smiled slightly. “The first time I saw this girl, you were newly born and she was holding you in her arms.”

The young man looked up in surprise. “She was there the day I was born?”

“From my intel, I discovered that she was with your mother the entire time she was at the Hyperion. She helped nurse you—and if my intel can be trusted---she fed your mother her blood to keep her from going into bloodlust and killing innocents.”

Sitting down on the bed, Connor frowned slightly at that revelation. “She fed my mother her blood?”

“Risky business considering that while Darla was always a bloodthirsty monster, during her pregnancy she was insatiable---or so I’m told. Angelus wouldn’t give Darla the human blood she was craving—maybe he was punishing her, I do not know—but this girl of yours, she went behind Angelus’ back and fed Darla her own.” Holtz sat down as well. “Her blood kept innocents alive, Connor. Despite having a monster like Angelus as a master she risked his fury and saved innocents.”

‘No!’ Chloe’s terrified words when the blue demons had attacked him the day before rang in Connor’s ears. ‘You leave him alone! He’s an innocent!

“Go to him, son.” Holtz urged. “Go to your father and learn all you can.”

Silently Connor stood and nodded, mind made up.


Thank goodness there was no business Monday morning because Team Angel were a little busy. Fred had constructed (overnight mind you) a device that could somehow read the magnetic waves (or something like that) from anything that had come out from the Quor’toth dimension. The pretty brunette had explained it all quite explicitly some hours ago, but Chloe had felt clueless and bored and had left them at it.

“Okay, this is approximately where the portal was so it makes sense that I’d be getting a reading here.” Fred announced, waving her machine around, everyone behind her listening to it beeping. She motioned to a place with her foot. “Mark that.”

Gunn hurried to do as told.

Chloe looked up from where she was sitting on the counter of the receptionist desk, reading a romance book that she usually wouldn’t get away with reading because Gunn would tease her endlessly. But right now the handsome dark man was marking the places on the floor his girlfriend told him to, and didn’t notice what Chloe was reading.

The clicking continued and grew louder. “Okay. Looks like something might’ve come in here.” Fred announced, not looking where she was going, only following the direction that caused her machine to click faster and faster.

Everyone followed her like lost puppies, eyes either on the machine, on the girl, or on the floor.

Chloe rolled her eyes in amusement, turning the page in her book and beginning to read again.

“Wait a minute.” Fred said. “Wow. Something here is pretty hot.” She continued to follow the trail.

Suddenly Chloe felt it and she froze. It was the same feeling she’d had yesterday before those demons had attacked her. She looked up, following that odd feeling, and her green eyes widened when they fell upon Connor. The young man was standing in the entrance, hands in his pockets, watching her, not even seeming to notice Fred as the older woman made a beeline towards him with her machine.

“Wow the readings are---,” Fred finally stopped when she noticed shoes in front of her and looked up, noticing Connor as the young man looked down at her with boredom. “Alive.” The brunette straightened up immediately as everyone else realized they had company. “Angel’s son. Hi.” She hurriedly turned off her machine. “I didn’t mean to click at ‘cha.”

There was an uncomfortable silence as Fred hurried back to Gunn and Angel, hope in his eyes, went to stand in front of his silent son. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Connor nodded, looking uncomfortable but determined. “I, uh---I thought I’d come by, like you said.”

Chloe smiled. Things might work out between those two after all.

A soft smile touched Angel’s face. “Glad you did.” A moment passed in silence before Angel turned to those behind him. “Everyone, um, this is, uh, Steven.” He motioned for Connor to come closer. “Steven, this is Fred, that’s Gunn, Cordelia, and that’s Lorne.”

“Hello young man.” Lorne smiled.

“And, of course, you already know Chloe.” Angel motioned to where she was sitting.

Chloe smiled and waved silently.

Connor nodded an acknowledgement.

“So, guys, are we about done here?” Angel asked, asking in his own unsubtle way to be left alone with his son.

“Hmmm?” Fred asked before suddenly getting it. “Oh, yeah!” She grabbed Gunn’s arm. “Let’s go do that thing.”

Gunn looked confused for a moment before his eyes widened. “Yeah, sure, that thing. The thing we need Lorne’s help with!”

“Exactly!” Fred cheered that he’d gotten her message.

Lorne raised an eyebrow at those two and shook his head in amusement before following them out.

“Yeah, so, um---,” Cordelia looked around her, trying to figure out some excuse to get out. “Chloe and I have to go over some details over that last case we had.” She finally grinned, heading over to the receptionist area, where Chloe was still seated on the counter, swinging her legs. “We’ll get right to work on it, okay boss? And we’ll, uh, I’ll be sure to hold all your calls. You guys just take your time.”

Quick thinking.” Chloe whispered the compliment to Cordelia.

Thanks.” The older woman grinned back at her as she whispered as well. “It’s those Improv classes I’ve been takingMakes it easier to come up with lies at the drop of a hat!

Giggling, Chloe shook her head at her friend and closed up her book, grabbing one of the Case Logs and pretending to read it. Cordelia grabbed one, motioned for Chloe to scoot over, and joined her on the counter, both pretending that they were immersed in the Log Books and not spying on Angel and Connor.

“Oh my god.” Cordelia giggled softly. “They look so much alike! Look at that! They’re both uncomfortable and folding their arms over their chests. He is so Angel’s son.”

Also amused as she spied at father and son over the top of the Case Log, Chloe nodded her agreement. “Will they stop looking in different directions and just speak to each other?”

“They’re men, honey. This whole bonding thing isn’t as easy for them as it is for us women.” Cordelia explained. “Remember, they aren’t half as developed as we are despite the fact that we are from the same species.”

“True, completely true.” Chloe grinned.

Suddenly Cordelia paused, a frown on her face. “WHAT?” She screamed, causing Chloe to drop her Case Log in surprise, and for Connor and Angel to turn and look at her. “WHERE?”

“Cordelia?” Chloe asked, turning to her friend, worried. “Are you okay?”

“WHERE’S ANGEL?” Cordelia shook Chloe, still screaming. “CAN YOU HEAR ME, CHLOE?”

“Cordy?” Chloe’s eyes went wide as she was shaken by Cordelia. “What is it? Is it a vision?”


Angel and Connor hurried in their direction, Angel reaching a second before and pulling Cordelia off of Chloe and forcing her to look at him. “Cordy, what’s wrong? What is it?”

“ANGEL!” Cordelia looked relieved. “IT’S A BAR! VAMPIRES! A GANG OF THEM!”

“What’s she going on about?” Connor asked warily.

Chloe hopped off of the counter, giving Angel and Cordelia more space, rubbing her smarting arms. “It’s a vision.” She told him, wincing slightly. “The Powers That Be give Cordelia visions of people Angel needs to help. He’s the Powers’ Champion.”

“She hurt you.”

Looking at him in surprise and confusion, Chloe followed his narrowed gaze and noticed that there were two ugly red handprints on her bare arms from where Cordelia had grabbed her tightly. “She didn’t mean to.”

“ANGEL, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” Cordelia was still screaming, looking at Angel in frustration. “I CAN SEE HER. A WOMAN! ANGEL! SHE’S ALL ALONE AND SHE DOESN’T SEE THEM!” She placed her hand to her ear as if she was trying to hear. “ANGEL, I CAN’T HEAR YOU! CAN YOU HEAR ME? IF YOU CAN--YOU HAVE TO HURRY!”

“Slow down!” Angel was trying to calm her.

Suddenly Cordelia blinked, looking around the Hyperion as if surprised to still see it there.

Chloe felt Connor’s gaze on her but she ignored him, focusing on Cordelia. “Cordy, are you okay?”

Cordelia turned at Chloe’s voice and nodded before turning to Angel and speaking normally. “There’s a woman at a bar. There’s a gang of vampires that are after her. You have to help her. In my vision I was in that bar and I couldn’t hear anything because of the noise and I know that she won’t make it if you don’t help her.”

“So much for holding my calls, huh?” Angel sighed with a small smile before turning to Connor. “Listen, um, I, uh, I have to go out for a while.”

“It’s okay.” Connor announced too quickly.

“It’s kind of my job.” Angel hurried to explain.

“Yeah, whatever.” Connor turned to leave, hands in his pockets.

“It could be kind of dangerous.” Angel called after him. “There’s a lot of killing and violence.” There was a pause. “You wanna come?”

Connor paused and turned towards Angel, a small smirk lighting up his face. “Sure.”

Angel grinned and then they were off.

Cordelia sighed as she turned to Chloe. “Off to dust a few vamps and kill or maim any other baddie in the neighborhood.” She grinned brightly. “Now that is how men bond.”

Chloe laughed. “It’s so much easier being a woman.”


When Angel returned later without Connor, Chloe had been a little worried, but the smile on Angel’s face had soothed away any fear. He’d sat down in the lobby and regaled Chloe and Cordelia with the story of how he and his son had fought back to back against a whole crew of vampires, and had beat the crap out of them.

And then he and Connor had mock-fought out in the dark alley, enjoying sparring together and trying out their different fighting techniques without trying to hurt the other.

“He’s an amazing fighter.” Angel gushed about his son, eyes sparkling like Chloe had never seen them do before. “The kid was born for it. The way he anticipated? I’m tellin’ ya. It’s in his blood.”

Cordelia grinned, just as enthused with the story as Chloe. “You don’t say.”

“There we were, and it was like we had never been apart.” Angel announced. “He felt it too, I know he did. You guys should’ve seen us together.”

Chloe grinned as she sat on his lap and hugged him. “I’m so happy for you, Angel.”

Angel grinned and hugged her back tightly. “I got my son back.”

“You know who he reminds me of? Connor I mean?” Cordelia suddenly announced.

“Who?” Chloe asked, looking back at her friend in curiosity.

“Of Groo.” Cordelia smiled softly, seeming lost in her thoughts. “I wonder how he’s doing---king and all.” She paused. “I wonder if he found himself a queen.”

Angel looked a little insulted that Cordelia considered there to be something similar between his son and the Groosalugg.

Chloe didn’t however. During the time they’d been in Pylea she’d thought the warrior in love with Cordelia to be extremely handsome and an amazing fighter. “Yeah, I kinda get what you’re saying Cor. He does remind me of Connor in some way.”

Angel gave her a little glare.

Cordelia just smiled.

Chloe hugged Angel once more, and when he hugged her back she knew she’d been forgiven.


“Stop saying that.” Connor closed his eyes tighter, not waiting to hear what his father had said. Holtz had trailed him and Angel, had witnessed them fighting together in the bar, and playfully sparring in the alley. And now he was telling him this.

“It’s true son.” Holtz held Connor’s hands in his own.

“You’re wrong.”

“I’m not wrong.” Holtz sighed. “Anyone who saw you together would realize that’s where you’re meant to be—at his side.”


“It was your need for him that drove you across the dimensions.” Holtz said calmly.

“I don’t need him!” Connor exclaimed, feeling guilty and horrible for making his father believe this---for having enjoyed spending time with Angel.

“Go back to him, Steven.”

“Why are you doing this?” Connor whispered. “Why? God gave me to you.”

“Yes.” Holtz agreed with a sad smile. “It was God’s plan for us to be together. Nothing would ever persuade me otherwise.” He paused for a moment, looking at his son. “But now it’s time for me to give you back.”

“He’s a demon.”

“And you’re the bastard son of two demons.” Holtz replied in a no-nonsense sort of way.

“Then I’m a demon.”

“You’re not.” Hotlz shook his head. “God help me. I don’t know what you are. But I am not the one to give you answers. And there are answers.” He squeezed Connor’s hands. “Go and find them out.”

Connor pulled his hands from Holtz’. “This morning you told me that he was evil—that I should kill him, and now you say I belong with him? You told me not to be deceived, but you’ve let yourself be deceived.”

“If I could stop this I would, son. But we were brought here by forces beyond our control.”

“You’re wrong.” Connor stood from the table, refusing to listen to his father who said one thing one minute and another the other.

He left the motel and ran away as fast as his feet could take him. He needed to get away. He needed to think.

He needed…


Chloe was already in her sleep-shirt when she felt it. It was that same tug she was beginning to associate with Connor. Curiosity ate her alive, wondering what he was doing here so late, so she tip toed out of her room and headed towards the stairs—towards the voices.

Down below Lorne was leaning against the railing, glaring at Connor, and Connor was sneering at Lorne even though he was seated next to Cordelia, who was talking to him as if trying to calm him.

“Steven,” she laid her hand on his arm. “I know you haven’t been in this world very long, and I image things were pretty Wild Westy out where you’re from. But Lorne’s a good guy, honestly.”

Chloe frowned at that as she began to silently make her way down the stairs. Had Connor said or done something to Lorne?

“It’s a demon.” Connor sneered, eyes still on Lorne.

“Right. True. He is.” Cordelia agreed slowly. “But ‘demon’ doesn’t always mean ‘evil’ in this dimension. I mean, look at me.”

At that Connor finally slid his gaze off of Lorne and onto her.

“Well,” Cordelia continued. “I’m part demon. Yeah. By choice. I did I so that I could help people.” She turned to Lorne with a small smile. “And so that the back of my head wouldn’t explode.”

Suddenly there was the sound of a dagger being unsheathed and Cordelia gasping as Connor moved fast as lightning, pinning Cordelia down and bringing the dagger he always kept on him down at her.

Connor!” Chloe screamed as she raced off of the stairways and passed Lorne, who tried to grab her and pull her back for her own safety. “Connor stop it!”

He looked up at Chloe, seeming so frightened and lost and hurt, holding the dagger poised right above Cordelia’s heart.

“You want to hurt a demon? Here. Hurt me.” She whispered, slowly making her way towards them. “Don’t hurt Cordelia though, please, Connor. Don’t. She’s my friend.”

The hand Connor was holding the dagger with began to tremble.

“You don’t have to do this.” Chloe continued to edge forwards slowly, as if approaching a wounded wolf. “You don’t have to do this.”

I sense his sadness, anger and fear.’ Cordelia’s voice echoed in Chloe’s head. Apparently another one of her powers was appearing. ‘So much evil—so much PAIN he’s had to see. Chloe---he’s sick with it. It’s eating him up. Holtz has hurt him psychologically so BADLY! And Quor’toth has hurt him in every other way. The darkness, the confusion—he thinks it’s where he belongs but it isn’t. This isn’t him, Chloe, this is him in fear. He’s not a bad boy---he isn’t.’

I know. Chloe was finally next to them, slowly reaching with her hand before she closed her fingers over the hand with which Connor held the dagger. “Let it go, Connor. Let all the hurts and everything go. You’re alright now. You’re safe. You’re safe.”

Connor’s hand trembled, his wide, blue-eyed gaze on her and only her as he let her take the dagger from his hand and drop it on the floor.

Everything’s going to be alright now.” She whispered, threading her fingers through his and subtly moving him off of Cordelia, moving so that he was seated and she was kneeling at his feet, eyes never leaving each other’s.

Chloe raised her hand and cupped his cheek, her thumb caressing his skin in a soothing notion as she continued to whisper as to not jar him. She didn’t realize she was glowing with a bright white light until she felt heat erupt in her and the brightness shot from her to Connor, covering them both.

The blonde was frightened, and she knew that he was too, but neither looked away from the other, and suddenly something inside of Connor broke, and the light took it away before disappearing.

Connor gasped softly, trembling, before Chloe acted on instinct and reached out and hugged him, holding him tightly to her as she would Angel or anyone else from her family. “It’s alright.” She whispered, feeling him holding her tight and shivering, tears wetting her clothes. “Everything’s alright now.”

She didn’t know how long they stayed like that. Chloe held him close until long after they’d both stopped crying, and just listened to the sound of their breaths, of their heartbeats. She felt drained, confused, wondering if this was the same white light Angel said had erupted from her body and burnt him when he’d killed her.

The light had done something to Connor too, it’d broken something from him and taken it, and yet Chloe knew that somehow it’d helped him. It’d taken the anger and the sorrow and the hurt, and it’d left him empty. But at least this way he could fill that gap with happier feelings, with better emotions.

Wondering if this meant that she’d had some demon in herself before Angelus had sired her, Chloe felt all of her energy leave her as her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she collapsed.


Connor had been given him own room in the Hyperion, and yet deep into the night he found himself seating on the foot of Chloe’s bed. After she’d taken away the darkness he’d always had within she’d collapsed, nearly dead. Connor had been worried but Angel had swooped in, gathered her up, and taken her away.

Things had gone downhill from there.

Not only had Connor accidentally let slip that Holtz was back as well, but he’d let himself get tricked by Fred and Gunn, letting them take him to see the ocean. He’d thought it was their way to help him keep his mind off of his problems, but then he’d overheard them say how it was a way of keeping him distracted while Angel went to confront Holtz.

He’d raced away, desperate to get to his father on time but he’d been too late. Connor had come upon a woman crying over his father’s dead body---his father’s dead body with puncture wounds on his neck.

And the woman, Justine, told him of how Angel had confronted his father and killed him for taking Connor, even when Holtz had decided to leave Connor with Angel. They’d taken his father’s body somewhere and burnt it, giving it the burial of a warrior, before beginning their plans to stop Angel once and for all.

“I can see how he has you fooled about his true nature.” Connor whispered to Chloe’s sleeping figure. “I have known him for only a day and I was beginning to believe…”

He closed his eyes tightly, remembering how he’d returned to the Hyperion and how Angel had told him a false story about talking to Holtz and how his father had given the vampire a letter for him. Connor had just gone along with the game, pretending that he hadn’t found his father’s dead body, pretending he believed in this letter he was presented.

It would only suit his purpose better.

Angel would be so self-confident believing that his lies hadn’t been discovered, that his evil deeds had succeeded, that he wouldn’t know what hit him when Connor avenged Holtz.

Chloe whimpered in her sleep, turning and hugging her pillow to her chest.

Connor opened his eyes and watched her, wondering what it was about her that made her special. Why he could track her so easily. Wondered why only now, in her presence, he felt peace.

“I’ll set us both free.” He whispered to her before getting up and going to his room.

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