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The New Circle 97A/? 
12th-Oct-2013 12:15 am
TNC Dragons42

Title: The New Circle
Fandoms: Smallville/Secret Circle
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Whitney Fordman, Greg Arkin, Cassie Blake, Diana Meade, Mikhail Balcoin, Lucas Dunleavy, Faye Chamberlain, Byron Moore...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe Sullivan had a normal-ish life before the circle and John Blackwell turned her life upside down and gave new meaning to the unexplained weirdness that goes on in Smallville. Now life's a witch, she's a part of a circle she's not too sure she wants to be bound to, and not only do they have to worry about Witch-Hunters, but unknowingly to them another circle is on the hunt too.

Warmth tingled down the expanse of her spine as cool air somehow met her skin, disturbing her sleep, the girl groaning as she pressed up harder against her source of heat. She was in that wondrous land of half-awake, half-asleep, still mostly dreaming and yet on the edges of awareness. The warmth was delicious so she snuggled closer, instinctively wanting to be as close as possible, to be wrapped in this warmth and protected from the coolness in the air. It was only when she felt a thumping against her cheek that she paused and woke up to realize that her body was curled around another's.

Confusion and fear filled Chloe as her eyes flew open, the blonde yanking away from the male she'd basically been laying on top of, her limbs curled around. Those green eyes widened in shock as she realized that she'd been sleeping in her bed with Major Dru-Zod. She was wearing one of the slinky silk camisole nightdresses Faye had bought while in her body, with no underwear on, and Zod, well, Zod was shirtless. Chloe yanked up the sheets and stared under it as a little squeak escaped her lips and she let the sheet fall back into place. A dark blush covered her face as she closed her eyes tightly. The Major slept commando.

Oh gods. Oh gods! How had this happened?

The blonde stared down at the basically naked Dragon in human form and tried to figure out what the hell had led to this situation. The last thing she could remember was getting hit by a stray curse from the Luthor 'quibbling' and yet she couldn't figure out how that could end up with a panty-less her and a naked Zod in bed together!

Her eyes widened, her blush darkening. They hadn't done 'it' had they?

Those greens turned to Zod in wide-eyed question.

She gulped, rubbing her thighs together in question, not feeling sore and figuring that that meant that they hadn't done anything. So what had happened and why was he in her bed? Sleeping. NAKED.

Licking her lips, Chloe leaned over to wake him up and get her answers, but then she realized that this was the first time that she'd ever seen the Major so unguarded like this and probably would never get this opportunity again, and the temptation was too great. She bit down on her bottom lip as her greens lowered onto his face, relaxed in his sleep. Zod was sleeping with his hand resting over his eyes, displaying a ring with the symbol for the House of Zod. She leaned over closer, eyeing the symbol, before her eyes lowered to his lips, the blonde licking her own.

When Zod wasn't talking, he was actually really hot.

She cleared her throat, gaze going to the necklace that hung around his neck. She hadn't noticed it before, her gaze following the chain to the pendant which held the symbol for the House of Zod, as well as what seemed like the Dragon version of military dog tags. Those dog tags weren't the only things that betrayed the fact that Zod had been in wars. No. Now that Chloe was looking, she could see white and soft pink scars littered all over his body in different stages of healing. Some of the scars that marked his body had been made by blades, but most of them had clearly been made by animalistic claws and teeth.

Her hand reached out and, before she realized what she was doing, Chloe traced one of the bite marks softly, the skin hard under her fingertips.

Zod made a little noise, shifting in his sleep, the sheets falling lower on his hips, revealing the exquisite, light silver scales trailing down from his naval.

Chloe gulped loudly.

Licking her lips, throat suddenly parched, Chloe moved a little nearer as she leaned down closer to get a better look at those scales. Her breath fanned his skin as she stared at the light silver scales with the incredibly complex and beautiful designs in them, remembering Seyg commenting on her scales being silver and wondering if the reason these scales here were silver were because hers were silver. Because the scales on her back weren't silver. While she hadn't been able to get that good of a look at them, she'd been able to tell they weren't silver, and she was guessing they were the color of his scales. Maybe it was the Dragon version of a ring. That and having each other's symbols.

The symbol.

Gulping louder, Chloe wondered why the hell his was down there while hers was in a much more innocent place. Curiosity got the better of her and she eased his sheet down a little lower, and a little lower once more, seeing the top half of the symbol she'd come to see as her symbol. She bit down on her bottom lip, nibbling on it thoughtfully, something inside of her reacting to her mark branding someone else so intimately. It had to be the Dragon part of her, only the Dragon part of her would be that messed up.

Once again, her hand moved without her even thinking her actions through, the girl's thumb and forefinger brushing over the symbol while her pinky and ring finger slid up the silver scales.

Simultaneously, a shock of pleasure raced down her spine and a cry of pleasure escaped her shocked, parted lips.

Immediately, Lieutenant Zod stood at attention.

Going completely beet red, realizing she'd basically been groping Zod during his sleep like some pervert, Chloe rolled away so that she had her back to him. Face burning, Chloe stared ahead of her, mentally scolding herself for what she'd just done. What in the world had she just done? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

"You know, you were a lot braver than I thought you'd be." Zod's voice was hoarse yet pleased from behind her, causing Chloe's eyes to widen in horror and embarrassment. "I did not expect you to be so bold in your exploration of my body."

The girl twirled around in the bed to face him. "You were awake?"

"When one is used to combat, one learns to be a light sleeper." He turned to face her in the bed, the sheet hanging dangerously low on his hips. "Otherwise, who knows what might happen to you while you're sleeping."

Shame filled her as she looked away, knowing she was scarlet-faced. "I am sorry. I have no excuse for what I did."

He eyed her curiously, resting his head against the pillow. "You're my wife. My body is yours for the exploring, as yours is mine."

Chloe's face went redder. "I disagree."

Zod tilted his head slightly, bending his knee and somehow managing to insinuate it between her thighs, brushing against her softly, provocatively. "Do you really?"

Chloe gave a little gasp, that shock of pleasure racing up her spine once more as her lips parted, heat racing to the V of her thighs, exactly where his knee was. She reached down between them, hand on his knee to push him away, but when he rubbed it against her again, she cried out and failed to push him away, the girl instead clutching at his leg, nails digging into his skin.

"Physically, you are attracted to me." Zod's voice lowered as he drew closer, capturing one of her arms and nibbling his way down her inner arm. "Why fight what you obviously desire?"

Chloe whimpered, arching into him, ending up straddling his thigh, Zod's arm going around her, pulling her against him so that she could feel him against her. "I – I don't like you." She groaned, eyes fluttering closed as his mouth found her neck, her hips seeming to move on their own as they bucked against his thigh. "I really don't like you!"

He grinned into her neck, she could feel that grin. "I know."

She pulled away enough to look into his face. "That amuses you?"

"Chloe," Zod stared deep into her eyes, "we're married and in two years you will bare our first child. You will grow to like me. It is only a matter of time. Until then, it is acceptable that you merely desire me."

The assurance in his voice made her pause, the blonde staring into his face, suddenly remembering something. "Rao says that we're not married, that we're merely Melded."

Zod frowned, pulling away. "What are you talking about?"

Chloe licked her lips, sitting up. "When I talked to him about you, I showed him the symbol, the scales. He wasn't happy, Zod. He said that Seyg interfered, insinuated that there's another player we don't know of yet. He said that you didn't look at my scales closely enough, that what we have isn't a marriage. That it's a Meld." She cleared her throat. "What does that mean?"

Zod was pale. "Turn around. I need to have a proper look at your scales in good light."

She nodded, lying on her back while Zod stood and went to the window, throwing open all of the curtains, not at all worried about the fact that he was butt-naked. Chloe had turned to watch him go, about to tell him to put on some clothes but she'd gotten distracted by the view of his naked backside and had forgotten what she'd been about to tell him, and then he'd turned around towards her and she'd gone beet-red once more and buried her face in the pillow. That was why when he'd returned to the bed, she hadn't seen his hand half transformed, hadn't seen the claws, hadn't been ready for the back of her dress to be ripped to shreds, leaving her utterly naked to him.

Then again, considering that she'd known he'd wanted to see the scales, she should have been expecting this, shouldn't she?

"Zod!" Chloe gasped, lifting her head from the pillow as he sat by her on the bed, gaze purely on the scales that trailed down her spine and ended before the mark of the House of Zod at the small of her back.

His hand, which was now human once more, trailed down the scales, and it was all Chloe could do to keep from screaming as intense pleasure pooled at the V of her thighs, warm and tingling and making her desperate. She rubbed them together as discreetly as she could but knew that with his Dragon senses, Zod could probably smell it, especially with how close he was leaning down there, and it was mortifying. Especially because if he didn't stop stroking those scales, she was going to stop trying to be discreet about the rubbing of her thighs and be blatant about it! Maybe even wriggle her butt around provokingly!

This was horrible. Those scales were like an "on" switch!

Suddenly a low growl echoed around the room. It wasn't a seductive growl. No. It was pissed.

Zod's hand left her scales, allowing Chloe to slightly think about more than just, well… But she was still so warm and needy, it was ridiculous. "That ill-begotten slugborn!"


That must be a special Dragon curse word.

"What is it?" Chloe shifted so she was sitting, pulling the sheets up around her breasts. "Was he right? Is this a Meld? And if so, what does that even mean?"

"It's a Meld," Zod replied, sitting half turned away from her, elbows resting on his knees as he stared ahead of him. "A Meld."

"What does that mean?" Chloe pressed.

"Give me synonyms for the word itself," Zod replied with a sigh.

"What are we in? High school?" Chloe frowned at his back, holding her sheets to her chest as she did as instructed nonetheless. "Fuse. Merge. Mingle. Associate. Interblend. Mix. Unite. Marry." She sent him a look before suddenly she went pale. "Amalgamate." Her gaze went to Zod as she shook her head. "No."

He finally turned to look at her. "I'm afraid so, yes."

"NO." Chloe rose from the bed, taking the sheet with her. "I – NO!"

Zod let out a great sigh as he leaned forwards in bed, elbows on his knees. "It isn't something that has been done often, only in times of great shortages."

"Shortages of what?" Chloe glared at him. "Females?"


Chloe's eyes widened, unable to believe what she was hearing, licking her lips. "I refuse."

"I'm not exactly happy here either," Zod informed her. "If I have managed to read the weaving on your scales correctly, not only am I not the first color, but it would seem that while our magics did connect naturally in Apokalips as potentials, Councilman Seyg forced the Meld through, which is why I never realized it wasn't a marriage."

"He can do that?" Chloe was shocked.

"He's one of the oldest living Dragons." Zod nodded, running his fingers through his hair. "The oldest Dragons are the most powerful and can do things that leave even other Dragons confused, like I am now." He chuckled darkly, shaking his head. "My plans were to pull the Sanguine aside to talk privately about what I would need and expect from him while I was not in this dimension should a miracle happen and we win the war, but I did not expect this revelation." A muscle jumped in his cheek. "I am not good at handling surprises. I usually am prepared for anything that could possibly go wrong. How could I not have noticed the slight deviation in color in the scales?" His eyes narrowed. "I need to be more observant than this."

"What does Whitney-? You know what? Not important." She took in a deep breath, calming herself. "We need to find out who this other guy Rao has for me is. Rao hinted that he mightn't have his magic active yet and that was why he wanted me to meet you, so that you could activate my Dragon magic for them."

A muscle jumped in Zod's cheek. "I see."

Chloe took in a deep breath, sitting down next to Zod. "But, to be honest, finding the Genesis Caves is more important right now."

"On one hand, yes, strategically speaking, if they hold the power and knowledge hinted that they do, it is important that you find them." Zod had to admit that. "But if there is another… Dragon… out there," his face was pinched in unhappiness, "I believe it is one of Lionel Luthor's son's Circle members, if not one of his children themselves."

Chloe eyed him curiously. "You're not sure then."

He glared at her. "I know it is not the one you call Davis; he is a half Salamander."

Chloe blinked. "What?"

"I was trying to tell you that in the truck, but you are most thick sometimes."

She slapped his arm.

His lips twitched in dark amusement.

"Davis has magic from Apokalips?" Chloe slipped closer to Zod in shock.

"It's active, I could feel it." Zod nodded. "He is a halfling, like you, though not half as strong as you are as he wasn't born with it. It was grafted onto him; he is at best an experiment." He frowned. "I believe he is a result of Steppenwolf."

"Steppenwolf?" Chloe asked curiously.

"The Salamanders do not evolve to the degree that they can shift, and yet one, Steppenwolf, did. He was killed and examined to try and determine why and how, although a cause was never determined and his magical essence was bottled away and forgotten, ultimately 'lost'." Zod eyed her.

"Appropriated," she figured. "By Rao."

He frowned. "I did not know that Rao had anything to do with the Steppenwolf disappearance until today when I sensed the boy, although when I saw his mother and the other boy's mother for the first time, I recognized them and it all became clear."

Chloe blinked. "I see." She then frowned. "Wait, I don't see. Why did you recognize them and how did it become clear?"

"While Janus, Lionel and John were the ones in attendance with Rao that day, others were obviously in Apokalips – John, Sindella and Zatanna Zatara were left behind as Trades," Zod reminded. "Those women were there with a man and a boy. The boy was very sickly; I could smell death circling him. The child probably this Davis. The women were at odds as it seemed it had recently been discovered that the husband of one was the father of the child, but otherwise, they seemed to be working as a team," Zod replied candidly, as if he hadn't just shared something incredibly shocking with her. "I didn't give them any thought afterwards until I saw them again."

Chloe's eyes widened. "Davis and Jason are half brothers?"

"Yes, it was confirmed today. As I was taking you away, I heard them speaking." He raised an eyebrow at her expression. "I have excellent hearing."

Chloe frowned. "Taking me away?" And then she remembered something, eyes narrowing, throwing a cushion over his lap when she remembered that he was naked. "Why were you taking me away? How exactly did we end up here in bed anyway? And why are you naked?"

"This is how I sleep." He eyed the cushion as if it was an insult, throwing it back on the bed. "At the time, I was under the impression we were married and wanted to ease you into being at proximity with me and at the same time giving you the opportunity to sate any curiosity your mortification and inhibitions wouldn't allow you to normally while I was awake."

Chloe's eyes widened, pointing a finger at him accusingly. "You staged this whole thing so I would grope you!"

"No, this was strategically planned so that you could grow more used to my physical closeness and nakedness," he replied. "You groped me. I'm still surprised you were that forward in your curiosity."

She flushed darkly, pointing the digit away, feeling her whole body radiating embarrassed heat. "I can't believe I was that forward myself, actually."

"Don't get me wrong, I was shocked, not displeased." He winked, sitting on the edge of the bed once more, leaning back as he eyed her almost leeringly, head tilted as if he could see through the sheet. "When we find out who this other Dragon is, I will have to kill him." He raised an eyebrow. "I do not wish to share you with another of my kind."

She held her sheets tighter around herself. "You act as if I have no say in this matter."

"Oh?" His gaze rose to her face. "Do you wish to be shared with him then?"

Her flush darkened. "What I mean is that you don't have to worry about 'sharing' me with another of your kind because I'm not going to be with him or you." She held her head high. "When I finally have the time to get with someone, and believe me, with the stress everyone is putting me under, I'm about to pull the first Tom, Draco or Harry into a broom closet and have my wicked way with him just for stress relief – but when that happens – it'll be because I want it." She glared at the arrogant Dragon who just didn't seem to get that. "It won't be because one crazy old Dragon wants to start a new race of Dragons in his own image or because another crazy old Dragon wants to preserve another long lineage of Dragons. It'll be because I'm in need of relief. That's all."

Zod leaned back on the bed, resting his weight comfortably on his elbows. "Have you always felt the need to be in complete control?"

He had a way of completely putting her off-kilter, of aggravating her to no end, the blonde giving a little growl before licking her lips and taking in a deep breath. "Yes."

He grinned.

She frowned, once again not sure how to react to him, instead merely tightening her sheet around her chest.

"Your family and friends believe that we are married," Zod announced, causing the blonde to freeze in horror. "It should make the other Dragon reveal himself."

"How could they-?" Her eyes widened before narrowing. "You!"

He nodded. "Yes. I."

"Why?" Chloe snarled, storming towards him. "I can't believe you'd-!" She then paused, her anger melting away in confusion. "What do you mean reveal himself? Can't you just smell him like you can the others?"

Zod eyed her curiously. "Of course not."

Her eyes widened. "Why not?"

"It is a defense mechanism ingrained magically into every Dragon halfling," Zod replied. "Until your Dragon magic activated in Apokalips, you weren't distinguishable either."

"So when you activated my magic-"

"No." Zod shook his head.

"No what?" Chloe frowned.

"I didn't activate your Dragon magic," Zod corrected. "Your Dragon Magic was already in the beginning stages of awakening when I met you."

Chloe frowned. "But how is that possible?"

Zod eyed her thoughtfully. "What did you do when you first arrived in Apokalips?"

The girl opened her mouth and then closed it, frowning. "I don't remember."

He frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I teleported on my own, and days must have passed but I don't remember anything until I woke up in Zatanna's cave," Chloe admitted as she sat down heavily next to Zod on the bed. "Whitney said he finally found me after about two days of hiking, and I'd been gone for at least a day or two before that, but I can't remember any of it. It's a blank. I don't know why. When Whitney found me, I was encased in a dark, translucent bubble letting out Harbingers."

Zod frowned, sitting up and turning towards her. "The Orb."

"What?" Chloe turned to face him as well.

Zod's eyes shifted for a second. "That Slugborn."

Chloe's eyes widened. "Councilman Seyg? What does he have to do with anything?"

"You have to return to Apokalips." Zod's voice was dark, his expression steel. "Now."

"I told you I was not-!"

Zod's hand reached out and grabbed Chloe's upper arm, the Dragon's grip vicious as he jerked her into him violently, staring into her greens unrelenting. "We are going back. Put on your clothes."

There was something so urgent in his eyes, so deadly, so angry, that Chloe almost didn't question him, almost. "What is the Orb?"

A muscle jumped in Zod's cheek, his eyes shifting reptilian and this time staying that way, although his scales didn't appear. "You'll need to talk to your people, tell them about the Genesis Caves, have them begin preparations." He rose from the bed, moving away from her as he strode towards where his clothes were flung over a chair. "Have two trades ready for us because I know that the Council will not authorize our departure once more once we return."

Chloe frowned at his back, watching him pull on his pants. "Zod."

He ignored her, stepping into his boots and tying the laces.

Standing, Chloe moved towards him and grabbed him by his arm, leading the man to turn around and straighten, to face her. "What's going on?"

Zod sighed, blue reptilians darting away from her off to the side.

Chloe reached up and clasped her fingers around his chin, forcing the Major to look down at her, unnerved by this out of character behavior from him. "Talk to me."

A muscle jumped in his cheek as he freed his chin from her hold, taking in a deep breath as he stared down into her face. "The Orb is a Draconian spherical device created at the insistence of the First Ruling Council to ensure that our bloodlines and magic would persist, or be preserved, should our existence or dominance be threatened in any way."

Chloe frowned darkly, staring up into his eyes, seeing nothing but truth in those reptilians.

"It has stored within it the DNA-strands and memories of Apokalips' greatest Draconian warriors, along with our oldest, purest bloodlines and magics." Zod's scales were beginning to appear on his cheekbones. "The Orb is not to be used except in times of great distress, and if it is used, it has to be used in union with the Stones of Power." Those eyes narrowed on Chloe. "Did your Sanguine remember seeing the Stones of Power or just the Orb?"

"Stones of Power?" Chloe frowned in confusion.

"I thought you were so tired because of your humanity." Zod shook his head with a snarl. "The process was not finished, it was interrupted. That was the real reason why Councilman Seyg was so adamant that I return you to Apokalips!" He ran clawed fingers through his hair roughly. "But why would he do this? WHY use the Orb? And why on you? A halfling at that? It makes no sense! Why do something like this and not say anything to me-" His eyes widened. "Unless he hasn't told the other members of the Council?" The Dragon took a step back, clearly confused and worried as he reached for his shirt, slipping it on over his head. "Hurry, we must go. Something is not right. We must go back to Apokalips now."

12th-Oct-2013 05:58 am (UTC)
You motherfucking TEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there was plot at the end of this part but I can't seem to focus.

Anyways off to reread the first part and then I'll read the next part. Yes I have my priorities sorted. XD
14th-Oct-2013 06:18 am (UTC)
Yes, I totes am. *evil grin*

LMFAO. You've been blinded to the plot?!?!?!
13th-Oct-2013 02:27 pm (UTC)
Hmmm. Interesting exploration scene. I liked the way you detailed which fingers went where when Chloe was tracing her symbol and the reactions to touching each others' scales. I'm glad she resisted Zod though. Attraction may be enough for the beginning of an arranged marriage but Chloe has deep emotional ties already as well as desire with other guys and I'd hate for the dragon to steal a march on Whitney and Jason just because he's arrogant enough to try. (Adam I feel she just loves rather than wants and maybe not even loves non-platonically.)

Amalgamate? So she has TWO dragon mates? But one of them is human? And from the Luthor son's circle? So, Lex or Julian - I refuse to consider Lucas because that blood oath was truly awesome - or.... If it's a Circle member and not Tess (which would be hilarious - try to make a mate and end up with another breeder) and not Davis, that only leaves Oliver and he hates Chloe. Well, not hates her, but is way too willing to kill her to be a mate. Julian or Lex? Hmmm.

Julian wins in the humanity contest but his only surviving circle mates are girls, which could be awkward but also a great chance to tie in Lois.

Lex already has weird magic interactions with Chloe and desires her, but... even before Patty was revealed as a double agent Lex didn't have much emotional support to give and is clearly part of the power-hungry Luthor tradition. Lex would be the most dramatically interesting choice but I'm not sure I'd favor him either mating with Chloe or being killed.

Also, Zod mentioned not sharing Chloe with one of his kind. Does this mean that he'd be able/willing to share her with human mates? Whitney & Jason for the win! ;-)
13th-Oct-2013 02:30 pm (UTC)
Also, I always forget to ask this but it hasn't ever been truly explained: females give birth to the darkness? As in, only females have babies or is there more there? And they lose their fertility when miserable? Is that how there's a shortage of females or is the birth rate for dragons that skewed? How dangerous is birth and why?

How is Chloe so dark if her female parent is human and only females give birth to the darkness? Yes, special conception, but....
14th-Oct-2013 06:23 am (UTC)
Yes, she is definitely attracted to Zod, but in this story Chloe is the Queen of Self-Denial. That's how she's gotten this far with no real boyfriend or relationship, and a lot of stress and responsibilities instead. She needs to start thinking about herself and her needs but with Chloe don't know if that will be happening unless she'd forced to face it.

I like the different scenarios you've gone through with everyone and the why nots, they are interesting to read.

*grins* the darkness. You'll actually get a hint of that soon! And it is NOT babies. There is more to it than that. *but that's all I'm saying*
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