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Chloe's Supernatural - Season One 20/? 
10th-Dec-2008 11:01 pm

Title: Chloe's Supernatural
Season: 1
Part: 2
Rating: T-M
Pairing: Chloe/Dean, Chloe/Sam, Dean/Chloe/Sam
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Warning: Spoilers Supernatural Season 1, AU Smallville
Summary:  Chloe has been traveling with the WInchesters for months now, working the cases with them and getting closer to both brothers, trying to do their job, find their father, and understand more about the demon that killed their mother, Jessica, and is now after Chloe. There's also the mystery of Chloe's mother, and now Lois and the Justice League are getting mixed in the deal as well...

Sam and Dean had been already halfway to Metropolis by the time that they received their father’s call. The brothers had been debating which of the many buildings Oliver Queen owned he could be hiding Chloe in, when Dean’s ring tone sounded out loud and proud.

“Yeah?” He asked, flipping the lid and pressing it to his ear, gaze never leaving the road.

Chloe’s being kept at the Clock Tower in Metropolis.” John Winchester’s voice surprised the hell out of his son. “The place is heavily guarded and supposedly has the ‘best security known to man’, so you’re going to have some trouble getting in.

Dad?” Dean asked in surprise, slowing down. “How--?”

“They brought Lois, made her promise not to talk to you guys and tell you where Chloe is…so she called me instead and told me to tell you.” John Winchester announced curtly, cutting into his son’s question.

“How did Lois have your number?” Dean asked, sharing a curious glance with Sam.

The dial tone was his only answer.

“He hung up on me.” Dean snorted, throwing his cellular in the backseat before turning to his brother. “Chloe’s in the Metropolis Clock Tower and dad and Lois are somehow phone buddies. When did that happen?”

Sam raised an eyebrow before shaking his head. “Let’s get Chloe back and then we can ask Lois.”

Dean nodded and pressed down on the pedal, speeding them up even more now that they had a destination in mind. Neither of them even suspecting that their father had forgotten to clue them in on a very important piece of information.


Chloe was a more than a little confused as she looked out of the large window in the Clock Tower. Since she’d awoken she’d seen many new faces who swore they were old friends, and while she appreciated their worry and desire to help her regain the memories that eluded her she was glad for this moment of silent respite.

Hugging herself, the blonde took in a deep breath, looking down at the hustle and bustle of the daily life in Metropolis. People were hurrying to and fro, ignoring each other on the streets as they tried to get back to work or wherever it was that they were going.

Something inside of Chloe felt nostalgic as she watched the going-ons below, and yet a greater part of her was decidedly focused on something else.

Yes, she knew she loved and was close to her cousin Lois, and her two friends Oliver and Clark, but it was as if Chloe’s subconscious was nagging her that something was missing. She didn’t feel completely at ease, completely safe, completely at home. It was as if she was missing a key element in her life, and she couldn’t help but wonder if it was something she just couldn’t remember or if it was just that she always felt this cold and alone inside.

Oh God, I hope not!

Hearing the sounds from the next room grow louder, her curiosity got the best of her and she tiptoed to the next room, listening into the tense conversation.

We need to bring them here.” Lois argued. “Chloe’s been living with them for the last couple of months. Let’s face it, they’re closer to her than any of us are right now, and if there’s anyone who can trigger her memory it’ll be them.”

This is their fault in the first place.” Oliver sounded annoyed. “If they’d taken better care of her none of this would have happened.”

We still don’t KNOW what happened!” Lois seemed about to explode. “And you can’t blame them, you know you can’t. They couldn’t be with Chloe every single moment of the day and you know it! Even if they wanted to she wouldn’t have let them. Chloe’s an independent, free-thinking woman and they respect that. It’s time you and Smallville do as well.”

There was a sigh. “I respect her, Lois. I--.

And Lois sighed as well. “You’re worried about her. You miss her and you know that she’s not safe, not with what’s after her. But Oliver, you haven’t seen them together like I have. Chloe loves Dean and Sam, and they love her so much I get sick if I’m around them too long.”

Sam? Dean?

Chloe paused, bringing her hand to her head, frowning at the pain as flashes of images raced before her eyes.


“I’m Sam Winchester.” The brunette quickly butted into whatever the sandy-blonde was about to say, taking a step towards her. “And this is my brother, Dean.”

Winchester Chloe’s heart skipped a beat.


Chloe turned off the television and got more comfortable in the bed, pulling the sheets up better around Sam and herself, closing her eyes.

Good night Sam.

And with that she drifted off into sleep.


“Wait a second. Why are all of your stuff in this one room? With only one bed?” Clark frowned, suddenly realizing this little point, eyes going wide open. “Are you three--?”

CLARK!” Chloe blushed darkly.

“And what if we were?” Dean wanted to know. “Chloe’s a gorgeous woman, and I usually don’t share my women but I definitely make an exception for my brother.”


Chloe kept her gaze on Sam’s, rubbing his cold arms, trying to be there for him. “That’s it Sam, you can do it.” She raised her hand and wiped away at the blood flowing from his nose.


Chloe smiled, and when Dean had limped into arm’s reach she surprised both of them by her pulling them into a threeway hug, which was more than a little awkward from the brothers but she didn’t care.

My boys.


“Sam?” Chloe whispered, hating the fact that her eyes were filling with unshed tears as she stood there, not knowing what she was asking him but asking him it all the same.

Sam gave her a small smile. “I have to go, Chloe. The most important thing for me right now is to find the demon that ruined my life and get revenge for Jess--formom.” His gaze shot to the Impala when the engine roared to life, before his gaze returned to Chloe. “I can’t stay here. I can’t.”

“I know.” The blonde whispered.

She didn’t remember moving but suddenly she was propelling forwards into his arms, burying her face in his shirt and crying as his arms went around her, his heat enveloping her body protectively as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

“I’m going to be fine, Chlo.” Sam whispered against her hair, hugging her tighter to him, his voice cracking suspiciously. “I’m going to find dad and help him kill that son of a bitch whether he wants me help or not. And then I’m going to come back, okay?”

She nodded against his shirt but didn’t trust her voice enough to speak.


“I’m not going anywhere.”

Dean tensed in surprise before turning to look at her and blinking, clearing his throat and relaxing under her touch as he returned his attention to the road.

Neither of them spoke much after that, nor did they comment when sometime during the long drive their fingers threaded together while Metallica serenaded them into the night.


Dean smiled softly and turned to look at her. “Thanks Chloe.” He paused. “For everything. For listening to me when I needed to talk, for being there for Sam when he was acting all Emo, for putting up with us bitching like old women, and for, well, for staying.”

She squeezed his hand and reached forwards, pressing a kiss against his cheek. “I told you, I’m not going anywhere. You and Sam, you’re closer than family for me right now, and I don’t plan on leaving.”

Dean cleared his throat and looked down at his muffin.


“What are you--?” Dean asked and then stopped in mid-sentence.

Chloe frowned and turned slightly to look at him, wondering why he’d stopped speaking. Her green eyes narrowed when she realized that he’d turned to look back at her and had realized that the position she was in while she tried to check the backseat gave him a great view of her jeans covered ass…

A view he was apparently enjoying if the expression on his face was anything to go by.

“Dean Winchester, just stop the car.”

“Uh? Oh, yeah.” He blinked, shaking his head as if trying to get out of a trance, and stopped the car on the side of the road.


She’d slept curled in Dean’s embrace, waking up with her head resting over his heart, her leg entwined with his, and his arm around her as he continued to sleep peacefully. Chloe smiled softly, listening to the steady rhythm of his heart before losing herself to thought.

This comfort she felt with Dean and Sam, this thing, it was the result of that connection she’d let slip to the elder Winchester before. She felt safe, trusting, comforted and completely at ease with the boys--something that was hard for her. And the boys obviously felt the same way around her.

And Sam and Dean weren’t people to trust others easily either.

And yet they seemed to fit perfectly in this little puzzle box, not one piece missing or extra.

Just as it should be.

Dean murmured something in his sleep and pulled her closer, breathing a contented breath in his sleep.

Chloe snuggled closer, closing her eyes.


“But I realized something.” Sam whispered, holding Chloe closer and smiling at his brother. “I realized that Jess and mom are gone. Dad’s only God knows where. You and Chloe--you’re all I have left.” He cleared his throat. “So if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it together.”

“I like the sound of that.” Chloe whispered before pulling away and smiling up into his face.

Dean looked at his brother seriously before speaking. “Hug me, Sam.” He said with fake tears in his eyes, voice hilariously ‘choked’. “That was so beautiful.”

Chloe laughed as Sam gave his brother a mock-glare.


“I’m not leaving you alone with him.” Sam said in determination.

Chloe growled in frustration. “Oh for heaven’s sake, go already! It’s not like Ollie’s gonna kidnap me while you’re gone!”

“I wouldn’t make that promise if I were you.” Oliver announced, not helping the situation any better as Sam tensed even more and his hand went subtly towards his gun once more.

“If you think I’m gonna let some stranger take Chloe away…” the brunette warned, his voice dark and savage, his eyes promising pain and torture.

Chloe’s eyes widened in surprise as she saw the usual lovable and smiling Sam turn into a feral animal right before her eyes, looking like a sleek cougar ready to defend its territory from an invading outsider.

Oliver’s arm around Chloe’s shoulder tightened before he shook his head. “You willing to kill for her, Winchester?”

“And die for her if it came to that.”


Sam was lying on his back, pillow on the ground, and she was draped all over him. During the night she’d shifted so that she was resting with her arm across his chest, her cheek over his heartbeat and one of her legs loped over his.

Dean had somehow shifted as well so that he was spooning her completely from behind, arm around her waist. His breath caressed the back of her neck and there was something hard pressing against her butt.

Chloe smiled slightly and shifted softly as to not wake up the brothers, pressing herself more against Sammy, resting her cheek closer to the beating of his heart. A blush reddened her cheeks and she slowly reached for Dean’s hand and slightly tugged him closer.

The sandy-blonde grumbled in his sleep but moved so that he was pressed up against her once more, his hard-on resting against her ass as he tightened his grip around her waist and fell back into sleep.


Sometime during the night Chloe woke up to darkness and the sound of the television. For a moment she was a little disoriented, but when Dean moaned in his sleep and pulled her closer to him as she slept leaning her head against his chest, Chloe grinned, remembering.

Sam’s arm was around and over both her and Dean, his leg between hers, his breath in her ear.

Smiling despite the blush on her cheeks, Chloe buried her face in Dean’s shirt and closed her eyes, breathing out a contented sigh.


Chloe whimpered as she felt those lips shift, felt him leaning towards her, felt the heat curling between them and leaving her breathless as Dean kissed her. The kiss was slow, passionate, like teasing foreplay designed to make a woman wither in agony and bliss.

Chloe reciprocated the kiss, opening her mouth to him, to his tongue, sucking on his bottom lip and pulling him closer, moaning Dean’s name as his hands left her face to embrace her and pull her flush against him on the bed---the laptop falling off of her lap and onto the sheets unnoticed.


“You okay, Chloe?” Sam asked, voice a little odd as his arms went around her. “You looked sad a little while ago and I was worried.”

“I know, but I’m fine now.” She burrowed closer to him, sighing happily. “You’re nice and toasty, I’m not letting go.”

He chuckled softly. “I’m not exactly complaining here.”

“Good.” And with that she closed her eyes and enjoyed his heat, listening to the crickets and waiting for Dean to return.



The blonde looked up through her headache, amazed and a little embarrassed by the images she’d seen. Apparently---apparently she’d been in an intimidate relationship with two brothers---at the same time.

“Where are they?” She asked, looking up at Lois and Oliver, who had finally noticed her in the doorway.

“Who?” Oliver asked.

“Sam and Dean.” Chloe took in a deep breath. “I remember---I saw flashes about them. I’m beginning to remember them, I think. I—I want to see them---I need to see them.”

For some reason Oliver looked hurt.

“Listen to the woman, Queen.” Lois announced in a soft voice. “She needs them.”

Oliver was silent for a moment, green gaze searching Chloe’s face, before he sighed and lowered his gaze. “I’ll have Clark find and escort them here immediately.”


Sam Winchester knew that his father had told Dean that this place had the best security in the world, but he really hadn’t thought that it would be that easy to be caught. Dean and he had done enough breaking and entering in their lives for the brunette to sheepishly consider himself one of the masters, and yet there was Clark Kent glaring at them as they closed the lid of the Impala.

Dude!” Dean announced, taking a couple of steps back in surprise, obviously not having heard Clark’s arrival either.

Clark was silent, looking from one brother to the other before speaking. “I’ve been waiting on you two. I don’t need to ask how you knew where Chloe was, I didn’t trust her cousin not to tell you in the first place.”

Sam frowned, feeling protective and defensive of Lois. Plus, this was one of the men who’d taken Chloe away from him, so he really didn’t need much of a push to have his negative feelings take over completely.

Training his pistol at the muscular, blue-eyed man, Sam narrowed his eyes. “Take us to Chloe.”

Clark eyed the pistol with little interest before scoffing and shaking his head. “You guys just don’t get it, do you?”

“Look, Kent,” Dean announced, voice tense and strained. “Enough of the chitchat and take us to our girl.”

“That’s why I’m here.” Kent spoke mostly to himself as he pushed himself off of the Impala and turned his back on them, motioning for them to follow him as he headed towards the Metropolis Clock Tower.

The brothers exchanged glances, wondering why Kent was giving in so easily, and hurried behind him, entering the Clock Tower and going passed the many security checks. Sam had to admit that on their own they probably wouldn’t have been able to get into the Clock Tower, much less undetected.

It really made him wonder why Chloe’s friends had changed their attitude towards them, but Sam really didn’t have time to ponder because they were suddenly in the elevator, and in what seemed like seconds the door had opened and they walked into the main room in the Clock Tower, and Chloe was standing there watching them.

Chloe.” Dean whispered in relief as he saw her, shoulders sagging in obvious relief. “Thank God you’re okay!

And while Sam was happy that Chloe was okay, he hesitated his greeting, just looking at her. She was pale, and silent. Since when was Chloe so silent? And her eyes----her eyes spoke of confusion and a little fear.

He didn’t like fear in those beautiful green eyes when they were trained on him. Not when they were Chloe’s eyes. “Chlo?”

“Sam.” And somehow it sounded like a question as she turned her gaze on Dean. “Dean.”

And that was when Sam knew that his suspicions were right. Something had happened to Chloe…something was wrong…something was off.

But what?


Chloe took in a deep breath, trying to calm the nerves in her as she looked from Sam Winchester to Dean Winchester and then back again. One was tall with dark hair her fingers itched to run through, and the other was shorter with lips that seared her memory with heat.

That something missing within her began to disappear, and she tried smiling at the brothers, though she knew that it as wobbly at best. They were both so obviously worried about her---according to Lois they’d been searching for her desperately since Oliver and her other friends had taken her back thinking they were keeping her safe.

Those two handsome hunks had searched desperately for her.


“Gorgeous?” The shorter one—Dean?—spoke, looking worried once again. “What is it? Is something wrong?”

Flashes of images raced across her eyes of Dean’s lips on hers and of her body curled around Sam’s, of Dean’s hand on hers and of Sam’s arms around her body as they slept in the dark of the night.

Taking in a deeper breath of air, Chloe walked forwards towards Dean and looked up in his face before, face aflame, lifting up on her tiptoes and bringing her lips to his in an awkward movement. The memories fused with reality as she opened her mouth, running her tongue across his bottom lip, trying to encourage the suddenly stiff and frozen Dean Winchester.

And then he was responding, hand on the back of her head, keeping her in place as he slanted his mouth and took the kiss deeper.

He would have probably pulled her closer hadn’t she pulled back, blushing darkly, shy smile curling her lips. Chloe looked up at the sandy-blonde and wondered at the look of shocked awe on his face, before turning to Sam. She paused, surprised when she saw the hurt and conflicted emotions on his face as he looked studiously away from them, gaze downwards, muscle throbbing in his cheek.

Something inside of Chloe screamed for her to comfort him, to hold him, to touch him, and she did so. She left the stunned Dean and walked up to Sam. The blonde felt him stiffening as she came towards him, but he turned tenser when she raised her hand and cupped his throbbing jaw, turning his head so that he was looking at her in surprise.

Sam.” She whispered before closing her eyes and bringing his face to hers as she stood on her tip-toes once more, arching her back due to Sam’s considerable height.

Lois made a choking sound in the back of her throat and there were two male gasps as Chloe pressed her lips to Sam’s, rubbing her thumb soothingly against the silk of his skin, whimpering in pleasure as he seemed to react on impulse, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer.

Her back arched further as Sam plundered her lips and then he stopped, as if it were a hard thing for him to do, and let go, taking a few steps back. The brunette was red, and running his hands through his hair as he took in a deep breath.

Chloe?” He squeaked. “W-why—what--?”

Dean was just looking at her as if in a confused trance.

“Why do I have a feeling John forgot to tell you guys about Chloe’s condition?” Lois asked when she could finally speak again.

Chloe frowned, wondering why they looked so shocked at her kissing them when her memories clearly showed that the three of them had been lovers.

Maybe we were keeping it a secret from the others?

“What condition?” Dean frowned, turning to Lois.

“What happened to her?” Sam asked.

Lois scratched her ear, looking a little uncomfortable. “Um, she doesn’t remember who you are. Who any of us are.” She took in a deep breath before finally saying it. “Chloe lost her memory.”



11th-Dec-2008 05:13 am (UTC)
oh man john is in trouble with his boys now. how are sam and dean going to expline there realationship with chloe ? PPMS
11th-Dec-2008 01:06 pm (UTC)
hehehe.....good question!
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