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The New Circle 111C/? 
15th-Nov-2013 02:17 pm

Title: The New Circle
Fandoms: Smallville/Secret Circle
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Whitney Fordman, Greg Arkin, Cassie Blake, Diana Meade, Mikhail Balcoin, Lucas Dunleavy, Faye Chamberlain, Byron Moore...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own any original material used in the television series or artwork, they belong to their respective creators. I have merely tweaked them for my story.
Summary: Chloe Sullivan had a normal-ish life before the circle and John Blackwell turned her life upside down and gave new meaning to the unexplained weirdness that goes on in Smallville. Now life's a witch, she's a part of a circle she's not too sure she wants to be bound to, and not only do they have to worry about Witch-Hunters, but unknowingly to them another circle is on the hunt too.

"This is a special weapon." Vika's finger trailed down the dull edge of the blade. "The one who dies by a wound inflicted by it ceases to exist, and time changes, erases that person, changes events so that they were never born." She looked up at Chloe. "I tried using it on myself, but it wouldn't work due to my… circumstances. It has to be you. The Secondborn is a boy. When you die by this blade, time will change, he'll become the Firstborn, and the plan will work."

Chloe stared at the blade as rocks and pebbles and dust fell around them at Zod's attack. "Are you going to continue trying to explain away your guilt, or are you going to get it over with and kill me already?"

The guilt flashed darker on Vika's face as she looked away. "When you die by this blade, your friends and family will never have come to these caves. They will be safe."

Moira stepped forwards. "Chloe, I-"

"Don't talk to me." Chloe closed her eyes. "I mightn't be unborn yet, but you're not my mother anymore." Her eyes opened and rested on Vika's. "You're making a big mistake."

Vika took in a deep breath. "I pray to the gods, for the both of our souls, that you are wrong."

She raised the dagger.

Suddenly magic came down like lightning down on Chloe and drove her down hard to the ground, and once the light had disappeared, the blonde groaned as she found herself with a lapful of Faye Chamberlain. "Faye?"

Faye groaned as she stared down at Chloe. "Ouch." Her eyes then widened and she gave a cry of laughter as she hugged her. "You're alive! That crazy bitch hasn't killed you yet!" She then pulled away and stood, her palms facing both Vika and Moira. "You can't kill her."

Zod's attacks on the walls continued to cause rocks to fall around them.

Vika's eyes widened in shock, confusion visible on her every feature. "How did you get in here? It should have been impossible."

"That doesn't matter." Moira stepped forwards. "Faye, I understand that you want to protect her, but we want to protect the world. It's hard, I understand that-."

"I understand that you're a selfish bitch." Faye glared at Moira. "This crazy one here cared more about Chloe than you did, and she killed her." Faye turned towards Vika. "You can't do that, you'll destroy the world if you kill her."

"That's a lie." Moira shook her head. "You're not only a part of her Circle, you're a part of her Darkseid Circle. You'd say anything to keep her alive."

Vika, though, was quiet, listening.

Chloe remained on the ground, eyes narrowed up on where Faye stood between her and the women.

"I'm not lying," Faye snapped, eyes narrowed with anger and determination. "And I can prove it."

"Then prove it," Vika whispered, her voice calm, her face blank.

Faye took in a deep breath. "You have your daughter's Dragon Egg in here, her name is Trista. Her body disintegrated years ago but her magic and energy is still in it."

Vika's eyes widened.

Faye pressed on. "Your original plan was to kill yourself with the blade you're going to use on Chloe, but it didn't work on you, so your next choice was Moira, but she weaseled out of it and told you that it didn't make any sense to kill her, that John would just choose someone else who might have a daughter for him. She convinced you that it made more sense to just kill Chloe instead."

Chloe sat on the floor of the cave in horror. Her mother had convinced Vika to kill her? Her mother? Was that how little she meant to Moira? The blonde's hand rose to her heart, which felt like it was breaking. Despite it all, despite knowing that her mother had been in on the plot to kill her-knowing that her mother had convinced Vika to kill her, had somehow managed to break Chloe's heart into even smaller pieces, something she hadn't thought possible.

Moira was horribly pale. "I-I-."

Vika's eyes narrowed as her grip on the dagger loosened.

Faye continued on. "There's a version of the Judas tree, a unique version you created yourself, that's deep within these caves. You were disturbed when you realized that Chloe has seen a shadow version of it and the dog-headed monster that you had kidnap Diana to bring Chloe here. You were disturbed because you realize that there was no way that Moira could have let anything slip because you haven't trusted her enough to let her know the details of your plan." Faye took in a deep breath. "That means the Genesis Caves have been warning Chloe against your plans."

Vika looked stricken as her gaze went to Chloe. "You've been seeing shadows?"

Chloe nodded in silence, horribly numb to her mother's dealings and yet confused as to how Faye knew of all of this.

"I know you're alive, alone, and don't want to hurt anyone," Faye pressed. "Want to know someone else I know? If you kill Chloe we all die."

Chloe's eyes widened in horror.

"If Chloe isn't born, that doesn't stop him, Vika, you know him better than that. He'll adapt, he'll wait, he'll find out who Moira is and he'll tear the unhatched egg out of her body." Faye licked her lips as rocks continued to rain down around them. "He'll still destroy Apokalips but this time he'll take forty of the best Draconian warriors he can get because there's no way he can actually have a lineage and have others of his kind. Apparently he needs Chloe for the whole breeding thing to work, so he's not going to wait and create little boyfriends for her for when the time is right. He's going to bring in warriors and exterminate us as a race. We all die. Here, in this cave. He makes you watch as the last Balcoins die, and then he uses Trista's magic, coupled with John's and the Firstborn's blood and magic to Hatch her as his child, bound to his will and bidding. And he wins."

The sound of the dagger hitting the floor echoed all over the cavern as Vika collapsed to her knees on the ground. "I had not even thought of that possibility."

"You cannot believe what she's saying, Vika!" Moira's eyes widened.

"That ritual could work. It's so plausible I feel like such a fool for not even having considered it!" Vika looked so numb. "All of these years of isolation and loneliness, they have been for nothing. He still wins, no matter what I do, he will still stand victorious." She shook her head as she stood and turned her back to them. "You may all leave; there is no need for bloodshed."

Chloe pushed up to her feet, confused as she reached Faye. "What's going on?"

"You were going to let them kill you," Faye whispered with barely restrained emotion. "You weren't even going to fight."

Chloe's eyes widened. "How-?"

"It doesn't matter how I know!" Faye snapped. "How could you do that?" Faye grabbed Chloe by her shoulders and gave her a harsh shake. "I don't care if you're powerless and have broken limbs and areblind! You fight, Chloe Sullivan!" Rocks continued to cascade around them. "We're fighting for you! WE haven't given up on you! YOU have no right to give up either!"

Chloe had never seen Faye like this, couldn't understand anything, but she nodded, choked with sudden shame.

Suddenly Faye glanced behind Chloe and her eyes went wide as she pushed Chloe away violently.

Chloe fell to the ground with a grunt, and whipped her head back, eyes wide in horror to see Moira (who'd apparently been standing behind Chloe) staring in shock as the dagger she'd been holding was hilt deep inside of Faye's chest.

"NO!" Screaming, Chloe pushed off of the ground and raced towards Faye.

Vika twirled around, eyes wide in horror. "What have you done?"

"I-I was trying to-we were supposed to-she got in the way!" Moira let go of the dagger and took hurried steps backwards, obviously in shock. "I was trying to save the world!"

Chloe caught Faye's body as the girl fell to the ground, the dagger which erased existences stuck in her chest, Faye's weight pulling them both to the ground. "No. No!"

Faye coughed up blood as she stared up at Chloe in pain, head cradled in her lap. "It's okay… I knew this would happen."

"What?" Chloe cried as she stared down at Faye's face in horror.

"It said that once everything was right… the cost was that something valued had to be 'lost'… and what's more valued than a life?" Tears from the utter pain fell down Faye's eyes as she lay curled in Chloe's lap. "I was also the only one who... remembered what happened." She gave the blonde a sad smile. "It wasn't hard… to figure out what I had to do."

"No…" Chloe shook her head, refusing to believe this was how it would go. "You're my Prophet. You can't die. You're important."

Faye gave a pained laugh. "I just saved the world. Don't diss that."

Chloe's tears continued to rain down on Faye's face.

"Tell Byron, tell him, tell him that I-." Faye's eyes began to go blank.

Chloe placed her fingers on Faye's lips. "Tell him yourself."

With that she reached out with her free hand and yanked out the dagger, a fire, a darkness, beginning to burn and smolder deep inside of her unlike anything she'd ever felt before. She stared at Faye's blood covering the blade, before those orbs went to the life as it quickly drained out of Faye's eyes, and she knew that she didn't have much time. A part of her told her that she had no magic, that this was useless, but another part of her shut it off.

Standing, Chloe turned towards Moira and stormed towards her as she tightened her grip on the dagger. "I don't love you, but I've always yearned for a mother, for your love, so I'm going to go on a limb and say that killing you will fill that 'loss of something valued' condition since by doing so I'll definitely never have the love of a mother, something I would have loved to have had. As long as you were alive I had hope that you'd learn to care for me, that in time you'd come to love me and be my mom." Her lips twisted in a horribly dark smile. "But I'll learn to live without one."

Moira's eyes widened as she took a step backwards and raised her hands up. "Chloe! If you kill me with that you'll never be born! Then your friend's death would have been in vain."

"I know," Chloe announced as she backed Moira against one of the cave's walls. "That's why I'm not going to kill you… with the dagger." Changing the direction in which she was holding the dagger, Chloe hit Moira's face hard with its hilt, watching blankly as the woman slid unconscious to the ground, before she followed her down and grabbed her jaw, forcing it open. She worked on instinct, remembering the incident with Adam Conant and Francis Balcoin's magic, and while this was different, something within her, something dark and wrong and yet something powerful and a part of her, knew it was possible. And it felt right. It felt just.

Or maybe, just maybe, she just didn't care whether it was right or wrong anymore.

Chloe opened her mouth, the reverse of her Enthrall activating, and while at first nothing seemed to happen magic and life-force began to pour out of her mother's open mouth, through the air, and into her. The Willowbrook lit up like a christmas tree, obviously happy with this intake of life-force, but she ignored it and its desires, forcing more and more magic and life-force out of the woman who'd abandoned her over and over again, who'd betrayed her, and who'd tried killing her, twice.

"You're killing her," Vika's voice was soft by her side.

Chloe ignored her as she continued to suck in life-force, draining the woman more and more, faster and faster.

"She's your mother."

Chloe closed her eyes tightly, increasing the strength.

"She might deserve it, but in the end of the day, do you want to be the one who killed your own mother?"

Chloe opened her eyes and stopped despite being so close to killing Moira. "Why not? I'm supposed to kill my own father, aren't I?"

Vika frowned softly where she knelt next to Chloe on the ground. "Go save your friend's life."

Chloe hesitated before she nodded, her desire to save Faye stronger than her desire to kill Moira as she raced towards Faye and opened her friend's mouth. The blonde felt for a pulse before she leaned over the brunette and pursed her lips, breathing slowly down towards Faye's opened mouth. Filtered life-force cascaded from her lips and poured down into Faye's. Chloe ignored the displeasure pulsating from the Willowbrook as she continued to pour the filtered life-force out into Faye, making sure not a bit of the Hibbins magic got out as well. She unbuttoned her bloodied shirt and pulled it off, bunching it to Faye's bleeding wound and applying pressure so that as soon as she had transferred all of Moira's life-force she could get Faye to a hospital to get her wound looked at.

Finally, as she was reaching the last bit of life-force, Faye's eyes flew open and she gasped loudly, the girl disoriented and confused. "Chloe?"

The blonde was tired and in pain, the Willowbrook throbbing viciously, but she ignored it as she smiled down at Faye. "Hey."

Faye frowned darkly. "What did you do?"

Chloe licked her lips. "I wasn't going to let you die."

"Someone has to die, Chloe." Faye narrowed her eyes. "I told you that! I-."

"It's been taken care of." Vika knelt down next to them and pulled away the bunched up shirt, eyebrow raised. "That is interesting."

"Taken care-?" Chloe turned to find Moira's head at an awkward angle. The blonde raised an eyebrow and scoffed as she turned her pointed gaze on Vika.

Vika didn't even look at her, instead she inspected Faye's wound. "She is not my mother."

"Will it even matter then? You didn't love her…that's not saying I did, but her death would mean nothing to you whereas it would at least mean something to me."

"I valued her." Vika's gaze rose to Chloe. "She was my one connection to the outside world." Vika took in a deep breath. "Now, I am all alone once more." She licked her lips. "Believe me, I valued her deeply."

Chloe eyed Vika in silence, before her gaze went to the wound on Faye's chest and her eyes widened. "Where did it go?"

Vika turned her gaze to Chloe. "You're a healer."

"No, I'm not." The blonde shook her head. "It must've happened with the transference of life-force."

"That was the taking of a life to give to another, in other words: dark magic." Vika shook her head. "Healing is light magic, in which no one is hurt." She placed her hand over the skin that bore not even a scar. "This has been healed, most probably while you were holding your shirt to it trying to keep the bleeding to a minimum." A small smile touched her lips. "It would seem that the Balcoin Healing Touch hasn'tbeen completely extinguished despite so many centuries of dark magic."

Faye gave a little hiccuped sound that turned into a laugh.

"What is it?" Chloe asked, a little worried.

Faye's smile was crooked. "It takes an alternate reality, me dying and living in a bird, everyone else dying, us returning to the right reality, and me nearly dying, again, for me to finally get my damn symbol."

Chloe's eyes widened. "Are you serious?"

"I'm an official card-carrying member now!" Faye grinned brightly as she turned her palm around to show the hummingbird symbol on her palm, and as she smiled in such pride her Omega on her forehead began to glow slightly in happiness. "Can't say I'm on the sidelines anymore or not really one of your Circle."

Chloe smiled at the girl as she bit down on her bottom lip. "You were always a part of my Circle, symbol or not."

Faye smiled brighter.

Suddenly, the Willowbrook began to glow an angry red, and Chloe clutched at her heart as her body seemed to burst into flames on the inside.

All of the tunnels simultaneously unsealed themselves as the Genesis Caves began to shake from their very foundations.

Vika's eyes widened in shock as she stood and looked all around her.

Zod stormed into the room, eyes reptilian, hands bloodied as he stormed towards her menacingly. "I don't know who you are, but you are going to die now."

"Not now, Major!" Faye's voice brought him out of his rage and drew his attention from Vika. "Chloe wasn't supposed to have been able to do magic, and yet she somehow managed to do it to save my life, and now I don't think the Willowbrook is even enough to save her anymore."

Chloe's body began to spasm violently.

Zod reached Chloe and pinned her down with his body, doing his best to try and minimize the harm she was unintentionally doing to herself.

"The stones," Faye whispered as she turned to Vika. "We need the Stones of Power to save her life."

Vika's eyes widened as she stared at Faye, Zod and Chloe before her gaze returned to Faye. "I do not understand."

Zod raised a bloodied, clawed hand. "How about I make it clearer for you?"

"We don't have time for games, or intimidation." Faye snapped. "We need the Stones of Power. I thought you understood that we're the good guys! I thought you got that she was important! That she needs to live!"

"Yes, I understand that," Vika nodded patiently. "But what I do not understand is why you are asking me for the Stones of Power."

"What?" Faye hissed, a feeling of dread beginning to creep deep inside of her. "I am asking you because you have the Stones of Power. Here. In the Genesis Caves!"

Vika blinked before she shook her head slowly. "No. I do not."

Faye collapsed to her knees on the ground in horror. "She's going to die."

"She's not going to die." Vika moved closer to her.

"Don't you see her?" Faye snapped angrily. "Chloe's dying, for real this time, and the only thing that can save her are those damned stones and not only don't we have them, but we don't even have a clue as to where they could be!"

"But we do." Vika knelt down in front of Faye.

Faye looked up at her, eyes wide in hope. "We do? Where are they?"

"They are here."

Faye blinked in confusion. "But you just said that they weren't here!"

"No." Vika shook her head. "I said I did not have them here." Vika turned her gaze towards Chloe. "Do you not understand? You have had the Stones of Power all along."

15th-Nov-2013 08:28 pm (UTC)
Fucking Moira!! Not to be vindictive but I'm so glad that bitch is dead and won't be able to hurt Chloe anymore, because if she did she probably would of found new ways to hurt her and break her heart even more.

For a minute there I really did think that you were going to kill Faye. And I was not okay with it.

Wait wat?? Are the willowbrooks the stones of power or is it something else?????

I never know how you do it but you always leave me wanting more!!!!
17th-Nov-2013 03:51 am (UTC)
Moira definitely will never be mother of the year, but in a very twisted way I always felt a part of her loved Chloe somewhat but she never let that part out because she knew she had to bring her to the caves and kill her so Moira could "save the world" and for Moira, that was way more important than being a mother.

Thank you so very much!!!!
15th-Nov-2013 08:52 pm (UTC)
For the record, I about had a fucking heart attack when Faye died. You suck. I think you just shaved 10 years off my life.
17th-Nov-2013 03:48 am (UTC)
Hahahaha! I was definitely going for that effect! I think that's Faye's good deed of the century, and her quota's all full now ;) lol
15th-Nov-2013 10:14 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad Faye's not dead (and that Moira is). Also glad to see someone notice Chloe's healing power.

WTF? What are the stones of power? Was it the necklace? Are they even stones?!
17th-Nov-2013 03:47 am (UTC)
Vika was the perfect person to notice it considering she was the Mega Healer Witch back in her days.
15th-Nov-2013 10:25 pm (UTC)
Oh. My. God. I can't believe you just did that. I was gonna be so mad if Faye stayed dead. But then you redeemed yourself. Good job. ;) Great job hun!
17th-Nov-2013 03:45 am (UTC)
Nah, not my Faye. Love writing her too much to kill her off!
15th-Nov-2013 10:40 pm (UTC)
seriously *facepalm*..... chloe you idigt...

as a side note.. ding-dong the witch is dead... (i can't believe moria was that bad of a mother till the end)

thank you for the wonderful update...
17th-Nov-2013 03:45 am (UTC)
For the record, there was no way she could have known what the Stones of Power was lol

Yes, it definitely was always coming down this road. Though, in her own way, Moira *did* feel she was saving the world and was being a hero and committing a big sacrifice. She was a very twisted woman deep inside.
16th-Nov-2013 09:29 am (UTC)
I can't believe they are getting Glinda-ed.
17th-Nov-2013 03:44 am (UTC)
It happens to the best of them ;)
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