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The Enemy Of My Enemy 4A/? 
14th-Dec-2013 05:52 pm
The Enemy of My Enemy
Title: The Enemy of My Enemy
Sequel to: Tinseltown Rumor Mill
Universe: Chloe & The Brothers Series
Rating: M
Pairings: MANY. Damn. Uhm. Main? Chlalvatore and Schlean; Lois/John; Lois/Alaric
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The whole world now knows about vampires, and most of it has been compelled by Klaus, via the "coming out" broadcast. With the Salvatores and the Winchesters unable to see eye to eye on anything, Lois learning the way of the vampire hunter, and someone from the past returning to 'help', things are about to become crazy. And, of course, E!News is happily covering it all.

Oliver had answered long enough to invite Stefan and Damon in, and then had had to log off to head into a meeting, still promising Chloe that they were going to have a longer conversation later on. Thankfully they weren't going to have that conversation now though, because Chloe was already going to be busy with other awkward conversations. Like the one she was going to have right now, just as soon as the boys got out of the car they were parking on the other side of Lois'. Everyone else were inside, giving her the time she needed to break the news to Stefan and Damon about their guests.

"Hey." Stefan smiled tiredly at her as he closed the door. "You're a sight for sore eyes."

"Whose cars are those?" Damon frowned as he emerged from his own car, eyes narrowed.

Chloe decided to ignore Damon's question for now and instead smiled back at Stefan as her sire wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off of her feet into the air in a hug, giving her a small twirl as he breathed in her scent. "How was Elena?"

"Fine." Stefan hugged her tightly and pulled away only enough to press a deep yet soft kiss to her lips. "I've missed you."

Chloe smiled softly up into his face. "I've missed you both too."

Damon snorted. "Yeah, we can totally tell. First chance you got, you came here to the Terrible Twosome."

Chloe sighed as her gaze moved over towards him. "It's something I needed to do, Damon."

He raised an eyebrow, a muscle ticking in his jaw. "Isn't there something else you need to do?"

Her lips twitched in amusement as she shared a little glance with Stefan and slipped out of his arms before heading towards Damon. "I don't know, you seem pissed off at me, you might bite."

Damon didn't even give her a ghost of a smile.

Chloe sighed once more as she finally reached the oldest Salvatore and placed her hands on his chest. "Don't be angry with me."

He placed his hands on her hips. "You make it so hard not to be."

Chloe stared up into his face before she reached up on her tiptoes and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. "I did miss you as well, you know." Her fingers trailed designs on his shirt as she took in a deep breath. "We have to talk about something and I don't want you to get pissed at me because of what I'm about to say."

Damon's eyes narrowed on her. "Why are you so worried?"

"I'm picking up on the same thing." Stefan was on the alert. "What's going on?"

Chloe sighed as she pulled away and hugged herself. "Ric's here. So is Lois. They'll be staying with us. Those are their cars."

"How the hell did Ric beat us here?" Damon made a face.

Stefan eyed Chloe thoughtfully. "I know that you've been worried about how you'd react being in close quarters with your cousin given your issues with bloodlust, but I do not think that her presence is what has you like this."

Damon was ridiculously calm, and that scared her. He only went calm right before he murdered someone highly sadistically.

"You're right, Stefan. This has nothing to do with Lois at all but with someone else entirely, another relationship entirely." The blonde licked her lips. "Before I say anymore you have to promise me that you'll hear me out completely and you won't try to kill-."

Damon sneered. "I knew it." He shook his head and turned to Stefan. "I told you."

Stefan looked away, his face dark.

Chloe looked between them, confused. "Wait, you two know? How did you-?"

"What do you take us for, idiots?" Damon was still horribly calm. "But I won't allow it."

Chloe could understand his stance on not letting Katherine stay and work along with them, and she wasn't too happy with it herself, but they had to, and he had to see that. She wasn't taking Katherine's side against his. She wasn't. "Damon, I understand how this must hurt you, and the last thing I would want to do would be to hurt you, either of you, but I've been thinking this over and it seems like the right thing to do-like the only rational thing to do."

"Rational?" Stefan surprised her with the sharpness in his tone. "What in this is rational?"

Okay. She hadn't expected him to be so emotional when it came to Katherine of all people. Elena? Yes. But Katherine? Maybe the vampire was right. Maybe they still had feelings for their sire.

The thought hurt but she really didn't have any right to feel bad about it all things considering, so Chloe just pushed back the spark of jealousy as she licked her lips. "Everything." She lowered her head, and that way missed the hurt and murderous expressions that flashed through their vampiric gazes. "I know that if you sit down and think about it, it seems like the worse idea possible, that it's destined to fail horribly, but I don't know." She took in a deep breath. "Something in me, I don't know what it is, is telling me that it'll work somehow."

"What, you think it's destiny or something?" Damon sneered.

Chloe made a face. "No. I wouldn't use that word at all."

Stefan looked a little more relieved for some reason. "If you don't, then obviously you don't feel as strongly as you think you do."

Chloe frowned as she looked up at them. "But even Ric thinks this is the right course of action."

The shock on the vampires' faces was palpable.

"What?" Stefan snapped.

"I'm gonna kill him," Damon whispered softly in promise, face pale, eyes bloody, veins appearing. "And I'm gonna snap his ring and finger off first."

Chloe's eyes widened in horror and confusion. "I get it, she's a bitch. But why is the thought of working along with Katherine enough to make you say something like that? That's horrible Damon!" She shook her head, disappointed in him. "Alaric is your best friend and he's here to help us. He deserves better than that from you. You should feel ashamed of yourself for even-why are you two looking at me like that?"

Damon and Stefan were both staring at her with utterly confused expressions on their faces, as if she was speaking a foreign language.

Stefan cleared his throat, clearly uneasy. "You're telling me that Katherine is here?"

Damon made a face. "And that we're working with her?"

Chloe licked her lips in confusion. "Isn't that what we were just arguing about?"

The male vampires shared a long look.

Stefan cleared his throat as his gaze turned to Chloe. "So when you said you didn't want us to kill someone-."

"-you were talking about Katherine," Damon finished, an "ahhh!" expression on his face. "Because we hate her guts."

Chloe looked between the two of them, eyes narrowed. "If you two weren't talking about Katherine-just what the hell were we arguing about two seconds ago?"

The whole situation seemed to finally hit Damon at that second because his eyes suddenly narrowed. "Wait. Katherine's here? And we're just buddying up with that bitch and working with her? What the hellChloe? And Ric's fallen for whatever scam she's playing?"

"She says she needs to explain herself to you two, about what happened all those years ago."

"I don't give a shit." Damon looked away.

Chloe reached out and grabbed his hand. "You should listen to her, if only to give yourself closure."

He sneered down at her and jerked his hand out of hers. "Or to give you an easy-out clause? Which one?"

Chloe frowned as she looked up at him. "What?"

He shook his head at her, reached into the car, grabbed his bag, and stormed towards the hotel, his walk betraying his fury.

The blonde watched him go as she hugged herself. "Why is he so angry with me?"

Now that she thought about it, everyone was kind of angry with her, but she deserved it, didn't she? That's what happened when you kept running away and kept people hanging. Maybe Katherine was right about her.

Stefan's arms wrapped around Chloe from behind, her sire able to soothe her unlike any other. He rested his chin on her shoulder and nuzzled his cheek against her own as his hands went to her hips and drew her back into him. "He's hurt and lashing out, Chloe, you need to give him some space."

The blonde bit her bottom lip and sighed. "I'm screwing everything up, again."

"You will if you run away from us, again."

She flinched at that and turned her gaze towards his face, her lips ghosting over his softly. "I wasn't running away from you two."

"Sure felt like that when we turned on the television and saw you were in Hollywood."

The girl felt slapped, and turned in his embrace so she was facing him, cupping his jaw. "We're closer than family, Stefan. I know that when you and Elena finally sort out your issues-and that no matter how many conquests Damon ends up getting-that I'll always have a part of you they don't. I thought that by now you two would realize that it's the same with me, but if I haven't made that obvious, I'm sorry."

Stefan did not look reassured, if anything, he looked more perturbed. "You think I'm going to get back with Elena?"

"Stefan, you fell in love with two people who look identical." Chloe glanced away. "I'd call that destiny."

"Both times that relationship ended badly, Chloe." Stefan frowned. "I think the universe got its message across to me: look for someone else."

"And yet any time she's in danger she calls you and you go running to her, there are obviously feelings still between you and that's okay." The blonde smiled up at him. "You and Katherine didn't work out, that doesn't mean you and her Doppelgänger can't work out. It just means that you know what not to do with Elena." Chloe sighed as she stared up into Stefan's face. "I think you should listen to whatever Katherine has to say about why she did what she did to you and Damon all those years ago, and not because of any 'get-out easy clause' or anything ridiculous like that."

He eyed her in silence before asking: "Then why?"

She frowned at him. "Because I can understanding loving more than one person at the same time and how it can drive you to do stupid things you live to regret, and carry with you."

Stefan frowned right back at her before he sighed and pressed his forehead against hers. "Don't compare yourself to her."

"What really makes her and me all that different?"

Stefan tightened his grip on her shoulders. "So many things."

"She only liked two guys, Stefan. I'm mixed up over four, which makes me not only seriously indecisive, but kinda slutty." Chloe closed her eyes tightly. "I get that she's kind of a bitch, but at least-."

"Chloe, when Sam and Dean found out about what you were, what did you do? What was your instinctive reaction? It was to force them away to protect them. You-you care about them but you were going to sacrifice that for their greater good." Stefan glared at her angrily. "Do you know what Katherine did when I found out what she was and freaked out? She Compelled me to accept her vampirism, to not care what she was, to love that part of her."

Chloe's eyes widened in shock at this revelation.

"She didn't even try to bring me around normally, it just wasn't worth the time and effort to her."

Chloe licked her lips.

Stefan wasn't finished. "When Damon and I fight, you get in the middle and argue alongside us, and pull our ears, and withhold sex-anything you have to do to make sure that he and I make our peace by the end of the day." His grip on her was becoming painful. "Katherine, on the other hand, lived to pit us against each other, loved to make us jealous of the other. Her greatest joy was to see us fighting over her like rabid, starving dogs."

Chloe gasped as she was turned and slammed back harshly into the car.

"I'll listen to whatever she has to say because that is what you want, but if I ever hear you comparing yourself to her again I think I might lose it."

Chloe gulped, never having seen Stefan quite like this before, other than the day he'd killed her. "You're just as angry as Damon is at me."

She hadn't realized it until now.

"I'm pissed off," he agreed as he planted rough, un-Stefan-like kisses down the side of her neck, keeping her trapped against the vehicle. "I've been stuck with Damon for far too long without you to make it bearable. I'd forgotten what it was like to be around him without you as a buffer, forgotten how much I disliked it-could dislike him." He insinuated a thigh between hers, his chuckle dark at the hitch in her breathing. "Things have been tense, to say the least."

Stefan rubbed her with his thigh, leaving Chloe a ball of whimpers and tremors as she clutched at his shirt and leaned her head against his chest.

Stefan suddenly stopped, his expression a mixture of pleasure and guilt. "You're just as pent up as I am."

"Of c-course I a-am." Chloe could hardly talk, her body a knot of desire. "I haven't seen you two in days!"

For some reason that answer visible pleased Stefan and he beamed as he wrapped her in his arms tightly, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "I'm a little less angry now."

"You're obviously sadistic, just like Damon," she grumbled.

"Nope, when it comes to you I'm definitely sure I'm more masochistic than sadistic," he chuckled wryly before kiss her deeply.

Chloe whimpered, her body already oversensitive as she opened her mouth to the kiss and pushed her hips out towards him. The blonde swallowed his groan as she brushed against his growing bulge.

Something inside the building broke, and shouting could be heard.

Chloe and Stefan groaned as they pulled away from each other reluctantly.

More shouting and breaking could be heard.

Chloe made to go towards the building, but found Stefan's grip on her keeping her in place.

"Do we have to?" He near whined. "Can't we just stay out here, kiss some more, and just let them work it out like adults?"

Someone screeched.

Stefan sighed. "Fine."

Giving him a little smile, Chloe grabbed her sire's hand and led the reluctant vampire towards the building.

14th-Dec-2013 11:39 pm (UTC)
Lol!!!!! Ohhhhh how fun are misunderstandings!!! Chloe talking about working with Katherine and Damon and stefan think that she wants to get back with the winchesters.

Who is fighting and interrupting the chloe and stefan fun times????
17th-Dec-2013 07:52 pm (UTC)
Yes, Chloe was definitely arguing/defending a completely different case than she thought she was!
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