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Claiming The Wolf 1/10 
15th-Dec-2008 12:55 pm

Title: Claiming the Wolf
Pairing: Jacob/Edward
Rating: M
Fandom: Twilight
Warning: SLASH! M/M, AU
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight
Summary:Jacob would never understand leeches, especially if they were Edward Cullen. One minute Edward's glaring at him with hatred, the next---the next he's doing things to Jacob that the young wolf wants to hate. He really does. But Edward won't let him hate it---not when the vampire is determined to claim him as his own.


Jacob Black raised an eyebrow and looked Bella Swan over with a shake of his head as the question escaped her lips. He was disappointed, really. As they sat in the town square, eating their sandwiches and just hanging out as they had when she would come to visit her father for the summers.

His father teased him, thinking that the reason why Jacob was hanging out with Bella so much now that she’d returned to Forks after having been gone so long was because he liked her---had a crush on her. The shape-shifted stifled a grin at the thought.

Sure, Bella was really pretty, and she was nice—if not a little klutzy---but like with any other girl he’d met he just wanted to be her friend. He didn’t feel any sort of attraction towards her---not like those baboons in her high school obviously did if their behavior had anything to say.

But he liked talking to her---thought her very intelligent, so that was why he’d felt a tinge of disappointment when that question had escaped her lips after chewing and swallowing a bite of her burger.

“The Cullens. Hhhmm.” Jacob shook his head, trying to buy himself some time, wondering how much he should tell her. “I don’t really know them, to be truthful. I’ve seen the youngest of them a couple of times, but our families really don’t mix.”

Really?” Bella frowned innocently, tilting her head to the side. “Why?”

“Our families are like the Capulets and the Montagues.” Jacob raised an eyebrow in amusement when he saw her bite on her bottom lip, trying to hide a grin. “What?”

“Wouldn’t that make you and Edward Romeo and Juliet?” She asked cheekily, looking close to giggles.

Jacob couldn’t help but let out a bark of laughter at that thought, shaking his head. “Oh, I doubt it.” He bit into his burger and chewed, enjoying the silence before swallowing and turning to his friend. “Why all the interest in the Cullens, huh?”

A blush crept on Bella’s cheeks as she looked down at her shoes. “It’s nothing really. It’s just that I sit next to Edward in chemistry and he’s just so---so---silent.”

Jacob waited for her to continue, and when she didn’t, just sighed and gaze with a daydreamish expression on her face he rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Have you at least talked to him?”

Not that he was encouraging his friend to talk to a leech, but he was curious. Bella wasn’t the first human girl to act this way about the Cullen males---especiallyEdward---and Jacob just really couldn’t understand it.

Despite the fact that Jacob and his people despised Edward’s kind the young native had to admit that the leech was attractive, yes, but he didn’t think that it was to the degree that he and his friends had heard the girls in Forks whispering about as they went about their daily lives on the streets.

The shape-shifter shook his head again, sneering a little in disgust at how easily the females of this town were drawn into that near-obsession with Edward Cullen.

It was pathetic, really.

But, he had to admit, it was amusing to watch sometimes.

Not that he and Edward were usually in the same place---wait, that was a lie. For the last couple of months whenever he wasn’t in the La Push territory, on the reservation, he seemed to be meeting up with Edward---not that he acknowledged the leech’s presence.

And now that he thought about it, the young native frowned. It was annoying. If he left the reserve he wanted to enjoy himself, not have a leech reeking the air and ruining the only time he had to himself.

“No.” Bella had finished her burger and was now crunching the foil in her hand into a ball. “He doesn’t really act like I’m around. He ignores me, looks at me as if I bore him whenever I try to strike up a conversation. It’s like I’m not even there.”

Jacob felt irritated for his friend’s sake. He didn’t like anyone treating Bella bad---especially not a bloodsucker. “Look, Bella, its for the best anyway. Him and his family are freaks anyway. Why would you want to be friends with him in the first place?”

“I—don’t know.” And she was blushing and playing with the foil ball in her hands nervously. “It’s, uh, he’s just---uh.”

Jacob shook his head and finished his burger, rolling the foil into a ball and throwing it into the garbage container a couple of feet away, grinning wolfishly when it entered easily. “He shoots—he scores!”

Bella looked down at the ball in her hand, looked at the garbage container, and tried to shoot. It went wide and landed on the pavement. “Well, that sucks.”

Laughing, Jacob got up and picked up the piece of foil, throwing it from where he was and grinning once more when it flew into the garbage container perfectly once more.

“Show off.” And yet Bella was grinning as she got up.

“Says the sore loser.” Jacob smiled friendly at Bella. Honestly, he was glad that she’d returned. They’d been good friends as kids and they were just as good friends now again. It was nice to just get off of the reserve---away from his clan---and just enjoy himself like any other teenage boy.

Looping her arm around Jacob’s, Bella smiled up into his face. “Where do you want to go next?”

“How about a movie?” Jacob asked, remembering the horror movie that had just come out. Quil and Emry had seen it the day before and hadn’t shut up about it---and Jacob wanted to be able to have some kind of opinion about it the next time they started up.

Bella’s face lit up. “They’re showing Love You No More.”

Jacob made a face. “And I’ll forget you even mentioned that.”

Bella turned towards him with her mouth open, obviously about to say something, when the queen of klutz somehow tripped over her own shoes and would have fallen on her face on the pavement if Jacob hadn’t used his lyconic reflexes to catch her. He wound his arms around her waist and pulled her up towards him, pressing her into his chest.

Bella’s eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly in shock, a tiny blush blooming in her cheeks.

Jacob grinned down into her face. “You have got to be the klutziest person I know.”

“Oh shut up.” And yet she was laughing.

Suddenly that scent wafted around his nostrils, and Jacob tensed, growling softly to himself. Why couldn’t the leech have decided to do something else today? God, it was so annoying that they seemed to like the same places and same things!

He turned his head in the direction of the scent and realized why it’d been such a strong stench. Not only was Edward Cullen there, but his four ‘siblings’ were there as well, all sneering at him and Bella from where they stood as a group beneath the shade of a building.

Oh great.

He wanted to growl again, but he didn’t think he should do so in front of Bella. She didn’t understand a lot of things, she was an innocent human bystander, and he felt himself grow protective, wanting to get her away from these creatures.

His brown gaze shot to the one who annoyed him the most, ready to tell him with his gaze to fuck off, when he blinked, surprised by the utterly murderous expression in those usually emotionless eyes. Edward Cullen stood in the middle of his ‘siblings’, body stiff, eyes looking more golden than usual, those eyes narrowed and on them dangerously.

Jacob was really taken back. While he was used to the open hostility between the families, he’d never experienced this sort of hatred from the Cullens, as if he’d done something personally to piss them off---and he really couldn’t think of anything he’d done other than ignore them studiously.

The only difference today and the other days is Bella.

And it clicked in the shifter’s head as he looked down at the girl, who was still looking at him, that odd blush on her face. She’d curled her fingers in his long, loose hair and had given his dark locks a friendly tug. “Yeah?”

“You can let go of me now.” She ducked her gaze, letting go of his hair.

“Depends. Planning on falling again?” He joked, letting go of her, deciding to ignore those leeches and enjoy his time with the girl who was rapidly becoming his best friend.

“You’re so mean.” Bella grinned, slapping his shoulder before looping her arm around his once more, leaning her head against his shoulder. “So, let’s go watch a movie?”

“No chick flicks.” Jacob pleaded as they made their way towards the truck his father had sold to Charlie so he could give it to his daughter as a welcome-home present.

“I’m willing to make that compromise if we agree to no horror.” Bella announced, still unaware of the Cullens and the way they were glaring at them.

Jacob winced. “But Bells--.”

“You wanted to watch a horror?” She made a face, turning to look at him in surprise, before she grinned when she saw the expression on his face. “You know that I have nightmares for weeks if I watch a horror movie. Anyway, I don’t got to them because boys only use them as excuses to grope their terrified dates.”

“You stopped having nightmares from movies years ago.” Jacob reminded her. “And considering that this isn’t a date and I’m not about to grope you, the second excuse doesn’t work either.”

Bella stumbled for some reason before standing straight up and giving him a weird smile he didn’t understand as they reached the truck. “No horror, please?”

And because he was really annoyed at the feel of the Cullens’ gaze on his back, and he really wanted to get out of there, and he really didn’t want to be guilty of giving Bella nightmares, he gave her a lopsided grin. “Okay. No horror---and no chick flicks.”

“Deal.” She grinned as they got inside and she started the ignition.

They ended up choosing an action/fantasy.


Edward Cullen felt like destroying something but he somehow kept his composure as he sat in the booth in the diner with his brothers and sisters. It’d been a couple of hours since Jacob and that annoying girl from chemistry had disappeared in her truck---which Edward had recognized as Jacob’s father’s old truck---and ever since then even Rosalie had been careful what she said around the vampire.

“They looked close.” Rosalie finally broke the silence and raised her eyebrow when Edward growled and the others shot her a glance. “What? I think this is a necessary topic. I don’t like the thought of that dog being Edward’s future, but I also don’t like the thought of some human taking him away from my brother.”

Edward didn’t know whether to thank her for her support or growl at the last part of what she’d said.

“Now that Rosalie has brought the topic out into the open,” Emmet announced, leaning forwards on the table. “I think we should really stop and see how this changes things. I mean, you saw how close those two seemed. What if the worse situation happened?”

Emmet…” Alice tried to warn him.

“No, Alice,” Jasper surprised everyone by interrupting her. “Emmet’s right. What if he’s imprinted on her?”

The fork in Edward’s hand snapped in two.

“He hasn’t imprinted on her.” Alice was speaking to Edward as she reached over and placed her hand on his arm, trying to calm him. “She’s been here for what? A week? Two? He would have imprinted on her at first sight if that was the case, and he hasn’t.”

“How can you be so sure?” Edward’s voice was like sandpaper.

Because,” Alice sighed. “All the visions, every single possibility, end in you two together. It always has and I doubt that a little girl from wherever is going to change that.”

“Sadly enough, my brother is destined for a dog.” Rosalie made a face of disgust, shaking her head in slight wonder.

Edward growled deep in his throat, looking down at the plate of food he wasn’t going to eat. He was beyond frustrated, he felt like he needed a hunt, needed a kill. He was so thirsty.

God, neither he nor his family understood it, understood why it’d happened, but ever since Edward had first seen that wolf he hadn’t been able to get him out of his head. His smell---moist earth and other natural scents---was like ambrosia, and both sent him in a fury for blood and for other things.

Interestingly enough, Edward didn’t thirst for Jacob’s blood. He just needed blood to try and keep him from loosing his head and doing something that would no doubt break the fragile treaty they had with the shifters and start a war neither side really wanted---resentments aside.

“So…what’s the plan?” Emmet wanted to know.

Edward looked up at his siblings and couldn’t help but smile softly. While at first they’d been horrified by his reactions to the shifter---and by Alice’s visions when she finally confessed them---they’d had a couple of years to get over it and they’d all come to accept that sometime in the future Edward was going to end up with Jacob Black.

Esme actually had taken it quite well after getting over her initial shock, even going as far as calling it ‘romantic’ and ‘destined love’, while Edward called it ‘frustrating’ and ‘completely insane’.

Honestly, he hadn’t wanted to become the person he was now. Before he was fine with seeing Jacob the few rare times that they’d pass each other in town, but it’d grown to a necessity to be close to him, to watch him, to inhale his heady aroma, to know he was okay.

It’d gotten to the point that Edward was practically stalking the young wolf, and it annoyed him as much as it annoyed the wolf. He didn’t want to want the shifter, but he did. He wanted him, and he’d wanted to fucking kill that girl when he’d seen her in Jacob’s arms.

That was the turning point---that was when he gave into his desires and just didn’t care anymore. The werewolf clan be damned, little Miss Stammer-And-Tumble be damned. Alice’s visions told the future, and every single possible future had Jacob as his, and Edward was sick of waiting for it to just magically happen.

He was sick of watching, of waiting, of wishing, of wanting.

He wanted Jacob Black, and fuck it all, he was gonna have him!

The bells on the door jingled, and Edward felt that jolt of awareness before he even heard Jacob’s laughter mingled with that girl’s.

Alice, Jasper, Emmet and Rosalie all went silent immediately.

“That movie sucked.” Jacob was laughing, running his long, tanned fingers through his silky black locks.

“It wasn’t that bad.” The girl smiled back at him as they made their way towards a booth, walking way too close to her companion.

Suddenly Jacob froze, his body going tense, turning and looking at them as they sat in their little corner with a look that could only be called frustrated exasperation.

The girl followed his gaze and she blinked. “It’s the Cullens.”

“Yeah.” Jacob’s gaze was on Edward.

Edward didn’t turn away his gaze as he usually did when in these situations. He didn’t pretend that he wasn’t interested in what Jacob was doing, didn’t try to hide the fact that he was watching him intently.

He was sick of pretending.

It was high time Jacob Black realized what ball game they were playing.

“Do—do you want to go eat somewhere else?” The girl whispered to Jacob, but Edward could hear it easily thanks to his enhanced abilities.

Jacob didn’t answer, he just frowned at Edward, obvious confusion in those brown eyes at the lack of hostility in Edward’s face. He looked unsettled, gaze going from the Cullens back to Edward, confusion growing.

Jake?” The girl whispered again, giving his shirt a tug. “Do you want to go?”

“Huh?” Jacob shook his head, as if trying to shake his thoughts together, before returning his attention to the girl by his side. “What is it?”

“Do you want to leave?” The girl asked again, patient despite having had to ask the question three times already.

“Why? Because of them?” Jacob scoffed, turning his back on the Cullens and putting his arm around the girl, causing Edward to growl deep in his throat. “You wanted to eat here, Bells, and we’re gonna eat here.”

“You sure?” She asked as they made their way to their booth.

“Sure, plus I love the food here too.” And with that they sat down and a waitress was there in seconds to take their orders.

Edward hadn’t realized how much of a masochist he was until he had to sit through watching Jacob and the girl laughing and subtly flirting throughout the whole dinner.


Later that night Jacob found himself patrolling the boarder of the clan’s territories. Then again, he really wasn’t patrolling, he’d just had an itch to get out and run under the moon and had slipped out of his best, shifted, and run.

There was a lot on his mind---like the fact that he’d lately discovered his ability to keep his thoughts hidden from his pack members---even when they were in wolf form. It both annoyed and made them curious as they tried to break down the mental walls he could construct and keep them out with, but not even their Alpha Samcould get through and know what Jacob was thinking if Jacob didn’t want him to.

And of course, there was the weird encounter with the leeches earlier on.

Jacob frowned as he continued to run, not looking to see where he was going.

What was up with those creatures anyway? He would never be able to understand a leech---especially if its name was Edward Cullen. First the vampire had been looking at them with such fury, and then a couple of hours later he’s looking at them in a way that Jacob hadn’t been able to understand.

Nor had he understood why he’d reacted the way he had.

For a moment, as he’d seen Edward Cullen without any hatred or anger in his face, he’d realized why so many of the girls were obsessed with him. He was beautiful.

And then he’d felt stupid an annoyed for thinking that, and so he’d ignored them throughout the dinner and enjoyed talking to Bella.

But now that he was alone in the night he couldn’t get the leech’s gaze from his mind, and he was growing irritated. So he ran, and ran. He didn’t even know where he was going, he just wanted to tire himself so that he could return home and collapse in bed.

And suddenly he smelt it.


Snarling, Jacob hurled himself towards the smell and going through the bushes he came upon the creature and threw himself on it, knocking it on the ground on its back. Jacob growled, snarled---and then froze as he realized that the leech on who’s chest he was standing was none other than Edward Cullen.

And the leech looked just as surprised as he did.

The shock in itself caused Jacob to shift back to his human form, and he didn’t even realize that he was naked and straddling the vampire because he was too busy narrowing his dark eyes at him. “What the hell are you doing on our land, leech?”

Your land?” Edward finally spoke, looking up at him in incredulity and something else. “This is our land.”

The shifter froze, raising his gaze from his enemy and looking around him, blinking in surprise when he realized that the leech was right. “Fuck.” Growling, Jacob took in a deep breath, looking around him. “I ran farther than I thought I had.”

It didn’t occur to him at the moment that he was still straddling his enemy, or that said enemy had yet to complain or try kick him off.

Brown eyes narrowed as he turned his attention back on Edward, and while he’d been about to say something bitingly at him the wolf paused when he saw the odd expression on the vampire’s face. Edward’s eyes were glazed over, completely black, his mouth slightly open, his chest moving up and down rapidly even though he didn’t really have the necessity to breathe.

Curious as to what was wrong with the creature, Jacob raised an eyebrow. He opened his mouth to ask what the hell Edward’s problem was when suddenly his voice caught in his throat as cold hands gripped him by the naked flesh of his hips, pressing him down against something hard and throbbing that he should have notice along time ago.

Jacob’s eyes went wide and his lips parted slightly in shock as he suddenly realized that he was naked and straddling a very aroused Edward Cullen. Something in him froze at the realization as Edward’s cold fingers dug into his hips in a way that was painful and yet good, and the vampire kept him in place before bucking up against him experimentally, a throaty groan escaping his lips as his eyes closed.

Jacob knew he was in shock, and that was why he wasn’t reacting. His dark brown eyes widened even more as Edward kept his eyes closed and continued to buck against him, lips parted, whimpering deep in his throat in a way that went straight to Jacob’s dick like a lightning bolt.

It was only when one of Edward’s cold hands left his hip and grabbed Jacob’s cock did the wolf realize he was hot, hard and throbbing. The younger man’s lips parted as that cold fist moved up and down his shaft, and suddenly there was a soft moaning sound that filled the air of the forest.

It was only when he realized that he was the one moaning that Jacob was shocked out of his trance, and with a strength he hadn’t even known he had he tore himself away from the vampire. In seconds he’d shifted back to wolf form and was rushing back to his clan’s lands.

Before entering the reserve he went to the ice-cold lake a couple of miles down and washed himself clean of the leech’s smell, and only when he was sure that it was all gone did he return to his people and his home.

Collapsing on his bed, Jacob tried to sleep, he really did, but despite the cold shower he’d had he was still hard, still throbbing, still hurting.

Cursing Edward Cullen with every bad word he’d ever heard, Jacob finally gave in and lowered his hand down his body, cupping his own manhood and stroking himself desperately. He cursed the vampire even more when the image he came to was of them on the forest floor, Edwards mouth finishing what his hands had begun.



16th-Dec-2008 12:22 pm (UTC)
A wolf shape-shifter and a vampire. What an exciting combination. Will follow this story with the proverbial bated breath.
16th-Dec-2008 01:00 pm (UTC)
bated breath? wow, cool! Glad you like and will try to update soon because if you'll asphyxiate if I don't!
24th-Dec-2008 12:09 pm (UTC)
I have to admit, I'm not the world's biggest Twilight fan, but this looks interesting. I will read more soon. :)
24th-Dec-2008 05:04 pm (UTC)
I love ur icon
Hope you continue to like this!
2nd-Jan-2009 08:59 pm (UTC)
i love it! jake was atupid to run away. i mean, come on, edward!
2nd-Jan-2009 10:32 pm (UTC)
well, poor soul, he was confused and surprised, lol
6th-Apr-2009 10:54 pm (UTC)
So .. I'm not a Twilight fan. Not in the least.
But your story is well written and I can imagine Edward and Jacob the way I want and it's sexy and everything :)
Good good job!
Keep writing.
6th-Apr-2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
Glad that you liked! Thanks for reviewing!
14th-Apr-2009 05:25 pm (UTC)
Wow, excellent first chapter. I don't read too much Twilight fan fiction because most of the fics I've read are verging on terrible, but this is really good and well written.

*runs to read chapter 2*
14th-Apr-2009 05:38 pm (UTC)
glad you liked it!
22nd-Dec-2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
Wow. You have made me a Jacob/Edward shipper.

*adds to memories and saves to computer*

Thank you so much for sharing! This is awesome. I have high hopes for this, and I've noticed you've got a sequal too. ^^ Yey! <3
22nd-Dec-2009 10:18 pm (UTC)
Really? I'm glad to hear that!
9th-Jan-2010 11:52 pm (UTC)
Have to say...I rebelled against reading the Twilight series for a long time (still hesitant to read Breaking Dawn, the only one I haven't *shudders*) but I'm rather glad I did. Because I fell in love with not Edward/Bella or Jacob/Bella, but Edward/Jacob. The nice slashyness makes up for a lot of things in the books.

This fic is turning out to be pretty awesome, can't wait to read more! XP
10th-Jan-2010 02:51 am (UTC)
Breaking Dawn is the only one I have yet to read as well! I keep thinking i gotta do it, and then shake my head NO. lol
11th-Jan-2010 06:05 am (UTC)
Good! Someone who is in the same boat as me! *is relieved* It kind of feels like the moment before you get in the water; you dip a foot in to test the waters but pull back because it's too cold and you're scared lol
24th-Dec-2010 11:23 pm (UTC)
Hot! I'm loving this^^
24th-Dec-2010 11:28 pm (UTC)
Good to hear :)
14th-Jan-2011 03:35 am (UTC)
I just discovered this, it's really good. *runs off to read more*
14th-Jan-2011 03:37 am (UTC)
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