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The Enemy Of My Enemy 8A/? 
28th-Dec-2013 03:01 pm

The Enemy of My Enemy
Title: The Enemy of My Enemy
Sequel to: Tinseltown Rumor Mill
Universe: Chloe & The Brothers Series
Rating: M
Pairings: MANY. Damn. Uhm. Main? Chlalvatore and Schlean; Lois/John; Lois/Alaric
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The whole world now knows about vampires, and most of it has been compelled by Klaus, via the "coming out" broadcast. With the Salvatores and the Winchesters unable to see eye to eye on anything, Lois learning the way of the vampire hunter, and someone from the past returning to 'help', things are about to become crazy. And, of course, E!News is happily covering it all.

"I am not leaving here!" Lois glared at Chloe as she twirled in mid-pace to face her cousin. "I'm fine. The doctors gave me a clean bill of health!"

"That's only because you have vampire blood running through your veins!" Chloe glared at the brunette, blood beginning to pool in her eyes and features sharpening as she slowly but surely lost control of herself in her moment of emotional distress. "If something happens to you while it's still in you, you could turn into a vampire!"

Damon raised an eyebrow. "And that would be worse than her dying and there not being any vampire blood in her?"

Chloe turned a glare on him. "Do you think she'd want to be a vampire, Damon?"

"You didn't want to be one," he reminded her. "If I recall, when you awoke during your transition you attacked me and told me you did not want to become one." He smirked. "And you haven't turned out toobad."

"Really, Damon, have I taught you nothing on how to treat women?" A voice sighed from the other side of the gate.

Chloe turned to see a striking, statuesque redhead. "You must be Sage."

"And you are Chloe Sullivan." Her gaze shifted over to Lois. "And Lois Lane… Ricky told me about you." Her expression was solemn as she eyed the building. "Quite the place you have here."

Sam's eyes narrowed in confusion. "How do I know you?"

Her light blue eyes rested on him for a second before she smiled slightly. "I'm surprised that you remember me, you were very young when you met me." She licked her lips and waited a beat before asking: "How's Mary?"

Chloe's eyes widened.

So did Sam's. "You knew our mother?"

"Knew." Sage's smile fell slightly at the word. "I hadn't realized she'd died."

Sam nodded in silence.

"I'm sorry to hear that." And Sage seemed sincere. "Even though we'd lost contact, Mary Campbell was a good friend of mine, despite her taste in men."

Chloe's gaze then went to the necklace Sam wore, the vervain necklace, similar to the one Dean wore, the one that their mother had given them. Why hadn't she made the connection before? She'd always figured the woman had known about the supernatural, and yet it seemed that Mary was much more involved in the supernatural world than met the eye.

"How did she die?" Sage asked softly.

Sam cleared his throat. "Leukemia."

An odd expression crossed Sage's face before she cleared her throat. "I'm sorry."

Sam nodded.

Sage licked her lips. "I'm ready to be invited in now."

Lois eyed Sage thoughtfully as she folded her arms over her chest.

Chloe's gaze went to Damon in question. "Alaric trusted her?"

Damon raised an eyebrow before he nodded. "I think so."

"Ricky and I were like this." Sage crossed fingers.

Lois raised an eyebrow. "How do we know you weren't the one who betrayed us to the Originals?"

Sage sneered at her. "Is someone jealous Ricky didn't tell her about me?"

Lois rolled her eyes. "I almost died tonight, and two of our friends are captured. I'm wondering why he felt he couldn't tell us about you."

Sage took in a deep breath. "He's protecting me."

A muscle ticked in Lois' cheek. "Ric? He's a vampire hunter. Why would he protect a vampire?" She then paused, as if thinking it over as her gaze went to Chloe and Damon, before she groaned. "Oh god-that's possible." She glared as she turned to Sage. "What's so special about you though? Why would he protect you?"

"Well, I am cute." Sage was obviously having fun riling Lois up. "And have you seen this whole package in the sunlight without the jacket?"

Lois narrowed her eyes on her.

Sage's lips twitched before she sighed and licked her lips. "I'm valuable to Ricky, ok? I'm valuable to all of you." Her gaze went to Chloe. "And if you get whatever human owns this place to invite me in, I'll prove it."

Chloe stared at the taller, beautiful redhead, and nodded.


"Any idea why we're here?" Alaric, mostly healed thanks to vampire blood, sent a look in Stefan's direction.

"Hostages/bargaining tools?" Stefan chanced a guess as he looked around the lucratively decorated room, admittedly not feeling much like a hostage or a bargaining tool considering he wasn't chained or anything, but considering how they'd been brought here this was all he could come up with at the moment.

"If Lois died in that accident..." Alaric's fists were clenched.

"She's fine." Stefan picked at a grape from the banquet table that had been laid out before them. "I overheard some of the men who brought us here talking and they said that she was given vampire blood and left at a hospital in Hollywood. She wasn't the intended victim here."

Relief was the first emotion on Alaric's face, and then confusion. "Wait, you mean we were?"

Stefan nodded. "Makes you wonder why."

"Let me be a good host and not leave my guests in a state of wonder then," a voice announced as a door opened and Niklaus Mikaelson entered, flanked on either side by his siblings, Elijah and Rebekah. "You're to be our honored guests at the ball."

Stefan paused, confused, and could see the same expression on Alaric's face. "Excuse me?"

"Well, my dear dear sister needs a date." Niklaus announced as he motioned towards Rebekah Mikaelson. "And as you can understand, it is hard for someone of her standing to find one. So I assured her I'd find something suitable." He smirked as he moved towards Stefan and placed a hand on Stefan's shoulder. "You two will do splendidly I am sure."

Rebekah didn't react either way to this situation.

Alaric looked utterly confused. "I don't understand. Did we just get the equivalent of bride-napped?"

Stefan frowned at the Original Vampire, narrowing his eyes at him. "Why us? What do you get out of this?"

"Ah, Stefan, couldn't I have just missed your company?" Niklaus asked curiously.

Stefan blinked in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

Alaric turned towards him. "Do you two know each other?"

Stefan shook his head. "No, we don't."

Niklaus smirked. "It'll all be explained better at the ball. Come now, you too Mr Saltzman. I am very curious to learn more about vampire hunters. I met one you know, my sister courted one once. I was forced to kill him before I learnt anything about his kind when he foolishly tried killing my family, so I find the thought of having dinner and conversing with you very fascinating."

Elijah and Rebekah shared looks.

Alaric and Stefan shared looks.

Niklaus was the only one who looked completely at ease and more than a little amused with this whole situation.


"No." Chloe shook her head and folded her arms over her chest.

"Look, the special vampire sedative Alaric gave Damon, and that Damon used on Katherine, is the only reason he was able to take her down. She has too many years on him. She's going to wake up any minute now and I'm going to be the only one strong enough to fight her." Sage folded her own arms over her chest. "We're going to have to do this while she's still out. And we don't have more of Alaric's vampire sedative lying around, or if we do, we don't know where he has it hidden. So we can't waste this time fighting. I want someone in there with me, and I want it to be her."

"Why her?" Chloe narrowed her eyes on the redhead. "I'll do it."

"Normally I'd choose you given the fact that you're not only from Katherine's bloodline, but also Stefan's your sire and you're tied to this whole thing with Klaus and the other Originals…" Sage tilted her head. "But the thing is, Damon's a wild card and everyone else out here are humans who don't stand a chance against him if he decides to do something stupid while the both of us are under the trance I'll have to put us under to do this."

"Hey!" Damon snapped.

Lois and Sam didn't look too happy about that last sentence either.

"So why not me?" Sam wanted to know.

Sage turned her gaze on Sam. "I promised your mom I wouldn't get you involved in anything like this, and I'm going to keep that promise." Her gaze went to Lois. "Also, she's a blood relative of Chloe, which means she's close enough of an anchor to be a substitute for me to use to target the memories I'll be looking for."

"Okay." Lois nodded.

Chloe grabbed her arm. "You're going to go into Katherine's mind."

"I know." Lois nodded and gave Chloe a little smile. "I didn't say I liked it, but I'll do it." She pulled her arm out of her cousin's hold and hugged the blonde. "I'll be fine."

Sage watched them before she curled her finger towards Lois. "Come on."

Lois sighed as she pulled away and moved towards the redhead. "What do I do?"

Sage merely pressed her palm against Lois forehead and then reached down to press her other palm against Katherine's.

Lois raised an eyebrow. "Any time now."

Sage frowned. "I'm doing it."

The brunette blinked. "Doing what?"

The redhead appeared disturbed as she pulled her hand away from Lois' and stared at her in confusion before she pressed her hand to Lois' forehead once more and waited, eyes narrowed further. "What the hell?"

Lois's hazels were the picture of confusion. "Am I missing something?"

"Why isn't it working on you?" Sage removed her hand from Lois' forehead only to press it once more, almost desperately. "It should be working!"

"What should be happening right now?" Lois wanted to know.

Sage licked her lips before she turned to Damon. "If you do anything stupid while we're in there, something could go wrong and her subconscious could get stuck inside of Katherine's head, do you understand me?"

Damon raised an eyebrow. "Do I look as if I care if "Codename: Legs" gets stuck inside of Katherine?"

Sam opened his mouth, eyes narrowed.

Sage scoffed. "I wasn't talking about Lois." And with that she twisted her body and pressed her palm against Chloe's forehead.

31st-Dec-2013 07:19 am (UTC)
I just love how you bring in characters that have been in both shows. Besides I loved Sage before she was killed.

What the heck are they doing??
5th-Jan-2014 08:18 pm (UTC)
I did too. I thought they should've kept her on longer!
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