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The Enemy Of My Enemy 8B/? 
28th-Dec-2013 03:05 pm
The Enemy of My Enemy
Title: The Enemy of My Enemy
Sequel to: Tinseltown Rumor Mill
Universe: Chloe & The Brothers Series
Rating: M
Pairings: MANY. Damn. Uhm. Main? Chlalvatore and Schlean; Lois/John; Lois/Alaric
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The whole world now knows about vampires, and most of it has been compelled by Klaus, via the "coming out" broadcast. With the Salvatores and the Winchesters unable to see eye to eye on anything, Lois learning the way of the vampire hunter, and someone from the past returning to 'help', things are about to become crazy. And, of course, E!News is happily covering it all.

"And there we were, literally to our knees in shit." Niklaus Mikaelson chuckled darkly as he shook his head and cut his meat with his fork and knife, his brothers and sister at the dinner table, all very polite and dashing, as if they weren't having dinner with hostages. "Do you remember that evening, Elijah?"

"The smell wasn't something one could easily forget." Elijah raised an eyebrow as he reached for a goblet of what could either be wine or blood, Alaric didn't know which and didn't care to know the answer.

"Can we not talk about excrement?" Rebekah Mikealson let out a sigh of disgust as she eyed her food with distaste. "You're putting me completely off of my meal."

"You're so delicate, sister." Kol's expression was taunting as he smirked, cutting a bloody piece of meat and stuffing it into his mouth, chewing and swallowing it before his gaze went to his most silent brother. "Tell me something, Finn, is it true you were covered from head to toe in the shit?"

Finn raised an eyebrow as his gaze went to Klaus and then back to their youngest brother. "Out of respect for our sister, I believe we should change the subject."

"Thank you." Rebekah breathed out a sigh of relief. "At least one of you has some sort of heart."

"Finn's a regular bleeding heart, he is." Klaus smiled a sneering smile at his brother, seeming far from approving of this. "So noble, so virtuous."

Finn ignored him and continued cutting into his meat.

A muscle ticked in Klaus' cheek before he forced his smile larger and turned it on his guests, particularly Stefan. "Enough about my family. Tell me about yours."

Alaric took this moment to eye the Original family, the tension underlying this whole dinner, and realized that it wasn't just because they were dinning with hostages. It would seem that despite the united front that they showed to the media, things weren't all sunshines and roses in the Originals' camp when the cameras weren't rolling. There seemed to be a particular tension between Finn and Klaus.

Stefan cleared his throat, eyes on Niklaus. "What about my family? I think you know quite a bit about them already."

The leader of the Originals (and why was he the leader given the fact that he obviously wasn't the eldest?) smirked as he eyed Stefan. "Tell me about your brother, Damon."

Stefan's gaze went to the other Originals before returning to Niklaus. "Nothing much to really say about him. We were close when we were humans but we drifted apart after we turned into vampires, and we're only just reconnecting." He took in a deep breath. "I love him, but most of the time I want to stake him."

Klaus' lips twitched in amusement. "I understand the sentiment."

His siblings shared uneasy looks.

"What about Katherine?" Klaus surprised Alaric by not directly asking about Chloe, because the Original did not seem like the type to beat around the bush, and it was obvious that she was the one that he really wanted to know about. "I know she is your sire, and I know that she faked her own death and is back in town."

Stefan seemed to be thinking the same thing as Alaric, because his eyes narrowed slightly and his answer was slower this time. "Then you basically know about as much about her as I do." He paused before adding: "Probably more."

Klaus smirked. "I probably do."

"I have to ask," Kol interrupted the moment, a devious smirk on his face. "Is Lois Lane anything like Lois Lace? Because for a human, Lois Lace is fucking hot."

"Don't be vulgar." Rebekah made a face.

Kol ignored her, eyes on Stefan and Alaric, waiting for an answer.

Stefan blinked, confused. "I wouldn't know. I don't watch Paranormal." He turned to Alaric.

Ric cleared his throat as all those vampires turned their eyes on him, except for Finn, who continued to pay attention to his food. "Well, from the little amount of time I've spent with her, I'd say that the writershave taken some of Lois and put into her character, but you can't think you know Lois Lane just because you've watched her character on Paranormal. She's so much more than what the writers have given her credit for." He licked his lips, very uneasy under their scrutiny, even if Elijah's only seemed like polite interest. "If you want to know what Lois Lane is more like, Supernatural Diaries is a much better medium. You see her as she really is, and not as the script she's playing. But even then, you have to remember that they cut out and edit a lot of things for television so that's still not the complete Lois Lane Experience."

Kol's lips twitched. "The Complete Lois Lane Experience." He chuckled. "I like the sound of that."

Alaric could have smacked himself.


"So this is my fault, now?" Chloe made a face as she stared at the redhead in disbelief.

Sage frowned. "All I'm saying is that first your cousin is impossible to access, and now I'm having trouble controlling the memories I'm evoking with you as my co-pilot, and that's never happened before." The redhead placed her hands on her hips. "The only thing in common in both instances? Your bloodline. So yeah, it's your fault."

Chloe glared at the woman before she huffed and shook her head. "So what now?"

"Now, you let me regain control of the situation." Sage pouted. "It wont take me too long, especially not now that we're in here, but we're wasting time and-finally!"

The scenery around them changed from utter darkness to the inside of a 20's club. They could see Katherine in all her flapper glory, leaning in a dark corner, watching someone.

Chloe's gaze followed Katherine's and her eyes widened when she saw Stefan sitting at a table with Niklaus Mikaelson.

The blonde found herself moving through the crowd towards the table without even realizing what she was doing, drawn towards the two vampires who were obviously enjoying the other's company. What in the world was going on? Why was Stefan here? What was he doing here? With Niklaus of all people? Hadn't he told her that he hadn't known that the Originals existed before they came out of the proverbial closet?

"He said he loved her, but after having daggered him for a couple hundred years it was easy to get him to see things my way." Niklaus drank something thick and red as he eyed some women dancing. "That's the thing about my brother, he's so high and mighty, so full of self-righteousness, it's sickening. Thing is, though, if he had really loved that low-classed harlot of his as he says he does, he would have gone to her the moment he was free, despite the consequences, and he didn't."

Stefan nodded as he downed his own glass of dark red liquid. "Who really believes in love anymore, anyway?"

The Original vampire smirked. "My sister. After all these centuries she's still looking for that fairy tale romance to sweep her off her feet."

"Rebekah?" Stefan looked quizzical. "You'd have me believe she is a hopeless romantic?"

"Believe it or not, my siblings all share a hint of romanticism in them." Niklaus made up his face as he took a long gulp of his drink. "Take Elijah for example. He and I fought over the same woman once and our relationship has never been the same. I believe he truly believed himself in love with her and still resents me for how that situation worked out."

Stefan thought for a moment. "Women have a way of ruining brotherhood."

Niklaus snorted. "Here here."

The men touched glasses in a toast.

Chloe frowned, a little hurt despite knowing that Stefan was referring to Katherine and not her.

"As interesting and nauseating as this bromance is…" Sage looked like she'd swallowed a lemon. "This doesn't explain anything."

"It tells me that Stefan's not being honest with us." Chloe licked her lips. "He does know Niklaus Mikaelson. That's probably why he was taken." She sighed, that hurt growing. "Why didn't he feel like he could trust me with the truth? That he could tell me that he not only knew that Originals existed-but that he actually knew the Originals?"

"And why was Ricky taken?" Sage frowned as she folded her arms over her chest, her narrowed gaze on Katherine, who hid in the shadows and watched Niklaus and Stefan with distrust and unease on her face.

Suddenly the scene around them changed to an alleyway, Stefan and Niklaus sharing the remains of a poor girl. This was obviously Stefan during his Ripper days because the girl had literally been ripped apart, her blood bathing the vampires and the walls of the alleyway more than having filled their stomachs and quenched their thirst. And yet they were both darkly amused and obviously having a great time as they continued to talk.

Katherine, from her vantage point in the shadows on the roof of a nearby building, watched.

Chloe and Sage were next to Stefan and Niklaus, not worrying about being seen as they were in Katherine's memories and not a part of them.

"And she wanted us to be a happy family, can you believe that?" Stefan's face was disgusted as he licked blood off of the severed hand. "Her, my brother and I. She Compelled me to be okay with the idea but even Compelled I wasn't too happy with the thought as a human, and once I turned the idea repulsed me."

Niklaus leaned against the wall, fangs deep within a thigh before finally discarding it once all the blood was gone. "I would find it very hard to share a girl with anyone, but especially with one of my brothers."

"I was so furious, Klaus, you have no idea." Stefan shook his head. "I mean, the bitch was just forcing her will on me, on the both of us, and Damon was fine being her little puppet and doing whatever she wanted. He was completely in love with her, he told me that she hadn't had to Compel him after he found out she was a vampire, and that's okay. He'd loved her completely, he would have accepted anything for her-but even he wouldn't have accepted a life with me in it."

Niklaus-or Klaus-as Stefan called him, nodded, seeming to genuinely care what Stefan was telling him. "There's no woman worth sharing, mate."

Stefan nodded in full agreement. "Unless you just don't give two shits about her."

Chloe licked her lips, that hurt feeling growing worse and worse in her stomach.

Stefan paused.

Klaus eyed the younger vampire. "What is it?"

Stefan appeared hesitant, deep in thought, before he looked up at Klaus. "Or… unless that's the only way to keep from losing her completely."

Chloe narrowed her eyes slightly at her sire.

Suddenly the scenery blurred and changed once more, and they were in the Californian town Chloe, Damon and Stefan lived in.

Katherine was leaning against her car as a guy she'd Compelled filled it up with gas for free. She eyed her nails and looked around her, seemingly bored and ready to move on as soon as the tank was filled.

"Really Stefan, would it KILL you to have some fun and let others have fun as well?" Damon turned the corner some distance away.

"Your definition of fun always ends up in someone ending up dead." Stefan glared at Damon as he turned the corner seconds after his older brother.

Katherine's eyes widened as she raced to hide behind the car, spying on the two vampires, the shock obvious on her face. "I can't believe it. What are they doing together? I've never-in all these centuries I've never seen them in the same place at the same time-TALKING to each other!"

Damon, unaware that they were being watched, rolled his eyes at Stefan. "You just don't know how to have fun."

Stefan returned the eye-roll to his brother. "Your definition of fun is twisted."

"You didn't say that last night." Damon's smile was sin.

Katherine blinked. "Are they-?"

Stefan smirked, although he looked a little embarrassed. "That was the exception. And that was only because there was a safe word."

Katherine's eyes widened. "They are!"

"You have to admit that she gives as good as she gets." Damon chuckled lecherously. "I didn't think she'd hold out as much as she did."

Stefan's smile was shockingly just as lecherous. "I didn't either."

Katherine's expression darkened in confusion. "She?"

Up ahead, Chloe appeared, nose-deep in a magazine which featured Sam, Dean, John and Lois on the front for a Paranormal exclusive.

Damon grinned. "There's our girl." His grin melted slightly at the magazine. "Gonna make the trashmag vanish though."

Stefan ignored Damon and walked up towards Chloe, moving the magazine down and kissing the surprised blonde on her lips.

Chloe smiled into the kiss, her hands curling around her sire in a hug as she arched into him.

Katherine frowned darkly.

Damon snatched the magazine from Chloe's hand and threw it behind him while she was distracted, and the second Stefan released her he'd yanked the laughing girl into his chest and captured her lips with his hungrily.

Katherine's eyes widened in horror as her fists clenched tightly at her side.

The people mulled around the triad, used to their scandalous relationship by now and having grown used to it.

Damon pulled away enough to lift Chloe up and throw her over his shoulder, giving her plump tush a playful slap. "Let's go home, Cinderella. It's midnight. Time to lose the clothes."

Stefan snorted in dark amusement, pressed a deep kiss to Chloe's mouth as she hung over Damon's shoulder, and with that the three laughed as they made their way towards their car.

Katherine watched them as they left, her face darkening. "Looks like I'm going to be sticking around this hick town after all."

Sage turned to Chloe. "Seems like you had a nice life here."

Chloe watched the car drive away. "I did."

Sage eyed her thoughtfully. "Were you happy?"

Chloe turned towards her, thought about it for a moment, and then nodded as a smile tilted her lips. "Yeah."

Suddenly the scenery changed to reveal a dark restaurant, and Katharine sitting on her own, obviously waiting for someone.

"He better not stand me up." Katherine licked her lips as she tapped her fingers against the table.

Finally, a handsome man entered the restaurant and came to sit down across from her. "You're risking a lot, calling me, Katerina."

Sage's eyes widened in horror.

"I have a trade, for Klaus." Katherine took in a deep breath. "I know that he's planning on coming out to the humans, and I know a vampire who he'd find useful. She can Compel anyone who is on Vervain."

He froze. "Impossible."

"No. I've seen it with my own eyes." Katherine leaned forwards. "This is my freedom I'm bartering, I wouldn't come with information I haven't triple-checked. Tell him I'll give him the name and location of this vampire if he'll give me my pardon."

"And why should I help you?" The vampire narrowed his eyes.

"Because I could give you some information that might interest you as well, concerning her." Katherine raised an eyebrow.

He sneered. "I could not care less."

Katherine smirked. "So you do not care that for the first time since you, she's genuinely grown close to another male? A human male at that?"

A growl escaped his lips. "Who is he?"

Katherine's smirk grew larger. "Help me get my message to your brother, Finn, and I'll tell you all about Sage's new friend."

Sage's eyes widened in shock. "I'm the reason Ricky was taken."

Chloe turned towards Sage. "What's your connection to Finn Mikaelson?"

Sage stared at the memory in almost a trance before she turned to Chloe. "He's my sire."

Chloe's eyes widened. "What?"

"The reason I've been helping Ricky is so that we can find a way to free Finn from Klaus power over him and the rest of his siblings. At first we were planning on killing Niklaus but then we found out something that made us realize we had to change our plans." Sage's eyes filled with unshed tears, a tremulous smile on her lips. "Finn still loves me."

Chloe stared between Sage and the memory of Finn before she took in a deep breath. "Let's just hope that fact doesn't get Alaric killed."

29th-Dec-2013 06:42 am (UTC)
and bam... so many new questions... was mary a hunter here too? the lain blood-line?... did stefan get compelled?

love the update, thank you
5th-Jan-2014 08:19 pm (UTC)
And I can't answer any... yet ;P

Thanks! <3
31st-Dec-2013 07:36 am (UTC)
So many questions answered but so many new questions are popping up??
Like why couldn't Sage use Lois or was he plan to use Chloe all along??

5th-Jan-2014 08:19 pm (UTC)
All I can say is - remember that the Puppets Mesmer didn't work on Lois either.
20th-Jan-2014 11:08 pm (UTC)
I have so many new questions now! I loved Sage on the show and was pretty bummed when they killed her off so quickly. On to the next chapter.
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