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Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking 6A/? 
20th-Mar-2014 08:55 pm
Chlace---Chloe/Jace Wayland -SV/TMI
Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking
Title: Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking
Fandoms: Smallville/The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Jace Wayland
Rating T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Chloe stumbles into Jace Wayland and apologizes she doesn't realize she's not supposed to be able to see him due to his invisibility rune. And then there are misunderstandings. This is the catalyst to some seriously unstealthy stalking from the blonde Shadowhunter, who is determined to make her acknowledge he's there and stop pretending she can't see him.

"They've got her, Magnus." Lois cuddled Chairman Meow, Magnus' tiny cat, as if it were her one sole lifeline. It had zigzag gray stripes and tuffed pink ears that made it look more like a large mouse than a small cat. "Those dirty little Shadowhunters have my Lil Cousin and we need to get her back."

Magnus eyed her silently. "How sure are you that it's the Shadowhunters that have her?"

"I just know it, in my gut." She worried her bottom lip as she curled up on Magnus' sofa, having had no where else, and no one else, to turn to. "You need to explain this better to me-the block-why they might want her-what they'll do to her-how I can get her back-is she alive still?"

The warlock eyed her with a sigh. "You seem to think that the Shadowhunters are some sort of mafia. They aren't. In fact, the Children of Nephilim are appointed warriors on Earth of the Angel Raziel and control and preside over the Shadow World." He stopped when he saw that he'd lost her already. "That's the hidden supernatural part of the world that the mundanes, or the normal people, don't usually see." Seeing she got it now, he continued. "The Nephilim also preside over demons and the Downworlders-." Again, he'd lost her, and he sighed. "Vampires, werewolves, warlocks and fairies count as Downworlders." Seeing her nod he took in a deep breath. "So the Shadowhunters fight demonic forces and keep peace in the Shadow World as well as keep it hidden from the mundane world while also protecting the inhabitants of both worlds."

"I prefer to see them as the tyrannical bad guys who oppress the masses, kidnap sleeping maidens from their beds and destroy said sleeping maidens' hot cousins's libraries for no other explainable reason than because they suck bananas." Lois was not going to be swayed. "I want Chloe back."

Chairman Meow, usually an easily spooked little creature, meowed loudly at Magnus.

Magnus made a face at the tiny thing. "So, you're on her side?"

Lois scratched behind Chairman's ear. "What did I tell you about my effect on men?"

Magnus chuckled, finding that against his better judgement he liked this mundane. "Okay. Let me see what I can find out from the head of the Metropolis Shadowhunters Institute about Chloe and whether they actually have her or whether we need to start looking for her somewhere else."

Lois grinned and pressed a kiss to the top of Chairman Meow's head. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Chairman Meow looked in heaven as he began to purr.

Magnus Bane merely shook his head at the cat.


Chloe took in a deep breath. "Listen here, MacStalkerson-."

"Jace." He laid on her bed next to her, eyebrow raised, far too comfortable as he read some book that had pictures of weapons in it.

"Excuse me?" She held onto her sheet tightly.

His lips twitched as his gaze rose from the book to her and he slammed the book shut. "My name is Jace, not MacStalkerson."

She narrowed her eyes on him. He was far too amused right now. "Okay then. Listen here, Jace, I have many basic human rights. And one of those basic human rights is to not get kidnapped. So if you would just take me back home I'd be very much obliged."

He shook his head. "No dice."

She closed her eyes. "I'm not going to tell anyone about your little... cult… so please don't kill me."

He froze. "You think we're going to kill you?"

"How else do you plan on 'dealing' with me?" She snapped as her eyes flew open.

He stared at her with incredulity. "You overheard-? Is that why you've-?" He sat up immediately and threw the book behind him over his shoulder. "Damn it, woman! You've put me through hell because ofthat?"

"You were put through hell?" She cried out in disbelief. "YOU?"

"Yes! ME!" He glared at her. "If you had just acknowledged I was there-!"

"You would've killed me!"

"No I wouldn't have!"

They glared at each other, faces very close.

Someone cleared his throat.

Green and gold eyes glared in the direction of the interruption.

It was the blue eyed guy.

Chloe cleared her throat. "I want to go home."

"Gladly." The guy spoke with a clipped tone. "Once you speak to Hodge and if he says you can. I'll take you back myself."

Her eyes widened. "Really?"

A muscle jumped in Jace's cheek. "Hello Alec. What are you doing here?"

"I came to see if she was awake yet. She was taking forever." Alec came in and threw some clothes onto the bed. "These should fit; Hodge wants to see her now and I doubt she wants to see him in her nightgown."

Considering that this Hodge guy was the one who could give her her freedom, Chloe turned to Jace. "Go away, I need to change."

He smirked and didn't move an inch. "You sure you don't need any help? You had a bad concussion."

She glared at him. "I can manage."

"You positive?" He asked. "Other girls would die to be in your position-me offering to put my hands on you."

"Let me put my hands on you." She pushed Jace off of her bed and glared when he somehow managed to not fall on his ass, but landed on his feet gracefully like a cat.

He flashed her a grin. "You're such a spitfire."

A muscle ticked in Alec's cheek. "Jace, leave her alone."

"Yes, Jace." She glared at the blonde, annoyed. "Leave her alone."

He seemed highly amused with her as he let Alec drag him out of the room.

Only once the door close behind them did Chloe close her eyes and breathe out in relief. She looked at the black wrap-around dress that did seem around her size. She slipped out of bed and put them on, putting on the boots that she hadn't noticed were already by the side of the bed. The girl tied the dress closed tightly and went to look out of the window, tried to figure out where she was and what her chances were of just escaping. Maybe she could get to a phone and call someone, anyone, and let them know she'd been kidnapped and needed help. There had to be a landmark to let her know where she was.

"Jace, will you just give her some time to put on her-?" Alec's annoyed voice gave her enough warning to move away from the window and to fiddle with the straps of her dress, to pretend that she'd still been dressing when Jace entered the room.

The girl looked up, knowing her hair was a mess.

Jace froze when he saw her, an odd expression on his face, it reminded her slightly of the way he'd looked at her when he'd had his fever.

Chloe's throat went dry.

Alec cleared his throat loudly. "Come on then. Let's not keep Hodge waiting."

Chloe looked at Alec and nodded as she hurried towards him and ignored Jace as she moved by Alec's side. "I see what they meant about your eyes."

Alec blinked and almost tripped as he sent her a confused look. "Excuse me?"

"Magnus Bane and my cousin… They were both admiring your eyes." Chloe sent his a sideways glance. "I only just got a really good look at them now and I agree." She sent him a small smile. "You've got very pretty eyes."

Alec opened and closed his mouth before he cleared his throat and looked away.

Jace cleared his throat and moved in between them, shouldering passed as he took the lead. They walked through the corridors of what seemed like a huge building, and Chloe was reluctantly impressed with her kidnappers' place.

Finally they stopped in front of some doors and Jace pushed them open. "He's in there, waiting for you."

Chloe looked up at Jace and Alec both before she took in a deep breath and stepped forwards into the room. The doors closed behind her. She looked around her at the office and was drawn to an open gray book that was propped up on a pedestal. The girl glanced around the room quickly, didn't see anyone, and figured this "Hodge" guy must be on the way so she made her way towards the book freely, without restraint. The paper was crisp under her touch, sent shivers of something she couldn't explain through her body, and she felt numb and warm, the girl flipping through the book as she eyed the runes imprinted within.

Something burned in the back of her head as she turned the page to the very first rune and then, rapidly, began to turn each and every page, her eyes scanning the pages. She felt almost as if in a trance as she flipped the pages progressively quicker and quicker until she'd reached the halfway point of the book. There was a dull pain in her head and she felt faint, her knees giving out on her as she swayed.

A bird cawed.

Arms went around Chloe and caught her, holding and steading her, pulling her away from the book as she rode out the dizziness. "Now, now there."

Chloe whimpered, hand to her head, not exactly sure what had happened and why she was so dizzy. "What… happened?"

"I believe that it might be a side effect to using the iratze on you without you having been initiated as a Shadowhunter. That, or the iratze isn't working on you as strongly as it should and you're still suffering some effects of the concussion-in which case you should still be in bed."

Chloe tilted her head upside down to stare at the man who held her, steadied her. He had a thick scar up the right side of his face, and was a thin man with grey-streaked hair and a long, beaky nose. He wore a neat, grey, tweed suit. All in all, he didn't look like the sort of person she'd expect to meet her death by. "You must be Hodge."

He gave a slight nod of his head. "Hodge Starkweather."

"I'm Chloe Sullivan." She held her hand up for him.

He raised an eyebrow and straightened her, hesitated as he waited to see if she could really stand on her own two feet, before he finally shook her hand. "Pleasure."

Chloe's gaze went to the bird that's cawed. "So, that the Fawkes to your Dumbledore?"

"Excuse me?" He did not seem to get the Harry Potter reference and that terrified her. "That is Hugo, my faithful raven."

Who didn't get Harry Potter references?

Chloe licked her lips. "We're still on earth, right?"

"Metropolis, to be precise." He looked at her oddly. "You may truly be suffering from that concussion."

So they were on earth and they had no idea what Harry Potter was. Then again, this dude was old. Maybe he had an excuse. She frowned. Nah. No one had an excuse for knowing at least Dumbledore's name.

"Would you like to return to the infirmary?"

"No!" Who knew what sort of meds these people were on? "I'm fine." She gave him a small smile. "So, I've been informed that you want to meet me."

He motioned towards a desk. "Would you like to take a look a something for me?"

She eyed him curiously. "Sure? Why not? Wouldn't be the weirdest thing I've been asked to do." The blonde went to the desk and noticed that there were different pictures on it, different people in it, all young and dressed similarly to Jace and Alec. She didn't see what the big deal with these pictures was until she finally saw it and sat down, hard, on the seat by the desk.

Hodge stood over her and stared at the picture. "Her real last name is Laneara. When I realized that you had Shadowhunter blood in you I knew that one of your parents were one of us, and so when I was able to trace your father's lineage easily through the mundane world I tried instantly looking for your mother but couldn't find any trace of Moira Lane. It was then that I actually found a wedding photograph of hers with your father and I didn't have to."

"Why?" Chloe whispered, her throat dry.

"Because I knew your mother, she was a friend of mine once upon a long time ago."

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