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Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking 6B/? 
20th-Mar-2014 08:57 pm
Chlace---Chloe/Jace Wayland -SV/TMI
Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking
Title: Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking
Fandoms: Smallville/The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Jace Wayland
Rating T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Chloe stumbles into Jace Wayland and apologizes she doesn't realize she's not supposed to be able to see him due to his invisibility rune. And then there are misunderstandings. This is the catalyst to some seriously unstealthy stalking from the blonde Shadowhunter, who is determined to make her acknowledge he's there and stop pretending she can't see him.

Chloe dropped the picture in shock as she turned to look up at Hodge Starkweather, seeing the truth on his features. "What?"

"Your mother was an incredible Shadowhunter, one of the best."

"Then why isn't she a Shadowhunter anymore?" Chloe stared at the picture of her mother resting her forehead on the shoulder of a young man Chloe didn't recognize, but there were two other people in the picture, a pretty redhead, and a man Chloe recognized all-too-well. It was the same man who'd come for her mother, the man who Moira had chosen over her daughter and husband. They were dressed the same way Jace and Alec were so that meant that they must be Shadowhunters as well.

"I suppose you could say that everyone in this picture with her have a part to play in why she isn't a Shadowhunter anymore," Hodge surprised Chloe by declaring. "But none more than him." He tapped the face of the man she'd met as a child. "There was a time when she was one of his most trusted and fervent followers."

Chloe looked up. "What?" She'd guessed the guy had been her mother's old boyfriend-but what was this about followers?

"I hereby render unconditional obedience to the Circle and its principles … I will be ready to risk my life at any time for the Circle, in order to preserve the purity of the bloodlines of Idris, and for the mortal world with whose safety we are charged." Hodge eyed Chloe seriously.

She blinked. "That's creepy. What does it have to do with anything?"

"It was the loyalty oath of the Circle of Raziel," Hodge said, sounding tired. "They were a group of Shadowhunters, led by a Shadowhunter by the name of Valentine some twenty years ago, who were dedicated to wiping out all Downworlders and returning the world to a 'purer' state."

"No idea what a "Downworlder" is, but let me tell you something, Hitler was the last guy I heard of who wanted to purify things and he was a lunatic." Chloe raised an eyebrow. "This Valentine dude sounds like he's one nomination away from being Asshat of the Century." She picked up the picture of her mother and her mother's… group. "So, reading between the lines, I'm guessing that mom and these people, were a part of this Circle of Raziel you were telling me about." She swallowed around the lump in her throat, unable to believe that her mother would be a part of a hate group like that, but considering Moira had left when she was so young, Chloe really didn't know her mother, did she? "And that that man was Valentine." She gulped. "And she followed him."

"Yes, he was Valentine, and yes, she followed him." Hodge sighed. "But what I'm saying is that the people in that picture weren't just members of the Circle of Raziel, they were the core members of the Circle."

Chloe dropped the picture again and looked up at him in shock. "What?"

"Consider them, plus a few others not in this picture, the founding members. Your mother was especially close to Valentine, one of his most trusted, whom he'd give some of the most dangerous and difficult assignments to because of her skill as a Shadowhunter and her faithfulness to him and his cause."

And consider Chloe KO'd.

Her mouth opened and closed, opened and closed, opened and closed, like a fish out of water. Finally she got a little squeak out. "My mom was Bellatrix to his Voldemort?"

"No. Valentine."

She couldn't even suffer the continued ignorance of the Harry Potter references, the girl staring at Hodge Starkweather in horror. "Excuse me while I go over there and have a mini nervous breakdown." She stood up, walked to the corner of the room, and leaned against the wall as she slid to the floor. She breathed in and out, remembering meeting the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named of this world, the girl very close to a panic attack. "Mom has horrible taste in men!" She gulped and covered her face. No wonder Chloe had been so attracted to her stalker! She'd inherited her terrible taste in men from her mother! "Lois was right all along! It's all Moira's fault!"

The girl kept mumbling that over and over again as she covered her face.

"What's Moira's fault?"

She jumped when she saw Jace kneel in front of her. Her eyes narrowed on him. "What are you doing here?"

He raised an eyebrow. "I was outside and Hodge told me to come in. Apparently you had a nervous breakdown on him and he didn't know how to handle it."

How was she suddenly Jace's problem to deal with?

It wasn't as if she was his responsibility or anything!

"My mom left us to be with Voldemort!"

"My sympathies." Jace blinked in obvious confusion. "That name is horrendous to have in the family."

She stared at him in open horror.

How was it possible that no one in this place knew anything about Harry Potter?

He seemed to interpret her horror for some other reason. "I'm sure he'd let you call him something else. Vol, D, Morty…" he paused. "No, Morty is horrible too."

She snorted in laughter despite it all.

Jace turned his gaze at her and smiled. "So we're going with Morty then?"

Chloe sighed and covered her face with a groan. "How is this my life?"

Jace looked very confused. "Hodge? How is a name causing so much distress here?"

"She's getting the name confused, and I'm not sure why she's having such a huge issue with it." Hodge sounded confused himself. "Jace, what I'm about to say to you must stay between us, you need to understand that it's important we keep this to ourselves for now."

"Of course." Jace nodded.

"Before Chloe's mother married her father, she was right hand to Valentine, leader of the Circle of Raziel."

Jace's eyes widened before he turned his wide golden eyes to Chloe. "How did you get Voldemort from Valentine?"

She waved him off, not about to try and explain what took 7 books and 8 movies to accomplish.

Jace took in a deep breath and offered her his hand.

The girl stared at him through her fingers before she sighed and placed her hand in his, accepting his help as she got to her feet.

Jace cleared his throat as he let go of her and turned to Hodge. "I didn't realize that Valentine's group had an official name, I just thought the event was called the "Uprising"."

"As it was an embarrassment to the Clave, most record was struck from existence. There are very few who know what I have told you."

"Then how do you know so much?" Chloe wanted to know. "How do you even know the loyalty oath?"

"Loyalty oath?" Jace looked between them.

"Because, I helped write it." Hodge surprised the teens by admitting. "Chloe's mother, the Lightwood's", Jace looked stricken at the news, "we were a part of the Circle. Chloe's mother left, but the rest of us stayed until the end. Some stayed true to Valentine and fled when he did, but many of us, once we realized how extreme Valentine had become, we cooperated with the Clave for… clemency." There was an odd expression on his face but he didn't go into more detail as he cleared his throat. "But if Valentine's faithful followers are coming out of hiding, it means that he could be alive and returning as well." His gaze went to Chloe. "I need to know why one of his men attacked you last night."

Chloe tried to remember, a hand to her head as she remembered the noise and getting up to go down and investigate. "The… me...an. He wanted a Cup."

Hodge's eyes narrowed. "A Cup?"

Jace's eyes widened.

"He was talking to himself a lot, I think he was a little cooky." Chloe blinked as she pressed a hand to her head. "He was saying something about an antidote at first, I think, and then when he found out I was there he said he wanted some sort of Cup, thought I knew where it was. I, of course, had no freaking idea what he was talking about."

"The Mortal Cup." Apparently Hodge had an idea what she was talking about.

"Say what now?" She turned to him in confusion.

"The Mortal Cup," Jace answered, face impassive. "It's one of the Mortal Instruments given to Jonathan Shadowhunter by the Angel Raziel. You can only become a Shadowhunter one of two ways, by being born of a Shadowhunter, or by drinking from the Mortal Cup."

"And Valentine wants this cup?" Chloe couldn't see why the bad guy would want to make more good guys.

"Of course." Hodge didn't seem to see a problem with the logic. "With it he can build an army."

Chloe opened her mouth.

Someone knocked on the door and then it opened and the girl Shadowhunter opened. "Hodge, there's a visitor who won't leave. It's a Downworlder."

"A Downworlder?" Hodge frowned. "Isabelle, tell whoever it is that they will have to leave. I am busy."

"The visitor isn't here to see you." She raised an eyebrow. "He's here for her."

Chloe's eyes widened. "For me?"

"Popular, aren't you?" The girl smirked.

Jace frowned. "Who even knows that she's here?"

Someone walked passed Isabelle, someone in a trim matador outfit, cape and everything.

Chloe's eyes widened in relief. "Magnus!" She mightn't know him that well, but she knew him better than these people, and she rushed forwards to hug the High Warlock of Metropolis, surprising every single person in that room, Magnus included.

He "ooofed" and then patted her back with a chuckle. "They aren't torturing you, are they, darling? I've got orders from Lois to rain down fire and brimstone if they are."

"Is she okay?" Chloe looked up at him in worry.

"She's fine, cat-sitting Chairman Meow for me." He gazed down into her eyes. "We really need to look at that."

She knew what he was talking about, and nodded.

Jace raised an eyebrow at them. "Since when are you and the Downworlder so… close?"

Magnus raised an eyebrow back at him, visibly highly amused. "I've known Chloe for years, didn't you know, Nephilim?"

Jace clenched his fists.

Chloe glanced between them before she grabbed Magnus' hand and pulled him aside, her gaze on the Shadowhunters (who were eyeing them guardedly), her voice low. "My block, does it have to do with my mother's old boss? Or with the Mortal Cup?"

Magnus went stiff. "Why would you ask that?"

Chloe looked up at him. "Because I was attacked last night because of that damned Cup and I don't know why. They think I know where it is, and I don't, or I think I don't."

Magnus' gaze went to the Shadowhunters before he pulled her even further away from the others, his hands on her shoulders as his voice lowered. "When your mother left the Shadow World it wasn't the monsters she was hiding from, Chloe. The warlocks, wolf-men, Fair Folk and demons weren't the ones who scared her-weren't the ones who she had nightmares about. It was them. It was the Shadowhunters." He narrowed his eyes at her, letting her know that he knew much more than he let on. "Don't trust these people with everything."

Her stomach curled at this revelation.

"Is everything alright here?" Jace wanted to know as he drew closer.

Chloe gave him a shaky smile. "Of course." She sent Magnus a nod. "Magnus and I will be leaving now."

"I'm afraid that until we can figure out what is going on, and if Valentine is truly back, then the safest place for you is here." That was Hodge. "You're of Shadowhunter blood, and as soon as we send word to the Clave that there's enough proof that Valentine mightn't be dead, that he's after the Mortal Cup, and that you might somehow know where it is, they'll want you to be close at hand. It will be best for everyone if you're here."

Chloe tensed. This sounded like he was telling her, very politely, that she was under arrest until her interrogators arrived.

Magnus Bane tensed besides her. "Of course."

She looked up at him incredulously. Why was he going along with this?

Magnus sent her down a look which told her she had to cooperate.

"But my father-!"

"I can easily cast a spell on him to confound him. The man will believe you're spending time with your cousin at her home." Magnus placed his hand on her shoulder.

The blonde gulped and decided to trust Magnus Bane so she nodded and took in a deep breath. "Fine."

She turned to look at the Shadowhunters in front of her, her captors.

She was not happy, she was not happy at all.


"What do you mean you left her there?" Lois cried out in horror.

Magnus threw himself on the sofa next to her. "If what they're saying is true, she's safest in the Institute."

Lois frowned. "What are you talking about? How can you say that?"

Magnus turned towards the mundane girl. "How deep are you willing to go into these murky waters, Lois Lane?"

She gulped, realizing then and there and there was no going back to how things were. "I've never been scared to get a little dirty."

He smirked as he leaned back hard on the sofa and took in a deep breath as he stared up at the ceiling.

Chairman Meow jumped up on the sofa between them.

Lois stared at the warlock. "You can't take off her block, can you?"

The warlock stared at the ceiling, tense. "It'll wear off on its, in time, the process has already started. I was only supposed to monitor it throughout the years, to keep it stable so that it could wear off on its own when she was ready without damaging her psyche."

Lois closed her eyes. "All these years without you monitoring and stabilizing it-could it coming down have-consequences? Damaging ones?"

He nodded, blunt and remorseless in his honesty. "I'm definitely expecting some sort of psychological issue to arise once the block has come down completely."

Lois leaned her head back against the sofa with a little cry. "Damn that woman! Everything is always her fault!"

"Chloe believed the block has to do with the Angel Cup, and the attack on her definitely had to do with it, but I've been through her memories when she was a child and there was nothing in them about the Mortal Instruments."

"Mortal Instruments? Angel Cup?" Lois was, as usual, completely confused as to what he was talking about.

He didn't know why he had so much patience with this mundane girl. "The Angel Raziel gave three things to Jonathan Shadowhunter, the first Shadowhunter-a Cup, a Sword, and a Mirror. The Cup and Mirror were in Idris-which is the Shadowhunter's home country and is magicked so that mundanes don't even know it exists-but that doesn't matter right now." He cleared his throat. "The Cup and Mirror were in Idris until Valentine took the Cup."

"What about the Mirror?"

"No one knows, it disappeared somewhere in time." Magnus tilted his head towards her. "But it's the Mortal Cup that Valentine wants, has always wanted, and for some reason he seems to think that Chloe knows where it is." He took in a deep breath. "Only a fool would get between Valentine and his revenge."

"Revenge?" Lois gulped.

"He suffered a great defeat, and most thought him dead after there was a great fire at his land, his bones were even found in his home." Magnus hadn't ever truly believed that Valentine was dead though, especially not by means as common as a house fire. "I suppose he's getting ready for his next attack, and the Cup is essential."

"But you said Chloe's memories have nothing to do with the Mortal Cup." Lois frowned and waited for him to nod his confirmation before she pressed forwards. "So why does this Valentine douchebag think she knows where the Mortal Cup is?"

Magnus Bane frowned as he returned his gaze to the ceiling. "Because, if rumors can be believed, Moira knew where the Mortal Cup was."

Lois's throat went dry. "Her fault. Always her fault!"

Chairman Meow purred, not at all reading the anxiety in the room.

21st-Mar-2014 05:00 pm (UTC)
This fic is just so awesome!! I love how easily you weave Chloe into this world.
24th-Mar-2014 01:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you so very much :)
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