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Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking 14A/? 
3rd-Apr-2014 02:15 pm
Chlace---Chloe/Jace Wayland -SV/TMI

Title: Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking
Fandoms: Smallville/The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Jace Wayland
Rating T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Chloe stumbles into Jace Wayland and apologizes she doesn't realize she's not supposed to be able to see him due to his invisibility rune. And then there are misunderstandings. This is the catalyst to some seriously unstealthy stalking from the blonde Shadowhunter, who is determined to make her acknowledge he's there and stop pretending she can't see him.

"Hodge has agreed not to tell the Clave what we know so far just in case Valentine has someone in the organization working for him, but we only just managed to convince Hodge to do so." Jocelyn took in a deep breath as she eyed Chloe, who sat in front of Magnus, the warlock gazing into her eyes. "He knows the extent of the reach Valentine has always had, and that is the only reason why the Clave isn't bursting in the front door."

Jace ignored her, eyes on Magnus as he leaned against the wall next to them, arms folded over his chest. "Is she okay? Ever since visiting the Silent Brothers she has been having episodes and they're becoming more frequent."

"It's because the block was destabilized by the intrusion and is weakening faster than anticipated." Magnus continued to stare into her greens. "True, it stayed up longer than I had thought it would without a power-source to feed it, but the lowering of the walls in her mind should've been a more drawn out process than it is now and her mind is being strained with what it's being flooded with." He aligned his fingertips on her temples and concentrated before his eyes narrowed. "That's interesting."

"What is?" Clark asked, having come over first thing that morning.

"It's rejecting me as a power source." Magnus looked a little offended at that. "But this does explain how it was able to stay up so long even after your mother stopped bringing you." He pulled away from Chloe as he narrowed his eyes. "It's found an alternative power source and is feeding off of that."

"An alternate power source?" Lois echoed. "And for the mundanes in the room who have no idea what in the world you're talking about?"

"I'm saying that either someone else is unknowingly Chloe's new power source, or she is the source herself." Magnus' gaze rested on Chloe's face. "The barrier sought a new power source when I stopped feeding it, and it found one."

"So basically you're saying that there is nothing you can do." Isabelle clarified. "You've been shut out of your own block by your own block."

Magnus sent her an annoyed look. "Yes, if you want to boil it down to its most basic terms."

Alec leaned hard against the chair he was sitting on.

"What is the block for?" Luke wanted to know. "You must've seen a glimpse while you were putting it up."

"It's chaotic inside a child's mind." Magnus made a face. "And the block isn't just on her memories, it's much more complicated than that. In fact, this was one of the hardest spells I've ever performed due to the fact that Moira wanted to block everything from the Shadow World from Chloe. She'd hoped that the girl would be born with a blind Inner Eye, apparently there are some Shadowhunter children who need to be taught to See the Shadow World, and of course still need the Voyance Rune to see all of it, especially the glamours, but Moira had found Chloe playing with one of the Fair Folk and knew that the girl could see everything."

Chloe blinked at that revelation.

"It would be easier to pass her off as a half mundane if she were blind to the Shadow World." Alec nodded in understanding.

Lois shifted uncomfortably in her seat at that reminder, that Chloe wasn't really related to her.

Chloe sent her cousin - because whether or not it was by blood Lois would always be her family - a look before she cleared her throat. "This isn't important right now. What's important is figuring out where Moira hid the Cup."

Jace scoffed. "I think you should give your health more priority."

"It's not like there's anything we can do about it right now," she reminded him.

He opened his mouth.

"Your brother is right." Jocelyn raised an eyebrow. "You need to look out for your health."

Jace clenched his hands into fists, a muscle ticking in his cheek.

"I'm with them." Lois announced as her hazel gaze landed unwaveringly on Chloe. "Unnecessary risks have already been taken when it comes to your health, and you're suffering consequences because of it now. So going forwards let's all be more cautious, especially you."

Chloe eyed her cousin before she sighed and nodded. "Okay."

Jace's gaze slid to Lois pensively.

"Well, now that that's resolved, how do we go about finding the Mortal Cup?" Isabelle wanted to know. "We have no idea where Moira could've hidden it."

"She left us a clue. A picture of her with Jace and his father, with the rune Loyal To marked on it." Jocelyn licked her lips. "At first I thought it was her way of saying she was loyal to them but then I wondered: what if she was saying they were loyal to her?"

Jace froze. "You think she had contact with my father, that he'd known what she was doing."

"You did tell us once that the reason you and your dad moved to the countryside was because he felt it was safer there." Alec's eyes widened. "What if Moira had gotten back into contact with him after she left Jocelyn and gave him the card with the Mortal Cup?"

"Maybe it's even related someone to how he died." Isabelle's voice was horrified. "You did say that those goons who attacked and killed him had been working on someone else's orders. What if they were working under Valentine's orders?"

Jace looked away, silent.

Chloe reached out and placed her hand on his arm.

Alec narrowed his eyes on them. "But you two had already figured that out, hadn't you?"

"Why didn't you tell us anything?" Isabelle gasped. "We're your family!"

Alec spoke softly. "So is she."

Chloe left her hand drop from his arm at the reminder.

Jace's clenched fists were shaking visibly with the force he was putting into keeping them clenched.

"We need to go to Michael's home." Luke announced finally when the silence grew to be too much. "I think that's what this card is telling us. That the Cup is in the Wayland manor somewhere."

Jocelyn's gaze was on Jace. "You don't have to come. We understand that going back there might bring up bad memories."

"She's going." Jace motioned with his chin towards Chloe despite hie golden eyes raising to meet Jocelyn's. "Where she goes I go."

Jocelyn nodded, a small smile on her face. "Okay then." She turned to Magnus. "We're going to need a way to get to Idris."

Magnus smirked. "You realize you all are racking up a huge bill when it comes to my services." He pointed to Chloe. "Except her block maintenance part, because her mother paid well in advance."

Jocelyn rolled her eyes. "Just do it, Magnus. You'll get your pay."

"One way or the other." Magnus sent Alec a flirty look which the blushing Shadowhunter ignored resolutely.

Clark turned to Isabelle and blinked in confusion. "Idris?"


"Okay, that's just, wow." Clark announced in awe as he stared at the portal which had opened up in the Institute's back yard thanks to Magnus Bane.

Jace ignored the mundane whom Isabelle was apparently in charge of taking care of.

"Magnus, I knew you were impressive, but that's just… impressive." Lois, the mundane Alec was in charge of, smacked Magnus' on his back in appreciation.

"Yes, I am and it is." Magnus smirked, hands on his lean hips.

Jace wondered why in the world they were letting the two mundanes go with them. It wasn't like they'd be some sort of contribution to the whole mission. If anything, he kinda found them as annoying tag-alongs. Lois he could swallow easier than Clark though, because she seemed to be the only one able to get Chloe to stop being bullheaded when it came to things, and Jace had already decided that he was going to have to make her an ally. If he could get the mundane girl on his side, backing him up, then he was almost sure he could-.

"Luke, no." Jocelyn shook her head. "You know Downworlders aren't allowed to go through to Idris without permission, and we can't ask for that or the Clave will know what we're up to."

Luke frowned darkly at her. "Jocelyn…"

"I'm serious, Luke. You are staying here." Jocelyn glared at him. "If you just continue fighting this you'll hold us up and endanger the mission."

"Fine." Luke snapped, yet was visibly unhappy. "But just-be careful out there."

Jocelyn smiled and nodded. "Of course we will."

Lois eyed them in silence, a strange expression on her face as she did so.

Jace eyed the brunette and realized that the girl was jealous and resentful and hurt as she watched those two interacting, which meant that she obviously had feelings for the Downworlder.

Chloe moved closer to the portal, staring at the beautiful countryside on the other side. "I can't believe I'm going to go to Idris."

Jace, who hadn't been there since he was a child, cleared his throat as the yearning every Shadowhunter felt for their home-country beat through him like drums.

"You'll get to see the house you should've grown up in with your mother, father and brother, had things been different." Jocelyn reached Chloe's side and rested her hand on the girl's shoulder. "At least you can see it with your brother. I know that Moira would be so happy to know that you could see it."

Chloe looked up at her and gave her a small smile. "You think so?"

"I know so." Jocelyn nodded. "She'd always wanted a child with Michael, one that could grow up and be a sister or brother to the child she already loved as a son."

Jace clenched his fists once more, annoyed as hell that that woman kept pushing the 'you're siblings' crap. No matter how many times he heard that propaganda he wasn't going to be convinced, but Chloe could be. He knew she was on the borders when it came to believing him or Jocelyn, both of them having 'good points' in her books, and he wasn't going to allow the older Shadowhunter to ruin the progress they'd made. He needed to prove to Chloe somehow that they weren't related, and fast.

"Will you be okay?" Luke asked Jocelyn. "The Wayland manor neighbors the Fairchild manor."

Chloe looked up at that.

"I'll be fine." Jocelyn stressed. "But we need to go."

The Fairchild manor, the house where Chloe's father had really lived in.

Jace narrowed his eyes and wondered exactly what the chances were of them going to see the burnt remains. Maybe, somehow, that would help trigger something in Chloe.

Jocelyn took in a deep breath before she walked through the portal.


The Wayland manor was obviously deserted, and had been for many years, but the state of abandonment and lack of care did not detract from the vision it posed. Chloe stared at the grand old manor nestled in the deep countryside and if it neighbored the Fairchild manor then they'd actually meant the land did, because Chloe couldn't see another house around her, or even remains of one. The girl gazed around her, trying to imagine her mother here with Michael Wayland, tried to envision a young Jace playing, and the feeling that churned in her gut was a mixture of so many emotions she couldn't really distinguish one. But as she turned her gaze to Jace she could see the shadows in his eyes as he stared at the house, reminding her all-too-late that the last time he'd been here he'd watched as his father was murdered.

Chloe moved away from Jocelyn and headed towards Jace, sliding her hand into his for comfort.

He jumped at the sensation, his attention having been fully on the manor, and his golds lowered to her before he gave her what was probably supposed to be a carefree smile but the darkness, the haunted look in his eyes proved otherwise.

Jocelyn eyed them with a small smile before she cleared her throat and turned towards the manor. "Once we're inside we'll separate into teams so that we can search the house properly and quickly. Chloe and Jace will go together, Clark and Isabelle will go together, and Alec and Lois. I'll be fine on my own." She was definitely in her element as she took in a deep breath. "If anyone finds anything, shout."

Chloe nodded and moved forwards, stopping when Jace didn't, and their joined hands forced her to stop. She turned to look back at him in question, seeing his gaze was once more on the house, shadows dancing over his face. The girl sighed and turned to the others. "You guys go on ahead, I want to soak this sight in a little more."

They nodded and left them, the groups moving towards the entrance of the house.

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