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Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking 16/? 
5th-Apr-2014 11:46 pm
Chlace---Chloe/Jace Wayland -SV/TMI

The less people who knew about it, the better.

That was what Jace had said, and while Chloe trusted Lois and Clark she understood Jace's sentiments and kept the truth from them. She'd lied to everyone's faces, smiled to Hodge and told him she was feeling perfectly and that while the block was down she couldn't remember anything that her mother might've wanted her not to. She had a feeling Lois suspected she was lying, and Clark had come up and reminded her that they were allies and he was there for her so that meant he obviously could tell something was up as well. She felt horrible for not telling them anything but she didn't want to, not until she had more answers and not just tons of questions.

Anyway, the real reason why she didn't tell Clark and Lois was because if she told them, then Jace would want to tell Isabelle and Alec, and just as much as Jace didn't have a reason to trust her friends, she didn't have a reason to trust his adopted family. This was why, at least for now, it was just the two of them.

Since Magnus had ordered her to bed-rest after the block had come crashing down, it gave Chloe time to study and look up things. Lois, Clark and Jace alternated keeping her company during those days.

Lois had the morning shift, and brought over dvds (and a small dvd player) for them to watch them on, as well as some of Magnus' magic (and erotic) books that she'd managed to pilfer from his library. While Chloe found the magic books fascinating, a part of her couldn't help but find the erotic volumes all that more intriguing, and she found herself going through those much quicker. The things she'd learnt so far by reading them left her unable to look at Jace whenever something she'd read came to mind.

Clark had the evening shift, after school, and brought all the homework she hadn't done. He'd assigned himself as her teacher and explained the new things they'd learnt and made sure she understood them and could apply them to the coursework. He told her that everything was fine at the Torch but the way he was so shifty about it made her extremely uncomfortable and if it wasn't for the fact that she had more pressing issues to worry about (for now) she would've pressed harder to try and figure out how her baby was doing in the hands of Lana Lang. She couldn't see that it could be so horrible anyway considering that Lana was a living blast of pheromones who could bend any guy to her will, and as long as the staff were still there Chloe was sure that they'd make sure things were progressing smoothly.

Jace had the night shift, and that was when the real work began. He'd stolen all sorts of books from Hodge's library and they were reading up the history of the Cup and of Jonathan Shadowhunter, trying to study anything that could help them understand what exactly was happening to the girl.

Chloe played with the bell-shaped pendant of the necklace Lois had recently given her, the blonde staring at the picture of Jonathan Shadowhunter, his sister Abigail, and his best friend and parabatai, David. "I've seen these three before."

Jace looked up from where he'd been laying down besides her. "Seen them? As in-?"

"During one of my episodes, I'm almost sure I saw them." Her eyes were wide. "It must be the Mortal Cup inside of me showing me things that it had gone through." She blinked. "That could be what my mother was trying to block, the images."

"And she tried to block it by blocking the part of you that was in-tune with things from the Shadow World." Jace frowned as he looked up at her face. "That was risky of her."

Chloe nodded as she ran her fingers down the page containing the drawing of Jonathan Shadowhunter. "So, this is the man so many Shadowhunter boys are named after."

Jace made a face. "Too many, if you ask me. You can't go to Idris without meeting at least forty of them on your first day."

Her lips twitched. "I'll make sure not to name my son that, then."

Jace's lips curled as he gazed up at her through his golden eyelashes. "Don't you think that's something the both of us should discuss?"

Her throat went dry as she stared wide-eyed at him and did her best to play dumb. "As his uncle you really wouldn't have any right to-."

He pushed up with his arms rapidly, smoothly, with the grace of a cat as his lips met hers in a teasing kiss that she should try and resist, and yet found herself unable to. Jace pulled away with a pleased expression on his face as he laid down once more and grabbed the book, moving so that he was lying on his back. "I wouldn't be his uncle."

Chloe gulped as she stared down at Jace. She had to admit that she was terrified of the thought of him being her brother, not just because he was the first guy in a very long time to make her feel this way (and the first guy to ever care for her in this manner) but she had a feeling that even if it turned out that Jace was her brother-he wouldn't accept it. She was scared that even if it turned out that Jace was her brother he'd still kiss her, and she wanted to say that she'd push him away... but she couldn't promise herself that-and that scared her even worse.

Was this because of what Valentine had done to her? The 'taint' as Jocelyn called it? But then if that was so, what was Jace's excuse?

"Stop over-thinking things." Jace's voice was a soft murmur as he turned the page.

She licked her lips, unable to get how he just knew these things without even looking at her. "I can't help it. I need to think things through for the both of us."

Jace snickered and turned to lay on his stomach, his golden eyes fixed upon her. "You need to just listen to your instincts and let them drive you."

She snorted at that. "And you need to start thinking with your head and not your libido."

His eyes went molten. "If I were thinking with my libido you wouldn't still be dressed."

She gulped and her eyes widened. "Shut up."

He chuckled.

Her eyes narrowed on him. "You weren't half this outspoken before Jocelyn and Luke told me I was your sister." The girl tilted her head, trying to provoke him. "You wouldn't have a sister-fetish, would you?"

Jace promptly choked on his saliva and dissolved into a fit of violent coughs. "Don't even joke about something like that!"

She was somewhat relieved to see him that distressed. "I can't help it. You've seen the facts and yet you still..."

Jace sat up and coughed into his fist while pounding the other into his chest.

The girl felt reluctantly amused.

Jace sent her a dark look as he finally got his coughing under control. "I didn't feel the need then to prove to you, over and over again, that we can't be siblings. But I do now. That's the reason why I've stopped taking my sweet time with you."

"Taking your sweet time?" She scoffed. "That is what you consider 'taking your sweet time'?" She shook her head. "You stalked me."

"I was doing recon. And that was for the Clave."


Jace covered her mouth before she could finish that, his dark look growing. "You have an angelic, holy artifact inside of you. It mightn't react well to you issuing profanities."

He had a point there.

Slapping his hand away, Chloe glared at the golden-haired boy as she continued on the topic she'd been on before he'd covered her mouth. "You've basically already seen me naked because of your stalkery."

He cleared his throat. "I wasn't the one who told you to take your clothes off, especially in front of Alec!"

It wasn't Alec that she had to worry about. "You came into the bathroom that time after I showered."

"I gave you more than enough time to put a towel on, which I knew you would've done considering that you knew we were there. And anyway, there was no underhanded reason for why I went in there. I was really worried at that moment. You were acting strange."

Chloe stared at his face and realized in surprise that he was telling the truth.

"Not that, given the right circumstances, I wouldn't mind seeing what was under the towel." His smile was sin.

Chloe slapped his face with a pillow.

Jace burst out laughing as he pulled the pillow away from his face. "Sorry! Sorry!"

"You are not sorry." Her lips puckered out in a pout as she flushed darkly. "I swear, you're supposed to be the chosen of the angel, but you're more demonic than angelic if you ask me."

"Hey! That's a serious insult when talking to a Shadowhunter!" And yet he was still laughing. "If you'd said that to any other Shadowhunter they'd want your head!"

"Considering I'm housing one of their 'most precious and holy' relics, I'm sure they'd let it slide." She shrugged. "At least until we get it out of me."

Jace's laughter disappeared almost immediately as he sat back up and hugged the pillow to his chest. "I'm uneasy about that."

She raised an eyebrow at him. "I'm not too thrilled about it being there myself." She ran a hand down her chest to her stomach and back again, a small frown twisting her lips as she continued the slow motion. "And I still don't get how it got in there to begin with-or why it's in there, here, me."

Jace's gaze darkened as he watched her. "Are you sure that all you remember is becoming unconscious and then the Mortal Cup wasn't in the card anymore?"

"I'm sure. If there was more I'd tell you." She looked up at him. "You're the only one I've told everything to."

He didn't look relieved, if anything Jace appeared more bothered as he reached out and placed his hand on her flat stomach. "Who knows what having that inside you all those years could've done to you?"

Chloe gulped as she looked up at him. "I feel fine."

"That's because it's still inside of you." Jace's eyes narrowed further. "What about whenever we take it out?"

Chloe placed her hand on top of Jace's. "I'll be fine."

"You can't really believe that," he scoffed. "You were what? Two years old when the Mortal Cup protected itself from destruction at your mother's hands by somehow going inside of you? Just think about that huge thing fitting inside your tiny body! That alone must've damaged you!"

"Gees, Jace, you sure have a way of making a girl feel comforted." She raised an eyebrow at him. "And, you know, I'm starting to wonder how a huge goblet never appeared in my x-rays during my many hospital visits. Maybe it has some concealment magic on it... Which would be really cool now that I think about it."

"This isn't something to laugh about, Chloe!" He snapped as his golden orbs rose to hers. "We need to consider that it might be the best thing to just leave it in there."

Her eyes widened. "You can't be serious."

"That Cup might be the only thing keeping you alive right now because you're its host!" Jace glared at her. "If that's so then I say leave it in there."


"Never has to know where the Cup is." Jace interrupted. "He's been in your presence twice already and had no idea what was going on."

"That was because of the block, Jace." Chloe glared at him. "And even then he could see a 'glow' to me. Now that the block is gone the next time he sees me he'll know that the Mortal Cup's inside my body."

"You don't know that!" Jace snapped.

There was a knock on the door. "Is everything alright in there?"

A muscle jumped in Jace's cheek. "It's all peachy."

The door opened to reveal Hodge, the man eyeing them in concern. "Whatever it was that you two were arguing about didn't sound peachy." He straightened. "Do I have to remind you, Jace, that the girl is supposed to be resting?"

"No sir, you don't." Jace replied obediently.

"Good." Hodge nodded before his gaze went to Chloe. "Why don't you try and rest for a while? I'm going to take him with me to talk over some things."

Chloe gave him a small smile, realizing that he was trying to help her in his own way. "Have a good night, Hodge."

He gave a small nod. "You too, Miss Wayland." His gaze then went to Jace. "Let's go."

Jace took in a deep breath. "Yes sir." And with that he got up from the bed and slipped out of the room with his mentor, the door closing behind them.

Chloe stared at the door for a couple of minutes before she finally reached for the book Jace and her had been looking at before their argument. She read about Jonathan Shadowhunter and the ritual performed by the warlock, read about the runes that had been involved, runes which hadn't been used again ever since.

About an hour later there was a knock on the door.

Chloe looked up, knowing without a doubt that it wasn't Jace because he never knocked. "Come in!"

The door opened and Jocelyn stuck her head in. "Can I come in for a minute?"

"Sure." Chloe nodded and gave the woman a small smile. "How are you finding it staying in the Institute?"

"It doesn't feel like home." Jocelyn let the door close shut behind her as she made her way to the bed and sat on the edge of it, eyeing the books. "Researching the Cup?"

Chloe nodded. "I figured it was stupid of me to be looking for something I really didn't understand."

"Smart." Jocelyn picked up one of the books and eyed its contents before she snapped it shut and looked at Chloe. "I want to apologize to you."

Chloe blinked. "What for?"

"When I heard that Moira had left I knew something must've happened, and I knew that she'd left behind a little girl, but I didn't try to make an effort to be at Luke's shop and see you because I felt that I was doing right by Moira. I thought: this girl is a mundane and she'd be better off not having any sort of contact with the Shadow World, and Luke will look after her." Jocelyn sighed. "Now more than ever I realize that I was being selfish and scared."

"Scared?" Chloe didn't understand.

"You were proof that Moira was stronger than me, that she could move on and not live trapped in her old life and memories, while I couldn't." Jocelyn gave her a dark smile. "But I know now that if things had been different and I were the one leaving a child behind, I would've wanted her to come look for my child... and she would've. She was a better person than I'll ever be."

Chloe eyed the redhead thoughtfully. "Don't be ridiculous."

Jocelyn looked up at her in surprise.

"Look, we've both done wrong by her." Chloe reached out and placed her hand on Jocelyn's. "I mean, look at me. I hated her for so many years because I thought she'd abandoned me without a second thought-only to find out that she basically sacrificed herself for me." The girl cleared her throat. "If she's the person that you and Luke say she is-I think she'd understand the both of us and has already forgiven us."

Jocelyn thought about what she'd said for a moment and then nodded. "You're probably right."

Chloe licked her lips. "Can you tell me about her? About young Moira? Shadowhunter Moira?"

Jocelyn smiled. "I'd like that."


"How's Chloe doing?" Lana wanted to know as she eyed Clark over the latest edition of the Smallville Torch.

"Fine." Clark had made it his mission to help the girl and make sure that there was a newspaper for Chloe to come back to.

"Nell says that Gabe's stopped talking about her and that he gets this weird expression on his face whenever she asks him about her." Lana nibbled on the inside of her cheek. "Did they have some sort of fight or falling out?"

Clark looked up at that. "They're in a complicated situation Lana, that's all I can say."

"I figured as much." She sighed. "I hope that they can talk things through and resolve whatever issues they have because the little I've seen of Gabe, well, he looks gloomy."

Clark didn't know what to say about that so he just looked back down at the article he was helping edit.

Lana cleared her throat. "Did she leave home to shack up with that guy who was looking for her the other day? The blonde with the tattoos?"

Clark licked his lips. "I can't talk about this, Lana, but all I can say is that those two are not together in the biblical way."

"Oh." Lana licked her lips. "Is he single then? Or is he going out with that girl who came with you guys as well?"

Clark frowned. "I don't know. I haven't asked."

"What's his name?" Lana pressed.

A muscle ticked in Clark's cheek. "He didn't even say hi to you, Lana. He totally blew you off when you introduced yourself."

Lana looked away, appearing hurt.

Clark sighed and continued editing, a headache beginning to form in his temples.


Chloe didn't know what awoken her deep in the night, it wasn't that she'd heard anything, but whatever the reason she was awake now and found herself alone in the dark of her room. She might've had a dream about Valentine though, because Chloe could remember white-blonde hair and black eyes somewhere in the dark of her subconscious, and if she'd been dreaming of that lunatic she was going to push it further back and out of her mind. She didn't need thoughts of him bothering her even while she slept.

The girl shifted and looked around her and stepped out of bed with a yawn. She moved to the door and opened it as she peered out, wondering if maybe something out there had awoken her, but she couldn't hear a sound.

That is, until Church meowed.

The girl jumped and brought a hand to her heart. "Don't do that!" She looked around. "Where are you, anyway?"

The cat emerged from the shadows and gave another meow before he left, tail flicking behind him.

Curious, the girl slipped out of her room and followed after the feline. She didn't know where he was going but the cat had proven smart in the past and she was intrigued, following the cat through the hallways of the labyrinth-like Institute until she finally heard the first notes and looked up in shock.

A small smile touched her face as she walked passed Church, now following the sound and not the cat as she reached a door behind which the muffled sound was barely heard. She opened the doors and slipped inside before closing them once more, her entrance quiet and hidden by the shadows, which helped hide her as she gazed upon Jace as he sat before a grand piano, the moonlight shining down on him and was his only light as his fingers danced over the keys.

She'd forgotten that he'd said he could play the piano, and wow, he hadn't been lying. He really could.

The sound coming from the piano wasn't only beautiful but filled with emotion, turbulent emotion.

Licking her lips Chloe didn't want to move, didn't want to risk breaking his concentration, and yet she wanted to get closer as well and listen at ease on one of the seats in the room. She kept her gaze on Jace as she silently made her way to the loveseat and sat down on it, hugging her knees to her chest as she leaned hard against a large cushion and closed her eyes as she listened to the melancholic sounds whirling throughout the room.

She felt lulled by the sounds and didn't realize she'd fallen asleep until she awoke once more, the girl jerking in surprise as she felt fingers trailing down the side of her face.

Jace's face was shadowed and his features not visible as he sat on the edge of the loveseat and stared down at her. "You were glowing."

She stared up at him in sleepy confusion. "What?"

"I don't know how long you've been here, but I realized you were here when I started to see something glowing and I came to investigate." Jace brushed a strand of hair out of her face and behind her ear. "It might be the glow Valentine talked about, but I've never seen it until now."

The girl sat up and yawned, a hand to her mouth as she did so. "If you can see it now, then he definitely will."

She didn't have to be able to see his face to know that Jace was frowning, his whole body tense. "I'm not going to let him hurt you."

Her lips curled in a smile as she stared up into his shadowed face, wishing she could make out his expression. "I'll hold you to that."

His hand, rough and calloused from years of battle, cupped her jaw.

She gulped, suddenly glad for the shadows that were hiding her blush from him right now.

Jace trailed his fingertips against the arch of her cheekbone before his thumb brushed against her lips, causing her heart to skip several beats.

Chloe stared up at him, her heart uncontrollable, and a part of her was terrified at just how deeply she felt for this guy, how much she desperately wanted Valentine to be her father just so that Jace wouldn't be her brother. She had a feeling she really was tainted, but at this moment, with the moonlight shining down behind Jace's golden head and casting a near halo around those tousled locks of golden silk, she honestly didn't care.

The girl reached out and grabbed Jace's shirt, visibly shocking the boy as she pulled him to her and kissed him. She knew this could end up being a colossal mistake, but she didn't care, couldn't fight herself or what she felt anymore, didn't want to.

Jace wrapped his arms around her as he took the kiss deeper.

Chloe's hands trailed up from his shirt to grab fistfuls of his golden hair as she arched into him, granting him better access to plunder her mouth, which he did with abandon. She whimpered, needing more, not getting enough, and surprised them both by letting go of his hair only to grab his shirt and force him onto the loveseat, the girl straddling his hips as she now took complete control of the kiss.

Jace groaned, his hands going to her hips and tightening into fists in her pajama shorts.

"What are you doing here, Church?" Hodge's voice whispered to the cat, causing the teens to freeze and duck down so that they were hidden from sight as the door to the room opened. "There's no one in there. Come now, we both seem to be in need of a good snack." The door closed and soft footsteps could be heard moving away.

The teens sat up as soon as it was safe once more, and Chloe pulled away, embarrassed all of a sudden due to her behavior, especially given the uncertainties between them. "We should go back to our rooms. Tomorrow is another day and you have patrol so..."

Jace was silent before he nodded and stood. "I'll walk you to your room."

She gulped. "That's not nece-."

"I insist," he interrupted.

Face flushing hot in the darkness, Chloe meekly accepted his offer and let him lead the way, but she wouldn't look at him the whole walk, and her goodnight at her door was rushed and embarrassed before she closed the door rapidly between them and leaned against it, sliding to the ground, her heart racing in her chest.

6th-Apr-2014 05:53 am (UTC)
yor a evil little kitty ,Church....
6th-Apr-2014 10:06 pm (UTC)
Yes, Church definitely is evil lol
6th-Apr-2014 05:57 am (UTC)
love the little talk between lana and clark... she has no chance with jace, and i love it... clark ans isabelle YAY
6th-Apr-2014 12:19 pm (UTC)
Lana obviously didn't take the hint that Jace wasn't interested the first time they met then lol. I loved Jace saying he should get a say in what his son is called ;-) Chloe making a move was huge but I think she is regretting now but can't see that deterring Jace. Loved this update roll on chapter 17.
6th-Apr-2014 10:10 pm (UTC)
@pipersmum. No, she definitely didn't! Oh, yeah, Jace would want to be able to name the kid as well, and even though he realizes that Chloe might be regretting her actions, he also is smart and knows that she's slipping in her resolve to keep him away, and that that's a step in the direction he wants her to go in.
6th-Apr-2014 10:08 pm (UTC)
@maple86. Whether she realizes it or not, Lana is used to hot guys liking her. lol
6th-Apr-2014 09:19 pm (UTC)
I love how concerned Jace is about takin the cup out. His first concern is Chloe. The intensity ratchets up another notch with that make-out scene. Awesome. Great chapter.
6th-Apr-2014 10:11 pm (UTC)
Chloe's first concern is getting the Cup out of her, both for her safety from Valentine and because, well, it's a Cup and shouldn't be there. But you're right, Jace's first concern isn't his culture's sacred artifact, but the fact that it could be the only thing still keeping her alive.
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