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Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking 17/? 
6th-Apr-2014 05:18 pm
Chlace---Chloe/Jace Wayland -SV/TMI

She'd had a restless night and she was sure it showed.

Lois, for some reason, was being very un-Loisy because while the brunette had obviously noticed that something was up she was giving Chloe space and not coming at her from every side trying to get the truth out of her. Moving in with Magnus seemed to have done wonders for the girl.

"So, the General called to check up on me. He wants to meet 'my man friend'." Lois rolled her eyes. "He seriously doesn't believe me when I say that nothing is happening between me and Mags."

Chloe tried to imagine the meeting between the tight-britches general and the ever eccentric warlock. "Can I come and watch? I'll bring popcorn."

"You're evil." Lois gave her a look before she snickered, able to see why it was so funny. "To be honest though, I think the General's only doing this to get his mind off of Lucy."

Chloe blinked in surprise at that considering that Lois' younger sister had always been MIA thanks to her studies at some elite boarding school abroad. "What about Lucy?"

"Apparently she's been getting into contact with him, has him in a tizzy." Lois rolled her eyes. "He always said that Uncle Gabe got his ability to 'handle teenaged girls' from his father and that the General had inherited his own father's temperament." She smirked. "They really don't seem like half brothers, huh?" She paused. "And have I ever mentioned how strange and incestuousy your mom was for picking our surname for her maiden name? I mean, I'd always thought it weird, but figured she was somehow distantly related to my dad through his dad and that that was why it wasn't wrong or anything..."

Chloe blinked, never having thought about that. "I never thought your dad and my mom were related. Remember that my dad..." Chloe flinched at the reminder that 'her dad' wasn't her dad, and hesitated before clearing her throat. "He always said that mom didn't get along with her family and they had nothing to do with her, so I always assumed that she was from a totally different Lane family."

"Well, dad never liked her, so that could still qualify him as her family." Lois pointed out. "It would've been cool if it were true because we'd still be cousins."

Chloe reached out and held Lois' hand. "We're more than just cousins, we're sisters."

Lois looked up at Chloe and smiled as she tightened that grip. "I can find a way to live with that."

Chloe grinned. "So, tell me, what's Lucy up to?"

"The General wouldn't actually say, just that she was being a headache and he wanted better migraine medicine." Lois shrugged. "You know that my sister and I have never been that close, so it's not surprising that I don't know what's going on in her life."

Chloe felt bad, as always, for the rift between the sisters.

"So, about Jocelyn..." Lois cleared her throat. "What's going on there between her and Luke?"

Chloe blinked in surprise. "I have no idea. What do you think is going on there?"

"I don't know." Lois licked her lips and wouldn't look at the blonde. "They just seem really chummy."

"Well, apparently they've been close friends since childhood." She could remember that much. "And they did work together to plan the Uprising with my mom, and Luke was the only one who knew about them being here in Metropolis... So I suppose you could say the three of them are extremely close." She sidled Lois with a sideways glance. "I don't know if he and she are like that though. I mean, I know they care about each other, but I haven't seen any hint of it being romantic yet."

Lois nodded before she cleared her throat. "Not that I care or anything that my weird effect on men in general has no effect on him in specific whatsoever."


"Enough about me though, let's talk about you." Lois turned her hazels on Chloe. "What's with all the unresolved sexual tension between you and brother-boy? Because let's not deny this any longer, you two have seriously unsibling-like chemistry going on between you two and the looks he gives you-damn." She sat up straight. "Am I going to have to watch that remake of Flowers In The Attic with you? Because I have the dvd on pre-order in Amazon and I'm going to buy the books depending on what your answer is."

Chloe felt her face blush. "Lois..."

Lois took in a deep breath. "Okay, enough with the teasing." She went serious. "What's really going on here, Cuz? Is this due to something that happened between you two before the Great Reveal, or has something happened since then?"

Chloe looked down. "A little of both."

Lois nodded as if she'd already guessed that answer. "And here I thought I was the kinky one."

"Lois!" Chloe flushed scarlet and covered her face with her hands.

"How far has this progressed?" Lois wanted to know.

"Kissing, nothing more than kissing." But Chloe remembered last night and flushed at the thought of what might've happened had Hodge not unknowingly interrupted them.

"Like 'you're so cute I'm going to give you a quick peck on the cheek and/or lips' kissing, or full-on 'we're gonna make babies' kissing?" Lois leaned forwards.

Chloe's hands dropped from her face and she just stared at her cousin in horror. "Neither!" She then lowered her head. "Somewhere in between them? Maybe? A little more towards the last one but there were no baby-making plans involved!"

Lois blinked. "Oh wow. Did he get to second base?"

"LOIS!" Chloe was horrified by now.

"Is that a yes or a no?" The brunette asked for clarification.

"I hate you." Chloe whimpered as she covered her burning face once more, remembering Jace's hand on her breast the night she'd tended to him while he was injured in her room.

"Oh my god. He has gotten to second base!" Lois' eyes widened, reading her like a book. "Honey! If he's touched your goodies that was well into the 'we're gonna make babies' realm!"

"Lois! Will you stop?" Chloe might just die from the embarrassment.

"Fine, fine." Lois held her hands up in submission. "One last question though."

She only accepted this because she knew she had no other choice. "And it would be?"

"Since when have you two been in love with each other?" Lois was all business. "Because given the fact that you're supposed to be brother and sister, I don't see either of you doing something like this merely because you were attracted to each other."

Chloe's eyes widened as she suddenly realized that Lois was right. "...In... Love...?"

Lois' face fell. "Honey, don't tell me you hadn't realized that yet!"

Chloe stared ahead of her in shock. "I can't... He could be my..."

Lois sighed as she reached out and hugged Chloe tightly as the girl shook in her arms. "Good job, Lois." She muttered darkly to herself under her breath. "You just went and broke your cousin."


"What is it with the influx of demonic activity lately?" Alec wanted to know as he brushed sweat from his brow, the dead demons around them yet another wave that they'd had to crush.

"I have no idea." Isabelle leaned hard against a wall, sounding breathless. "But we're gonna have to start calling in reinforcements if this keeps up."

"I think we have things controlled on our own." Jace wiped the black blood off of his seraph blade.

Alec and Isabelle shared looks.

"Not everyone has aggression issues they need to work out." Isabelle raised an eyebrow.

Alec sent his sister a warning look.

Jace sidled Isabelle with a sideways glance. "Is that so? And here I thought the mundane's totally ignoring your feminine wiles was what fueled your ferocious battling lately."

Alec slapped his hand to his face.

Isabelle chewed the inside of her mouth in an obvious effort to control her annoyance. "Clark Kent is not 'totally ignoring' my feminine wiles. He's oblivious to anything that isn't Lana Lang. There's a difference."

"You're much prettier than she is." Jace surprised them both by shrugging. "The mundane is obviously touched in the head."

Isabelle blinked as she straightened. "Well, yes, I agree on both points, of course." She cleared her throat. "And anyway, I'm just having fun and passing the time when it involves Clark. Making him realize I'm a girl is a challenge and I've been bored for far too long."

"We're in the middle of a potential apocalypse and she's bored." Alec rolled his eyes.

"I have to say though, I like having Jocelyn around." Isabelle surprised them. "I know she's only planning on staying with us until we can find the Mortal Cup, but I hope that by then she'll decide to stay on. She's an important player in the Uprising and I think there's a lot she could teach us."

Jace sneered. "You mean on how to run and hide?"

Isabelle narrowed her eyes on him. "You just don't like her because she keeps calling you Chloe's brother and you resent the reminder."

"What of it?" Jace shrugged.

Alec blinked in shock. "You're-admitting to it?"

Jace cleared his throat and looked uncomfortable for the first time since this conversation had begun. "Jocelyn should stop butting in where she isn't welcomed." He took in a deep breath. "Anyway, there's no definitive proof that Chloe's my sister, so that woman needs to stop saying that."

Alec's eyes widened. "Yes, there is."

"No there isn't." Jace snapped at Alec.

Isabelle narrowed her eyes at her adopted brother. "What aren't you telling us?"

Jace's gaze swung to the right as he put his seraph blade away. "Nothing."

Isabelle stormed up to Jace and grabbed him by his shirt. "That's it. Ever since that girl came you've been different and keeping secrets from us. If she's your sister or not, I don't really care at this moment, because we're your family. We have always been there for you and deserve some trust from you!" She glared up viciously into his eyes. "So you are going to stop keeping us out of the loop and tell us what you know! We're your family and we're here for you so just get used to it!"

Alec sighed tiredly. "I agree with everything she said-minus the violence part."

Jace stared down at Isabelle before his gaze went to Alec and he sighed. "I trust you guys, it's just not my story to tell. If it was, you two would already know."

"Fine." Isabelle let go of him. "Be that way." And with that she turned and stormed away.


"There has to be some sort of clue that we've overlooked." Jocelyn ran her hand over her face. "I feel as if it's staring us straight in the eye."

Luke leaned hard against the wall. "Magnus said that Chloe's block was attacked, didn't he?"

Jocelyn looked up, uneasy as she recalled that. "Yes."

"And that happened when she was inside of Wayland manor." Luke's eyes narrowed. "Which is close to the old Fairchild manor."

Jocelyn tensed. "You think that Valentine knew we were going to be there and attacked the block on Chloe's mind? But how would he have known we were there unless..."

"Unless someone is working for him within our group and feeding him that information." Luke let out a little growl. "These are all children of his old followers who could easily leave in the middle of the night and sneak off to wherever he is to tell him what was going to happen."

Jocelyn didn't like the idea, but she knew she couldn't discard it. "We're going to have to keep an eye on them, interrogate them subtly."

Luke frowned. "And as soon as Magnus gives Chloe the all-clear, we need her to try and figure out what the block was up for. Now that it's gone she'll slowly start to remember things that could be helpful."


The door was thrown open.

Chloe looked up, somehow knowing it wasn't Lois returning with food.

Isabelle stood in the doorway before she entered and slammed the door closed behind her as she stormed into the room. "You and I need to have a talk. Now."

Chloe raised an eyebrow as she sat up straighter. "About what?"

"About whatever it is that you have Jace keeping from us." Isabelle stalked to the side of the bed, eyes flashing. "You might be his sister by birth, but we're the ones who grew up with him, and that makes us just as much his siblings as you are and I will not have another woman try to tear my family apart!"

Chloe narrowed her eyes as she went over what the other girl had said. "What 'other' woman tried to do that?"

Isabelle's eyes widened and her mouth opened and closed before she looked away. "That was just a figure of speech!"

It didn't seem that way, the other girl was horrendously pale.

Chloe took in a deep breath. "I'm going to wait for Lois."

"Why?" Isabelle sneered. "Don't want to face me alone?"

Chloe shook her head. "Not at all. But if I'm going to tell you then I'm sure as hell going to tell her." She eyed Isabelle. "You're not the only one with people who you love as family despite them being your blood or not."

Isabelle flinched before she pulled a seat out and sat down hard on it and looked away from Chloe.

Chloe took this opportunity to actually look at Isabelle, never having been alone with her before.

Isabelle turned her dark gaze on Chloe. "What?"

"I was wondering if I would've ended up like you if I'd been raised a Shadowhunter." Chloe shrugged.

Isabelle blinked and then narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, you charge situations head on, me on the other hand, I usually do my best to avoid confrontations and problems." Chloe admitted. "We're very different."

"I could've told you that." Isabelle gave a little murmur. "Lois acts more Shadowhunter than you do."

Chloe let out a peal of laughter. "She does! She really does!"

Isabelle seemed very unsure of the situation right now as she eyed Chloe. "Alec said you did this."

"Did what?" Chloe wiped at a tear of laughter from the corner of her eyes, her body still shaking with her chuckles.

"That you don't fight back, or rise to provocations." Isabelle pursed her lips slightly in displeasure. "I thought he just wasn't trying hard enough."

Chloe's lips twisted in a smile. "Well, you see, you two don't know me. When it comes to certain things I will definitely fight back or 'rise to provocations' as you put it, but I get the two of you too well to do so. With Alec-I know what it's like being in love with someone who doesn't see you that way, and with you-I understand the protective need you have inside of you, that desire to hold onto your family and let no one ever come in between you or hurt them."

Isabelle frowned darker. "If you do, then why-?"

The door opened and Lois entered, Clark behind her with the tray in his hand. "I found Smallville on the way back and he-." Lois blinked. "Xena's here. That's a surprise."

Isabelle turned her frown from Chloe to Lois. "My name is Isabelle."

"Sure it is." Lois waved that off as she turned to Chloe. "What's going on?"

"Close the door please." Chloe motioned to it.

Lois yanked Clark fully inside of the room and shut the door. "I repeat: what's going on?"


Isabelle was frozen as the blonde finished telling them everything. She'd figured that it had to be something important, that there had to be a good reason for why Jace had kept things from them, but she'd never expected that it was something like this! She didn't know what to do or how to react to all of the revelations that Chloe had just laid down in front of them as if this was nothing, and suddenly she wanted to slap up the girl for having said all of this in front of the two mundanes because damn it, how did they know they could really trust them?

"So you could actually be Voldemort's daughter." Lois gulped. "And on top of that you have Helga Hufflepuff's Cup inside of you, which he will probably want to rip out of you in his desire to make it a horcrux."

Chloe nodded slowly, apparently somehow getting this odd code in which Lois spoke. "That's the basic gist of it."

"Why didn't you tell us about this?" Apparently Clark also got what Lois was saying.

It must be some sort of mundane lingo that Isabelle hadn't come across while on patrol.

"How do you have a Cup inside of you? How does that work?" Lois moved closer to her cousin on the bed, clearly fascinated and horrified at the same time. "And how did it not show up in the countlessxrays you've had throughout your life?"

"My thoughts exactly!" Chloe's eyes widened. "It must have some sort of Invisibility Cloak over it or something."

And now Chloe was speaking weird.

Clark stared hard at Chloe, at her body.

Isabelle raised an eyebrow at him. "Eyes on the face, buddy."

He turned to look at her in confusion. "Huh?"

Lois poked Chloe's stomach. "I still don't get how this is possible."

Chloe rolled her eyes at her cousin.

Clark cleared his throat. "Can we talk? Just the two of us?"

Chloe looked up at him in confusion before she nodded. "Of course."

Isabelle stared between them, eyes narrowed.

Lois sighed and stood up from the bed. "Come on, Princess Mononoke."

Isabelle frowned as she stood up and followed the brunette out. "Isabelle. My name is Isabelle!"


Chloe patted the bed next to her and waited for Clark to kick off his shoes after a moment's hesitation and join her before she turned to face him completely. "Lay it on me. I'm ready for your scolding."

Clark cleared his throat and shook his head. "That's not it. I just realized that I'm being a hypocrite."

Chloe blinked in confusion as she hugged a pillow to her chest. "What are you talking about?"

"I can't expect you to keep telling me all of your deep dark secrets without doing the same." He sighed. "You're trusting me, and I need to do the same with you."

Now she was seriously getting nervous.

Clark licked his lips. "I've never actually told anyone about this-and my parents would kill me if they knew what I was doing right now-but-uh." He took in a deep breath and turned his baby blues on her. "You can't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you."

Chloe nodded. "Of course, Clark."

He took in another deep breath. "I'm alien."

Chloe hesitated. "As in... weird?"

Clark's tension disappeared into a fit of nervous chuckles. "No. As in extraterrestrial."

Chloe's eyes widened. "Are you serious?"

Clark nodded, clearly nervous.

Chloe eyed him in silence before she threw her pillow on the ground and hugged Clark tightly, her voice soft as she whispered into his ear. "Your secret's safe with me."

"You're not gonna ask for some proof?" He squeaked as he hugged her back.

"Of course not! I believe you. I always knew there was something special about you, Clark." She pulled back and smiled up at him. "I just didn't realize you were literally out of this world."

He blushed. "I'm not all that."

"You're always there to help people when they need you." She pressed. "You are."

He blushed darker. "Please."

Chloe smiled as she reached up to cup his face.

Clark was scarlet by now as he pulled her hands from his face. "Um, one of the reasons why I told you was because, well, I have certain... abilities."

Chloe's eyes widened. "You're cooler than I thought you were."

He was practically a tomato. "I-I only just discovered this summer that I have abilities, and so far I have this amazing endurance, which was how I was able to last running behind the taxi you took from Smallville to Metropolis without dying, and, well, sometimes I can, uh, see through things."

Chloe's eyes were wide like saucers. "You can-?" She then sat up on her knees and started unbuttoning her shirt. "Can you see through me? Can you see the Cup?"

Clark gave a little cry and grabbed at her shirt, pulling it back together. "Chloe! Don't just-!"

"Can you?" Chloe pressed.

"Button back up your shirt." Clark pleaded.

She nodded and did as told.

Clark kept his head lowered in embarrassment. "I'm still learning to control this ability, Chloe. But sometimes, when I have intense bouts of emotion, I can get control of it." He took in a deep breath. "I tried looking through you when you told us about the Cup, and while the ability didn't last long, I know I didn't see a Cup inside of you."

Chloe frowned. "So the invisibility cloak even works on handsome ETs?"

Clark's blush flared up once more. "Let me finish, please!"

The blonde nodded. She'd thought he had finished.

"While I didn't see an actual Cup inside of you, I saw some sort of glowing, moving, living energy." Clark narrowed his eyes. "I only saw it for a split second before you were solid once more, but I think that that's the Cup-or at least it's essence."

"I didn't realize it could do that." Chloe blinked. "But it would make more sense than for me to have an actual, solid cup inside of me."

Clark nodded in agreement. "I think this Cup is in energy form for now."

Chloe stared up at Clark. "The question now is: how do I get it out of me and into solid form again?"

7th-Apr-2014 01:50 am (UTC)
Lol typical of Chloe to not realise she is in love and have to have Lois point it out for her. I loved all the Harry Potter references they made me chuckle. Omg if Jace had of walked in while Chloe was unbuttoning her shirt in front of Clark I am not sure what would have happened. As always dying to read more :-)
8th-Apr-2014 01:29 am (UTC)
Definitely typical of her! And, of course, Lois is used to the whole love-shebang, and she's an outsider to the issue who knows Chloe well enough to know when things are getting serious.

Haha! Yes, I was tempted to write that!
7th-Apr-2014 05:18 am (UTC)
isabelle and lois are somehow quite the same... brash and head-on, i think chloe gave up her secret too soon....
and boy, what would have happend with jace had come into the room while chloe unbuttoned her shirt..lol
thanks for the update ...
8th-Apr-2014 01:29 am (UTC)
They are VERY similar, and both are loyal to their 'family'
She couldn't keep it forever! lol Especially not with what's coming up!
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