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Claiming the Wolf 6/10 
25th-Dec-2008 02:31 am

Title: Claiming the Wolf
Pairing: Jacob/Edward
Rating: M
Fandom: Twilight
Warning: SLASH! M/M, AU, SMUT
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight
Summary:Jacob would never understand leeches, especially if they were Edward Cullen. One minute Edward's glaring at him with hatred, the next---the next he's doing things to Jacob that the young wolf wants to hate. He really does. But Edward won't let him hate it---not when the vampire is determined to claim him as his own.


There were a lot of things on Jacob Black’s mind as he leaned against the wall in the shopping complex. He knew that this was the last place anyonewould come looking for him in, so he did his best to ignore the gaggle of giggling girls all around him with shopping bags and short skirts.

He had a very big problem. He’d imprinted on Edward, and since he didn’t have a death wish he was going to somehow have to come to terms with this and find a way to get his pack to come to terms with it as well.

And that was one conversation that he didn’t want to have. But he was going to have to go to the reservation and talk to his father and sister, have to talk to Sam and let him know that the impossible had happened.

The young man vaguely wondered if he’d leave the reservation alive.

Clearing his throat, Jacob decided to let that thought be pushed back for right now.

A group of girls passed him, looked at him, and giggled, all turning red.

He paused, his hand halfway to his neck subconsciously, before remembering that the lovebites Edward had left on him the night before had all disappeared before morning, thanks to his increased healing. So it wasn’t that that had the girls giggling, and the wolf raised an eyebrow, wondering what in the world had caused them to giggle and blush.

Girls. He snorted in annoyance. I’ll never understand them.

Good thing you imprinted on a guy then, huh?

Glaring at whatever voice that had been, Jacob growled, shaking his head. He was going to have enough problems in the future, he didn’t need to be in a fight with himself.

So what did that mean exactly?

Was he just going to accept Edward and their, uh, matehood just like that? Well, not that easily, it was going to take a lot of work on both of their parts, but he was going to have to eventually, if he wanted to live to his next birthday. God, no wonder he hadn’t been feeling like he was living to his maximum for so long, by unconsciously denying his mate he’d been debilitating himself!

Did you hear about it?” The voice sounded familiar, and Jacob noticed that it was one of Bella’s few female friends from highschool. He’d seen her with these two girls before. “About the second death?”

“Yeah.” The taller, thinner girl nodded, looking pale. “They said it was just as horrible as the security guard’s death in the electricity plant outside of town.” She shivered. “What sort of animal does that sort of thing?”

The shorter, bustier girl shrugged. “I don’t know, but poor Mr. Weyland, it tore him apart!” She hugged herself. “And whatever it is, it’s getting closer to Forks. Mom almost didn’t let me come out here with you.”

“I know.” The tall girl shook her head. “Dad’s thinking seriously about keeping me grounded until Sheriff Swan and the others can find and kill the thing that’s doing all of this. He says that it’s never safe since Mr. Weyland was killed during the day.”

“Savage.” The shorter one declared as they passed Jacob, continuing to talk to themselves, in their own little world.

The wolf frowned, listening to this news. He’d known about the first death, but this death must have happened today. Everyone thought it was an animal doing the deaths, but he and his pack knew better, even the Cullens must know that this wasn’t the work of an animal but of leeches.

Sighing, Jacob shook his head.

As if he didn’t already have enough problems with leeches he now had rogue ones out killing the population of people whom his pack and he were sworn to protect.

This was the worst time possible for another problem with leeches. It was during these times that his pack grew more aggressive, wanting blood, desiring to tear the leeches apart. How was he going to tell Sam and the others in the middle of this that he’d someone imprinted on one?

Nothing is working in my favor today. He sighed and looked down at his shoes. I’m going to have to talk to Sam about this new attack---and about Edward. And I’m going to have to talk to Edward about everything---but I don’t even know what to say.

How did you approach the person who you’d been taught since childhood to despise and converse about mating with them?

A blush tinted his tanned skin at the thought and he sighed, a little disgusted with the way his body reacted to the thought of mating with Edward.

Someone just kill me…now!

Suddenly the stench of leech reached his nose and jolted him out of his thoughts. Jacob pushed away from the wall and looked around him, eyes narrowed, until they landed on red-tinted eyes observing him, the face those eyes belonged to was extremely pale, lips curled in a curious expression.


Jacob’s eyes narrowed as his body tensed immediately, a snarl escaping his lips as he looked into the eyes that proved that this taller, male leech with blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail was most probably part of the clan responsible for the killings that was happening around Forks.

The leech’s smirk grew as he looked at him, as if curious that he’d noticed him and completely, darkly amused with the situation.

ATTACK! Something inside him screamed, like it always did when he was around leeches, but Jacob clenched his fists and kept control over his wolf. They were in a crowded area, with many innocents, there was no way that he was going to endanger the humans by foolishly rushing his adversary.

LEAVE HERE! He growled, transmitting the message to the leech, who was still leaning against a pillar, arms folded over his chest, smirking at him.

A group of boys discussing the newest Pokemon cards or something of the like, passed in front of the stranger, and when they continued on he’d disappeared from view.

Not trusting the leech to have had the good sense to leave the perimeter, Jacob stalked towards where the creature had been and took a whiff of the potent stench, turning his head slowly, trying to find a trail.

He finally did, amazed at how weak it was. This leech was obviously very good at covering up his tracks, but Jacob had always had an ability to smell that was greater than all of the others in the pack, so he picked up the faint stench and followed it throughout the shopping complex, sometimes coming upon crossways where the scent split in half---obviously trying to get him off of track.

Switching to his instincts, Jacob continued to follow the trail that he believed to be the true one, and it led him to the parking lot. He looked around, on his guard.

“You actually managed to track me.”

Turning, his eyes narrowed as he gazed at the leech leaning against a van. “Leave this place and stop the killings or we’ll hunt you down and tear you to pieces. No one hunts here.”

“What exactly are you?”

Jacob was shocked at the question. “What happened, leech? Nose not working?”

And that smirk grew as that telling word escaped the young native’s lips. “You’re a dog.” His voice seemed tinted with shock. “Why don’t you smell bad like one then?”

The wolf was taken back by that question, but he regrouped and managed to growl at him. “Last warning. If you aren’t gone by tonight we’ll hunt you down and tear you and your clan apart.”

“It seems this boring little place is full of surprises.” The leech announced. “First I witness two vampires put their secret at risk to save one klutzy brunette girl in this very same parking lot not an hour ago---and now I meet a dog who doesn’t smell like a dog.” He tilted his head to the right, smirk growing darker. “What is it about this place? Is it the water?”

Jacob growled, tensing, before pausing, realizing that the reason the smell of leech was so strong here wasn’t because of the one he was talking to, but because he could smell Alice and Jasper Cullen as well---and right mixed up in that scent was Bella’s.

Two vampires put their secret at risk to save one klutzy brunette girl.

And suddenly he’d betrayed the cardinal rule and forgot all about the leech he was facing off, worried about Bella. In a second he remembered the creature though and looked up, but by that time the leech was gone, and no matter how much he tried scenting him, Jacob couldn’t.

I’ve got to go find Bella, see if she’s alright.

With that thought in his head, Jacob hurried towards where he’d left his motorcycle, destination the Swan Residence.


Charlie Swan looked up the minute Jacob burst into the house. He paused, looking at the boy he’d considered like a son since he’d known him, and wondered how he was going to get this conversation out.

“Is Bella here?” Jacob asked, looking worried, all anger and resentment now gone.

Charlie took in a deep breath and smiled at him. “Yeah. Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale took her out shopping with them after you left. They brought her back sleeping, said that she fell asleep from exhaustion---and with the amount of shopping bags that poor boy had to haul up into Bella’s room I don’t doubt that.”

Relief flooded the boy’s face.

And it flooded Charlie’s as well, his smile growing more sincere. “Son, I wanted to talk to you about this morning.” He raised his hand when Jacob opened his mouth to speak. “I realize it must be hard for you, taking care of Bells. If only she’d open her eyes and realize what is going on, but her innocence despite the violence and corruption in this world is one of the things I am most relieved about.”

Jacob was silent, frowning slightly, looking confused and a little apprehensive.

“For a moment I thought that Edward Cullen was interested in my Bells,” Charlie cleared his throat, getting a little uncomfortable again. “But this morning I realized that she isn’t the one he came to see. It was you, wasn’t it? He’s been trying to get around you.”

The look on Jacob’s face was answer enough.

“I understand how awkward this must be for you, liking Bells, who likes Edward, who in turn obviously has an attraction for you.” If it wasn’t for the fact that Charlie knew Billy would kill the Cullen boy if he found out about the situation, he would have let the native man deal with this himself, but Charlie knew how the outcome would be otherwise so he took on this uncomfortable conversation. “If you like, I could sit Bells down and let her know why it’d be reasonable for her to stop her pursuit of the Cullen boy and realize the type of man she has besides her.”

A look Charlie couldn’t understand passed over Jacob’s face, and Charlie took it as awkward gratitude.

All of a sudden a door slammed shut upstairs and suddenly there was the sound of hurried footsteps down the stairs as Bella appeared, eyes wide, a little pale. “Where’s Alice? Is she here? I need to talk to her! Why am I here?”

Charlie blinked, wondering what his daughter was going on about. “Honey, Alice and Jasper dropped you home after you fell asleep in their vehicle. They said you dozed off while they were driving here. By the way, Bells, that’s some impressive amount of clothes and shoes you got there. Did you remember to thank Ms. Cullen for buying them for you?”

“Um, no.” Bella’s eyes looked around her before she finally returned her gaze to his. “You know what, dad? That was wrong of me. I should thank Alice. In person. Do you know where the Cullens live?”

“Not really.” Charlie scratched his cheek. “The Cullens are a real solitary bunch. All I know is that their home is up in the mountains somewhere.”

Disappointment flittered through her dark eyes. “Oh.”

Giving one look in Jacob’s direction, Charlie turned to his daughter and cleared his throat to begin his carefully planned speech. “Bells, honey, about Edward Cullen, I don’t think he--.”

“Maybe you could call Doctor Cullen and ask him for Alice’s number.” Bella interrupted, seeming to not have heard a word he spoke. “You know his number, I know you do because you called him when Mr. Weyland was---was found.”

Charlie noticed the way she winced and looked regretful at him and he smiled sadly, understanding her apology for mentioning his old friend Weyland. “Honey, I don’t think----.”

“Wait, I think Alice gave me her phone number while we were at the cinema.” Bella announced, pressing her finger to her lip contemplatively. “I have to check my phone.”

Charlie sighed and lowered his head, shaking it slightly. He knew this maneuver. It was the famous get-to-the-brother-through-the-sister move he’d seen so much in high school. “Bells, I don’t think Edward--.”

Bella suddenly paused, looking at her father oddly. “Daddy? What does Edward have to do with what I’m talking about?”

Charlie sighed once more. His daughter forgot that he’d been young once---that he knew how teenagers thought.

“I need to go to the reservation for a couple of hours.” Jacob finally spoke, capturing their attention.

Charlie winced, feeling so sorry for the young man. Obviously seeing how desperate Bella was to get with Edward was tearing him apart.

My poor, naïve, clueless daughter. How can she not see what’s right in front of her?

Bella nodded. “Sure, say hi to everyone for me. I’m going to check my phone.”

Charlie was torn as he watched one teenager leave through the door and the other hurry up the stairs.

Taking in a deep breath, Sheriff Swan looked up in determination. He was going to get those two crazy teenagers together if it was the last thing he did.


Alice Cullen looked down at the cellular as it rung, Bella’s name flashing on the Caller I.D. She was lying on the bed with Jasper’s head on her stomach as he read one of Friedrich Nietzsche works.

“She’s calling again.”

Jasper tore his gaze from the page and looked back at her. “Are you going to answer her?”

The vampiress took in a long, unnecessary breath, twisting her lips as she thought it over. “She’s going to know about us, Jazz. Lately in my visions, she knows about us.” She sighed as the cellular went silent, and then began ringing again. “Should I answer?”

“Do you want to?” Jasper asked.

She paused. “Maybe.”

“Then answer her.”

The call died.

Alice waited for the phone to ring again but it remained silent. Sighing, she threw it on the bed next to her and buried her fingers through his blonde curls. “I love you.”

Jasper smiled tenderly at her. “I love you too.” He then turned his attention back to his book.

Alice looked out of the window at the endless forest, sighing.


Sam Uely didn’t know what he was more shocked about, whether it was the fact that Jacob had imprinted on a leech, that his scent had changed, that this other leech had managed to disappear on him---or that the other leech had talked to him and not attacked, as those creatures were known to do.

Billy Black was in shock, silent.

The three of them were the only ones in the room, and Jacob looked both determined and nervous as he stood before them.

Sam watched the young man, and noticed not for the first time that he had become a man on them. So many conflicting emotions were warring in the older wolf. In one sense he was growling and snarling at the fact that a leech had been imprinted on and he wanted to tear apart said leech, but another part of him knew enough about imprinting to know that he’d never do or allow that for Jacob’s sake.

Plus, there was a law in their pack that one imprinted on by one of their pack members could never be hurt by the pack. On the contrary, the pack was honor-bound to protect the imprintee with their own lives if the situation should arise.

Obviously the elders never thought that law would come back to bite us in our asses when they thought it up.

“Are you sure?” Billy finally spoke, eyes on his son.

“Yes.” Jacob nodded, voice and face firm. “Somehow I imprinted on Edward Cullen.”

“This is a situation no one was prepared for.” Sam announced slowly, looking at Jacob, wondering what should be done in these circumstances. Being with a leech was unthinkable, but it wasn’t as if Jacob himself had chosen. The wolf had, and Jacob shouldn’t be punished for something that he had no fault in.


“He’s a leech!” Billy exploded, as if no one had figured that out as yet. “They’re human-killing monsters!”

“The Cullen family are an exception to that rule, Billy.” Sam surprised both Blacks by defending the vampires. “They have stuck to their treaty with your ancestor, they haven’t hunted the humans and haven’t placed a foot in our lands.” He looked at Jacob. “But they are still dangerous and cannot be fully trusted.”

Jacob took in a deep breath, not contradicting anything said.

Billy leaned further in his wheelchair, looking horrified, pissed, and deeply disturbed.

“Thank you for coming to us immediately to advise us of the situation with the rogue leech clan.” Sam announced, face emotionless, eyes dark. “But I think that, given the extreme circumstances, it would be best if you spent some time away from the reservation and the pack.”

Jacob’s eyes widened. “Are you---you’re banishing me.”

“Sam!” Billy snapped.

Quiet.” Sam hissed. “I am the Alpha of the pack, and as such I have to look after not only the health and happiness of each individual member, but of the unity of the pack. Jacob, I know that this isn’t your fault, but you imprinted on our enemy, and for now as Alpha I believe that it is best for the packif you are not a part of it. At least until we can find any alternative.”

“I—I can’t believe you’re doing this.” Jacob shook his head, voice soft. “I can’t believe you’re banishing me from my pack.”

“I’m sorry.” And Sam really was sorry. He was, but this was what he felt needed to be done. “I’m sure Billy’s friend won’t mind you staying with them as long as we cover your expenses.”

Jacob turned to his father. “Dad?”

Billy Black turned away from his son, looking sad and conflicted.

“I can’t believe this.” Jacob shook his head, hurt on his face, before turning and storming out of the room, slamming the door closed behind him.

The sound of his motorcycle revving could be heard, as well as the sound of him speeding away.

“Was it necessary to banish him, Sam?” Billy asked, voice soft with sadness. “He’s my son.”

“Everything will work out for the best, Billy.” Sam spoke. “It has to.” He stood. “I must go speak with the rest of the pack. We have much to discuss.”


For some reason he wasn’t surprised that Edward hadn’t waited for him to call him.

Jacob had cruised around his motorcycle at crazy speeds after leaving the meeting with his father and Sam, before getting enough control over his hurt, anger and disappointment to be able to return to Charlie and Bella’s. By then the others had been asleep, and he’d let himself in using the extra key Charlie kept under the mat by the front door.

Bathing, he’d gone to bed immediately, managing to fall into a restless sleep, not surprised when a faint sound woke him up and his eyes caught sight of Edward Cullen sitting on the window frame, bathing in moonlight and watching him.

“You know, stalking is a crime condemned by every state.” He announced dully, pulling himself up into a sitting position, the sheet falling down his bare chest and pooling around his lap. “So is breaking and entering.”

Edward smirked from where he sat on the frame itself, one foot resting on the floor and the other dangling outside of the window. He looked at ease on the two-story window, leaning his head back against the frame, eyes only for Jacob.

“I saw one of the leeches responsible for the two killings.” Jacob announced, watching the smirk disappear immediately from the vampire’s face. “He was a male, looked older than you, blonde hair in a ponytail and red-eyes from drinking human blood. Is impressive at hiding his scent. Ring a bell?”

“No.” Edward frowned, speaking for the first time since Jacob had awoken. “His description doesn’t fit with any other vampire I’ve ever met.”

“Was a long shot anyway.” Jacob shrugged, leaning back against the wall and yawning slightly. “I got kicked out of the pack today.”

And Edward’s frown grew as he smoothly entered the room completely. “What?”

The young wolf kept his gaze on the vampire, not trusting but not wary either. “I had counsel with my father and Sam. I told them about the leech and about you. They didn’t well to either news.”

For a moment that was met with silence, before Edward’s smirk returned as with a fluid movement he was somehow sitting on the bed. “Aww, you told your father about me? Doesn’t a boy only do that when things get serious?”

Jacob sneered. “So you’re calling yourself the girl of our relationship?”


“Why are you taking this so easily?” Jacob finally asked the question that’d been bugging him all day. “You were taught to hate wolves just as much as we were taught to hate leeches. So why are you so careless about this? You act as if you don’t care that I’m a wolf—or a guy for that matter.”

“I did, at first—hate the fact that you were a dog. The fact that you were a guy never bothered me but a dog? That was hard to accept.” Edward admitted, crawling slowly up the bed towards his prey. “It killed me at first when I realized how much I wanted you. I denied it for months and it nearly sent me crazy.” He trailed up the wolf’s body languidly until they were face to face.

Jacob kept his hands to his side, his eyes on Edward’s, determined to control himself and his body’s embarrassing reaction to having Edward Cullen on all fours above him. “What happened to change your mind?”

“I admitted everything to my family, and Alice admitted to the fact that she’d been having visions of the future and that you were in every single one of the visions, and you were mine.”

Jacob gulped at the possessiveness in the vampire’s voice and eyes as he said that word.

Edward leaned forwards and surprised the wolf by rubbing his cheek against his in a very canine way of showing affection.

The wolf growled affectionately deep in his throat, and Jacob didn’t even realize that he’d closed his eyes and returned the gesture until it was already done. It was such a canine gesture, something usually only done while in wolf form that for a moment the young man was a little disoriented.

Giving into his curiosity, Jacob brushed his cheek against Edwards and continued on journeying past the ear and down the cold neck, inhaling the leech’s scent and wondering why the scent that used to make him snarl in distaste only seemed natural and normal to him now.

It seemed almost acceptable.

Trailing his nose down the skin of the neck Edward offered him eagerly, tilting his head to the opposite side and granting him more access, Jacob bared his blunt teeth and found himself latching them onto the cold skin, teasing it as Edward had once done him.

The vampire shivered, letting out a whimper before surprising the wolf by straddling him, sitting down on his lap, pressing himself further into Jacob’s chest and body.

The pressure on his rapidly hardening member caused Jacob to nibble a little harder than he’d planned. It earned him a gasp of pleasure from Edward as the vampire bucked nearly instinctively against him, giving a little groan when Jacob finally unclenched his fists and brought them down firmly on Edward’s narrow hips, digging into his skin, keeping him there as he gave an experimental buck upwards against him.

Jacob.” Edward whispered, eyes closed.

That whimper went straight to Jacob’s cock and he bit Edward a little harder again, this time on purpose, the vampire whimpering and bucking once more.

The wolf smirked against the cold neck.

Why wasn’t he surprised that vampires were into a little pain mixed with their pleasure?

Jacob…” Edward whispered once more, his hand going to his own pants, beginning to work the button as the wolf bucked under him again, lifting him slightly with the movement. “Jacob!

“Jacob? Are you awake?” The voice that whispered through the door caused them to freeze and broke Jacob out of the lusty haze he’d been submitted to the moment Edward had climbed onto him. “Jake. It’s me, Bella. Open up.”

“What’s she doing here?” Edward’s eyes were now open and flashing black as he glared down accusingly into the wolf’s face as he hissed.

“Jake?” Bella called once more. “Open up! I hear you up and making noise.”

“Uh—give me a minute!” Jacob called before turning to Edward. “You have to get out of here.”

Those eyes grew darker as that gaze narrowed. “No.” He bucked against Jacob, causing the wolf’s eyes to roll back in his head at the pleasure. “I’m notleaving. We were in the middle of something.”

Jacob kept his eyes closed and bit down on his lip to keep from groaning as Edward bucked against him once more, his cock hard and ready at the constant teasing, wanting to slide into something cool and welcoming.


His eyes flew open when he felt hands on his boxers, flipping open the button and a cold hand freed his hard, throbbing member. “Edward.” He growled, half lustfully, half annoyed.

The vampire ignored him, beginning to undo his own zipper.

“Jacob hurry up! It’s cold out here!” Bella hissed.

Edward…” Jacob growled again, warningly.

And the vampire continued to ignore him as he lifted off slightly, only enough to begin pulling down his own pants.

Something in Jacob snapped at Edward’s behavior, and in a second their positions were reversed. The wolf himself didn’t even remember doing it, but somehow Edward was now back down in the bed, Jacob straddling him, grabbing the vampire’s wrists with his hand and keeping them pinned over Edward’s head.

Jacob knew that Edward could easily pull his wrists out of Jacob’s hold, but the vampire’s eyes were hazed, his lips parted slightly as he whimpered and squirmed beneath him.

Jake! It’s important!” Bella whispered. “Something happened while I was with Alice and Jasper that I need to talk to you about! I—I don’t think their normal!”

Both froze and turned to look at the door.

Taking in a deep breath, Jacob sighed and let go of Edward, getting off of the vampire and the bed, grabbing his discarded pants and putting it on.

Edward sat up in the bed, glaring in the direction of the door.

Jacob kept his back to the vampire otherwise he’d probably just jump him, and went to the door unlocking it and sliding out of the bedroom before Bella could enter and see the vampire that was obviously refusing to leave. “Hey.”

Bella looked at him in surprise as he closed the door behind them, leaving them alone in the dark hallway. “How can you not be cold?”

Jacob realized that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, but just shrugged with a smile. Wolves were never cold, they were always hotter than normal, even when in their human form. “Let’s talk in the kitchen? I’m kinda in the mood for a snack anyway.”

“Sure” Bella nodded, leading them to the kitchen before sitting down and confessing everything to him that’d happened while she was out with Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale. “She moved faster than humanly possible, Jake, and he stopped the van with his outstretched hand.” Bella bit her bottom lip. “They obviously aren’t normal.”

Jacob had listened in silence up until that moment. “What would you do if they really weren’t normal?”

“Nothing.” Bella announce truthfully. “I---I’d want to know more about them, but that’s all really.” She paused. “You should have seen her, Jacob. Alice moved so fast, and then she had me in her arms, her body between mine and the van! I know that if Jasper hadn’t gotten there on time she would have protected me with her own body. It’s---it’s mind-blowing.”

Jacob was a little surprised at this revelation. “Why do you think she didn’t tell your dad about what really happened and isn’t answering your phone calls?”

“I think she’s frightened.” Bella whispered with a sigh. “That I’ll say something and let out her secret. But I wouldn’t do that to her, or Jasper. They saved my life. I owe them everything.”

Jacob took in a deep breath, finishing his glass of warm milk. “We should go back to bed. You can continue trying to call her tomorrow, maybe she’ll realize you won’t give up and answer.”

Bella thought it over and nodded, smiling. “Thanks Jacob. I feel bad for waking you up but you’re my only real friend here, and the only person I can confide in.”

A tender smile touched his face as they both stood and Jacob pulled Bella in his arms, encircling her in a protective hug as he rested his chin on the crown of her head and closed his eyes. “You can wake me anytime you need to, Hells Bells. And thanks for trusting me enough to confide in me.”

He felt a little bad for not doing the same with her, but he’d always had to think of the good of the pack.

Now that I’ve been kicked out of it though…


He was going to have to sleep on that thought.

They parted ways, each going to their own bedroom, and when Jacob got to his he told himself that he wasn’t disappointed to find that the vampire had gone.

Too bad he wasn’t very convincing.



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25th-Dec-2008 08:12 am (UTC)
Truthfully I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with James, all I know is that I needed to add him in it somehow, lol. He, Jacob and Edward were my three fav guys in the movie.
25th-Dec-2008 08:44 am (UTC) - Claiming the Wolf
Merry JAKED-Xmas! I don't know who the bottom or top is but I am kinda hoping Jacob is....but what is going on with Edward and him is really hot as long as they are both doing it, who cares!

You really gotta update AGAIN with the quickness because Jacob and Edward need to finish their conversation/hot dayumness without any interruptions from Hells Bells or I will have to pull out my baseball bat. I will be checking for updates between slices of pie!

...Will Jacob end up going to Forks High since he has been kicked out of the pack? I can totally see some smut in the bathroom!
25th-Dec-2008 08:58 am (UTC) - Re: Claiming the Wolf
Merry Xmas!
You're kinda hoping Jacob is which? Top or bottom?
I like that word "dayumness" lol, I think its quite fitting!
Baseball bat? *eyes wide in fear and takes step backwards*
Reads last line and grins---I've got you hooked on bathroom sex, haven't I? lol
25th-Dec-2008 08:52 am (UTC)
AHHHH! I've been waiting for this.
I'm so glad you put James in it. Cam was just too yummy in the movie not to.
Seriously? Bella just has the worst timing EVER.
Can't wait for the next update!
25th-Dec-2008 09:00 am (UTC)
I updated in time for christmas, lol, christmas gift for everyone!
Yeah, James *drools* so right! He was WAY too delicious not to at least mention! *stares dreamily at picture of James*
I couldn't get that image out of my head (Bella accidentally interrupting JacobXedward without even knowing) and I thought it comical so I decided to add it
will try to update sooner this time!
merry christmas!
25th-Dec-2008 09:23 am (UTC)
AH! DAMNIT! SO CLOSE!!! GODDAMNIT, BELLA!! WHY DIDN'T YOU LET THAT VAN CRUSH YOU!!!!! *shakes fist like a stickfigure (OH YEEAAH!!)*

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wanna see that sexing!
25th-Dec-2008 03:45 pm (UTC)
So close and yet so far.....lol, you have homicidal tendencies! Poor, innocent, naive, klutzy, horrible-timing Bella! lol
25th-Dec-2008 09:59 am (UTC)
for once, i truly and throughly
agree that bella should of been crushed
by the van
but it was funny...
and i luved the way edward was like
luvvlez ed&jake soooooo much

i think i have tah make icon set
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soooooo funny

-cries softly-
i didn't get FC!
i hate time zones
25th-Dec-2008 03:48 pm (UTC)
hahaha *laughs* I didn't mean to turn all my readers into 'Bella shoulda died!" ers. But somehow everyone is wishing she'd gotten smooshed, lol.
hmmm.....would be interested in seeing that icon.
Don't cry! *pats back awkwardly* You might get FC next time!
Merry Christmas!
25th-Dec-2008 10:04 am (UTC)
25th-Dec-2008 03:48 pm (UTC)
Will try to update more soon. Have a gr8 xmas!
25th-Dec-2008 01:22 pm (UTC)
Wow. I just have to tell you how much I am loving this fic. The little twists you put in to move the path to AU and set things up perfectly for my favorite pairing, Edward/Jacob, are so unique and convincing - the pregression of their relationship seems so natural.

I must confess, I check your journal constantly for updates. Would you mind if I friended you for easier checking stalking?
25th-Dec-2008 03:50 pm (UTC)
Aw! Thank you so much for those compliments! I'm working really hard on this story and I'm so glad that you're liking it so much!
Merry Xmas!
25th-Dec-2008 01:30 pm (UTC)
I really love this!! Thanks for updating! It was a really nice xmas gift. Haha!
25th-Dec-2008 03:51 pm (UTC)
*yay* glad you liked it! Hope this xmas is great for you!
25th-Dec-2008 04:12 pm (UTC) - Yay,long chapter!<3
*boos Bella for interrupting Edward and Jacob T-T*.I'm still happy she's alive though :D.Your Bella stays in character and is likable,I don't like it when people write Bella as a mean hateful person :(.I was sad when Jacob got kicked out of the wolf pack,but now Edward can make contact with Jacob more often,which is fantastic!:D.Jacob's line about stalkers made me laugh.Again,I can't wait for the next update! :D
25th-Dec-2008 05:02 pm (UTC) - Re: Yay,long chapter!<3
I don't believe in flaming a character just because you want her/his partner with someone else or something. Plus, I liked Bella, she seemed like a nice person, I just really didn't like her for Edward. Yeah, that was one of the reasons why I had Jacob kicked out---how else was Edward supposed to stalk him? lol
Merry Christmas and thanks for the review!
26th-Dec-2008 04:04 am (UTC)
i would like more. lol

merry xmas
26th-Dec-2008 04:20 am (UTC)
Thanks--hope you had a great christmas!
26th-Dec-2008 07:13 am (UTC) - BIG FAT GRIN!!!
AHHH!!! You updated! Big Christmas Hug!!! I freakin LOVE this story. I'm going to give away my twilight series and just pay you to write how it SHOULD have been. I'm literally sitting on the edge of my seat to see how Bella's going to handle the vampire/werewolf stuff. And poor Jacob! He got kicked out of the pack? :' { (pets Jacob and glares death at and Sam and Billy) At least he git Edward to ...umm, cheer him up. Yeah, that's what we'll call it. To bad Jacob didn't let Bella in. She might have enjoyed the Edward/Jacob action. Still waiting for my kinky Alice/Bella/Jasper action *taps foot impatiently*.

You're my idol,
26th-Dec-2008 02:45 pm (UTC) - Re: BIG FAT GRIN!!!
hey! Hope you had a great christmas!
Glad you liked it! *beams* aw! I don't think you should give up your twilight books, but the compliment was the best christmas gift I got! Thanks you! *hugs you*
Lol. Yes. Let's call it 'cheer him up' *laughs*
*taps foot right back at you and smirks insufferably*
Have a great day!
26th-Dec-2008 10:52 am (UTC)
Ooh yay! I come on after christmas and there's another chapter up. That scene in the bedroom = hot. Talk about bad timing - Dang it Bella. Why couldn't you have slept through the night? Or saved you rtheories til then? :) LOL.

I can't believe Sam kicked him out! I hope he claims the alpha role and tells Sam where he can stick it (I know he was doing it for the 'good of the pack' but whatever Sam you idiot). And Billy ... :(.

And I hope that you send Jake to Forks High - LOL I could imagine all the great scenes. Can't wait for more.
26th-Dec-2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
hey! Hope you had a great christmas!
Yep, Bella has HORRIBLE timing! And insomnia when problems are on her mind.
Well, to be fair on Sam, I needed him to kick Jacob out to be able to help Jacob and Edward get closer---which would be hard with Jacob spending all his time on the reservation and Edward not being able to cross over without breaking the truce.
I am thinking of doing that actually.
26th-Dec-2008 01:42 pm (UTC)
hey--i've been reading this through twilight_slash, and i just wante dto say that i'm really really enjoying it. keep writing, this is fun!
26th-Dec-2008 03:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks for leaving a review! It's great to hear from my readers and know that they're enjoying it!
26th-Dec-2008 02:03 pm (UTC)
I'm so in love with this story. Jesus. I love the you have some other stories into it as well, and not only Jake and Edward getting it on (but that'd be hot too ofc). You add Charlie being all... Charlie-like and oblivious even if he think he's not, the killings and even James. These little details makes this story so much more convincing and real, I can totally see it happen.
You're awesome :D

Gaaah, stupid Bella. Ruining the most perfect moment -_-

Oh, btw. Since everyone else is telling you what they prefer... I like Jake topping ;) And it looks like that's what you're doing :D Wooo!
26th-Dec-2008 03:26 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that you're liking the characterization of the others in this story and the slight plot (I always try to have at least a LITTLE plot). I couldn't resist writing Charlie--he is so comically oblivious and sure he's so wordly. *grins*
Hope you had a great christmas!
26th-Dec-2008 06:30 pm (UTC)
I am kinda in love with this story. It's so great. But to me Jacob will always be a bottom. I don't know why. Please update soon :D
26th-Dec-2008 06:35 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that you like it so much!
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