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Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking 20B/21 
8th-Apr-2014 01:58 pm
Chlace---Chloe/Jace Wayland -SV/TMI

"You have Forsaken." Chloe sat on the seat Jace had lowered her onto, her eyes narrowed in condemnation at Valentine. "I know what they are. They are created when you put runes on mundanes. Mundanes can't handle runes, it's agonizing to them and it drives them insane!" She turned to Jace. "You know that!"

"With the Mortal Cup now in my possession I plan on turning them all into Shadowhunters, which will end their suffering and elevate them in status from mundanes." Valentine replied. "I didn't plan on werewolves attacking us."

"Why are werewolves attacking us?" Jace wanted to know as he stood at the window and stared down at the fighting going on with terrible calm. "How do these Downworlders know you are here?"

"I wonder the same." Valentine narrowed his eyes as he stood. "We must go now. Through the Portal."

Jace nodded. "It's why we came here."

The bell on Chloe's necklace trembled, and the girl grabbed it surprise, clasping her fingers around it.

Lois holding onto Clark tightly as he ducked the swinging axe of a Forsaken. Lois crying out for Luke as he swung away from an attack. Lois looking up in gratitude as Jocelyn kicked the Forsaken from Luke and slammed her seraph blade down into the creature's chest.

Jace came towards her. "Come. We're going."

"No!" Chloe batted his hands away, visibly shocking him as she did so. "I'm not going!"

Valentine let out a deep breath. "Don't be ridiculous. We are under attack. We need to-."

"Go, if you want!" She glared at him before she forced herself to her feet and would've fallen if Jace hadn't caught her and yanked her up into his arms. "Jace. Put me down! It's our friends! They're the ones coming to rescue us! This isn't an attack-it's a rescue mission!"

"What are you talking about?" Jace narrowed his eyes at her.

"I don't know how-but I just saw Lois. And Clark! Luke and Jocelyn too!" She stared up pleadingly at him. "They're coming! They're here for us!"

"Jocelyn?" Valentine whispered.

Jace narrowed his eyes at her. "The Mortal Cup is out of you. Why are you still seeing things?"

"I don't know but I know it's real. Jace, you have to believe me. It's our friends!" Chloe pleaded.

"Jace, come. We don't have much time." Valentine cleared his throat. "She's obviously suffering from delirium; it shouldn't be surprising that there would be some side-effects to having removed the Cup."

Jace took in a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Chloe, but I can't take the risk that you're wrong."

She stared up at him in shock. "Jace-."

"You're weak, damn it! You can't even run away if those werewolves try to kill you!" He snapped down at her. "It's my job to protect you and by the Angel, I'm going to protect you even if it's from yourself!" He turned to Valentine. "Where's the Portal?"

Suddenly the door was kicked open and Luke appeared. He was covered in blood, his jeans and shirt dark and clotted, the lower half of his face also tinted dark red. His hands were red to the wrists, the blood that coated them still wet and running.

"Luke!" Chloe cried out, terrified that that blood was his.

He seemed to realize her thoughts because he gave her a reassuring look. "Don't worry, it's not mine."

"Then whose is it?" Valentine spoke as he came forwards.

"Pangborn's." It was Jocelyn who spoke as she entered, Lois and Clark entering the room behind her, the woman covered in blood as well. "Mine's Blackwell's."

"Jocelyn." Valentine whispered as he stared at her.

"Valentine." She raised her chin.

"Chloe!" Lois yelled as she twisted a bell on her bracelet and let out an expression of utter relief.

"Lois!" Chloe grinned brightly. "Clark!"

Clark's eyes were narrowed on Valentine as he closed the door behind them against the fighting going on throughout the building.

"Have you come to join us, Jocelyn?" Valentine asked her calmly. "It's not too late."

"To join you?" She narrowed her eyes.

"Come with us," he offered, arm outstretched towards her. "Come to Idris. Moira is wating for us there."

Jocelyn sent Chloe a shocked, questioning look.

"I don't know," she whispered her answer. "I haven't seen her personally."

"I have." Jace's voice was hard, his grip on her unyielding. "And she's waiting for Chloe on the other side."

"Chloe?" Lois asked softly.

"What did you do to Moira?" Luke snarled. "To these kids?"

"I don't answer to dogs." Valentine glared at Luke.

Chloe snarled at Valentine for insulting the man who'd raised her just as much as Gabe had. "Don't talk to him like that! At least he's not a monster!"

"Chloe, that's enough." Jace hissed to her. "I already explained to you that it's not like that."

Valentine's eyes flashed angrily on the girl before they narrowed further on Luke, hatefully. "I see you're still in the business of turning the women around me against me."

"You do that on your own." Jocelyn answered instead. "Stop trying to blame Luke for the consequences of your own actions!"

"Consequences of your own actions." Jace laughed darkly. "What would you know about that?"

Jocelyn turned her greens on him, surprised at the attack.

Valentine's lips twitched as he took in a deep breath. "You have to understand her, Jonathan, she was lonesome and thought I didn't love her anymore, and he took advantage of her."

"Didn't seem like she put up much of a fight," Jace growled.

Jocelyn was horribly pale as she stared at Jace as if seeing a ghost. "Jonathan?"

Even Luke looked like he'd been punched, hard.

"What am I not getting?" Clark whispered to Lois.

"I'm not sure," she whispered back.

"Don't call me that." Jace snapped at Jocelyn. "You don't get to call me that!"

Jocelyn brought a shaky hand to her mouth, tears filling her eyes. "I thought you were dead."

Jace sneered. "I'm sure that was the happiest day of your life. I've heard what you said about your son, how you felt about him... me."

Jocelyn closed her eyes against that realization, a tear sliding down her cheek.

Valentine eyed Jace curiously at that.

Chloe could suddenly completely understand Jace's intnense desire to leave with his father and never come back. It wasn't like he had anything on this side of the Portal. Only a mother who'd called him a monster and calmly told them how she couldn't bring herself to love him no matter how hard she'd tried.

"Look, I'm sorry for all this, Jace," Lois surprised them by speaking, pushing away from Clark now to stand tall on her own. "But I'm not letting you take my cousin away. She's the only family I have that I can count on, she's basically the only family I have left, and I'm not going to let her go. He can have the Cup, I don't care about it, but he can't have her."

Chloe felt a huge lump of emotion lodge in her throat.

Valentine raised an eyebrow. "And you would be?"

The brunette gulped as she raised her chin, bringing her hazels to meet his blacks. "Lois Lane. Mundane. And damned proud of it."

His lips twitched. "You shouldn't be."

She glared at him.

Chloe opened her mouth to tell him off.

"Come with us, Miss Lane." Valentine turned the hand he'd held out to Jocelyn to her instead. "Come to Idris. You don't have to be parted from your family. There is no reason for that."

Lois was visibly flabberghasted.

So was Chloe. "What-? Why would you-?"

"Take my hand, join us, and you will live as a Shadowhunter, you will be elevated and stand by our side. You won't be separated from your cousin." Valentine spoke solely to Lois. "I understand the pain of being apart from your family, of being alone, and I would not give that to you."

Lois stared at him almost as if in a trance.

Luke snarled and moved in front of Lois, hiding her from Valentine's view. "She's not going with you and neither is Chloe."

"Why don't you let her decide that, Graymark?" Valentine kept his voice even.

Lois' gaze went to Chloe from around Luke. "Can he take the Cup out without killing you?"

Chloe took in a deep breath as she lifted her shirt to show the silver scar on her stomach. "He already did."

Silence hit the room.

Suddenly Jocelyn raised her seraph blade up at Valentine. "Where is the Mortal Cup, Valentine?"

"Safe, in Idris, with Moira." He smirked at her. "Why don't you come with us and find it?"

"That's why you're so weak," Clark whispered to himself, his eyes still on the scar.

Jace lowered Chloe's shirt rapidly.

Lois turned to look at Valentine. "You have the Cup! You don't need her anymore!"

"She's mine." Valentine replied. "She belongs with me, to me."

Jace's golden gaze rose sharply and narrowed on his father.

"She's not a thing, you can't own her!" Lois glared at him.

"I can when I created her." Valentine replied calmly. "And I did. Everything she is is because of me."

"That isn't how the world works." Luke's eyes went wolf-gold. "I'm only going to say this once: you're taking us to Idris, and we're going to get the Cup. You're outnumbered. There's nothing you can do."

"Is that so?" Valentine didn't seem too worried.

Suddenly the sound of Forsaken throwing themselves against the door could be heard.

Clark's eyes widened and he pressed himself against the door, Jocelyn joining him as they did their best to help the door hold under the onslaught.

Valentine smirked before he turned to Jace. "Come. We're going now."

Luke moved to go forwards when the sound of wood breaking could be heard, and he snarled as he turned to help the others with the door.

That left Lois the only one standing as she watched Valentine move away.

Jace tightened his hold on Chloe and moved to follow.

"I'm not leaving her!" Chloe struggled against Jace's hold. "Let me go! Stop it!"

"Don't do this, Jace!" Jocelyn surprised everyone by addressing the boy. "Don't listen to him! Don't force that girl to go!"

"I'm a monster, haven't you always said that?" Jace stood still, his back to the woman who was his mother. "In all the ancient legends the monster kidnaps the beautiful virgin, so I suppose I'm just being true to my nature."

"Don't." Jocelyn begged. "Don't let your father or I tell you who or what you are. You can decide that for yourself."

He chuckled darkly and turned to face her. "What a convenient change of heart you've just had, mother."

Jocelyn gulped visibly.

"Jace, you're not a monster. He is. You wouldn't force me to do this! He's just twisting everything to suit him and his needs!" Chloe could see the hardness in Jace's eyes though and was terrified as she realized she wasn't getting through to him.

Lois stepped forwards. "You know what? Screw Jocelyn! Screw Valentine! But what about Chloe? You've just heard her! You think she's going to forgive you if you kidnap her? No. She's not. You can't force her to go if she doesn't want to go. I'm not like your mother or father, I don't see that whatever is in you makes you better or worse than anyone else." She took in a deep breath when his golden orbs went to her. "But I do know that even when I thought you two were brother and sister I was being supportive of your feelings because I could tell you genuinely loved her and she needed that, needed someone to think of her before themselves."

Jace gulped in silence as he stared at Lois.

"You and I aren't friends, we tolerate each other, and to be honest we probably resent the other somewhat, but you know what? She loves us both and that means you and I need to be allies. We need to protect her. Together." Lois took a step towards him, careful, as if approaching a rabid dog clutching a kitten in its jaws and any move from her might end the kitten's life. "I'm accepting you, Jace. And I'm asking you to accept me too." She held her hand out towards him. "Take my hand. You know you want to. You know she won't forgive you if you don't."

Jace just stared at Lois, obviously going over everything she'd said.

"Please." Chloe's voice was pleading.

Jace took in a deep breath before he lowered Chloe to her feet, keeping the weak girl standing by securing an arm around her waist. He stared deep into Lois' hazels and then let out the breath he'd been holding as he lifted his hand and placed it in hers.

Lois grinned brightly and shook that hand. "We're allies now. You and me."

Jace nodded. "We are."

Chloe's lips curved in a hopeful smile as she gripped onto Jace, her legs still weak.

Valentine narrowed his eyes on them.

Suddenly the door broke, and Forsaken flooded into the room, Luke and Jocelyn attacking them while Clark grabbed a shield from off of the wall and used it to both defend himself from their attacks and slam it into them at the same time whenever they got too close. He must be hitting them seriously hard because each blow from the shield sent them sliding a couple of steps away from him.

Forsaken lunged at Lois from behind, the brunette unable to see it.

"Lois!" Chloe screamed.

Jace's eyes narrowed and he used the hand he was holding the brunette with to yank Lois behind him protectively.

Valentine grabbed the stumbling brunette by the back of her shirt and yanked her towards him as he held a hand up to the Forsaken, sending it back towards the others. He eyed something on Lois and then nodded. "Just as I thought."

Chloe narrowed her eyes on Valentine. "Don't touch her!"

Valentine merely pressed a pressure point in Lois' head and caught the girl when she fainted, flinging her over his shoulder as he moved towards a standing mirror and... walked through it.

The Portal.

That was the Portal!

Chloe's eyes widened in horror. "No."

8th-Apr-2014 08:36 pm (UTC)
Wow, 2 new chapters in one day. You are seriously awesome!

What is going on? I really don't know who to believe right now. I kinda wanna believe Valentine because Jase believes him. Which is surprising because Jase believed him super quick. Is it because Valentine is his father? Or is it because he knows Jocelyn hates him/her son? And there still was that story Jase told Chloe in the early chapters about a boy being abused by his father. Was that Jase and Valentine? Anyway, there is still something sinister about Valentine and his obvious disregard for human life.

On the flip side, I can't force myself to believe that Luke is a bad guy. Not when Lois likes him and he did just save her.

Speaking of Lois, if a rune placed on a mundane makes him a forsaken, will Lois be one too since Hodge placed one on her before he escaped? Or is it only a certain rune? Does this mean Lois is special? Is this what Valentine noticed?

What is Valentines plan for Chloe? When will her power show? Since the block is gone, Does she remember completely erasing that 2nd guy from existence when it attacked her in the library? AND when will Jase and Chloe NOT get interrupted so they can finally get their freak on? :-)
9th-Apr-2014 01:40 am (UTC)
I do my best! And the inspiration has definitely been seriously THERE for this story!

That's exactly how CHLOE feels to be honest.

Lois' issue will be talked about in chapter 21 (last chappie by the way!)
9th-Apr-2014 01:16 am (UTC)
Omg what has he seen in Lois. Chloe will have to follow now she can't leave Lois all alone with Valentine! This story just keeps getting better and better I love it.

I watched the movie this evening with my daughter and we both loved it we both have a Jace crush ;-) The movie left me with a few questions too, I am thinking of reading the books as well now :-)
9th-Apr-2014 01:42 am (UTC)
Ahhhh….. it will be announced what Valentine saw… in the next chapter!

We will have to form a "Jace Morgenstern Fan Club" !!!!!

The books are good and explain more than the movie ever did!
9th-Apr-2014 12:06 pm (UTC)
Just got the first book on my kindle and fan club sounds fab where do we sign lol :-)
9th-Apr-2014 07:52 pm (UTC)
Me too! I wanna join the Fan Club! :-)
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