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The New Circle 124A/? 
28th-Apr-2014 11:07 pm
chlodney X&Z

Title: The New Circle
Fandoms: Smallville/Secret Circle
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Whitney Fordman, Major Dru-Zod, Greg Arkin, Cassie Blake, Diana Meade, Mikhail Balcoin, Lucas Dunleavy, Faye Chamberlain/Byron Moore, Adam Knight, Zatanna Zatara, Bart Allen, Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Jor-El, Vika Balcoin, Van McNulty...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own any original material used in the television series or artwork, they belong to their respective creators. I have merely tweaked them for my story.
Summary: Chloe Sullivan had a normal-ish life before the circle and John Blackwell turned her life upside down and gave new meaning to the unexplained weirdness that goes on in Smallville. Now life's a witch, she's a part of a circle she's not too sure she wants to be bound to, and not only do they have to worry about Witch-Hunters, but unknowingly to them another circle is on the hunt too.

Chloe hugged herself tightly and avoided looking at Lex or AC, the latter who'd regained consciousness and was still visibly Enthralled. She turned her attention on Victor. They'd toured a small section of the Halls of Thrall, the men taking turns recounting the Thrall War and its outcome. Chloe, although sympathetic to Arabella, could see why the magical community had viewed it, the Balcoins, and Arabella, with such fear. The Thrall War had truly been a terrifying time for them in which no one had been safe.

The Four were now back in the throne room, seated upon their thrones - AC glaring at Victor and Lex since they sat at Chloe's left and right respectively.

This Enthrallment was seriously annoying. Chloe couldn't understand how Arabella had managed having armies Enthralled to her. How had she handled it? Chloe could barely deal with having one person Enthralled to her, so horribly devoted.

"It's a tie," Victor sighed. "Although AC wouldn't have voted with you if he wasn't controlled by his desire to please you."

Chloe had the sneaking suspicion that the head of the Wylt Clan was right. She wanted to use the advantage that having AC Enthralled to her gave her, but knew that if she did so, once said Enthrallment ended AC would forever be wary and untrusting of her, as would Victor and Lex. She needed them to know she'd never use this ability on them to get her way, she needed there to be trust between the Four, and that was why she couldn't do this, couldn't use it to her advantage.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe turned to AC. "If you hadn't known what I wanted to do, what would you have voted?"

"I would've wanted to vote in any way that made you happy!" AC assured her rapidly. "I only want you happy!"

Chloe let out a sigh. "What did you want to do for yourself? I'll be angry if you don't tell me the truth."

AC's eyes widened before he lowered his gaze. "I would've voted the same as Alexander and Victor." He rose his gaze to her. "Please forgive me!"

Chloe let out a sigh and looked at Victor. "Change his answer to that one."

"Are you sure you want to do that? You're outvoting yourself." It was Lex who asked, a curious expression on his face.

"I don't plan on using this ability on my allies to get what I want." Her voice was resolute.

Victor and Lex shared looks, a hint of a smile on their faces as they nodded.

"Three to one." Victor cleared his throat and turned his gaze on the still-frozen Nell as she unfroze. "The verdict has been passed."

"W-what?" Nell brought a hand to her head, visibly confused.

"We mean that you've been weighed in the balances by the Council and found wanting." Victor's voice was emotionless as he answered. "We have put our decision to the vote and while the result was not unanimous, majority rules and we have come to a decision as to how you are to be handled."

"Handled?" Nell's eyes widened. "You can't do this! I invoked this Council to solve the issue! NOT to be that girl's puppets!"

"She is the only one who voted against your fate," AC snapped at the same time Lex drawled out lazily: "You don't seem to get it, Potter. You are the issue."

Nell stared back and forth between them, visibly faltering.

"This Council is sick of your crap, and while I voted against what they have planned, I did so because it will be a burden for me and not because I felt swayed to your reasoning." Chloe's voice was a resentful grumble.

Nell raised her chin. "What decision has been reached?"

"While the temptation to just kill you is there, you were correct in one thing. You have valuable information you could impart if you could be trusted and kept in check." Lex's eyes shone with pleasure. "So, regarding your issue, we have decided that you will be allowed to teach the new generation what you know," his smirk grew when Nell's eyes shone with victory and her lips curled in a smile, "once you have become a Thrall."

Nell's eyes widened in horror, her smugness disappearing in a second. "You can't be serious!"

"They are." Chloe let out a sigh.

Nell shook her head and took a step backwards. "No!"

"And concerning your niece and Pete Balcoin, it is the will of this Council that they be detained indefinitely until they can be tried individually and their innocence or guilt in the betrayal of Chloe Balcoin-Darkseid be determined." AC leaned forwards in his seat. "And should it be found that one of them is the traitor, the punishment will be a public execution so that they can serve as an example."

Chloe's eyes widened in utter horror, not having known about this part. "You can't be serious!"

"We are very serious, this is an important matter." Lex turned his gaze on Chloe. "You have already received criticism for your tolerance of the enemy, and while we commend that you on trying to take the high road, as the Council we will not be as lenient. This is war, and examples have to be made or we will appear weak."

"That's my brother you're talking about!" Chloe stared at them in horror. "You can't kill him!"

"If he is innocent, then we wont." Victor stared at her. "But if he truly betrayed you, then he is no brother of yours."

Chloe was angry and so impotent, there was nothing she could do, she was bound to the decision of the Council. She'd known about the Nell part but those three must've spoken when she was going over her annoyance of the Enthrallment because they seemed to have decided this unanimously. It left her frozen, the girl standing to her feet as she stormed towards Nell, stalking the woman who backed away, eyes wide.

The blonde held her hand out and grabbed Nell's chin, her magic restraining the older woman and keeping her from struggling as Chloe leaned in closer and tightened her grip on Nell's chin, forcing it open as she leaned in close and breathed out. Her anger must be powering her Enthrallment because the pink mist rose from her throat and out of her parted lips much quicker and pinker than usual, swirling through the air before snaking its way passed Nell's lips and down her throat.

Nell's eyes were terrified before slowly they began to grow relaxed, a pink haze covering them as her body went lax.

Chloe kept feeding that pink mist into Nell, not sure when to stop considering that she'd never actually tried to make a Thrall before. She just kept pushing on and on, forcing more and more of that mist into the woman's body, feeling it slowly fill the woman from the inside. The girl was getting dizzy and lightheaded and yet she pushed on, forced her magic to continue slipping out from her and into her victim, something within her shutting off halfway through the process, her guilt and anxiety and anger-every emotion deep within her-all disappearing as she was merely conscious of the mist, of its purpose, and of her growing power over the other woman.

Finally, it was done, and Chloe stumbled backwards as she let go of Nell, the girl falling to her knees of the ground. She felt weak and tired.

Nell merely stayed where she was, eyes clouded over with a pink mist, apparently catatonic.

"I think you might've fried her brain." AC's tone was awed.

Chloe's body twitched as she slowly got back to her feet.

-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v -v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v -v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v -v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v -v-v-v-v-v-v-v-

A bodiless proclamation sounded in the air around the crowd still awaiting to hear the judgment. Nell Potter had been reprimanded and "taken care of" while Pete and Lana (who apparently had just been healed by the healers) had been taken into custody on the suspicion of treason. They would stay in custody until further notice.

Cassie honestly didn't care what was going to happen with any of those three, but she was surprised this had happened given the fact that Chloe was too lenient with everyone. The youngest blonde believed that it was a good idea that finally people were getting punished and that others could see that they wouldn't just get away easily with something like banishment. Still, she had a feeling that Chloe had fought this, especially Pete being taken into custody, because for some reason her sister loved that brother.

The youngest Balcoin sister wondered if maybe this would change that though. If Pete was found to be guilty of betraying Chloe, would that change the way that the older blonde saw him or felt for him? Cassie felt that it should, but she had a feeling that it wouldn't, and that annoyed her greatly. She liked the fact that Chloe was filled with compassion and that she was humane, but sometimes Cassie just wanted her eldest sister to strike down certain people around her, especially if they were threats to her. If Chloe didn't want to strike them down then Cassie wished Chloe would order one of them to do it for her, because Cassie knew she wasn't the only one who felt this way or who would happily do the dirty work.

"Chloe couldn't be the one who thought this up." Greg hugged himself, disturbed. "Pete and Lana are our friends, and she hasn't ever doubted them."

"I think it's the Council to blame," Diana agreed with a shake of her head. "I think they're playing hardball and taking advantage of the fact that she's bound to follow the decision of the Council, no matter how she feels about it."

"They're going to feel the brunt of her anger about this later though." Zatanna sounded sure of that.

"If Peter or Lana or both of them betrayed her, then they deserve whatever they get and more." Byron had been in a dark mood since he'd returned from the meeting with the Council and wouldn't tell them why.

Faye, likewise, wasn't saying what had gone down, the girl merely keeping an eye on her boyfriend. "I'm all for fire and brimstone and stuff, but Chloe has enough on her plate right now to be worrying about them."

Diana flinched as she looked away, obviously thinking of Charles.

Cassie wasn't sure if anyone had clued the brunette in on the fact that Charles was actually the host of Dax-Ur, or the fact that there were more Balcoins out there (Lucas had been the one to fill Cassie and Greg in on everything) but the blonde wasn't going to bring up the subject, especially when she felt such a mixture of feelings about this new development.

Van made his way through the crowd, his eyes on them as he came to stand in front of the small group. "Chloe is going to Edge City."

Diana frowned in confusion. "Why?"

Ah, so no one had actually explained things to the brunette.

"She wants three of you to come with her and only three." Van ignored the question. "She doesn't want the others to feel threatened by a whole Circle appearing on their doorstep."

"Who doesn't she want to feel threatened?" Diana narrowed her eyes.

Van eyed her then, confusion visible on his face. "You mean you don't know?"

"Don't know what?" Diana pressed.

Van raised a hand to stop her from enquiring more, bringing that hand to his temple as he seemed to be listening in to something, most probably Chloe. The members of the VI had some freaky sort of mind-meld with her oldest sister that Cassie was admittedly resentful of. He nodded to himself and then turned his gaze on them. "She's surprised you don't know already, thought someone might've told you." He leveled his gaze on Diana. "She wants you to stay, says that you'll be understandably emotional. She wants you to come find her now, she's in her office."

Diana didn't have to be told twice, she hurried away.

Cassie watched Diana go before she turned to Van. "I'm going."

"So am I." Byron announced.

"No." Van shook his head at Byron. "Chloe says that she wants you to stay behind."

Byron flinched at that. "Why?"

"She said you would know why." Van shrugged.

Faye licked her lips as she stared at her boyfriend.

"No, I don't." And with that Byron stormed in the direction Diana had gone in.

Faye sighed before she hurried after him.

"I'm going." Zatanna finally spoke up. "And since I believe that the third will be Whitney our group has been decided."

Van nodded. "She'll be with you as soon as she can."

Cassie nodded. "We'll be in the car."

"I'll find Whitney and let him know," Zatanna offered as she took off.

Greg turned to Cassie and grabbed her when she made to leave. "Be careful, don't get too cocky. These people might be your siblings, but that doesn't mean they should be trusted off the bat just because you share blood."

Cassie nodded with a smirk on her face. "Oh, I know. You don't have to worry about me bonding overnight. I mean, look how long it took for me to like Chloe!"

Greg chuckled as he nodded and let go of her arm. "True."

She smirked brighter.

29th-Apr-2014 02:27 pm (UTC)
Seriously? No-one told Diana? Chloe's circle has got to stop waiting for Chloe to tell them how to do every little thing all the time.

I know Chloe's not pleased but I like Nell a lot better as a zombie.
30th-Apr-2014 12:11 am (UTC)
Lol!!!! Oh nelly Nell did you honestly think you were going to get away with the shit you've been pulling. The only person I feel bad for is Chloe. Nelly Nell can suck it.
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