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Sin 2a/2 
26th-May-2014 10:49 am
Kate&Seth - FromDuskTillDawn
Title: Sin
Pairing: Kate Fuller/Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn - The Series
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own
AU Universe - The Fullers meet Seth and Vanessa before Seth gets sent to prison.
Summary: When Kate meets her new neighbors, Seth and Vanessa Gecko, she immediately develops a crush on the handsome man. She does her best to fight her growing crush, but as she and Seth become friends, and she realizes that there is a LOT of trouble in Seth and Vanessa's marriage, Kate begins to fear that she will stop caring that her feelings for him are pure sin.

Richie was incredibly smart, composed, and had won over her parents with that "Gecko charm" that fascinated Kate. She couldn't help but look at Richie and compare him to his more quiet brother and wonder at the differences between them. That wasn't to say that Seth was introverted and awkward, but he definitely had a more cautious and laid-back manner to him than his younger brother did. It didn't help though that Seth was extremely tense the whole time Richie was around. Kate didn't know exactly what it was that Seth was worried Richie would do, but whatever it was it kept him stiff, and whenever he'd engage in a smile it was nearly painful to watch.

"So, Katie," Richie moved to stand next to her while Seth, her father, and Scott talked at the grill. "Where's Mrs Fuller?"

"She had a migraine so she's in her room." Kate didn't want to think about how frequently her mother was getting migraines and locking herself in her bedroom.

"Ah, I see." Richie nodded before he eyed her. "So, I'm curious about Seth's cute neighbor." He smiled at her. "Tell me about yourself."

She blinked, not sure what she could say that was interesting. "Nothing much to tell, really." She licked her lips. "I've recently graduated and I'm going to be going off to college soon."

"Is that so?" Richie lit his cigarette and looked at her pensively as smoke emerged from his lips like a coiling snake. "Where are you planning to go?"

"I haven't decided yet. It's between Texas and Florida though." She gave him a small smile. "Dad wants me to go to the local college but, well…"

"You're not a little girl anymore." Richie seemed to get what she didn't want to say. "You want some freedom."

"I love my family." She felt guilty and hurried to clarify that.

"Of course you do." He reached out and touched her hair. "But you can't really live your life and make your own choices under their watchful gaze, now, can you?"

She nodded, unable to vocally agree with him and yet felt the need to expression her feelings at the same time.

Richie eyed her as if seeing deep into her soul, before he gave a crooked smile. "Don't worry, you'll get the future you want."

"How can you be so sure?" Intrigue filled her as she moved a little closer.

"Let's just say that I have a way of knowing things, sometimes."

Her eyes widened. "Are you saying that you're psychic?"

That question seemed to amuse him because his half-grin turned into a fully fledged one. "I'll let you call me that if you want to."

Kate stared up at him in confusion. "Are you teasing me?"

He tilted his head to the side. "Answer me this, Kate Fuller: is there something you want more than anything in this world? Something you'd sin for?"

She couldn't keep her gaze from searching and resting on Seth, those blue orbs widening slightly when she found him taking a long sip of his beer and watching her and Richie with a frown on his face. The girl cleared her throat and turned to look at a largely grinning Richie. "No."

Richie chuckled as he shook his head and leaned in close, his voice low as it tickled her ear. "You're lying."

"Hey! Richard!" Seth's voice drew them apart. "Come here a sec."

Chuckling darkly to himself, Richie put out his cigarette. "You know, he never calls me Richard." His smirk was devilish as he sent Kate a sidelong look. "I wonder why he keeps calling me it now all of a sudden." And with that he sauntered to where his brother was, his shoulders shaking with soft laughter.

Her mother kept having more and more headaches and Kate was beginning to worry she had a tumor or something and wasn't telling them. But her father would tell them, wouldn't he? And he wasn't in the dark, whatever this was that was going on Jacob Fuller was in the know. Just the other night Kate had heard moaning, crying, from the bedroom and had seen her mother in bed whimpering as she hid her face with a pillow. Jacob had caught Kate in the doorway, turned her aside, had said that her mother needed to sleep and that was all.

Kate wanted to believe her father, but she was getting so worried she couldn't sleep.

"Go to hell, Seth!" Vanessa snapped as the front door opened and the woman stormed out of the front yard towards the car.

"Can we have one fight without you storming off before we can resolve anything?" Seth was on her heels, eyes narrowed.

"Screw you! Screw your psycho brother!" Vanessa unlocked her car's door. "You know what? Since you love him so much you should just screw him." She slid into the car and slammed the door shut as she started the engine and sped away.

Seth let out a disgusted sound as he ran his hand over his face. He shook his head and turned to return back to the house when he noticed her sitting on the steps to her home's porch. "Uh, hey."


His eyes narrowed. "You okay, princess?"

She nods wordless and turned her head away from him as she discreetly brushed at the tears of anxiety that'd welled in her eyes while thinking of her mother.

Seth hesitated, clearly debating something with himself, before he gave a little groan and licked his lips as he wordlessly went to sit down next to her.

Kate took in a deep breath, her gaze ahead of her.

Seth tilted his head towards her before he cleared his throat and looked ahead of him as well. "You wanna talk about whatever's bothering you?"

"Do you wanna talk about whatever's bothering you?" She turned her head to face him.

He let out a dark chuckle and shook his head. "Hell no."

"Me neither." She gave him a sad little smile. "But thanks for caring enough to ask. It means a lot."

He nodded wordlessly as he licked his lips.

Kate's gaze traced his features before she cleared her throat and looked ahead of her once more. "So, Richie says he's something of a psychic."

Choking on his saliva, Seth turned to look at her, eyes wide and a weird expression on his face. "He said what?"

"He also said that I'd get the life I wanted." Kate chuckled at his expression. "So you better not tell me he's a fraud because I'm banking a lot on those words."

He stared at her, his expression turning intrigued. "And what sort of life would it be that you want?" His lips curled in a teasing smile. "Let me guess. A two-story house with a white picket fence, two children and a dog." He made up his face. "And a husband, probably one identical in every way to your old man."

"Uhm… no. You really mean it when you call me "princess", don't you?" A scoff escaped her lips. "I might want that one day, I probably will, but it's not the life I want right now."

There was a moment's silence, then: "So, what life do you want right now?"

"I don't know, to go to college somewhere where I can have the freedom to choose my own path? I love my parents and I know that they're always doing what they feel is the right thing for my future, that they're doing their best for me and Scott, and I am so grateful to them for being the best parents a kid could ask for, but I've always been protected by them, kept from getting hurt. I guess, well, I guess I want the opportunity to get a little hurt, to make mistakes of my own choosing. I-I want to fall in love, and be loved in return. I want-I want to find a love that doesn't complete me-because no guy can do that-but that makes me want to be a better person, strive for it. I don't want someone perfect, I want someone who has faults that I can love, and who can love my faults as well. Someone… I want someone I can be faulty with." She blushed when she realized just how naive and stupid she probably sounded to him and turned to tell him to forget all she'd said, but was stopped when she noticed the look on his face. "What?"

Seth's eyes widened and he cleared his throat as he looked away. "Nothing…" He leaned forwards and ran a hand down his face. "The preacher's daughter strikes again."


"Nothing. Just… it's nothing." Seth stood rapidly, hands in his pockets. "See you later, Kate."

"See you later too, Seth." Kate watched him go, the man seeming lost in his own thoughts and battling something.

She'd just made a fool of herself in front of him.

Groaning, the girl ran her hands over her face.

Vanessa hadn't returned since that night. Kate's parents were giving Seth support 'in this horrible time' and Richie had basically moved in with his brother, who looked a mixture of feelings about everything that was going on in his life. Kate's parents were sure that this was a phase, that Vanessa would come back and that they'd be able to 'counsel' the young married couple and fix everything. But three weeks passed and there wasn't a sign of Vanessa. A very dark part of Kate's heart pleaded and prayed for the beautiful woman to never return again, because if she didn't maybe Kate could have a chance with Seth.

If his wife couldn't appreciate him, if she'd truly abandoned him, it somehow made everything more acceptable and less sinful to Kate. Maybe it was just her trying to find an excuse so as not to feel so guilty for wanting a married man, but if Vanessa didn't come back soon Kate would stop caring. Hell, she got along with Richie, which was something Vanessa couldn't say. And she was taking care of them, cooking (which apparently Vanessa never had) and every day that Kate went over to Seth's house for her mother ("it's only the christian thing to do") she felt herself slipping into a sort of fantasylife in which she was a wife taking care of her husband and his younger brother.

It was dangerous to lose herself in this fantasy when Vanessa could rip it into shreds in seconds by just walking through the front door, but for the first time Kate dared to hope that maybe her crush wouldn't end horribly.

"Well, I couldn't just leave him at the cabin. Not with how things are going. So I had a friend bring him down for me last night." Richie sat on a seat and played with a knife as he cast a glance at the large dog sitting by Kate and looking up pleadingly in her face as she chopped up chicken. "And it's not like Vanessa is here anyway, and Ballsy was Seth's dog first."

Slipping the golden retriever mix a piece of meat, Kate smiled at the animal as it wagged its tail and licked her calf in appreciation after gobbling down the bit of raw meat. "He's so handsome."

"He is a Gecko."

She laughed and sent Richie a look over her shoulder before she returned her attention to the work at hand. "True. You guys aren't known for being ugly."

"Who aren't ugly?" Seth entered the kitchen, freshly shaven, and while she liked his stubble she preferred him clean shaven like this.

"Us." Seth pointed the knife to himself and his brother. "She has a weakness for Geckos."

Kate glared at Richie through her blush. "It's not a weakness. I just think you're all aesthetically pleasing."

"Awww, I embarrassed her." Richie laughed teasingly before his gaze shifted to Seth. "Isn't she cute when she's embarrassed?"

"Leave her alone, Richie." Seth moved towards her side at the counter. "You don't have to keep doing stuff for us, you know. We won't die if we have to eat takeout."

"Yes we will, don't listen to him." Richie announced.

Seth ignored him and kept his gaze on her face. "You have to have a life that we're keeping you from. I-I wouldn't like it if you were missing out on things because you're going out of your way to babysit us."

"He lies." Richie declared. "He loves every second of it."

Seth flipped his brother the bird, still not looking at him, eyes only on Kate.

Unable to look him in the face due to the fact that she knew she would start blushing, Kate just busied herself by throwing another slice of meat to Ballsy and placing the rest into the large skillet. "I'm not going out of my way, I like doing stuff for you guys." She then hesitated, eyes wide as she turned to finally face him. "Unless I'm being a bother and-."

"No!" Seth's eyes widened before he cleared his throat and looked away, awkward. He took in a deep breath and then turned to face her again. "No. You definitely are not."

She stared in his face, trying to read him, before she decided he was being genuine and smiled at him. "Good."

"Good." Seth nodded.

"Now that we're all clear on that fact that it's all good, I'm going to go upstairs to rest for a while." Richie stood, his lips twitching. "Let me know when the food's ready." And with that he walked away.

Seth watched him as the younger Gecko hurried up the stairs, whistling to himself. "He's just as much a handful now as when he was a kid."

Kate smiled at Ballsy as the dog whimpered and brought his paw down softly on her foot, begging for more. "No more for you, mister. I already gave you more than I was supposed to."

Ballsy, clearly understanding what she was saying, whimpered louder.

Seth raised an eyebrow at the dog he'd given to his brother. "You've reduced him to a pathetic, begging mess." His hands anchored on his hips. "That dog was not like that when I had him!"

Kate threw him a grin over her shoulder. "Leave him alone, he isn't used to home cooking."

"He's not the only one." Seth eyed her before he cleared his throat and went to sit in the seat Richie had vacated. "Are Jacob and Jenny really okay with this?"

"With what?" Kate added the condiments as she turned up the heat in the stove.

"With their only daughter being alone for hours every day with two men."

"Well, it was mom's idea to begin with." Not that Kate had complained in the least bit when her mother had come to her with the idea. "And they know where I am. It's just a yell across the fence. Plus, they like and trust you."

"They really shouldn't." Seth murmured softly to himself.

"What was that?" Kate asked curiously as she turned to face him.

"Nothing." Seth gave her a feigned smile as he got comfortable on the seat and just looked at her. "Shouldn't you be using an apron or something? You used one when you cooked that dinner we had at your house."

Kate gazed down at her outfit before her blues rose to him. "Well, I usually would, but you don't own an apron."

Seth made a face. "I really don't cook and neither did Vanessa."

"How did you two survive?"


Her eyebrow rose before she smiled. "Well, you'll be having home cooked meals from now on."

Seth eyed her before he nodded silently and a small smile touched his lips.

Kate stared at the new apron in her hands which had the words "We're out of wine! Quick! Someone find Jesus!" embroidered in the front. It was somewhat blasphemous (something her father would point out if he ever saw it) but it made her smile brightly as she continued to look at it, not sure what this meant and whether she was just getting caught up in her fantasy and getting her hopes up for nothing.

"I know it isn't pretty." Seth rubbed the back of his head as he stood facing her. "But I figured you'd-."

"Thank you." Kate surged forwards and hugged the man, who froze in shock in her hold and remained that way even after she pulled away and yanked the apron on, tying it behind her. "I love it." She fingered the pocket in the front of it and then grinned up at him. "You're just trying to subtly tell me you're hungry and want me to make something, aren't you?"

Seth stared at her incredulously before he snorted and nodded. "Caught redhanded."

Ecstatic for some reason, Kate went around cooking something for them, Seth leaning against the corner and keeping her company as she did so. There was an ease between them that she appreciated, that she wanted to cultivate into more but was too afraid to. And yet every time he said something that had her laughing her heart kept getting more and more filled with happiness and she didn't know what to do with herself if it began to overflow.

She threw him a look over her shoulder, eyes wide and laughter bubbling out. "You did not!"

"I did too!" Seth laughed as well, his face betraying his embarrassment and amusement with this story. "Richie made a very pretty girl, I'll have you know! The guy was so enamored with 'Ricarda' that we were able to con our way out of an otherwise tricky situation."

"Con, huh?" Kate tilted her head. "That's the second time you use that word." He lips pulled. "I'm sensing you are the con-artist and not me."

His smile fell before he cleared his throat and looked away.

Oh crap. Why had she felt it was okay to say something like that to him? Of course he'd be insulted! "I'm just joking, Seth. I wouldn't ever really think you're a con-artist." She gave him a brave smile. "You're a good person."

If anything, his face got darker. "I-I need to check on Richie." He walked away, his whole body stiff.

Kate groaned as she closed her eyes and ducked her head. "Way to go, Kate. Way to go."

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