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Sin 2b/2 
26th-May-2014 10:51 am
Kate&Seth - FromDuskTillDawn
Title: Sin
Pairing: Kate Fuller/Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn - The Series
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own
AU Universe - The Fullers meet Seth and Vanessa before Seth gets sent to prison.
Summary: When Kate meets her new neighbors, Seth and Vanessa Gecko, she immediately develops a crush on the handsome man. She does her best to fight her growing crush, but as she and Seth become friends, and she realizes that there is a LOT of trouble in Seth and Vanessa's marriage, Kate begins to fear that she will stop caring that her feelings for him are pure sin.

When Kate had opened the door she'd been expecting Richie (who knew she was over during the evenings and didn't even try to take his keys with him anymore) or Seth (who usually always had his keys on him but was sometimes so burdened down with things in his hands that he couldn't reach for them). She'd expected that, if it wasn't the Gecko Brothers, it would be Scott (who was spending a lot of time over here with them and had become close with Richie) or even her parents (who stopped by from time to time to make sure that Kate was taking good care of the boys, and to try and convince the Gecko Brothers to come back to church). The person she hadn't expected to need to knock was the exact person it ended up being.

"Kate." Vanessa raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing here?"

"Cooking." Kate licked her lips and stepped out of the other woman's way as she entered her home. "Mom and I have been looking after the guys while you've been gone." It was actually only her but she felt too guilty to come out and say that. "Are you back for good now? Is everything fine between you and Seth?"

Vanessa eyed her thoughtfully before she cleared her throat. "Is Seth here?"

"No, he and Richie said they had something to do in town." She tilted her head to the side and tried to remember what they'd told her. "I think they're going to get information on what they'd need to have to open a bank account or something."

A dark expression covered Vanessa's face for a second as she whispered "that son of a bitch" before it was gone and she was smiling at Kate, the smile not reaching her eyes. "Thanks for taking care of them while I was clearing my head." She reached out and patted Kate's head as if the other girl was a child. "You're a good kid."

Ballsy hurried down the stairs and started barking loudly at Vanessa.

Her eyes narrowed. "He brought the mutt down?"

Kate looked between them before her gaze fell on the leash. "Why don't I take him for a walk? It's around that time."

Vanessa turned to Kate as if only remembering she was there and gave a sharp nod. "Do that."

Going to grab the leash, she hooked it onto Ballsy's collar and held on tight to him since he really looked unhappy with Vanessa's presence. "There's soup on the stove. It should only need about ten more minutes before you can shut it off and it'll be ready." Kate nibbled on her bottom lip. "There's also something in the oven which should be ready in twenty and needs to be taken out to cool before it can be eaten." Her gaze scanned the living room. "I was vacuuming upstairs so that's still plugged in and you might want to unplug it."

"Wow. Miss domestic goddess."

"Not at all." Kate flushed and led Ballsy out with her. "W-welcome back." She hurried out with Ballsy and while the dog was still barking at the house he calmed down once they'd started off on their walk, preoccupied with his surroundings and sniffing every single thing. Kate kept her grip hard on the leash and struggled slightly. Since Ballsy pulled really hard and was an extremely strong dog she usually wasn't the one to walk him, one of the boys did, and she was floundering under her attempts to keep control of the pace. It didn't help that she was distracted, her mind on Vanessa and wondering if this meant that she and Seth were getting back together or if she'd come to get her things.

Thou Shalt Not Covet.


Kate looked up in time to see Seth and Richie walking towards her, the former grinning brightly and the latter sending a smirk to his brother. "Hi."

Seth jogged up and reached her quicker, taking Ballsy's leash from her. "You didn't have to take him out, Richie and I were coming home so you could-."

"Vanessa's back." She licked her lips and forced herself to look him in the face and not glance away like she wanted to.

Seth's smile disappeared. "What?"

"Is she at the house?" Richie asked as he jogged up closer.

Kate nodded.

"Damn it." Richie took off towards the house.

Kate turned to look at him in confusion. "Is everything okay?"

Seth looked like he wanted to say something before he shook his head and passed the leash back to her. "Do you think you can keep Ballsy for a bit? I'll come for him after we're done."

She nodded before she bit down on her bottom lip. "Did I do something wrong when I let her back into the house?"

"Princess, you're probably the only one who hasn't done something wrong." Seth reached out and cupped her face, his thumb brushing her cheek in a soft caress.

Kate's eyes widened and she could feel her face burning, her heart racing so hard it hurt.

Clearing his throat, Seth let his hand fall from her face and took off after his brother.

Kate brought her hand to her scarlet face and touched her cheek.

She'd expected screaming, she'd expected fights. She hadn't expected Vanessa to go to town on Seth's car with a baseball bat. The brunette had taken the bat to it over and over again and had only stopped once Richie yanked her away, kicking and screaming. It was only because the neighborhood was used to the fights, and because they actually liked the couple when they weren't fighting, that no one called the cops. Her mother and father had gone down though to try and intercede, to help the couple who were 'in need of spiritual counseling'.

"That whole spiritual counseling thing doesn't seem to be working." Scott stood next to her as they spied on what was happening from Kate's bedroom, Ballsy snoring happily on her bed.

She slapped her brother's chest yet didn't look away from the happenings below.

"So, how long do you think it'll be until they get a divorce?"

Kate tore her gaze from the happenings below to glare at him. "Scott…"

"You know you were wondering it too." Scott raised an eyebrow.

Unable to answer him truthfully, Kate's gaze lowered back to the ruckus, which was thankfully calming down. Seth had pulled Vanessa aside and thrusted something that looked like long, rolled up pieces of paper at her. Richie didn't look pleased but was distracting Kate's mother and father.

Vanessa's eyes widened as she stared at the long, rolled up papers, saying something to Seth.

He shook his head and thrusted his hands into the pockets.

Vanessa looked confused and suspicious, almost as if thinking something was too good to be true.

Seth wouldn't look her in the eye as he answered.

She cocked her head to the side before pointing straight at the Fuller's house as she asked something.

Seth's eyes widened and he yanked down her hand, looking at Kate's parents to make sure they hadn't seen that, before turning his attention back to Vanessa and shaking his head, looking highly uncomfortable.

Vanessa snorted and shook her head, an eyebrow raised as her lips curled into a nearly teasing smile as she said something.

He growled a reply, looking embarrassed.

Vanessa smiled, punched Seth hard on the face, and then laughed as she gripped whatever it was he'd given her. She moved towards her car and with a large wave, left.

Richie shook his head, obviously annoyed.

Seth rubbed his face and sighed as his gaze rose to Kate's window. He froze when he saw her there.

Kate gulped, guilt filling her at having been caught staring.

"Wave." Scott knocked his shoulder into hers.

"I'm not going to-."


Kate gave a little wave.

Seth lowered his gaze and took in a deep breath before his dark orbs rose to her once more and he smiled despite his popped lip, waving back.

"Did you hear about the local bank being robbed?" Kate asked as she let herself into the Gecko house with the key Seth had given her, smiling at Ballsy as the dog came racing to greet her.

Seth and Richie shared unreadable looks as the older Gecko stood and took the bags from her. "I told you that if we need anything I'll get them. You shouldn't be walking the streets at this time of-."

"Did you just hear what I said?" She looked between them in shock. "The bank was robbed. Poor Mr Hunt is devastated because he could get fired because of this!"

"Well, he should've been a better security guard then," Richie mumbled to himself. "That bank was prime real estate for a bank robber and anyone would have been stupid to pass on an opportunity like that." He glared at Seth for some reason. "It was ripe for the picking."

"Where do you want me to put these?" Seth asked Kate, completely ignoring his brother.

"They're mostly refrigerated things, I'll-."

"I'll take them to the fridge." Seth moved towards the kitchen.

Kate looked between the two tense brothers before her eyes narrowed. "It was Vanessa, wasn't it?"

Seth dropped the bags.

Richie raised an eyebrow. "I seriously like you."

"Richard." Seth glared at him as he bent down to pick up the bags. "Kate, why would you even-?"

"That's the job you two were fighting about that time. That's why you were listening intently when I told you about our neighbors-about Mr Hunt-that's also who she slept with when we went camping, isn't it?" The pieces were falling into place in front of Kate and she collapsed onto a seat, rubbing Ballsy's head when the dog hurried over to make sure she was okay. "When she came back she did so because she was looking for something, wasn't she? And you gave them to her. It's why she left."

"It was the blueprints of the bank as well as any information we'd gotten about it, security system, type of vault…" Richie leaned forwards in his seat, eyeing Kate's every reaction. "Seth told her he was out, that he didn't want to do the job." He frowned. "So he gave her everything we'd worked for so she could do the job instead." Richie sighed as he leaned back in his seat. "To say I wasn't happy is an understatement."

"You mind telling me why you're telling her all of this?" Seth snapped at his brother.

Richie raised an eyebrow. "What? She's not going to tell anyone."

Seth stood, bag in hand. "If they find out it was Vanessa they'll come here to question us. And then Kate will be dragged in since she spends so much time over here!"

"Isn't it better that I know in that circumstance?" Kate asked softly.

"You're a horrible liar." Seth raised an eyebrow. "If they question you-."

"I won't tell." Kate narrowed her eyes. "You guys might've wanted to rob the bank at first, but you didn't. You found a reason to be better men, and there's no way that I'd let you get in trouble for that." She took in a deep breath. "I'll protect you two."

"Well, I don't know about you, Seth, but I can sleep better at night now," Richie snarked.

Seth stared at Kate before he let out a little dark chuckle and shook his head. "Maybe a preacher's daughter and the Geckos aren't that bad of a mix. Damn." And with that he turned and went to the kitchen.

Kate's heart raced, wondering exactly what he'd meant with that.

Richie looked between the two of them before he leaned forwards. "They're getting a divorce. Vanessa's paying for it, she owes him that much considering he handed her the bank job on a silver platter saying that he wanted out because he'd found a reason to be a better man."

Not sure if Richie was telling her what she thought he was, or if that was mere wishful thinking on her part, Kate stood. "I, uh, should make sure he's putting the groceries away properly."

Richie snorted in dark amusement. "You do that."

Feeling that he really could see right through her, Kate hurried to the kitchen and found Seth struggling with himself, the bags on the ground and his clenched fist pressed against the front of the refrigerator. His dark eyes were narrowed on the single picture that graced the fridge, held up by some magnets. It'd been taken a week or so ago at one of the neighborhood parties, and in it Richie could be seen killing himself laughing (holding his stomach as his head was thrown back-his glasses going flying) and Seth and Kate were sharing small smiles with each other, dark and blue orbs connected.

What was going through Seth's mind right now as he stared at that picture?

Sensing her, Seth turned his dark gaze to the girl and licked his lips as he pushed away from the fridge. "It's be safer for you if we left now, before the cops come."

"Wouldn't that just make you two look guilty?" She narrowed her eyes. "And anyway, they have no idea who even pulled off that bank job. There's no saying that they even have to figure out your connection with Vanessa."

"I don't know the people she got to help her when I backed out." He ran a hand over his head and sighed. "They could be rank amateurs and could've left some sort of evidence behind that-."

"Or they might not have." Kate moved closer. "And anyway, you and Richie have done nothing wrong. I wouldn't be lying if I told the police that." She licked her lips. "Have a little faith in me."

The laughter that escaped his lips was dark. "You don't seem to get anything, princess."

"Then explain it to me." She wasn't going to let him shut her out like this, especially not when he kept insisting that it was for her own good. "I like you and Richie, Seth, and I know that you two-."

"You don't know anything about us!" Seth snapped at her as he drew nearer. "We mightn't have done this particular job but we have done many others! We're professional criminals, Kate. That's all our goddamned father ever taught us-how to be good at being bad." He was so close to her, his face tilted downwards and his dark eyes narrowed on her blues. "You say that we're 'good men', but we're not! We're liars and cheats and con-men and-!"

"Why are you so desperate for me to judge you?" Kate snapped back at him, visibly surprising him. "You keep doing this! You keep putting yourself down and saying you're not worthy and-and it's all lies! Why should I condemn you when you do such a good job of condemning yourself?!" She stepped forwards and brought them incredibly close, closer than they'd ever been before. "Despite what you seem to think, I'm not saint. I've been in love with you and wanted you to be mine since the moment I first met you on your doorstep, and accoridng to the last time I checked my Bible, that is a major sin!"

Seth's eyes widened. "Kate, don't-."

"No!" She slapped her hand against his chest, surprising even herself. "Stop telling me what to do! What to think! Or feel!" She wanted to shut up, to not make herself so vulnerable like this, but she couldn't stop herself in fear that if she didn't get this out now she never would. "I'm in love with you, Seth! And I mightn't know your past, I mightn't know the man you used to be, but I don't care. I know the guy who told me about his father, the guy who keeps me company as I cook-who makes me smile and laugh and look forward to each day! I know the man who makes my heart flutter by just one look!"

Seth was silent, his gaze intense and on her face.

"I know I'm young and naive and that there are many reasons for why this will probably always remains a one-sided love, but I don't care." Kate did care, she wanted her feelings to be reciprocated, but she needed to say this. "Because I know you're cranky and awkward and way too wary and that you push away anyone who tries to get passed your wall. You think you're bad and that you're not worth the effort and you do your best to make sure that others think the same." She took in a deep breath. "But I don't." She took in a deep breath. "I love you, Seth, faults and all… even if you don't want me to." She raised her chin. "So just deal with it."

Seth stared at her before he lowered his head and let out a groan as he ran his palm over his face. "Strike three."

Kate blinked, unsure of what exactly that meant.

Seth lifted his gaze to her as he sighed, a crooked smile curving his lips as he cupped her cheek. "You need to stop saying things that make it so hard for me not to be a fucking bastard."

Why did he always think of himself in those terms? It really got to her! And yet instead of saying that, she merely raised her hand and pressed it against the one he held at her cheek.

"Damn it, Kate!" And with that strangled cry Seth brought his lips to hers as he drew her closer with his free hand.

Heart about to explode, Kate held onto him tightly as she stepped up on her tiptoes and opened her mouth to his hungry kiss. Her pulse beat loudly in her ears like a heartbeat, and she was dizzy with sensation as she gripped the front of his shirt and pulled herself even closer.

Seth turned them and pushed her against the fridge. He pinned her there with his body as his hands cupped her face and his lips plundered hers viciously, expertly, amazingly.

Suddenly a ringtone sounded loudly, close by, and Richie could be heard hissing: "Crap!" from the other side of the kitchen's arched doorway. Hurried footsteps taking him away from them and back into the livingroom could also be heard.

Seth groaned and pulled away enough to lean his forehead against hers. "I'm going to kill him."

Kate merely stared up at him as a blush spread across her face.

Seth's dark gaze roamed her face hungrily before he groaned and closed his eyes as he pressed his forehead against hers harder. "You're making it extremely hard, you know."

"No kidding!" Richie yelled, apparently once more on the other side of the doorway.

Seth turned to yell at his hidden, yet obviously spying younger brother. "No one asked for your input!" He then took in a deep breath and turned back to face Kate. "Where was I?"

"I make it hard," Kate whispered as her face flushed darker.

Richie could be heard snorting in amusement.

Seth flipped the bird in his brother's general direction, his gaze still on Kate. "I'm older than you."

"I'm well aware of that."

He chuckled softly. "I'm in no way like your father."

"Thank god."

Richie snorted out laughter. "I seriously love this girl!"

The corner of Seth's lip twitched but he valiantly kept from smirking. "You'll probably never get that white picket fence with me."

"I told you that I don't want that."

"Not now, but you will," Seth pressed.

"Welll, we'll cross that road when we get there." She raised an eyebrow.

He took in a deep breath. "You're going off to college."

"One of my top two picks is a thirty minute drive from your and Richie's cabin."

Seth froze, a clearly surprised and intrigued expression on his face. "Is that so?"

Kate nodded, allowing herself a shy smile.

Seth took in a deep breath, obviously more covinced than two seconds ago. "Your family will not be happy with this."

"They'll just have to get over it." Kate raised her chin. "Plus, Scott already knows and approves way too much."

Surprise flittered passed Seth's eyes before he grinned. "I see."

Kate licked her lips. "Good."

He chuckled darkly as he breathed out. "If I was a good guy I'd tell you no, that you're too young and you need to live more of your life and shouldn't have me around to mess it up." He smirked when she tightened her grip on his shirt. "But as I've told you more than once, I'm not a good guy."

Kate's heart raced as hope began to soar as he leaned in closer.

"I'm a professional thief." Seth spoke between soft kisses pressed against her awaiting, eager lips. "I'll just have to steal you away." And with that his lips captured hers.

"About fucking time!" Richie could be heard announcing. "Come on, Ballsy. We need to let Bruce Lee know that those two have finally gotten their act together."

Ballsy barked happily and they could be heard making their way towards the front door.

Seth and Kate pulled away long enough to laugh before the girl tightened her grip on Seth and yanked him back down to her, capturing his lips with hers, and when he pressed his body against hers, pinning her once more against the fridge with a groan, she trailed her hands up into his hair and realized that she really didn't care about sins anymore. In fact, she had a feeling, as he insinuated a thigh between hers, that by the time Seth was done, he would've made a complete sinner out of her.

26th-May-2014 04:13 pm (UTC) - annnnnnnd?
please tell me there's more of this AU coming up! Hell, I'd be so excited if you were planning more fics about FDTD!!
31st-May-2014 12:52 am (UTC) - Re: annnnnnnd?
This AU should be done with this one. :( But you never know! haha
I probably will write another FDTD...
26th-May-2014 06:41 pm (UTC)
Oh, this was TOO much fun! Absolutely fantastic! I'm totally echoing the request for more FDTD from you. :D
31st-May-2014 12:52 am (UTC)
Thanks! I had so much fun writing this!
26th-May-2014 07:28 pm (UTC)
awesome.... ;)
31st-May-2014 12:52 am (UTC)
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