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Denial 23/? 
2nd-Jun-2014 04:09 pm
au-gay people EVERYWHERE!
Title: Denial
Pairings: Jacob/Edward, Rosalie/Bella, Paul/Emmett, Alice/Leah, Jasper/Jared, Embry/James and others
Fandom: Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Jacob is in denial. Bella is his sister. Edward is in his mind. And apparently, according to Alice, everyone in the wolf tribe are destined to imprint on a vampire...and will also catch a case of the Gay Flu too. Yep. Jacob's in denial.
A/N1: Severely AU and Slashified...and the characters could very well be considered OOC due to the drastic change in circumstances! Don't like? PLEASE DON'T READ! ALSO! Every single pairing EXCEPT for Carlisle/Esme is uncanon.
IMPORTANT!!!! This is written for my good friend yenny2206, requested as a Christmas Gift by hogwartsvixxen. I hope you two are happy with this :)

The closer they got to the house James had tracked the vampire and werewolf to, the more Victoria expected her danger sensor to go off, but they now stood in front of the large house and while she was wary, that part of her that went "DANGER! DANGER! EVADE AND RUN!" was remarkably silent so far. And she said remarkably because the multiple heartbeats inside, as well as the smell of wet dog that permeated the air, betrayed the fact that there were several werewolves inside.

She licked her lips as her group hesitated. This had to be a mistake. There was no way that this could be a good idea, and the thought had her taking a step backwards and away from the house.

The front door opened to reveal a handsome blonde man and his sweet looking brunette companion. "Welcome," he greeted. "I am Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife, Esme." He laid a hand on his wife's shoulder. "Please come inside, we've been expecting you."

Okay, that was creepy. How had they known that Victoria, James and Laurent would come here?

James took in a deep breath, obviously scenting the air before he made a decision and stepped forwards. "I'm James, this is my sister, Victoria, and he is Laurent."

"Your brother is going to get us killed!" Laurent hissed to her.

Even though she feared the same, Victoria had too many questions she needed answered, so like her brother she chanced the risk. "Nice to meet you."

"It is a pleasure," the woman assured her with a smile. "Please don't be alarmed at our friends' presence. They will do you no harm."

"Tell that to our friend," Laurent frowned.

The woman sighed. "We are sorry for your loss."

There wasn't more said in that regard as they stepped into the house. The scent of dog assaulted them and they brought their hands to their noses to try and lessen the severity of the stench as they followed their hosts to the livingroom, where the scent betrayed that the multiple parties waiting within were a mixture of vampires and werewolves.

"I'd like you to meet our family." Carlisle smiled proudly. "Our sons Edward and Jasper, and our daughters Rosalie and Alice. And these are our friends, Jacob, Bella, Seth and Jared."

"Werewolves." Laurent vocalized what the others were thinking. "How is possible that you are living in peace with them?"

Carlisle and Esme shared a little smile before he answered. "The werewolves imprint on certain people, I believe you can say that they are drawn to and become fixated on the equivalent of their soulmates."

"Soulmates." Victoria's eyes widened in shock. It really was like one of James' raunchy stories!

"Edward is Jacob's imprintee, and Rosalie is Bella's." Esme smiled, apparently quite okay with dogs having claimed her children. "And of course, Jasper is Jared's." She leaned into her husband. "Our son Emmett is with his imprinter, Paul, and Alice's imprinter, Leah, is at the Rez."

"She's my sister and the one your friend tried to kill." The one named Seth declared with an eyebrow raised.

The nomads shared a wary look.

The sound of a car coming up the driveway and parking caught their attention.

Victoria wondered who was coming, her gaze going to the door and the vampire situating herself subtly so she'd be the first to see whoever the newcomer was.

The door opened to reveal a handsome man who looked unhappy to be there but determiend nonetheless. He had a mustache that seemed to twitch with annoyance as he gazed at them. His gaze stopped on her, and Victoria blinked in shock when a jolt of awareness shot through her body.

The man cleared his throat and turned to Carlisle. "What have I missed?"

"We were just introducing everyone and explaining the imprint bond."

James gave a subtle sniff in the newcomer's direction before he made a face and looked away.

"This is Sheriff Charlie Black Swan," Carlisle introduced. "He is Bella and Jacob's father, as well as the alpha of the Black Swan pack, which also consists of Paul, Emmett's imprinter."

"Since you all already understand the issue of the imprint I'm going to get straight to the point." Charlie hooked his thumbs in his belt. "Let me be especially clear when I say that I don't care who you are. You touch a human from Forks and I will put you down with extrene prejudice. From the look of your eyes you seem to be maintaining an acceptable diet so far so hopefully we won't be having problems in that area." He narrowed his eyes on them. "I don't see bloodsuckers staying in the woods in the conditions you were in while also hiding from natural predators unless they're hiding from someone else." He pinned them with a glare. "So why don't you tell us who we might be expecting to show up in Forks." It hadn't been worded as a question.

Laurent and James remained silent, obviously distrusting the group, and they should given the fact that these people could just as easily give them up to their pursuers.

Normally Victoria would feel the same way but she wasn't sensing any danger from Sheriff Black Swan. In fact, she felt that he could protect them, would protect them, even if he wasn't too happy about having to do so.

"We had an issue with the Seattle coven." Victoria stepped forwards, that shock returning when his dark gaze fixed solely on her.

His eyes narrowed. "Define 'an issue'."

"James was a damned cocktease with the wrong person and when he failed to follow through he made things even worse by attacking the guy and injuring him." Laurent was, as always, unsympathetic.

The sheriff frowned, apparently confused. "You're hiding in werewolf-infested woods because of a lover's spat?"

"He wasn't my lover!" James snapped.

The sheriff ignored him and kept his gaze on Victoria. "As long as your group keeps the rules, my park, and the Rez park, will protect you."

For the first time in a long time Victoria, the danger-sensor, felt none whatsoever. Staring into those dark eyes, Victoria felt safe, and it shocked her so much she almost took a step back.

The door opened and a large group of wolves in human form entered the house, obviously having run all the way here since no one had heard another car coming up the driveway.

The man in front of the group, most probably the alpha, shared a look with Charlie, who nodded and answered the unspoken question: "I've laid down the law."

The man nodded. "If they follow the rules we won't have to tear them apart."

Victoria did not feel safe or trust these other wolves, who could easily slay them given their numbers. But these wolves seemed to have an alliance with Charlie's pack, and she didn't know why but she trusted him to take their side and protect them if the other pack went out of line.

James, who'd been eyeing the new pack and sniffing discreet, gazed over at a boy in the back of the group, who was doing his best not to look in James' direction.

Victoria was surprised that James could distinguish the boy in human form given the fact that she could only smell intense wet-dog and couldn't smell any difference in their scents. Then again, James was the tracker, not her. But if that boy really was the wolf who had fixated on James as his soulmate this could work out for them, given the fact that they would have someone in the Rez pack who would help vouch/intervene for them. The redheaded vampire could see this working out for them completely.

Her golden orbs travelled to where Charlie Black Swan was talking to the leader of the Rez pack, and she allowed her gaze to trail up and down his lean yet incredibly toned body. If he shaved off the mustache she had a feeling he might be heart-stopping, and a small smile twisted her lips.

If James was going to get them an 'in' with the Rez pack, it was only fair that Victoria do her best to help them cement ties with the Black Swan pack. It was only common sense that, given the fact that Sheriff Charlie Black Swan was the only wolf in his pack who had yet to imprint, he was the best candidate.

Her smile grew.

He's not going to know what hit him.


He wasn't going to acknowledge him.

It'd taken James fifteen minutes to be completely sure that "Embry" wasn't just biding his time, and when he realized that the wolf in human form wasn't going to approach him his annoyance grew. Embry seemed to be sticking with his pack and while he would send James little looks when he thought the vampire wasn't paying attention, he made absolutely no move to come up and say "Hey, do you remember me? I annoyed you for weeks on end and brought you the carcasses of dead bunnies!".

Carlisle had said that an imprint was basically the werewolves finding the equivalent of their soulmate, and while was ridiculous and corny as hell, James was admittedly tiffed at the fact that the wolf he was supposed to be the soulmate of had no problem pretending he didn't exist. Was it because the Rez pack were around? Did they not know that Embry had been tending to James? Would they not approve? Was he ashamed and didn't want them to know? It had to be some personal reason though because as James saw it, this imprinting was definitely a Gay Hookup thing, none of the others who'd imprinted had done so with someone of the opposite sex, so James couldn't see that that was the reason why Embry wasn't acknowledgeing him.

And it wasn't the fact that he was eager to be some dog's soulmate. No. Don't get him wrong. It's just that James was hot, knew he was hot, and had had far too much trouble when it came to guys and girls chasing after him and getting obsessed with him. It wasn't his fault that he seemed to be some sort of drug for those around him. He was just born with great genes, Victoria was proof of it considering she was very pretty as well, and their sister Anna had been even prettier.

He didn't want to think about Anna though, not now. He needed to keep alert on their surroundings and trust that Victoria had felt something which said that this was a good chance for them.

Laurent, despite having been the more hostile one, was now speaking to the vampire named Alice, and seemed intrigued with whatever she was saying to him.

Victoria had sauntered up to Sheriff Black Swan and was alternating between what James liked to refer to as her I'm-a-flirty-vixen-come-and-get-me and her save-me-I'm-a-damsel-in-distress personalities. The werewolf merely raised an eyebrow at her and seemed to be calculating exactly what she was up to and visibly pondering if she was about to attack and what he should do if she did. He also looked like he suspected Victoria was a touch senile and that he should be wary and on the alert around her.

At least James wasn't the only one who wasn't scoring with his mark.

Embry nodded to something his pack leader (James had heard him being called 'Sam') said and turned, going to some other part of the house.

James narrowed his eyes and looked around him before he followed, tracking the werewolf in human form easily throughout the house despite not keeping him in view. He finally came upon the werewolf in the kitchen, pouring water into a glass. "So, what are you, the team's water boy?"

Embry turned off the faucet and turned to face him. "No, I'm not."

James tilted his head to the side. "I know it's you, you know."

Embry's eyes widened. "How-?"

"Your scent." James sniffed, insulted at the surprise on the wolf's face. "It's distinctive."

Embry blinked, a slight blush on his face as he gave himself a sniff.

James snorted in dark amusement at the action.

Embry quickly put down the arm he'd been sniffing, blush growing in embarrassment.

The vampire took this time to eye the werewolf (who was around his height) and really study the human form of the grey wolf with black spots who'd been visiting him for some time now. "You're not ugly."

Embry snorted and raised an eyebrow, clearly self-conscious. "Your surprise is insulting."

James ignored the comment as he continued to look at the guy. "You're kinda scrawny for a werewolf though, don't you think?"

Said werewolf's mouth fell open as he let out a little shocked squeak, gaze going down to his body. "I'm not scrawny!"

"You are." James pursed his lips as he continued to examine the male in front of him. "I like your face though. It's acceptable."

Both of Embrys' eyebrows raised hair-line eye. "A-acceptable? Are you kidding me?"

"No. I truly think it's acceptable." The blonde continued to study him. "There's a lot I can do to improve you though."

"Okay, that's it." Putting the glass down hard on the counter, Embry made to walk passed him back into the living room where the others were.

James held his hand out and blocked the werewolf's path as he continued to eye Embry critically. "We're going to cut your hair."


"And get you a scarlet shirt because with your skin-tone I think you can pull it off." He needed to start making a list of all the things he could do to work on the wolf. "Plus, it's my favorite color."

Embry's mouth opened.

James bulldozed right through. "I like the shoes though. You can keep them."

"Well, thank you."

"You're welcome." Ignoring the sarcasm dripping from that voice, James took in a deep breath. "And we're getting you some sort of perfume or body spray because I don't think I can handle the smell of wet dog."

Embry's eyes narrowed. "As long as we get you something so you don't smell sickeningly sweet."

Contemplating the idea, James nodded his agreement to that suggestion to show the wolf he was flexible when it came to certain things, and that he was hella magnanimous. "I could go for a musky scent, I suppose."

Bewilderment lived on that wolf's face as he stared at James like he was confused and somewhat scared. "Why?"

"Because I detest the scent of cirtus." It was good that the wolf was asking these sorts of things, he supposed. Helped them to understand each other better.

Those brown eyes blinked in silence before Embry cleared his throat. "Uh, I mean: why are we having this conversation?"

A blonde eyebrow rose as James folded his arms over his chest. "Because if I'm stuck being your mystical soulmate I think I should have some say in what goes on. You're forcing this on me so I should be able to force some things on you. And I will." He raised an eyebrow. "And let me just get this out of the way from now so that there isn't any confusion: I. Do. Not. Bottom." He smirked. "You will."

Embry's eyes were wide and his face scarlet, and he looked a mixture between constipated and about to hyperventilate. "Who said anything about you being my soulmate?"

James noticed his lack of argument on the vampire's decision on who was topping who, and that made him amused and less irritated as he snorted at the dumbfounded wolf. "Like I actually needed someone to spell it out for me. It's obvious." He started counting on his fingers. "You went against another wolf to save me. You found me after I was hurt. You brought me dead animals to feed off of so I'd get better. You friggin snored under my tree all defenselessly, which you wouldn't have otherwise." He nodded, pleased that he'd made his point clear. "So, once I found out about the Imprinting thing I realized what had happened."

Embry stared at him as if confused and growing even more scared than he'd been moments before. "Why are you taking this so well? I didn't take it this well when I found out!" He took in a stuttered breath. "I had a mini breakdown! I'm not asking for you to have one too but some sort of shock and confusion and questioning about what the hell is going on would be-."

"I'm not one to live in denial, plus this is beneficial for me." James frowned at the confused look on Embry's face. "You're a werewolf. I'm on the run. I couldn't ask for a better guardian." He eyed the other male. "Plus, I really like your body, and despite everything there is some sickening and disgusting part of me that's having a Disney Princess moment here."

Embry blinked. "You like my body?"

Apparently that was the only part the werewolf had heard.

"I thought that that was more than implied in the fact that I didn't verbalize any objections to it." James realized then and there he probably would have to spell everything out for the werewolf, and he sighed at the thought. This wolfboy was so damned lucky to have imprinted on James because the vampire didn't know anyone else who would have the patience he'd need to train the humonguous puppy.


Emmett wasn't sure why he was there, felt seriously out of place, and while the ultrasound was being performed his conflicted feelings grew as he saw the look on Paul's face at what could end up being his kid. The wolf was a mixture of fascinated and enthralled as he leaned closer to get a good look at the computer screen. It was obvious that while Paul was hesitant about this pregnancy, deep down inside he liked the idea of being a father.

The vampire thought about Rosalie, who'd always wanted to be a mother, and how she'd managed to eventually get over her sadness at never giving birth to a child because even if she hadn't been a vampire both she and Bella were girls and wouldn't have been able to have children anyway, unless there was in vitro fertilization or adoption involved.

He hadn't thought about having children, it wasn't something that he'd ever felt he needed to be happy, but looking at Paul right now made the issue all the more real for Emmett and he honestly didn't like how aware he was at this moment. Why should he care? He'd swore their relationship would stay platonic, and Paul would honor that because the damned imprinter bond made him "whatever the imprintee needed/wanted". So why was it that Emmett felt somehow unnerved at the thought of that alien looking thing (because it looked like an alien on the screen) actually ending up as Paul's? Why should he care if Paul and his ex got back together and raised the kid? It wasn't like Emmett was interested in anything other than annoying the werewolf.

So why did he suddenly resent that thing growing inside of Paul's ex and hope that the slut had gotten pregnant by the quiet guy standing on her other side?

"The child is healthy." The doctor smiled. "Soon we'll be able to tell if its a little boy or girl."

"What about paternity?" Emmett had asked that before realizing he'd spoken aloud, the vampire clearing his throat when everyone's gazes turned to him at once. "Can you perform a DNA test while he or she is still in there?" He ran his hand over his head. "I mean, that way the dude who isn't the father can cut his losses and won't get attached to a kid who isn't his."

The doctor cleared his throat. "Yes, we can. The accuracy of a prenatal DNA test isn't affected by the age of the fetus or child tested so you can rely on whatever results you'd get."

"How would this be done?" The other possible-father wanted to know.

"Well, in simple terms, we'd need to get either a small sample of the placenta or a sample of the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby." He pushed his glasses higher up his nose. "Though I feel the need to warn you that collecting these fetal samples pose a slight risk to both the mother and the fetus. Again, there's only a slight risk, but it's there."

Paul's ex made a face as she placed her hands over her heartbeat. "I don't like the idea of risking anything."

Emmett looked away and bit back a comment about her risking enough to jump from one guy to the other with obviously unprotected sex. It wasn't his maybe-baby so he didn't have the right to say anything, even when he really wanted to.

The vampire spent the rest of the appointment eyeing the fetus and ignoring the others, his fists clenched.

2nd-Jun-2014 11:01 pm (UTC)
James seems a bit like Sherlock here, Lol.
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